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  1. Genesis let his head and form fall backwards in a fit of laughter at his Padawan, a moment of serious study turning quickly into a moment of relief, a moment that both likely needed to break the mold that the Commander had placed them in. And indeed, Genesis laughed and laughed over the course of the moment until his ribs hurt with strain and his eye cried with tears as he laid there staring toward the ceiling in bliss. Despite the upcoming war, Noto's innocence was enjoyable. As he calmed himself down, Genesis wiped his eye and sat upward. "Thank you for that Noto. I needed it." Genesis spoke through a lessening chuckle without very much explanation behind his abrupt fit. "To be honest, I may be half human, but Miralukians are human in essence. And I've never really had Chokolate myself. I grew up an orphan, so such luxuries weren't common. We were lucky if we were able to eat every day." Realizing he was bringing the mood back down, Genesis quickly changed the subject. "You can have it, if you want. But first we need to focus on your training. Attempt to calm your mind against it's distraction, your desire to have it, and see if you can feel the Force that flows through it. Resist your urge to eat it and discover what it is made of and the mixture of it's ingredients. Tell me if you can." Genesis spoke with a smile, his gaze focused on Noto. "Do this, and you can try it for yourself."
  2. Genesis smiles at his pupil's analogy, bringing his hand back to the forefront and settling back into his cross legged position. "One could use that analogy if they wished. There are many analogies such as that in nature. You could view the Force as a healthy ocean, crisp and full of life. But I would consider the Darkside like that of red tides, pollution of Chaos that causes an unbalance that inevitably corrupts everything it touches. Chaos only breeds the Darkside, bringing our hearts out of Balance and shifting to our darker nature as sapiens. Endure enough darkness, and you will be consumed by it." Shifting his position to keep the flow of the blood in legs flowing, Genesis regards his last questions. "This is why the Jedi exist. We fight the Darkside and it's corruption in those who would use it to create more Chaos. Not just with our Blades or our fists, but with our learning and understanding. We come to know the Force and those who corrupt it, to see the reasoning in the chaos. And if there's no other alternative, uproot the chaos before it spreads. To use one's blade to end the corruption of Chaos should always be the last choice. This is why I do not carry nor weild one." "Coruscant was one such example. It took one weilding the Darkside to set the world on fire, and in the midst of the chaos that followed in the hearts of those that were there, it's corruption spread like the flames of the world's breaking crust and magma. Fear became panic and panic became desperation. And in their desperation, friends became enemies, neighbors became obstacles to overcome, and survival was the only goal. A subtle stroke of the canvas can turn simple people into ravenous creatures. And in that, the Darkside wins, if not for those of us who stand against it. I was there, as a Padawan. And it was a terrible truth to witness." Genesis reaches out into the Force and places a small bar of chocolate that laid upon his pillow onto the floor before Noto. "This isn't to eat, yet. Attempt to calm your mind against it's distraction, your desire to have it, and see if you can feel the Force that flows through it. Resist your urge to eat it and discover what it is made of and the mixture of it's ingredients. Tell me if you can."
  3. Genesis pulled his legs up onto the bed and crossed them as he listened to his pupil speak, an ever present smile upon his face as he enjoyed the youthful persona of such a youngling express himself and his belief in the Force, noticing the emotions and duress of the child as he focused upon his words and struggled with his speech. To see the Force through innocent eyes was very pleasing and to see the ripples of such through his Miralukian heritage was mesmerizing. To put it into words, it was like seeing life blossom upon barren soil, and smelling the pollen as it flowed in the breeze. When Noto had finished, Genesis nodded his head. "You are academically correct... Partially." Genesis spoke, his words slightly teasing as he winked. "The Force, as a whole, is a symbiosis of both the Living Force, which is the Life Force of all living things, and of the Cosmic Force, which binds the Life Force of all living things to one another through small cells known as Midi-Chlorians." "These simplistic and small cells are what live and reside within each of us, and for those of us who are sensitive to their presence, can perceive their messages, which we Jedi call the Will of the Force. As such, this is why we Jedi do not believe in coincidences, because we know that everything happens for a reason and that life is preordained. To follow the Will of the Force is to follow the will of nature and accept that the Force's will is beyond our true comprehension as well as our control and upon death, those very same cells resend themselves back into the Living Force, therefore growing the Force as a whole and keeping the flow of Life in balance." "It is a simple symbiosis." Genesis spoke with a humble chuckle. "Through the Living Force, we live. And through the Cosmic Force, we grow as does the Living Force, and in return, our life force becomes one with the Force, ensuring that the Circle of Life continues." Genesis face turns slightly stern as he begins to bring up the opposing subject, hinting at his own brush with it. "But there are those out there who fight against the nature of the Force, whether it be against the natural order, misguided attempts to change their fate, or simply for power. These are those we consider the Darkside. Through their ill intent and misguided corruption, the Force becomes wounded and twisted, leaving behind unnatural festering tears between the symbiosis of the Living and Cosmic Forces. And if the wound is large enough, it will begin to affect the very fabric of nature within and around it, creating a nexus of the Darkside." "The Darkside is corrupting." Genesis speaks plainly, his gaze softening as his eye drifts off to a memory where he claimed the life of a Kath Hound and her pups as well in a fit of anger. "It can start with good intentions or bad, but develops like an addiction, some to the point where redemption is impossible. The more you draw upon it, allow yourself to know it's touch, the harder it is to find your way back into the Light. As Jedi, we must understand this truth as well. We call the Sith our enemies because of their misguiding teachings, but the truth is that they're simply fallen from the Light or never knew it. It's their ideology that is the true enemy, not the sentient themselves. I tell you this truth because it will paint the picture more clearly once you encounter one." "The Darkside corrupts the Circle of Life, deafens one to the voice of the Midi-Chlorians and the Will of the Force, and wounds the Life Force of the user. So, no, they aren't our enemy. They're simply blind to their fate, blinded by fear, rage, selfishness, and they only become more lost to it the more they fall to it's allure and inevitably destroy themselves completely. So you see, it's their corruption of the Force that they wield and the wounds they incur upon the Force its self that is the true enemy. Corruption only breeds more corruption. And with enough concentrated corruption, life becomes corrupted or even destroyed. That is the truth we all must understand." "Don't get me wrong, we Jedi aren't infallible as some like to think." Genesis speaks with a chuckle, attempting to lighten the serious moment. "As none of us are truly perfect. And we are tested consistently, the allure of the Darkside a subtle thing. It takes many years to Master ourselves and even then, we aren't impervious. Thousands of years and countless wars have taught us this lesson very thoroughly. But if we don't stand against the growing corruption, then the symbiosis and the Force will end and Life will be born from Chaos instead." Genesis raised his hand to the back of his head with an embarrassed smile, ruffling the fluff of his long red hair. "Forgive me. Sometimes I ramble like a senile old man. You haven't fallen asleep on me, have you?"
  4. Noto Saar... Genesis devoted the name to memory as he stood up and patted the child upon his head. It was still hard to believe that just a few days ago, he was raised to the rank of Knight. And now he had his first Padawan. His gaze didn't leave Noto's form, a smile on his face as he listened to the child's words, memories of his own childhood coming forth like waves. It seemed an eternity ago, and yet, not so far off in some aspects. Now he was a man in his twenties, but Dantooine was simply a yesterday in his mind. And the child he saw before him, although his life differed, resembled his own. Genesis was orphaned as a child a few years younger than Noto, his parents killed by Kath Hounds on the plains of his homeworld. Because of this, Genesis was forced to resort to scavenge to survive, to steal to eat. But he could not harm another. Could not think of ending a life even for the sake of his own. At least, not until Katarr. Katarr had been an eye opener, to see the death of Life, to walk amongst the lifeless colonies and see them suspended in their last moment of breath. That was the truth of the Darkside and why it had to be fought, even if it meant killing the fallen. But only as a last resort. Looking at Noto, and hearing his words, he hoped he could prevent the child from ever having to. But on the off chance he would be forced to... "All I ask is that you stay true to yourself, Noto Saar. Become the Jedi that you see yourself as." Genesis spoke, letting his voice break the thoughts of the looming war clear from his mind. "And please, it's Genesis. Come. It's time I check us into our room." As the two departed the Starport, Genesis made sure he slowed his stride for Noto to keep up. He typically walked with his arms up and tucked behind his head as he looked up toward the sky, new worlds a pleasure he had gotten accustomed to through his own Padawanship. But he never dropped his senses down, even on Nar Shadaa, a defensive measure that he had held long before meeting Armiena. Albiet, back then, he relied heavily on his Force Sight. Now, he could feel the Force and the movements of it's current. After checking in, having to upgrade their room to two beds, and reviewing the communication from Armiena privately, Genesis plopped down on the wooden bed atop a feathered mattress and turned back to Noto with a somewhat higher mood. "Tell me what you know of the Force and of the Jedi. Let me assess your knowledge and see where it is best we begin. With war coming to Bothawui, we have very little time to to prepare ourselves."
  5. Silence hung in the air as Genesis' gaze remained upon Commander Godfrey, his worry having said too much or went too far with his comments weighing down in him in the moment. But both sides can sit here all day and blame the other for whatever reason. Genesis was the one who showed up at the behest of his former Master, Grandmaster Draygo-Darkfire, an extended olive branch from the Jedi to the Imperial Remnant of the Rebel Alliance. They all knew too well what would happen to Bothawui should the Sith grasp a win here. So the silence that lingered was no more than bitter grudges. "When you are ready to speak more on the defenses of Bothawui," Genesis spoke, finally breaking the insatiable silence. "I'm staying at a local inn not too far from the Starport. You can find me there." With a formal bow, Genesis's hand reached from the child's head and ushered to his back as he motioned for their departure. As soon as they cleared the corridor, Genesis turned his voice to Noto. "He is right. His knowledge and experience far outweighs my own despite what Ive witnessed. But with that knowledge and experience comes stubbornness and the inability to see it from any side but his own." As the two neared where they originally met, Genesis stopped and knelt down to meet the child's own eye level. "So you came in search of the Jedi, have you? Timing isn't perfect, but the Force has a way of placing you where you need to be. My first mission as a Padawan was Coruscant, and well, I wasn't exactly ready for it. The dream of being a Jedi and actually being one are two totally different realities. Are you sure this is the Life you wish to have thrust upon you?" A chirp resounded from his satchel, signalling a received communication, but his focus remained on Noto. "If so, then I, Jedi Knight Genesis Stormhelm, would like to offer you the position of my Padawan, my first."
  6. Godfrey's words stung in their bitter truth as Genesis sat in silence. He had hoped the grudges of the past had found renewed strength in the bonds of brotherhood, but there was obviously still those who harbored ill feelings toward the previous Order he had walked into as a Hopeful. Still, he was the next generation. He was the start of a new era of the Jedi. And he was former Padawan of Grandmaster Armiena Draygo. If these bonds were to be strengthened, it would be those like him who reforged them. "You're right. It did nearly destroy the Order." Genesis spoke through a choke as he fought back against the screams he has never forgotten. "And it probably should have." Genesis sat in sorrow as he let those words hang in the air, the truthful reality of the Order that was before. "I was there, you know, at Triple Zero. I was there when the Masters gathered together and melded their powers in an unified attempt to reverse Hesperidium. And I gave my all to aid them." "I was unaware the others had gone to Onderon at that time, but that's what left us in a weakened state when Hesperidium was thrown into Coruscant. So I know the travesties of acting too hastely as much as too late." Genesis turned his gaze to Godfrey with a stern eye that was filled with tears. "Needless to say, I was there when chaos erupted, when criminals and citizens became frantic in the aftermath and fought against CorSec with the sheer instinct of survival, sentience replaced with beastiality. And I could easily ask where Raven and her Imperial Remnant was during those two occasions when their allies needed them? But I won't. The blame game is pointless." Wiping his eye with his gloved hand, Genesis' chuckled past the grief. Perhaps I am too young to understand, or perhaps you are too old to see it any other way. But hope, whether it be in just or in ignorance, is a good thing. Hope is the only thing that keeps our spirits from defeat. It keeps us moving forward. Placing his hand on Noto's head and attempting to pour a sense of calm into his mind with the Force, Genesis turned his smile to Noto. "Let us prepare for Bothawui's defence."
  7. "Commander!" Genesis spoke up with harsh but a respectful tone. "Need I remind you that he is but a child? It may not be an excuse for some, but for most, it is a precious gift to never have known war and can look at the Galaxy with an idealistic gaze and a hopeful future. There is no need to berate nor belittle him for it. In truth, the Galaxy needs more like minded." Genesis shook his head. He knew war. He knew the consequences of the Sith. He was there at Coruscant. He helped aid in diverting Hesperidium as best as the Order could under Grandmaster Trevellian. He was there at Corellia when his Master fought the Dark Lord and found betrayal at the hands of Kakuto Ryu. And he nearly lost his life at Chandrila during a time of peace at the hands of a Mandalorian. And it drove him away from the Order into self exile. He had to learn what war was before he could ever understand it, and the same would be needed for Noto. "Whether it be a Democracy or a Republic, a government is built in times of peace, not war. It's built on morals, rights, and freedom. But most importantly, it's built on Order." Genesis turned his attention to Noto, his stern face from before turning to a sincere and understanding one. "But in war, there is no Order. Morals, rights, freedoms, are all chiseled away bit by bit in the hearts of the people. And all that remains is chaos." Genesis lays a gentle hand on Noto's head and turns it to the holoscreen of Naboo with sadness in his eyes as he shows the boy the burning world. "It becomes a race for survival, consumed by greed and self serving agendas, and the people become lost in despair and poverty as their Leaders turn their backs to save their own hides. And in the end, it falls. Everything falls, consumed by the darkened hearts it leaves in its wake." Genesis turns the boys head back to face his own as he drops to one knee and looks the child in his eyes past the chitlin plates. "But there is always hope. As long as there is life, that will to live, free of oppression and the urge to protect, there will always be hope. A single spark of hope can spread like wildfire." Genesis turns his gaze upward to Commander Godfrey as he continues to talk to Noto. "It takes a single heart filled with hope to ignite a rebellion."
  8. An encrypted comm chirped in the communication device on@ObliviousKnight's hip. Standing before Armiena was the visage of her former Apprentice, a somber look upon his face as he realized the dire facts. With a sigh, he spoke. "Grandmaster. I was unable to make contact with your contact, but was brought up to speed by Commander Godfrey d'Outremer. Latest Intel shows that these Sith have indeed attacked Naboo just as you suspected and the planet is lost. Bothawui is our last line of defense for Nar Shadaa and Corellia. He sighed. "Armiena. I hope this reaches you in well health. I've already met a potential student, but with this war brewing, I'm unsure as to whether I should. He's so young, no older than a youngling. But his spirits are high and he's so inquisitive, nothing like me. I know your faith in me is high, but I just hope that I'm ready when the time comes to truly step into these shoes of a Jedi Knight." Genesis forces a smile despite his doubts in himself. "May the Force be with us all." WIth that, the comm cut out.
  9. Deeply concerned at the words of the child's friend, Genesis accepted the datapad and looked over the details within. This didn't bode well for the Alliance nor Bothawui, and the knot in his stomach only made the realization worse. Despite the fact that he was worried, Genesis still took the time to pay the young one on the head with a smile and speak to him. "There is no need to keep quiet. You are a citizen of the Rebellion, and as such, have every right to speak your mind as much as I or Commander Godfrey here do, if not more. It is your future we fight for. As Godfrey and Noto talked alone, Genesis sent an encrypted comm to his former Master, Grandmaster Armiena Draygo, of his findings with a somber look of dispair upon his face. He only hoped that it would reach her in time and not be found by the enemy. If not, he may well enough be Bothawui's only defense, and given his inexperience, didn't sit well on his mind. Sitting in silence for a few passing in moments, he managed to catch the tail end of the two's conversation. "We have all failed once or twice. I was only a few years younger than you when I took my first life, and I swore I would never do it again." Genesis spoke as his gaze shifting from the floor to Noto, his face absent of a smile and filled with a hint of remorse. But then his gaze shifted to Godfrey. "But I realized that there may come a day when I will have to for the sake of others, a burden we all will eventually carry if we already do not." Genesis sighed. "Alliances will rise and fall, allies will become enemies and enemies will become allies. We Jedi were originally no more than monks pondering the will of the Force, and look at us now, on the front lines of nearly every conflict. We adapt or we perish. And no matter the outcome, we must stay strong in our resolve. I saw this truth at Katarr. The Darkside is death.
  10. Genesis smiled with a subtle chuckle as he looked down toward the child, an inquisitive nature in this one. A good sign for someone so young. Observant. That would always be a great strength to have. And knowledgeable. It would aid him in his path to wisdom. He lifted his eye patch, revealing the eyeless socket beneath before placing it back into place and stroked the child's head with an empathetic hand. "I am half Miralukian, like my former Master. My mother was Miralukian, and my father... Well, he was Mandalorian." Turning his attention back to Godfrey, Genesis looked at the view screen in appalled horror. Naboo had held it's shares of trouble in the past, but never on such a scale. This resurrection of the Sith were bold and we'll groomed in the ways of war, much like the Sith of old such as Nihilus and Revan. This must of been why the Luka Sene and Scorpio sought him out and directed him back to the Order, the will of the Force ever present in its knowing sight. However, Godfrey's words offered little comfort in the knowledge he was sent to seek out. With Naboo having been attacked, these Sith's conquest of the Core was all but sealed. Now the Rebellion Worlds were in immediate danger, including Bothawui. Genesis' brows furred with concern. If Naboo falls, it was only a matter of time before the Sith would arrive here. Perhaps this is why the Grandmaster had sent him here. His gaze shifted toward Godfrey and Noto as they conversed, a brief reprisal from his grim train of thought. Godfrey had obviously seen his fair share of battle, and not only his scars spoke of this. His actions, his movements, his eyes, they spoke in volumes what words couldn't. Genesis' sighed. "We are all sentients attempting to Master ourselves, and the skills we are granted at birth or thrusted upon us in life. Sadly, we fail more times than we succeed." His own mind drifted back to his own inner darkness and what led him to originally leave the Order, but he shrugged it off and returned to the moment at hand and his thoughts. After a brief silence, his gaze met Godfrey's. "Commander. If Naboo falls to the Sith, what's the likelyhood of them marching on Bothawui?" After all, a man like Godfrey was well experienced in the enemy, and Genesis' was new to war. It was better to seek such council.
  11. "Of course child." Genesis spoke, the gentle smile returning to his face while he awaited the Man's response. "And it's no bother. I'm sure that our conversation will answer many questions that we both have." "Thank you Commander. I'm sure of it as well." Genesis replied as his gaze turned back to the soldier before him in conversation, the hybrid motioning for the child to follow as well. "It's been three years. Feels like forever since Coruscant.... It was after Hesperidium when Master Trevellian left the Order and my Master was raised to Grandmaster. I was but a Padawan then, barely beginning my own journey." His gaze and smile shifted back to Noto after voicing his own beginnings, hoping to settle the nervousness and embarrassment the child was emiting in waves. After all, everyone felt the same pit in their stomach during their first encounters. It was a natural reaction, and one that no one should ever feel shame over. As the Bothian opened the door, Genesis allowed Noto to proceed before him and when the Officer gave the go ahead, Genesis cleared his throat. Genesis spoke, the horrors of Coruscant, Chandrila, and Corellia flashing across his mind. What he saw there were merely foreboding events for what potential this threat had.
  12. Genesis chuckled softly and sincerely as the youngling attempted to explain himself, but the Force that flowed in waves of excitement from him was even more intriguing. His hand reached up to brace it's self resting upon the top of it's head as the Officer adjusted his uniform and made is approach. "I see." He murmured with a smile as he stood up to greet the Commander. "Please. It's simply Genesis, or Stormhelm if you prefer Formalities." Genesis spoke, offering his hand in friendship. "And no, he isn't my Padawan..." Suddenly the excitement pent up in the young child burst through it's exterior shell, Genesis smiling in confirmation as he spoke autonomously in his interruption, his emotions unintelligible through physical means, yet read perfectly across the flow of the Force. This child sought the Jedi, there was no doubt about it. "Unless I'm the one he has been here waiting to arrive?" Genesis poised in his conclusion of his previous statement, hoping the embarrassed child would hear him properly. Turning back to the Commander, his tone turned serious. "Master Draygo-Darkfire sent me to meet with an asset. Do you have somewhere secure that we can chat?" After all, Bothawui was known for its spy network, and this was something that Genesis felt uncomfortable with.
  13. "Hangar 10-22-73, Bay 12" Blurted out a feminine voice across the air ways, silence lingering before and after. Air traffic seemed a bit slow, but it was likely due to an overworked Spaceport. Either way, Genesis reached out in the Force and as the Force flowed through his ship, he angled it for atmospheric entry. Within moments, he had arrived at Drev'starn. At first glance, Bothawui smelled and felt much like Dantooine, albiet with more sophistication. But for Genesis', whom had never been here, the smells and the echo of the Force upon this planet were beyond any he had yet to encounter. It was a wellspring of life, both light and dark, and the balance of it swung in tandem with it's opposition. Exiting the bay, he walked up to the small information desk when he noticed a young child excluded on the side. The child, draped in simple robes, huddled against the wall eating fruit. At first, Genesis' disregarded him as a fellow traveler likely in the company of it's parents. But the Force flowed eagerly from him and peaked his curiosity. He watched for a moment, and noticing that most disregarded the child and attempted to stay away, Genesis began to wonder if perhaps he was lost, or even like himself, orphaned. So he made his approach. "Are you lost child?" He questioned as he knelt down, offering a sweet dew melon from his own satchel with a peaceful smile. "Perhaps I can help you find what you're looking for?"
  14. As Brith exited hyperspace, Genesis was knelt amidst the meditation chamber, the Force flowing through the sensitive crystals attuned to the Force. His eyes opened and with a flick of the wrist, he opened up a comm to the planet of Bothawui below while transmitting his Rebellion Clearance Code. "This is Jedi Pada...." He briefly pauses at the realization that he was about to demote himself and had never truly called himself by his new rank yet. "Jedi Knight Genesis Stormhelm. I've been sent by Grandmaster Armiena Draygo."
  15. As Scorpio pulled the young Jedi Knight to the side, a smile adorned his face almost proudly, the Echani Hybrid shifting his Katana to take a seat. "You are Miraluka. You can see the Force in its truest form. But you are also Mandalorian. This sometimes conflicts with your passive nature, born with a heart of a warrior. This is why the Luka Sene felt Katarr was important." He briefly pauses as he searched for his words, Genesis drifting his gaze to Klexa as she the others attending to her wound, the young blonde flinching to the stitching. It must not have been bad, the girl gracing Genesis with a wink when she catches him looking. As Scorpio begins to speak again, Genesis shifts his gaze back to the silver haired man. "But I saw things slightly different. I'm a hybrid, just like you, Echani and Miraluka, born of another warrior race. What we lack in our will to fight, we can use to aid others in theirs. You've already been a part of this with Coruscant when you, Master Darkfire, Misal, and the others attempted to sway the crashing moon. That was the Jedi Meld skill, where minds and will become one. But it can be even stronger, aiding not only other Jedi with your own will and mind as well as theirs, but with anyone. This is called Battle Meld and Battle Meditation, the latter of which I would not suggest using on the battlefield. It requires deep meditation to merely focus it. But it can turn tides of battles in the favor of the Jedi if used properly and is strong." "But on the same token, you can turn that will inwards into yourself and increase your overall prowess with increased speed, strength, and accuracy and select allies with the same precision. This is Force Valor." Scorpio stood up. "You don't have to be a warrior to aid in combat, and if you have to fight, you don't have to betray yourself. An unconscious enemy is still a defeated enemy." "The Force is capable of whatever your mind can dream, you simply have to adjust it's currents. But don't stretch yourself thin by acquiring too many skills. Focus on the ones that strengthen you and Master them." Scorpio's voice trailed off as he motioned Genesis to follow him to the hangar. "Now it's time for your surprise, graduate." Scorpio reached up and hit the switch on the hangar's door, the doors spreading apart to reveal the Helix Class Light Interceptor they had arrived on after Katarr. But this time it looked different. Genesis quickly noticed the paint job and he could feel the Force flowing in and out of the cockpit more openly than before, almost as if it had been attuned. Looking back at Scorpio, Klexa, and the others, he saw a smile upon each of their faces and failed to feel the one upon his own. "Her name is Brith. Klexa named her and painted her after the flying creatures of your homeworld. We also replaced a few control components with sensitive crystals so that you have to fly it by use of the Force. This way you don't get sloppy." Scorpio spoke with pride, placing a hand upon Klexa's shoulder and presenting her as he spoke of her work. "Essentially, we turned the cockpit into a Meditation Chamber for your travels." Klexa spoke shyly, her face blushing for the first time since Genesis had known her. "Do you like her?" Genesis smiled. "Thank you all. I love it." ****************************************** After a few fondwells, some cake, and a few more words of encouragement as well as some minor instruction at the controls under Klexa's guidence, Brith was registered with the Rebellion and given proper clearance codes before Genesis' requested departure. A little while later, Brith exited Nar Shadaa's airspace and entered hyperspace. His next stop was Bothawui.
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