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  1. Just a little bump to let some of our newer people know about it. Please respond here so we can keep this going.
  2. Something that has come up (and has always been a struggle with myself) with some new/returning people is that it is very difficult to navigate between main/OOC usernames here, various characters, Discord usernames, and real names. Lord knows I have been here for quite some time and even I have problems with it constantly. So, I am wanting to get together a list of everyone's names and will update this post frequently. Please respond to this topic (with your primary or OOC account to make it easier) with the following (eliminate the parenthesis, please): Primary Account: (ie, the one we would send PM's to) Discord: (what your nickname is in the Jnet chat) Real First Name: (if you are comfortable with that, if not, leave out) Active Characters: (list their site username and IC character name if different) __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Ary the Gray Primary Account: Ary the Grey Discord Username: Aidan Darkfire/Ban Ulfson Real First Name: Charles Active Characters: Aidan Darkfire, Ban Ulfson Commander Cody Primary Account: Commander Cody Discord: Chief2443 Real First Name: Cody Active Characters: none Darth Nyrys Primary Account: Darth Nyrys Discord: Darth Nyrys Real First Name: Chad Active Characters: Darth Nyrys Delta73 Primary Account: Delta73 Discord: Scout#5653 Real First Name: Timothy Active Characters: Delta73, Sandy Sarna, Raven Zinthos, Rose Cariadus, Telperien Ar-Pharazon, Beth Andromina Exodus Primary: Exodus Discord: Exodus Active Characters: Exodus, Berserker Frond Primary Account: Frond Discord Username: Watcher (Frond-Ben) Real First Name: Ben Active Characters: Frond, Rruror’rur’rr Fynn Relmis Primary: Fynn Relmis Discord: Fynn-Kern Name: Baron Kern Active Characters: Baron Kern Genesis Primary Account: Genesis Discord Username: ScorpioArmegedon#3930 Real First Name: Chad M. Active Characters: Mjan Sadow iv-Adas, Genesis Stormhelm, Mythos Von Howlster, Mi'lan Ziza, Shiro Seven, R3-M0, Kari Koi Shadow91062 Primary Account: Shadow91062 Discord Username: Shadow91062 Real first name: Ryan Active Characters: Jax Sheog the Mad Primary: Sheog the Mad Discord: Fieldgrey Active Characters: Fieldgrey, Kyrie Eleison Travis Primary Account: Travis Discord Username: Travis Real First Name: Travis Active Characters: Adenna Alluyen, Qaela, Lendron Neldis Vox Primary Account: Vox Discord: SaucyPilgrim First Name: Joshua Active Character(s): Vox
  3. STATE OF THE GALAXY for the JediRP* Decades of warfare and nearly endless carnage following the destruction of the Second Death Star over Endor cumulated in the fleets of the Galactic Empire and the New Republic along with their respective Sith and Jedi converging on a hidden, partially completed and damaged Death Star long abandoned in deep space. That massive battle was so bloody that, despite ending in a stalemate, all sides were exhausted of fighting and came together to discuss alternatives to the status quo. The result was the formation of the Galactic Alliance: a Galaxy spanning government headquartered on Coruscant but made up of planets and regions from both sides. A blanket amnesty was issued for all who fought in the previous wars and all were allowed to start with a clean slate. The massive navies and armies on both sides that had survived the war were largely disbanded in favor of a small centralized and officially neutral Galactic Alliance peacekeeping force. For several years, the Galaxy was able to maintain an unsteady peace under the eyes of the Galactic Alliance. Despite an attempt to completely end the Force by the Sith Master Faust that saw even the Jedi and Sith fight side by side, there were no major wars or conflicts during that time. Despite the outward peace, there was still strife and conflict brewing beneath the surface. The criminal organization Black Sun was chafing under the rules and regulations of the Galactic Alliance and frequently resorted to overt criminality and terrorism sparking the ire of CoreSec, the law enforcement agency of the Galactic Alliance. Conflicts between those two organizations eventually drew in both Jedi interested in keeping the peace and Sith interested in power and carnage. The constant skirmishes and seeming ease in which Black Sun operated only further revealed the weakness of the Galactic Alliance which caused many member planets to lose faith in the central government. On the edges of the Galaxy, the Sith began to experience a new Dark Age of power and strength as the Dark Lord Exodus rose to power. Slowly and deliberately, he took control of the Sith and purged those who refused to yield to his authority. He managed to reign in the self destructive tendencies that marked the Sith's traditional society and directed those energies to building a powerful war machine: something that went against Galactic Alliance laws. To further boost their number and resources, the Sith allied with Black Sun, creating the Axis and adding criminal organization's monies and manpower to the Sith's. Though there was some alarm at this Sith rise, little action was done due to corruption, ineptitude, and deliberate internal sabotage. Seeing the weakness of the theoretically democratic society of the Galactic Alliance and becoming increasingly alarmed at the rise of the Sith, Imperial Remnant Head of State Raven Zinthos declared independence from the Galactic Alliance taking most of the former Imperial worlds with her. She began preparing for war, but faced an uphill climb to catch up with the Sith. Though they were no longer a part of the Galactic Alliance, the Imperial Remnant maintained a nominal peace with them and the Jedi Order. After the formation of the Galactic Alliance, the Jedi Order saw a chance at peace at long last. Its bloodied and war wary leaders took the opportunity to guide the Jedi away from war and to a more peaceful, introspective route that they believed were closer in line with traditional Jedi values. They felt that Jedi had been fighting a war for so long they had began to lose their way and slide toward the dark side. Despite signs of escalating war, the Jedi attempted to prolong the peace and worked tirelessly to prop up the fragile Galactic Alliance while preventing their number from actively confronting the Sith and provoking them to greater violence. This created discontent within the Jedi Order as some wanted to directly and violently oppose the Sith and other rising evils within the Galaxy. Leadership within the Jedi Order changed hands multiple times creating instability and discord that finally drove hundreds of their number out of the Order and into the newly independent Imperial Remnant. These Jedi and other Force users formed the Imperial Knights under Kyrie Eleison and adopted a set of stringent codes that helped them navigate the more martial side of their Order while preventing themselves from falling to the dark side. Sensing the time was right, Dark Lord Exodus led the Sith on a strike to take Onderon, a traditional Sith friendly planet. Through both manipulation and genuine support, the people of Onderon rose up against the Galactic Alliance and sided with the Sith fleet that appeared above their planet. With fairly little bloodshed or effort, the Sith took Onderon, named it the capital of their new Sith Empire, and began a war of conquest to take over the Galaxy. On Coruscant, the Galactic Alliance Senate was in shock at this move and immediately condemned it, but the response was hampered by corruption within the Senate. Rallying their own forces and a small Jedi fleet, they launched a hasty and poorly coordinated attempt to retake Onderon. The Sith and their Black Sun Axis were waiting and inflicted serious casualties on the attacking force before driving them off. Over the next several months, the Sith began launching small raids and attacks against the ill prepared Galactic Alliance and their Jedi allies, slowly gaining more and more territory. The Imperial Remnant began waging their own war against the Black Sun and other criminal organizations. After taking Nal Hutta and Nar Shaddaa, the Remnant focused on liberating Kashyyyk from the Axis powers. Head of State Zinthos was proclaimed Empress Zinthos as the Remnant struggled to rally as many as they could to prepare for the inevitable confrontation with the Sith. Despite their initial victories, they soon drew the attention of the Sith Empire which began a campaign for Kuat. In a brutal battle the likes of which the Galaxy hadn't seen since the old Imperial/New Republic Wars, most of the Remnant fleet was destroyed by the Axis and the shipyard planet was taken by the Sith and their Empress captured. With the Galactic Alliance's attention focused on the Sith Empire, there was little energy directed at Mandalorian space. From the ashes of a Mandalorian civil war rose a new Mandalore by the name of Terra and a new Crusader army that worshiped the old war gods of ancient times. This bloodthirsty band of warriors quickly built a fleet and raised an army to march into the Galaxy to bring their gods glory and death. With little warning, these Crusaders began raiding and pillaging with overwhelming force born of powerful weapons and religious zeal, leaving few survivors in their wake. At this point, Coruscant suffered two major catastrophes. The first was the attempt by Sith Master Faust to once again destroy the planet by pulling down one of its moons. This effort was staved off by the combined effort of the Jedi Order's most powerful members, but not without a heavy cost. The moon grazed the outer atmosphere of the planet causing immeasurable damage to the surface and killing hundreds of billions. To make matters worse, before the planet could even begin recovering, the Mandalorian Crusaders emerged from hyperspace and began a devastating assault on the planet. The Galactic Alliance and the Jedi forces were routed over Coruscant and forced to flee to Borleias. There, they were joined by survivors of the Imperial Remnant's fleet fresh from their crushing defeat over Kuat. The Galactic Alliance Senate was nearly entirely wiped out on Coruscant leaving Admiral Slaughter in de facto command of its forces. In the Jedi Order, leadership was so decimated and shattered that the mantle of Grandmaster fell upon a mere Jedi Knight, Adenna Alluyen. She immediately reversed the direction of the Jedi and directed them towards a more confrontational stance to actively fight the rising evil of the Sith. Together, these three groups formed an Alliance for the sake of survival even while continuing to take losses from the Sith and Mandalorian Crusaders. The first step for the stunned Allies was to free the captured Empress Zinthos. Intelligence led them to Dark Sun Station: a Black Sun controlled bank in the middle of deep space. Scouts reported the majority of the Black Sun's fleet there, stuck without support from their Sith allies. Hoping to strike a blow that would destroy the criminal organization, the Allies brought all of the forces they had amassed at Borleias and launched an attack on the Black Sun fleet. This proved to be a dangerous choice as the delay in rallying additional forces allowed the Sith to spring a counterattack against them. Though the Empress was freed, the ensuing battle saw the devastation of Black Sun's fleet, but also severe losses among the Allies. After fleeing Dark Sun Station, the Allies regrouped at Nar Shaddaa and formally created the Rebel Alliance. The Galactic Alliance and the Imperial Remnant merged entirely into one temporary government while the Jedi Order extended an offer for the Imperial Knights to rejoin the Order as an autonomous entity. During that time, the Sith under Dark Lord Exodus arrived in force over the shattered Coruscant and began crushing the Mandalorian Crusader garrison that remained and working towards establishing a semblance of order on the chaos. Currently, both sides are consolidating their positions and preparing for a new round of warfare. The Rebels are building small bases and launching raids against the Sith who are attempting to quell resistance in their newly conquered territory. *Editor's Note: This summary is designed to bring new or returning members up to a basic understanding of the current state that the RP is in. It is designed to present the most major or important events of this RP in a neutral light with more emphasis on the most recent (and therefore relevant) events. Though there are a number of key names and events listed here, it is not an exhaustive or comprehensive collection of characters, battles, or events. It is not the intent of the author to minimize the contributions of any player and character as everyone has a part to tell. Unfortunately, just as in the history books, only key events are told.
  4. You know, this really appeals to me. When Qaela was training her daughter, I found that I had a blast. I thoroughly enjoyed working around, teaching, and actually letting things flow without necessarily jumping all over the place. She isn't really a fighter, at least not in the way the Sith need now. She is, however, a good support and teacher, ironically, a mother like figure (comes from her Tribal instinct to protect and instruct for the better of the Tribe instead of dominating and crushing threats or rivals). Plus, that I naturally have a teacher/trainer personality in real life made it quite enjoyable. Exodus, I know I have not been the most reliable of RP'ers here, but I would definitely like to have a discussion (Hangouts or whatnot) with you sometime over what your philosophy and thoughts are on this. If we can kinda feel out that Qaela's own philosophy and training could be of value here (I am thinking the Item Enchantment, Poison/Alchemy, and Elemental Manipulation, and possibly Philosophy if Exodus agrees with some of her views), I would be interested in having her as a teacher, if not helping serve as a Headmistress of the Academy so there is a permanent PC there protecting it.
  5. Hmm, not sure what is up. I am on Chrome and it works just fine for me. I presume your Chrome is updated and you restarted your comp?
  6. Indeed, it has been too long. Missed a lot of our rather colorful conversations.
  7. -2 Luke, +1 Finn Finn 10 Poe Dameron 21 Kylo Ren 23 Luke Skywalker 25 Chewbacca 21 Admiral Ackbar 17 Maz Kanata 24 General Hux 19
  8. -2 Maz +1 Finn Finn 8 Poe Dameron 21 Kylo Ren 25 Luke Skywalker 23 Chewbacca 21 Admiral Ackbar 17 Maz Kanata 26 General Hux 25
  9. Love that, Dahar. Thanks for the welcome. Here I was thinking this place was dead and buried. Good to see that things are hopping a bit. Love to see people on and it is bringing up a lot of good old memories.
  10. For better or for worse, I am back. Been a long break, changed a hell of a lot (mellowed out a lot), and hope that RP'ing will get me back into writing.
  11. Well, if it is written for a high school level, then that works fine. It is precisely what I would expect from a high school student to write and would make a good example for the teacher to provide so they could understand what was needed without overwhelming them with Top Seller material. It took me a bit to figure out the Red Riding Hood references, but once Mergatroyd encountered Mentat and started commenting on his appearance discrepancies, I got it. Once I went back, I began to see how the rest of the story fit in, too. I understand there are a lot of outside references, far more than I can list, but I was curious, was Mentat one of them? That is the same as a society/collective of sorts from the Dune universe; a bunch of guys who use logic over everything and shun emotion.
  12. Sorry for the delay on this. As with Brendo, I like the professional academic writing style. It is reminiscent of the political pamphlets of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. It is an in character writing since the character assumes the readers know what he is talking about already. Such writing styles are not easy to keep on due to the need for balance between staying in character and informing the true audience of things they wouldn't possibly know. I wish it were longer, but as a forward (not a prologue, though, it is written as a forward), it works.
  13. China has killed it. I have three chapters all started but unfinished. Every time I sit down to write, my creativity and will to write is gone in minutes. It is the darnest thing, but there is nothing I can do. Maybe when I return to America, things will be different. I do not plan on abandoning things, but it is definitely on a hiatus.
  14. Jessicacasy is a bot. I deleted a spam post in one of my forums.
  15. I didn't notice any problems, so I guess all is well. That is good because most servers tend to undergo maintenance during the day for me since I am in an opposite time from North America and Western Europe where most users are.
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