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  1. “Might-t-t-ty t-t-treesss fall when ssssick-k. Frond healthy. Frond ssst-t-tand t-t-tall.” While just a touch irritated at Frond for closing up the wound on his own, she marveled at this creature. This specimen, this individual, was remarkable. Hopefully the Silax took to his structure and there wouldn’t be any side effects. Part of her wanted to journey with him, just to see if there were any changes. “Frond have pain?” She tapped a talon to his chest with gentleness and care; as if he were a delicate flower instead of a mighty wooden warrior.
  2. There were medical personnel around Frond, as well as Sandy and a young human boy with dark hair. On the table in the examination room was a tree- not an ordinary tree a living one... a Neti? The two other Jedi in the room; Knights Arrie Haylem and Trista Nivelle were present. Having worked more closely with Knight Nivelle, Trushaun approached her. Giving a brief rundown of what all had gone on. Since the Neti was more closely a plant- and Trushaun's master was off-world at the moment she was the ranking naturalist at the temple. Considering how rare their services were called upon here- no one anticipated she would need to help with a matter like this. Idly, she looked around for Vos as Kel had said he was here. Since the bacta tanks were in another room she surmised that he must be there. Now to matters at hand. Nivelle rattled off a brief synopsis of the issue- some dark side artifact burned a hole to escape the interior of the Neti, leaving the massive hole in his chest. While the creature was a tree and not quite in danger of bleeding out- there was a circulation issue that would cause anything trouble. If water, blood, sap, or whatever did not travel through its body to give nutrients to the limbs it would be further injured or even crippled. Well, it was time to repair the wound. It would be tricky to get the nodules to heal past the burnt area. Much like with a lightsaber wound the affected area was cauterized. They would have to cut the burnt area away for this to work… and she had no idea how to anesthetize a tree… There was a way to dull the pain, at least… in theory. She fished around in her satchel and found the correct vials. Idly, she glanced at the medical charts. She selected the vials with great care, this was an experiment- but one that had some research done on it. Holding the vial up to the light she counted the seeds in the container. Normally these were offensive tools that she used, but today was another matter. Silax for the circulation problem and rapid growth so his system could return to normal quickly, then Crataegus for rigidity and possibly some miscellaneous perks with the thorns. However that was for discovery later on, now it was time to save her charge- this living tree- this sentient tree. The tree had just said something to Sandy, on the other side of the bed, something Trushaun barely caught. Barely. Mulling the broken speech pattern over in her head as she prepared- did he only speak in natural poetic metaphors? Interesting… Placing a stool by the table, she climbed up the three steps and placed her claw onto the creatures arm. Displaying just a slight hesitation, Trushaun exhaled sharply in short breaths. “F-f-f-frond?” She inquired in a voice laced with awe and care. Through the Force she sent thoughts of peace and calm to him. Patting his arm, she looked over to Sandy quickly, nodding in acknowledgement. Wishing she knew more of what was going on, she shrugged it off- some times you had to brush aside the mental status and focus on what was in front of you with a patient. The more immediate concern, really. Since her basic was still rough, she flooded her Force presence with images of a tree seedling growing- a new beginning, new life, something brand new to the universe. ~~ Then there was another body there, as if out of thin air. With arms folded in front of him Tobias spoke to her patient. “Frond, rest now- close your eyes and go Beyond Shadows. Let Trushaun, Jedi Nivelle and Haylem help you. I wish to speak with you and Shadows would be a good place to have our conversation- trust me.” Tobias let a sly smile cross his lips then turned to Sandy with a more serious facial expression. “Jedi Sarna, I’m over in the bacta wing- so is Fronds lightsaber. Let them work, I want to talk to you and Aiden- and you too, Kel.” Nodding, the appearance of Tobias disappeared as simply as it had appeared. ~~ Trushaun looked at the Jedi Master- then back to Sandy- then to Frond. They were ready to get down to work, or at least she was. She’d wait until they were gone and Frond was in his trance before she started to tend to the wound. At the back of her mind she was a mix of emotions and thoughts; her time spent on her homeworld healing the trees after the blight- her time in this very medical wing with various medical problems she’d assisted with- honing her skills as a naturalist. She was ready for this latest challenge.
  3. Trushaun straightened as if a bucket of cold water was poured over her body. Eyes flashing with a resemblance of 'What in krif just happened??' Something had just happened on the grounds just outside the temple, in one of her favorite groves. With being in touch with the vegetation around the area she was naturally attuned to disturbances. There was a sense of urgency and a calling to her. She couldn't occupy herself with the Kel'Dor now, she rummaged in her satchel and produced three vials of liquid. Two clear, one purple. She closed the gap between her and the alien @karyu128 and pressed them into his palm. The clear ones were for healing, the purple was for pain- if he needed them. "Useeee well, Forsssse be you." She stammered out, impatient of sounding out the words correctly. Spinning, she started to make her way to the medical wing. Her home away from the plants and nature she fit in so well with. Her commlink chirped just as she exited the room. "Trushaun." She identified herself in a way of greeting to whomever was calling her. "Feel it, yessss. On w-way." turning the corner and heading out of earshot. As she left there was no noise of her feet hitting the floor, or even a rustle of her robes as she sped away. Something that spoke to her dexterity. As she reached out to the Force towards the medical wing, she felt a piece of nature being moved into the wing. Curiosity will be sated here soon...
  4. Trushauns' eyes went wide with the revelation of Kels last statement. Sandy was here, so was Vos. She had great respect for both of those individuals- but to hear that Vos was injured was a little shocking to her. Granted he did walk around with a cane, but he was a Jedi he could draw upon the Force and with the Force- all things were possible. Something else the Kel'Dor said made Trushauns' non-existent eyebrow raise. A living tree??? She would need to investigate that certainly. "Jedaii t-t-trails soon for K-kel K-koon?" She was curious, he was strong with the Force- and there was a sense about him that he was on several paths at once. Many things were on this Jedi's mind... and if he was, she might just give him a gift to help @karyu128 along the way.
  5. Trushaun took few steps away from the alien, looking him over. She had taken him by surprise and now... it was awkward. One habit she couldn't break it seems was that she always managed to make someone feel awkward. Scolding and reminding herself to practice her basic more, refocusing her attention to what he was saying. "Dis-urbance? No..." She shook her head, a subtle pulse of blue followed her veins up her beak; it was amusement. Her voice took a curious note, as she held up a finger to preemptively silence him before she thought the next part through. "Sssage Barreeen Doh...? Ohh.... Order, not plant-t." There was a slight whistling that came from her- the young female was giggling, in her own alien way. A slight pulse of embarrassment influenced her Force presence. Standing up straighter, she clasped her hands behind her back and paced to the side once again. "Jedaii... POWer no. Jedaii abiiiility yes. Siit-t-thhh power, not-t-t Jedaii." She knew it wasn't a Sith power, Force Lightning. Lightning was an elemental force, a natural occurrence throughout the galaxy. Several Jedi were known to have used the ability so that was not where she was put off. How this Kel Koon said it was another thing. Associating Jedi with Power- while the thinking was more in like with it being called an ability. It was power certainly, but a Jedi should never call what they can do just by saying power. It was so much more than just that label. Was he a Sith spy? Or was she just overthinking it and he was just caught up in his excitement of what he had just done? "Master Sandy Sarnaa? Here on Ossusss?" Her eyes sparkled with excitement- her few memories of Sandy were positive ones- one of the first Jedi Trushaun had ever met. Someone the young Fosh looked up to, this Kel Koon @karyu128 was probably a skilled Jedi then, and merely was just excited on what he had done.
  6. The plants had been tended to, her chores were done, cafeteria visited, now all that was left to do was some lightsaber meditation. Upon arriving, Trushaun was flustered to see another person in the training room. Normally she liked to zone out and simply run through her paces, thinking about the hydroponics bay or the wroshyr tree sapling that had arrived recently. It was a young Kel'Dor male. While she couldn't be sure- she assumed her feathers pulsed slightly at adjusting her routine. Something told her to just see what this apprentice was up to- then the spark happened, then he laugh. If her species had eyebrows she would have raised one. Slowly walking towards the alien, she cleared her throat gently. She hadn't had to speak to any one in three days; she enjoyed being off by herself and her plants. Holding her shoulder bag in one hand she spoke, in broken basic, to Kel @karyu128 "You laugh? Supr-r-rissse? Why, K-k-el'Dor?" The young avian was genuinely curious.
  7. Ships, oh how she loathed them. Artificial lights, gravity, filtered air. Grumbling to herself, her travels had taken her on a solitary route from fore to aft of the establishment. It was in this last route that she turned a corner- and there was the Jedi Knight she had once chatted with a dozen worlds ago. What was her game? Why was she taking charge without anyone saying whether or not she had permission? No one was stopping her, and here Trushaun was- following her. A long time ago when she first entered into the rest of the galaxy- she had been kidnapped and experimented upon. Reflexively she looked down to see the numbers burned into her arm. Now she meant to save the person in charge of those troops in white? Imperials? They had stepped in when no one else did to liberate the wookiees. Had the Empire changed? While she kept asking herself these questions to which she already knew the answer, Trushaun marched forward to talk to Adenna while she was idly standing by a doorway. “Trushaun is glad to see Jedi Alluyen once again. Taking charge when Jedi Order has no known leader, inspiring it is. Jedi Alluyen is nervous? So is Trushaun, but invested faith in Jedi Alluyen. Trushaun is no Knight, but here to help Master Adenna.” Now, she paused, turning her head slightly down the hallway as if looking for ghosts or shadows. “Force is strong here, with Jedi.” She looked back up at the human across from her. “Master Adenna walks within the light. Call and Trushaun will be there.” Her basic was so fractured it was hard for her to get the words out.When she had been using the third language frequently it was more natural and flowing. Now it was rusty. There had been almost two years of sticking to the shadows and tracking down those who raided old tombs of Force users and stealing trinkets- she had worked alone and barely needed to talk to anyone. She hoped she wasn’t making a fool of herself- but as Adenna was right there in passing, Trushaun might as well speak to her. Was she even a master? Did it matter? The two had only interacted a few times- but it would have been rude to pass by without at least saying hello… but Adenna was looking like she was waiting for someone. So young Fosh bowed her head in a matter that conveyed ‘I will see you later.’ Leaving little room for the conversation to start up, Trushaun straightened and continued on her journey around this level.
  8. Feeling a urge to wake up, Trushaun opened her eyes in a flash. She was used to coming alert quickly and this urging felt perverted. As if there was some tainted emotions that seeped into her message to wake up. Gently, she swayed in her hammock in the Jedi Transport ship. Really it was the only way for her to get a decent sleep. Beds were not practical when living on the move, and up in trees. Sending her awoken state, but also reluctance and a dash of humor- Trushaun hoped that was good enough. Master Tut Maris acknowledged the feeling in the Force and let her be. As she straightened and hopped out of her hammock, she looked over at the small green rectangle. Smiling with happy memories, her newest creation, a Wroshyr tree seedling, was coming along quite nicely. She had been gifted five seeds from the wookiees, and she decided she would create a bonsai out of the first one. She would be a knight soon, and would therefore be allowed an actual room. Rather than the bunkhouses of apprentices. With the happy memories came the sad ones, and she pushed that out of her head as she hopped out of the netting and down onto the floor. Going into a full body stretch to get her blood moving again, she held there for a minute. Then down to the floor to stretch.The reason why the message from Tut was perverted was his lingering sorrow for his lost friend- Jedi Master Chal’lar. She hadn’t known it at the time, but the fireball in the sky that alerted her squad that there was something big about to happen- was his death and that of many others. She knew all this not because she read through after-action reports, but because she was a Jedi. The danger she sensed, the winking out of so many lives; it all spoke to her. Silently, she made her way up to the common room and was joined by Tom, who was twice her height- and blue. “Padawan Trushaun, you had a restful sleep?” Trushaun nodded, the last thing she wanted to do was be aboard a small transport ship with two Jedi Masters. But they each had started her refresher course, and catching her up on the latest galactic happenings. All which was good Coursants impact event… She shuddered at the implications of that. “The ship has reached Felucia?” “Indeed, we are descending to land it seems. Tell me, you are a naturalist, yes?” Trushaun nodded, as they got to the cockpit, Tom taking the co-pilots station. “Tell us, what do you feel here?” He started to bring up navigation data as Tom pushed the yoke forward and the ship bucked under the resistance of the atmosphere. Trushaun strapped into the communication stations chair and concentrated. “So many forms of life- I sense fungus, decay, death, life, rebirth, spawning- I feel it all. I feel remorse and regret amongst the living.” She had closed her eyes to concentrate on the sentient beings- it was a tad harder for her to feel them. Plants and animals were her thing. In front of her, through the back of his chair Trushaun felt Tut stir in response to the sentients comment. Of course he would relate to them. He turned a bit steely in the Force, an unconscious reaction to Trushauns words. Tom pressed forward, he had not missed his peers reaction. The next few moments passed in silence, save for the reentry friction and some comm chatter. Each of them had other things on their mind, so they debarked in silence. It wasn’t long before they found another trio making their own way to the temple. There was Master Vos, the Kiffar that had questioned her about the relic hunt she had been on for the past few years- and whom she saved back on Kashyyyk. Inside, she was happy to see him; she didn't let anything show on the outside. The two others that accompanied him were newer to the Force. It was almost a direct opposite of the group she found herself in. Two masters and one padawan versus Vos’s group, a master and two padawans. Funny how these things matched up. Vos smiled and he seemed to brighten in the Force, as if he were a light heating up under a few inches of snow. Except it was happiness and stress. She bowed to him, and the apprentices. The Fosh allowed the Masters to speak, she knew her place was to be quiet; she preferred it that way. She bowed as Tobias introduced Aurora and Kota. Then he introduced Tom and Tut to his padawans. Then the three masters took the vanguard, and the six of them made their way into the temple. Falling in beside the other apprentices she matched their pace, but her attention was elsewhere. This place felt- wonderful. She was in love with their surroundings; such color was magnificent. Her joy was dulled slightly, she missed Kashyyyk and didn’t want to replace it so soon.
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    Those that were of the avian species were funny creatures. They chirped and called to one another, their songs almost all different. Sure there were some species that mimicked others, and some that were just disgusting to look at= but each served a purpose. Whether it was scroungers or elegant birds of prey or trainable tropical birds or even those that one found purely domesticated anymore; birds were funny. Some flew, others didn't. It was the former that caught her attention right now. At least that, and the smoked leg of a Webweaver that Trushaun idly held in her hand. Nibbling softly on the smoked meat of a giant spider was not how she envisioned her night going, it wasn't a bad thing this meal. Just unexpected, much like the last year of her life. Silently, she wished she was a bird. Well, more of a bird. She was Fosh- and a Jedi, at least somewhat, and she wanted to fly like these birds did. The Agrs' who flew around out in front of her were magnificent. The soared around looking for prey; namely the surplus of Can-cell insects that had hit their breeding season. Without taking her eyes off the birds, she took a bite of the spider meat. Watching one Agr fly vertical circles around a fat Charkarr was entertaining to Trushaun, she loved this show. She had been watching it for the past eight days. Of course she did not spend all her time up in the Wroshyr trees, she had been part of the hunting parties that tracked down rough sects of Black Sun and Trandosian groups. Recently all scouting parties indicated that they were only finding native creatures to defend against. So the past three weeks had been helping wookiees back to their feet, burying and burning their dead. Mop-up actions, really. She took another bite as a Can-cell landed at the edge of her branch, twenty feet away. It rotated left, then right- studying Trushaun, who was sitting with her legs folded beneath her, on the branch. Tilting her head to one side, she looked back at it. Giggling, or what could be called a Fosh-giggle, came out of her beak. She held out her free hand, extending a finger- seeing of the Can-cell would come to land on the new perch. It flew away back down to the forest floor. Being at the edge of the forest against the ocean, Trushaun watched it go- plummeting down to the ground. Pulling her hand back in, she broke off the empty part of the Webweaver leg she held and chomped on the newly exposed meat in the next segment. Her branch vibrated back against the trunk of the tree. If she did not have the Force, she would have looked to see if it was a Net-caster or a Yuugrr or another one of Kashyyyks' deadly creatures. Thankfully, she had the Force, and did not startle as the wookiee approached. < He called, striding towards the young Jedi. Rawruu'touru was a young wookiee male who had risen to the challenge of driving the Black Sun and the Slavers off his homeworld again, he had become captain of the scouting party Trushaun often accompanied into the Shadowlands for their foe. Only after his uncles death during the big battle that had seen the warriors in the white armor and Jedi driving the evil off this world. Those warriors in white... Trushaun shivered at the thought and looked at her brand through her sleeve. Shaking the momentary distraction away she returned to the air spectral before her. "Yes. The past seven days have been filled with meditation. Following the Force, once again, I shall." She called back in her own native tongue. The wookiee used his, she should be allowed to use hers. It was... refreshing to speak Fosh once again and have someone understand it. She felt Rawruu'tourus' Force aura shudder with sadness and inevitable longing. She beckoned him forward with a wave on her hand, patting the spot on the branch next to her. The wookiee was young, he would fit. Despite the vibration in the trees' limb, it was wide and sturdy enough to support both, side by side. <> Rawruu'touru grumbled, and took a seat at Trushauns side. He offered her a canteen, she thanked him with a nod and took a sip of the water. Silently, the two sat there through the night. This would be their last night together. The unlikely pair had formed a bond that neither of them spoke of, but neither wanted to break. But Rawruu'touru knew he had to let her go. She had spent so much time here, and yet they were still so new to one another. He wanted to yell and plead for her to stay, but she couldn't and he knew that. So there they sat- watching the air show play out before them into the night when the winking bugs came out with the soft breeze. "Kashyyyk is so... wonderful." Trushaun said, a few hours later. Her legs were crossed and Rawruu'tourus' head lay in center of them, her fingers gliding through his fur, his soft breathing letting his powerful chest rise and fall, his lip curled up with pleasure exposing the tips of his canine teeth. Slowly, he nodded his head, his eyes still closed. "As are you, my dear..." She said, and curled her forehead to his. She still stoked his hair, and the two sat there until the sun came up and it was time for her to go. Trushaun had told him he could become a Jedi, if he wanted to. He was Force Sensitive. She knew too little to train him properly, but it was an option. His place was on Kashyyyk, both knew that. As her place was back with the Jedi for the time being. Rawruu'touru said she always would have a home on Kashyyyk, and she knew he spoke the truth. In the morning they descended their perch after the sunrise and made their way to the spaceport; where Trushaun would leave the wookiee homeworld behind again. Saying her goodbyes and getting a snack for the trip, she departed; staring out at the view port at the dozen wookiees, who she called friend wave their farewells. Rawruu'touru stood there- his fist in the air making no movement until they were out of sight. There had been progress on Kashyyyk- they had taken back their word: again. She vowed to return as a Jedi Knight, and protect the Wookiee people along side Rawruu'touru. However, there was still the fact that she had to spend so much time away from there and that is why she curled into her bunk and cried herself to sleep. It wouldn't be long before they reached Ossus, she rendezvoused with Tut and Tom, and then made their way to Felucia. Tobias had recalled her and his two other masters, she did not know why- she wanted to... stay on Kashyyyk. But she needed to finish her training. Tobias knew that- she corrected herself; Master Vos. She had hidden away for far too long from the Jedi Order as a whole- she needed to knuckle down and complete her knighthood. Faster she did that, faster she could get back to Rawruu'touru and... home.
  10. Trushaun


    Trushaun was naturally a recluse, and her depression did not help. Even though she was a Jedi Naturalist, her mental state from the troops in white armor had permanently scared her for life. The torture she endured was- she shook her head. Kirlocca's Funeral had been weeks ago, about the same time she saw the troops in white armor again- the Imperials. In a daze of fright, Trushaun had retreated back into the Kashyyyk Wilderness. Her first attempt to come back to the space port had been a disaster- she had detected a darkness and after closing herself to the Force and doing some reminiscence- found the planet and the wookiees under attack. They were all slaves now, well, most of them. After the Sith had left, there were troopers who were just evil. The green and yellow aliens treated the wookiees like livestock. There was only one of her though, a Jedi Apprentice. She hadn't been in a fight in years, so she relied on what was more natural to her- shadows. She kept to the shadows- and eventually met up with a wookiee resistance and refugee group. Hiding deep within the shadow lands, they plotted and feeling the ripple in the Force- their force had come out to realize that the battle was underway! The comet, the battle platform in the sky, was brilliant- as was the laser fight on the ground- with human troops, Jedi in red robes- a curious sight to her, and much to her dismay- the troops in white. Vavroo, an elderly wookiee battlemaster nudged her forward, letting out a wookiee oath. Speaking to him for a second, Trushaun voiced her concern over the troops in white. Vavroo shrugged and pointed out the obvious- he didn't trust the Imperials either, but if they were killing black sun and trandosians- he wasn't going to stop them. Against her subconscious, Trushaun called to the Force and followed the small war band. As they inched closer to flank the slavers, Trushaun felt a familiar presence in the Force, and it was slightly jaded. As she dug her claws into the tree beside Vavroo, she saw the TIE Fighter crash into a tree between them and the Imperials. Then another space craft- as it lined up to turn its cannons on the Imperials, and the Jedi there- she knew the Jedi when she saw them, especially with two she recognized in the Force, she sprinted up the tree- Vavroo and three other wookiees running behind her. She was lighter and younger, her feet struck the limb as she came closer to the space craft. Vavroo called after her, asking her what she was thinking- she didn't have time to refdmspond- she was already leaping into the air her lightsaber in her hand! Using the Force to propel herself, and to cradle her as she landed on the craft. It wasn't a good landing, but that really didn't matter- she ignited her blade and sunk it into the metal- with that she stopped her sliding forward to the ground meters below. While she did sink forward as the blade melted the metal- she had time to collect herself and get to her feet around the sensor dish. Looking towards the engines- she swung down in a sweeping motion- cleaving a meter into the lines of the ship. The top engine sputtered- and the craft shook, another engine died out and the whole metal contraption stated to descend slowly. A human in black armor and an open face helmet, that way she knew he had a sneer on his face, appeared out the top of the viewport- blaster in hand. The avain spun to deflect the shot- once, twice, and again. It had been a very long time, and her form was sloppy- but on the fourth shot she managed to deflect it back into the mans chest. He slumped forward then fell, back into the cockpit. His blaster clattering onto the hull and fell away to the ground as the ship listed and was a half dozen meters from the ground. It was now or never- and she jumped from the doomed craft. As the assualt sled fell to the ground, it exploded. Well, more like a medium-sized pillar of flame shot up, along with debris. As she hit the dirt in a Force-assisted tuck-and-roll, the slavers had the glimpse of a very angry avian with eyes like a dragon, glaring at them, as she walked away from the explosion. The whole scene playing out as if in slow motion, sometimes life just finds a way to make things . As she progressed towards the remaining slavers- each step filling her with confidence- more and more of them started to be picked off from shots resistance band of wookiees had fired - from the limb twenty meters up. They were making quick work and while the battle was divided into the two sides fighting over trenches, there were still spots where the forces had met. Those instances were a straight out brawl- but it looked as though the two jedi, the viridian blade and a yellow bladed ones- were given a brief moment to collect themselves. They were moving for cover, but adequately defending themselves from most of the bolts heading their way/ There were burn marks on both of them- but nothing a Jedi Master couldn't handle with battle armor. Whether or not they were blaster bolts or caused by debris, Trushaun couldn't determine in the flurry of battle, but that couldn't be her concern if she wanted to survive the next five minutes. With wookiees roars emanating from around her- Trushaun charged the next Trandosian in her way. She never did take the trials for her combat skills, she wondered if this might count.
  11. Trushaun


    Trushaun silently observed the whole ceremony, leaping from tree to tree to keep up with the events. She felt the calling- she wanted to rejoin the rest of the Jedi down there- but something was off. There was a- pressure. That's the best way to describe it, a subtle pressure at the back of her mind. Scrambling up and down trees like her claws were designed for made an easy voyage. Discreet, too. There was an uneasy feeling- at least that was the basis for the pressure in her mind. Talking to herself- she kept it quiet. She'd been working by herself for two years now- and she did want to come to Kashyyyk and do something, now there were too many Jedi. Way too many. People terrified her, considering her past, she wanted to return to a Temple or something, but her mind was screaming at her to return to her reclusive nature. Something down in the cave on Tython had spurred her to action- and now... she wanted to poke the sleeping bear. It was time to rouse the great beast and make it move. Forcing her anxiety down- she went to mingle. Well, mingle, as in food to be eaten- and conversations to be overheard. Letting her saber dangle from her belt, she situated her robes and bag- and pressed forward into the already dispersing crowds. Keeping her Force Signature tightened up- she spotted a few faces she recognized, but made no movement to intercept and engage in conversation. The Fosh frame was small- and Trushaun used that to her advantage. Keeping her emotions in check was a task in and of itself, but she knew her feathers were changing to green, so she let her inquisitiveness show through. Unless there was another Fosh here- she would just be regarded as such- just a green bird.
  12. Trushaun


    The cockpit of the small snub fighter was very tight- but Trushaun did not mind, she was tiny herself. The fact that she was teeny tiny allowed her some small range of motion in the seat. That didn't matter- she spent most of that time in a form a meditation- she was crafting a new piece of her lightsaber. The vision of her father was right, she needed to move on. No longer would the saber just be meant for slicing through the undergrowth of whichever forest she stumbled into, this would get her out of any crazy situations she found herself in- and with the wroshyr trees around, there was always an avenue of escape. The female Fosh couldn't help but feel a bit of excitement to return to the planet and finish what she started. What a food she had been, she realized looking back on her actions. But now- her wings were no longer clipped- she could fly free. Her own father encouraged her to do so. Even if he was a vision of the Force, she wanted to believe he would indeed say that. Pulling up her old journal after spending some time in the meditation, she read through the entries. As she came up on her destination- the Force called to her. Multiple avenues of quests lay before her- but she was determined to give herself to the Jedi now, she gave into the Force. Something was going on down on Kashyyyk, should she see what? Or just be about her business. Curiosity got the best of her- she searched through the navcomputer for where the Force was calling her to be. It took her a moment, but it was the same village she had already been to. That seemed to seal the deal right then and there. Pressing the engines to life as they were back in regular space. Caution never really hurt, so Trushaun decided to do a fly-by of the landing pad first from her high advantage point. Nothing seemed... off, there was movement. Nothing out of the ordinary, so she decided to do another fly-by and get a better approach vector to land. There was no communication to her, despite her efforts- the Wookiees or her own craft? If she had a beard, now would have been the time to scratch it and contemplate the meaning behind the silence. But she didn't so she didn't, but she did stretch out through the Force, to gauge her surrounding area, and to welcome the flora and fauna of Kashyyyk. How glorious. The thoughts raced through her.
  13. Trushaun inhaled the musty air, and kept her arms even as she kept her head above water. The sound of the ripples hitting the edge of a hard surface echoed in what seemed like a giant cave. Who knows when the last person was here? If anyone had ever been down here? Letting her vision refocus- some was glowing that produced the light refracting off some solid surface. Nothing else was visable- she didn’t even sense anything except the pressure on her brain. Slowly, she reached her arm out and paddled her way forward, her robes slopping and smacking against the water- and the sound echoed against the walls again. A few minutes later, she reached the shore. It was like a stoned beach, maybe something did live down here to smooth out this landing. The rock was rough to her cold fingers and she guessed some sliced through her skin. Pulling herself up and out of the water- she felt nothing in the Force around her, looking around- her hands found the duffle bag and found the small heater/camp stove she had packed before coming down. Mentally she ran through some Jedi Healing techniques for her hands and her head. The impeding hypothermia was next on the ‘take care of’ list. Letting her body heat up a bit with other Jedi Techniques she’d uncovered in her naturalist studies. Sitting down next to the heat source, she shivered once- then forced her body to stop and use the Force to warm her and her robes. The moisture resistant material was all well and good, but it wasn’t waterproof. The clothing would dry off soon, and she would be about her studies of the cavern. It didn’t hurt to be too eager she guessed and ignited her lightsaber. Guiding it out of her hands and into the air- the green light seemed to be gobbled up by the darkness. Moving it around cautiously though the air seemed a great way to see what came first- the limits of her control with the saber distance-wise, or the physical limits of the cavern wall. After measured extension of her control- she never found the opposite sides of the cavern. Seems as though where she dropped in from above, that was the closest wall or ceiling. The rock here was mostly the same color- not a black as obsidian, but also not tan like sandstone- a igneous rock with an unfamiliar pattern etched into its walls. Well, at least she assumed because the wall she could see was etched with symbols and some ancient writing in a language that she couldn’t make sense of. It did not seem familiar or even close to anything she knew. As warmed up- she had time to reflect on the writing. Meditating, after she collected her lightsaber, she searched her memory looking for what was entirely alien, but also seemed a tad familiar. The Force spoke to her in ways she didn’t think possible- it broke barriers she held, and washed over her senses. It was several hours before she took a break- and out of panic at the sense of being ‘flooded’ she made sure the water level hadn’t changed. It hadn’t, setting an alert if the water shifted, like a mental note to check on- she fell back into the Force. Something was here that was calling to her. “You need to let go.” A masculine Fosh voice spoke- in the native tongue of her own people. She thought she looked around, confused- her headdress of feathers swishing the wind as it was cut through. Puzzled, she didn’t see anyone. “I said, you need to let go.” The voice came again. Slowly, cautiously, Trushaun rose to her feet and felt the lightsabers weight against her thigh. “Who speaks?” She called out in the darkness, also in the Fosh Language. “You know your roots, young bird, but you must let the chain fall away when you fly.” “No chain holds my leg, to what of you speak of?” “Leave the inner core, my daughter, cut the chain and extend yourself. Quit watching over us.” A tear in her eyes- her father. Somehow her father was here, speaking to her. The cavern was inexplicable illuminated fully now. She saw how big it really was, but her focus was on the other Fosh in front of her. Her father. Her father she missed him so much, she missed her people. She longed for the trees and the Fosh language tickling her ear. Running through the trees with her cousins. “Like that.” he said, as if he was inside her mind. “But…” “No, no more excuses. You saved us- you saved the trees- you must help the others now. Trust me in my protection of Fosh. Nothing will happen, you know this. Staying here on Tython to look at Fosh every night is not productive or beneficial. You are suffering because of it. You have tasks to finish. Move on.” With a sob she collected herself and kept her eyes focused on her father. His old wrinkled body wandered from the solid rock towards the beach area. “If I let you go, I have nothing.” “You will have us in your heart. We will be with you always, but you need to leave here. There is a bigger picture here, the galaxy, my dear. You got distracted, but now the distraction is gone- go with it. Move along. You know what is to be done.” “I was called here though, why?” Trushaun extended her claw out to the surrounding area. “I wished to speak with you- this is just the first time you will be in this cavern. When you come back, you will have reached an understanding. You will have accepted the balance between your connections, and your duty. The light and dark, the good and evil. You have an unfinished task- be about it, my daughter. Until then, I think I will go for a swim.” The elderly Fosh glanced back and winked at his daughter- then with a quick spurt of speed he disappeared into the water. An afterthought, she realized there was no splash nor movement from the water. That solidified her thought that it was a vision. Trusting in the Force, she now knew she had to complete something- but what? It was several hours before she managed to find her way back to the surface, the way was illuminated by the glowing plants she did a cursory inspection of. Some sort of chemical reaction she deduced. Inexplicably, it lit the entire route back to the surface- and within a day’s walk of the Temple, she saw. There was a look of determination in her eyes that spurred action. Marching to the temple, she gathered the rest of her things and equipment- various plants and specimens, and fit them in her bag. On her way out- she did make sure to acquire some spare parts for a lightsaber- or a repair of a lightsaber. There was a significant amount of time from seeing her Father- to returning to the temple, so she had time to think, and solidify what she thought her father told her to do. With a final glance to the sky- lingering for only a moment outside a ships hatch- she sighed as her eyes fell upon Fosh- or where it would be, had there been a clear night sky to see it shining through. Clutching the side of the doorway, she sighed and stepped inside. Opening herself to the Force, she had realized what she had to do. Punching in the coordinates out of the system, she made sure to cover her tracks leading away from the Jedi home, and back into the galaxy. She would see the wroshyr trees soon. Allowing herself to feel just a hint of excitement, she hit the hyperspace lever and the stars turned into lines- and then into the blue modeling of hyperspace. (OOC: )
  14. All she could feel was the rush of air against her face- the upward draft of the air from further down the crevasse, and the Force telling her where to leap to next. Trusting in the Force- she felt her fingers hit the rock- with a slight exasperation with the impact she took a moment to realize the insanity of the situation. She was blindly- save for the Force- jumping down into some unknown destination. Collecting her breath- she felt it- although could only describe it as a 'This is the last jump, be ready.' moment. Making sure her bag was secure- she grasped it in one hand- reached over into the empty space behind her- and let it fall from her hands. With a last breath- she pushed off and let herself fall down through the darkness. Folding her arms and making herself as small as possible she fell like a needle. Unsure of how long this was taking, or was even going to take- she trusted the Force and with a exhale/inhale she landed in what had to be a underground pool. Her body shot down through the water- the surface pierced by her body positioning. Whatever was calling to her was nearby- after a moment of downward motion- she let herself be and felt her body rise back to the surface.
  15. After a week of walking through this prarie- Trushaun found what she was looking for- what was calling to her. Out here in the middle of- She looked around in all directions- nowhere. Nothing but grass and rolling hills were in sight. This gorge beckoned for her to venture closer- down and into the depths. An inhale, the cold air rising with a distinct cave-like smell. Crossing her legs, she fell into a meditative stance, trying to feel everything around here and what the Force wanted her to do.
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