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  1. Fleet Rules *Note, this is an expanded and formatted version of the official fleet rules edited by Travis to better explain the rules. Anything in white is original from the rules, but anything colored are additions that are interpretations of the rules based on questions and answers with the mods. Only white text should be considered official, all else is based on the rules, but might not be completely accurate. General Concepts Basic Structure Each player participating in a fleet battle commands their own Task Force (TF). If the numbers of PC's are uneven, then the admiral with fewer Task Forces can either choose to take a number of “Green” Task Forces to create an equal conflict, or request a secret win objective from the mods if it makes narrative sense to do so. No engagement is ever considered to include any faction’s entire fleet, and players can enter subsequent battles even if their last TF suffered total destruction. Player commanders are responsible for their TF’s ship composition, names, traditions, and portrayal in the RP, not to mention their actions on the field. No one PC is able to control TF's of other PC's without permission, even if they are allied. All ships in a Task Force are considered to be overhauled to function at “modern” levels to perform their duties in a TF, so if players like the look of an older ship like a Venator, they can use it without having to worry about the shield generators being outdated. Similarly, all ships of same class are considered equal meaning an Imperial Star Destroyer is the same as an MC90 or an X-Wing is the same as a TIE Interceptor in terms of abilities. This is to simplify the experience for both players and mods and to remove attempts to power game with numbers of cannons, speed, or other stats. Types of Battle The scale of a battle is classified as one of three tiers, Skirmish, Sortie, and Engagement. Players are encouraged to plan out TF's in advance, and new TF's that are posted before the start of their first battle with named ships and a backstory are treated as having already participated in a battle in terms of progression. The scale of battle also determines how many starfighter actions each fleet admiral has. Skirmish: 1 TF each, 1 Starfighter Action Sortie: 2 TF's each, 2 Starfighter Actions Engagement: 3 TF's each, 3 Starfighter Actions -At Skirmish level, each player controls a single Task Force, planning with others is vital for any sort of synergy within fleets, and it’s less likely for a TF to get vaporized out of left field. This is best when large numbers of PC's are involved otherwise it makes many of the TF's special abilities more difficult to utilize. It also helps prevent conflicts with large numbers of PC's from becoming too clustered. -Sorties allow players more room to experiment with Task Force combinations and the use of defensive TF's with two TF's per player, but massed firepower becomes more readily available at this point and it’s easier for players to lose a TF when they aren’t expecting it. This would be ideal for a medium number of PC's or in smaller conflicts where massive fleets wouldn't make sense IC'ly. -Engagements are meat grinder affairs of chaos and shattered plans with each player running three Task Forces, allowing for players to experiment with more exotic and situational TF's, but the firepower involved means that tactics are often upended in a massive turbolaser barrage. These are potentially complex conflicts that require skill and planning but that also allow the more nuanced skills of some TF's to be utilized. Experience -Task Forces gain levels from participating in fleet combat, win or lose, and those points are kept with that specific TF and can't be transferred to others. -Each battle a TF participates in gives 1XP. -Writing at least a paragraph description of the TF in your profile when creating it also grants 1XP. -Only matched PVP battles give experience while practice battles, battles against NPCs, and narrative battles will not provide experience. -A Task Force that loses over half of its ships (or suffers 50% hull damage in the case of Capital and specialist ships with support) is considered to have suffered Heavy Losses and must skip the next battle to undergo repairs and train replacement crew. -A TF that is wiped out loses a rank of veterancy unless it has a bonus to prevent that or is already at Green, in which case advancement to next rank is reset. -If a side is being defeated and doesn't want to lose experience, they can withdraw and retreat from the battle. Withdrawing is a full Round action during which TF's do not attack or use special abilities, but can prevent the loss of valuable experience and abilities in a battle that can't be won. -The fleet’s admiral can order “unowned” Task Forces to retreat. -Individual TF's can be withdrawn in the middle of battle, but cannot be replaced with new ones and may suffer damage during the retreat. Green: 0XP (starting level) Veteran: 2XP Elite: 5 XP Combat Combat takes place in a series of Rounds where each PC posts their TF's actions and, at the end of each Round, a Mod calculates damage inflicted. Where combat used to be in a 3 post cycle with a mod ruling at the end, the battles now are modded after each Round and the battles last until one side either retreats, surrenders, or is destroyed. All players are expected to maintain lines of communication and goodwill to the opposing players and the mod ruling on the battle. Post Order Once a Round has begun, all players from both sides have 3 days to respond with both posts of their actions and a private message to the Mod of what exact abilities their TF's are using and what target they are focused on. At the end of 3 days, or once all PC's have posted, the Mod can will calculate the actions and deliver the summary ruling of what happened during that Round. Players do NOT reveal their targets unless they choose to, those are given to the Mod and damage dealt by them. All actions in battle are considered to happen simultaneously at the end of each Round instead of taking place slightly later in sequence as was done in the past. Players that fail to post in 3 days are assumed to repeat their last action if possible. If it’s the first Round, their commander is assumed to have failed to react promptly and/or the crew was caught unprepared and they make no action. Since all actions happen simultaneously at the end of each Round, post order of combatants is irrelevant. Fleet commanders post actions once the Round is up, with players optionally posting their more in depth narratives afterwards. General Rules Throughout the rules you will see references to removal, targeted removal, and damage abilities, these all refer to Task Force abilities and starfighter actions that allow ships to do measurable damage to each other. This is not to say that other ships aren’t actively firing their weapons or otherwise engaging the enemy, just that these TF's and bombers are specifically designed to overwhelm shields and compromise hulls. To simplify things, only the abilities (active or passive) of the specific Task Force are counted when it comes to damage dealt or received. This may result in some specialized TF's seeming to be "inactive" for some Rounds until the right situation arises for them to use their special abilities. When making a fleet, be sure to include a good mixture of different types of TF's with different abilities so create a well rounded fleet. -Up to three TF's can focus fire on the same enemy Task Force, but for each attacking TF after the first there’s a cumulative minus 2 damage penalty per TF to total damage inflicted, representing too many ships getting in the way of each other. -When damage is dealt to a TF at the end of a Round, the commander of that TF decides which ship is first affected. Damage in later Rounds continues to go to that ship first until it is destroyed. This prevents spreading out damage to multiple ships to prevent any losses. -If damage is dealt that exceeds the hull of a ship, it is destroyed and any remaining damage goes to another target within that TF. If the TF is destroyed entirely, the remaining damage is lost. -Some TF's in this list mention that they are supported by smaller ships, such as the Interdiction Cadre. Leaders of these TF's can choose to have damage dealt to those TF's first hit other ships in that TF (such as Frigates or Corvettes) rather than losing the main ship offering the special abilities. This allows the special abilities offered by that TF to last longer. -Support ship losses do not count towards determining whether the TF has suffered heavy losses. -Another form of defensive options are Escorts, TF's that can attach themselves to other Task Forces to allow their ships to serve as a type of shielding to absorb enemy fire and damage while protecting a more valuable target. -Any Task Force with or escorted by corvettes force bombers to damage shields instead of going straight to the hull. -A Frigate can intercept bomber attacks forcing the bombers to inflict the much lower damage on them instead of more vulnerable Cruisers or Capital Ships. -Cruisers and Capital Ship Escort TF's serving as support cannot intercept bomber attacks which would ignore the Escort and go to the primary target. They do absorb incoming enemy Focus Fire damage. -Each side gets ONE starfighter action per Round which is decided by the leading PC of each faction. Some TF's come with additional Starfighter Actions. Starfighter Actions Along with their normal Task Force actions, during each Round, the admiral of each side decides the Starfighter Action or Actions which are sent via Private Message along with their other TF actions to the Mod at the end of their post each Round. Similar to how all ships of the same class are considered equal, this system does not track squadron numbers or ship carrier capacity, so there is no optimal ship. Most of the time, these actions take place at the same time as all other TF actions, but there are certain special abilities that can delay or alter that timetable. These actions consist of one of the following. Bombers Inbound: The fleet’s bombers move to engage a frigate or larger ship, doing direct removal damage. When bombers target ships supported by corvettes their damage must go through shields before doing hull damage. Interception: The commander issuing the order picks a single Task Force to protect, they cannot cannot be targeted by bombers for this Round unless protected by Fighter Escort. Combat Air Patrol: The starfighters assist with locating potential hidden enemies, allowing for an additional scan of a Task Force’s area. Fighter Escort: Supplements Bombers Inbound, so only usable if the fleet can use more than one starfighter action a Round in larger battles. Snubfighters escort the bombers, making Interception and other anti-fighter abilities halve damage rounding down instead of stopping bombers completely. Phases 1. At the start of each battle, both sides post their Task Forces and their composition and what type of TF they have. 2. Once combat begins, each PC makes a narrative post describing the general actions their ships are taking within the bounds of what their TF can do. They do not have to reveal the exact targets of their attacks, nor do they post the results of their moves. 3. Each PC sends a private message to the Mod of their targets and abilities they are utilizing. 4. After all PC's have posted or 3 days has passed, the Mod will calculate damage dealt and to which TF. They will then post those calculations. 5. Each PC decides which ships in their TF receive damage and informs their Fleet Commander who will add all damage to the running tally of active Task Forces. 6. A new Round begins with the remaining TF's and ships able to make new moves again. Special Rules Hyperspace Travel Reserve Forces -A Task Force can arrive late to a battle, either due to circumstances or as part of a strategy. One or more TF's can be held in reserve rather than deploying immediately to the field. -If a player chooses this option they should let the presiding staff member know which task force they want to hold back. When submitting actions for the round, the player can inform the mod that they want to bring their reserves in next turn. -During the end of round summary the mod will post that the enemy detects incoming ships and relay how many task forces are inbound but not the composition of the task forces. Arrival -When a Task Force jumps in the enemy is made aware of ships exiting hyperspace at the beginning of the Round (but not what those ships are) and have the opportunity to assign abilities to target them. -If enemy sensors are jammed they lose the option to make an initial response and must wait to the next Round to target the incoming TF. -If comms for the side that is bringing in reserves are not jammed, the new arrival can perform an action as normal for the Round, otherwise they must wait until the next Round as the incoming ships orient themselves to the situation. -Some Task Forces (such as Interdiction cadre and Command Group) can allow reserve forces to do precision jumps into the battle. Provided that comms are not jammed, the reserve TF can ignore support ships and escorts for the Round that they jump in allowing them to deal direct damage on a specific target. If the TF is a Carrier Group and chooses Bombers Inbound, the Starfighter Action ignores support ships as well, representing the ships jumping in already in attack formation. -Ships that use precision deployment have damaged their hyperdrives and cannot withdraw early if their side begins to lose. If both sides have ships stranded this way and no longer wish to fight they can agree to mutually disengage until repairs are completed, otherwise those stranded ships could be trapped and destroyed. Withdrawal -If a battle seems lost or the fleet is needed elsewhere, PC's can withdraw their Task Forces from combat. Doing so can incur various penalties, but might be the only way to minimize losses and save high experience Task Forces. -Withdrawing counts as that Task Force's actions for that Round and it is unable to perform any other action though is subject to enemy actions. When Withdrawing, the PC informs the Mod via Private Message of their move instead of any attacks. -After that Round resolves, the Task Force receives whatever additional damage was dealt by their enemies, then is able to escape to Hyperspace and is gone at the start of the next Round. -Some factors, such as Interdictors or the TF having jumped in with a Precision Jump, may affect how many Task Forces can withdraw each Round. Stealth -Some Task Forces are composed of ships with stealth armor or cloaking devices. For enemies to target them they must first find them through scanning. While every stealth system has a “tell” on certain frequencies, finding it takes time. -At the beginning of each battle, the commander of the stealth Task Force picks a number between one and ten and sends it to the Mod via Private Message, this is their “tell” frequency. -Enemy TF's can scan their immediate surroundings and pick a number to send to the Mod. If the number is the same as the stealth Task Force, and the stealth ship is stalking them, the stealth ship becomes targetable for the rest of the battle. Some Task Force abilities can allow spotted Stealth TF's to be concealed again. -Escorts share the same space as the TF they are attached to, effectively giving a second guess for a high priority target each Round. Additional scans are gained from using the Combat Air Patrol Starfighter Action or if the concealed ship opens fire. -Each Round, stealthed TF's bank damage to be applied in one potentially devastating blow. When they open fire, the enemy TF is able to get another scan. -If sensors are being jammed by an allied Electronics Warfare ship, the stealth ship has a second frequency tell that must be guessed before they are revealed. -Ships with cloaking can change their tell frequency in the Round as a full Round action, meaning they can recloak, but they have to survive the Round first. -Cloaked ships cannot reuse an already discovered tell frequency, even if the discovered tell was for an allied ship. -Hidden ships can go cold, not performing any actions for the Round, to avoid scans for that Round at the cost of banking additional damage. Flagships Each Faction has one Flagship that can be commanded by the grand admiral. The Flagship can earn a variety of powerful upgrades unique to their top commander, but if it is destroyed, all upgrades are lost. Furthermore, if the Flagship is destroyed in a battle, then the following Round actions for that side are resolved after the opponent's, representing confusion and panic from the loss of such a powerful symbol. This gives the opposition a chance to inflict additional damage or even destroy enemy targets before allies can respond. Mechanics Task Force Composition A Task Force is 6 points worth of ships. One Capital Ship is 6 points, meaning that it comprises the entire TF. One Cruiser is 3 points, meaning that a TF can either have two cruisers or one cruiser and smaller support ships. One Frigate is 1 point. Two Corvettes are 1 point. Class Benefits A Capital Ship has a tremendous amount of shields and hull health, but is vulnerable to Bombers Inbound attacks. Its Focus Fire deals 6 damage which is less than two Cruisers (4 each), but can absorb significant amounts of damage before being destroyed. A Cruiser is capable of using Focus Fire for 4 points of damage which, combined with another Cruiser, gives it more damage output than a Capital Ship, but they can be destroyed much easier reducing the per Round damage. Cruisers are also more flexible and are critical for certain specialized Task Forces such as Interdictor Cadres. A Frigate is a smaller ship that doesn't necessarily deal direct damage, but has the unique ability to absorb Bombers Inbound attacks thus serving as a shield for key Capital Ships and Cruisers. Some specialized Task Forces require Frigates. Corvettes are mobile and quick strike craft, but cannot absorb a lot of damage. They are able to force Bombers Inbound to deal damage first to shields instead of straight to the hull on any Task Force they are a part of or Escorting. Damage and Health Ship shields and hull: Corvette: 2/1 Frigate: 3/3 Cruiser: 9/9 Capital Ship: 20/20 Bombers Inbound: Bombers deal damage based on the Class of ship being targeted. Corvettes are too small and maneuverable to be targeted. Bombers do damage straight to the hull unless enemy abilities prevent it. Damage Done: Frigates: 1 Cruisers: 2 Capital Ship: 3 Focus Fire: Cruisers and Capital Ships are the only classes that can utilize Focus Fire, the primary offensive damage dealing ability in most battles. Cruisers: 4 Capital Ship: 6 Task Force Format Template When making a Task Force, please make sure to follow these formats as closely as possible. The first format should be in your character's Bio, either a separate post or as part of your original bio. It would be extremely helpful to the Mods to put a description of the Tours of Duty (battles and events your TF has been part of) to help keep track of where XP has been earned. Not every event listed needs to be a battle where XP was earned, some could be simple missions that you want to keep track of to see the increasingly rich history of your Task Forces. Completing a description of your TF earns you 1XP. The second format should be used by each side's admiral at the start of each Round to both declare what ships are part of the action and to record damage and losses. There doesn't need to be as much detail in these, but please assign each TF at least one Callsign that makes it easier for the Mods to differentiate between multiple potentially similar TF's. You can have multiple Callsigns if you have larger numbers of ships, like Frigates or Corvettes, but in general, TF's move in cohesion so there may not be too many times when they split up. Bio Format [Task Force Type] [Ship Classes] Experience: [Level], [XP] Composition: [ship class and name] [captain (optional)] Tours of Duty: [mission/battle]: [brief description] [XP earned] [mission/battle]: [brief description] [XP earned] Description: [(optional) description and history of the Task Force, feel free to go into as much or little description as you want for flavor, especially as you have the TF's longer] Battle Format [Faction] [Task Force Type] Assigned PC: [Name of RP account commanding the TF] Task Force Experience: [Level][XP] Assigned Callsign: [Task Force Name] [Ship 1] ([Shields]/[Hull]) [Ship 2] ([Shields]/[Hull]) Task Force Format Examples Bio Format Destroyer Group: Focus Fire Two Cruisers Experience: Veteran, 3XP Composition: Victory class Star Destroyer Spider's Smile Captain Nemo Victory class Star Destroyer Vengeance Captain Nelson Tours of Duty: Ambush at Sullust: Defended against a Rebel Alliance ambush over Sullust, engaged multiple enemies and fought with distinction. (+1XP) Scouting Around Coruscant: Ordered to respond to a potential Rebel buildup outside Coruscant. Encountered a small Rebel force that fled without fighting as soon as it was spotted. Battle of Dantooine: Part of an assault force sent by the Emperor to conquer the planet and drive off all Rebel forces. (+1XP) Description: The Spider's Smile and the Vengeance were a pair of Victory Star Destroyers in the old Empire that went rogue after the formation of the Galactic Alliance. Their captains, Nemo and Nelson, were long time friends who originally took over a small Outer Rim planet and used its population to support their two ships. When word came of the rising Sith Empire and its might, they both decided to pledge their loyalty to it and have been serving the whims of the Dark Emperor ever since. Battle Format Sith Empire Destroyer Group [Turbolasers]: Focus Fire Assigned PC: Darth Vader Task Force Experience: Green, 2XP Assigned Callsign: Dark Might Victory class Star Destroyer Spider's Smile (9/9) Victory class Star Destroyer Vengeance (9/9)
  2. Just a little bump to let some of our newer people know about it. Please respond here so we can keep this going.
  3. Sample Battles *This post is subject to Mod Approval and is not official as long as this disclaimer is present, this should only be used as educational and not considered hard rules. Any questions or clarifications should be sent to the RP mods.* Purpose The purpose of this section is to demonstrate, in high detail, the actual process and numbers involved in a series of battles. This is to help players actually see and understand how the Task Force system is actually implemented and how it works. All narrative flavor is removed here, but is strongly encouraged in actual battles. At first, only a basic battle will be shown, but over time, more sample scenarios will be added. There are three people involved here: Jedi John, Sith Sam, and Mod Max. Their posts will retain their color for ease of following. Anything in italics is a Direct Message sent on Discord. Battles Battle 1: 2 PC's, 3 TF's each Disposition Jedi John's Forces: Destroyer Group [Missiles] (Veteran XP) Jedi Capital Ship Alpha (20/20) Defensive Escort: Suppressing Fire (Elite XP) Jedi Frigates 1-3 (3/3) Jedi Corvettes 1-6 (2/1) Asset Denial Force: Surgical Strike (Green XP) Jedi Cruiser Beta (9/9) Jedi Frigate Adam (3/3) Jedi Frigate Baker (3/3) Jedi Corvettes Adam, Baker, and Charlie (2/1) Sith Sam's Forces: Destroyer Group: [Turbolasers] (Veteran XP) Sith Cruiser Alpha (9/9) Sith Cruiser Beta (9/9) Hellriders: Hit and Run Tactics (Veteran XP) Sith Corvettes 1-12 (2/1) Heavy Brawler Escort: Hammer and Anvil (Elite XP) Sith Capital Ship Alpha (20/20) Battle Begins Round 1: Jedi John's Moves He posts his TF's disposition and health (full health since first round). He then describes the initial attack where his ships form up around his capital ship with his Asset Denial Force staying off slightly to the rear. *Note, to keep things simple, general position and formations described are for narrative flavor and don't actually affect what the TF's can do. A TF may be described as being in the rear of the formation, but unless it is actually protected by an Escort TF, it can be targeted while other ships described as being in the front can be ignored. After posting in the roleplaying topic, he sends a Direct Message to Mod Max that says: Destroyer Group uses its Focus Fire on enemy Hellriders Defensive Escort offers itself and the Destroyer Group an escorting protection (both TF's are now protected) Asset Denial Force has no shieldless targets to use its ability For the fighter move, he selects to use Bombers Inbound on the enemy Destroyer Group Sith Sam's Moves He posts his TF's disposition and health as well. He then describes his fleet eagerly pushing into battle, opening up with all guns and with his corvettes diving headlong into the fray with hopes of gaining great glory. *Note, the order in which combatants post is not generally relevant. Since the actual actions are sent via secret messages to the Mod, there is no particular order the players must post since they aren't actually reacting to that current post. Much of the confusing maneuvering and opinion based tactics are eliminated making the battle more objective to rule upon and calculate. After posting in the roleplaying topic, he sends his own Direct Message to Mod Max that says: Destroyer Group uses its Focus Fire on enemy Destroyer Group Hellriders join in the Focus Fire to inflict more damage on enemy Destroyer Group Heavy Brawler Escort protects Destroyer Group For the fighter move, he selects to use Bombers Inbound on the enemy Destroyer Group Mod Max Ruling Now that he has received the moves he has to calculate the damage and where it went. However, he does need further clarification since, when Hellriders attack a target, that targets may choose to ignore them and suffer damage or destroy some of them at the cost of receiving double Focus Fire damage. He sends a Direct Message to Jedi John offering him the choice: Your Destroyer Group is targeted by Hellriders, do you want to focus on them, or receive their extra 3 damage? Jedi John considers this and elects to focus fire on the group in hopes of inflicting heavy losses in combination with his other force's abilities. He responds in a Direct Message: I will focus on the Hellriders, accepting the extra Focus Fire damage. Having that response, Mod Max continues calculating damage, then posts the results in the roleplaying topic. For clarity, he states what each move is and what the results are. Jedi Destroyer Group uses its Focus Fire on Hellriders Sith Hellriders take 6 damage, Veteran level ability for Missiles group doubles that against corvettes, so another 6 damage is taken Defensive Escort has an Elite level ability giving an extra 3 damage to all frigates and corvettes targeted by its escorting TF, an additional 3 damage is dealt to the Hellriders Jedi Defensive Escort is now protecting itself and the Destroyer Group Jedi Asset Denial Force has no actions Jedi Bombers Inbound to Destroyer Group Destroyer Group is escorted by Heavy Brawler Group Heavy Brawler Group takes 3 Hull damage * * * Sith Destroyer Group uses Focus Fire on enemy Destroyer Group Destroyer Group is escorted by the Defensive Escort TF which takes its damage That group suffers 8 damage (4 from each cruiser), Veteran level ability for Turbolasers group is negated against the Frigates and Corvettes, so no additional damage dealt Sith Hellriders join the Focus Fire attack on enemy Destroyer Group Destroyer Group is Escorted by Defensive Escort TF which takes its damage Hellriders suffer 3 corvette losses, Focus Fire is doubled for an additional 8 damage to Defensive Escort Sith Heavy Brawler Escort is protecting Destroyer Group Sith Bombers Inbound to Destroyer Group Bombers are Intercepted by Defensive Escort protecting the Destroyer Group which nullifies their attack End of Round 1: each side now calculates their damages and/or losses and prepares for Round 2. Round 2: Jedi John's Moves He posts the disposition and health of his fleet showing the damage suffered. In the Defensive Escort TF, he decides which ships are hit and destroyed. Destroyer Group [Missiles] (Veteran XP) Jedi Capital Ship Alpha (20/20) Defensive Escort: Suppressing Fire (Elite XP) (suffers 16 damage) Jedi Frigate 1 (3/3) Jedi Frigate 2 (2/3) Jedi Frigate 3 (0/0) Jedi Corvette 1 (2/1) Jedi Corvette 2 (2/1) Jedi Corvette 3 (2/1) Jedi Corvette 4 (0/0) Jedi Corvette 5 (0/0) Jedi Corvette 6 (0/0) Asset Denial Force: Surgical Strike (Green XP) Jedi Cruiser Kappa (9/9) Jedi Frigate Adam (3/3) Jedi Frigate Baker (3/3) Jedi Corvette Adam (2/1) Jedi Corvette Baker (2/1) Jedi Corvette Charlie (2/1) With his damage displayed, he describes the destruction and chaos happening as the battle's opening moves are seen. Losses are heavy among his escort group, but they are resolved and stand firm in their desire to protect the Capital Ship Alpha. He is also happy so see so much damage dealt to the Hellriders, but also realizes his own escort cannot take another round like that and must reconsider what to do. He weighs the benefit from finding a way to strip the shields off of an enemy Capital Ship or Cruiser so he could disable it with his Asset Denial Force which can disable ships only if they are unshielded. Still, the allure of finishing off a weakened Corvette TF that his own fleet was so heavily geared towards fighting was an opportunity he couldn't pass up. He sends a Direct Message to Mod Max with his Round 2 moves. Destroyer Group uses Focus Fire on Sith Hellriders Defensive Escort is still escorting Destroyer Group Asset Denial Force is still without a viable target Fighter move is still focusing on the Sith Destroyer Group Sith Sam's Moves He also posts his losses and takes stock of his situation. He has suffered a grand total of 15 damage to his Hellriders with 3 more entire corvettes (9 damage worth) lost. Two thirds of that force is gone. Destroyer Group: [Turbolasers] (Veteran XP) Sith Cruiser Alpha (9/9) Sith Cruiser Beta (9/9) Hellriders: Hit and Run Tactics (Veteran XP) (Suffers 24 damage) Sith Corvettes 1-8 Sith Corvette 9 (2/1) Sith Corvette 10 (2/1) Sith Corvette 11 (2/1) Sith Corvette 12 (2/1) Heavy Brawler Escort: Hammer and Anvil (Elite XP) (suffers 3 Hull Damage) Sith Capital Ship Alpha (20/17) With his damage now displayed, he starts posting in the roleplaying topic the reactions to the battle. His Hellriders have been devastated and are shaken, but their combination of thrill seeking and loyalty to the Empire means they will do whatever is needed even if it means going out in a blaze of glory, but Sith Sam would rather not lose them entirely yet. His larger ships are largely unscathed and are continuing to fight in earnest. He decides that it would be likely that Jedi John may want to destroy his weakened Hellriders, and, especially since he knows their Veteran ability would negate Heavy Losses but not total destruction, he decides to protect them. Knowing that the enemy gets much of their boosts from fighting Corvettes, he wants to take an action that would mitigate their ability even if it meant exposing his Destroyer Group. He sends a Direct Message to Mod Max with his Round 2 moves. Destroyer Group uses Focus Fire on Jedi Destroyer Group Hellriders regroup, take no action Heavy Brawler Escort changes to protect the Hellriders Fighter move will be to Intercept covering Destroyer Group and Heavy Brawler Escort Mod Max Ruling Now that moves for Round 2 are sent in, Mod Max goes about calculating the attacks. There is no need for a mid-Round query since no abilities are being used that need further clarifications. Jedi Destroyer Group uses Focus Fire on enemy Hellriders Hellriders are protected by Heavy Brawler Escort which takes its damage Heavy Brawler Escort takes 6 damage, but also deals 4 back from its Elite level ability Jedi Defensive Escort is still protecting itself and the Destroyer Group Jedi Asset Denial Force still has no actions Jedi fighter action is Bombers Inbound to the Sith Destroyer Group Sith used Intercept to protect their Destroyer Group, action has no affect * * * Sith Destroyer Group focuses on Jedi Destroyer Group Destroyer Group is escorted by the Defensive Escort TF which takes its damage That group suffers 8 damage (4 from each cruiser), Veteran level ability for Turbolasers group is negated against the Frigates and Corvettes, so no additional damage dealt Sith Hellriders take no action Sith Heavy Brawler Escort changes to escort the Hellriders Sith fighter move is Intercept protecting Destroyer Group and Heavy Brawler Escort End of Round 2: each side now calculates their damages and/or losses and prepares for Round 3. Some general notes for the first two Rounds. Destroyer Group [Missiles] (Veteran XP) Jedi Capital Ship Alpha (20/20) Defensive Escort: Suppressing Fire (Elite XP) (suffers 12 damage) Jedi Frigate 1 (3/3) Jedi Frigate 2 (0/2) Jedi Frigate 3 (0/0) Jedi Corvette 1-6 Asset Denial Force: Surgical Strike (Green XP) Jedi Cruiser Kappa (9/9) Jedi Frigate Adam (3/3) Jedi Frigate Baker (3/3) Jedi Corvette Adam (2/1) Jedi Corvette Baker (2/1) Jedi Corvette Charlie (2/1) Destroyer Group: [Turbolasers] (Veteran XP) Sith Cruiser Alpha (9/9) Sith Cruiser Beta (9/9) Hellriders: Hit and Run Tactics (Veteran XP) Sith Corvettes 1-8 Sith Corvette 9 (2/1) Sith Corvette 10 (2/1) Sith Corvette 11 (2/1) Sith Corvette 12 (2/1) Heavy Brawler Escort: Hammer and Anvil (Elite XP) (suffers 6 damage) Sith Capital Ship Alpha (14/17) While the Sith took heavy losses in Round 1, they were also able to turn it round in Round 2 because they reacted to their enemy's strength and countered appropriately. The Sith took 27 damage and dealt only 16 damage themselves. Instead of continuing down that losing strategy, they saw the situation and took action. While an argument could be made that Sith Sam could have foreseen the damage dealt in this round simply by looking at the makeup of his enemy, the counter can be made that Jedi John could have elected to accept 3 damage from the Hellriders instead of taking the extra 8 from doubling Focus Fire. That showed aggression that not everyone is willing to play, especially for those who aren't so heavily geared towards destroying Corvettes. The Jedi were able to get some heavy damage in Round 1, but took a gamble that they could continue that in Round 2. That gamble didn't pay off, and they ended up suffering far more damage than they took (12 taken to 6 given) and now their Defensive Escort is nearly destroyed. In the next few rounds, both sides must decide how they will proceed. The Sith Hellriders are heavily damaged and, if they are used offensively again, they risk their own destruction. It is possible to use them once more and take 3 more losses, but they could not be used again and the Heavy Brawler Escort needs to cover them or risk the TF being wiped out by enemy Focus Fire. The Jedi are also vulnerable with their own Escort all but wiped out. They would likely want to disengage it and hope the Sith don't decide to Focus Fire and finish it off. Their Capital Ship has some strength to it and, if they can strip the shields off of one of the Sith Destroyer Group Cruisers, their Asset Denial Force could use ion cannons on it and render it disabled.
  4. Task Forces Overview Task Forces are the primary unit of combat and each comes with their own composition requirements, unique abilities, and usefulness. There are three major types of TF's, though more may be developed over time. All Task Force names are for flavor and clarification. PC's are still able to post creative narratives of the actions being taken, but those actions must be in line with the abilities of their TF's Some Task Forces have specialized abilities such as Interdictors. The Cruiser or specified ship is considered the source of those abilities, so if it is destroyed or disabled (such as by the ion cannons of the Surgical Strike TF), that TF cannot perform the abilities. Escorting TF's and smaller ships part of that TF are critical in protecting those primary ships so they can continue to contribute to the battle. Offensive These Task Forces are geared towards dealing damage to the enemy, usually though the Focus Fire ability of Capital Ships and Cruisers, but also through fighter/bomber actions of Bombers Inbound. Though other types of TF's can deal removal damage, these are the primary ones that can destroy opposing enemy forces. Escorts Escort Task Forces are designed to be attached to other TF's to serve as a sort of shield to protect the other TF from damage. This is especially useful if there are highly experienced TF's that may be focused on by the enemy because it lets them stay alive longer and use their Elite abilities. Some of them also have additional perks and abilities that can supplement the offensive or defensive capabilities of the ship classes they are made up of, such as additional protection from bombers or incoming Focus Fire. Special Forces These Task Forces are offer special and unique abilities for a deeper, more complex strategy. Stealth, Interdiction, and Medial Task Forces can provide a savvy commander the ability to surprise the enemy or mitigate damage done. While these TF's may have seemingly limited uses, when used properly, they can drastically change the outcome of any battle. Task Forces Offensive Destroyer Group [Turbolasers]: Focus Fire Capital Ship or 2 Cruisers Green: The TF can target an enemy ship and subject it to a withering hail of turbolaser fire using Focus Fire. Veteran: More potent turbolaser gases and higher quality crystals allow the ships to better chew through enemy shields. Focus fire damage against Capital Ship shield health is increased by 2 points, 1 point for Cruisers. Elite: The TF can put all power to weapons, doubling the damage it causes with Focus Fire, but also doubling the amount of damage it takes that turn from enemy removal attacks. Destroyer Group [Rail guns]: Focus Fire Capital Ship or 2 Cruisers Green: The TF can target an enemy ship and subject it to a destructive barrage of rail gun fire using Focus Fire. Veteran: The TF has been allocated special armor piercing rounds for targeting heavily armored ships. Focus fire damage against Capital Ship shield health is increased by 2 points, 1 point for Cruisers. Elite: The TF can break formation to capitalize on more lethal attack vectors. Doing this allows it to do double damage, but it is also overextended for the next Round so it loses any attached Escorts and enemy task forces do not suffer penalties for stacking Focus Fire attacks on it. Destroyer Group [Missiles]: Focus Fire Capital Ship or 2 Cruisers Green: The TF can target an enemy ship within range and subject it to an explosive salvo of missiles using Focus Fire. Veteran: The TF has been allocated specialized high explosive cluster bombs for targeting Corvettes. When the TF uses Focus Fire on Corvettes in a Round, they do double damage, but only to the Corvettes. Spillover and all other damage to other ships is reduced to zero. Elite: The TF may treat its Focus Fire damage like a Bombers Inbound action, allowing it to ignore Cruiser and Capital escorts but making it vulnerable to reduction by Corvettes and Starfighter Interception defenses. Precision Strike Carrier Group: Fighter Command Capital Ship or Cruiser supported by Frigates and/or Corvettes Green: The TF controller can perform an additional Starfighter Action for the round, that must be Bombers Inbound. Veteran: Bombers Inbound does an additional point of damage. Elite: The TF controller can perform an additional Starfighter Action for the round, that must be Fighter Escort. Asset Denial Force: Surgical Strike Cruiser with Frigate and/or Corvette support Green: A heavy ion cannon barrage disables one unshielded ship for that Round. Disabled ships cannot contribute their Focus Fire or other special abilities (such as Interdiction or Comms Jamming), withdraw from battle, provide support or escort, or issue additional starfighter commands. Veteran: The TF declares its target for the ion cannon barrage after actions are announced but before they resolve. Elite: The TF has an experimental new type of hyperdrive that allows it to choose to ignore interdiction fields and make precise micro jumps, allowing for constant repositioning. The TF can ignore Supporting and Escort ships or TF for its ion cannon attack, but only if the target is not the same one that was targeted last Round. Hellriders: Hit and Run Tactics Corvettes only Green: The corvettes can engage Cruisers or Capital Ships to support either a Focus Fire or Bombers Inbound removal ability. The targeted TF can either choose to focus on the Hellriders, costing the Hellriders three Corvettes but doubling the base value of Focus Fire and Bombers Inbound on the enemy TF, or they can ignore the Corvettes and take three hull damage as the Corvettes exploit vulnerabilities on the ship’s flanks and aft sections. Veteran: Hellrider formations tend to draw the most brash and aggressive captains, risk takers that owe success to high stakes gambles rather than experience and discipline. This TF has a reputation that makes recruiting these men and women easily, and does not suffer experience reductions from Heavy Losses. Elite: Gut churning space acrobatics allow the Hellriders to spread Focus Fire damage across a TF, rather than dealing all damage on a ship until it is destroyed and then moving onto the next. Escort Battle Line Escort: Tradition of Excellence Capital Ship Green: The TF regains two points of shield damage at the end of each round. Veteran: The Battle Line can focus all power to shields and halve (rounding up) the power of any direct removal abilities (except for artillery) for the Round. While this ability is in play, abilities that would normally bypass shields from TFs like the Hellriders and Covert Strike Force hit the shields instead. While this ability is in play, the TF takes double damage from artillery attacks, and enemy ships do not suffer penalties from combining fire on the ship (although the three TF cap for combined attacks remains). Elite: If the fleet is in danger of total destruction, the TF can launch a suicidal assault to allow all other allied ships to flee the battle. Doing this wipes out the Battle Line TF, but it can prevent a wipe by an Interdictor supported enemy fleet. Additionally, the TF can reduce one source of removal damage to one damage once per battle. Heavy Brawler Escort: Hammer and Anvil Capital Ship Green: The TF has been fitted with heavy armor, and has an additional ten hull points. Veteran: The TF uses its heavier armor to close the distance with threats and engage them at close range with weapons designed for high damage at short range. Non artillery and detected TF's that attack ships being escorted by this TF or the TF itself take three removal damage in return. There is no limit to how many times this damage can be triggered per turn. Elite: The TF adds an additional damage to its counterattack for each non artillery and detected ship that attacked it or the TF it is escorting this turn. Rapid Intervention Escort: Timely Response Two Cruisers Green: If held in reserve, the TF can perform an escort action during the arrival phase. Veteran: The TF adjusts its shield arrays into a more focused configuration, choosing an enemy task force to take half damage from this round. Elite: The TF decides which ally it will support after actions are declared but before they resolve. Light Defensive Escort: Suppressing Fire Frigates and Corvettes Green: Starfighter actions on the TF or allied ships that the TF is supporting are resolved at delayed speed. Veteran: The TF can treat itself and any TF that it is supporting as being targeted by Interception. Elite: When targeted by a ship of cruiser or larger classification, the TF can redirect damage to an allied TF that is escorting the same TF as they are. Mobile Disruption Escort: Aggressive Defense Corvettes only Green: Coordinated and highly disciplined evasive maneuvers effectively translate to corvettes in this TF having a second point of hull damage. Veteran: Rather than attaching to an allied TF to cover it like normal for escorts, the MDE can attach to an enemy TF with removal abilities and force it to target them first. If the enemy TF is a Carrier Group, its Bombers Inbound action is treated as going through an additional Corvette screen. Elite: Localized jamming causes the targeted TF to be unable to participate in coordinated attacks with its allies, and the MDE Corvettes are now considered to have three points of hull damage for the purpose of removal abilities. Special Forces Interdiction Cadre: Interdiction Field Interdictor Cruiser supported by Frigates and/or Corvettes Green: Gravity wells severely hamper retreat, forcing the enemy to only withdraw half their fleet each turn. Veteran: Interdiction fields can be used to precision deploy fleet assets, but this damages their hyperdrives, preventing them from being able to withdraw early for the rest of the battle. Elite: As long as the Interdictor is functional, its crew can largely prevent any ships from fleeing. Enemies can only withdraw one task force each turn. Electronic Warfare Pod: Information Control Dedicated EW and Comms Cruiser with Frigate and/or Corvettes Green: The TF can jam long range communications and sensors. Veteran: The TF can perform an additional scan on any allied TF to search for concealed enemies. Elite: The enemy penalty for targeting the same TF with more than one TF becomes a cumulative -3 instead of -2. Covert Strike Force: Silent Hunters One Stealth Cruiser Green: The TF uses stealth armor and sensor baffling countermeasures to prowl unnoticed along the edges of the battle. As long as the cruiser does not engage, each Round they can bank three points of damage while stalking an enemy TF. On the TF commander’s order, the banked damage can be applied to a target ship’s hull integrity, ignoring support ships and shields. Banked points are not lost if the TF disengages to avoid scans, but are lost if the target is destroyed or the TF starts stalking another target. Veteran: The TF has a cloaking device, allowing it to hide even after its initial discovery. Elite: The TF can bank four points of damage instead of three. Med/Eng Support Cluster: Guardian Angels Frigates Green: As long as the Task Force doesn’t engage the enemy, it is considered a war crime to target them. At the end of battle, the TF leader picks one allied TF that suffered Heavy Losses, the consequences are negated for it. Veteran: At the end of battle, the TF leader picks one allied TF that suffered Heavy Losses, the consequences are negated for it. They also pick one allied TF that was destroyed, that TF is instead treated as having suffered Heavy Losses. Elite: At the end of battle, the TF leader picks two allied TF that suffered Heavy Losses, the consequences are negated for them. They also pick one allied TF that was destroyed, that Task Force is instead treated as having suffered Heavy Losses. Fleet Command : Flagship Capital ship, one per faction under the command of the grand admiral. The grand admiral does not need to use his or her flagship, but only they can command it if it is on the field. The grand admiral picks one upgrade to start, and selects a new upgrade at a rate of every two battles plus the number of current upgrades. Since the upgrades are specific to the ship, abilities that prevent veterancy loss cannot be used on the flagship. Axial Weapon: The ship may perform Focus Fire as if it was a Destroyer Group (Turbolasers). Target Saturation: The ship is flanked by a number of up armored and heavily shielded transports used to provide cover, halve focus fire damage to it. Precision Deployment: The ship house a small gravity well generator that can be used to precision deploy fleet assets, but this damages their hyperdrives, preventing them from being able to withdraw for the rest of the battle. Ultra-Heavy Flak Cannons: The ship carries a network of remorselessly deadly flak weapons. Treat the flagship as supported by Corvettes. Meditation Chamber: Force Users can use these specially designed rooms to increase the efficiency of their forces, either gaining an additional Starfighter Action or allowing two TF's to choose the same target for Focus Fire without penalty to damage. Citadel Overshield: Superior shield management prevents attacks that ignore shields from going straight to hull damage, instead being treated as regular attacks. Pocket Dreadnought: The flagship is far larger than a standard capital ship, allowing for heavier armor and more powerful shield generators. This translates to an additional ten shield and hull health.
  5. Something that has come up (and has always been a struggle with myself) with some new/returning people is that it is very difficult to navigate between main/OOC usernames here, various characters, Discord usernames, and real names. Lord knows I have been here for quite some time and even I have problems with it constantly. So, I am wanting to get together a list of everyone's names and will update this post frequently. Please respond to this topic (with your primary or OOC account to make it easier) with the following (eliminate the parenthesis, please): Primary Account: (ie, the one we would send PM's to) Discord: (what your nickname is in the Jnet chat) Real First Name: (if you are comfortable with that, if not, leave out) Active Characters: (list their site username and IC character name if different) __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Ary the Gray Primary Account: Ary the Grey Discord Username: Aidan Darkfire/Ban Ulfson Real First Name: Charles Active Characters: Aidan Darkfire, Ban Ulfson Commander Cody Primary Account: Commander Cody Discord: Chief2443 Real First Name: Cody Active Characters: none Darth Nyrys Primary Account: Darth Nyrys Discord: Darth Nyrys Real First Name: Chad Active Characters: Darth Nyrys Delta73 Primary Account: Delta73 Discord: Scout#5653 Real First Name: Timothy Active Characters: Delta73, Sandy Sarna, Raven Zinthos, Rose Cariadus, Telperien Ar-Pharazon, Beth Andromina Exodus Primary: Exodus Discord: Exodus Active Characters: Exodus, Berserker Frond Primary Account: Frond Discord Username: Watcher (Frond-Ben) Real First Name: Ben Active Characters: Frond, Rruror’rur’rr Fynn Relmis Primary: Fynn Relmis Discord: Fynn-Kern Name: Baron Kern Active Characters: Baron Kern Genesis Primary Account: Genesis Discord Username: ScorpioArmegedon#3930 Real First Name: Chad M. Active Characters: Mjan Sadow iv-Adas, Genesis Stormhelm, Mythos Von Howlster, Mi'lan Ziza, Shiro Seven, R3-M0, Kari Koi Shadow91062 Primary Account: Shadow91062 Discord Username: Shadow91062 Real first name: Ryan Active Characters: Jax Sheog the Mad Primary: Sheog the Mad Discord: Fieldgrey Active Characters: Fieldgrey, Kyrie Eleison Travis Primary Account: Travis Discord Username: Travis Real First Name: Travis Active Characters: Adenna Alluyen, Qaela, Lendron Neldis Vox Primary Account: Vox Discord: SaucyPilgrim First Name: Joshua Active Character(s): Vox
  6. STATE OF THE GALAXY for the JediRP* Decades of warfare and nearly endless carnage following the destruction of the Second Death Star over Endor cumulated in the fleets of the Galactic Empire and the New Republic along with their respective Sith and Jedi converging on a hidden, partially completed and damaged Death Star long abandoned in deep space. That massive battle was so bloody that, despite ending in a stalemate, all sides were exhausted of fighting and came together to discuss alternatives to the status quo. The result was the formation of the Galactic Alliance: a Galaxy spanning government headquartered on Coruscant but made up of planets and regions from both sides. A blanket amnesty was issued for all who fought in the previous wars and all were allowed to start with a clean slate. The massive navies and armies on both sides that had survived the war were largely disbanded in favor of a small centralized and officially neutral Galactic Alliance peacekeeping force. For several years, the Galaxy was able to maintain an unsteady peace under the eyes of the Galactic Alliance. Despite an attempt to completely end the Force by the Sith Master Faust that saw even the Jedi and Sith fight side by side, there were no major wars or conflicts during that time. Despite the outward peace, there was still strife and conflict brewing beneath the surface. The criminal organization Black Sun was chafing under the rules and regulations of the Galactic Alliance and frequently resorted to overt criminality and terrorism sparking the ire of CoreSec, the law enforcement agency of the Galactic Alliance. Conflicts between those two organizations eventually drew in both Jedi interested in keeping the peace and Sith interested in power and carnage. The constant skirmishes and seeming ease in which Black Sun operated only further revealed the weakness of the Galactic Alliance which caused many member planets to lose faith in the central government. On the edges of the Galaxy, the Sith began to experience a new Dark Age of power and strength as the Dark Lord Exodus rose to power. Slowly and deliberately, he took control of the Sith and purged those who refused to yield to his authority. He managed to reign in the self destructive tendencies that marked the Sith's traditional society and directed those energies to building a powerful war machine: something that went against Galactic Alliance laws. To further boost their number and resources, the Sith allied with Black Sun, creating the Axis and adding criminal organization's monies and manpower to the Sith's. Though there was some alarm at this Sith rise, little action was done due to corruption, ineptitude, and deliberate internal sabotage. Seeing the weakness of the theoretically democratic society of the Galactic Alliance and becoming increasingly alarmed at the rise of the Sith, Imperial Remnant Head of State Raven Zinthos declared independence from the Galactic Alliance taking most of the former Imperial worlds with her. She began preparing for war, but faced an uphill climb to catch up with the Sith. Though they were no longer a part of the Galactic Alliance, the Imperial Remnant maintained a nominal peace with them and the Jedi Order. After the formation of the Galactic Alliance, the Jedi Order saw a chance at peace at long last. Its bloodied and war wary leaders took the opportunity to guide the Jedi away from war and to a more peaceful, introspective route that they believed were closer in line with traditional Jedi values. They felt that Jedi had been fighting a war for so long they had began to lose their way and slide toward the dark side. Despite signs of escalating war, the Jedi attempted to prolong the peace and worked tirelessly to prop up the fragile Galactic Alliance while preventing their number from actively confronting the Sith and provoking them to greater violence. This created discontent within the Jedi Order as some wanted to directly and violently oppose the Sith and other rising evils within the Galaxy. Leadership within the Jedi Order changed hands multiple times creating instability and discord that finally drove hundreds of their number out of the Order and into the newly independent Imperial Remnant. These Jedi and other Force users formed the Imperial Knights under Kyrie Eleison and adopted a set of stringent codes that helped them navigate the more martial side of their Order while preventing themselves from falling to the dark side. Sensing the time was right, Dark Lord Exodus led the Sith on a strike to take Onderon, a traditional Sith friendly planet. Through both manipulation and genuine support, the people of Onderon rose up against the Galactic Alliance and sided with the Sith fleet that appeared above their planet. With fairly little bloodshed or effort, the Sith took Onderon, named it the capital of their new Sith Empire, and began a war of conquest to take over the Galaxy. On Coruscant, the Galactic Alliance Senate was in shock at this move and immediately condemned it, but the response was hampered by corruption within the Senate. Rallying their own forces and a small Jedi fleet, they launched a hasty and poorly coordinated attempt to retake Onderon. The Sith and their Black Sun Axis were waiting and inflicted serious casualties on the attacking force before driving them off. Over the next several months, the Sith began launching small raids and attacks against the ill prepared Galactic Alliance and their Jedi allies, slowly gaining more and more territory. The Imperial Remnant began waging their own war against the Black Sun and other criminal organizations. After taking Nal Hutta and Nar Shaddaa, the Remnant focused on liberating Kashyyyk from the Axis powers. Head of State Zinthos was proclaimed Empress Zinthos as the Remnant struggled to rally as many as they could to prepare for the inevitable confrontation with the Sith. Despite their initial victories, they soon drew the attention of the Sith Empire which began a campaign for Kuat. In a brutal battle the likes of which the Galaxy hadn't seen since the old Imperial/New Republic Wars, most of the Remnant fleet was destroyed by the Axis and the shipyard planet was taken by the Sith and their Empress captured. With the Galactic Alliance's attention focused on the Sith Empire, there was little energy directed at Mandalorian space. From the ashes of a Mandalorian civil war rose a new Mandalore by the name of Terra and a new Crusader army that worshiped the old war gods of ancient times. This bloodthirsty band of warriors quickly built a fleet and raised an army to march into the Galaxy to bring their gods glory and death. With little warning, these Crusaders began raiding and pillaging with overwhelming force born of powerful weapons and religious zeal, leaving few survivors in their wake. At this point, Coruscant suffered two major catastrophes. The first was the attempt by Sith Master Faust to once again destroy the planet by pulling down one of its moons. This effort was staved off by the combined effort of the Jedi Order's most powerful members, but not without a heavy cost. The moon grazed the outer atmosphere of the planet causing immeasurable damage to the surface and killing hundreds of billions. To make matters worse, before the planet could even begin recovering, the Mandalorian Crusaders emerged from hyperspace and began a devastating assault on the planet. The Galactic Alliance and the Jedi forces were routed over Coruscant and forced to flee to Borleias. There, they were joined by survivors of the Imperial Remnant's fleet fresh from their crushing defeat over Kuat. The Galactic Alliance Senate was nearly entirely wiped out on Coruscant leaving Admiral Slaughter in de facto command of its forces. In the Jedi Order, leadership was so decimated and shattered that the mantle of Grandmaster fell upon a mere Jedi Knight, Adenna Alluyen. She immediately reversed the direction of the Jedi and directed them towards a more confrontational stance to actively fight the rising evil of the Sith. Together, these three groups formed an Alliance for the sake of survival even while continuing to take losses from the Sith and Mandalorian Crusaders. The first step for the stunned Allies was to free the captured Empress Zinthos. Intelligence led them to Dark Sun Station: a Black Sun controlled bank in the middle of deep space. Scouts reported the majority of the Black Sun's fleet there, stuck without support from their Sith allies. Hoping to strike a blow that would destroy the criminal organization, the Allies brought all of the forces they had amassed at Borleias and launched an attack on the Black Sun fleet. This proved to be a dangerous choice as the delay in rallying additional forces allowed the Sith to spring a counterattack against them. Though the Empress was freed, the ensuing battle saw the devastation of Black Sun's fleet, but also severe losses among the Allies. After fleeing Dark Sun Station, the Allies regrouped at Nar Shaddaa and formally created the Rebel Alliance. The Galactic Alliance and the Imperial Remnant merged entirely into one temporary government while the Jedi Order extended an offer for the Imperial Knights to rejoin the Order as an autonomous entity. During that time, the Sith under Dark Lord Exodus arrived in force over the shattered Coruscant and began crushing the Mandalorian Crusader garrison that remained and working towards establishing a semblance of order on the chaos. Currently, both sides are consolidating their positions and preparing for a new round of warfare. The Rebels are building small bases and launching raids against the Sith who are attempting to quell resistance in their newly conquered territory. *Editor's Note: This summary is designed to bring new or returning members up to a basic understanding of the current state that the RP is in. It is designed to present the most major or important events of this RP in a neutral light with more emphasis on the most recent (and therefore relevant) events. Though there are a number of key names and events listed here, it is not an exhaustive or comprehensive collection of characters, battles, or events. It is not the intent of the author to minimize the contributions of any player and character as everyone has a part to tell. Unfortunately, just as in the history books, only key events are told.
  7. You know, this really appeals to me. When Qaela was training her daughter, I found that I had a blast. I thoroughly enjoyed working around, teaching, and actually letting things flow without necessarily jumping all over the place. She isn't really a fighter, at least not in the way the Sith need now. She is, however, a good support and teacher, ironically, a mother like figure (comes from her Tribal instinct to protect and instruct for the better of the Tribe instead of dominating and crushing threats or rivals). Plus, that I naturally have a teacher/trainer personality in real life made it quite enjoyable. Exodus, I know I have not been the most reliable of RP'ers here, but I would definitely like to have a discussion (Hangouts or whatnot) with you sometime over what your philosophy and thoughts are on this. If we can kinda feel out that Qaela's own philosophy and training could be of value here (I am thinking the Item Enchantment, Poison/Alchemy, and Elemental Manipulation, and possibly Philosophy if Exodus agrees with some of her views), I would be interested in having her as a teacher, if not helping serve as a Headmistress of the Academy so there is a permanent PC there protecting it.
  8. Hmm, not sure what is up. I am on Chrome and it works just fine for me. I presume your Chrome is updated and you restarted your comp?
  9. Indeed, it has been too long. Missed a lot of our rather colorful conversations.
  10. -2 Luke, +1 Finn Finn 10 Poe Dameron 21 Kylo Ren 23 Luke Skywalker 25 Chewbacca 21 Admiral Ackbar 17 Maz Kanata 24 General Hux 19
  11. -2 Maz +1 Finn Finn 8 Poe Dameron 21 Kylo Ren 25 Luke Skywalker 23 Chewbacca 21 Admiral Ackbar 17 Maz Kanata 26 General Hux 25
  12. Love that, Dahar. Thanks for the welcome. Here I was thinking this place was dead and buried. Good to see that things are hopping a bit. Love to see people on and it is bringing up a lot of good old memories.
  13. For better or for worse, I am back. Been a long break, changed a hell of a lot (mellowed out a lot), and hope that RP'ing will get me back into writing.
  14. After nuclear war, the cockroaches will evolve to replace humanity using the Nokia phones that survived.
  15. Yea, I think Microsoft made a mistake on this one. They came into things about a year or so too late and I think they will take a big loss. As for the amount, let's not kid each other: 2.5 billion isn't all that much in a company of that size.
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