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  1. Days had passed since Exodus questioned Neo's loyalty, and yet, here he sat, perched upon the Castle's top as he gazed out across Onderon. Below him were the Forja Sitmyr, as well as Skoll and Hati, patiently awaiting his return as he gathered himself and focused his mind. He knew why Exodus had questioned him, and in part, he understood it. But the blood that boiled within him refused to be questioned. It was as if his mind and body were torn upon its realization. But as his comm sounded and his orders were recieved, Neo simply smiled. Exodus wanted an answer and now was Neo's chance to reveal it. Standing, Neo pulled upon the Force around him like wind to a hawk's feathers and fell forward toward the Forja Sitmyr. And as he landed, the ground seemed to ripple and roll beneath their feet upon his impact, the Sith Master standing upward with a new sense of pride. He smiled. It wouldn't take long for he and his kin to gather aboard the transport that had brought them to Onderon nor for it to reach the Black Scarab. But this journey was different. Neo had something to prove to his brother. He needed to show Exodus why his loyalty should never be questioned again.
  2. Neo remained kneeling as Exodus spoke, his words and strife in Neo understandable to say the least. But Neo had lived a life much more different, and yet the same, as Exodus did. Where Darth held honor and prestige for Exodus, it held disdain and corruption for Neo. From his tutelage under Nurgle to his defeat at Kuat, it had became a badge of treachery and civil war for him. "Forgive me brother, but the title of Darth leaves nothing but a sour taste in my mouth." Neo speaks as his brother, his King makes his way toward him. "Since you revealed the true purpose of the Alcazarins, I have done nothing but want to rid myself of everything from those days." And so Neo had, from collapsing the fortress on Almas to forging a new path among the Massassi, he wouldn't stop until everything that remained of the Alcazarin was gone. He would see its existance wiped from the Galaxy forever. "My defeat at Kuat was unexpected. But I held no knowledge that the Exorcists of old still remained. But such was the weakness of Oni, of the disease that plagued me, more beast than sentient." Neo spoke in return, not offering up excuses, but the truth of what happened. Oni had only ever been a hindrance, a nuisance. Neo was glad to finally be rid of the beast. Even more so when Exodus' threat came across his ears. "If that day comes, I will end myself for you. For my loyalty lies with the Sith, even if it means ending you in the same manner." Neo let his gaze settle upon Exodus' own, piercing the mask that hid his visage with subtle conviction as he made perfectly clear his loyalty. Exodus was a great King, a great Dark Lord. But should he ever falter or show weakness, much like upon himself, he will end the life willingly. Exodus would have no reason to doubt. "If you need proof, brother, you have but to ask."
  3. Darkness.... it was a symphony that Neo had been familiar with for too long, especially during his time as Darth Oni. But Oni was more beast than man, and was therefore nothing more than a wasted talent. No, the being that stood before Exodus was the man behind the beast, the puppet master upon which Oni had drawn upon to achieve his sentience. But now Neo was free of the parasite, unchained and unbound, able to forge his own path. And he had already began to walk it. "I have cast aside the foul name of Darth." Neo spoke as the shadows around him danced within the dimly lit room, each flicker of flame a symbiotic glow upon the shadows that clung around it, aching to snuff it out. As Neo knelt before his brother, his gaze never wavered from the visage before nor did the smile cease, Skoll and Hati sniffing the air behind him a mere minor detail. "I go by the name I was given at birth, Neo Krell. There was no need for any explaination, nor was one given as Neo remained knelt. His convictions remained the same just as did his power, the static of electricity that resonated across his form in small numbing jolts as Neo pulled the Force inward into his form speaking volumes alone. No, Neo Krell was a soldier of the Sith, a Master of the Force. There was nothing that needed to be said. Not even of Oni's defeat and cleansing at the hands of the Imperial Exorcist at Kuat. It was a loss, and one Oni had paid for with his existence. Even as the fur that dressed the innards of his robes rose and clung to his form, Exodus would see the true Master before him, the man that resided within the beast, the one who held the truest control over the spirit. In a singular sentence, Neo voice only one concern. "What lays ahead brother?"
  4. Neo only nodded his head as the sentry acknowledged him, raising his hand once more for the Forja Sitmyr to remain above as he descended into the depths of the spire, only Skoll and Hati allowed to follow him within. As the three departed, the rows of Massassi would remain in formation, their Tuk'ata hounds bound to them as they stood in obedient silence. The trek into the underworld of the Dark King's labyrinth reminded the Sith of his roots, delved so deeply into the darkness that only the light of fire illuminated its reach. And the great Spire's reach delved as deep into Onderon as did it to the heavens above. Yet, now Neo walked it's great length alone, surrounded only the faithful companions he had forged in Hati, a black Tuk'ata with crimson eyes, and Skoll, a white Tuk'ata with azure eyes. As for Neo, his silver hair only emphasized the brown void of his own playful nature as he descended the depths, its flow upon the wind only mocking the flow of the Force as it vortexed the Spire. "Exodus..." Neo spoke, a youthful but drawn voice etched out as he appeared before the chosen Sith'ari. His gaze shifted about, noticing the training room the two stood in, a training room built for Assassins, a smirk still adorning his face. He suspected that his new, or rather original, look may require a retake upon first glance, but the powerful presence that emanated from him was obliviously familiar. Even if Exodus didnt know the face, he would know the presence. Raising his hand, Skoll and Hati sat, each one taking up posts at the opposing door frames as Neo stepped into the room before his only true brethren still remaining, both students of the same Master. "Its been awhile brother."
  5. The roar of the ship's frame groaned as it settled within its confines, alerting Neo from his meditations that they had arrived. Peering from behind one opened eye, Neo's brown gaze fell upon Skoll and Hati whom had taken up residence around their Master. With a brush of his gloved hand against their fur, they rose and allowed Neo to rise himself as they drew toward the chamber's door. Onderon awaited his return and those in which he had brought with him. Much seemed to have changed since he was last here, the darkness of his kinsmen seeping into the planet's very core as he made his way toward the ship's center and ramp, its power flowing upon the very breeze that slipped in as the ramp was lowered, revealing the rain that poured down upon Iziz's surface. Pulling the cloak over his head, Neo departed, the Forja Sitmyr following. Where the being once known as the Demon of the Sith once strolled, now a different kind of beast now walked amongst the streets of Iziz with three rows of two Massassi at his back, their Tuk'ata held back only by chain and strength as the hounds snarled and gaped at onlookers as Skoll and Hati walked beside their Master in obedient silence. Past the Palace where he and Camik once trained, past the gardens where he recieved Darkfire's Holocron, Neo walked, distant memories of a dead disease now washing away with the rain. Neo only stopped briefly to gaze toward the Dragon's Gate where he felt his old friend perish before a familiar presence crept down his spine and drew his attention toward the large dark spire looming in the distance. He smirked as he turned toward it, uttering only a handful of words to himself. "The Dark King certainly retains his own sense of style." With each step that was taken, the puddled darkness splashing beneath his own presence, Neo watched as the Spire grew in its enormous size, a beacon of the Spider's reach toward the heavens an ever reminder. As he made his final approach toward it's darkened doors, the sentries station outside stopped Neo in his tracks. The red skinned Massassi behind Neo grew uneased at such an insult, but Neo simply raised his hands and removed the hood of his cloak to reveal the braided silver locks and stern brown gaze before placing his hands upon Skoll and Hati whom sat at his command. A smirk still gracing his face, Neo shifted his gaze toward the Spire's top before returning it to the Sentries before him. "Inform the Dark King that the Demon of the Sith is dead, and that the true Sith Master has returned." And with that, Neo awaited his King's call.
  6. Sith X


    It had been months since the battle of Kuat when the infamous Sith Master known as Darth Oni suffered his defeat at the hands of the Imperial Exorcist Kyrie and his gaze fell upon the child of Darkfire as his blade pierced the beast's heart. Gazing out into the wasteland, Neo's braided silver hair flowed upon the breeze as he gazed off into the distance toward the Academy. Oni died that day, releasing Neo from the demon within and allowed his soul to finally find freedom. But with that freedom, Neo found weakness within himself, and in his pursuit to correct it, found his own path to forge. And forge it, he had. As the former Assassin rose from his perch, the twin Tuk'ata rose with their Master as he headed back to camp. Too long had he been gone, and now the dawn of Neo Krell crested upon the horizon. It had been nearly two months since Neo left behind Darkfire's Dojo on Mechis III, three months since he buried Oni, his life as an Alcazarin, and set out upon this journey. But now he grew ready to return to Onderon, to the fold of his brethren, and take his rightful place as a true Sith Master. Griping his gloved fist tightly, the air around it sparkled with electrical static as his excitement grew. It had been a long journey, but now it was coming to an end. His gaze shifted toward the twin shoto-sabers he held within his gripped fist as he unclinched it, and began his trek back toward the Massassi Camp he had called home since his return to Korriban, the twin Tuk'ata in tow. As he walked, his mind recalled what happened since he left the Dojo behind along with the Oni-bot that his Master had forged for him, riding himself of all that his Oni persona had stood for. And since arriving on Korriban, Neo has defined himself extravagantly. His strength and knowledge of Natura Kevn had grown immensely, earning him a place of power over the Forja Sitmyr, a clan of Massassi whom have bred and trained the Tuk'ata of the Tombs over hundreds of millennia. And though his appearence still mimicked that of a beast similar to Darth Oni, his leathered robes lined with fur and Massassi Runes embroidered upon it, his eyes spoke of the intellectual warrior that resided within as his gaze shifted upon the camp when his visage came into sight of his newfound kinsmen below. As Neo's mouth opened, a roar erupted that echoed through-out the crevassed canyon, the Massassi below standing as their heir apparent returned, their voices raising to greet his howl. With a smirk upon his face, Neo lept from the cliff into the camp below and walked to its center. With a prideful boast within his heart, Neo spoke. "It is time Forja Sitmyr. Onderon awaits us. Exodus awaits us." With that spoken, Neo bearded the ship he had prepared, the twins Skoll and Hati in tow, as well as a guard of six of the Forja Sitmyr Massassi and their Tuk'ata companions. Within moments, they exited Korriban's atmosphere and entered hyperspace.
  7. Time was but a fickle thing among the the grandest of schemes, only an envitable passing moment as it pushed forever forward. After Rihn had departed in the same manner he had approached, Neo turned to his own devices. He felt he was on to something, felt he had found a calling all of his own among his brethren, and he set forth to conquer the task that laid before him. Whether or not this was the calling that Rivan had spoke of was of very little importance to the Sith Master. With the taint of Oni behind him, he knew he needed to redefine himself, to secure not only his rightful place among his brethren, but to ensure his own free will. Rihn had held one thing right. Neo had far too long been a puppet of others. Asking the droids within the Darkfire Dojo to arrange a training room specified to his needs, Neo took his time in preparations. He spent many hours focusing his discoveries and honing his returned touch to the Force as hours turned into days and days turned into weeks. Neo admitted to himself in silence that Darth Oni had been powerful, but he was wild and untamed, a true demon of the darkside. But despite being the same person, the two personas were not compatible. Neo had always been refined, focused, and intellectual. Oni was no more than a beast. This was what pushed Neo to disappear and retrain himself. But now that a month has nearly passed since he came to Mechis III, Neo's progress had began to bare its devastating fruit. Despite the numerous debris of destruction that required the constant fixings by the poor droids due to the untamed nature of the power that Neo sought to refine, Neo was upon the threshold of complete control. As Neo sparred with his faithful droid companion, he noticed his application of the Force to his own form was not only able to reinforce the once fragile bones that laid beneath his fleshed skin, but he could control when and where he wished to reinforce his form upon mere thought. Even as the droid brought down his massive fist upon the Sith Master, Neo was able to not only hold against its strength and counter with his own blow, but the Force radiated from its focal points, allowing him to guide his will from any extremity he chose to as he pushed back against the stronger droid and spun his heel around, releasing a wave of kinetic energy that sent the droid tumbling backwards. "Enough" Neo spoke, grabbing a towel and wiping the sweat from his face. "Thank you for the spar old friend. But I think it's time that I rest for the evening. Unlike yourself, I require substance. We'll meet back here in the morning. But Neo held other plans. It was almost time for the next stages of his eventual return.
  8. Sith X


    ((Legal Double Post)) An highly encrypted comm originating from Mechis III would reach its destination after finally bouncing from one end of the Galaxy to the other numerous times. It simple read:
  9. "Peace is a lie, but only in the outside world. This much is true. But peace with one's self isn't. This is where the Jedi gathered truth to their mantra. If once can find harmony with whom they truly are, then one can find a peace of mind, a inner peace." Neo spats at his old friend, disgusted by his newer appearance, the persona of another old friend he once called brother. Had he not been Rihn, Neo would have surely lost his temper and drug the beast from the netherworld simply to send him back. But no, Haphaestus was dead, as was Nurgle and the others. But should they ever return and reveal themselves, Neo would stand at the ready for their lofty betrayals. As his friend voices his true motives, Neo mods, grabbing a datapad to record the message before walking back into the other room. Using Aryian's encryptive computer, it wouldn't be hard to deliver the message as Rihn had asked. Encryption was beyond military decryption for the most part, and was only decrypted once it was delivered to the right destination. Reaching down he hooked up the datapad, entered the channel, and off it went, bouncing from here, to the coreworlds, to the unknown regions, and back again until it finally settled where it was meant to be. Returning to Rihn, Neo spoke. "It is done friend. And I thank you for your attempt to persuade me. But my path is my own now and so should yours be your own as well. But should you ever truly need me, you have but to ask... unless it goes against my own. Then it would not be advisable."
  10. Neo sighed as the bacta wrap began to numb his hand, the aching pain disappearing as bone and cartilage was being tended to. It would be a slow process until his hand was worth using again, so Neo grabbed a nearby piece of cloth and fashioned a makeshift sling to hold it properly in place while the bacta did its job. There were some truth to Rihn's words, but the fool still could not see the truth in Neo's. Turning around Neo sat down. "Rihn. Yes. Peace is a lie. Yes, we find the best in ourselves during conflict and how we act accordingly. This is why I am Sith and not Jedi. I will not be bound by a code that I do not fully believe in. Nor is the Sith Mantra any better. Two philosophies meant to guide two orders to forever parallel one another. Have you ever wondered why the two mimick each other on the opposite spectrums? It's because they represent the opposites of each other. But I found a different path, one that will lead me to my true destiny, to guide me in discovering my own power, my own Mantra." Neo's gaze adverted toward Rihn, his gaze staring deep into the transparent void of his old friends' own. "Do you wish to hear it? No? Well I'll tell it to you anyways. It's not like your going to leave me alone anyways." Neo chuckles at his own last comment. "Through emotions, I gain Power.... Through Knowledge, I gain Strength.... Through Harmony, I gain Peace... Through Will, I am free.... I am the Force, and the Force is me." With that said, Neo stood and turned toward the Oni-bot as he closed his eyes and began to focus. Slowly the Force around him began to circulate, swirling to his neck and call as it began to gather around his one good hand. Slowing his breathing and tempering his mind, Neo began to draw more upon the Force as it began to stabilize and coat his hand in a nearly transparent gauntlet of energy, the power within pulsating with kenectic energy. Neo took an offensive stance, the Oni-bot preparing himself as well, and with one swift motion, Neo threw his fist forward into the chest of the Oni-bot just like before. Yet, this time, the bot went flying backwards as the focused energy released its self upon the droids form and flowed forth with it. Neo turned toward Rihn once more as the Oni-bot took to his feet through the crumbling stone of the wall he was slung into, actually impressed. "Now do you understand old friend? Reaper Grimm is dead, as is Darth Oni. The man before you is Neo Krell, the true persona of who I am, of who I was before Necropolis. Now I am truly free."
  11. "Avenge you?" Neo questions, the anger within beginning to boil again. "Avenge how Rihn? Other ghosts? Those who slew you, slew our clan, our purpose... they are all dead, just like you. I alone am the sole survivor, carrying your memory upon my shoulders. Only now, I am a man of my own, of my choosing, free of the chains that once bound me." As he spoke, his hands began to crackle with static electricity, the hairs upon his arms standing as the charge began to grow and collect, the crackling of electrical discharge roaming across his now balled fist, causing him to become surprised. Shaking his hands, he sighed, releasing his anger as his gaze met Rihn's. "I know the mantra well, and I know the lies that hide within it. Which is why I walk by my own code now. I am an outcast even among the Sith, but only by my choice. I chose the walk this path alone, to understand not only the dark, but the whole as it is. And that is why I stand here, within the very dojo that was built to understand the Force itself. The Jedi fear emotion because it can lead toward darker emotions, and the Sith fear harmony because it calms the very emotions that drive them. But here, in the realm of the between, true power can be found. I've shed my darkness, yet I understood its necessity. Just as an old friend whom built this place once understood that to truly be whole was to accept all of yourself. This is the path I now walk toward, to grasp within myself, and to understand. Now watch me become who I truly am Rihn." Watching Rihn disappear as quickly as he had shown, Neo walks toward the other room where the Oni-bot waited with the bacta wrap. Applying it, a new glare formed within the Sith's eyes, a new determination. He was beginning to understand what his future held in store. Soon his hand would be healed, and he had an idea to test out thanks to his show of temper.
  12. A hysterical laughter erupted from Neo as he stood there gazing at his old friend, the audacity of his claims only fueling the anger the crept up through his mind and boiled the blood within his veins. Ryu? Neo had never even met the man behind the name, let alone, knew of any plans he held for Rihn and the others. No. Their demise would not he put upon his shoulders. Calming himself, Neo spoke, the fire of his anger flickering in his eyes. "You are wise to assume to your own fault in this old friend. When you and the others fell, I was but a mere Apprentice still undergoing my training under the former Chaos God Nurgle. I had yet to even know the name Kakuto Ryu, let alone any of his plans." Neo sighed, his anger slowly slipping away as did his gaze, remembering back to the days of yesteryear. "Such was the Sith in those days, unstructured with no bounds, lost in their own destruction. Even with a DarkLord to lead them, there was no leadership. Each was left to their own devices. I did not even met another of the Order until after my Lording. Then I heard of your destruction at his hands, but by then it was too late. So I joined Nurgle and his Alcazarins to make up for my absence, found my place among them in their plans to help restructure and strengthen the Sith under Lady Dominique. But even that was a lie, their own motives to place themselves into power." Turning his gaze to Rihn, Neo's eyes shown a hint of sorrow, a pain that he rarely showed, masked behind the eyes of a veteran warrior who had seen too much to speak. "I do wish I could have been there, been able to warn you or save you. But I truly did not know. And you're right. I have hid myself away. But not in fear or in self pity. No. I hid myself away to breath, to regather myself, and to prepare for my next move. I do plan to take my rightful place, my place as a Sith Master. Under Exodus, the Sith will truly rise to a glory yet to be seen and I will aim it there with these very hands." Neo chuckled, holding up his broken hand along side the other as his jovial mood returned. There was conviction replacing the sadness now, and strength replacing the sorrow. "There is a reason I was born with two. Haunt me if you wish Rihn, but it is because of you that this path is laid before me. Just as much as it your doing that I will follow it through. Now if you'll excuse me, I still have training to do." And with that, Neo left the room, more determined than ever before.
  13. Hearing a familiar voice echo across what felt like the cosmos, Neo would have jumped had he not felt its presence begin to materialize. A hint of sadness entered his mind as he remembered it so well, yet knowing it had been so long since he last felt it. And the words it spoke, words of taunts and anger. Neo felt almost sorrowful for it. Without adverting his gaze toward the creature, he spoke, the hint of sadness in his voice. "You may be correct old friend. But Reaper Grimm is as dead as you and the others are, and yet I remain, even in my weakened state. So what does this say about you?" Neo stands, still not meeting the gaze of Rihn as he paces over toward a nearby locker, reaching in and grabbing a hand wrap as he listens to the Gurlanin continue his taunts, finding some truth to his words. Oni had been a part of Neo, the power within himself. But it was false power, power that he had leached on for far too long. Now he was free of it, and he needed to find his own true power within. Ghosts of the past or not, Neo would not be persuaded otherwise. "I infiltrated the Sith just as you asked. I rose through the ranks just as you asked. But word never came. Only that of your destruction not longer after you sent me on that mission. So I found comradery in those that had taken me in. And do you know what I found? Treachery. Each and everyone gunning for the throne and each successful attempt only a delayed inevitablility, even among those I chose to once again call brethren." Neo chose now to look toward the transparent figure standing before him, his eyes glowing with the anger he felt within his own self toward Rihn and the mission he gave so long ago, a smirk crossing his own face. "So I became Sith and it became me."
  14. Neo shot up out bed almost instantly, sweat pouring from his form as he began to question the dream's meaning, his breath slightly panicked. What did they mean? Our power as one with our bodies? Neo always hated cryptic messages. Why was it with the Force that everything had to be in riddles? Why could they never simply spell it out for you. Even as a Sith Master, he held no clue as to the meaning behind it. Catching his breath, he headed to the refresher. Once that was done, Neo put on some clothes the droids here had managed to gather for him, mainly a darkened vest, brown trousers, and black combat boots. The vest its self was sturdy and solid, mimicking a military training vest with slots for armor plating hid underneath. And the brown trousers were similar to the vest, military issue with slots for plates as upon the thigh and shin. But the boots themselves were basic rough terrain boots, or so they seemed at the time he first laced them up. Unbeknownst to Neo at the time, but they were modified with magnetic locking capabilities for maintenance on the temple's outer areas, likely designed for Aryian Darkfire or his students should the need for them ever present its self. Rising from the side of the bed, Neo made his way toward the training area he noticed during his previous visits. It was a small room, one of a few Aryian had designed for solo training with his pupils. So Neo thought it best this would be suit his needs. But first, Neo needed to test himself, test to see how much of his skill he had lost when Oni had been caste from his soul. Quieting his thoughts, Neo delves within himself, his thoughts searching his soul not only for any remnants of the Necrocorrhosis, but of his own capabilities. It seemed simple enough, at least for an onlooker, as Neo reached out and began levitating as many items as he possibly could, including a droid that managed to happen by. So the basics of his training under Nurgle remained, just as he thought. But did the rest remain? That was the true question. He could not stand before Exodus a lesser, not after ridding himself of the darkness that was Oni. Rising up, Neo let the Force flow around him, it's current guiding his mind as well as his hands as he reached out and beckoned the Oni-bot. As the Oni bot came into the room, Neo nodded, his gaze saying all without uttering a single word. Now would be the moment of truth, as Neo faced the machine built to mimic his own visage. Letting the Force flow beneath him, Neo took off toward his opponent, no longer a blur upon the wind, but still as quick as speeder. Raising his fist into the air, Neo struck at the Oni-bot, his bare hand connecting hard enough to dent the armor, and hard enough to shatter his hand. Perhaps his choice in opponents was not the best choice to have chosen. Reeling in pain, Neo cursed, all the while the Oni-bot went to find a bacta wrap so that Neo's hand would find healing in a day or two.
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    Long had the bodies that took up arms against the Greater Krayt Dragon been gone, possibly turned to dust or entombed by the Dune Sea of Tatooine. Yet there was a beacon of hope for young Camik, buried not too far from where he searched. Beneath the constantly drifting sands was buried a probe droid, its powercell destroyed when a blaster grazed its form and it eventually leaked out and deactivated it into a seemingly endless sleep. This droid would lead to a ship belonging to Atlas Dark, also known as Canderous Bralor, and through the ships computers, Canderous Bralor could be located. It would only take a little ingenuity and patience to travel this path that Neo had set Camik upon, Canderous only one more world away.
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