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  1. Zalis looked out the viewport at the sight of the oceanic planet before her. Dubrillion was something of a mystery to her, as Black Sun always had ties to the planet, yet it never seemed as important to the rest of the galaxy. Narrowing her own eyes, she peered at the transport ships bringing in the Rihkxyrk fighters to be worked on. If luck held for her, they could be outfitted and prepared for delivery to some private investors. It would also legitimize that potential new operation of crafting smaller ships. About an hour later, she was on the surface, connecting with a few local operatives who ran the system. Still slightly hesitant of her due to their own lack of being connected to the larger galaxy. Jesper Fast, a human male who ran the facility walked alongside her as he gave a tour of the entire facility. He paused before the offices and too this time to question. “Ma’am, I don’t mean to be frank, but our facility hasn’t been used for anything too large scale, and Vigo Delta has pers-” Immediately she held up a finger to silence him. “Delta is no longer a Vigo and does not operate under Black Sun. If you check, his codes and clearances have already been revoked. The last communication you received from him is outdated, behind in the times, and was completely unaware of the change of plans or direction the organization was headed.” Zalis let the anger in her eyes flare as she stared Jesper down for a moment before she turned and opened the door to the office herself, making it clear who was in charge. “Things have changed Jesper. You either get on board or jump ship before I decide to replace you. Black Sun is mine, always has been. Disloyalty will and has been met with severe consequences. We have a galaxy to slowly put our fingers around again. The way it was run before I took over led it to multiple deaths and multiple leaders.” Zalis walked around the main desk and sat herself down in the chair, taking a moment to get comfortable within it. She signaled she was when she put both feet on the desk. “Outfitting ships with some blackmarket parts is only half the goal here. Its too small. Destrillion is within our reach and untouched. Since our loss of Bespin, we need Tibanna gas. Setup mining facilities on the planet and allow for us to bring in the fuel source again. I’m giving you five days time to show some sort of progress on that front. Failure to do so will result in a new Vigo in charge of this outfit. Go.” As she said the words ‘GO’, both of her feet returned to the ground. She stared daggers at Jesper as he left the office. Upon him leaving, she turned her attention to the main dataport and began to work on connecting with Akor’ketez to see how the expansion of facilities within some major ports were going…
  2. Zalis spent the majority of her time pouring over files, updating contacts, removing privileges from old agents and Vigos, along with checking on reports from all over the networks she had spent years and months pouring into. Every so often she would come across a contact or report that held Delta’s name in it and she would feel a slight ping of sadness from not having him around anymore. But she also understood the reasoning and need for him to be elsewhere. With the way Black Sun had grown and evolved into what it is now, he had slowly become irrelevant to the organization. For some reason, she knew that memories of their time together would always bring up emotions that she would rather not deal with. All of the reports showed promise of what she wanted, which was movement and progression on the fronts of establishing small pockets of communities where the crime would thrive through making the weaker and poorer parts codependent upon the top dogs holding them down, but providing just enough to keep them begging to get what they can. It was a system that while others may deem it cruel, was very much business like in every aspect. She deployed typical business practices used to keep her own company growing, yet climbing and making the others around it dependent upon the success of her own. It was a very useful skill to employ and use, even more so with pockets of society that she could easily help establish a dependency upon what she was offering. Spice, Vice, credits and fame were the things that drove people towards Black Sun, and it was within those elements that she bound a tight grip upon the galaxy. Too spread out to actively hunt or go to war with, yet too intertwined everywhere to ignore. Black Sun was now fully what she always wanted - a weed that grew everywhere with no real use of attempting to rid yourself of it, only pruning what you could. Akor’ketez walked into her office and held up a datapad. His movement was quick and with some excitement. His voice also carried with it that small hint of excitement. “Ma’am, Dubrillion has received its first shipment of supplies and is looking to get started on the adjustments that you requested. Huarl is requesting that join the shipments of Rihkxyrk fighters though, as a way of making sure that everything is also up to par…” Zalis looked at him as he was clearly letting his words hang for a reason. “...And this is not for the excitement that is within your voice. What else?” Akor’ketez sat down in a chair across from her desk and placed the datapad in front of her. “Dantooine and Iridonia have made requests for Czerka to open up a shop within their trading ports. Well, Dantooine only requested in Garang, while Iridonia has asked for a hub in all major ports.” Zalis took such information and leaned back in her chair. If she was to open hubs in such locations, she would need more materials from the contacts on the other side of the galaxy. It would also be a danger going through both Rebellion and Sith Empire space to retrieve such equipment. Looking up at the grand ceiling of her office and contemplated for a moment. “I’ll leave with the ships tonight. Post bulletin requesting for smugglers. We’re going to need to dive further into that employment field if we are to better sustain this operation. I’ll send you the details on what we’re looking for. Thank you Akor’ketez for your help.” Zalis packed herself and was onboard her own ship, the Supremacy, escorting the carrier ships transporting the eight Rihkxyrk fighters to Dubrillion within less than three hours.
  3. Akor’ketez walked into the main office of Zalis. The crimson and sapphire colored stones that sat upon the white floor and gold outline of windows made the entire room feel as if the place belonged to royalty of some sorts. It also made Zalis stand out with her typical white or black dresses she would wear, much like the black one she wore today. With a few datapads in his arms, he sat down at her desk alongside Fluanern. Zalis sat looking at a few things on a holo-display that was given from Fluanern, all of which seemed to rotate around Huesfan, whom the Twi’lek heard caused another fuss amongst the investors earlier until Zalis shut it down. Carefully setting down the datapads on the desk, he awaited his boss to be ready for him. “I approve of these two here-” Zalis spoke while pointing directly with her right hand at the holo-display. “But not these three. They’ll cause us a mess and resources that we can’t afford. Muscle and hired guns outside of bounty hunters are beneath us. Let other crime syndicates hold that low life perception.” She looked at Akor’ketez with a smile and turned to face the Bothan. “Although, this poison requires materials that we simply don’t have. We can claim them, but we don’t have the ability to refine them. Get a bulletin up to get a few smugglers hired for the job. Also, you are free to make the posting on Huesfan-but keep it discreet. No ties to us.” She tapped her finger on the holo-displays to close them and then slide them across the table back to Fluanern. As he took them and stood up, she spoke again. “Fluanern,... give Callika one of those gift baskets of weapons from the Midnight Corperation. Offer up an official apology to him. Don’t want to lose him as an investor anytime soon.” Zalis watched as Fluanern left the room and she turned to Akor’ketez, who was already ready to speak. “Subtle control over the planet - another way to vice grip our position?” Zalis looked down at the datapads and pulled them close to her before she responded. “Yes. Constantly feeding populations like this one makes them dependent upon us. Essentially meaning that taking us out when we are not the majority of the population but responsible for the majority of business means whomever does replaces us needs to continue to feed the large masses the way we’ve been feeding them, or else they watch it die out and become responsible for the death of the entire society.” She let out a heavy breath before she picked up one datapad and observed the details on it. From the corner of her eyes, she watched Akor’ketez ponder upon her words. She knew he was doing the math, which was simple. Black Sun was only about twenty percent of the population here on Ord Mantell, which was the largest concentration of their employees anywhere. Otherwise Czerka went through normal channels and operated more legit in business avenues, making it far harder for anyone to openly go after them as an ‘evil organization’, especially since Zalis makes them offer up resources for free in recovery efforts like on Corellia. Either way, she didn’t much care for his thoughts on the matter. She knew what she was doing. In order to make Black Sun impossible to destroy and have their legacy endure lightyears, she needed to make such changes. Looking back at the datapad, she began to really see what was proposed to her in the memos. “How expensive would it be to outfit these Rihkxyrk fighters?” It was a serious question that she knew Akor’ketez held the answer for already. “2k a piece. We have a few supplies being developed for the black market now within our research facility, along with a few upgrades throughout our contacts and independent stations to lower the overall cost. I believe that Midnight Corporation holds some of what we may need, and there would be the flex in price. But we do have a small base on Dubrillion in which we could use as the majority production line, which as you requested things to be- large enough to get the job done, but small enough that no one would notice it.” Zalis pondered upon it for a moment before she came to her own conclusion. “Make it happen. I’m sure we can sell a few, if not deploy them into our own security details.”
  4. Zalis walked through the halls of Sandorne Palace with some slight annoyance in the way she carried herself. Akor'ketez walked behind her until a moment when he ducked into a room to do some work. It was something that she admired about him, the ability to do his work without question and needing little to no oversight. He knew what she wanted and what he had to do to make such things happen. As she rounded a corner, she spotted Fluanern standing waiting for her at the entrance of the meeting room. He wore a blue looking tunic with what appeared to be a green vest. His eyes flashed at her a warning, followed by his own words speaking such a warning. "Callika is pissed. Huesfan is stirring up the other investors. Without shooting him... " Zalis stopped before him and took a moment to compose herself before taking the datapad from him. "I thought we calmed Huesfan down after the last time?" The Bothan shrugged for a moment. "He's an opportunist. He saw this as a chance to fluff up his own position amongst the other investors. I do have a few other options for him moving forward, but..." He stopped and looked at her. She knew what he was thinking and she was almost afraid to say it out loud that she agreed. With a slow head nod she looked directly into his eyes. "Dank Farrik!... Do it." She waited to enter the room until Fluanern walked away and towards his own personal office. As she opened the doors, the shouting that could be heard outside very muffled now turned up and was beyond loud. It took her about four seconds though to simply walk a bit into the room for everyone within the room to turn towards her and have their own voices die off. She just stood within the door for a moment before walking to take her seat at the head of the table. When she got there, she sat down and tossed the datapad the desk. "Quietly move your spice assets to a secure location... Yet some ambitious smugglers managed to be aware of everyone moving thier goods." She slowly looked around the room, taking a moment to lock eyes with everyone around the V-shaped looking table. She paused for a bit longer on Huesfan. "Gentleman, I do believe that the majority of you labor under the delusion that this is the Black Sun of old. We are not. I will not have a military force, enforcers or goons around to protect stupid actions. I am not Smash. You all choose to invest within us and allow for us to become the pillar of focus on this planet. When that happened, I informed everyone about how things would be run. Just because I am not here doesn't mean that such said vision is tossed out like bad coaxium. Now I am sure that some here are upset with how things were handled. But allow for me to offer these words up." Zalis stood up and placed both hands upon the table. "I will not let others dictate how I do things, nor will I be bullied into bad business either. From here on, Black Sun will operate exactly how I told you we would way back when. I will provide you with massive clientele and help stir and move people into your own businesses for the sake of good business. But don't look to us for protection. Protect your own damn interests." Zalis took another moment to look around and lock eyes with everyone at the table before she sat back down. She then lifted her hand and waved everyone out of the room without offering up a single word. With anger, Huesfan left first making it known that he was not happy with Zalis. The last one to leave was Callika who took a moment to really look at Zalis before he walked out of the room. After everyone left, Zalis let out a sigh. And now I need to figure out who the hell was brave enough to attempt such a move...
  5. Zalis and Akor’ketez sat in the bridge of the Supremacy as it entered the system. ALmost immediately, the comsystem began blaring. Akor'ketez quickly checked it before turning back to Zalis. "Ma'am, Fluanern is reporting that Sandorne is getting alerts that one of our clients is currently having their spice stolen." Zalis gave a very annoyed look at her trusty assistant. "It's not even our spice?" The Twi'lek shook his head as he responded. "No ma'am. All of ours is cold stored in the underground facility, and with the recent events of Kessel, we've urged our other... supporters to move theirs to a safer location, hence the reason pirates or rival gangs might be attempting to steal theirs." Zalis turned her annoyed face to look at the planet before her. She allowed for herself to process what was going on for a moment. "Let them take it. It's not our problem what happens to spice. But lets not have them escape without being noticed. Flag the ships and send a few MorningStar's in pursuit of them to make it look convincing." Zalis then stood up and walked out of the cockpit and towards the back of the ship so that she could get ready to meet with the rest of the Vigos and other officials whom were expecting her shortly. Today began the completely new era that she had worked so hard to establish. ************* Sandorne Palace sent out almost immediately after getting word from Akor'tetez, 4 MorningStar-C starfighters up after the raiders taking the spice. Almost as soon as they got in range, they began to open up fire on the ship being hijacked, making it clear to everyone involved that Black Sun held no interest in keeping the spice, only teaching a lesson.
  6. Zalis and Akor’ketez were quick to make sure that everyone of their supplies went where they were supposed to, and that her men understood to provide as much support as needed to help the planet, along with making sure they all had direct contact with her in case more supplies were needed. The two then took off. "Where to Ma'am?" It didn't take Zalis long to respond. SHe knew exactly what was needed next. "Ord Mantell. We have much work to do."
  7. Zalis took a moment to fully study the man before her before she responded. He was aged in many ways, all of them good. She wondered if perhaps down the road he might become a more suitable ally in her other ventures. Offering up a smile to Godfrey, she let her voice carry a sweetness with it. "Allowing us to provide relief efforts is enough. Hopefully down the road I can provide more for you." She quickly finished her biscuit that she had taken earlier and gave a head nod to Akor’ketez before turning her attention back to Godfrey. "We will be making sure that everything is unloaded correctly and distributed to the right places. After that, me and my assistant Akor’ketez will leave the planet, but the ship crews of the freighters will remain for relief efforts. If you have any other needs or have a need for more supplies, don't hesitate to ask them and I will personally make sure that we get you what you need." Zalis gave a slight bow and then turned to walk out of the main office of Godfrey.
  8. Zalis waved off any refreshments, as she was still slightly still recovering from her recent battle. But it was nothing that Godfrey needed to know. She had other things she wanted to accomplish today. HIs words hinted at the two maybe having fought or had some sort of dealing with each other before she rose higher within the ranks of Black Sun, but she honestly held no memory of it. Maybe because it didn't help her move forward as much as she would have liked. But no matter, like he said, the needed the help. "It's not just Czerka today. HealthiDrive is also mine, and we're providing medical supplies to the population. Czerka is here to provide resources in the rebuilding effort, along with finding ways to help get the economy back on its feet." While she wasn't thirsty, she did take a small biscuit and took a bite out of it before continuing for Godfrey. "There is nothing needed in return. We are here to simply help. Corellia is too important of a system to let things not get back on its feet."
  9. Zalis was a bit surprised at how quickly the local body of government responded to her. She and her assistant Akor’ketez were escorted to the main command center. As she walked in, she wondered for a moment if her outfit would be a problem, as she never fully thought through that aspect of it before, but realized it was of little importance at the moment. The laid back attire of boots, red shirt and black jacket were enough as many here would not care if she looked as fancy as she normally does. Upon entry, she saw whom she recognized as the once Senator Godfrey, who now most likely held a different title then what he did before. She gave him a slight bow. "Godfrey I presume. I am Zalis Krales."
  10. Whatever felt emotions she had had, she was slowly losing them upon entering the bridge of her own ship. There was still pain, yet not enough at this point to keep her down. She sat down, letting PD-087 pilot the ship into the system as Akor’ketez sat in the co-pilots chair as Corellia came into view. He turned to look at her, but then turned his attention back towards what he was doing, speaking rather calmly. “Two of the recovery relief vessels have just arrived in the system. They’re all marked with HealthiDrive and Czerka. Would you like for me to request special landing requests for us?” Zalis pondered upon it for a moment before shaking her head. “No. We want the people on our side. Land with the rest.” She then stood up and walked back to get herself fully ready for what was about to happen on the surface of the planet. After they had landed, Zalis walked down the ramp with Akor’ketez at her side. Quickly one of the dock workers recognized her and began to stumble and panic for a second until she spoke. “No need to panic. I’m here representing HealthiDrive and Czerka. We have brought two transports full of supplies to help the relief efforts." She pointed towards the two incoming ships. "Get the HealthiDrive ship supplies unloaded and to the medical wards that need the supplies. The Czerka ship has food and other supplies needed to help rebuild. I personally would like to see to devastation personally to see what else I can do to help rebuild this world."
  11. Zalis felt a slight sting that was far more annoying over all of the other pain she was experiencing at the moment. It was located within her lower spine, but the last thing she wanted to do was make a sound. Her eyes darted from a bright light that annoyed her to a display showing the time. It clicked within her mind that very soon Czerka was about to send off aid packages she had set up enroute to Kessel, but with the procedures she had set up within the organization, they would have to get a verbal confirmation. A fast PR storm could easily be worked up as Czerka and HealthiDrive were delayed on purpose by whomever Terra was working for. Typical stuff like that quickly kept favor on her side for a moment and stirred distrust the other way. These were typical procedures for her to constantly maintain a steady flow of credits, and by this point, they were impossible for anyone to stop. Within the now ragged and destroyed jacket, she wished to be back in her black dress she wore for Kane on Coruscant. She also wished she didn’t store the weapon basket she received from him in her ship. She was sure that PD-087 was flying the ship on direct course to medical attention, but that wasn’t what she wanted. Granted, she was very thankful that she had installed in all of the droids within Black Sun certain protocols that kept key members alive and well as best as they could, as it was part of what got her out alive. She wasn’t sure how she got from the mines to the ship, but she heard shooting and some explosions. Most likely it was a droid or two that was still on the ship that activated themselves to engage in PV01 programming she installed. PD-087 was the one who got her on the ship, she was sure of that much. As she lay, she heard her comlink buzz and she tried to search for it, slowly stirring around but not having much luck. After a moment, the door to the room she was in opened and there was Akor’ketez, the Twi’lek assistant she had since the beginning of her time in a high level at Black Sun. “I thought I had you running things on Titan?” He walked in and placed a blue skin hand on her shoulder. “There were reports coming from a few former and current Vigos that hinted you may need to be rescued. As it turns out, my gut was correct. And Titan is doing fine. There was no one of importance on board this journey, so I took the time to come to you.” As he talked, he quickly injected her with a stimulant of some nature and then handed her the comlink. "I currently have us enroute to Corellia, as per a scheduled marking from PD-087. Once you’re dressed and feel up to it, you can come to the bridge of Nimbus."
  12. While Zalis got a very small glimpse at Terra through the mess and hazy that was being created. It was going rather well, all things considering. She wasn’t dead yet and the Mandalorians seemed flustered to some degree. She could really tell what was going on with the others who were in the mines with her any more, only Terra. But that was because she was attempting to stay alive herself and to keep Terra from doing something stupid. The initial charge didn’t truly flush Terra, so much as the explosions she had created around her caused her to move. It forced the former assassin to change her own plans and make a hard stop and bolt run at her target’s new direction. In the heat of the moment, Zalis crushed and wished hell upon Terra for a quick moment for the next move, but when she gets a chance to look bad, she’ll thank whatever deity she would need for the pure insanely lucky non-fatal strike that almost could have killed her. With a sharp pain in her right calf, the turn and charge made her stumble and begin to fall in a weird and crazy lurching forward like motion. It was that sharp pain that had her catch a flechette shot in her left side of her stomach, followed rather quickly by a grazing like shot in her upper left shoulder, causing her to hit the ground into a tumble roll, dropping one of her blasters. The roll took her to come rather close with Terra. Close enough that if she wasn’t in the midst of a firefight, she would have noticed the upgraded armor since their last meeting. But such a luxury was not available to her in the moment, just survival. Instinct took over and she forced herself to stop the roll to gain a good position to open fire with her right hand, nothing major, just a spray of fire to get Terra to move, even if it was towards her in a fist fight. Through the pain, with nothing but pure adrenaline to keep her moving, she withdrew her other vibrodagger and flung it at Terra, followed by a kicking motion. The fling was designed to only put the blade in the woman enough to get her to stop. The kick was designed that the vibrodagger would penetrate the armor. It was her best move she could provide, at least from the stance of not trying to kill Terra. She wanted her opponent to live through this, along with herself. ((3))
  13. The chaos ensued rather quickly and Zalis had her entire thought process turned upside down. After her blaster fire onslaught, the return fire began rather quickly. She saw from the corner of her eyes a flash of something off the durasteel pipe, her gut instincts told her that a grenade of some sorts was about to go off and take her day from bad to worse. So without thinking, she jumped up and ran out and down towards another durasteel column, much closer to where she came in. While she made the attempt to stay low, it ended up being a mistake, for as soon as she got out from behind her cover, she quickly felt a heat searing pain strike her left forearm. It was a clean through shot, and it made her stumble towards the ground as she lost her balance. Upon hitting the ground, her legs must have failed around as her right leg was suddenly feeling the exact same heat searing pain. Instinctively, she allowed herself to remain upon the ground in a roll until she was no longer in a position of immediate danger. Her mind was racing, as she had to act quickly in order to maintain any form of threat level to the Mandalorians. She looked to her left to see the Troig. It seemed to be on a firing spree, shooting off rockets of sorts and whatever else it had on its arsenal, creating a very large fire arc. Zalis put one of her blasters away, wincing through the pain, which seemed to be more targeted in her forearm. She knew what she had to do. Closer combat, while dangerous with Mandalorians, was far less dangerous than ranged fighting. They held a supreme upper hand behind cover and remained at a range. Up close though, the ground was evened out slightly more. So now was the time for her thermal detonator. She quickly activated it and sent it hurling towards the direction of the column near the wreckage, but she wanted it to go low to stay out of sight. If it did its job, it would scatter the Mandalorians into her direct path and towards the Troig. If she was lucky, it would also take a few of them out, even temporarily. After she threw her detonator, she charged hard towards the right of the processing loom that she was sure Terra was behind, but not taking shots at her, but rather the loom, in hopes to blow it up or to cause enough of a disturbance to flush Terra out fully. Zalis just needed to push through the pain she was feeling within her left arm and right calf muscle. ((2))
  14. Zalis turned her head at the newcomer, one who had now fully stepped into the light from at least her perspective. What in the seven hells... a Troig! She had never personally seen one before. Although, she did read up on them during one her early career assassinations as the target had one as a personal assistant. Granted, he was off the night she struck. The awareness of them would make it hard to gain leverage over the situation and therefore would need caution to gain what she needed from this outcome. It was then that it threw two EMP grenades towards a wrecked vehicle. It gave her an opportunity to scan the field and see movement. She poked her head out to watch them go off upon their intended targets. The movement showed her that Terra had at least three others near her. It was about all that she could see. Movement wise, and numbers made Terra and her fellow Mandalorians the more deadlier foes on the field. From her current position, she would need to move to help pin them down into a tighter firefight. Pulling herself back behind cover, she looked around to see a few things of interest that could help her flush and move. One was a processing loom a good jump on her right. There was also some raw glitterstim directly to her right. She checked her equipment, outside of her blasters and now single vibro dagger, as he other was stuck with the spider who had retreated, she had a single thermal detonator at her disposal. She knew she would want to save it until she was desperate. Knowing she didn't have much of an option, she lifted her blaster and fired on the raw glitterstim, creating a dust cloud over her area. Jumping up, Zalis took off, pulling her second blaster back out and firing in the general direction of where Terra's companions were at. In her run, she moved down to her right and jumped behind a large durasteel pipe as her cover. The position gave her a strong position to flush the Mandalorians back to be caught in between the fire from the Troig and herself. As she landed, she quickly turned to go low and begin to continue to pour some fire to help push back the Mandalorians. ((1))
  15. Zalis had a pause for a single moment as she watched Terra. She watched those that accompanied Terra from the corner of her own eyes, trying to keep them within eyesight of potential harm. As Terra spoke, suddenly an Energy Spider came out and Terra was quick to snap off her own blaster at it. Zalis took the opportunity to jump behind cover herself and prepare herself by putting away her vibrodagger in exchange for her other blaster. All the while having a new line of thoughts. That bitch was going to shoot me. The thought brought a smile to her face. Terra was about to make this engagement fun, at least from her own perspective. There was suddenly another entry into the field, one who made it very clear that they were not a fan of Terra and wanted to stop her as well. Hmm, another angle in this for me. Whether this new entry was a friend or foe was still to be determined, but until such a time could be figured out, they were an ally of sorts. Both did not want Terra to blow up the assets in the mines. But until the spider was dealt with, no one would have a victory. And it was clear that neither knew how to deal with the spiders either. "Don't waste blaster fire, it only eats the energy you moof-milkers" Zalis moved herself to the left with her back towards Terra in order to gain a better vantage point. As she moved, she fired a few shots at the spider, hoping that it would provide an opening for the others and that they would heed her words and use a weapon that didn't waste energy. She made a jumping leap towards a large column, turning her body as she did, tossing a vibrodagger towards the energy spider.
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