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  1. Sandy Sarna


    Dark Sun had come from a man disgraced in her order, a shadow of a man she once had known. Who had followed the much treaded path from Kuat, to Kamino, to Dark Sun. If there was a hell, like the Corellians had surmised some eons before, Sandy was sure it would be filled with Jedi Masters. But she was not one of those Jedi Masters. She had sinned enough to get into hell, everyone had, and she had long fought that part of herself, but she was no mass murderer. She had never stood on a lonely bridge of a battleship and watched orbital rings melt into a planet's surface. No one in her order had. All of them were long dead. And nothing the Sith Lord could say would shake her of the convictions that had brought her to Kuat. And so, like before. She said nothing in response to the Hutt’s taunting words. Even as his orange blade leapt from his great staff and tangled with her own. But he did not press his attack. Instead, the force moved like fire through him and he opened his great mouth. She gasped as she pulled her lightsaber back and threw forward her wounded arm. A blast of stench presaged the eruption from the great Hutt. And she let the force flow through her in return. She stretched her arm out, biting through the pain, the fingers streaked bloody from the shoulder wound, as all calamitous hell was birthed onto her. Instincts and resolve brought the force to bear in front of her. As she had done before in the cavernous depths of Scarif. The force flowed from her fingers and palm as they were coated with the bile. A shield forming itself in the air in front of her, its curving sides awash in white energy. Pain, a hot as fire and deep as coal played itself across her palm as the acid made its mark. But it did not coat her body, instead flowing on either side of her as if she was a rock in the Scarif tides. Caustic bile breaking and flowing against the curved shield as she pushed forward against its mass. She could not last even an hour against the waves, and the dulling pain in her hand told her that it would not even be a minute before she would have to yield to the great sith lord. She took a staggering step forward, the shield pushing the vomit apart so she could get within reach of its source. Then as she planted her foot on the decking against the horrifying vomit, the right side of her hearing became a whine of tinnitus. As the great axe spun its way from behind her, cutting through her soft blond hair, and taking her right ear along with it before it returned to its towering master. Leaving the side of her face covered in bright red blood. But she did not need to hear to feel the force. And as His storm grew, so did hers. And she did not not to feed of the deaths of children to survive. The shield at her hand crackled with expended energy as it fought its own duel with the Lord of the Krath’s great hunger. And she moved that hand, the pain shrieking down her arm in jolts. Perhaps she was screaming as well, and she could not hear herself if she did. For there was nothing else but this fight, for if she failed here, the armies, the fleet, and Aidan would all be lost. Slowly the fingers of her hand parted as the vibroknife that had once cut the Sith began its quick return. Beckoned by the mind of its wounded Jedi Master. Its red covered blade flicking for the Sith Master's back as she made her last attempt. Little specks and filaments of the acid began to emit from the hole that was opening between her middle fingers, splashing down her tunic's sleeve. THere was a reason for the opening in the barrier-shield, one that Sandy sunk her hopes into. With a cry of determination, Sandy brought the lightsaber up, twisting her arm until she could push it through the small hole between her parted and burning fingers. The saber coughed and sputtered as it made contact with the bile and vomitus of the great Sith Lord. But it stayed true and she pushed it up and up, until both hands met behind the shield. For she had weathered his storm. Though blood made long rivulets that dripped from her chin and jaw. She had survived his hunger. And if her aim was true, she would cut his gullet with the silver-white blade. ((3)) Summary: Hand half melted, ear cut off. Vibroknife at the Hutts back, lightsaber to his throat
  2. Sandy Sarna


    The knives made contact of sorts, and one even scored a furrow across the mighty Hutt, but just as the vibroknife cut through putrid flesh, the force was filled with the terror of the innocent girl. Sandy kept control of that dagger as she stumbled against the sudden onslaught of the force. As much as she wanted to cry out to demand that he let the girl go, Sandy knew there was not the time. Every breath used to speak or even utter a curse was a breath wasted in a fight like this one. So she said nothing when the young girl screamed. Flesh of two kinds ripped and bled, pain radiated like a storm through the force, and blood flowed bright red in the dark hanger. The pain washed over her like a terrible flame, amplified by the evil will of the Hutt it beat upon her like a thousand fists. Battering at the light. Eating at it. She could feel every pain of that child, not just the nerves being cut and mangled but the unspoken horrors of her short years of service. And behind it all was His hunger. He struck at Sandy’s heart. Her care, her love. But pain, both physical and mental had consumed her before. She had cut deeply into her own flesh then, eating the sad poison of despair and wishing it would kill the pain while it ate at her heart. Pain was something she had worked the last decade to stand against. She was not a child anymore, she had left the pain of Thalassia and her long captivity behind. That pain had blossomed into who she was today, she had accepted it, and built on that foundation of acceptance. And even the pain of another girl in such a situation would not break her. She let the pain bathe over her, letting it move through her. Accepting it for what it was. The pain could stop, but only when the Evil in front of her was defeated and in ruins. She could not save this girl, this hostage and shield that the Hutt had brought with him. If the girl died here, Sandy would accept that, even with the sorrow it hung on her shoulders. Acceptance. She accepted the pain and let it pass through her. Strengthening her light. And she moved, bringing the blade up, but in that moment she knew she had been too slow, the pain had been a divergence, a ploy, and it had worked. The blade caught the edge of the hutt’s weapon, reflecting it so that it bit into the flesh of her shoulder before it clattered to the decking behind her. Blood spattered red down her green tunic and she could feel her left arm throb in a sudden furious pain. But she persisted, letting the pain join the flow of the force. Letting the force grow in her until she could feel it pumping through her very veins. She brought the silver blade up and used it to channel that energy. That blade of the fallen knight Relmis. She struck thrice. Cutting for his lower abdomen, chest, and great staff. Letting her presence grow as she did so. The force following with the illumination of her pure white blade. A storm of light to blot out His darkness. For he could consume pain, shadow, and bile. But could he consume poison? Summary: Slowed by the mental attack, took damage in the shoulder/upper arm, counter attacked with three lightsaber cuts and the lightside. ((2))
  3. Sandy Sarna


    That hunger, the calm malevolence, the dread and horror which radiated like waves of fire off of the Hutt struck upon Sandy with little grace. It was an ancient thing, hunger itself, and covered in a masquerade of malice. If there had ever been something that embodied the Sith Lords to Sandy Sarna, this Hutt was it. Even the humour, while it brought a wry smile to her lips gave her pause. Was this the Dark Lord? Surely it must be, something so ancient could have survived off of the darkside since the time of Marka Ragnos. But the hunger was too sharp, too piercing to be a lasting hunger. It was the hunger of the Maw. This was malice and gluttony given shape. All consuming, and it must be fed. From people, to starships, planets, to entire galaxies themselves. Leave this hunger alone now, and it would consume everything she loved. The lightsaber showed its bright white light against its glittering eyes, reflecting in cavalcade from the spittle around his great lips, making a dancing and swirling shadow that bounced across the darkening hanger. She spoke at last as she let the force flow around her, mimicking the white light of her saber. “Let the child go from here Great Hutt.” The saber flicked its tip towards the distant young girl who was cowering behind his great mass before whipping back up towards the Hutt. “I do not know you, and I do not fear you. Now I assume you will not surrender?” Her eyes flickered from the axe on his belt to the staff he held in his hand. She had never before faced such an opponent, but she had met and defeated many Sith, and every one had thought themselves unbeatable. And she was a Jedi Master. This was her duty, her great honour. She took a step forward and let the force flow around her, gathering around the weapons on her belt as she reached out with the hand that did not hold the lightsaber. The force moved and two of the vibroknives flickered off of her belt driving from her right and left in solid arcs towards the hutt’s great mass, their blades a sheen of microvibrating darkened metal guided by the force itself. While she used the force to wrench at the decking below his great mass, it was harder than a simple pull at a man's ankles, but she hoped it would provide distraction enough for the knives to find their purchase. Summary: Two vibroknives towards Sheog while pulling at the decking beneath him to distract and break his footing (padding?) ((1))
  4. Sandy Sarna


    The shiver was peculiar and ran down her spine like flickering lightning. It was not the general danger sense that she had been so long accustomed to, but it was certainly something of the force. An evil, not only pure malevolence, but a familiar one, an ancient...hunger? The same hunger that had been at Onderon. That same evil that had shaken the Galactic Alliance fleet to its core. It was something galactic, a reflection of what she had felt pulling at her in the Maw. And it was here, tempting at her, luring her. She knew her face had gone pale because the soldiers gave her an appraising look as the shuttle set down in one of the many hangers that spotted the great shipyards. “My Lady?” She took a drink from her canteen and slid the clasp shut. Letting the cool taste of the water cleanse the malodorous hunger that had touched the back of her mind. She let out a long sigh that was half resignation and half excitement as she reached out with the force. To touch the thing that had left its hungry challenge. She accepted the challenge and returned it with a cool determination. The Rebel Alliance and the Jedi order had come here to confront the Evil of the Sith Lords. She would not back down from that challenge. She looked back to the soldiers. “I would advise you go ahead with the mission and clear as quickly as you can from this place. May the force be with you.” She let her presence expand and reached out to Aidan as well giving him reassurance and strength before she let her presence shrink back down around her as the soldiers began their advance. The cloak dropped away from her slender shoulders and she flicked the lightsaber from her belt. It ignited into a pale white light which she held aloft like a beacon. Waiting for this hunger to appear.
  5. Sandy Sarna


    “We are attached to the Twenty-Second Orléans my lady.” Came the voice of the heavily mustachioed officer who was giving her a look of some skepticism. He wore the light blue fatigues of the royal marines from the Tapani princedoms, and it struck Sandy with little irony of how many Monarchical groups were fighting with this new rebellion. They had the Royal Hapan expeditionary force which was some kind of attempt to overthrow their own queen mother, then these Tapanis from their little principalities, then finally the Imperial Remnant itself. Who was currently the majority of the commanding fleet that was preparing for its assault overhead. Sandy would have to give that a great deal of thought. Because if they somehow made a victory out of this day and pressed on to the coreworlds would they enact their own monarchy to replace the Sith Lords? Sandy was surprised to find herself completely ungalled by that prospect and even looking forward to some good government without all the corrupt senate that they had before… But she had left the Tapani Officer waiting long enough that he had begun to speak again as the shuttle lurched below them. “And you a Jedi Master? At your age eh, must have been a tough sell to the council, or perhaps it left your knees bruised.” She gave him a wry look and he broke into laughter that was echoed by his equally mustachioed troopers in response. “Hold your neks Little master, I was only playing. No need to rip my heart out with the force, you could do that well enough with your looks.” Her smile flattened then she laughed. “No chances Lieutenant, but it is a pleasure to meet you and your men. Let’s focus on the task at hand.” They all continued laughing which brought a smile back to her lips as the shuttle began its journey towards the shipyards Administration complex. “Now, no civilian casualties. Let's show them grace and mercy should they request it.”
  6. Sandy sat looking at her hands as the assault shuttle made its way into the dark abyss of space.She could vaguely feel her friend’s presence throughout the fleet as they began to prepare for lightspeed. She could feel Aidan and his dour determination, as well as his current guardian, Kyrie, and Leena. She gave them both a nudge of reassurance with the force then let her focus recenter on the mission at hand, letting those tendrils of the force drop away into the ether. There was much to do, and much to think on. And before she knew it, the Rebel Fleet had left Nar Shaddaa.
  7. Had Serenno really changed him that much? She had seen many deaths in her short career as a Jedi, she had been horribly abused and even murdered by a Sith Lord, so she knew this self defeat very well. Even if it affected Aidan very differently, the root was the same. He had turned into the insular arms of his order, while she had once played a blade across her wrists. Both were equally bloody in their end. But Aidan was now horribly distant, more than he had been before their meditation, and that did hurt. But she let it go along with her anger at his order. If they tried to kill him or something that would have been a different story, but she accepted this, and let her attachment fall away. What could she say after all? Could she promise to cut every Imperial Knight down if they tried? No. With a breath it was gone, gone were the frustrations of the love she felt, frustrations with his order, with his insincere grin. And she replaced it with a relaxed love. The frustrations banished. And that was enough. She stopped as well as they together caught their breath. “Well at least I still get to see you, even with such a noble escort.” She flashed a smile to the larger Imperial Knight before looking back to Aidan. “We will get you fit for duty in no time at all.” She lowered her voice so only the two knights and herself could hear. “It is noble to fight, even in a long defeat.” They were not words about the sith conquest or the rebel defense, but the personal fight against the darkside. Its constant pressure, and its horrible face. For while they might each overcome and even vanquish the evil within themselves, one misstep and it would overcome each of them. And the path of the Imperial Knight was a lonely one. One that she would not see him walk completely alone. “Keep fighting, we will make it through.” She looked down towards her belt where the red light of a mission briefing was flashing on her commlink. She sighed and flung her arms around Aidan. Giving him a brief hug before turning to his companion and giving him a bow. “I will see you on the other side Aidan. May the force be with both of you.” But she did not tell him that she loved him. For he knew that already. And there would be plenty of time after his ordeal to figure all that out. Right?
  8. A spike of apprehension stabbed straight through her heart at his words about the inquisitors. She had not heard any rumours of extrajudicial killings in the name of the lightside and nor did she have any great impression of darkness from Aidan. But did she deceive herself? She let the thought flow through her as fast as the apprehension had moments before. But the answer was before her no matter the direction she turned it. No one was beyond redemption. Not even Relmis, who carried the weight of millions of deaths on his shoulders, had been beyond it. What was this forlorn death cult that they would condemn someone so caring, and so talented as Aidan to death? But again she asked herself, was she in deception? She let a tendril of the force snake out and touch Aidan, not a forceful probe, but just a touch and it reassured her. There was no billowing darkness, just what she could describe as the weariness that affected anyone so long deployed. But maybe something lurked there. She glanced again to his face and gave him a warm smile as they turned for another rotation around the bustling hangers. “Surely they would not like kill you if you felt the darkness pull at you?” It was a dour and dire question, so she followed it with another less serious one. “And does he have to stay around like all the time? Can’t I check you out like a library holo from his care since I am a Jedi master?” She hoped it would make him at least crack a smile. But she knew it would only be a matter of hours before they were thrown back into the front of the war.
  9. They started the jog at a slow pace, one that warmed tired and sore muscles from the long ride in the uncomfortable U-Wing. Though it wasn’t a true exercise in that it would not leave her panting and exhausted, she could feel how good it was for her. One could get used to relying on the force to carry them through a hard day or a hard mission. This was very different. She could feel the good it was doing her as they jogged for several minutes. But she did need to eventually speak her mind which she did after they had made it into the hangers. “Well Aidan…” She began hesitantly as she led them on the right lane footpath beside lines of X-wings and Javelin fighterbombers which were being fueled from large hovertrucks. Which could only mean one thing from their new paint and even newer uniformed crews. A large force was being sent out within the next few hours. She gulped down a breath and plunged ahead with what had been on her mind. “...Aidan, I don’t know what this escort means but I have a little clue. I care a lot about you, hell I know you could feel how I feel about you when we were meditating together before...that last mission.” She let out an anxious sigh as they made another turn beside a line of assault shuttles which were being outfitted with new munitions. “I don’t know what you are struggling with, but I want you to know I am here.” They took another turn past a small group of Jedi in their ‘Ace’ flightsuits who gave them a nervous wave which Sandy returned. “Ahg, not just here but like I want to be here for you. We are friends and I want to help you if you need help.” She flushed suddenly. “Unless I have completely misjudged what is going on then if so, I am sorry again for butting in.” She let out a laugh of frustration and spared a glance back to the Lasat then glanced to Aidan before returning her gaze to the pathway.
  10. Though the Lestat yellow eyed gaze seemed not incredibly threatening to Sandy, it brought with it the culmination of that feeling that had been growing during the last few hours. It was a strange dread. Perhaps it was a realization of what the week of silence from the young imperial knight had been growing to. Was he in custody? Had he done some drastic thing on Serreno? But she had read that report and it was no fault of Aidan’s that they had been ambushed by sith marines. What was this then? Was this some knife held against Aidan’s throat by his order? Then her mind found its conclusion. THe Imperial Knights must think that he had begun to slip, or to fall to the darkside. But she had been with him, she had meditated with him to release all of that? But then again he had seen everything fall apart far too many times. Just as she had. They both had been fighting for the better part of a decade, since their early teens at least. Sandy even before that. And the shadow of Thalassia passed over her wit that thought. But even if that had once broken her, she had been redeemed of it. So too could Aidan. But she knew what her face must be showing to the pair of Imperial Knights. The colour had drained away from her cheery face, leaving her freckles a sharp contrast. She lifted a water bottle in her hand and let a shy smile creep back over her face before she made a bow towards the newly introduced Knight. There was no love in that bow, and she did not think her face hid her dislike of the way the Imperial Knights treated their wayward sons. She spoke formally though kindly to her friend and long time pursuit. “Knight Hunan, Knight Dakrfire.” She did not broach the door but still stood in its archway. “I was hoping that I could go on a run with Aidan, and perhaps discuss some of what had happened and get some fresh air before the next mission whisks us away again…”
  11. Sandy futility rubbed at the slight windburn that had grazed her freckled ears as she disembarked the tattered U-Wing. The ride home had been brisk, or at least as brisk as an old model support bomber could be with its 3rd rate hyperdrive. She took in a breath and then crisply saluted the Rebel officer. It had been a pleasure to work with her, and Sandy would write as much in her report to the council. When her verbal report to the officer in charge was finished she made a beeline straight to her quarters, where she deposited her satchel and equipment before climbing into the sanisteam. A few minutes later she was changed into her exercise outfit and jogging down the concourse towards where Sandy could feel Aidan in the force. He felt different than before, almost contained, as if he was somehow restraining himself. She hoped, as she jogged through the entrance to the Imperial Knight and Exorcist wing, that he was doing better than she had last seen him. The mission led by Adenna had been a disaster, though Sandy could not blame the ex grandmaster for the situation she had gotten herself into. She had stumbled her own apprentices nearly into a death trap made by Flynn Relmis not even six months before. But what was this? She had felt deep into his heart and his very soul right before his mission. They had meditated together from across the galaxy and she had seen his struggles. His doubts, his angers. But this feeling was different and it worried her deeply. She said a quick and archaic prayer before rounding the corner to his doorway. She reached out a hesitant hand and knocked thrice upon the door. Plastering her face with a cheerful if careful smile. Whatever was bothering him, she was going to cheer him up. And what could cheer him up more than a jog and some exercise? But she had her own secret doubts.
  12. Sandy Sarna


    The thick air of Korriban’s duisk buffeted Sandy Sarna as she accelerated back to the U-Wing. Her long pale hair flicking mercilessly at her ears. She double clicked the encrypted comm link as she entered the perimeter of the Rebel outpost and pulled her speeder bike up next to the Rebel Officers. She gave her a crisp salute and plugged her datapad into its slot and began to download her data to the ships computer. “Well that's about done I think. Master Kyrie is right behind me. About time to bug out back to NS?” She crouched beside the rebel soldier and tentatively reached out with the force to feel if they were being tracked. They were not.
  13. Sandy Sarna


    It did not take long for the combined team to scout the perimeter of the outer sentinels of the Sith Lords. The Dark Lords had surely built a noteworthy praxium near their Valley of ancient statues. Other than a near complete lack of activity there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary. Or at least as far as a Sith training facility could be considered ordinary. This confirmed that the major hub was still the bastion world of Onderon, and that their mission here was likely a complete waste. She held up the range finder and measured a variety of approaches they could try for an air assault. They automatically recorded to the datalink. She reached out a tentative prod of the force to Kyrie, and then opened her datapad. A few button presses and a encrypted packet would buzz into The Rebel commanders datapad. Their work here was now mostly done. It was time to begin the withdrawal.
  14. Sandy Sarna


    Sandy reached up and caught the heavy blaster pistol. It was not the most elegant catch, and she did mildly fumble the weapon before securing it in her hands. She took a breath and nodded back to the Rebel officer. She reached her spare hand and unclasped the crash webbing, standing and taking the place the rebel officer had been standing the minute before. She placed the muzzle of the pistol against the strange lizard and kept it there as they made their awful decent. The duel eyes of the small lizard stared sleepily back at her as the U-Wing rocked and bumped through the planetary atmosphere. It was odd to see such a creature this close but it seemed friendly enough, though agitated by the constant rocking. It ‘cheeped’ its little call tiredly and she smiled back at it. It flicked a tongue over her hand and as they settled onto the Korriban soil she scratched it behind the eyes, Then tucked the blaster pistol into her backpack and followed the soldiers into the desert. She kept her presence concealed as she reached the outer edge of the bubble projected by the ysalamari. Only letting the slightest bit of force flush through her as she leaned down and pulled the Rebel Sergeant to her feet. “Master Eleison and myself will work the perimeter.” And so the team began to spread out towards their objective.
  15. Sandy Sarna


    The soft jerk against her crash webbing told the Jedi Master that they had emerged from the bounds of hyperspace and were now nearing their destination. The rough voice of the Rebel officer followed in quick succession, and told her that they were going to have to wait another hour before the pair of force users could access the flow of the force. It was torture to Sandy. How else could it be, she couldn’t feel anything beyond herself and it was exhausting. She brought her eyes level with Kyrie’s and gave her a wry smile. “Well lets hope they don’t just shoot us down eh.” But her voice carried none of the command it usually did and it felt hallow.
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