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  1. For Remo's cold and calculating mind, time was but a nuisance, variables and outcomes processed a thousand fold in the blink of an eye by his processor core. Pair that with his artificial intelligence and personality, and he was as quick as he was deadly. Yet he could see something in this Sith that he yearned to explore, something he could not calculate nor equate, perplexing the R3 unit to the point of displeasure. As the blade whizzed by, Remo reactivating his thrusters one by one and sending himself into a counter clockwise spin, his bloodlust began to lose its taste. Even as the heated blade passing by melted the front paneling of his form slightly against the heat, he only faltered in his determination. Still though, he knew he had to end this moment as quick as possible to retain a semblance of what grip he intended to grasp here at Kessel. As Remo came out of his spin, he activated his magnetic locks and rose the wall down the stairs in haste, propelling himself at the Neimodian with full weight and intent. He no longer held the option of killing the slug, but instead chose the alternative route of breaking him, first in body, and then perhaps in mind. The singular thought of such a feat tantalized the R3 and brought back a pleasurable sensation. And as the full weight of his form grew closer to Nok, it was evident in his photoreceptor what his intent exactly was. No matter the outcome, Remo rejoiced in the fact that he had driven the Sith before him away from the override switch and left Zepex, albeit in pieces, to stabilize the generator. But it had been a long time since Remo engaged in such a fight where he faced a worthy opponent and he was truly enjoying himself beyond content. He had won one way or the other, and in this moment, he was content. He only hoped he could truly break the being before him. ((3))
  2. Remo nearly chuckled with glee as the Neimodian screamed in agony beneath the thrust of his rockets, his inability to smell the scorching flesh lost upon his data banks as his thrusters began to die and avert power. Perhaps this Sith should have bargained better, or not chose to cross such a being as R3-M0. But alas, such was the inevitable stupor of the sentients, care less with their already fragile forms as if they were constructed in the manner of droids. If pain had been a programmed priority, Remo would surely have felt Zepex's collision with his durasteel frame, the echoing of metal against metal screeching across the room. And had Zepex actually paid attention to the Sith Neimodian rather than pointing out that the Sith should have his decaying sockets looked at, perhaps he wouldn't have even been in this predicament. But none the less, Remo found himself briefly at odds before the scrapping of metal and familiar hiss of the two silver Shotos igniting, Remo recovering from the attack and dismembering his faithful Zepex who's only words echoed through-out. "Oh dear." If aesthetics played a part of a droid's visage, Remo's form would be blackened out against a glowing red aura, his small stature breathing in anger and hate like a delicious cup of a frozen sugary refreshment. But all the droid truly did was stand there, his weapons ignited as his glowing red receptor fell solely upon the Sith as an omniscient bloop echoing from his binary voice box, the anger only evident in his sole stature as the circular saw and electronic probe sheathed themselves. With that, Remo darted toward the Sith, rolling through flame and fallen forms toward his opponent before delving into a harrowing spin of bladed attacks. Remo did not enjoy the path of a warrior, but would result into one if pressed correctly. And the Sith before him had pressed him so utterly indeed. As silver light echoed green paint, the beyblade would be hard to defend against, but not impossible. ((2))
  3. Remo's photoreceptor didn't budge upon the Neimodian's flattery, nor did it flicker when the beeping of the console flashed. Instead the R3 unit sat there coldly, gazing upon the blind being with curiosity and inquiry, its memory banks blazing with data. It was rare for one to be out of sorts with it's own kind, especially among the Sith. But Remo quickly chalked it up to even some had potential within the darkness considering their ways. In truth, Remo was more curious than worry. That was, until his cowardly ways were revealed, the blade swirling toward Z-3PX uncontested as it jarred into his chassis just below the artificial joint that made up its shoulder. With that, Remo simply sighed, his circular saw and electroid sprawling out like a death machine before this new professed foe. If this was the way this Neimodian wanted it, then so would it be. Behind him, Zepex could be heard contesting his getting hit, but the droid simply stood in place complaining how much his repairs would be. Remo's dome simply shimmered in spite, the twisting of his head frame from side to side in slight disgust as he prepared himself and the floor around him began to glimmer with oil. With ignition of his jets, Remo flew forward with feriosity, the bodies that laid in his wake igniting as Zepex stumbled backwards. The small R3 rotated in a ballistic fashion as he sprung toward the Neimodian, his arms stretched out with destruction upon his mind as his final two arms opened and revealed the lightsabers within. Aiming for his cranium, Remo planned to give the slug a rather splitting headache to drool upon in the afterlife. And if he managed to avoid it, it would be rather shockingly to see as the electroshock probe made a second aim. ((1))
  4. The still air of Kessel went about, the small R3 unit and his companion unphased by the usual atmospheric conditions as they traversed the desolate rock and dust. Remo's red photoreceptor darted about vicariously, scanning the areas inch by inch as his wheels stirred through the muck. It really wasn't a place he'd prefer, but with the Black Sun's dire needs, it was a necessity. After all, if you wanted something done right, one must get their own hands, or in his case, wheels dirty. Which led them to the power relay station, the churning of the generator's gears echoing distantly. With a few clicks of the small droid's receptacle, it wasn't hard to slice his way inside, each door presenting a dulling scenery not unlike the last. They were truly in dire need of cleaning droids, to say the least, dust and atmospheric carbon latent upon everything placed within, like layers of soot placed upon layers of ages past. Yet, for Remo, it was meaningless. He just needed to win over the inhabitants of this baseless world, not dwell upon it. With a few clicks more, the large blast door opened to reveal the main computer inward, likely intertwined with the others that gave this rock its atmosphere. And as his photoreceptor scanned the area, forms began to appear upon his memory banks, all fallen corpses, save for one. His gaze shot from the fallen forms back to the one standing near the computer, then back to the fallen, and finally resting upon the Neimodian with a cold stare. What could only be translated as "Hello" escaped his binary vocal cords. "Step away from the Computer, Neimodian." Zepex instructed firmly behind Remo as the droids stepped across, and in Remo's case, rolled around the corpses. "Master R3-M0 requires it." As for Remo, he sat in almost dead silence, his gaze fixated upon the form before him with unspoken intent. Only the droid truly knew what was upon his mind.
  5. At the bottom of the ramp, Remo shifted his photoreceptor around, gauging the potential garrisons laid about Kessendra in preparation for war. No more than a mining town, there was little to none protection for the would be Capital of Kessel. He blooped in disdain, the Elder buildings and security no more than relics of bygone eras. He knew he had a task ahead of him, and such a place made it only harder for the R3 unit. Turning to his men, his binary voice began to groan. "Master Remo wants you to split into three groups of ten." Zepex translated to the Operatives. "Head North, East, and West. Master Remo and I will head to the South. Find worthy fortifications and start patrols of the immediate areas. When the enemy is sighted, comm in." With that, the groups departed. Zepex turned to Remo with a concerned tone in his voice as he questioned Remo's orders, to which the R3 ignored. It wasn't the most solid of plans, and the group to encounter the enemy first would likely not survive. But he needed to gain a hold here for future business ventures, and the local businesses needed the Black Sun as much as the Black Sun needed them. Pivoting, Remo headed south toward the closest power relay stations. It's likely the enemy would hit the stations first, causing mass blackouts and rendering the atmosphere chaotic. It wouldn't take long for them to close the gap between he and the first enemies.
  6. Kessel... It was a world of great wealth and the poorest of living conditions, a place that even Remo vaguely treaded unless there was a need. And so came the day for the need. Tatooine had became nothing but a bust for the R3 unit with the lack of Agents willing to task themselves with its rebirth. So instead, he had set its steely photoreceptor outward, rebuilding the Galactic Criminal Organization from scratch. It was then that he heard tales of another's plan to monopolize such riches, and for Remo, that was a complete and unforgivable sin. Not just to those whom worked to toil its soil, but for those who could prosper from unity. And so he came. Gazing out the front of the ship, Zepex at its helm, the Black Sun's de facto leader gazed with anticipation upon this newest conquest with intrigue and determination. The underworld was his domain, leaving the populace worlds for the major factions to feast and squander upon. But Kessel wasn't such a world to be given so lightly, one with such lifeblood for Criminals and Entrepreneurs everywhere. And now these rogues dared place feet upon what he oversaw? Sacrilege as far as he was concerned. And their payment was due unto him. Unlike his gathering foes, Remo had prior dealings Kessel, both during his time under the Hutts as well as his time upon his own. So acquiring access and landing was vaguely noticed, not that it mattered. Turning to the hold, Remo blooped as his gaze shifted from the former prison world toward the Operatives he had gathered. A total of Thirty stood before his gaze, steeled forms harvested from former Acolytes of the past, hardened by both life and their perspective rises. As the ship made its landing, each buckled and swayed with the ship, but none faltered or fell, giving hope to this moment. Like an Eclipse dotting out the sun's Ray's, the Black Sun had came to block out the monopoly of Kessels enterprising wares. The Sith would not claim it, nor would the assaulting Rebels. Only Remo would lay claim this day, as Protectorate and Governor of the Underworld he dreamt of. The rest would leave this world licking their wounds like whipped dogs if his say was final. And if not, then none would have any left to speak of. With a grin, Remo watched as the ship's ramp was laid before him. Today, he was the Hero.
  7. Black Sun A vast Crime Syndicate rooted in almost every corner of the galaxy. Once you get involved in Black Sun, you don’t get out. At one point known for its war efforts and bounties, now known for its systematic underworld, Black Sun offers many roads to success and fortune. Whether through smuggling, slave trading, black markets goods and other avenues more legit, the new regime of Black Sun is focused on keeping credits flowing. History After the utter defeat at Dark Sun, Zalis and R3-M0 turned their attention toward their shared past with that of the Black Sun. For too long had it attempted to remain a militia capable of taking on the likes of the controlling governing bodies. This had not bolded well for their profits nor for their consumers. So instead, they chose to let it die and find its rebirth in the shadows. Disappearing from the Galactic front, Zalis and R3-M0 began to reestablish old contacts and allies. Through them, the networks began to slowly and silently realign. Smuggling, Slavery, Piracy, these were their greatest strengths and as such, would be their main focus. But this wouldn't be their final act. Once the Operations were up and running amidst the Galactic Backdrop, they would turn their eyes to further the conflict between the Sith Empire and forming Rebel Alliance, playing one side against the other, ensuring the cash and supplies would keep flowing and their influence growing. They knew that as long as the conflict remained, they could capitalize on the need for supplies. And rather than portraying themselves as a military might, it would better serve them to simply remain profiteers. And this would open more doors for them in the future. Hunters could be hired out for bounties or contract assassinations. Smugglers could be hired out for their ships or for acts of piracy. And with the Rebels and Sith Empires at each other's throats, crime could grow rampant and profitable. This would be the rebirth of the Black Sun, rising from the ashes like a phoenix from what once claimed it. Active Roster Leader R3-M0 Remo - Roleplayer X Vigo of Operations Zalis Krales - Zalis Krales Assets Titan (Space)* - A Black Sun Front, originally a Star Liner commissioned under Zalis to act as HQ for the Black Sun, retailing to Clients and Allies as a Luxury Cruizer for the sole purpose of being a legitimate front to discuss business without notice. Smuggler's Den (Hutt's Palace - Tatooine)* - Originally the Hutt Palace on Tatooine, R3-M0 has acquired it for the more back door dealings and official HQ of the Black Sun. Vigo Headquarters* - Planets or Stations within the Vigo's assigned regions that become their havens, similar to the Smuggler's Den. Scipio (Other Worlds) - The Capital World of the InterGalatic Banking Clan, Zalis and R3-M0 were able to obtain a laundering Operation within the IGBC. Mines of Kessel (Spice Mines of Kessel) - The Infamous Mines of Kessel that sparked the initiative behind the Kessel Run, the Black Sun has its fingers in both the mining of spice and coaxium via smuggling operations and laboring the mines via slavery. Mechis III Outpost (Mechis III) - The automated world of Mechis III, R3-M0 managed to obtain a small outpost operation dealing with the automated manufacturing and smuggling of weapons as well as the necessary droids needed for the Defense and Operations of the Black Sun Infantry. (Locations with "*" are exclusive to the Black Sun network. Other Assets are outsourced.) Ranks and Classes Operative - These are the NPCs of the Black Sun. They can be found nearly on every world, unrecognizable from your average citizens, outside their underworld dealings, and laying in wait for their activation. When you join the Black Sun, your automatically upgraded to Agent status, your background updated as a past Operative. Agent - This is the ground floor in within the Black Sun. Whether you choose to be a Smuggler of Spice and everything not nice, or a Hunter of bounties and assassinations, or a free-for-all Pirate of the Skies, is completely up to you. But this is where you start your journey, whether working under a Lieutenant or Overseeing another Operative in need of guidance. Will become an official Lieutenant after 3 months RT. Lieutenant - Now that you've learnt the ropes of being an Agent of the Black Sun, you are at the top of your game. You now only answer to Vigos and the top brass. Other than that, your free to corner your own little slice of the market and profit. Vigo - Only way to become a Vigo is to be selected as one. There are a total of three lower Vigos and one higher Vigo. The three lower Vigos manage the Regions, separated into the Core, the Rim, and the Unknown Wilds, and answer to the legitimate face of the Black Sun, the Vigo of Operations. Vigos Vigo of Operations - This the legitimate face of the Black Sun, the head Vigo who answers only to the Leader of the Black Sun. They are usually stationary aboard the Titan, rarely venturing out as the true purpose of the Titan is for Black Sun dealings. Vigo of the Core - This Vigo controls the Core Worlds, include the Deep Core, Core, and Colony Worlds outward to the Rim Worlds. Vigo of the Rim - This Vigo controls the Rim worlds, including the Inner, Expanded Regiod, Mid, and Outer Rim Worlds from the edges of the Core to the reaches of the Unknown and Wild regions of space. Vigo of the Unknown Wilds - This Vigo controls the Unknown and Wild regions of Space from the edges of the Rim to reaches of the Galaxy's edge. Classes and Operations (Contracted) Smugglers - As a Smuggler, you are the initial Life Blood of the Black Sun. Whether smuggling goods from one planet to another or smuggling troops and/or slaves through faction territories, your job is to keep the flow of the the operations as smoothly as possible. Hunters - As a Hunter, you are the initial Enforcement of the Black Sun. Despite usually delving into Bounties and occasional Assassinations, Hunters can also be used as guns for hire to other factions, solidifying temporary relations. Pirate - As a Pirate, you are the initial Heart of the Black Sun. You are the terror of the skies and open space, usually meant to instill fear and terrorize those whom openly oppose the Black Sun. Whether through attacking enemy supply lines or terrorizing the competition and/or citizens who won't conform, your job is to ensure that opposing governments and corporations are compliant.
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    Remo begins to chuckle quite hilariously in binary as Zepex chuckles rather awkwardly behind his Master in response to the Tusken's words. So much so, that Zepex briefly worries that Remo may have fried a circuit and goes to check the small R3 unit only to be brushed away. As Remo begins speaking in return, Zepex translates. "Master Remo questions if you mean the old Hutt Palace that sits destroyed upon the cliffs? Zepex briefly inquires, allowing a brief moment of response before Remo begins speaking again. "No. That is a farce. The real Palace lays beneath Anchorhead itself, long ago constructed by Dordjooba the Hutt himself, last of the noble Hutt Houses to grab hold of Tatooine. Now its merely under the control of the Hutt Cartel by way of a lesser Hutt." Remo looks at Zepex who looks at his Master in return before both gaze at the beings before them. "Master R3-M0 doesn't care how you go about tracking and acquiring the intel, only that it's done and Oshen Cremp is brought to Mos Espa alive for the extraction... There's a shiver in Zepex's voice as he translates the final part. "... So that Remo can extract the Intel himself." With that said, Zepex steps aside and Remo stares at the Cathar with only what could be described as a smile in his photoreceptor eye, an eerily long beep followed by a boop with no telling what was being processed through his tiny mainframe.
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    Operation Archorage Part I Anchorhead, a place some would call the captial city of Tatooine, others the capital den of scum and villainy. For Remo, it was so much more. As the droid stop atop the ridge, Zepex beside him, his calculations were infinite. Tatooine could be so much more than a backwater desert planet, it could more than a mere den of pirates, smugglers, assassins and their ilk. And his vision, albeit incorporating it into it, Tatooine could be the capital of the rising Black Sun from the ashes of it's old former. And that was just his absolute intent. Hearing the roaring of machines coming from behind, R3-M0 turned to great those whom have held true to their oaths and creeds, the select few whom still held honor among thieves, the faithful. As Dusk, Draven, Tusker, and Swaav poured out into the setting twin Suns, Remo saw faces anew and old alike gathering before him, the singular shared newfound purpose glimmering in their eyes. Zepex stepped forward as Remo's translator, first offering a friendly hello to the only Vigo present @Skarr before turning to Tusker, Dusk, Draven, and Swaav. "Master Remo thanks you all for both your trust and your patience during these trying times, especially after the loss of Dark Sun and the betrayal of Delta - Seven Three." His gaze shifts between the five current members, letting Remo's words be heard despite the R3 unit's incapability to be truly heard outside binary coding. "But Master Remo does not wish to dwell upon the past either, instead focus on rising from the ashes left in the previous's wake. Forget the past of warriors, forget the past of militias. For here on out, we return to our roots as Assassins, Smugglers, Pirates, Criminals...." Remo rolls forward past the five members of Black Sun that he recognizes and gazes upon @Rose Cariadus, @Wyvernfall and @Durose Roshan, inquisitive about their potential, especially the one he recognizes as Mandalorian. With a few bleeps from his form, Zepex translates it to their "Welcome." before Remo returns to the front. His photocepter glowing a vibrant red against his green and white form, it was time to get serious. As Remo's binary voice begins, Zepex is quick to translate. "Now for the reason you've all been summoned. Anchorhead has a lot of history, especially among the Hutts. It's been theirs for as long as they have held a presence upon Tatooine." Remo's gaze shifts to @Wyvernfall. "But now is the time to claim it for ourselves. There is rumor of a known Associate of the Hutts here in Archorhead, a Krem Dor'phan who often rendezvous with a childhood friend, Oshan Cremp, outside the Hutt's Palace. Find and follow this Krem Dor'phan until he leads us to Oshan Cremp. Once we capture Oshan, Krem is expendable. But Oshan needs to be taken back to Mos Espa alive. It's the only way we can attain the codes to and the whereabouts of the Palace's underground entrances. Any questions?"
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    R3-M0 A small ship arrives in Anchorhead's port unrecognized as it spins around and softly sets down. Passerbys rarely make note of it, and Anchorhead's Security Forces barely acknowledge it outside the ship's minuscule ID transponder codes. Yet, the being aboard was larger than they could even fathom, the harbinger of villainy that was about to rock their entire world. And as the ship's ramp fell upon its surface, quakes shook upon the other side of Tatooine. The small R3 unit known commonly as Remo rolled down its ramp, Zepex in tow. Comms across the underbelly of Tatooine began to light up with chatter, so loudly that if local law enforcement had even attempted to intercept any of them, their units would explode or short circuit from the sheer volume. But Remo and Zepex went about as if nothing was out of the ordinary, their goal just outside of town upon a ridge overlooking the entirety of Anchorhead. And in a few hours, they would arrive, and following, Operation Anchorage. Swaav, Tu'can'ra, Dusk Tu'can'ra chuckled briefly at Dhon, her smile concealed by the helm that covered her face. "You are quite the character. It's a shame we have to eat you now." Tu'can'ra let her words linger for an awkward moment before bursting into a small fit of laughter just as Rose and Rru stepped out from the refresher. "Ah. Here they are now." She stood and swayed her hand in their direction. "Rose, this Cathar here has been tasked with returning a piece of your armor." Yet, before she could truly finish, Dusk strolled up and whispered into her ear, the strange Swaav lously heard down the hall laughing and what sounded like dancing. With a smile Tusker spoke to the group in its entirety. "The Master has returned. He is here, on Tatooine, with his first act as Head. He calls us to Anchorhead." Her gaze shifts to Dhon. "And you, Cathar, are welcomed to join us if you wish.... No jokes this time. She finished with a smile as she thought to herself. She could truly enjoy his odd sense of humor if he could stand hers. Draven "Yes, Vigo." The Mandalorian replied as he licked his own fingers clean of the meat he still chew upon with an unusual admiration. Swallowing the last bite, he adorn his helm once again and began to make his way outside, summoning his ship by nature when a encrypted comm came across and forced a smile upon his face. He gaze shifted back to Reaper. "He's arrived. Remo is in Anchorhead." Draven spoke as his ship touched down just outside the door. With a new found spirit, Draven sprinted toward his ship and up the ramp. While he awaited Reaper, he checked his weaponry with lust, knowing that war was just around the corner. When Reaper would board, they would be on their way.
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    The small ship containing R3-M0 and Z-3PX landed aboard the newly launched Titan within one of his luxurious hangars designated for the Black Sun. As he waited for the ramp to lower, Remo looked toward Zepex, having the droid relay to its former Master that it had agreed to the compensation of thirty percent on the condition that Zepex became a permanent liaison between the Intergalactic Banking Clan and the Black Sun. With that said, the small R3 droid rolled down the ramp and headed toward @Zalis Krales, Zepex quickly in tow once the message had been relayed. When Remo arrived at Zalis's location, he was excited to see the remains of a bloodbath being cleaned, including a form being dragged away to a nearby disposal chute and Zalis stepping out from a nearby refresher, his constant beeping and blooming echoing his chilling laughter as the fond memories of his filleting the Imperial Empress coming to mind. "Master Remo says hello." Zepex translated for R3-M0 as the droid's binary words became lost in its usual translation. "And that Project Alimony has been completed with the Intergalactic Banking Clan on Scipio, with I, Z-3PX, being a permanent placement as Liaison to him a bonus, making translation him an easier feat."
  12. Solivus Rez was a common Muun, capable enough to have the ears of the upper echelons, but held no real power himself. As soon as R3-M0 gazed upon the man, he knew why Zalis had chosen him as a contact. Not high enough to become a problem, but just the right position to make the scheme work. It truly was a flawless setup, unsurprising of Zalis. As soon as Remo wheeled up, Solivus spoke. "You must be the representative that Zalis Krales informed me of." The moon spoke slowly, his elongated fingers crossed as he sat behind his desk, Remo gazing around the restricting study. Remo replied in Binary, to which Zepex translated. "I am R3-M0, and you must be Solivus Rez" "That I am. And what does the Lady wish to give in return for my services?" He spoke, his eyes shifting at the possibility of recieving a higher commission, evident by his tone and picked up by his elevated heart rate. Zepex once again translated Remo's reply, both nearly gasping at such a low number. "Ten Percent." "Surely your lady knows better than that. My services cost no less than forty percent at worst." He spoke in return, almost insulted at the number that Remo had offered up at his own behest. Remo gave a binary chuckle, or at least one that resembled one, Zepex turning the the little one in a quiet surprise. "Surely you jest at your Master's price." Remo went silent, his glare causing the 3PX unit to nearly tremble into a shut down before he responded, allowing Zepex to unwillingly translate. "R3-M0 states that his Master only allowed him room to negotiate to twenty percent and no higher, with instructions to terminate you should you ask for more?" The last of course coming from Zepex as more of a question than a statement as he shifted to Solivus who gazed at R3-M0 in disbelief. "Surely you jest... why I have never... impossible... the payments to keep the others quiet would take half that." The Muun replied, tripping over his words both in insult to injury as well as the fear falling upon his face as the small R3 unit sat in eerie silence. "Thirty Five would be lowest I can go, and even then I cannot promise anything." Remo remained silent, his gaze firm and sturdy upon the Muun as he gauged the sapient. Thirty Five would displease his Mistress and Remo would not have that one bit. And as the Muun began to realize this severity of it, his heart rate and blood pressure began to rise as sweat began to leak from his flesh, Remo pondering briefly how it would cut against his saw. Zepex quickly noticed the wheels turning in the R3 units head and began to worry when it spoke up for Remo. "Master Rez. Wouldn't it be pertinent that we agree to a thirty percent cut, and offer myself up as a liaison to Master Krales in hopes of a better standing relationship?" Zepex spoke, turning its gaze from Remo to Solivus in order to please both parties. "It seems R3-M0 is not in the mood to displease his own Master at such a higher rate than they are likely used to dealing with in smaller operations. Perhaps I could express the necessary costs of such a larger and more secure operation." "Fine." Solivus spoke, the disdain in his voice evident despite his lack of awareness that Remo had long drew his saw blade earlier which prompted Zepex's own negotiation. "But be sure to express that such an operation can not fully function at less than thirty five percent, barely covering the cost." With that, Zepex lead Remo out of Solivus's office and the two began their trek back to the ship Remo had arrived on. As the walked Zepex questioned Remo. "Were you really about to cut Master Rez because of the higher price?" Remo beeped in a reply, causing Zepex to pause in his stride at the R3 unit's response. "Murder him?
  13. Astrographical Information Stationary or Mobile: Mobile Current Location: Colonies Grid Coordinates: N/A Physical Information Hyperdrive Capabilities: Class 4 Size: 610 Meters Physical Description | Exterior: Standard Physical Description | Interior: Standard Physical Description | Other: N/A Hangars: Standard with addition of Private Hangars Tactical Information Faction Affiliation: Black Sun Crew Complement: 135 Fighter Complement: N/A Shields: Standard Armaments: Twin Blaster Cannons(8) Defense Protocol: Civilian Patrons JediRP Canon History A new design by Chandrilla, made specifically for Black Sun, the Chandrilan Class II starship is the top of its class when it comes to luxury liners. The cruise liner features top line staterooms for costumers to stay in along with a personal service droid in each stateroom. The liner offers up unique places for any guest to feel welcomed, all of which includes 12 different dining options, including 4 main dining halls, 8 cantinas, five grand floors of casino options and 3 theaters for entertainment pleasure. There are also 3 unique spas onboard along with 2 game centers and 3 libraries of holodramas. There is also a meeting room for anyone looking to combine work and pleasure. It is also equipped with 5 Sienar-Chall Utilipede transports for guests to travel to planet side for an excursion on their trip. The ship also has special accommodations for Black Sun, which includes a private hangar that can house up to 4 freighter size ships and private staterooms for up to 7 Vigos to stay onboard the ship at any given time. There is also a personal meeting room for them alone, and a personal office space/stateroom for Zalis. [B][u]Astrographical Information[/u][/b] [B]Stationary or Mobile:[/b] [i]Mobile[/i] [B]Current Location:[/b] [i]Colonies[/i] [B]Grid Coordinates:[/b] [i]N/A[/i] [B][u]Physical Information[/u][/b] [B]Hyperdrive Capabilities:[/b] [i]Class 4[/i] [B]Size:[/b] [i]610 Meters[/i] [B]Physical Description | Exterior:[/b] [i]Standard[/i] [B]Physical Description | Interior:[/b] [i]Standard[/i] [B]Physical Description | Other:[/b] [i]N/A[/i] [B]Hangars:[/b] [i]Standard with addition of Private Hangars[/i] [B][u]Tactical Information[/u][/b] [B]Faction Affiliation:[/b] [i]Black Sun[/i] [B]Crew Complement:[/b] [i]135[/i] [B]Fighter Complement:[/b] [i]N/A[/i] [B]Shields:[/b] [i]Standard[/i] [B]Armaments:[/b] [i]Twin Blaster Cannons(8)[/i] [B]Defense Protocol:[/b] [i]Civilian Patrons[/i] [B][u]JediRP Canon History[/u][/b] [I]A new design by Chandrilla, made specifically for Black Sun, the Chandrilan Class II starship is the top of its class when it comes to luxury liners. The cruise liner features top line staterooms for costumers to stay in along with a personal service droid in each stateroom. The liner offers up unique places for any guest to feel welcomed, all of which includes 12 different dining options, including 4 main dining halls, 8 cantinas, five grand floors of casino options and 3 theaters for entertainment pleasure. There are also 3 unique spas onboard along with 2 game centers and 3 libraries of holodramas. There is also a meeting room for anyone looking to combine work and pleasure. It is also equipped with 5 Sienar-Chall Utilipede transports for guests to travel to planet side for an excursion on their trip. The ship also has special accommodations for Black Sun, which includes a private hangar that can house up to 4 freighter size ships and private staterooms for up to 7 Vigos to stay onboard the ship at any given time. There is also a personal meeting room for them alone, and a personal office space/stateroom for Zalis.[/i]
  14. Scipio, Headquarters of the IGBC or the InterGalactic Banking Clan, was R3-M0's next stop for Zalis. With Project Titan under way, it was time to implement Project Alimony. Project Alimony was a simple scheme, a contact within the IGBC purposely bought to for the sole purpose to house Black Sun funds and launder its nefarious assets into clean and legitimate funds. It was the perfect step to finalizing a grip into the criminal underworld and a small means to covertly operate within the Black Markets. Project Alimony Landing within the hangar, Remo rolls down the ramp to see a 3PX standing there waiting for him. Curiously, he rolls over and begins questioning ic the droid was his contact, unusual to see a 3PX droid within the Core Worlds. "I am Z-3PX, designated as Zepex by the Intergalactic Banking Clan under Solivus Rez." Zepex responds. If you are R3-M0, then yes, I am your contact protocol droid requested for translation assistance. Remo stands there for a moment in silence, his droid mind leary of Zalis' motives here, but brushes it off as the singular fact that R3-M0 was incapable of communicating Basic. With a chirp and a whirl, Remo beckons the 3PX to lead the way. He was ready to get under way. After all, the faster he was done here, the faster he could return to Zalis and be done with the foundation she had laid to pave. After all, the droid hated outside contact, unless it had to do with filleting Empresses. With that memory sparking across his memory banks, Remo wheeled behind Zepex and followed the droid to his true contact.
  15. A small ship exited Hyperspace, aboard a small R3 unit designated as R3-M0 or Remo for those who knew him. His mission was a simple one, but discrepancy was the key. Remo held in his possession the drafts and drawing of a specialize ship created for the sole purpose of rebirthing the Black Sun. As the ship touched down, R3-M0 activated, his memory and circuitry coming alive with the utmost haste. "Project Titan" With little notice of the droid's presence, Remo went about his work unnoticed. After hacking into the mainframe of Fondor's ship yard, the plans were uploaded, credits deposited from an unknown source, and little trail of his work was left in his wake. Once completed, Remo returned to the ship he arrived on and departed Fondor. His mission, however minuscule, was done here. The ship would be ready in two weeks, just enough time for Zalis to prepare herself.
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