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  1. Tobias shrugged as if Armenia's point about the vest wasn't anything to worry about; to him it wasn't. He smiled without meeting her gaze and took the vest off. It was similar to his scoundrel days and he missed the feel of the regular clothing. Despite belonging to the same order, preferences varied greatly. "You're not wrong, but if you go anticipating combat the more likely it is going to find you. I usually wear a combat sleeve under everything I wear anyways. Besides- to reactivate the connection there I will have to act a certain part- and that requires looking a certain part as well." He sighed, and sat down on the bench by the table. "Helps us remain incognito too, for the most part. A lot of this was from a few years ago under Kirlocca and... " His mood grew dark and he stumbled over the next word out of his mouth. Regret, sadness, and a certain longing spiced his Force Aura and he moved his hand to his nose and sniffed as if pulling back a tear. "...Dahar. so most of this stuff has hidden pockets for saber components or if bulky enough- full hilt sabers." "But anyways, what's on your mind? My apprentice is out trying to find out trandosian friend, so we have a moment to discuss things if you wish. Or there is ale in the cooler." His arm extended to the little kitchenette across the way. His blind eyes not locking onto the little nook, but his former chipper mood was returning.
  2. There was a moment within all the preparation that was called for. While accustomed to his heart beating faster while training and in combat, Tobias found his heart and mind racing at the prospect of leaving Adenna here, without someone he could trust. Sure they Jedi were trustworthy enough- but that was just on the surface. He'd been betrayed by too many over the years- Adenna included, but that was more of the political situation they found themselves in these days. Rebel Alliance, again. Since his eyes were damaged, he refrained from rolling them again- wouldn't want to injure them any more than they already were. The Alliance to restore the old way? Why was it the old way always seemed to be on the end of a beating and then held up on a pedestal. Why couldn't the old way ever stand up and win? Overall winning, not the silly battle by battle winning? His love had made some progress in that realm, and then this happened... now... Armenia was calling the shots. He'd back her up of course, but his mind wandered. Sitting on the edge of his bed, hunched over with his hands crossed in front of him, he looked over his scars- with the Force of course. Again, he sighed, resigned to his fate and the path his decisions would take him. A good faith mission with Pim, Vox, and the Grandmaster. Into a project he'd been ordered to shut down. Part of him wanted to stay with Adenna, another part knew he couldn't, another said he shouldn't anyways, a fourth part wanted her to just wake up and get back into it, a fifth wanted her to wake and run away with her to the scene he often fantasized about. The one where he showed that inquisitor. That imperial knight. That rebel alliance imperial knight. At his, he rolled his eyes. It was that or vomit out of how nauseating the actual term was. How quickly the Jedi had left and put the blinders on. In the middle of his musings, he heard a loud whump followed by an exclamation of pain from a tiny voice from outside his door and down the hall. He rose to investigate. Finding Pim on the floor, holding the back of her head and sucking air through her teeth, she had obviously fallen and hit her head... but where had she fallen from. Apparently his question was on his face- and she responded without Tobias saying a word. "Something new I am trying... it works, but I'm just not strong enough with my control of the Force yet, Master." Pim said, standing up. "I made it half way around the ship, but I obviously need to work on it better." Vos nodded, smiling. He had noticed odd tendrils of Force essence floating around the ship recently. "When you perfect it, you will have to clue me in on what you're doing." Pim nodded back, smiling. "Yes, Master. I.. well..." she went on to explain what she was doing, and the thought process that was leading her to try this out. Tobias was amused- he hadn't thought of something like that, or at least not seriously. The way she looked at the Force was same but different than how he did- and he encouraged her to think outside the box. Her most recent idea, if it worked, would be a remarkable asset in the future. Leaving her to it, he returned back inside his cabin and started back in on his work.
  3. Vos and Pim had returned to The Prism to do some prepping for the upcoming mission, While there had been a few hiccups, Pim was diligently working on several different aspects of the mission- and trying to calm her own fears and worries. Vos was busy reactivating his old contact line on the planet, a Deveronian named Sharv. Refreshing himself on the key phrases and code words, he diligently made sure the ship was in top condition, from the inside. On the outside of the ship, there was some carefully placed markings that would help sell their back story and be able to slip right back through whatever security checkpoints awaited them. One of the things Vos made sure of was the operational status of the fire suppression system. All checks were 'green,' and so he decided he would also rework his cane, so there was a bit of time devoted to obtaining scrap metal and various components. After that was the clothing issues. They certainly could NOT go planet side with just their Jedi Robes. While Vos had plenty of scoundrel's clothing, and Jedi attire was lacking... the others posed a different issue. He began work on that as well.
  4. Heaving a slow and silent sigh, Vos nodded in acknowledgement of Armenia's points. When she finished up, he gave her a warm smile and relaxed a bit. "I just needed to express my concerns was all. As far as Borleias... you just want to set up a listening post and a small base of operations? So you want me to be part of a hit-and-run squad? And if we need some actors, I think these two, well just the one at the moment but..." He waved the thought aside as if blowing smoke away from ones own face. "They might be up to the challenge. When would we need to leave?" ~~~ Pim turned into the cafe and looked around at the various beings and species of the room, looking for something like soup. Today was a good day for soup, no doubt. As she made the rounds, she continued the conversation. "You want back into the action, eh? You don't like the ol' fashion rest and relaxation routine?" it was a gentle dig, a playful move on her end and she hoped he might realize its good to take a breather. She collected her selected food and went over to a table and waited for Vox to join her. stirring the soup with an idle hand Pims eyes got a thousand-yard stare for a brief moment, and she was back to her usual self. "It's good to pace yourself, to practice patience and vigilance. Life is like a journey up a mountain, you take a step up to get to your destination, but occasionally its good to take a moment, look back on what is behind you and where you are now then taking a moment to consider where you were to where you are." Pim smiled again, shrugging "Or I'm just over thinking it..." And she took a sip of her soup. "But, now you know you're Force Sensitive... so, whats your game plan now? Stay here at the temple for some training, become a padawan under a master, or return to your people?" Pim's tone was polite as always, but she had only really every known fellow Jedi, so she was curious about non-Jedi folks and their decision making processes.
  5. "Heh, I am a little handicapped." Vos replied to Draygo's first comment, tapping his cane on the floor and tilting his head towards his left arm. "But, I will request a rematch sometime soon. Keep the blade, I have plenty." He tried to wave the saber away so she would keep it. It was a little important that she did keep that particular blade. She barked at the gathered crowd, and Vos was unsettled by it. It was another abrasive outburst by the Jedi- his mind flooding with memories of his space station and the workers on it- the treatment they had afterwards. He cleared his thoughts as his former sparring partner took an unexpected step closer. What was she doing? Instinctively, he brought his mental guard up- then remembered he was a jedi, she was a jedi. However difficult, he relaxed. Sensing they were about to discuss at length her plans, he motioned for Pim and Vox to leave the observation room and to go eat. Doing this with just two simple hand gestures, he returned most of his attention to Draygo. He needed to sit down, so he motioned for them to walk up a nearby staircase into the training wing’s observation lounge. Exactly where Pim and Vox had been a few moments earlier. He motioned for Draygo to have a seat and join him. Sitting in a plush chair, he rested the cane against its side, and sat forward. Tobias unwrapped the cloth around his eyes and rolled it up tucking it into a satchel he kept near him. The wrapping had collected sweat from the recent sparring match, it was obviously irritating the skin on his face ergo him taking it off. With another wave, he lowered the brightness of the lights in the room from his seat. It was then he finally opened his eyes a crack and looked over to Draygo, who was talking this entire time. The light didn’t hurt, much, so he opened them up the rest of the way. It was the first time in over two months he had opened his eyes. While he was blind in a sense, he hadn’t exercised his eyes that much so he blinked a few times and then looked right at and into the new Grandmaster, seconds after she confided in him. With everything that was just confessed, it felt like he had just been taken out at the knees in a surprise attack. Gritting his teeth and playing other conversations back in his mind, he clenched his fist for a moment in frustration and pinched the bridge of his nose. With a sharp sigh and a sharp gesture as if cutting the air with his hand, he locked his scared eyes onto Armeia. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Vos stated through clenched teeth, and almost as a whisper. He had a long retort for the new Grandmaster, giving her a piece of his mind and frustration. Namely how since Dahar, Kirloca, whats-his-face, Adenna, and now… he’d been forced to shut down his spy network, his shipping networks, the security companies, his space station, and a dozen other wrongs. “There’s several problems, to be honest, Master Draygo. So, please, hear me out.” The Kiffar collected his thoughts and checked his frustrations. It wasn’t Armenia, it was the entire situation, over the last few years. “We are in this mess because of the actions of your predecessors, namely… whats-his-face? Grandmaster Pretty Boy.... He basically forced me out of the role you’re implying you’d like me to fulfill, the Spymaster or Shadow. I’ve had both roles before, and I have the networks for both- if you’re asking me to reboot them- I’m going to need certain… understanding from you. Namely, you’re not going to like some things I will do- and if you want to go to Borleias you need to be okay with those small instances. " “And if we’re going to Borleias, you have to promise me a few things- One is that if you’re in danger- you need to leave me behind. The Jedi can’t go through another leadership transition. You also have to explicitly state the goals for this mission. What of my two apprentices? I’m hesitant to bring them along on a covert mission. I may have a few ideas for them if they need a different assignment.” He took a breath, and brushed imaginary dirt from his knee but pressed on; “There also needs to be a level of trust between us, and as we have never worked with one another- and you took the first step with that admission, I’ll tell you one of mine.” He gestured at his dark Jedi Master Robes. “This is the first time I’ve been able to wear Jedi Robes. I’ve never been able to before- then the Dark Sun Station mission, then my shunning, then I went to Gala- there I received these…” He held up his hand, and even gestured to his scars all over. “I finally considered myself a Jedi...After years of helping you all try to get to this point and further… But Gala is healed from it’s Force Scar. I won’t jeopardize my new state- but you still won’t like some things I will do or say. I don’t want to go through another round of transitioning to a new boss, to shunning, to doing the distasteful missions, shunning, and round and round the process goes.” “So, with that all said- I still don’t fully trust you especially the council you named, you gave a spot to Master Eleison- who is an Imperial Knight! Granted she was a Jedi- but NOW she is an Imperial Knight, the leader of that sect. Our two Orders are similar, but we still have different stance on the Force. Kriff, even I have vastly different views of the Force than you and the rest of the Jedi Order...Sarna who has less than a year as a Master…and has some strong Imperial leanings. Kil, I haven’t even heard of until today, but I think she’s a good pick. I think that giving the Imperial Knights any sort of influence to you and your roll is an awful idea. Their insight is valuable, but most of them would cull half the Jedi Order based on their actions and mistakes. I just worry about our apprentices and soldiers with their philosophy- they wouldn’t consider out-of-the-box thinking that could provide better results in some situations… Make sense? Or am I just speaking nonsense at this point? We are the Jedi Order, not the Imperial Knights. You should have Jedi advising you.” He shrugged with both shoulders, but one hand raised up in a hey what are ya gunna do gesture. Tobias smiled, glad to get all that out, and sat back in his chosen seat. Hopefully venting a few frustrations, he wouldn’t suffer any repercussions. “Just speaking my mind, Grandmaster. But as far as Borleias… what are your thoughts?” ~~~ Pim motioned for @Vox to follow her. Clearly her master wanted to chat with the other Jedi in private. "I'm hungry, want to go to the mess hall?" She questioned him, but lead the way there regardless of the Trandosians answer. "So, what is your background? Why'd you come to Nar Shaddaa?"
  6. Vos smiled, it was a bold move that his opponent rushed him in return. The saber and cane wouldn't reach Vos in time and while being blind, he couldn't use his other Force power to summon his hilt back into his hand. What he did though was collapse onto his right leg as he let the momentum carry him forward on the floor and he slid under Draygo. Letting the Force guide his actions, his hand shot up and connected with the hilt before it went past him. Knowing this was the moment the duel climaxed- he rotated back to Draygo- saber at the ready. She had known as well, and was in perfect position to line her blade up with his chest. His, was just slightly out of proper placement. Deactivating the blades, both Jedi Masters bowed to one another. As the betters settled their winnings and losses, Tobias nodded to his opponent. "That was a brilliant move, Master Draygo. Well fought." The man chuckled, and in one motion, he clipped the saber to his belt, called his cane over - which he had knocked out of the way when he caught the single hilt in his hand, and leaned on the cane. "While I fundamentally disagree that Force Users can be holstered- once you open that box there is no putting the contents back in the box. I do not wish to see my fellow Jedi..." He trailed off, chuckling at the realization of what he had just said. Both the seeing and the Jedi part. The smile turned serious as he continued, "...go down that path. People like you are useful, however people like me are dangerous. So, what task did you have in mind that would require our skills?" Tobias turned a touch more serious, wanting to get down to business. ~~~ Pim just looked down from the room they were in. "Whoa. That was wicked." She voiced her thoughts. "Too short though... Oh well." A sly smile spread across her face as she looked at the trandosian next to her. "Well, what do you think @Vox?" She asked him.
  7. However, they could be muzzled- but this was a thought that even Vos wouldn't want to bring to the forefront of his mind and let the evil idea out. He knew of three specific ways to sever someone's connection to the Force forever- and one to make the individuals intelligence drop to a that of a space slug. There had only ever been two being he had ever seen that were holstered in such a way. Banishing the though from his mind he reacted to her last statement- he threw his lightsaber. The Orange blade whisking through the air- at first straight at the Grandmaster- then it deactivated before making a clattering against the floor behind Draygo. In the second before he deactivated the blade with the Force, Tobias started to sprint towards his opponent. About two thirds of the way there, he reached his hand back out to the Grandmaster- and pulled on the whole area around her. There was the a snap-hiss as a blade reactivated behind her. The reactivated blade was still a few maters behind her. But his cane spun and knee-level from directly behind her from against the wall where he had left it. Trying to distract her with the flashing blade and the sound of the reactivating weapon to hide the fact there was a silent instrument. Part of what he pulled on was Draygo herself, but just barely tugging at her, as the lightsaber and cane were his primary concern.
  8. Tobias felt her move- and he jerked his head back just as she was delivering a overhead blow to start things off. His body snapped and he moved backwards, just enough to dodge her attack. While there was a low murmur from the spectators, the Kiffar did not acknowledge the noise. Instead, he planned out a series of strikes and the transitions to each. Mind racing he focused on one thing and one thing alone- peace. He knew that if he started to think over this new Grandmaster he'd lose his temper. That same thing had almost just happened a few minutes ago... Wishing Kirlocca would have stuck around, he was a a bit of a grounding rod for Tobias, a calming presence, instead of just his mind telling him to be calm. That and a thousand other things. He paused here, responding to her statement, opening with a snort "I make life miserable for everyone, unfortunately, not just the Sith." There was no room for pity in the statement, it was a dig at everyone else not understanding how he did things- and a dig against himself for the same exact thing. There was no backlash of emotion or anything from the man, just peace. He came at her with a low-high-high-low-low move that caused a few folks to goggle at what they were seeing. It was on this last blow, he flipped up and over Master Draygo and landed opposite of the corner where he started, facing Draygo. He landed on his good leg, and gently set his right leg down on the mat with ease. Holding this orange blade in his hand, he leveled his arm and dashed at her with only two steps- sweeping the blade in and engaging in another fury of blows. It was great to exercise and cross blades with another Jedi with skill, he relished it- but kept his mind and aura at peace. After a brief minute he let the momentum of a parry move from Armenia carry him backwards a few steps and he heaved a deep sigh and he adjusted his left arm- still in a sling- so that it was more comfortable around his neck. All the while holding the blade ready for the next move from her. If someone looked closely enough- they'd see a smirk on the Jedi's face.
  9. Alas, the quick duel and Kirlocca was out. Tobias held the pose as the wookiee walked out of the room. A glance at his departing friend and Tobias blew him a quick kiss, hopefully that dismissed the seriousness of the situation but spoke volumes all the same. As the door closed, Tobias swung the hilt in one his one hand. "I was looking forward to a free-for-all, would have been quite instructive." With a shrug and a smirk, he refocused on the duel at hand. He swung the blade in a reverse circle, and bent his knees slightly. Settling into a quick overhead defensive guard position, and waited. Lacking vision, he reached out with the Force, feeling the room.
  10. Tobias handed her the secondary blade, the double hilt. It was a shorter hilt than most with three small grooves carved in a subtle helix fashion spiraled around the hilt. "Splendid." A white toothed grin spread across his face. He had a joke for this... and almost said it before the mental filter caught it. He walked a few feet away from the pair. "Best be sure you're on the training setting. Theres a small switch and then you get a more glossy setting." Setting the cane down in a corner, Tobias stretched his right leg out as he walked back to the other two in the room. Casually, he activated the single hilt and a waved it like a scythe in front of him, loosening up his right shoulder. Practicing a transition of Form Five, he settled into a hybrid of Form One; then waited for the others to make the first move. Kirlocca, he'd put money on making the first move- but Draygo seemed like she wanted to take both of them off guard... this was going to be most interesting.
  11. Both beings turned to look back to the new Grandmaster. Tobias let the cane he held immobile on the floor as his hand left it to dig into his sling- he handed the lightsaber stashed away to Kirlocca. As there was already a lightsaber attached to Tobias's belt, actually two, he wasn't stressed about giving out one of the hobby-blades he had, especially to a friend about to go into battle. Tobias felt Kirlocca's mind wander to a familiar thread of thought- "Your thoughts betray you, Master Jedi. I miss him every single day... but... I don't think I ever told you. I found Dahar on Taris. My former companions- Sarah and... DuVos took him Beyond the Veil- and Dahar is doing some good work there. He's at peace and content there so rest your mind and know that he is okay now." Tobias smiled warmly to him then moved onto a different topic.... "Here, take this. I... " Tobias seemed a little embarrassed but it was only in his whispered words to Kirlocca... "I make sabers to help ease my mind when it races and as you can see- I have a few extra... heh. Maybe the Master Draygo wants to spar with us as well- she did call out when you mentioned that after all. Hehe." Tobias ended with a small chuckle and gave the wookiee a lightsaber. It wasn't top tier quality- and there were a few unique features to the hilt. There seemed to be two different power cells and a switch from active mode to training mode. This was also something Tobias had been working on since Kirlocca's funeral on Kashyyyk. Then, he turned back to wait for the new Grandmaster to approach, trying to remember when he had seen her last... He picked up his cane and placed it in front of him with his hands resting atop the device.
  12. Tobias remained there for a moment, still as a statue. Then Kirlocca touched him and brought him back to the present. Vos nodded, "Of course, my friend." And both Jedi turned to attend to what Kirlocca had planned. Before crossing the threshold out of the room, Vos paused and looked towards where Adenna lay- and with a sigh, he walked out. Kirlocca, the tall alien he was was a few steps ahead so Vos scooted to catch up. In a low conspiratorial voice, "I'll plan the welcome back party for you. I haven't got anything scheduled so I have time..." There was a layer of humor in the statement. Vos had felt a very brief moment of disappointment from the wookiee before he rationalized the feeling away. If the wookiee looked behind him, they're be a sly smile on the Kiffar's face. Kirlocca's disappointment was much like Vos's, when no one had asked about his scars or what had happened to his eyes. However, maybe that was for the better... no one called special attention to it so it wasn't like it was directly pointed out. so that was alright he supposed. In the back of his mind he wondered if he should throw a party for the wookiee. A few steps later Vos decided if there was a party there would not be confetti. It'd take years to get all the glitter and everything out of the fur. ~~~ Pim held back a smirk 'Thats it?' the alien had asked. Confident he couldn't sense her, she giggled internally. Then she replied in her head- "Oh, you have no idea..." in a mischievous tone only she could hear. Then after a few moments- she felt him sink into the flow of the Force. After what seemed like an hour, but in actuality was only a few moments, he was connected! Even she was excited for him. In a calm yet distracted tone she replied to him... "Everyone is a little different- and their use of the Force is different. Some people cannot use telekenisis, others cannot run or leap as far as others- you must be cautious as you figure out where your weakness lay. You don't want to fall into a pit trap with overconfidence..." Pim warned. "Now, keep your breathing the same and open your eyes slowly. See the sphere? Reach out to it and since this is your first time- imagine invisible tendrils of energy coming from your hand and wrapping around the sphere and lifting it into the air. Not far, and not fast. You're doing terrific." As she said this, she demonstrated as the sphere in front of her floated up and held there.
  13. Pim tilted her head to the side as she tried register the alien language. She narrowed her eyes as she was concentrating on the words. As it was short and sweet, she got the gist quickly enough and motioned for him to follow her to a more relaxed area of the training room they were in. Finding her way onto a padded mat, she sat down and invited her pupil to sit across from her. Giddy with the chance to teach someone, she placed an orb in front of @Vox. "You will just want to breath first. The Force is around us all- it is what binds the galaxy together. Those that can touch this presence become Force Users." She extended her arm and let the orbs float around her arm in a particular pattern before returning to her lap. "That allows us to have certain abilities that you must practice. My Master says we all have our own skills and our own things we cannot do. I'm skilled with telekenisis- the practice of moving and levitating objects. I'm not that great at the whole fighting thing... at least yet. But we all must start somewhere. To start you should close your eyes and try to feel my presence within the Force- or try to sense the others nearby. And above all else- be calm and patient. I've been doing this for a few years and am still learning new things every day. So, trust me- just breath and reach out with your mind- don't worry about anything else." She was starting to ramble she noticed, so she decided to be quiet and let this newcomer begin his lesson. ~~~ After the hot reaction he had, a moment of solace settled into the Jedi Masters' mind and knew he would be more attuned to the meeting now that the brief flare was over. He pondered about what would happen next- the over all plan and his own plan...
  14. Tobias followed behind his wookiee friend, letting him enter the ward first from their pair. As soon as he felt Adenna there, he tightened his grip on his cane. There was still a heart beat within her- she was still alive. Even to think about her passing was not within Tobias to do. Such things could just break him, mentally. He was already at the precipice of change- he would either stay on the path and climb up- or he would take a step off the hillside to plummet into the darkness and his doom. As both of them stood by her side- Tobias set his cane aside and reached into a pocket in his robes. He pulled out a black metallic rope, inlaid with different colors of gems and crystals- no less than three were kyber crystals. The prominent three were a gentle hue; two of green and one of blue, he wove the cord around her hand that wasn't connected to anything medical related. The gift was done without any ceremony, which was counter to what Tobias had intended. Adenna wasn't one for anything flashy, and her role as a Jedi Grandmaster would not allow her to be gaudy with her appearance- so he had hand-made this specifically for her. Only Kirlocca might have seen, as he was standing right there but Tobias didn't feel nervous about exposing his feeling for Adenna in front of him. Tobias loved her with all his being and just wanted her to wake up. There was some conversation going on behind them, but Tobias didn't pay much attention to it for the moment. With his free hand he moved his blindfold back and wiped the tears away with a swipe of his fingers. His eyes still closed, he reached down to wipe the tears over the necklace and her wrist. There had just been a Force Spell he had done, one that if she awoke would leave a little vision for her, it would explain the necklace- and she would know where it was if it was removed from her person. Then, he opened his eyes for the first time in months- and the light filtered in through his retinas. Using the Force to dull the pain and acclimate to the light, he looked with his altered vision upon his best friend, his lover, his teacher. How he wished he would have pressed the point after the Black Sun Station and he could have been there, with her at the fight that placed her here. His vision was starting to cause a migraine- so he closed his eyelids over his scared eyes and once again he relied upon his senses and the Force to paint his surroundings in just as good of detail as his real eyes used to, with the bonus of watching the flow of the Force and all the colors it provided- even behind the wrapping around his face. Which he pulled down and adjusted it so that it was comfortable on his face once again. "She is, Kirlocca, she has not passed. She is strong and brash. Although, you would have been proud of how... mindful she has been since becoming Grandmaster..." Tobias whispered so only he could hear, and then heard Sandy speak to the group behind him- and his stomach fluttered. He could repair that bridge- but why should he when- his mind hit a roadblock as the discussion behind him and Kirlocca replayed in his minds eye quickly. He slammed mental barriers down all around him, closing his mind to the Force. If he wasn't careful, he'd lose his temper and that was the very last thing any of them needed. Instead, he oriented himself to the conversation and listened. Mentally making a side note that Kyrie was here, maybe she could enlighten him on what had happened on Gala... but that would be for later. Then he really settled in for yet another being to take the Grandmaster role. If he had his datapad he'd have made a note to see if this one made it for more than a few months... or would the fates line up against Armenia as well? It was as if the Grandmasters role was cursed... he ground his teeth as he contemplated what was happening in the other realm- what lazerbrain was making up the rules and plan should be dealt with. Well, at least Armenia was upfront about seizing power this way, that he did have to give her props for. That was all in his mind, though, yet outwardly, he displayed an act of stoicism.
  15. Tobias listened, and chuckled twice. “Who can even say we are sane? But that’s another deep conversation for another time. Since you mentioned it, I’ve been feeling quite rambunctious lately and I want to be back out there making a difference... But I...” He paused, tripping over the words catching in his throat. It was as if some emotion or thought bubbles up to the surface and interrupted him. A tad uncomfortable, Tobias resettled himself and picked up where he left off, “But... I need to be here for Adenna. She’s... sleeping, peacefully, at the moment...” His voice drifted off, lost in the emotions of being attached to someone who is seriously injured and being unable to help them in a significant way. “When this meeting is done, I was going to check in on her. You could come with me if you wanted...” The man shrugged and let the offer hang out there. “But, no pressure of course.” He brought his right hand up to press his new masters robes down in an unconscious movement.
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