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  1. Night had fallen across Nar Shaddaa, and thousands of beings had departed for the next campaign against the Sith. Vos lay atop a roof on the outskirts of the complex. The covering across his eyes was removed and he could see the stars through the light pollution. He had watched the fleets depart, wishing he was on one of the ships belonging to one. Within his mind he played out several combat scenarios. His favorite was where he and the Dark Lord killed one another- and he could relax. That was the only future that he could see to be honest. There was no happy ending for him, no child with Adenna, no place for him anywhere. No Dahar, Kirlocca, Sarah and his two other friends- Sandy and Frond were lost to him. Sure, the former was here- but something happened to him on Gala. He had exorcised the place. A jedis life was about sacrifice, and he had sacrificed quite a bit. Something had to give out soon. The brands on his skin were still something to get used to, the new way he was interfacing with the Force was raw. He was a conduit for the Force, and channel it he would. While he didn’t want to think about the differences between himself and the rest of the Jedi Order his mind still lingered on the philosophical challenges he still faces. He sighed and looked down to his Jedi robes. They felt comfortable on his skin, he no longer had the allergic skin reaction he once had. And for the first time since Dahar names him a Jedi Master, he had called himself such. Then he was actually able to wear the blasted robes. He scoffed and rolled his eyes at the whole affair. He felt the call of the stars again. Also, the call of sleep, and he passed out right on the roof. ~~~ In the morning he decided to wander the city, since he was so close to the border that divided the military complex from the civilian section, he might as well… It wasn’t like he had anywhere else to be today. Where the day would take him was left up in the wind. Several thoughts tried to infect his mind. From the direction of his life, or actually just his existence. Mind wandering, he found himself in a civilian bazaar. Walking through the booths he wove his way through the dozens of beings. That was until he was bumped from behind by a little girl running from...someone. Whether or not she warranted such a pursuit was beyond him. His right leg jutted forward and his cane whipped up- but he maintained his balance through the use of the Force. Several people turned to see the commotion going on: A crippled, blind Jedi Master falling backwards as a girl no older than an early teen sprawled on the ground. His limbs pinwheeling- he froze himself in the air, bringing his balance back under his control- and his foot came back down and he shifted to face behind him- where the girl had run from. A human male flew forward as Vos used the Force to pull him forward. Just as the boy came within his grasp, the girl tried to run. Vos tugged her ankle down so she remained on the ground. The boys jacket came within grasping distance and Tobias swept his legs out from him- and brought the boy hard to the ground in front of the girl. “Why are you chasing this girl?” Vos growled as he held the boy down with the same fist that caught him. Vos knew perfectly well- it was all there in the auras flowing around the youths spoke volumes to him. He just wanted to see if the boy would lie to him. Sadly, the boy did. Tobias sighed and whispered something to the boy and his whole demeanor changed. Looking as if he accidentally stepped on a pets tail- and he wasn’t an evil person, the boy when white as a sheet and then slowly nodded his head. Letting him get up, the boy walked off in a seemingly random direction and the crowded bazaar started to turn their attention back to their business. Standing, he offered his hand to the girl- “You alright there?” He asked, helping her up. He knew her face was showing how shocked she was that this all had just transpired- and that a blind man had helped her to her feet. As the young girl- a Zabrak female- steadied herself on her own feet, Tobias smiled and dusted off her shoulder. “Yes, then?” She chuckled- and responded to him. “Yes, Master Jedi. Sorry, Master Jedi. I didn’t mean to bump into you, I’m sorry.” “Quite alright, my dear. You won’t need to run from guys playing back-alley dice- when they think you cheat.” Her jaw dropped and she tried to speak- she stammered. He chuckled. “Can I let you in on a little secret?” He asked. “I’ve cheated in dice before, well, I used my abilities to influence the outcome of the game but there were never any signs or regulations restricting Force powers at the tables… so is that cheating? Anyways- don’t do it if you cannot deal with the consequences.” The girl chuckled again, flabbergasted. “When you get back into base, come see me- I’ll show you a few tricks other than reading minds and pushing dice. That is, if you don’t get into any more trouble.” Flashing a grin, he left the incognito Jedi youngling behind at the bazaar. For the rest of the day he shopped for two small gems, a leather working kit, and then welding goggles- that last one got him some weird looks as he was already blind. The next day he awoke to the usual- checking his datapad first he looked up the security report- nothing of a Zabrak apprentice sneaking out or back in. Pim had presented herself to him early the next morning- and her training had begun. She had been with the Jedi since she was five years old. Her favorite class was telekinesis. Her clan was on rotation to come and work in support roles at the Rebel HQ, she had been sneaking out for about five weeks and had won over seven hundred credits from her spare change of fifteen credits. The boy was tired of losing to her and he had enough because she made a rude joke. After she told it to him, he couldn’t help but laugh and then chide her for her linguistic choices. More and more he taught her different ways to work with the Force and then he asked her if she wanted to formally become his padawan. She agreed; That had been two weeks ago. Now that she said goodbye to her friends within the clan, they had spent three days working all day at some of her skills and her Force stamina. Finally, he felt she would benefit from leaving the planet- and so they did. Tobias was happy to have the Prism back, and the droids- even though they didn’t talk of the mission after Tobias stayed back in the medbay. They had lifted off and he was just reconfirming the destination with the droids as he walked back to the common room as they shot to hyperspace.
  2. Vos nodded in farewell at the new allies. He had wished they would have invited him along, but he knew how fragile he looked. As they left, Vos took his place in the sparring ring and called his old yellow blade to him, Slowly he went through the poses for Form I and II of basic lightsaber combat, modified to accommodate his left arm and right leg. As he maneuvered his mind separated and fell into a meditative trance as he practiced. Thoughts swirled around like a tornado. From his Dark Lords plan to his Adenna plans and every where in-between, but at last it focused on a topic; the Force. Naturally. How everyone must feel it, how the interpretations of it were so different, but still so similar.
  3. And there were the two Jensaarai. Fantastic. They noticed him and therefor it was now rude to just walk away from them. Might as well make some new friends. "Defenders." He chuckled, warmly. "Hmm, my journey is forever evolving." The two addressed one another briefly and then back to Vos. Shrugging, he smirked and looked at the Jensaarai. "Doubtful anyone can help me with my quest. Unless you can put me in front of the Dark Lord?" His expression, despite being hidden behind the cloth wrapped around his eyes, was humorous- but serious. "Or behind him... as long as I am not a prisoner of theirs." He shrugged in a way that expressed a 'But hey, what can you do' as sort of a manner. "I haven't been given any direction as to what your crew is planning, nor have been instructed to assist you. I am a leaf upon the wind... as it were." Vos chuckled again. His warm and friendly aura suggested he was part of the happy-go-lucky crowd.
  4. While he had tried to leave as soon as the guests had left- Adenna took a moment to speak with him. Or at least that was her intent. Tobias remained seated as she mumbled to herself and spoke in half started sentences. This was most unusual, especially for her. Had their time apart cause some unseen reactions? Probably. In order to bridge the gap though, a conversation was needed. One that might never happen, as Adenna told Vos to get better and then she left. As she left, he was sure she felt a spike of outrage from Tobias. However, he reeled the emotion back in, dusted off his immaculate Jedi Robes, leaned onto his cane and made his way outside once again. Had she blinded herself to him? Could she not feel it? Her remarks made him a little nervous about his own assessment of himself. Frustrated and bored, he hobbled back to the training yard-about to do something stupid and reckless. Maybe he was feeling normal once again...
  5. Nodding in acknowledgment to the guests, the Jedi Master remained silent. But he did deduce that they were still planning some sort of hit and fade attack. Despite his eyes covered by the cloth, Tobias still looked at his Grandmaster, then back to the visitors. He did have input, but he remained silent. His mouth and opinions were the source of him getting into trouble- and he was not about to voice his outside-the-box thinking. If the Grandmaster wanted to hear his thoughts, he would give them. Until that time came to be, he would remain silent. Deep down, he wished the Imperials had built him that Interdictor he had paid for... for the Jedi, of course. He kept his stoic expression in place.
  6. As the booming voice of the Grandmaster echoed through the complex, he was warned by the voice of the woman he was madly in love with. He had followed the crowd gathering into a bigger and bigger crowd until they amassed into a giant crowd. There at the head of the congregation of troops stood the two women most important to him. Adenna and Sandy. His body flinched in pain in reaction to the memory of his last encounter with Sandy. In another part of his mind he wondered what happened on the mission he had to bail out of. Across his body the Force Brands that had been burned into his flesh briefly flared along with the memory. A quick trace through his datapad showed that his ship was docked nearby- now he was curious about the particulars- of the missions end results. Had she found the EV? Where was it? In a dark corner of his mind that he was trying to shine light onto he hoped it was at the middle of a singularity inside a black hole. Thats foolish. Thought to himself. He knew he should banish those... unproductive thoughts. Wary of his social status, he avoided the general push to greet Sandy. He was a black sheep, and so he wouldn’t make the situation worse than what it already was. His fingernails dug into the smooth skin on his chin, he regretted ever shaving because now he didnt have a beard to twirl, he decided to make the Scratching his chin, he regretted shaving his beard, he melted back through the crowd; contemplating what to do next. Limping his way from the gathering, he wandered through the compound. Waiting for his summons- or orders to report somewhere. This was an odd switch of how he used to be- brazenly walking into rooms and meetings, speaking his mind. His actions were always misunderstood so now he wouldn’t take any action for the time being, just meander through the compound. Looking over certain shops and departments. It wasn’t his place to oversee everything here, but a lot of what was occurring now was possible because of the actions he had taken years ago. There was a sort of pride he felt with how he had laid the groundwork for the Jedi to be supplied in such a fashion. Jedi were not supposed to take pride in their action for fear of the slippery slope that was the dark side. The moment was brief, but left Vos day dreaming about what could have been- but that was pushed aside as well. Such thoughts were nothing more than distractions. Why keep bringing the thought up and reopening those wounds? Looking down at his hands through his semi-blinded eyes, he sighed as he examined his brands. Then continued to walk around the grounds. As he walked around the corner he saw a doorway- and a flood of memories came back to him. Again, his muscles stiffened, and he walked towards the doorway. His mind raced, waking in this fog- he remembered this doorway, it was his access to the Hutt he was enslaved to. As his cane clacked against the paved lane- he knew they were just memories and the scars were long gone but the leather whip against his flesh sent a cold spark of pain through his body. In the back of his mind he knew that he was over analyzing everything and letting things resonate with his new body, well a different body than the one he had originally been born in… through the Force he tried to pull himself away from it all- and back to reality. When he finally did; he was a little shocked that he saw the dining hall through the door frame. There were several people there. And Kel, and… Adenna. He froze, not realizing how he got there in the first place. In hindsight it was obvious: he had walked there in a daze of long ago memories. Coupled with that and the Force… He rested the cane against his leg and tightened his hair atop his head, then tightened the cloth around his eyes. At the moment he was seeing through the Force anyways so what did that matter? With his left arm in a sling, he gripped the top of his cane with his right hand and stepped forward. There he was- in Jedi Master Robes- cleaned and without any blaster holes or other tears in the garment, hair that was tinted with grey, no facial hair, but there were the brands across his exposed skin. Calmly and confidently, Vos stepped into the meeting area- the swirls within the Force emanating from the others in the room that he could feel were quite… organic. The blues and green hues bounced off or maneuvered around the purples and yellows. Time to focus on the physical realm... The cane subtly announced his presence as he walked towards the table. One of the guests clipped their saber to their belt, judging by the sound of metal on metal, and they continued to speak. Inwardly, he sighed as he heard the subject of piracy. Time to be bombastic, he thought. Tobias bowed and greeted Adenna, “Grandmaster.” Turning his head in the direction of the guests she was hosting “Good day, Gentlebeings, I am Master Tobias Vos.” He said and bowed as a greeting, and took a seat with a slight sigh as he stretched out his left leg. Since he was close enough to overhear their conversation, he chose not to provide any input on the topic. He hoped he was doing the right thing here... something told him to be here, who was he to resist?
  7. Stepping off the transport and onto the deck of the spaceport- a chill ran up his spine as the Force entities mixed and mingled. The planet and the man’s own. It welcomed him as if they were old friends- the bond swirled in and mixed- the planets aura and the Jedi Masters’ Aura. Old friend they were, too. Most of his early life was on this planet- as a slave. A Hutt Errand boy. Shaking that out of his mind, he followed the Zabrak Jedi that had talked him into coming along to fight. Since there were no other pressing duties for him, Vos did tag along. All the while knowing that he would probably not be welcome. Leaning heavily on his cane with his right hand, he hobbled forward to follow in the man’s path through the crowds. Soon they would arrive at their destination- the base where the plans were being made for the next round of campaigns against the Sith and Black Sun. Silent as a scream in the vacuum of space Tobias took in his surroundings. Some people locked their gaze on him and the Zabrak. It looked as if the Zabrak, Arri, was escorting a crippled man through the streets. His left arm in a sling, the branding around his face and exposed eyes, the gray hair, the cane- it all went to sell the appearance that he was weak and injured- to which he was, but he was a Jedi Master- if it came to violence in the streets he had already lost. The security guards around the complex eyeballed him and Arri as they made their way to them- and after the typical amount of time both of them were admitted into the main concourse. There, the pair split up- Arri had to go report for duty and since Vos didn’t have any order, and was a Master, it was implied he had more leeway to operate in, and so he did. He followed the familiar pull of Adenna and Sandy and noted which building they were in but didn’t want to even enter the building. He had remained silent for so long, a month in fact, he didn’t want to dive into it- and the last time he had seen them was on bad terms. Best to remain silent for a little while longer and not be intrusive. Through the grace of the Force, there was a training yard nearby and therefor he had space to sit and meditate. Centering himself on what would happen through the next few hours- if he would be allowed to join in on the campaign or if he was to be pushed aside once again. Either way- he would cherish seeing Adenna again, even Sandy. He was happy to feel Sandy in the Force, of all those he cared for and had formed attachments to- her’s was one of the most important- despite anything and everything… He didn’t hide his presence in the Force, but he also didn’t broadcast it; patience would be the best approach at this point. Besides, he wanted to settle his mind before anything else. In an unobtrusive corner of the training yard, he sat- staff laid across his crossed legs and he took a deep breath.
  8. Two weeks of solitary confinement would be enough for anyone to go a little stir crazy- but when you’re in pain and in solitary? Well that would lead to some major madness manifesting for whomever was locked away. There was also a difference between mental and physical solitude. With all the time that had passed something inside Tobias had broken. No major revelations this time around- well, outside of coming to terms with how broken his physical body was. Being taken out of the bacta tank had reignited some pain associated with his wounds touching the air around him. As a reaction, his body started to tremble as his nerves communicated that they were not happy with being reintroduced to the air. Gritting his teeth, he tried to set up a mental pattern to block the pain. It wasn’t very effective… His strength had left him so the medics had to physically move him from a chair to a gurney for a scan of his brain- and his body. Tobias complied and tried to challenge his limbs to stay still so they could figure out what was wrong with him. That was easy- he just passed out. ~~~ Two days later he awoke in a soft bed with restraints around his limbs and body. Multiple medical tubes were inserted into his flesh. He felt all this, as his eyes were still bandaged. It wasn’t but a few minutes before the pain returned to his mind. Muscles tensed before he could even start up the mental pattern that dulled the feelings last time around. There was no time to start the Beyond the Veil ritual- his mind became a crippled prison, he couldn’t even speak to the staff here. So here he was locked away inside his own mental prison with his flesh on fire. He didn’t dare open his mouth for fear of just screaming. Luckily, the medics continued their diligence with trying to manage his pain. Injecting him with all sorts of hypothetical remedies. It was on the third day of remedies that he finally felt some relief from the pain. It was a small victory that his restraints were removed for a little while in a gesture of letting him exercise his muscles. He was so weak that he required help from two others to make it three steps. On his fourth, he coughed through gritted teeth and blood sprayed out from around his teeth. The pain returned, with interest. As he collapsed to the ground, his lungs started to throw a fit and launched into a string of coughing. Each time air escaped his mouth- blood followed. Pressing his forehead to the floor, a glob of red liquid fell from his mouth. Hands pressed against his back as the medics tried to pick Tobias up off the floor. Frustration filled his mind, aggravation flooded his fragile veins. Clenching his jaw, he tried to stand on his own. The act failed miserably as he passed out and collapsed onto the floor. The medics tried to scoop him up but shared a look of helplessness. ~~~ Another three days passed by in solitary blackness but something had changed. Along the lines somewhere, somehow he managed to keep his mind awake and within that realm there something that Tobias was previously unaware of. As he corrected his errors- he braced himself for the next round of pain when he woke up. The fourth day he woke up and immediately called upon the Force to rewire his brain to block out the whole flood of painful sensations. Well, at least change the avenue of the pain. Nothing can change without sacrifice. For the first time in weeks Vos regained consciousness and didn’t experience any major pain or aches. “Master Vos…?” A tiny voice called out to him. He coughed softly as he tried to form words in his throat- “Y-y-yes?” He scratched out. “Well, you’re not trembling with pain that is a good sign.” “Everything has a cost…” The small voice snorted with affirmation- “Indeed. But you’re feeling better?” He flexed his fists, then relaxed them. “No…” “To be expected. But you’re no longer feeling pain at the moment- if I am reading your aura correctly?” Tobias could feel that the person in the room was moving to the sink and then back to his bedside after running the faucet for a moment. In a moment she instructed him to drink from a straw she held to his mouth. After a moment, she pulled the straw away. “You are reading it correctly.” He said, his voice was noticeably smoother now that it was hydrated. Relaxing back into his bed, he sighed with exhaustion. “Mostly…” he whispered to himself. “Good. Finally. We were starting to worry about you, Master Vos. We’ve had to give you a few blood transfusions.” “Thank you. I’ll see what I can do about replacing what I’ve needed.” He lay there, eyes still bandaged, his body relaxing for the first time in weeks it seemed he was going to be swallowed up by the bed. The conversation continued until the medic tilted her head slightly- “Let’s remove the bandages from your eyes, shall we?” As her nimble fingers pulled the wrap off- he shielded his eyes as she turned off the light. This would be the first time they would be opened in weeks. Tobias knew before she even mentioned removing the wrap- what he would see. “Slowly open your eyes- pull your hand back.” Her voice was tinged with cautious optimism. As he opened his eyes- he was greeted with darkness. Pure darkness. He signed, she chimed in “What is it? July What do you see?” obviously sensing his change in mood. “Nothing…” Another sigh as his heart beat ramped up a little bit. “...and more nothing.” ~~~ Three days later some of his sight came back- but because of his mental remapping of his brain it wasn’t quite what regular eyesight was. It wasn’t a permanent fix- it was as if he was the operator of a holotrain switching the track routes over to a new route. The bundle of nerves were just routed differently now… looping that around. So now- how his vision was based on using the Force as a sort of echolocation. Another side effect was he could no longer use the Force in a usual Jedi manner. He knew another way though and when he awoke a few days later- there was his master. Not Slicer, Adenna, Kirlocca, or any of the ones he had in this realm. It was Rar’tausar. The squat little alien stood at the end of Tobias’s bed. He was so quiet that Tobias hadn’t known he was there at all. “Jedi Master Tobias Vos, good to see you again.” The alien waggled his tongues but no audible words- Tobias heard them inside his head. “Master Rar’Tauso, a pleasure as always. I’d say the same, but….” Tobias trailed off, gesturing to his face and the bandage wrapped around his eyes. The squat alien chuckled with the joke. That was something Tobias had always liked about the Aing-Tii. Or at least liked about Rar in particular. The rest of the species didn’t quite get sarcasm or jokes. So as the night went on- or so it seemed to Tobias from his internal clock the two chatted about their training lessons for awhile until Tobias mentioned he was about to fall asleep. The Aing-Tii rested on his haunches and closed his eyes as well. They continued their conversation inside Tobias’ dreamscapes. On and on they went about theories around The Force, the Celestials, and others. Then, as predicted, an awkward silence settled between the pair as their small talk was all done. Neither one sure of how to approach why Rar was here. Inside the dreamscape, Tobias has his sight, therefor he was able to see Rar’s reaction when the topic came up. “You know why my body has been branded- you know why I’m in such pain and why it made sense to loop the nerves from something else other than the pain receptions- running like my vision.” The alien nodded twice. “So, my viewpoint on this situation: I touched those crystals through the Force that Jedi and Sith lightly cover. I listened to them, unaware of the consequences. My body was too small of a conduit for that much power- and since the force runs through someone’s veins it followed my blood vessels and had an effect on them.” Rar nodded twice, again. “Anddd that’s all I got.” He shrugged, looking at his reflection in the pond below where the pair found themselves. An unsettling discovery- even his eyes were partially branded as well. “It is most curious you chose to give up your vision. Considering how many times you’ve been taken off guard by…” Rar must have realized what he was saying was incredibly rude and hurtful; he had stopped talking and let the sentence trail off. He covered for his slip by taking a rock and skipping it across the pond. “You know, I tried to explain how the Aing-Tii philosophy worked to an Imperial Knight.” “That was painful to watch. While I know we, the Aing-Tii, are isolationists- the Imperial Knights are close minded.” Frustration simmered behind Tobias’s eyes and Rar nodded- so he was under observation. “Yes, Jedi Master Tobias Vos, you are under surveillance. It was decreed by The Circle. I have releived the previous watcher for a few hours to talk to you, Jedi Master Tobias Vos. I have the latitude of being able to intervene with your medical problems.” An eyebrow arched above Tobias’s eye. “You, Jedi Master Tobias Vos, have not released the Force through your brands- have you?” Vos shook his head. “Do so. Vision would return, and the pain may dissipate. But your Force footprint would increase dramatically. This would ruin your stealth talents- but you can switch back and forth. There is a deeper connection to the Force that you, Jedi Master Tobias Vos, have made. This comes at a cost- your physical body is suffering- and there needs to be something done to remedy the situation.” Tobias sighed… “So, I can be stealthy at the cost of my vision, or I can announce to a whole planet that I have arrived.” Rar remained silent. Clearing his voice, he stood and sighed. “This new aura- I’m sure it will have consequences. Shall we return to the physical realm?” And then he woke up- with a beautiful sunrise coming through the window. While he felt the sunlight on his face- he didn’t see it with his eyes. His hands steadied as he felt his body- looking for the restraints and IV tubes coming into his veins. After feeling for them all, he flexed his hands into fists and the tape holding the tubes in dissolved and the IVs pulled themselves out. Swinging his feet over the side of the bed, he stood- one hand still on the bed. Fresh determination fuel him- he coughed twice, but marched out of his room- the Jedi robes bundled under his arm. Down a few flights of stairs and out to the grass. It was a cool morning- but the sun was warm. Feeling a pull closer towards the forest, he made his way there and crouched into a meditative trance. Then, he let it all out. There was a rush of warmth to his eyes, still wrapped in a bandage. He felt immense power run out of his body as if he had been a boulder in a pond. The ripples he gave off in the Force wasn’t something to dismiss- this was… something else. Almost overwhelmed, Tobias was excited- cracking his one eye open- he discovered that the grass was black. Blinking more with both eyes- adjusting to the light- he saw what ‘letting the Force loose’ meant- there was a small scorch mark under him and there was evidence of a sort of wave that came out from him as many twigs and other debris were all patterned to support that theory. Standing, he tore off the medical gown and dressed in the traditional Jedi Robes. Oddly, he felt at home in these robes. More than previously- he knew that since being willing to sacrifice himself that he had settled down into this role, finally. Scratching his beard- he collected the medical garment and made his way back into the temple and up to the hospital wing. Rar had not returned with him, and he briefly thought of the alien. A warm breeze swirled around Tobias and he knew Rar was still with him. Smiling, he nodded and started back up to his room that he wouldn't have a need for now. Time to get back into the galaxy. Time to get back to Adenna.
  9. "Oh what a pair are we, Jedi Knight Sarna?" Vos silently spoke into his breath mask. Through it all- she was alright. She just needed to be less...bombastic. She should see his mistakes and have learned from them,,, "Well, I have only been a Jedi for a few hours..." he thought to himself as he drifted off. As he drifted off with the pain medication, the relaxing state the medics had put him into, and just exhaustion- he dozed off... to find himself on a dry world- with a giant fault in the ground. He was all alone and at the bottom of a deep ravine. Laying in a pool of his own blood- he screamed. No one could hear him here and so he let it out- the pain. Screams so vibrant that pieces of skre had started to fall. His own personal pit of pain. Here he was crippled mentally, back in his body though- that was healing at least. That would still take a bit- and until then, all he could do to cope with the pain was to scream.
  10. Had his head not been wrapped in bandages- his face would have displayed his...displeasure and frustration at what his former apprentice had done. Both in the operating room and right here in front of him. While his eyes were bandaged over- he could see with the Force. He also felt the pressure wave- through the tank. Then, a hiss and snap, crackle, and at the end- a pop. The current swirled around him and the bacta drained away.- a crack in the glass from the pressure wave from the demented crystal. Barely recovered, Vos sank to the bottom of the tank as the bacta spilled out. Gravity and oxygen wreaked havoc on his body. The wounds he had suffered from Gala had split his skin open where his circulatory system laid under his skin. The oxygen and his nerves in those areas met like old enemies once again. His joints and bones also met acquainted themselves with the gravity of Ossus. They too started back up on their arguments and disagreements once again. Tubes and wires connected to Tobias sagged with him- his breath mask, intravenous medications- more than a dozen wires across his bare chest also followed him to the floor. As the safety measures started to react to the loss of container integrity- the cylinder retracted, leaving Vos exposed completely and the bacta to spill out into the floor drain. His Force Aura was a torrent of rage- he was pissed. He was angry at first after the stunt Sandy just pulled- but the repercussions of her actions resulted in his entire body being saturated once again with crippling pain. Involuntarily his body started to tremble, and then began the coughing. Blood shot out in little spurts around the part of the mask covering his mouth. Wearing nothing but medical pants- with shaky hands he tried to prop himself up to at least crouch onto his knees. The pitdroid moved forward to help his master, which Tobias accepted with some reluctance. More coughing- and a groan of pain that quickly became a bellow of pain as he maneuvered. As he knelt there, being held up by his droid, his trembling hand moved to pull off the mask. The droid beat him to it and removed it with a subtle grace of his master's discomfort. The inside of the mask was wet with frothy, bright red blood. A smaller cough, and Tobias’s chest heaved with trying to calm himself. If his aura was anything to go by- he was calming down but he was still very angry. Not touched by the dark side- but still angry. He sucked in a few breaths to try and settle himself out as a red drop of blood trickled down his chin. Gritting his teeth- he looked, at least aimed his bandaged eyes to Sandy, and through his clenched teeth he grumbled slowly. “Jedi Sarna. After you have found the Eternal Vigilance- you will report back to Ossus where we will go over- in great detail your actions not only here, but previously. Grandmaster Alluyen will be informed of all this... after I am back on my feet." A gasp of pain escaped his lips and he spat as his muscles tensed across his body. Inching forward about to lose balance- the droid held him up with a three digit claw on his chest where the engraving of his skin wasn’t too prominent. Bacta dripped from his hair which was pulled up into a sort of beehive atop his head, but even that was chilly. Everything hurt, he just wanted to cry and whimper inside his world of darkness. “I was going to have you and Aiden help me purify the crystal- I was going to talk to Frond in a realm where he is familiar- and there is no pain there while he was tended to. But you did not trust me, Jedi Sarna. Me- of all people. Your actions here- are just…” His voice had been rising, despite gritted teeth and an appearance of strength had risen and fallen in a flash as he finished his sentence. “... are just disappointing…” Silence permeated the room as the energy drained out of Tobias as his presence flooded with sadness. He hung his head as if looking at his forearms through the bandage around his eyes. The wounds were starting to well up with blood once again. His body was still attempting to recover from the ordeal on Gala and this little incident was going to set him back quite a bit. “Ikky, go find one of the Jedi from earlier- I’m going to need… some….help......” Blood started to pool around his body, turning the area around him to a little pool of red. The spasms and coughing caused the trenches in his skin to re-open ergo why he was now bleeding. In some ways, he missed his old body which already had scars on it- it was a pity this new one had been a blank canvas. The droid had run off in another direction leaving Vos to try and support himself with just his right fist against the ground. His head still hung and his nerves still lighting up his brain with pain receptors but he had to say this next part before the medics came into the bay. Taking a cautious deep breath in a few stages- “If you have what you need to find EV- then take my ship and be about it. I doubt neither Frond or myself will be in any shape to come along.” And there wasn’t any room for arguing- as more and more of the trenches in his skin started to break their membrane and let the red blood dribble out. Three medics rushed into the room- not running but quickly walking along. Grabbing him from under his arms, they manhandled him over to another pod quickly. The third medic started to pull the medical devices around and plug them into a different terminal. As soon as they sat him down, they started to wrap his body with a bandage that had a layer of pain medication that activated upon warming to a body temperature. Since Tobias was now being wrapped head to toe in the bandage- he was feeling pretty good- but that was the meds talking. There were ways a Jedi could dull pain, there were ways around even pain and bleeding that he knew- but the Force came to him in waves- and the struggle to stay conscious throughout the ordeal had taken most of his strength. So he let himself be moved like a sack of tapatoes. It was so easy to go back to the dark side and give into his anger- but Gala had changed him… and he wasn’t interested in giving into his anger. The medics talked to him, all he did was grunt a yes or no to them, and into another bacta tank he went, a new mask attached to his face, and there he floated and drifted back off to… another dream… the house by the lake under the mountains, as a childs voice called to him- and there she was in all her beauty- his wife and her dark hair, her sly smile. Then he was out- dreaming of that place.
  11. Being an apparition had its advantages; he could go where physical bodies could, attach himself to someone and even enter visions with someone. There were pros and cons to doing all that though. Whether or not he wanted to, sometimes his fleeting control over his doppleganger could be swept up in stronger Force currents. Like the one he had just been swept up in right as the apprentice that preceded him touched Frond’s saber. What had resulted was not a fun ride. Darkness was rolling in just like a storm cloud, much like when Ossus reached a certain orbit around its sun which resulted in heavy fog for a few weeks each year. While still physically in the medical wing, his mind had no choice but to ‘go with the flow’. However, he was a Jedi Master- or at least an equivalent. All things were possible with the Force- and he reached out to take control of this situation. Preliminary steps had been taken before the apprentice had kicked the vision off- and now there was more of a spectacle than Tobias would have liked. It was time to nip this in the bud- start it before an avalanche of actions and movements were beyond his reach. While the realization that he shouldn’t intervene was on his mind- he knew what he needed to do. Ikky, one of the PIT droids on his ship, was there watching all of this- Frond on the ground, the moving tree twitching a little. His lightsaber a few feet away. While the PIT droid couldn’t see Vos, as he was an apparition within the Force, it heard Tobias’s order of retrieving the saber. Sandy, Aiden, Frond and the other apprentice were before Tobias, his profile giving off a radiant green glow that only the living could see. A stern expression on his face, he spoke in a cold tone. “Ikky, walk two meters to your seven o’clock.” The droid obediently moved to the indicated position, holding the saber. Tobias had just done this to two crystals previously and it crippled him. Now he was about to go even further and destroy this crystal while he was still in bacta recovering. Audibly, Vos sighed with a long drawn out groan. He couldn’t destroy the crystal here, he needed to touch it. He followed up with another order. “Report to the medical wing, bring the saber to me. Then report back to the ship.” The droid ran off in the direction of the temple, ignoring everything around it. The apparition pinched the bridge of its nose, and flares of orange wove into the green radiance. “How are those two?” Tobias questioned, crossing his arms. There was nothing he could do for them in this state, other than check in on them. His face displayed his annoyance and irritation. A product of the strain it was putting on him to act in this capacity. The Gala incident had purged him of his darkness, and now here he was about to do the opposite. Deep down he knew he had to try and help Frond- no matter the damage right now; A Jedi’s life is sacrifice… the old saying rang in his head.
  12. Perfection. That was the only word he could use to describe this place; actually the only one he wanted to keep on his mind. He tried to push away words like ‘illusion’ and ‘fake’, despite the facts of the matter. The cool breeze coming from behind him, winding its way around the trees and out onto the open water. It was just cool enough to take the edge off of the twin suns radiance. Plenty of wildlife could be heard from behind him- and even a fish jumped in the lake. Tobias sat there on a larger boulder, legs stretched out before him his knees bent to support his elbows as he crossed his fingers in front of him. There was not a single care in this world for him. Part of his mind screamed at him that this was an illusion and his body was, in a sense, very much broken. He tried to keep that part of himself pushed away. If he was to heal back up he couldn’t dwell on what the current state of his body was, he needed to focus on progress. He could fool his mind into thinking that the incident on Gala was awhile ago- and now he could sit and reflect on his actions in reflection. It was another mindgame, something he was accustomed to: double thinking. There was something peaceful here, but he was unsure of what exactly it was. Many theories swam in his mind; 1: Was it because this is the life he wanted to live, with Adenna? 2: Was there something about green trees and mountain air that settled him? 3: Was this an Unconscious memory of when he was born? Before his first real memories of Tatooine and Nal Hutta, of course. 4: Did Adenna want this and he had picked up on it through their connection? 5: Did Frond or Trushaun have an influence on why he enjoyed this nature? 6: Did his Aing-Tii friend and master have a specific influence above all others? 6: Could be overthink this further, or just accept the simple answer? That he enjoyed solitude and peace. 7: Was the Force telling him that it sometimes is just a beautiful little place and it’s just that simple? He sighed, figuring he better settle on the last question and answer. While he still was surrounded by the forest, of oak and pine, his mind started to replay what he had done in the library on Gala. Much of it was a blur, and his mind reflexively ached at the memory. He turned his palms upwards to look at them; there were so many dark cracks that were part of what he had just done. His veins were still dark too, and while he didn’t have a mirror- he bet his eyes and veins in his head were darkened as well. The palms had so many more dark lines in them- with a flash the memory played out in his mind. While the crystals had belonged to a member of the exorcist caste, the crystals still wanted to serve in that fashion. He gave into the song it sung and did things that didn’t make sense at first, but now they did. As soon as Frond had moved behind Tobias he gripped the reins of the beasts with the Force and then crushed the lightsaber he had been holding with his bare hands. Right where the crystals were. He wouldn’t have had that much strength- that small crushing force- the crystals would have cut his hand long before they turned to powder. Something about that immediately became clear though- once the crystals had touched his bare hand they dissolved into where the hilt had already sliced into his hands. The crystal invaded his body and called out to the Force. His body was a vessel for power- and back out into the physical world. The hoarde was struck down, but the reaction within his body was almost too much. Thoughts drifting off, he felt a vibration through the Force. His body was being moved. Nothing nefarious- just to the medical wing. They must have landed on Ossus. A little session in the bacta tanks would be good. Might fix him up to the point he could reset his body into a Jedi Healing Trance. Until then, there was a way he could connect with his comrades. It would be a little dangerous, but it might be best to wait until he was in bacta and had pain medication introduced into his system. ~~~ Company was the last thing Fond needed right now, but it was what was demanded of Tobias now. It was his role as a Jedi Master. The thought struck a nerve within himself. Did he really just call himself a Jedi?! Did he now really believe himself to be a Jedi?! A mild anxiety attack ran through his own mind. He couldn’t be a Jedi- his ideals and upbringing was just… not cohesively able to fit into the Jedi way… That was a conundrum to conquer another time, now he had to address this. It seemed as though he was a tad too late, someone had beaten him to Frond. Maybe this was what he was meant to witness- a Jedi youngling and the living tree. Letting his doppleganger apparition walk forward and lean against a nearby tree- close, but not close enough to be too intrusive on the conversation starting off. ‘For now, I am a tree. A silent observer of the wind.’ Tobias thought, and a side reflection of that was that Frond had this poetic influence on him. At the previous thought, he chuckled, folded his arms and waited patiently.
  13. Over the unholy noise he heard Sandy reorder the retreat; he held his ground to give the others time. Time to put some distance into separating from these abominations and themselves. As he spun, dodged, jumped and everything in-between - he firmly held the creatures attention on himself. Just a moment ago he had wanted to pass the reins over to Frond- but his own borrowed blade sang to him- it knew how to end this threat they faced. It was a complicated technique- one that would require split timing. Forming the intention in his mind- was able to pass it over to Frond without verbally communicating it. Just as an intention through the Force. What they were going to do was as soon as Kel, Aiden, and Sandy were in the tunnel going back to the ship. Frond was to stay in front of the tunnel cleaving any ghoul within range. Tobias would leap over him in a reverse of how they entered the room then they too would run. They made their move a second later. Tobias kept the purple blades alive for this part as he spun around, maneuvering the hoard so there was more and more distance was inserted between them. Eventually, Tobias landed behind Frond and even tumbled back a few paces- allowing the tree to step back and flip over Tobias- giving him the role of rear guard. What no one expected was the ritual the exorcists lightsaber wished its new owner to perform. It was an experiment, he'd never even thought something like this would have been possible. The exact situation was a phenomenal set of coincidences; he did not hesitate because, he was trusting the Force. Frond lept over him, and the hoard refocused on the Kiffar. Then, like a crack in the pane of glass, a sharp change occurred to the man. It appeared as though his flesh cracked apart with purple light- as if the force ran through his veins and was suddenly illuminated to shine light to the darkest of corners. The two blades disappeared as soon as the light show began. A powerful vortex of Force energy collected within Tobias- begging to let loose. The ghouls had paused long enough for Tobias to calmly get to his feet look down at his hands, then reach one out to the beasts. What anyone else would have seen would have been a tendril of energy from the human lighthouse into the ghoul. What Tobias saw was the energy from the crystals he had just crushed in his hand, converting the exorcists crystals to powder and atoms and into himself. The energy contained within him- the crystals desire to rid the galaxy of the dark side- wanted to be set free. It wanted to do what it was meant to. The ghoul burst at the contact with the energy, suddenly and effectively. Since Tobias could see the unique tendrils of the ghouls- so could the crystals energy. It was like taking a bunch of wires in a single grasp then pulling them tight and finally energizing them- the current followed the trail back to their organic counterparts- and one by one- the ghouls were reduced to a mushy paste that coated everything down the hallway and back into the library. Soon the light faded from both Tobias and the surrounding area, so he stood there for a brief moment illuminated by the lights. One last bubble of purple energy came out of his finger and *blooped* away. Chest rising and falling, he tried to avoid what the repercussions of such a ritual- but no amount of slow breathing was going to help him now. The power transfer that had just happened within him had spoiled his insides. In a swift moment- he collapsed to all fours and emptied his stomach. Snot dripped from his nose, blood dripped from his nose eyes and ears. Nothing too extreme- but Tobias was effectively crippled. The conversion had to have taken place- there was no other way it could have happened. Gala would be free of the Dark Side corruption- the exorcists crystals could rest now. The Force here was balanced and for that Tobias nearly paid with his life. He still could- but he was determined to see this through. With jerky movements, he looked over to see Frond approaching him. The Neti could see Tobias in such a state didn't seem to bother either of them. Cradling his left arm into his torso, Frond cradled the fleshy man and guided him to his feet. Then, they started their journey back to Tobias' ship. ~~~ Tobias had just collapsed when the reached the surface; the pain had gotten to him. His vision was blurry, breathing through a nose and esophagus lined with blood, a terrible ringing in his ears, dried blood caked onto his face, he was carried into the ship. No doubt the droids would have found a dozen other issues within his body if he had let them; he had not. The only two things he communicated was that Sandy was in charge of the vessel- and to tend to the others wounds. Frond had delivered Tobias to his room and left him there- nothing could be done at this moment. Time, The Force, and hopefully some bacta shots- he'd be feeling better. Maybe even a Bacta Tank on Ossus. Maybe he'd see Adenna there... but something in his mind doubted he'd see her anytime soon. Regret and sadness flooded his mind and he did not resist. He surrendered to it- and the enveloping darkness; somewhere in the back of his mind, he wished he would at least have a pleasant dream. The last thing before he thought he heard before the final darkness was the engines coming to life, then darkness... ((To Ossus...)
  14. As he slowly came back to the grips of reality and his surroundings- he became aware that the fight inside the library was not going well. Gritting his teeth, he relaxed into the Force- letting it flow around him as if it were a body of water. It surrounded him, enveloped him. The pain in his left shoulder was gone, the ache in his neck vanished as well. He knew what that entity had meant, upon reflection. He was one with the Force, and he would save his companions. Outside of the first greeting he and Frond hadn't spoken- they hadn't needed to. Tobias trusted the Neti, and they functioned along the same mindset; mostly. His staff slung across his back, he pulled out the two lightsabers he had lost so long ago. Clicking them together to form a double blade, he looked to Frond and nodded his own head. Just as Sandy called the two apprentices- the pair rushed into the room and they became part of the cyclone of activity in the Library. These were primal beasts- one mindset: devour anything. Seeing the strange Force aura color emanating off the beasts- he reached out to touch it. It was like a string on a loose garment- you could pull and pull and keep on pulling. That’s what he just did- the mongrels all stopped in their pursuit of the three younglings in the room and focused on the doorway that Vos walked through. Those immediately engaging Aiden, Kel and Sandy continued their assault- Vos even had to put a blaster bolt in one rushing Aiden. The corpse slammed into a terminal and toppled over it with how fast it was moving. Holstering his blaster, Tobias welcomed the onslaught. Feral mouths bellowed at him, yet he remained calm- keeping ahold of the force tendril with his mind. He turned all the aggression towards him. Pulling and pulling them towards not his death- theirs. Their release from this tormented reality- this corruption. There was a flood of ghouls here and his blades were thirsty for blood from dark side entities. He would indulge them- but he gave a small signal- and then knelt- and what appeared was a large tree leaping over Tobias and bisected the creatures rushing them. Frond has just entered the fray, and now it was Tobias’ turn. A trip of loud pops filled the room and purple blades came to life. The power cell was a tad unstable as there was an odd crackling emanating from the hilt- worse than the last time he had used these. A song poured from the blade as Tobias pulled these creatures into the purple radiance. Each one they were able to neutralize equaled the less of a hold the dark side had on Gala. The strings binding the energies here would be severed and the natural balance could be established. With efficiency Vos launched into a complicated tumble; he spun, taking out two; a kick spun a creature around, momentum carrying it away; a somersault forward sliced a few pairs of legs off. Spinning up, he guided the blade in a low whirl around his waist- finishing the creatures who lad lost their legs. Finally planting his feet and coming to a halt- he pumped his fist out and a force wave shot out carrying two others; their bones breaking against the wall. Bringing his elbow back, he knelt and spun into the elbow- the varmint crumpled over his blow- and fell back; but not before a cut landed across its chest. The smell of seared flesh filled the room; he didn’t notice. From one tumble to another Tobias pulled the creatures on their strings- letting his companions assist or fall back as they saw fit. As he had space- he drew his blaster and fired off two shots into the closest beast, holstered- and made a vicious overhead spin with the next group that rushed him. The blade sang a passionate song that Vos barely understood- but he didn’t have to know what the words were. In fact there were no words, the blade had belonged to a exorcist- and there was something those Jedi always whispered about. The songs of the light side- or whatever. He didn’t have to completely understand it to know it was a beautiful melody, to know it was a song to be heard- this was its last song- its last reason for hanging on. Sizzling through the air and through the gang of creatures flooding the room- Tobias tried to focus the creatures attention onto himself; the blade sang a beautiful song within the Force. That was all he could focus his eyes on at the moment; the others were nearby but that was it- the song and the flow of battle was everything to him in this moment. He hoped Sandy would pick up on his strategy, he didn’t have time or the concentration to reach out to her.
  15. Something was watching them. The hair on the back of his neck was standing up, a slight breeze could be felt out of the one corridor that came into the library across the room. Fixing his eyes the entry, he slowly meandered over towards the threshold as the others made their way into the room. This was a corridor he and the others had not entered into previously. Which would mean… Realization hit him as if it were a cold bucket of water thrown onto his face. “Kriff…” He cursed to himself. As Aiden got to work and he, Sandy and Kel spread out just far enough. Tobias pulled a toppled chair over to block the entry into the room from his hallway. “Trip ‘em up!” He shouted- and pulled his blaster and started to burn holes into the ones leading the charge. Kel and Sandy were similarly engaging the corpses- and Sandy yelled out just as Tobias put his first bolt into a rambling corpse. Five shots into it and that appeared to be all of them, at least from his own hallway. He took aim at a one rushing at Sandy and burned it through the throat and its inertial carried it into a terminal beside his former apprentice. Taking aim at another one going for Aiden- he burned that one as well. Looking back to his hallway- he noticed that there were only four corpses crumpled- the fifth had disappeared and was probably the reason why his danger sense just spiked- and the pain in his left shoulder spiked. He was close to the threshold of the tunnel when he blacked out as the corpse used both arms to slam Tobias into the wall. Part of him knew he should have just used his saber- instead of a blaster. However, just like his sight- his thoughts were swallowed up by the darkness. A lingering part of his consciousness knew that none of the others had seen him go down. ~~~~ Suddenly, he found himself in the mechanical room where he had fought the Monolith. No idea how much time had passed since… He sprang to his feet- adrenaline rushing through him. His staff on his back and his blaster in its holster on his right leg. He clenched his fist and smacked it into the palm of his left hand- his left shoulder still hurt like a kathhound bite but he needed to see right now so he completed the ritual- and with an underhanded pitch to the center of the room- a flare of light illuminated the dark room. Forcing himself to remain calm- he held his lightsaber in his hands, but not ignited. If this were another ill timed vision… Moaning, gurgling and a shriek filled the room. As awareness re-surged in his mental capacity, he knew there was a creature in the room- but one that didn’t mean him harm so he dimmed the flare and looked for the entity. Briefly scanning the room- he tried to spy where exactly this other being was but no luck in pinpointing it. It also seemed as if he couldn’t reach out further than this room. As if he and the Force were locked in this room. Things had just gone from good to bad to good then worse in a rapid succession. Once again, he reached out to the Force and tried to feel what was around him. Again he couldn’t stretch beyond the walls of this room. “Alright, you have me- show yourself.” he called out. A slight breeze rustled past his ears carrying several indistinct whispers. “Enough of the games.” As he walked he found the crack in the floor where he had landed after catching Xae-Lin. Grunting, he shifted his gaze towards the back of the room- he held out his hands and called the objects into his grasp. The cool metal slapped into his palm and he pressed the activation button. Three loud popping noises filled the chamber as violet light bathed everything in its radiance. Having enough senses to be grateful that his psychometric didn’t go haywire right off the bat, he decided to deactivate the blades and clip them to his belt. Another brush of indistinct whispers; he listened intently but still couldn’t make out any specific words. It was frustrating, he wanted them to get to the point so he could go back to the group. As he walked around the room, he felt as soon as he was close enough to this entity it would somehow disappear and run away from him. It brought him here, then was trying to run from him? That didnt make any sense. He sped up his search, darting from one rubble pile to the other at an increasingly faster pace. Darting around the room, determined to find it. After about six tries, he was growing impatient with this little game. That's when he sat down, crossed his legs and began breath as if he were about to enter into a meditative trance. He knew he needed to express patience, trust, and knowledge. Rather than trying to chase this entity down- he was wasting time. A moment into the calming trance he cracked his eyes open, just to see there was some sort of… ethereal light. “Hello.” It said. “Greetings.” Tobias said, opening his eyes fully. A smirk crossed his face. While the entity was in the shape of a human- there were no discernible features of its face. “Why have you called me here?” The shape tilted its head. “You have unfinished business here, Tobias Vos.” Tobias tilted his head in the opposite direction. “That business… is…?” A short chuckle, “Think on it...” “Right… sadly, hindsight is twenty-twenty…” Tobias sighed. Another chuckle from the shape. The man raised an eyebrow, “Well… I know…” he remarked to its implied retort. As with so many other times, his mind started to race- some how guided by the . Questioning everything that he had done or said. “It’s not about what you have done- or have said- its how you accept it, fix it if need be, but make amends. Regardless of your personal feelings towards them. Stay true to yourself- stay true to her, stay true to...what you really want to see come of your actions. Don’t be afraid to commit...” The entity said before bursting into a cloud of light and enveloping Tobias. Caught off-guard, he looked shocked for a moment as the gas fell to the ground and dispersed. "But... this place- you need to..." A chuckle, "Don't worry, your friends are clearing out the last barricades of the wound- the Jedi will be welcome here again, the light side is strong here..." and the voice trailed off. The conversation was at an end. A brief vision of a dozen futures flashed through his mind, all in blazing clarity. The one that got to him was back at the lake where he and the Inquisitor had ventured. The wind had left his chest and he was unable to catch his breath for another longer moment as he was left reeling from the emotions that the vision had left him. Wiping a tear away brought upon by the vision, he stood up with a fresh determination and he knew where to go- back up the lift shaft until he got to the hallway they were supposed to have entered through and to the fresh path they had just traveled. As he ascended the lift shaft- he refined his plan so that after they retrieved the EV, he was going to come back to Gala and fix this site. He jumped from side to side, climbed where he could- and finally reached the hallway. A short jog down two hallways- and he stopped in his tracks. It seemed to him that Gala was always full of surprises: “Frond?!” Tobias said in stunned disbelief. “What in blazes… wait, nevermind- come on!” Tobias waved a hand to the walking tree and beckoned him to follow as he lept down to where they had fallen earlier.
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