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  1. While Zalis got a very small glimpse at Terra through the mess and hazy that was being created. It was going rather well, all things considering. She wasn’t dead yet and the Mandalorians seemed flustered to some degree. She could really tell what was going on with the others who were in the mines with her any more, only Terra. But that was because she was attempting to stay alive herself and to keep Terra from doing something stupid. The initial charge didn’t truly flush Terra, so much as the explosions she had created around her caused her to move. It forced the former assassin to change her own plans and make a hard stop and bolt run at her target’s new direction. In the heat of the moment, Zalis crushed and wished hell upon Terra for a quick moment for the next move, but when she gets a chance to look bad, she’ll thank whatever deity she would need for the pure insanely lucky non-fatal strike that almost could have killed her. With a sharp pain in her right calf, the turn and charge made her stumble and begin to fall in a weird and crazy lurching forward like motion. It was that sharp pain that had her catch a flechette shot in her left side of her stomach, followed rather quickly by a grazing like shot in her upper left shoulder, causing her to hit the ground into a tumble roll, dropping one of her blasters. The roll took her to come rather close with Terra. Close enough that if she wasn’t in the midst of a firefight, she would have noticed the upgraded armor since their last meeting. But such a luxury was not available to her in the moment, just survival. Instinct took over and she forced herself to stop the roll to gain a good position to open fire with her right hand, nothing major, just a spray of fire to get Terra to move, even if it was towards her in a fist fight. Through the pain, with nothing but pure adrenaline to keep her moving, she withdrew her other vibrodagger and flung it at Terra, followed by a kicking motion. The fling was designed to only put the blade in the woman enough to get her to stop. The kick was designed that the vibrodagger would penetrate the armor. It was her best move she could provide, at least from the stance of not trying to kill Terra. She wanted her opponent to live through this, along with herself. ((3))
  2. The chaos ensued rather quickly and Zalis had her entire thought process turned upside down. After her blaster fire onslaught, the return fire began rather quickly. She saw from the corner of her eyes a flash of something off the durasteel pipe, her gut instincts told her that a grenade of some sorts was about to go off and take her day from bad to worse. So without thinking, she jumped up and ran out and down towards another durasteel column, much closer to where she came in. While she made the attempt to stay low, it ended up being a mistake, for as soon as she got out from behind her cover, she quickly felt a heat searing pain strike her left forearm. It was a clean through shot, and it made her stumble towards the ground as she lost her balance. Upon hitting the ground, her legs must have failed around as her right leg was suddenly feeling the exact same heat searing pain. Instinctively, she allowed herself to remain upon the ground in a roll until she was no longer in a position of immediate danger. Her mind was racing, as she had to act quickly in order to maintain any form of threat level to the Mandalorians. She looked to her left to see the Troig. It seemed to be on a firing spree, shooting off rockets of sorts and whatever else it had on its arsenal, creating a very large fire arc. Zalis put one of her blasters away, wincing through the pain, which seemed to be more targeted in her forearm. She knew what she had to do. Closer combat, while dangerous with Mandalorians, was far less dangerous than ranged fighting. They held a supreme upper hand behind cover and remained at a range. Up close though, the ground was evened out slightly more. So now was the time for her thermal detonator. She quickly activated it and sent it hurling towards the direction of the column near the wreckage, but she wanted it to go low to stay out of sight. If it did its job, it would scatter the Mandalorians into her direct path and towards the Troig. If she was lucky, it would also take a few of them out, even temporarily. After she threw her detonator, she charged hard towards the right of the processing loom that she was sure Terra was behind, but not taking shots at her, but rather the loom, in hopes to blow it up or to cause enough of a disturbance to flush Terra out fully. Zalis just needed to push through the pain she was feeling within her left arm and right calf muscle. ((2))
  3. Zalis turned her head at the newcomer, one who had now fully stepped into the light from at least her perspective. What in the seven hells... a Troig! She had never personally seen one before. Although, she did read up on them during one her early career assassinations as the target had one as a personal assistant. Granted, he was off the night she struck. The awareness of them would make it hard to gain leverage over the situation and therefore would need caution to gain what she needed from this outcome. It was then that it threw two EMP grenades towards a wrecked vehicle. It gave her an opportunity to scan the field and see movement. She poked her head out to watch them go off upon their intended targets. The movement showed her that Terra had at least three others near her. It was about all that she could see. Movement wise, and numbers made Terra and her fellow Mandalorians the more deadlier foes on the field. From her current position, she would need to move to help pin them down into a tighter firefight. Pulling herself back behind cover, she looked around to see a few things of interest that could help her flush and move. One was a processing loom a good jump on her right. There was also some raw glitterstim directly to her right. She checked her equipment, outside of her blasters and now single vibro dagger, as he other was stuck with the spider who had retreated, she had a single thermal detonator at her disposal. She knew she would want to save it until she was desperate. Knowing she didn't have much of an option, she lifted her blaster and fired on the raw glitterstim, creating a dust cloud over her area. Jumping up, Zalis took off, pulling her second blaster back out and firing in the general direction of where Terra's companions were at. In her run, she moved down to her right and jumped behind a large durasteel pipe as her cover. The position gave her a strong position to flush the Mandalorians back to be caught in between the fire from the Troig and herself. As she landed, she quickly turned to go low and begin to continue to pour some fire to help push back the Mandalorians. ((1))
  4. Zalis had a pause for a single moment as she watched Terra. She watched those that accompanied Terra from the corner of her own eyes, trying to keep them within eyesight of potential harm. As Terra spoke, suddenly an Energy Spider came out and Terra was quick to snap off her own blaster at it. Zalis took the opportunity to jump behind cover herself and prepare herself by putting away her vibrodagger in exchange for her other blaster. All the while having a new line of thoughts. That bitch was going to shoot me. The thought brought a smile to her face. Terra was about to make this engagement fun, at least from her own perspective. There was suddenly another entry into the field, one who made it very clear that they were not a fan of Terra and wanted to stop her as well. Hmm, another angle in this for me. Whether this new entry was a friend or foe was still to be determined, but until such a time could be figured out, they were an ally of sorts. Both did not want Terra to blow up the assets in the mines. But until the spider was dealt with, no one would have a victory. And it was clear that neither knew how to deal with the spiders either. "Don't waste blaster fire, it only eats the energy you moof-milkers" Zalis moved herself to the left with her back towards Terra in order to gain a better vantage point. As she moved, she fired a few shots at the spider, hoping that it would provide an opening for the others and that they would heed her words and use a weapon that didn't waste energy. She made a jumping leap towards a large column, turning her body as she did, tossing a vibrodagger towards the energy spider.
  5. The landing pad wasn't as crowded as Zalis anticipated. A few, maybe four tried to oppose her on her way into the tunnels. They were quick and easy targets, enough that even her simple blaster fire pinned them back, having them put into bad positions, which lead to what she would say was a confirmed 2 dead, maybe 3 with one clearly trying to find a way out of the main fire arc she poured in their direction. It didn't last, as upon her reaching the south east tunnel's entrance, she let her blasters fall to her side to make a stronger run. As she ran through the somewhat dark musty tunnel, she could almost begin to smell the very distinct scent of Coaxium and Kesselstone mix within the musty smells, making it one that she assumed would make anyone without a mask get light headed if they stayed within the tunnels for longer than an hour. Hopefully, she would not be within the tunnels for that long. There was also the very clear dim lights that showed shadows from all angles, making surprises on the harder side unless one worked within the shadows and moved quickly to not let such shadows giveaway their position. But almost as soon as she had the thought, she was indeed taken by surprise from an Energy Spider, one whom didn't seem to mind the soft light from one side of the tunnel. Without much of a reaction, she lifted her right hand to fire a few shots towards its eye while taking her left hand and putting away her other blaster in exchange for a vibrodagger. Without breaking her run, she charged the spider head on, sliding underneath it as she came up upon its main frame. As she slide, she tilted her body towards the right and stuck her left hand up to drag the dagger against the spiders main underbelly. Zalis quickly used her own slide as momentum to help her make a jump up off a far wall of the tunnel that the Energy Spider was building a small web upon. She didn't care if she killed it, as that was not her goal. Protecting the processing plants were. As she rounded another corner, she could hear the squeal of the spider behind her, but could see some movement in the lights ahead near the processing plants. Sith-spit! She was upset at the fact that the spider may have given her position away. Wanting to have some element of surprise, she quickly jumped up mid run towards a small air shaft feet first. The air shaft was small and slender. She would be able to fit, but barely. It wasn't large either, that much she could tell from the outside. It maybe covered enough area to help filter out the air within the main large processing room. Upon getting herself within the main shaft, it also made noise, but she could still hear the spider squeal along with what sounded like heavy blaster fire coming from somewhere else. And much to her won surprise, the shaft was indeed small. So small in fact that it wasn't even the length of her body. So upon hitting the outer crate cover with her feet, she went all the way through to the other side, landing on her feet. Still in shock that the air shaft wasn't all that large, she stood up from a crouched position with a vibrodagger in one hand and a blaster in the other. There before her was an all too familiar figure. Terra. Zalis smiled, "Hey bitch. You look like hell." She said it all with a friendly demeanor and a voice that suggested that maybe she regretted not being able to get close with her as she did with Delta. But somehow she knew, from looking over Terra that this meeting is about to be a fight. Terra was a damn good fighter from the early Black Sun reports she had always read on her. This wasn't going to be easy.
  6. Of all of the emotions one would think that Zalis, the Queen of Vice would be feeling as she had her ship, Lucky Strike navigate the Akkadese Maelstrom towards the planet, many would not have guessed nauseated, but she was. The idea of the whole situation brewing on the surface brought up many scenarios playing out in her head, all of which had many of the legitimate companies she owned or had high stock in could come crashing down around what was transpiring or could transpire. At that was her sole purpose in making the run as fast as she could to get here. Not to respond to the Black Sun's call for agents to help defend it if they could, but rather to protect her own agendas, which could do more damage to the Sith Empire and Rebellion, which in turn would hurt her own business. She stood behind the pilot droid, PD-087, who was navigating as best it could with its high tech gear. She couldn't care less how the droid actually did it, so long as it got her planet side safely. As the ship moved, she got her dress off, which revealed bare minimum clothing, to which she quickly but her weapon belt and straps on, followed by her brown leather jacket and combat boots. She needed to make sure that she was in a position to defend her assets, no matter what. "Ma'am, there are a few reports coming in quickly. It seems to be several small insurgents attempting take overs at multiple locations. I will try to find the least dense populated are-" "No- swing me over near the processing plants. I want to protect them." She didn't give the droid a chance to respond, she began to walk back towards the landing ramp. She knew what she was about to do, and the droid knew its role in all of it. She opened the landing ramp, having sirens from within the ship blare at her in warning, which were quickly drowned out by the loud whoosh of wind that took over. She zipped up her jacket and and stepped down onto the landing ramp towards the edge, holding onto one of the gears that held the ramp. She looked towards where the ship was headed and saw what she needed to see. Lucky Strike was moving quick and low towards one of landing pads, and she saw her moment. She stepped off the ramp and leaned backwards in a quick fall over the landing pad. She used a trick she learned when escaping crime bosses she would assassinate from high buildings on Coruscant. She spun herself backwards so that she would land without a lot of impact upon her own bones and joints. As she landed, she pulled out two blasters and began to pour fire towards those that began to oppose her as she moved hurriedly towards defending the processing plant.
  7. Zalis watched for a moment as she realized there were actually two different events that now required her attention. Corellia was a prime spot to establish a Czerka office on, even more so as a way to help relief efforts would open many more doors for her. But Kessel... the complications there were great and many. On one hand, the spice mines were a place that Black Sun used to help shore up more of their illicit clientele that fancied such things. Smuggling in and out of their ways always high traffic, and could potentially become more so with a take over or a destruction of any part of the facility. But it was her ties to the company of HealthiDrive that would suffer from any form of destruction or increased security measures. She needed to respond there and quickly. "Unfortunately yes." She looked at Kane now with a half smirk upon her face. "Because I'm starting to gather that you and me have very similar goals... Don't capitalized too quickly up Corellia. Wait for me, please." She now winked as she turned to leave. She made sure to take with her the basket of weapons provided to her upon meeting Kane. With the basket in hand, she made her way out of the bar and towards her ship. She needed to keep the legitimate business aspects of Black Sun alive. Because of that, she needed to protect the assets of HealthiDrive, and that is exactly what she intended to to upon arriving at Kessel...
  8. Zalis was pleasantly surprised by Kane and his ability to handle things. With her drink refilled, and another offered up, she gladly took the new drink and made her toast with him. This was the beginning of a beautiful partnership, she had a good hunch about it, even better than her hunch on making the bid for Czerka. Her own flattery of the man increased with the droid and the protocols he had set it up with. Very similar to her different droids she employed on Ord Mantell to help get things situated. "Setting up a shop here would be fantastic. Czerka could use a more Core world to operate out of." She took a moment to gently brush her hand on the droid, if for nothing else but to get a feel for it's metal surface and know how it felt, but such a moment was short, as her comlink buzzed. She checked it quickly, as it was in private mode, which meant someone knew the priority override. It also meant that someone wanted her to see something quickly. The message was short. "Corellia: Coronet City" There was no name attached to it, so it could have been Remo, but there was no way of knowing. She made a face of confusion for sure, but looked up at Kane. "Do you mind if we pull up the Holonet? I think there is something someone wants me to see."
  9. Zalis slowly let a smile appear upon her face. She liked Kane and where his mind was at. "I like you. You know your goals, what paths to take and when to take them. Consider us official partners in business then." She picked up her glass, only to remember that it was emptied a few moments ago and put it back down. Not wanting to stay seated any more, she stood up and re-picked up her glass in hopes that it would be refilled for her. "Czerka has moved the majority of its factories to Ord Mantell, and the cruise-liner Titan has become to mobile HQ of sorts for Black Sun. Legitimate business, much like what I've tried to accomplish in the past few years while behind the scenes is where the more illegal stuff takes place. You can normally find me at either of those two locations, as I try to help maintain the PR issues Black Sun has developed over the decade." She stopped and thought for a moment about Delta. While he was always a loose canon and a massive risk in her business plans, she did miss having him around to have fun. She decided that she would have to personally invite him to spend a week on Titan with her. "Anyways, that's where the majority of the business takes place on our end for the most part. Still trying to recover a bit from the whole Dark Sun incident. Maybe with this partnership we can find new locations and expand upon the seeds that have aready been sown."
  10. Zalis listened with great interest, as much of what Kane said was something along the lines of what she would have setup if she were in his position. Although, his own vision seemed to lack some details, it was still worth taking the first step to get the ball rolling. Putting down the basket and picking up her drink, she looked over Kane for a moment before taking a drink. "You make it sound simple enough. I've always been a big fan of playing both sides, making a profit on whomever is willing to pay. But if I'm honest, it hasn't been as easy recently. The Rebellion, Jedi, Local governments that support them have... strayed from buying even from Czerka, along with HyperTech and HealthiDrive, all because I have stock in them and make a profit. Incom-FreiTek suffered some slight losses, and even more so to buy my share out..." She threw back the entire glass now to empty it's content. "Granted, I still make huge credits selling outside of Rebellion and Jedi patrolled areas. Only the Sith Empire doesn't care whom they buy from. They're also pissed at some of the recent moves made, but that doesn't seem to stop their buying." Putting down the glass, she moved to lean back. "I think the real question is, are you willing to risk backlash at connecting your company to ours? I'm more than willing to try anything to make more credits. But I can't force you to put your hard work and reputation on the line for that."
  11. Zalis raised an eyebrow at the story of Ronin. She had heard stories of him before hand, never negative or positive from her own perspective. She took a moment when Kane finished to take him and his story in. The man was something of a mystery to her. She would have thought that through her time making connections and rising through the ranks of Black Sun that surely she would have met him before, or even heard of him. Yet she had not, and here he was. His success was something that made her question her own tactics. She lowered her head to stare at the floor for a brief second before lifting it to meet his eyes. "I guess my immediate response is how?-" She left a second to pause, and only a second. "How are you planning on doing this and how do you even envisioning this working? How much will it cost me?" She tilted her head slightly to the right which caused a single stray piece of loose hair to fall on her face. "I haven't made it this far with my own success without knowing that these things cost something and that cost is almost always tied into... personal motivations." While she knew he said to honor his late father, but in her own experience, such motivations were gut and heart string pulls only. There was and will always be an ulterior motive.
  12. For a brief moment, disappointment was all that Zalis felt upon realizing that the entire area was a holographic projection. But such a feeling was overtaken by the sheer amazement at the feat. The man before her was playing a game unlike anyone else of whom she had ever interacted with before. She stared into his golden eyes as he introduced himself. His suit was fine looking, showing off style, yet not too elegant to draw too much attention to himself. As he offered her up a bouquet of arms that suddenly fancied her interest, she took a huge swig of her glass of Merenzane Gold and put the glass down. "A Business man. Many take interest in Black Sun Vigos when we enter a room looking to do business with us. Many more attempt to move moons for me because of my other connections. Although I must admit, even in my time owning Czerka and working for grander dreamers of Black Sun, I have never seen such an amazing feat such as this-" Zalis threw her arms open to display the entire bar, but also making it known that Midnight City itself was something worth noting to her. "And nothing can even begin to compare to what you have done here with Midnight Corporation since days before the Crusaders helped ravage this planet." She now accepted the basket from Kane and began to half heartedly look through it's contents. It was the very subtle way of letting him know that she was listening to what he had to discuss and that she was indeed interested.
  13. Zalis listened intently for a moment as Borto went on with his own desires to become one of the best well known smugglers. It was very typical of the conversations that she always had, young gun wanting to prove themselves to anyone who would give them a shot. She knew he would make many mistakes before he ever got to have his name made known. Picking up her drink, she took notice of the note below it, and she quickly picked it up to keep Borto from seeing it. Taking a rather small drink from her glass, she eyed the bartender, whom gave her a quick signal of where to go. Pulling out a datacard for Borto, she left it on the table for him. "Give me a buzz tomorrow and I'll see what I can get for you. For now, I have other business to attend to." Standing up, she moved quickly across the floor to the staircase. While she knew very well that there were eyes and ears everywhere, such as the Sith informant who watched her since she walked sitting in the far right corner booth. His choice of seating made him far more obvious then anyone else in the room. Although she did not fear for her own safety, as she knew the Sith had bigger fish to fry at the moment then her, and the tension was only recently worsened by Delta. Otherwise no one would have cared that she walked into the room. But there was something that she could appreciate about whomever it was that invited her to the VIP section. As she made her way to the final step into the lower section of the bar, the VIP section, she took a better decent size drink this time and allowed for her own movements to become a bit more bold, allowing for the pleated strips of black fabric of her dress to make noticeable movement as she entered the room. It was just who she was to make an entrance worthy of being noticed by everyone.
  14. Zalis found herself walking in to the infamous Last Call, which was either restored or rebuilt after the Mandalorian conquest and destruction of the Coruscant. Clearly there was a ton of work put into restoring Coruscant to it's original glory of sorts. The large station, Midnight City helped bring forth that feeling that someone was still walking around Coruscant at night during the night life that always teemed to life with lights, music and sweet smells. Part of her was a bit upset that she didn't have Black Sun take advantage and do something similar. But her own thoughts and desires at the time were not focused upon such a feat. As she walked through the bar, many eyes darted her way and began to covet her the way a dog would covet meat being brought into the pack by a superior hunter. With a side smile, Zalis knew that she choose correctly in her outfit. The black slightly revealing top with many pleated strips of black fabric that showed off her legs as she would walk. Heading up to the bar itself, many eyes watched her, and one very interested Zeltron followed her up. The young woman bartender gave her a smile. "What can I get for you?" "I'll take a Merenzane Gold-large glass." "I'll cover her drinks." The voice of the Zeltron said behind her. Zalis turned to stare the light pink, dark jet blue Zeltron in the eyes. "Your outfit draws as much attention as I do normally upon entering a room. The black color makes your fair skin stand out, and the red hair really does pop. Tell me, what brings you in here today?" With a smile still on her face, she leaned back on the bar counter top. "Connections. I work for a very powerful company. What about you?" The Zeltron leaned in from his stance that he took. "I'm here to make connections as well. I heard... smuggling was coming back strongly as a trade here on Midnight City. The name is Borto. I'm the best smuggler on this side of the Core." The Zeltron sat down finally in the chair next to her. "I work for Black Sun. We're always looking to hire smuggles with a drive to get things done. Does that at all interest you?"
  15. Letting out a heavy breath she held in for a moment upon arrival, Zalis stared at Ord Mantell through the viewport of Nimbus. Her own thoughts swirled through what sort of mess may have transpired since her last time here. Somehow she had expected for the Vigos she left behind to handle business in her absence, but such reports that she read up on during her travel from Titan to here proved otherwise. As she piloted the ship atmosphere side towards Sandorne Palace, a comm hail came in. With an eye roll she answered it. “Ma’am, we were not expecting you back so soon. Vigo Rylan is in the middle of setting up the monthly meeting with the casino owners in 15 minutes. If you’d like, we can have you p-“ Have“ me what exactly? Are you or Rylan even aware of why I’m here? I’m landing in my private pad and will do as I please within my own home, much as I’ve alway done.” With that, she cut the feed. Her emotions now turning to a slow and steady anger at the leadership she left in charge. Not wanting to have the fool Rylan get enough time to prep for her, she quickly pushed the throttle to have Nimbus race faster towards its resting spot. **** Sandorne Palace Meeting Room **** Dressed in a black and white tuxedo, Rylan smiled as the final guests arrived and found themselves comfortable within their seats. Already glasses of fine sparkling Ryloth wine and trays of assorted desserts were being passed around as a display screen began to show numbers and reports of the last quarter revenue. Rylan himself threw back a glass before standing up to take center stage. He did his best to ignore the comlink that was constantly buzzing from Gwail. Whatever she had to say was something that could wait. “Gentlemen, may I applaud your efforts to help increase revenue during a time when Black Sun has seen a slight decline in approval ratings from more cite worlds. I’m sure if Zalis was here, she would have a few words to share with you, an-“ the room of occupants suddenly had their own eyes widened and Rylan knew exactly why. A slow turn around revealed Zalis standing behind him. She was in a pure black dress with her hair pulled up and her blues eyes held a fire in them that Rylan had seen a few times before and knew better than to step on her toes at the moment. “The floor is yours, Queen of Vice…” With her own eyes burning deep into the soul Rylan, she slowly wakes past him and stood before the counsel of casino owners. “Gentleman, what the kark have you been doing in my absence exactly? You think that a two percent increase in revenue is worth a celebration of any kind? What sort of plans have any of you made to capitalize upon the upcoming visitor traffic of the pod races and the arms expo?” There was a quick clearing of a throat before a man, strawberry blonde hair and beard with near black eyes gave a smirking looking stare and spoke up. “You think that just because you gave us a better foundation that you’re in a position to bark out orders. Black Sun’s funding here only helps generate traffic, nothing more. And your survival funds do nothing more than allow me to keep two or three employees on hand. You, sweetheart, are nothing more than eye candy for us.” Zalis stood up to stand straight and narrowed her own eyes at the man. Huesfan, the womanizer who made some vocal protests recently in the casino world that women shouldn't be on the same level when it came to owning recreational facilities. Part of her wanted to rip his groin out where he stood, but she knew better. So she went for playing him. “Why of course. I’m only here to provide you with ideas from someone else. It’s not like I could come up with an idea of hosting a gala event for the arms expo leaders. That would be beyond me.” Huesfan smiled and stood up. “That does sound like an idea worth doing gentleman, one that I heard floating around long before you spoke it. My place is big enough to host it.” Zalis gave a small curtsy with a smile. “I guess you all are dismissed then. Fluanern, can you come up here?” Zalis backed up and watched as people started to leave, but held her arm out to hold Rylan in. As they were leaving, both Fluanern and Gwail entered. Upon everyone else leaving, Zalis began to pace the room looking at her staff. “Rylan and Gwail. I left you both in charge with the orders to what? I know they weren’t to goof off and allow for the casino owners to get out of control. I believe my words were, ‘Increase Black Sun dominion.’ What has transpired here in my absence is beyond dismal and worthy of consequences.” Zalis withdrew a blaster in her hand openly in front of the three staff. Gwail’s voice spoke up rather nervously. “It hasn’t been bad enough to kill us all over…” Zalis began to laugh and shake her head. “No, no no! It hasn’t been that bad to kill you both over.” She lifted the blaster and shot Rylan in the throat. “Just one. You on the other hand, are demoted. Spaceport duty. Get out of my face you schutta.” Zalis put her blaster away as she began to walk towards Rylan. “Fluanern, You are the head Vigo of Sandorne Palace now. I expect for you to make right what your predecessors failed.” The young Bothan male gave a smile. “No worries Ma’am. I have a few test poisons ready to be tried. Assuming from how the meeting went that you had me watch, you want Huesfan… more compliant?” Zais only smiled at him and nodded her head. Fluanern knew from that what he had to do, so he left the room, leaving Zalis to stand over Rylan’s body. “And you had such a high promise of potential… Too bad you bet your credits on the wrong path.” Walking out of the room, she saw Fluanern ordering an agent to be assigned to taking care of Huesfan, along with two others that she did not recognize. The holonet was buzzing about some profiteer on Coruscant making progress with a cooperation named Midnight. It had her stop for a second before letting Fluanern know that she would be taking off immediately to Coruscant, as now she has urgent matters to connect with The Midnight cooperation.
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