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  1. The streets were more crowded than she would have thought. Nothing like the sprawling carve granite walkways of Naboo, everything here was dense and dark. Prefab buildings on prefab buildings, the perfect place for crime to be fostered. But the Rebels, or at least their Imperial Remnant predecessors had done much to clear out the criminal underworld. Reports of the mass execution of the Hutt slaving class were not uncommon, and Namari did not much care about it. What she did care for however were the children and other beggars that wandered the streets. Too young for the jobs that were offered, and rebellious enough to ignore the schools and the mind numbing education programmes that teachers pumped out en masse. Namari did not care for any of it. Instead she walked the refugee wardens with two non uniformed soldiers, giving what credits she could to the beggars. Almsgiving being a key part of her own personal religion. Not to mention she actually genuinely cared for the plight of the refugees. Many were from her own world. Which had been brutally laid to waste.
  2. -A transmission from the Royal Palace of Naboo to Ms. Brina Thalin- There can be no denial of the mutual interests between the Artisans' Guild on Naboo and the Link Organization, yet many others will try to destroy, incorporate, or change you in order to amass further political gains. For the sake of similar pursuits and interests, this can not be allowed. It seems that both of us have received external pressures, contrary to the neutral paths for which we are set. Know that while not a traditional military, we Naboo have unique methods of protecting ourselves ”“ methods especially strengthened now in wake of recent tragedies. Our aim is the preservation of neutral interests, among which include history, art, and festivity. With your permission, I humble request the opportunity to visit the Kat Nargal Resort, in order to discuss future friendship, which I believe can benefit us both, especially in the wake of a seemingly less-effective galactic government. ”“Queen Memara of the Naboo.
  3. Queen Namari


    Various communication technicians relay permission to land back to Cas Holloway and company. ”œThe docking bay is cleared. Proceed to the Interim Palace.”
  4. A chrome plated diplomatic barge sailed through hyperspace, on a mission of dire importance. A collection of two dozen elder statesmen and diplomats from Naboo were gathered around a very young woman, who knelt down on the bridge of the ship. Various colored flower petals were strewn around her, on a thick red rug. ”œI am Annalynn Memara,”
  5. QUEEN ANNE NAMARI'S CHARACTER SHEET Identity [!ident] Real Name: ANNE NAMARI A.K.A: The Queen of Naboo Homeworld: Naboo Species: Human Physical Description [!dscrp] Age: 16 Height:5'5 ft. Weight:115 lbs. Hair: Honey-colored Eyes: Blue Sex: Female Equipment [!equip] Clothing or Armor: Simple, yet elegant clothes Weapon: None Common Inventory: Queenly accessories Faction Information [!factn] Non-Force User Alignment: Good Current Faction Affiliation: The Royal House of Naboo Current Faction Rank: Queen of Naboo History: [!hstry] Background: Recently elected by her people, she has been evacuated by the rebel alliance as Theed burns to ashes. More to come as this character develops...
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