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  1. Sandy let out a laugh as she let the embrace of the Exorcist fall away. Perhaps it was a laugh at the shocked expression on the Anzat’s face, or the roiling shock she could feel from Leena. She moved her hands so that gripped the slender yet muscular shoulders of the Master Exorcist before she stepped back. The woman was strong and full of life, and it would seem the Force had much more to teach them all. For she could sense a distant presence, one of the old grandmaster. Returned to life. She glanced to Leena and smiled, the creases of her upturned lips cutting across a slew of freckles. “You should not be shocked about seeing love and joy in the Jedi Order. The Force does not call us all to be passionless mystics, and Love and Joy have their bedrock in the lightside. While we should not over indulge or make idol any of these emotions, it does not hamper us on the path to express the goodness of your heart.” She glanced down to her armour and ran a hand along her belt, ensuring all was in place. “Though that is my belief, other masters might be more keen to voiding all that makes them alive.” She broke into a grin before she extended a datapad to the Exorcist and proffering the other to the Healer. “There is of course another reason I am here. We strike to find the heart of the dark order and need strong recruits for this scouting mission. The rebel Alliance are sending their best, and we Jedi should also.”
  2. Sandy bowed low, the green fabric of her jumpsuit rustling against her armour. While she inclined her body, she did not break eye contact with the master Exorcist and Lord of the Imperial Knights. The other woman appeared different, wounded and placed into the container of a different body. Would it be better to contact the medicals and get a clone made? Sandy did not know, but what did know was that the woman was suffering greatly. The Song had taken her far afield, and left her in bitter valleys. “Master Eleison-” She spoke, ending her bow and putting forward a hand to keep the woman from rising. “You are still suffering from your wounds, please let us attend to you before we make our journey...” She looked back to the room from where she had just come. A symbol of what could come from good intentions and ill preparation. “Losing you would be a serious wound to our morale, so let us do our best.” She glanced sideways to Leena and placed a hand upon the Exorcist’s burned flesh, inhaling deeply as she did so, a breath that filled her lungs and her mind with the force. She brought her presence alongside Leena’s and concentrated upon the wicked burns. There would be pain in the healing, but she was sure that Kyrie would not mind. Under her fingers the melted and besotten flesh peeled away as if stripped by maggots. She was no master in healing like the Mon Calamari, but it was an art that she had long practiced under her old master. In the place of the burned and destroyed flesh knit anew the infantile pink flesh of new life. With each pass of her hands over the woman's wounds Sandy could feel more clearly a lurking darkness of rot and decay, it was subtle, it was small. And Sandy furrowed her brow, searching deep within the woman’s mind and heart. It was no rot like the core of Nal Hutta, or the deep darking decay of Ar-Pharazon. It was the plague of good intentions turned awry. The roots of good long stretched and changed by years of battle and harsh decisions. A poison clung to the very depths of Kyrie, and though the purifying force of the Exorcists had burned it almost bare, by their own very nature it crept back in. Sandy could only admire the dedication of the woman, facing the cold and dark within herself all alone. The Exorcist and the Sin Eater was a lonely journey, and one that left the user without a connection in the galaxy. It was a life of despair and sacrifice. Sandy knew that she could not draw that poison out, that she could not confront the seed of darkness for the woman. It was attached to her and was fed by the darkness she willingly devoured. But she could help. Sandy’s hands stopped over the wound, and she flung her arms around the woman, pulling her into a hug that was no where near a professional expression of support that the Imperial was likely used to. But there was love there. It was not the love that she had for Aidan, it was the love of a friend and she bathed the woman in it. For love, Sandy knew, was a counter to great evil.
  3. Sandy pulled the collar of the green jumpsuit up around her thin neck, pulling the strap around into its catchings and buckling it at the base of her neck. She pulled her hair back and wound it into a thin bun that she lanced through with two thin needles of grey durasteel. Next came the cuirass of dull grey duraplast strapped securely against the jumpsuit in its sections, the the shoulders and upper arm protection. While not a full set, even when she strapped on the sections that covered her thighs, it provided adequate protection from spalling of more distant explosives. She looked at the high polished furrows on one of the sections, reflecting on the duel in which she had killed her old friend, the jedi master and dark acolyte Fynn. She spun on her heel and walked silently towards the medical ward. The fingers of her right hand drumming against the well worn lightsabre handle that hund down beside her thigh. It was a long walk, but it gave her time to steady her mind. But before she could get herself centered, the great metal archway of the medical quarter loomed up ahead of her. And that terrible fate that lay within. She saluted the imperial knight at the entryway, who smartly returned her salute, before turning and opening the door for her. She gave him a soft smile which he returned and then she was among the hustle of a busy corridor. A right then a left, then she was at a beside of a woman that she loved like a mother. Sandy reached out a hand and placed it on the woman’s still and unmoving hand. Giving it a gentle squeeze before she leaned in and placed a gentle kiss upon her forehead. “May the Force carry you to kinder times.” Her voice was the harsh whisper of pent up grief, and as soon as the words were said, the tears came. They fell like little rivers down her pale cheeks, dripping off her nose to fall in dark splotches on the hospital bedding. She had not known it would affect her so, she had loved her master dearly, and hated her as much. It had been through that raven haired woman that Sandy had experienced some of the worst trauma of her life. That small and lifeless form had represented every mountain peak and every valley Sandy had traveled. From violence, rape, and torture to the joys of knighthood and service. Those eyes had always watched her. Quick to criticise, rarely to complement. And now those stern eyes were now closed against the harsh lights of the medical ward. But the tears brought the still solace of a finished grief. And as the last of them dried upon the soft sheets that covered the Grandmaster's body, Sandy walked away. There was no need to wonder at what Sith Soldier had struck the blow, or what fateful mission had brought the Jedi order so very low. The past could not be changed, and there was no call for vengeance. Death was a part of life, and death was the force itself. Joy would follow, in the endless cycle, just as a human would breath in and out. So the force moved. Life and death. All a breath away. But somewhere in the back of her mind she wished the joy could have stayed. That the good times of a few years before could not been her last. But she knew that the dice could only be cast once. And she would happily take the bad with the good. For there was always the next horizon. For now she had lost her mentor and closest friend, and with Aidan gone into his studies she would not conscience dragging him into this. He had been there, and if he felt any guilt it would only be amplified by her own grief. So instead she let her presence touch his for a moment, giving him the reassurance that she was beginning to feel. A smile flickering on her lips before she rounded a corner to see Leena and another familiar presence. “Kyrie?”
  4. Sandy ran a hand through her drying hair, pulling vaguely at a knot that had formed that was now crusting with salt. She wrapped the blanket firmly around her thin waist and chest and followed the girl into the shuttle. Every joint aching, and her mouth still tasting like metal. When she gingerly sat down across from the girl in the horribly uncomfortable jumpseat she let a soft smile flicker across her lips. She raised a finger and shook it mockingly at the young Mon Calamari. “As your last lesson remember to not let the other Jedi see you naked. Especially as a master.” She laughed and the laughter felt good though painful. She held out a hand, whose flesh was new and pink, contrasting with the dusting of freckles and pale flesh that had not been burned away. “Leena Kil, though I have not had the pleasure of training you for years I must at this point say something boringly formal.” The pain and tiredness was evident in her speech. But her actions seemed strong. She flexed her hand, and her lightsabre twitched into her hand. She glanced out to see the ocean stretching out behind them as the shuttle began to take on speed. The lightsabre flared to life, its silver white blade bathing the interior of the shuttle in a harsh light. “I name you a Knight of the Jedi Order. And deem your apprenticeship at an end. Let no one speak against it.” She placed the blade over one shoulder then the opposite shoulder before snapping the lightsabre off. Returning the shuttle to its natural darkness. Where they could not easily see Sandy slump back into her seat letting exhaustion claim a little victory over her tired body. But soon they would be hyperspace bound. For the broken world had been healed, friendships had been cemented, and the Jedi had earned a little victory in a tide of defeat. ((To Nar Shaddaa))
  5. “I can’t do it.” Mumbled the young girl as she came down from the hundredth attempt. Her pale blonde hair hanging in dirty strands across her face, and sweat staining the green tunic she wore. Her bare feet hit the ground again, kicking up a plume of dusty topsoil. “And I tell you that you can, and you must.” The voice was dreary, and came from a tired voice. It held no forgiveness, no mercy in its judgement. “Three. Two. One.” And the pale blonde girl stuck her hands up in front of her and pushed off the ground in a leap, but the shockball still struck her on the chin and knocked her back to the ground. Deepening a bruise to a darker purple. “You know the council won’t like it if you keep striking her like that.” That male voice was just as tired as the prior voice, but carried the strict coruscanti accent that caused a stir of anger to fly up the girl’s spine. “But maybe if I keep talking, the girl will finally find that telekenisis you want her to.” No anger. No anger, it's a path to the darksisde. But her mind was so tired. Why couldn’t she reflect that damned ball? “Now listen to me Sandy, Master Fynn’s ship leaves in ten minutes for Thalassia. You have until then to master this. Or you will be absolutely no use to us.” The pale girl could feel tears at the corners of her eyes, “I. I will try…” “No. You will do. Again!” And Sandy lept, pushing the force in front of her as the tears mixed with the dusty sweat on her cheeks. But this time no shockball struck her. No stinging, burning, sensation this time. The shockball had sailed far away, deflected with the force. She opened her mouth to shout for joy. But the smiling face of the Jedi Master Fynn wasn’t smiling. His expression was locked in a shout of rage, blood seeping from the corners of his mouth. Sandy cried out in horror, but she could feel his blood on her hands. And that distant hunger of the Maw. “Master I…” But when Adenna smiled at her, the raven haired woman’s jaw hung slack. The left side of her face burned away by a blaster bolt. _____ Sandy sat up with a scream and gasped for breath. Her wild eyes found Leena and finally focused, her stuttering breathing calming almost instantly as the Jedi Master regained control of herself. But in the back of her head that familiar presence of her old master was gone. Another casualty of the Sith Lords. She glanced down from the Mon Calamari to her own body. She winced at her nakedness then winced again at her hands. The fingers were no longer just shards of bone but were pale and healed skin and flesh. Though the pain lingered. Sandy was in awe of the power of the young woman. “Amazing.” She whispered, cocking a grin at the younger Jedi, then to the shards of crystal that surrounded her. “You were amazing Leena. And you as well Tali.” She futility pulled at the shards of tunic to cover herself then sighed. Feeling the warmth of the sun beating down on her. What was next? Did she knight the young woman? It needed to be done, and as the ranking Jedi on the mission it was Sandy's responsibility after all. She looked up to the Mon Cal. "Leena, you have shown yourself a Knight."
  6. The heat was all encapsulating, and Sandy could swear she could feel her nerves frying and degenerating in front of the mass of raw energy she was absorbing. It took so much out of her as she focused, the force flowing through her and out of her in constant waves of energy. It tingled, it hurt, it was the force. How much longer could she last? She did not know how much time had elapsed since they had dove into the depth of the archipelago, but it couldn’t have been more than a half hour, and though Leena and Tali were doing their utmost, Sandy did not think she could do much more. Every inch of her skin stung like a thousand needles were digging in, and where it didn’t hurt, there was the silent itch of destruction. Her mouth tasted like she had eaten a breakfast of metal filings. But there was no turning back. She couldn’t stop now. So she dove into herself for the strength to press on. His smiling face, the joy of friendship, the feeling of holding a lightsabre for the first time. Memories crashed forward like a stream, all joy. All blotting out the darkness at the edges of her vision. She drew harder on the force, pulling at that liquid metal core, pulling the poison of it, pulling at the power trapped within it. And just as suddenly there was nothing left to pull from. The only light about them was the glow from her bubbling sabre, and there was a void within her. So much power, and her body had begun to rely on it to even exist. Two distinct thoughts swam up in her brain as she watched the glow on her skin fade into nothing. First, why had she not taken a massive dose of AntiRad meds, and why did she not prepare for the end of this? She didn't know if she would live, and the painful hunger was rushing up through her. Eating at her muscles and skin. “Spast.” She mumbled as her mouth filled with the soft saline of clean ocean water. And as the darkness at the edges of her vision flew forward, she fainted dead away in the arms of her friends. The shields and power she had been projecting wiped away along with the core of the fallen Star Destroyer.
  7. The swim was exhausting, but they steadily made their way through the deep ocean depths towards the reactor module. As she kicked and swam the air in her lungs that passed by her tongue began to taste metallic. The shield was holding, but it could not contain everything. Soon she knew it would be time to change tactics, and to prove her worth as a jedi master. There could be no recovery salvage operations at this depth, and from the absolute wasteland of ocean life that was around them, if it wasn’t for the force their datapads would have been shouting about roentgen a dozen meters back. She took another deep breath of metallic air and looked at the looming hulk in front of them. It was very obviously a star destroyer, even as broken up and silt covered as it was. They swam by the scattered bulkheads, the crumpled remains of one of the great beasts of the old empire. And she dimly reflected that not everyone in the hull would have been dead when they hit the surface. Had it been a horror? Had it been a swift death? Would they have drowned knowing that they had died for no reason? She shuddered and kicked harder, glad that she had not brought much to wear, for even the depths of the sea were unnaturally warm. She blinked. For there in front of them was the huge lettering of the ship’s designation. KDY-SD-000235 She was not sure if there were more numbers or if there was a name after it, for a grey-brown silt had covered most if not all the bulk of the ship. This star destroyer had lain in its grave for over a hundred years, but it was not a silent repose, and as they drew closer to the ship a hissing could be heard. They were not at crush depth for a star destroyer hull, or even a human body, but they could hear the hissing of an exposed source touching the water deep in the hold of the mighty ship. And as they drew closer, the hissing almost became a roar and the silt around them took on a greenish hue. “Get behind me Leena. Stay there and learn. Your body does not have the power to face this alone. I will need you to use your healing and natural powers.” She looked over to Tali and gave a soft smile. Sandy would need both of their power to accomplish this task. If they did not all perish in the task. And when the Mon Calamari was back with them Sandy took another long breath on her rebreather and let her green eyes flutter closed. “Lend me your aid, as you have it.” Her voice was slurred by the rebreather but she accented it as she drew her bare legs under her and placed her feet upon the corroded metal hull. It was hot to the touch, but she held herself fast. The force would not fail her now. She pulled her lightsabre off the thin belt that circled her bare stomach and ignited the blue blade. The sabre formed a chaos of bubbles as it reacted with the sea water but she held firm. It would last, the battery would last at least an hour. Or at least she hoped. She opened herself fully to its embrace and let the shields slip away where her feet touched the hull. The pain of it was intense, first the radiant heat of the corrupted metal, then the coursing, pulsating radioactive elements being spit out by the core. Which was behind the subsided section of bulkhead she was standing on. The pressure of the water at this depth slowed her movements and She could feel the numbing tingling of death briefly tug at her emotions before she shunted them away. For radiation, just like blaster bolts, were a source of energy that she could draw from. So she centered herself and accepted the power that bubbled beneath her feet. Instead of resisting it, she drew upon it. She plunged her lightsabre down into the bulkhead and a blast of heat bubbled from beneath her fingers The molten metal burning the water into steam, and the water itself crashing down as the bulkhead buckled, onto the exposed core. She channeled the destructive power of the core through her body, gathering it in its pulses. As it sent its DNA destroying energy through her. The tearing death becoming a part of her fully. She had never felt such a power, it was intense and uncontrollable, and wild. It burned into her like nothing she had ever felt. It needed to be channeled, it couldn’t be stored, she could not hold onto such a power, or it would burn her into a husk. And she could feel the deadness in her legs already. Shakily, she let go of the lightsabre and extended her hands on either side of her, releasing the energy into the sea around them. Bubbles formed on her bare arms, then rapidly began to boil off her. If she could somehow give the energy to Leena and Tali, then perhaps they could heal the world and fix the radiation problem as well. The voice that came from her was guttural, and dying. “Draw off of me.” Her mouth made the words as she concentrated. But there was a truth that was beginning to creep into the back of her mind. If she opened her eyes it would be death. Her fingers were burned through to the bone, and likely her feet were beginning to fair the same. But she was channeling it. She was drawing on it. She was fully in the force.
  8. Sandy took a breath through her rebreather, feeling the escaping air bubbles whisper around her face as she breathed back out through the mask. The water was illuminated, at least for the first dozen meters, by the overhead sun which crashed down onto the warm water, giving it a strange and deceptive feeling of safety. That was until she tapped into the force and the shiver of danger sense spun up her spine like a senderike eel. It was ugly in the waters of Scarif, and that old enemy was lurking in the depths. She took another breath through the rebreather and let the force flow through her. The radiation leak into the water was severe, but not severe enough to kill a master of the force. Even if she did not believe herself to be one. Another breath and she focused on the force as they swam, filtering away the harmful Ray's from her body until they made their way into the star destroyer. It was there that she quickly passed the young Mon Calamari her datapad which contained an approximate map of imperial-I class star destroyers from the era. She took a steadying breath and pulled on the force. Pushing a field of protection that surrounded the trio of young women, it was not something she could maintain indefinitely, but it was enough to drive the radiation away from them. She could feel a trickle of sweat forming along her seawet hairline. "Hurry if you can Leena." Her voice was soft and strained. For such a field was neither her forte or an easy thing to maintain. It was exhausting.
  9. Sandy flagged down one of the flight officers of the light shuttle they had taken who was currently overseeing the relief being unloaded. His grin told her that they were nearly finished and her request was taken with little concern. The shuttle had rudimentary scanners, but based on the reports Sandy had given the Jedi Order a year before, they knew the general area to start the search. He was nice enough to provide them all with diving equipment should they need it, but with both of the other women being aquatic breathers, Sandy Settled on a simple rebreather and an utility belt that she clasped around her thin waist. She climbed aboard, and while the cargo door was kept open, the trio flew in a search grid pattern until the flight officer informed them that they were over the general location of the crashed destroyer. The shuttle paused in its flight pattern and came to a hover over the listless sea. Sandy looked at the two other women, shrugged, then dove headfirst into the dark ocean.
  10. The smell of the sea was heavy on T’ali’au, and Sandy was comforted by its scent as she gratefully accepted the hug. It had been years since she had seen the other woman, but their friendship seemed as fast as they had kept in touch during the intervening years. It was an embarrassment that she had not been back sooner, but though she could likely list a hundred reasons why as an excuse, it was nice to see that her friend bore no grudge. She released the hug and let a frown cover her face for a moment before she let it slide away. “I wish that I had been on Mon Calamari, but the force did not let me, and it appears that even if I was there I could not have stopped the grievous losses we incurred. Tell me of your people, how are they faring and the reactor?” She kept a hand, the hand that had been replaced by T’ali’au, on the woman’s shoulder, her emerald eyes looking into the violet expanses of the Falleens. “I brought the help that I could, and from the smell.” She took another breath, basking in the force. “We came before complete disaster. ” She gestured to the sea where the fallen destroyer lay. Its dark presence beckoning to her.
  11. The sand was lovingly comfortable against her bare feet, the warm grains of sand imparting their heat with every deciding step. She glanced up into the bright sky, shading her pale face with an equally pale hand until she could pick up the dot of an approaching shuttlecraft. She took a deep breath, letting the force flow through her to enhance her senses. The smell of the sea hit her first. Familiar along with the distant draw of the darkside that tugged at the edges of the sunlit coast. The familiar presence in the approaching shuttle brought a grin to her face and Sandy watched until the shuttle had set down firmly, its howling engines finally cutting out before she turned to the rest of the Jedi crew. “Keep unloading the supplies, Leena, with me. It’s time to meet a very old friend.” She waved to the cluster of villagers who some of the crew were already conversing with and walked towards the settling shuttle and the woman who stood beside it. In the short swimming outfit that Sandy wore, the red line that marked where she had her own arm replaced by these villagers could be seen. And she used that arm to wave excitedly to the other woman. Who she greeted with a grin. “T’ali’au! I knew that the force would give us another opportunity to meet. Though I regret that our coming took so long.”
  12. “We lost a good Jedi Knight on Mon Calamari.” Her voice was soft. “And for what reason? If you were a better fighter there Leena would you have been able to fight against the hordes of stormtroopers? Could you have saved Mjan? I think not. You would have died with the rest. Part of our training is to know when not to engage. Mon Calamari will be retaken, I think, though it may be years until the sunlit seas see the light of a democracy.” Though she was not sure that the idea of Democracy carried anything good other than a false sense of security. “We must not concentrate on what might have been Leena.” She frowned and did her best to look into both of the girl’s eyes. “There is a place for you here in the order and you do not need to be a good soldier to stay. Do away with that idea, train to fight so that if you should need to defend and take a life that you can. But do not think that the only place for a Jedi is the front lines.” She waved towards the viewport where the lines of stars were materializing into a solid sphere of an archipelago world. The large expanse of shallow ocean dotted with sandy beaches and a large crater that seemed to mark the world with a giant ring of mountainous terrain, surrounding a deep pool of dark water. “There is place enough in this galaxy for a healer and medic. This world will show you why.” And they had arrived at last to the small world, whose orbit still carried some debris from an ancient battle. Sandy inputted coordinates for where she was sure that the Village of Tali still existed.
  13. Sandy watched with some concern as the Mon Calamari Apprentice spilled forth her concerns. She took a moment to scoot herself a bit closer so she could place her scarred hand on the girl's shoulder. It was a bit shocking to think that Apprentices might look up to her as some great warrior knight, like Locke Starspanker or even Kyrie Eleison. She wasn’t old enough and nor did she consider herself worthy of that respect. With a quick glance over Leena and the memory of a glance at her files, Sandy could tell that she wasn’t much older than the girl either. At least not a decade older. “I will address your points one by one if that is ok with you.” She let a casual smile cover her face, and at this close distance the girl could adequately see Sandy’s long healed scars from her captivity on Thalassia and Tatooine. The long , small lines that cut across her chin and up her cheeks that marked when the flesh had been peeled off layer by layer. Without the temple healers, Sandy doubted that she had been able to look anything like she did now. They were small and recessed scars that did not restrict or stiffen her face. “I never knew much about my own direction. I had to trust that voice inside myself, that voice of conscience, which amplified with our connection to the force can lead us on the righteous path. You must seek out what is right. And strive for that.” She arched an eyebrow. “Very few are called or have the discipline to be a Jedi Knight. Most will surrender to their emotions and forget their purpose.” She made sure the girl was looking at her. “Do you know our purpose?” She answered the rhetorical question just as quickly. “It is to protect the weak, safeguard the helpless, and to be without fear in the face of death.” She let her hand fall from the girl’s shoulder. “That is not our code however, that is the standard we must uphold. We hold all life to be precious, even that of our enemy.” She shook her blonde head. “Do not think that being a jedi makes you a commander of soldiers or some great fighter. That is folly. It is our great dignity to deny ourselves that passion. A Jedi is a healer, a lover, and an upright and righteous being. We are not and should never be soldiers. We may apply ourselves in the method of war but it must be only as the edge of the knife, we cannot let ourselves be swept up in command. That was the folly and downfall of the Jedi order in the past.” “We became soldiers and lost ourselves in the process. How much suffering did great Starlisk or others cause while leading fleets and divisions of men?” She knew she was straying from the topic, but she figured it might be best for the man listening in to hear as well. “Any Jedi can justify the acts of war, but they loose themselves in it. And if we are lost, how can we safeguard the helpless when we sweep them aside in order to gain power or a system. That harkens of the darkside instead of the light.” She looked back into Leena’s eyes. “So strive not to be a great soldier, for that is not the destiny of the Jedi Knight. I and others can teach you the way of the sword, but the best lesson of the lightsabre is to know when not to use it. Yes, we are called to defeat the Sith Lords, and I have killed several and made a name for myself, but even that is a great tragedy. It is only with great reserve that I will go, and only with great reservation will I draw this sabre. But there comes also a point in which we must draw our sabre.” She tapped her hip, where the long battered hilt sat rested against her bare knee. “Does that answer your question or did I go blab my head off again?”
  14. Sandy let her head rest against the crash webbing as she pondered the statements of the force user that was speaking in front of her. There seemed a strange sense of justice in everything he spoke, but at the same time there seemed a tinge of darkness. Or what was it? She could not tell, and perhaps a later deep dive into their split from the Jedi Order would be more fruitful, Sandy did not know. She looked at his heavy armour and when they arrived in the room where Leena sat she grinned. “I will someday need to learn more sir, but for now I must warn you that this place is not a planet for heavy armours. If only for your comfort." She ducked into the small refresher and came out in what was mostly a Jedi tunic but cut down to shorts and a short top, made out of breathable and fast drying material. Bare footed, she strapped her leather belt around her hips and looked at the hyperspace panel. Then back at Leena who she sat down beside and gave her a quizzical look. Her voice was soft and carried no reproach. “I sense much turmoil in you Leena. What is on your mind?”
  15. “Well…” Sandy let her voice trail off as the two of them talked back and forth. “I am glad to have you whatever order you serve.” She looked back at the young Leena, “The Imperial Knights broke away from our order because the Council and Grandmaster of the time did not wish to confront the Sith. They were right to break away, and somedays I wonder if I should not have gone with them. Now go, and I will talk to your companion.” She looked back to the Jensaarai and raised an inquisitive eyebrow and the apprentice ran to the washing station. “You are welcome to the grand adventure, and though I wish your order may have arrived a year or so ago, I welcome you with open arms.” She leaned forward. “However, Sir Mantis, before you decide to hang around a Jedi Padawan, I would wish that you would tell me all about your order. For her safety and my own inquisitiveness, I will not have an unknown element aboard ship, especially in a strange environment." She paused to a reflect and to correct her words should they need them. She decided that they did and added, "I do not say this with hostile intent, however.” She watched the Mon Calamari putting the dishes into the cleaning tray, then looked back to Mantis. She tried her best to keep the tiredness from etching her smile. “You may tell me of your order and your beliefs as we go if it pleases you.” As the young Calamari came back Sandy grinned. “Now, let us all depart for stranger shores.” And together they walked to the Jedi transport Eva-Frenni. (Post in space))
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