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  1. The conversation took a turn as a furry Jedi Master entered the room. Kirlocca made his way across the room and to Tobias. Only as the @Wookiee Jedi closed in did Tobias turn to face the Former Grandmaster. It wouldn't take any sort of Force aptitude to see that he was beyond delighted to be in the presence of the wookiee once again. The man had taken great pains to figure out what had happened since they last saw each other, on Carida, just before he was murdered. Then their conversation on Rhen Var,,, Tobias cataloged how much had happened since those events... He had figured out who had dealt the death blow against the furry alien, found his holocron, led Adenna to purge the last of the darkness inside her then becoming Grandmaster, the Kashyyyk Battle, Dark Sun Station Battle, his temporary exile from the Jedi after that, the exorcism Tobias inflicted upon himself and the subsequent healing of the Force Scar on Gala... and now here they were. The Kiffar felt... tired. That and a bit of the pain from the Force scars that were branded into his skin. Holding his staff in place with his left hand, he reached to his friend and gripped his shoulder with a firm but gentle grip. "It is great to have you back with us, my friend." Tobias released his grip on the shoulder and retrieved his cane. "Indeed- but this is a new direction the Force has been bent to take. This new path is troubling. There is something out there maliciously bending the Force to this new path. Adennas... state is most troubling. It's as if a bratty child was allowed into a forge and ruins a blade simply because of its ignorance of the proper process of creating something useful." Vos chuckled and shrugged, "Metaphorically speaking. At any rate, we are here now and must figure out what to do... again. It seems every few months we have to find a new Grandmaster to lead us. I'd roll my eyes, but the effect is lost with this bandage..." Vos chuckled once again, at his own expense. "How are you feeling? Healthy, tangible, corporeal, connected, sane?" A sly smile indicated he was trying to joke around about a serious topic, in typical Tobias fashion
  2. Tut and Tom chatted together, relaying the events of the past month. The pair even chuckled for a brief moment. Tobias smiled to himself, he was seated behind them and resting his right hand on his staff. The Kiffar wondered about what the circumstances were that was bringing them all together- and just the galaxy in general. Why was it always in turmoil and why were the supposed good guys always back peddling and stalling like a malfunctioning actuator? What could he do to- The thought paused before it finished. He had tried- and he had been shunned by the leadership twice. Deep down he knew he should feel frustration both at himself and the leadership, but the Jedi Order kept changing leaders left and right, and now with Adenna in the state she was currently in- that was what this meeting was going to be about. Sighing, he adjusted the cloth wrapping around his eyes. There was nothing more he wanted than to be back on the front lines and even the little sparring match he had just went through proved he could fight, even while maintaining the ruses. His right hand moved to scratch the stubble growing on his chin, and then he rested his head in his hand. From there, his mind wandered and questions came in and out of his mind in such a rapid pace he was caught up in the mental hurricane, he almost didn't feel when Tut tapped his knee. If half his face wasn't covered up, his eyes would have blinked rapidly and it would appear as if he dozed off , right here in the briefing room. But since he was blind at the moment, he was spared all that. Stretching his back, he leaned forward to whisper with Tut and Tom- and about old plots and schemes. It seems they were feeling rambunctious as well- and with Tut still injured... ~~~ Pim winced with the Trandosian words. She realized that her master was helping her pull the essence of the words from Vox's mind, despite being in another language. She played over what he said in his mind and the attitude behind the words. Face value, she understood. He was an experienced warrior it seemed and would probably obliterate her in any sparing match. "Perhaps not physical combat... you would out class me in a heartbeat." She explained, hesitantly. Then her eyes brightened as sudden realization came over her. Then with an excited tone- "Do you want to learn how to do this?" Her Zabrak smile spread across her face as she held up her hand and the spheres swirled around her hand. With her other hand, she held out a black rubber sphere. "If you want..." she added, as her confidence faltered for a moment.
  3. A message chime buzzed from Vos's chest pocket where the datapad was kept. He waited to check it though as the Trandosian spoke in his native tongue- and he produced two orbs. Pim let loose a silent gasp as she realized what had brought the Trando here. She reached out her hand to call them back to her. "Thank you for returning these, I'm sorry about before- you see why I was in a hurry, but that's no excuse. These are my training spheres..." As her hand extended forward, the spheres glided through the air the others she had, of various colors and textures, spun around her forearm slowly and under control. There were six there at the moment, and she added the two others. She tilted her head to Vos, he knew she was embarrassed to lose some spheres. Then, as the awkward moment set in the door opened with the usual swishing noise. A blue skinned, red eyed humanoid stepped in, surveying the scene before him in a calm and collect manner. The man, a Jedi Master, surveyed the Trandosian carefully and then the Zabrak female before turning his attention to Vos- "You got the message too, I assume, but you can't read it. Let's go. Masters meeting now, no padawans." Vos was looking at the Jedi Master, well, he was facing him. There was a ripple of unease within Vos, and he nodded then let his head hang down for a moment, concentrating. "Alright. Pim, help our new visitor around the temple, should he need it. Spend some time in here sparring if you wish- I will find you in a bit." Vos turned to face the Trandosian, probing the aliens mind for name to come to the surface of his thoughts. Another warm chuckle and the blind man addressed the alien by name, and in his own tongue. "Vox, is it? I'm afraid I have to cut this short- but if you need anything, Pim here will give you my comm codes. I would like to speak with you later if that is acceptable. I'm sorry for this interruption." With that, Vos hobbled his way across the room to the blue skinned Jedi Master, and the pair left. Pim watched them go, then slowly and awkwardly turned to face the Trandosian. "So..." was all the further she got with her sentence... "That was pretty cool, right?! I can't wait until I am skilled as my master. Anyways, you're new here- are you trying to become a Jedi too?" She asked the only other being in the room. "Want to spar?" ~~~ "You picked up a new apprentice, and maybe a second?" Tomin’titu’quis, the Chiss Jedi Master asked of Tobias as they walked down the hallway. Tobias responded in cheun, and the two conversed until they reached the rotunda- then he reached out to Kirlocca, questioning if he had gotten the message as well and hoping to see him at this meeting. Tense conversation continued in the Chiss language, touching on what happened on Corellia, what had been happening since the Black Sun Station and Tobias's exile, supply chains, Corusant, and general filling in of gaps. Then Tom asked about the scars and subsequent blindness- Tobias waved him off as they got to the briefing room. Tobias was glad to see that the Nautolan Jedi Master Tut Maris was here as well, injured but well enough. The two exchanged a greeting, and they sat down, There were a few other Masters here, and a few Knights. Knowing he was going to see Sandy in a moment too brought a smile to his face, but only for a second.
  4. Pim jumped at the sound of the door opening to the observation wing- it was dark and no one knew she was here. The figure looked familiar; and she tried to place him in her mind. However, it was just a silhouette of the figure. “Who?! Get in here, close the door! Shh!” She was clearly trying to cover her presence here. Innocently, of course. Pim gestured to the figure, pulling him with the force and slamming the door. The dark room was situated above the training yard- one where the acrobatics course was set up, a lounging pit to rest and relax between bouts and where they could watch their compatriots, there were stock droids one could fight against, targeting range, a melee course to focus on hand to hand combat, and armed combat. And there were other bays to behold as well, but it was in a section Pim was looking at.. This room was meant for observation from a higher vantage point. From here she saw that her Master was below, in a room on the side that housed the segregated training rooms for more private appointments. Sneaking over to a spot, she looked down at the scene inside the private training room. There was a man; his long woven hair sitting atop his head, a cloth wrap around his eyes, standard Jedi Master robes, his skin had a pattern that wasn’t clear from this far away what it was exactly, his left arm was in a sling and he rested heavily on the cane in his right hand- in a stance that suggested he was leaning on it to support an injured leg. Motioning to the dark figure that had walked in on her, she waved him over- there was just enough light to make out motion in the darkened room. “You’re new here, come watch this… this is going to be awesome.” She whispered and pointed towards the figure below. In the dark however, the four spheres floated in a slow rotation around her forearm as if it were a planet and the spheres were moons in perfect orbit. The figure moved forward and followed her direction to look at the man- now surrounded by training droids. The room was 30 feet by 30 feet- plenty of room for gymnastics and the like- but also close enough to where melee combat was feasible. As soon as the door closed to the room and the last droid took up positioning, nearly a dozen accounted for- the figure below nodded and took one step forward, relying on the cane to hold him up. If it had been any lighter, they would have seen him smirk. But all the rogue pair saw was an absolute stillness that could be mistaken as a still frame image or a painting. Then the man nodded and the scene broke. Blaster bolts erupted from the droids- all aimed at the man in the middle. In a single flash, the bolts collided at the center- and even though they were stun bolts, five was a lot. The energy Dissipated at once- against each other! The combatant had crouched and on his one good leg, he balanced his left arm was tucked into his body in the sling and his right was straight out, the staff laid back across his arm to his left side, a sphere attached at the end of the cane for its base. The droids took aim and did not hesitate, blaster bolts rang out, the man kept dodging on one leg- bouncing around the arena, flipping and spinning. The man moves faster and faster, until he was at the arm of a blaster droid. As he kept and sprung at the automaton and with a forceful undercut blow that bent the metal and plastoid; so the man spun away and fell upon the next obstacle- it was Rendered inert in moments. Never once did he get shot or struck, but moved fluidly about the room. The other droids were trying to chase him down, the ones with practice sabers. It was a terrific display of acrobatics and subtle control of the Force, Pim knew. She caught herself staring slack jawed at her master and how, while two limbs were injured, he was crushing the droids one after another. The man finally took a blow and his staff was knocked out of his hand and it clattered across the room. Apparently the figure went with the blow and rolled across the ground and came up with a right handed punch from a crouch and the droid which was advancing on the combatant- rocked back on its heels, arms pinwheeling to catch its balance. The man opened up his fist to a palm and the droid fell over with a loud clang. The exercise was over, no more movement from the droids but the man’s shoulders heaved in the darkness for a few more moments. Slowly, he rose to his feet using his one good hand, and then tilted his head to exactly where Pim and the other person was standing. As the cane flew back into his right hand- he leapt up to the observation deck and landed in front of Pim. A sly smile appeared on his face as the lights came back up with another wave of his hand. “Why do you hide, Pim? And who is your new friend?” As he spoke, Tobias turned his head and covered eyes to the other being in the room. A trandosian. Here, Tobias froze- a Trandosian. Flashbacks ran through his mind's eye from his time as a slave, the campaign on Kashyyyk, and a dozen other fights and such. Calming himself, he smiled at the Trando and looked at him through the Force. Male, honorable, worried about his people. A curious thing, his people. Was he a leader? Why was he here on Nar Shaddaa? Why was he in the observation room with Pim? He was Force Sensitive, but had never had proper training- that much Tobias could tell from the colors and swirls the Force left around the being. This was an interesting character to be sure. Why was he here though? “Welcome to Nar Shaddaa, my new Trandosian Friend, I am Jedi Master Tobias Vos. This is my apprentice, Pim.” His voice was warm and inviting, that of a friend. Inside, Pim knew he was broken.
  5. Pim raced through the hallways- she learned just a moment ago at the mess hall that her master had changed his aura. He was distracted, and in need. If she was reading that right, she was worried. If she was reading it wrong, well she should know in a moment. In her mad dash, she cut a corner too sharply- her senses were distracted so she didn't feel the two beings until it was too late. Leaping, and twisting in the air- she planted a foot on the wall and fell into a tumbling summersault then back onto her feet. A trando and human? It didnt matter, she spun to run backwards while facing the pair "Sorry! My fault!!!" A look of shock came across her face- the spheres! The small spheres she was supposed to always levitate with her- one had gotten stuck in the trandosians' robe and with a flick of her wrist, the small glass sphere removed itself, gently, from his robes and rejoined the other three small spheres gliding through the air- and she shouted her apologies again. She was going to look like a fool if there wasn't the need for the rush. She probably already looked like a fool... "C'Mon Tasha!" Pim hissed, barely audible from the distance she had managed to get to. The young Zabrak female looked incredibly embarrassed. The small glass sphere that was small than a fist zoomed after the young girl who was heading towards one of the observable training rooms. "Sorry, again!!" Pim shouted and bolted down the hallway. On the floor, there were two spheres that had fallen out of her pocket the obvious Jedi hadn't noticed falling out of her pocket. One was pure black stone, polished to remarkable shine. The other was a rose quartz sphere, also reflecting the light but also smooth to the touch.
  6. There she was- broken, but alive and comatose. He stood there, looking at her in the bacta tank. Part of him wanted to break the glass and embrace her. Another part wanted to find the wretch that did this and cut them like a porcine beast. As always the Jedi and Sith sides fought against one another in his mind. That was internal- externally he stood in front of her holding a stoic watch. After twenty minutes the medical staff gave him a chair to sit in. Thanking them, he asked if the lights could be turned off for fifteen minutes and for some privacy. The obliged him, and after the latch clicked- he sunk into the Force. It was a familiar setting; one he had shown the Inquisitor moron. Tobias reached to Adenna's mind and wove it gently in a dreamscape that she would ultimately be able to control- once she was strong enough. This would just give her some rest and relaxation- mentally. There was a cabin, a serene lake to the north, and a pine forest surrounding them on the other sides. There was just he and Adenna in this dream. Then, once he saw her- a little piece of him broke more and he wished he could stay. Sadly, this was not where he was to stay and would have to trick her a bit. So, he made a doppelgänger and let his partners mind pick up the illusion there. As he separated the image of himself and his actual presence- a pang of sadness permeated every part of the Kiffar- but he gently pulled his presence away from the woman that- He cut his train of thought off, going deeper down that path of thinking would only make it harder if she were to become one with the Force. As he regained consciousness and awareness, his face was moist and he quickly brushed his face dry once again. Then, the lights came back up and the staff reentered the room. Thanking them, he departed for the time being- just requesting that the chair remain, as he would be back. Often.
  7. Her master was troubled, that much she knew from the way he walked. As always he was closed to her within the Force- at least to her capabilities. Starting to worry about what was going on he had told her the day before and apologized for leaving her without much instruction. He was pleased that she did continue her sphere exercises as well as meditating. She was in the common room, cross legged and meditating on the floor- three spheres tracing different paths through the air when she heard her master call over the intercom. She collected her materials and steadied herself. The dream she had just had was… unnerving. After her master dealt with whatever was the issue was on Nar Shaddaa, she would tell him. Then she felt the vibration through the deck and knew they had returned to normal space. By the time she got to the cockpit, they were descending into the atmosphere for landing. Arching one eyebrow- she started to get a little more nervous as her senses became more attune to the ebb and flow of the Force around the planet. A sense of anxiety and dread; she wondered what happened. After she went back to her cabin and collected her things, she met her master at the boarding ramp and departed the ship. In stoic good grace, Tobias marched towards his objective, taking a detour to the training yard. There he left Pim to resume training using the first form of lightsaber combat. Slowly and methodically she worked her way through the forms, transitioning from one pose to another. After a few minutes of the warm up, she sprang. Her masters ship wasn’t small, or uncomfortable- there wasn’t enough room to practice the full range of her acrobatics. So she “Stretched her legs” and began to move a little faster, all the while moving the small metal sphere through the air. ~~~ He had been rude, he knew he shouldn’t have been. The tendrils of force energy were spinning a worrisome pattern. Tobias knew he needed to remain collected to deal with the situation at hand. Making his way through the quarters area he checked in with the temple manager and visited his quarter just to drop a few things off. Part of the trail he was on had traces leading off to another wing of the quarters area. A momentary frown and he returned to the path guiding him to this disturbance. In the time that took him to get to the medical wing- he tried to prepare himself for whatever he was about to see...
  8. There was something inside the Force calling to him, even here inside the star cluster of Hapes. He had to return to Nar Shaddaa... Multiple strands of Force energy pulling him back off the station. There was no other way around it- he had to answer the call of the Force. Judging by the colors and vibrations of the flow- he needed to follow the flow. Granted, there were stands holding him here- but these new ones pulled him away. Even his meditation as affected by these issues. The situations in his mind as he reached out to the Force was something akin to someone grabbing his shoulder and spinning him around. The figure was almost recognizable- after the fifth time he saw the figure. Tobias typed out a message to Raven and Kirlocca, on his old comm line. He would give them some time- but he bid them to come to Nar Shaddaa. Then a few moments later- the ship shot back into hyperspace. Leaving behind a Force beacon of happiness and strength to Kirlocca; Vos was happy to see him back and strength for getting used to his new reality.
  9. As the empress turned, Pim whispered into Tobias’s ear. Internally, he chuckled. While he was the top tracker and seeker within the Order, he still was blind to a few things. Straightening, he made sure to nod at the pair and so the pair left Kirlocca and Raven to become reacquainted with one another. The whole way back to The Prism, Tobias just zoned out and walked back to the ship. ~~~ Today was a very weird day, Pim was replaying everything up until now from when her Master adjusted course while they were on their way to some event. She honestly couldn’t remember, but it involved animals. There was an obvious tension in the room and thank goodness Tobias had decided to leave. He had let slip something he hadn’t touched on yet. He had called the Grandmaster by her first name. They had to be close, she was starting to read her master better. Something about this had gotten him flustered, big time. It wasn’t her place to ask questions- and so she was quiet and followed him back through the station. It had Sounded like a long journey but it was only a few minutes away from the medical center. There, she was tasked with disassembling and reassembling her lightsaber. Her master bet her she couldn’t do it in under ten minutes- and if she did, he’d do the dishes for a week. If under six, he’d do it for a month. Silly challenges were a bit fun, it formed a partnership faster. Pim has been worried, but she liked her master and would be there when he opened back up. She knelt in the common room and started practicing. ~~~ Vos was unnerved- but instead of the usual meditation- he went into the little work area and started to work on the exo-skeleton he was building. A frame to augment the wearers running, speed, and lifting capacity. More for himself and his knee, but possibly to help those hurt in the campaign the Sith were waging. And thinking ahead- with the currents he’s been feeling through the Force, these would come in handy… Sadly… Then he realized his eyes were blind- and so- he started to utilize the Force to work the metal and wires.
  10. The question was a break in Tobias's mental image of the Imperial Head of State- and he took a moment to think on it. There were several ways to react of course, but what which reaction would be most productive? Letting part of his mind wander to relax in the flow of the Force energies around them. Part of him was like a bobber on a fishing line- floating with the current and seeing where things took them. He sighed and looked around, despite his lack of vision, then turned his head right back to Raven. "Some beings are willing to come back, some are not. The Force put you here- guided you to this exact moment in time and space to act on what you want to do. As it happens- I was told to be here and give that holocron to you to help you do what you are doing. I would be lying if I am not eager to see how this plays out. I miss him as well... I'd probably do the same thing if Adenna..." He paused suddenly knowing he shouldn't have said that- especially in the presence of Pim. The girls aura shifted as she digested what she heard. Vos recovered himself and rephrased the sentence. "I'd probably do the same thing if I were in your position." He retraced his previous sentence structure rewording it to be a little more... was professional the right word? Best not to overthink it... Smiling, trying to put warmth into his smile because he would do the same for Adenna. But then- there was a torrent of Force energies that swirled around him- Kirlocca. Shivers ran through his bones as his skin turned to gooseflesh. He felt the different kinds of energies around the fresh body pulling a Force entity to it. It was a volatile exchange but it was glorious- and a tad frightening. Tobias knew what the wookiee was feeling- and lent him some comfort through the Force, filtering it so that none of Tobias's pain would touch Kirlocca. Suddenly, he realized how much of a transformation he himself had undergone since he and Kirlocca last spoke to each other on Carida. That seemed like such a eon ago now... Tobias was a little calmer, a little bolder, Force brands over the majority of his body, freshly shaved face, cloth covering his blind eyes, and wearing Jedi Master Robes(finally). The Jedi bowed to his comrade, flooding his presence with warmth and encouragement. Tobias would have spoke to him- but knew Raven should speak to Kirlocca- it was she who orchestrated his return, Tobias was just there to pass along Kirlocca's holocron- and once he did the process of Kirlocca being back in this realm was now a reality. With satisfaction, he noted by the ruffling of fabric on fabric that Pim had also bowed to the Wookiee, as her master had done. He hadn't told her much of who Kirlocca was, or what he meant to Tobias. Straightening up, he shifted his arm in his sling and took a subtle step back to give him and Raven some extra space.
  11. Vos cleared his throat, an embarrassed tone tinted his next words. “Yes, it’s... good You’re back in action. This is my apprentice, Pim Tusrock.” He stopped and closed his bag after Raven took the holocron. Pim bowed at the proper moment, blushing and remaining silent. Her knees were shaking she was so nervous, but she remained calm on the exterior. Vos looked around at the rest of the ward, or at least his head circled the room- his eyes still had the wrap around them. He lowered his voice- “Raven, are you doing what I think you’re doing?” He whispered to the Imperial. This time, his tone was perfectly neutral.
  12. A few hours later they were inside the Hapes Cluster, surrounded by the Rebel Fleet. An uneasy feeling rolled through Tobias’s belly- but felt a familiar presence on the surface. Well, several pressences but this one- he tried to locate her to the best of his ships abilities. Tobias scratched his bare chin, pondering the situation. “Take us in- Pim and I are heading here to this same facility. It seems we’re playing a long shot chance game. I hope it works out.” Though many security and other checkpoints- Tobias and his padawan made their way closer to his old acquaintance. Suddenly- he remembered the last time he had seen her and shivered. A dark memory he would love to spend more time brooding about but there was the Medical Wing- and there was the former empress herself- Raven. His left arm in a sling, a satchel slung across his body, walking with a cane in his right hand, the usual appearance for the Jedi Master. There was a cloth wrap around his head, covering his eyes- and the brands in his skin- plus the fact he was wearing Jedi Robes versus his usual scoundrel attire, Vos had changed in the year since the Black Sun Station battle. Pim, in apprentice robes and her blonde hair pulled back into a bun on her head; she was obviously a young Zabrak. Two lightsabers hung from her utility belt- and her whole body language screamed that she was not used to these situations. The duo entered the wing side by side, paused long enough for Pim to scan the room and find the VIP that they were here to meet. When Vos took a step in her direction, Pim knew he found her as well. She followed beside him, the loyal apprentice. He approached but not close enough where he signaled he was a threat to whatever security she had around. In a rough, yet melodic voice Vos called to Raven. “I’m happy to see you’re up and about, Miss. I…” He drifted off, phrasing the next part as he went. “I... was asked to bring this to you.” Vos held out his bag so that the Jedi Holocron was visible, enough for Raven to identify if she knew what it was. Pim almost reacted to her master saying he was happy to see this person up and such, considering he was blind. She remained professional- quiet and out of the way.
  13. It had now been a month since she started learning under her master. And in that time she had only variations of one little lesson and that was to levitate a small steer above her hand at all times. Sometimes he would require her to make patterns in the air then even add other spheres and make the patterns more intricate. There are even patterns he instructed her to do that almost seems counterproductive as this year‘s are going towards one another but she had the explicit instruction not to let the spheres touch. All while going about her day in the usual manner. There Were several different variations of the lessons play all in all her day-to-day routines stayed the same. While they had spent a week in hyperspace and re-supplying, they had managed to make it to one of the outskirt planets that had a Jedi Temple on. At the moment she forgot what this planet was because she was shivering so violently because the ice had gone inside the door jam and she and her master were repairing the door frame. And yet he still made her levitate the sphere. It didn’t make much sense to her but this was the part where he was a master and she was a Padawan. She did as instructed. And she always could ask questions which she was very grateful for but this simple levitation training had gone on long enough, in her own private opinion. But she realized what the feeling was for what it really was; she was growing bored and wanted to learn something different. She had brought this up because her master did ask her from time to time progressions of what she was learning what she did wanna learn what her interests were and everything under the sun of whatever system that they were in. But it wasn’t up until yesterday that she divulged why he was making her levitate this sphere From when she walks in the morning too when she went to sleep at night. It was to train her stamina while using the force and also help her with multitasking. And despite how peeved she was she realized that he was correct in this training and the lesson. But in other cases he was fun to talk to, for being old. Honesty was a big thing for Master Vos and he was upfront about his life as a slave then as a sith, then the whole being named a Jedi Master. He hadn’t gone in the many specifics but he gave her the general gist of that and so she started to trust him more and more. And so she did, entrusting him with several fears, goals, dreams, and everything in between- the pair had formed quite a bond over the time they had spent together. Which was why Pim was tad irritated that she still had to hold the sphere up while trying to help with the door frame. Her frustration must have shown because he had instructed her to hang on for a few more seconds while he threw up a barrier just outside the hatchway, long enough for her and the droids to fix the hatch. That was a day and a half ago- and much of that time was spent back in hyperspace. Her master just emerged from his cabin as she was doing some reading and spinning two spheres. She looked up to see him enter the common room and nodded, he limped across to the cafe nook and made a snack for himself. Pim has thought he was an impressive Jedi all the way up until now. Now he just looked crippled- and she felt a slight pang of regret for training under him. Only briefly- she knew that was silly. Regret for signing up with him, but regret for choice. The thought was a fraction of a nanosecond, but the ramifications… Vos chuckled, she was letting her emotions get to her. Without malice or mockery, he instructed her to breathe- and she did so and almost immediately felt better. Some chatting went on as Vos ate, interrogating Pim about her studies. It was a biology lesson- pointing out how different animals and plants all made up a planet's “tree of life” or however the ecosystem of a world was nicknamed. The topic was mildly interesting, but she didn’t understand the point. How would this help her work with the Force easier? “Trust me, my young padawan.” Vos winked. “We’re heading to Ossus next for some lightsaber training. You have your crystals, yes? Have you meditated with them as I instructed?” Vos cleaned up his dirty dishes and put them away to be cleaned. “Yes, Master” Pim responded, a bit embarrassed that she hadn’t gotten the reaction from the crystals as her master said he did when he found his crystal. Then she communicated to him the metaphorical wall that she had butted up against. Vos simply instructed her to have a little more patience before retiring to his cabin again. What could she do but try to have more patience? She thought that would be the trick...
  14. Night had fallen across Nar Shaddaa, and thousands of beings had departed for the next campaign against the Sith. Vos lay atop a roof on the outskirts of the complex. The covering across his eyes was removed and he could see the stars through the light pollution. He had watched the fleets depart, wishing he was on one of the ships belonging to one. Within his mind he played out several combat scenarios. His favorite was where he and the Dark Lord killed one another- and he could relax. That was the only future that he could see to be honest. There was no happy ending for him, no child with Adenna, no place for him anywhere. No Dahar, Kirlocca, Sarah and his two other friends- Sandy and Frond were lost to him. Sure, the former was here- but something happened to him on Gala. He had exorcised the place. A jedis life was about sacrifice, and he had sacrificed quite a bit. Something had to give out soon. The brands on his skin were still something to get used to, the new way he was interfacing with the Force was raw. He was a conduit for the Force, and channel it he would. While he didn’t want to think about the differences between himself and the rest of the Jedi Order his mind still lingered on the philosophical challenges he still faces. He sighed and looked down to his Jedi robes. They felt comfortable on his skin, he no longer had the allergic skin reaction he once had. And for the first time since Dahar names him a Jedi Master, he had called himself such. Then he was actually able to wear the blasted robes. He scoffed and rolled his eyes at the whole affair. He felt the call of the stars again. Also, the call of sleep, and he passed out right on the roof. ~~~ In the morning he decided to wander the city, since he was so close to the border that divided the military complex from the civilian section, he might as well… It wasn’t like he had anywhere else to be today. Where the day would take him was left up in the wind. Several thoughts tried to infect his mind. From the direction of his life, or actually just his existence. Mind wandering, he found himself in a civilian bazaar. Walking through the booths he wove his way through the dozens of beings. That was until he was bumped from behind by a little girl running from...someone. Whether or not she warranted such a pursuit was beyond him. His right leg jutted forward and his cane whipped up- but he maintained his balance through the use of the Force. Several people turned to see the commotion going on: A crippled, blind Jedi Master falling backwards as a girl no older than an early teen sprawled on the ground. His limbs pinwheeling- he froze himself in the air, bringing his balance back under his control- and his foot came back down and he shifted to face behind him- where the girl had run from. A human male flew forward as Vos used the Force to pull him forward. Just as the boy came within his grasp, the girl tried to run. Vos tugged her ankle down so she remained on the ground. The boys jacket came within grasping distance and Tobias swept his legs out from him- and brought the boy hard to the ground in front of the girl. “Why are you chasing this girl?” Vos growled as he held the boy down with the same fist that caught him. Vos knew perfectly well- it was all there in the auras flowing around the youths spoke volumes to him. He just wanted to see if the boy would lie to him. Sadly, the boy did. Tobias sighed and whispered something to the boy and his whole demeanor changed. Looking as if he accidentally stepped on a pets tail- and he wasn’t an evil person, the boy when white as a sheet and then slowly nodded his head. Letting him get up, the boy walked off in a seemingly random direction and the crowded bazaar started to turn their attention back to their business. Standing, he offered his hand to the girl- “You alright there?” He asked, helping her up. He knew her face was showing how shocked she was that this all had just transpired- and that a blind man had helped her to her feet. As the young girl- a Zabrak female- steadied herself on her own feet, Tobias smiled and dusted off her shoulder. “Yes, then?” She chuckled- and responded to him. “Yes, Master Jedi. Sorry, Master Jedi. I didn’t mean to bump into you, I’m sorry.” “Quite alright, my dear. You won’t need to run from guys playing back-alley dice- when they think you cheat.” Her jaw dropped and she tried to speak- she stammered. He chuckled. “Can I let you in on a little secret?” He asked. “I’ve cheated in dice before, well, I used my abilities to influence the outcome of the game but there were never any signs or regulations restricting Force powers at the tables… so is that cheating? Anyways- don’t do it if you cannot deal with the consequences.” The girl chuckled again, flabbergasted. “When you get back into base, come see me- I’ll show you a few tricks other than reading minds and pushing dice. That is, if you don’t get into any more trouble.” Flashing a grin, he left the incognito Jedi youngling behind at the bazaar. For the rest of the day he shopped for two small gems, a leather working kit, and then welding goggles- that last one got him some weird looks as he was already blind. The next day he awoke to the usual- checking his datapad first he looked up the security report- nothing of a Zabrak apprentice sneaking out or back in. Pim had presented herself to him early the next morning- and her training had begun. She had been with the Jedi since she was five years old. Her favorite class was telekinesis. Her clan was on rotation to come and work in support roles at the Rebel HQ, she had been sneaking out for about five weeks and had won over seven hundred credits from her spare change of fifteen credits. The boy was tired of losing to her and he had enough because she made a rude joke. After she told it to him, he couldn’t help but laugh and then chide her for her linguistic choices. More and more he taught her different ways to work with the Force and then he asked her if she wanted to formally become his padawan. She agreed; That had been two weeks ago. Now that she said goodbye to her friends within the clan, they had spent three days working all day at some of her skills and her Force stamina. Finally, he felt she would benefit from leaving the planet- and so they did. Tobias was happy to have the Prism back, and the droids- even though they didn’t talk of the mission after Tobias stayed back in the medbay. They had lifted off and he was just reconfirming the destination with the droids as he walked back to the common room as they shot to hyperspace.
  15. Vos nodded in farewell at the new allies. He had wished they would have invited him along, but he knew how fragile he looked. As they left, Vos took his place in the sparring ring and called his old yellow blade to him, Slowly he went through the poses for Form I and II of basic lightsaber combat, modified to accommodate his left arm and right leg. As he maneuvered his mind separated and fell into a meditative trance as he practiced. Thoughts swirled around like a tornado. From his Dark Lords plan to his Adenna plans and every where in-between, but at last it focused on a topic; the Force. Naturally. How everyone must feel it, how the interpretations of it were so different, but still so similar.
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