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  1. Been a while indeed. I reckon 8 years...
  2. The new Muse album "The 2nd Law" - Had it for about a week. Gets better with every listen.
  3. Also, the reason it's based in America now, is because of what Desmond was told and shown by 'those who came before' at the end of Revelations. It showed that the vault with the knowledge to save the world is in North America. This game is the last game that will have Desmond, so Ubisoft want to wrap the story up, and I guess basing the game in Revolutionary America makes sense from a weaponry PoV too.
  4. Have pre-ordered the 'Freedom Edition' of ACIII, cannot wait. It looks amazing. Having played the four previous titles to death, I'm frothing at the mouth for this one.
  5. I just tweeted something like "So apparently @AussieGrit got offered a pillion seat ride around the TT track by @JM130TT" AussieGrit is Webber, JM130TT is John McGuinness(TT legend). It's linked to a YouTube clip that I'll post when I'm not mobile, kinda an inside joke of sorts.
  6. I got retweeted by Mark Webber(Formula 1 driver, won the Monaco Grand Prix for the second time, a fortnight ago), the other day, and my interactions column exploded. Felt good man.
  7. Kevin Rudds Twitter account is one of my favourites. He's not such a dweeb on there.
  8. He saved how many penalty kicks to get Bayern there? The guy made his name in the Champions League, long before he was a Bayern player, when he played for Schalke and put in performances that left one Sir Alex Ferguson scrambling for his cheque book. You can blame Robben for missing the penalty in extra time(and the penalty takers in the shootout), and Gomez for missing I don't even know how many easy chances for losing. Bayern should have scored 5 or 6 in the final and didn't because they wasted so many clear-cut chances. But saying Neuer is only 'good', when he's by miles the best 'keeper on the planet, is the reason Bayern lost the UCL final is a bit much.
  9. I still tweet as regularly as ever. I get my news(both global, for lack of a better word, and sport from there) I keep up to date with my friends more and more readily on there than I ever can or care to on Facebook these days. The #celebrityxisdead TT make me laugh quite honestly. Anyone who takes them seriously... *shakes head* It's now by far the best way to instantaneously break a story, and write/present a proper article later for any news agency or journalist looking to beat the competition. Used properly, it's a phenomenal tool. Used incorrectly, and Twitter falls in a heap. Like any social networking site really.
  10. Immersion is a big step away from Hold Your Colour, and In Silico is kinda the middle ground between the three albums. Invaders Must Die is such a good album, too.
  11. Wait until you get to Hold your Colour, and then Blood Sugar. Holy hell. What tracks they are. Currently have The Prodigy on high rotation, Their Law is playing at the moment.
  12. People getting all upset over John Terry lifting the Champions League trophy, as club captain, even though he was suspended for the final. Wish people would see that this is about Chelsea Football Club. Not about what a bunch of people who dislike the club, think.
  13. It always ends up being the winner of the UEFA Champions League vs the Winner of the Copa Libertadores de América(South America + Mexico get a few teams these days too). The gulf in class between those 2 competitions, and the AFC Champions League(Asia), the CAF Champions League(Africa), CONCACAF Champions League(North/Central America and the Carribean - for some reason Mexico get a bite at this apple too) and the OFC Champions League(Oceania) is simply enormous. The best players always play where the money is(Europe) and the best players in the world are either in Europe(European clubs pick up anything worth having from around the globe) and those who've resisted or not been allowed to play in Europe(work permits, their clubs just won't sell them etc.), or have already had a spell in Europe, are South American, so they play for clubs in Brazil and Argentina(Libertadores). It's also, for some stupid reason, played in Japan. That only makes sense on the basis of shirt sales and nothing more. Long story short, the entire tournament has one game of decent technical quality, the final between the European and South American Champions. The rest, honestly, I've seen better matches in the HAL on a few levels.
  14. It's not a 'Champions League' these days anyway. How does finishing 4th make you a 'champion' and eligible for the 'Champions League'.
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