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  1. As the machinations fell around her Sandy could feel the sudden release in the force, as if a fist had let go of her heart. Though the tiredness, the heartache, and the headache persisted. They were no longer aggravated by the darkness of the force. To say to the planet was cleansed was not true, but that hunger, that evil desiret was gone. And it left no trace except for the hundreds and thousands that had strangled in its foul grasp. She took a breath and marveled That she did not need to cleanse the air as it entered her body. Though it still smelled of the rotting jungle It was clean, she had never smelled something so nice. She felt a smile creep across her lips. Then she deactivated her lightsaber and went looking for the Apprentice. "Jackson?" She called out until she found him. She gave him a grateful smile. “You did very well, you used your training and your wits to free this planet from evil.” She placed her hand on his shoulder. “You have earned the rank of Jedi Knight. When we get back to the shuttle I will transmit your new rank to the council. And Jackson, I am very proud of you.”
  2. Her blade moved swiftly as she cut the beast in twain then with w second strike cut it apart. The pure white blade of her lightsaber cutting bone with ease filling the air around her with the harsh smell of burned bone and ozone. She reached out to the Apprentice in the force and felt his determination. He was holding himself well. As a jedi should. No fear, only the force. She smiled. Then let the force flow through her and into him. He and Leena would not be alone in this fight. She could vaguely see other animals approaching, but her blade was steadfast, and Orephon likeways.
  3. Sandy slowly stood from where she was kneeling and sighed. She was tired, and it showed on her face, in her walk, and in the slight slump of her shoulders. She had been here for days, surrounded by the endless death, breathing the contaminates, and finding little success. But that voice was something new. It was the voice of those whispers she had felt in the back of her mind since she had arrived, was it the voice of the forest? No, because it was familiar. It was the same voice she had heard on ruined planets since she was a little girl. But never before had the words been this clear. They had been clear in the maw as well. What had the Togorian said on Thalassia? She couldn’t remember, the trauma had broken those memories into irretrievable shards. The memories stirred in varied levels of opacity, the most harsh of the abuse so bright and clear, while the small things seemed to be seen through a fog. She shook her head. And slowly walked to Leena. She placed a hand on her shoulder, and nodded. “We must find the voice. It is not the forest, it is a someone or a group of someones.” She could taste the smell of rot on the back of her tongue. “This is something ancient and malevolent. The darkside has lain here for an eternity, undisturbed even as we built a temple on its threshold. There is little wonder that it has finally woken up.” Danger flashed down her spine as Leena Tapped into the lightside of the force and Sandy, almost as a reaction brought her lightsaber up. And all around the darkside began to flood. "Apprentice, get back to us now!"
  4. Sandy did not move, though there was a significant threat, these were innocents. Not matter what they were possessed by there was no way she would draw her lightsaber, so she would need to find another way. She drew in another breath of vile air, and let her eyes fall completely closed. She took another breath, letting the force fill her again, and she could feel the strength leave her legs as she began to pull at the force, to direct it through her. There was pain now, pain from the harsh crash of her knees onto dirt and cobble, but she was not in danger. Leena and the others were getting away, and distraction enough for this horde. Another breath, and the force was so thick in it that she could barely hold the breath in. She forced herself to speak, her thin lips forming the words slowly as she touched every tired and diseased mind. “Sleep.” It was a desperate measure. For whatever had possessed the children would not easily give up its control. But she dove past that control, letting calmness and peace penetrate where there had only been decay. One by one the children dropped where they stood. Some into stuporous sleep, some giving up their decayed bodies forever. But that other presence did not go away. If anything it was heavier than before. As if the Jedi had finally caught its attention.
  5. One of the Jedi Knights on the surface near Master Sarna lifted his comm and snapped a reply back to the new arrival. “Copy that Transient Plunder, please find Master Sarna at coordinates I am transmitting now. May the force guide you through the jungle.” He dialed a quick transmission to the shuttlecraft, and then sent a notification to the Jedi Master that she had another apprentice heading her way. __________ That news at least brought a grim smile to the lips of Sandy Sarna as she stood on the edges of the village. She waved to Orpheon to keep his distance, and she stepped forward towards the shuddering circle of maniacs. Their dance continued unabated even as she took another step, and then another until she had nearly reached them. Then she took a breath, tapping into the force, and was nearly overwhelmed with the stench of the darkside. It was tasteless at first, disguised in the rank air of decay that permeated the rest of the village, but then it turned to almost a thick bile in her throat. She nearly stumbled back but then let her inner calm overcome it. Another breath, and she had expelled the shadows from her. Then she truely tapped into the force, pulling it through her like a screen, eliminating the darkness with each breath. Stretching her presence about her until it touched the first dancing child. He screamed in a terror that caused the dance to grind to a halt. All eyes spun unto Sandy and Orpheon. Half lidded eyes, sightless eyes, and some had been clawn from their sockets. Leaving dark voids that saw without seeing surrounded by long dried blood. But there was one that did not flinch away from the presence of the Jedi Master.
  6. Sandy let her green eyes linger on the Chiss’s red eyes, her mouth set into a small frown. Not disappointment by any means, but one of concern. As she laid the child back onto the medical cot, she let her concerns be fully known. “A full purge of the darkside is a dangerous act. Sin eating even more so. Darkness is a natural part of life, and though we may desire to purge it with a holy fire, I would recommend releasing it. I do not know your training or your background, but you do not bear the uniform of an Imperial Knight and do not have the support system to go toe to toe with the darkside in such a way.” She said this with little reproof, she was not scolding the man, but merely warning. “Now let us venture further into the mire of this planet. There is another village up the dirt road. Another refugee camp. And from the scouting reports, likely just as filled with death.” They walked as the medical speeders began to pack up, and it was not much longer than an hour until they could smell the next village. Rot. Decay. Death. And the dark side. “Stay beside me.” She whispered as they walked through the undefended gate wincing as the full smell of the place hit her nose. Bodies lay strewn and bloated on the dirt paths between the clustered houses. She reached into the force, searching for those telltale signs of human consciousness, and found a small cluster towards the center of the village itself. The signs were confused, almost tainted and not the same as the girl before. These were more alive. And in the village they found a troupe of the survivors. Dancing in a great circle around a fire. Laughing like their lives depended on their mirth.
  7. Sandy let her tired green eyes find his and let a soft smile spread ascross her lips. “Of course.” She gestured to where the medical orderlies were clustered around several of the other survivors, and indicated two of the jumpseats that were next to the stretcher marked for the victim he was carrying. When he had set her down Sandy put her hand on top of his, her oice low as she spoke, and the force moving through her into the child. “First we must touch the living force, let it flow through you, through your center. Now guide it.” She moved her other hand long his arm to where his heart lay. “Gather it, and let it expand throughout the rest of your body. This malady is of the darkside, isolate where it gathers in yourself. Then exile it into the flow of the force.” She watched him. Then placed her hands back onto the small child. “Watch and feel what I do. This is much the same but we must use a bit more of ourselves. We must overwhelm the darkness in her, and guide the shadow from her.” The force stirred again. So much so that the jedi master’s hands began to glow from it. The light flowing from her hands into the small shivering form. “Guide it to where the disease is manifesting.” The glowing lines traced the child’s bloodflow, gathering in pools along her organs and lymph nodes. "Then draw it like poison from a wound." Slowly building, until finally Sandy drew it back out of her. The darkness banished before the light. But it took its toll and the Jedi Master was left even more exhausted. For while they might be able to treat an isolated case here and there, they had not found the heart of the disease. For that was in the forest itself.
  8. Another human child lay choking on vomit at the back of the small temporary shelter, more a mix of discarded fibroplast containers than any kind of house, Sandy scooped her up and held her close as she walked out of the dim and reeking hovel. The only survivor of a family of seven. And from her fibrilic shaking, this one did not have much time left. The disease had already progressed to such a level that the skin above the welting sores under the girls arms was starting to deteriorate, mixing the acrid smell of vomit and sweat with the sweet sick of decay. The girls spasmodic movements slackened as Sandy pressed her close, walking her back towards where the mobile medical depot had been set up at the edges of the village. It was a strangely long walk. Lonely and barren. The close packed shelters strangely silent except for the buzzing of flies. Another village of refugees devastated. Where had these come from? The remains of the scavenged bulk cruiser that made up the central meeting area of the village could have been from anywhere. But the lone mass driver round that still was logged in the aft section marked it as either from Coruscant or Chandrila. Another swath of victims of the Sith and the Mandalorians. They had sought safety amongst the jungle, and had found a terrible death instead. She ducked to clear one of the overhanging branches and waved one of the MediCorps who stood beside the speeder in his white robe. He gave her a nod and bent back over his patient. Sandy saw from a side glance that a lone Chiss was approaching the village on foot. She held up a hand to stop him but lowered it just as quickly, feeling that he was a force user, and one that carried the equipment of a jedi apprentice. She turned the gesture into a wave for him to come closer, she pressed the dying child into his arms and led him to the medical transports. “Three survivors out of maybe a hundred. Stay calm, no mask can stop this plague, it is born by other methods. Access the force and use it to strengthen your immune system. Then when you have done that, join me in trying to save this girl’s life.” She let her green eyes flicker to the blood that coated a part of his uniform. Not human at least. "And remember to draw your sword at the very last. Do not rely on it in this jungle of death." It was not the most friendly of greetings, but it was all the Jedi Master could manage after two days of this work. She pressed her hand onto the girls head beside the crook of his arm and began to pull heavily on the living force. The dark side lay like a thick blanket over everyone and everything, but the living force was still alive here. Just smothered.
  9. “See if you can get some rest.” Sandy placed a cool hand on the forehead of the sweating human child, he was shivering despite his temperature as his body struggled with his malady. She could sense the dull ache of his pain, and the sweating pustules that formed along his lymph nodes. Horrifying pain, and he continued to cry softly as she soothed him with the force. Letting him fall into a dreamless sleep. But as she pulled her hand away from the child’s head, the force moved in its undetectable current, flowing and beckoning to the Jedi Master as if the small hairs on the nape of her neck were being tickled by a wind. It was a familiar presence, one that she had known fairly well during a recent mission to Scarif. She let her pale green eyes close and reached back out in the force. Leena The situation was much worse on the ground. And even the breathing apparatus that she had placed over her mouth and nose were unlikely to stop whatever this was. And the thundering presence of the dark side echoed throughout the planet.
  10. She gave his stern face a loving kiss until she could feel the set of his jaw fall away into a smile. Only then did she break away, matching his smile with her own before she squeezed his hand. “I love you Aidan, don’t forget it.” She looked at the waiting shuttle, but knew that he had his own journey to pursue. His own order had different objectives, a different life. And they could always see each other again in a few weeks. Right? Her heartstrings fluttered in anticipation but she smiled warmly, then turned and strode into the shuttle. Leaving the Imperial Knight behind.
  11. Sandy Sarna


    A message arrives for Leena from Sandy Sarna
  12. She climbed up, letting him boost her until she could reach the side panel, and quickly disconnected the white laminate covered battery. It was roughly the same size as the battery in her old lightsaber, though its connectors were different. She wrinkled her nose while looking at the connectors then shrugged as she climbed back down off of Aidan. She would figure that all out as it went, and as Aidan had opined, she needed to trust the force. It would provide, or it would not. She grabbed her kit from near the bed and flipped open her datapad/comm. She typed off a quick message to Knight Leena and a few others who she was sure would be the most helpful in treating the plague on Felucia. She snapped the pad closed and tossed it back into her rucksack, before following Aidan into the shuttle bay. They were being loaded in earnest, and she let her presence drift out to find any parts that she could not immediately see. The only thing that stood out was a small amount amarathine tubing that was laying beside one of the workbenches. She picked it up and looked to one of the technicians who shrugged in return. So she scooped that into her rucksack and then bounded into the shuttle. She waited for Aidan to board and indicated the seat beside hers. “Hey.” She let her presence mingle with his in a way that made the twi’lek pilots head snap around quizzically before she looked back at the flight controls. “Whatever happens out there. I love you.” She placed her hand into his and held it tightly as the engines began to stir to life.
  13. It was embarrassing of her to admit that she did not know very much at all about lightsaber crystals, how they were made or grown, or how they functioned. She had heard the word kyber before, but her training had mostly consisted of non stop combat missions since she had set the first foot into being a teenager. She had nearly a decade of experience in the Jedi Order, but... “I must admit.” She felt the quick rush of embarrassment flood over her pale face. “I may need to rely on you more than I normally do on this lightsaber building stuff..” She glanced at the chronometer that sat on the rough stone wall. “I only ever built a training lightsaber, and even that was mostly done by my master. She would get frustrated if I took a long time.” She laughed regrettably. “But I can certainly trust the force.” She looked at his grey outfit and bit her lip before shaking her head. “Yes, let's try to find the spare parts before we leave. The crystal may have to wait though until after we are done at Felucia.” She looked up to the embedded lighting panels and let a sly grin creep over her face. “Here, help me up, if I remember from when I was a kid, the ballasts in glow panels have the same kind of rapid charge batteries we need.”
  14. Sandy took the saber staff into her hands and let her presence filter out through her fingers. Exploring every part of that hilt, the grooves, the lines, the unbuffed scratches. She let her focus find the crystal inside its housing, tracing the connections of wiring that crossed over it and connected to the slim battery inside. All pieced together in intricate detail and every part of it felt of him. Even the way the wires were tied and bundled spoke to the rigidity of his upbringing and the spartan way of life that the Knights had instilled in him. She memorized the way that the sabre fit together and then set it aside reverently, on the table beside the bed. Then, standing from where she had been sitting she walked to Aidan and grabbed the front of his robes. Deftly she tucked one flap, then the next, tying the ties together before grinning up at him. “It’s not as cool as you showing me how to polish armour, but hey at least I know a few things you don’t. You don't think there is a way to make a lightsaber crystal really quickly do you?” She kissed him again, then sat down to put her knee high boots on. She slipped them on and waited for him to finish dressing. There was much to do, and she would need to build a sabre before they left. But somewhere, in the back of her head, a small voice warned her against attachments. But that was for another time. For now she was satisfied with the here and now.
  15. The weight of the galaxy’s needs fell like a waterfall over them, washing away the carelessness of the night before. Sandy let out a long sigh. Aidan was of course right, as he often was, and it was time to face the day. She gave him a loving peck of a kiss on the slight beard stubble that was appearing around his jawline, then pulled back the covers. It was not cold in the room, but still the coolness of the room hit her as she peeled herself from his arms and crawled out of the bed to stand on the rough stone floor. She strode the few steps to the datapad that was mounted on the low wooden table and gave a quick glance at its display. She let out another sigh, and grabbed her clothes. She gave him a grin and slipped the tunic back on from where it had been discarded before sitting down on the bed. “Looks like there is a plague on Felucia. We have a small outpost there, but it's completely overrun. It's not a combat mission, but it's an opportunity to help. I know the Imperials aren’t too fond of non combat missions, but you could come with if you wanted. The first shuttle departs in less than five hours.” She reached a hand back and let it play across his. “Plus I need to make a new lightsaber before we do anything else. Have you ever made one? I haven’t had to since I was an apprentice. I hope we have parts in stock.” And with that they were back in the cares of the galaxy. As much as they could be at least.
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