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  1. A smirked creased his youthful face as Misal spoke into the distance of her past, a brief flicker of an aged Armiena presenting its self unwillingly. Perhaps mother and daughter were not so unalike as they believed themselves to be. But such was the element of family, something Genesis only could see from the outside looking in and never the opposite. That had been taken away from him long ago. Still, there was joy in seeing it no matter which side of the glass you were standing on. "Then we're off to Katarr." To be truthful, despite his faith in Scorpio, Misal coming along seemed to settle Genesis' nerves quite a bit, an uncanny bond the two had instantly clicked upon their introductions before Coruscant. Knowing that she had placed herself into the group gave him a bit more confidence and Scorpio was quick to pick up on it as he watched from behind with a sincere smile. From out of nowhere he spoke, breaking the silence that had lingered him amidst the foreground. "Excellent." "Katarr has become a pilgrimage of sorts for many Miraluka, Luka Sene, and Hybrids alike. Especially those whom wish to follow the teachings of our heritage. Before we depart..." Scorpio began to speak, grabbing his satchel from upon his hip and rifling through his gear as he took to the front and turned to Misal and Genesis. "There are a few things you will need. Due to its destruction, it's atmosphere is highly unstable. So you'll need rebreathers." He tossed each of them one. "And I've charted us a ship with hyperdrive capabilities to get us there." Scorpio grew silent for a moment, his face turned an eerie white that caused Genesis to shiver briefly as he met his gaze. "But the world is dead to the Force. So prepare yourselves." And with that, he went quiet again and didn't say another word until they reached the starport, leaving Genesis' to his thoughts the whole way back, the young Jedi unsure of the purpose of this quest. Loading up his gear, Genesis said not a word, and only looked up with a smirk toward Misal and Scorpio as he did, unsure what to say or do. Only when they were about to depart did Scorpio pull Misal into the cockpit away from Genesis' ears. "Whatever lesson the boy learns here is his alone. I can prepare him no more than you. You must trust in him and in the Force."
  2. Genesis contemplated Misal's words, taking them to heart. There was much wisdom to be gained from her life, and Genesis had never been one to overlook the wisdom of his Elders. But he was young, her life her own and it defined her. His, however, was merely beginning. Perhaps, in time, he may see the world as she did and as many of her students and loved one's continued to do. But Genesis could not properly respond. His determination to personify what he felt was the ideal Jedi still ringing in his heart. And yet, even with that determination, he had found himself lost. As the two stopped, Genesis stood in silence as her words rolled around within his thoughts, the insects and life of the Plains echoing of the Force that surrounded and bound them, and after a moment, he sighed. "Not to sound like one of the Sith, but.." Genesis turned his hidden Miralukian eye to her with a down trodden smile. "But war is inevitable. Chaos is inevitable. Destruction is inevitable. I seen it so openly during my Padawanship to Armiena. And I believe that is why the Jedi strive to be so closed off emotionally, to rid themselves of the very temptations that can cause wicked intent." He chuckled briefly. "You, yourself, would raize worlds if anything were to happen to Armiena or Aiden." Genesis grew quiet again. His words to Misal was just a guess, but one that took the information he saw and felt into it's account. He had saw it when he and Armiena traveled with Ryu and felt it during his escape from Corellia when Ryu turned back to his darker nature. And that, in its self, laid Genesis' biggest regret and fear. He remembered the day he slaughtered innocent life here in retribution for the loss of his parents. Many could simply chalk it up an inexperienced child in the heat of the moment, and they would be right. But Genesis took it deeper, and knew if he could hold such hate even then, then he could hold it even more. "Even the simplest of emotions can be manipulated and toyed into something sinister. And that is what scared me into running from myself." His gaze shifted toward the stars. "I only hope Katarr reveals the truth that the Elders foresaw within me and enable me to overcome this fear."
  3. Genesis' face turned a pale white as Misal asked her question, her gift as strong as her level of maturity. He turned to face his Elder, the sudden shock of her question flooding from his face and his color returning. It was true. The Luka Sene had required one last task of him during his departure, a task that would last beyond. He smirked with saddened eyes as he knew not what it would mean. "Yes ma'am." His voice was course as he swallowed hard in reply. As you know, Master Scorpio has been tasked to me to rid myself of the burdens I carried from my past. But it also goes back before even my mother was born. The Elders have seen things we cannot grasp or fathom. They knew my lineage without even knowing my name, connecting it with the Force that flowed through my very veins. And I do not yet understand why. But before I can return to the Order, they said that I needed to stand on Katarr and look upon the ruined world." Genesis' sighed, looking toward the Spaceport where their ship resided and awaited their arrival in two standard hours. He turned back to Misal. "I only know what they revealed to me." He spoke, an unease in his voice, not so much toward the journey, but what would be revealed to him. "They said my lineage began on Katarr, that my bloodline is one of few to have survived it's destruction. And only by seeing the truth of it's surface, that I would understand my place within the Order and become a part of it wholeheartedly. And once I am Knighted, that I am their gift to the Order in the war that is to come. Master Scorpio is here to ensure that I am delivered."
  4. Scorpio passively waved his hands about as Misal scolded him, the middle aged Echani hybrid quickly backstepping a few feet. It wasn't that she could pose a threat, one that he knew very could if he didn't tread lightly, but such an Elder deserved and demanded such respect. He knew well the reputation of the Matriarch of the Draygo lineage. Tie that in with the fact that she birthed Armiena Drayo-Darkfire, and you knew the depth of bantha poo-doo she could reap upon anyone she deemed an enemy. For now, he just asked her forgiveness and let her have her way, a understanding wink in Genesis direction. "I'm glad work has been keeping her mind off of it. I never meant to cause her any pain." Genesis spoke with a somewhat relieved sigh, his gaze shifting from the retreating Scorpio and Lady Misal. "I've fared well. Spent a few months working freight until I came into contact with the Luka Sene. I've been under their care, along with Master Scorpio here ever since. Would still be on Alpheridies had Master Scorpio not talked me into coming back and facing my past." Genesis' gaze shifted back from Lady Misal to Scorpio. "He could see the Jedi that still called within me. Said that I was destined to be something more, and that I could feel it in my heart. That the only way to heal would be to face it and conquer it." As Genesis spoke the praise he had for Scorpio, it wasn't unwarranted. Genesis knew it all too well, and Scorpio only talked him into it. He had come to respect the Echani and his wisdom, like an older brother. Turning to Lady Misal, Genesis reluctantly poised a question about herself. "I hope I haven't caused too much trouble for you as well, Lady Misal?" From her sudden appearence here and her having left shortly after he did, Genesis had come to see the consequences of his actions and the choices he made. He had caused not only his Master a great pain, but those that cared for her as well. Master Scorpio had been correct on this matter, that every action big or small caused a reaction for those who cherished one, which was really no surprise. He had come to trust his advice as much as his training even if the older man could no longer touch the Force like Genesis could. But for everything he had caused, Genesis held a true regret for. He was a lost child amidst the chaos of war, and like any child, he had ran for safety. But he was no longer that child, and as such, needed to make amends and grow up.
  5. Misal's sympathetic gaze was met with a painful one from Genesis as she spoke, not so much that Armiena was too busy to look for him, but more toward his own actions and the decision that had led him to walk away from the Order. Twice he had lost in combat, and twice the feeling of failure had turned to anger which did not sit well with his pacifistic outlook. He had felt torn, one side looking behind him and the other overlooking an edge into the darkness below. Perhaps it had been his youthfulness, but it was almost unbearable. And now that he had returned, he wanted to admit it. But first Katarr needed to be dealt with... "It was actually my suggestion, Lady Draygo." A voice spoke as a familiar looking silver haired man, mid thirties, with aqua eyes stepped into view from the trail. Upon his hip sat two halves of a duel bladed lightsaber, and in his presence felt the emptiness of half his soul, as if a part of him had been ripped from his form along with his connection to the Force. "I once clung to the past like young Genesis here, and if it hadn't been for Master Nom Anorus' guidence, my fall would have had more consequences than I'd like to admit." Genesis gazed over toward his companion, the surprise of his revelation may have complicated things. He hadn't expected to encounter Lady Misal here, and for a former Sith Lord to be accompanying him didn't bold well for the Jedi Padawan. And yet, still, Genesis was curious as to why his Elder had chose to reveal himself so quickly. For the hybrid he knew as Scorpio had never really revealed much about himself, only his teachings as a member of the Luka Sene since Genesis had encountered them. "I brought young Genesis here to wipe the slate of his past clean so that he can focus more upon his future as a Jedi. The more he clings to the darker times of his life, the more likely that he will fall too." Scorpio spoke with a stern and yet understanding tone, respectful but firm. He had never met the mother of the one who began his training on Manaan before he was taken as a Padawan under Nom Anorus, but Misal Draygo was widely known throughout the Order even in his days as a Jedi and especially as a Sith. Clearing his throat, Scorpio cheerfully spoke as he outstretched his hand. "But where are my manners? I'm Scorpio Armegedon." Genesis, having been quiet through the introductions, finally spoke. "How is Master Armiena? I hope I didn't cause too much worry." After all, Armiena had became a second mother for the hybrid, their connection more than just Master and Padawan on his side. He had never meant to cause her any grief, only taking into account what his fall would mean for her if he stayed. For if he was to fall, he didn't want to place the burden upon her shoulders, especially how she spoke of her other Padawans before him. It would have surely broke her heart.
  6. Genesis watched as the small Dantooine creatures scrambled away, his head hung in shame. He felt their pain, their anguish. But it was a part of his life that needed to be erased. He raised a hand up, pulling and tossed aside the veil that covered his eyes, revealing the hazel eye of his human heritage. After nearly a year of self imposed exile, it was nearly time for his return. So hiding behind his mother's heritage would no longer serve any purpose as his gaze rose to the horizon. Katarr, the colonial world of the Miraluka, the home world of his mother's lineage. A barren wasteland of a voided world. That was what laid ahead for him. It was his final test before returning to the Order. And it was something he had to do. There was something there he had to know. The Luka Sene commanded that he look upon it's surface with Miralukian eyes to see what he needed to and that he would know once he had, and only then, would he know his place, something that hybrids were taught amongst their people. Katarr was his destination. "Greetings Stormhelm." A voice spoke, startling the young Genesis as a visage rose from the barren grass, leaving little time to react as he shifted his weight and stance, only to realize the face rather quickly and with a smile."It's been awhile... Coruscant if I remember correctly." "Indeed it has, Lady Misal." Genesis spoke with a hearty surprise, but considered the coincidence. "I take it that Master Armiena has had you searching the Galaxy for me?" Not that it mattered any. He half suspected to have been found long before now with Master Armiena's pull, even before becoming Jedi Grandmaster. His gaze shifted, half expecting to see his Master standing nearby, but with the way things were left and with the ongoing war, it wasn't much of one not to see her there. Shifting his gaze back, his smile disappeared. "Forgive my disappearance Lady Misal." Genesis began to explain, fumbling for the right words to explain to her his need. But inevitably, he simply chose to be blunt. "I was walking a path darker than I wanted. So I chose to leave and find my place in the Galaxy, away from destruction, away from war. I'm only now beginning to see the error of my beliefs."
  7. "In the Beginning, there was the Force, a small spark igniting amongst the eternal Darkness. And where it's echo traveled, existence followed, and Life was birthed. It is still a silent thing to hear, but if one listens closely, it can still be heard, it's humm spreading across the Galaxy as the Cosmic Force grows." ~ Genesis Stormhelm The Force bellowed forth as the auburn haired male stepped forth from the confines of the transport, his form draped in robes of the Miraluka as his stride settled amongst the dirt of his homeworks once more. Removing the garmant that hide his face from view, Genesis looked upon Dantooine with new eyes from beneath the veil that hide his eyes, and a smirk graced his face as the nostalgia took hold of his heart in a bittersweet moment of time. Almost a year ago he stepped away from his life as Jedi Padawan and left behind everything he knew to find his center, and yet, he returned to the world that birthed him still in search of a truth he may never find. It was a small layover until his ride to Katarr made its departure, but to step foot back upon Dantooine did his soul some good. With a deep breath, he mixed himself amongst the hustle of the starport and disappeared from sight. When he emerges again, he was outside the starport, looking down at his watch at the few hours until his departure. He wasn't far from his home where he was born and raised, and a part of him wished to see it again, if only to cleanse himself of his worldly ties. For the last better part of a year, he had been focusing on his Miraluka heritage, trying to find the reason behind his cursed affliction, his inability to cleanse the Darkness he often sought to face with the Light within. But he had always failed in doing so, and as such, sought answers. And so, when he left Nar Shadaa that fateful Eve and took the Mantle of his Surname, he sought to forget his past only to find a deeper understanding soon after. Rage and anger had become a part of him, the first steps of the fall for so many, and one he knew all too well. And a part blamed his Father's lineage for that, a farmer who once knew war and destruction in his youth. But such was the path of all Mandalorians as Genesis found out when he encountered his ilk on Chandrila, and forced a breaking point for the young hybrid. He knew of his own darkness, and of his potential should he ever let himself fall. But that would dishonor his parents and the memory they stood for. And Genesis would not have it. As rain began to pour, his face flooded with it's cold chill, he began his trek across the plains toward the old homestead, letting the memories of it's surface brush his soul. With each kilometer trekked, Genesis took the moments of the silent journey to contemplate the road he walked getting here, meeting the Luka Sene and learning of his Mother's own lineage and what it meant for him, his training to see without his human eye, and what his visit to Katarr would inevitably mean for him. But he also let the road ahead wander across his thoughts, his decision to visit Dantooine and what his intent here was, as well as the choices he would make from here on out. If he was to truly embrace the life of a Jedi, he would have to cut the tether that bound him, releasing his worldly bonds and allow him to truly understand the Living Force by his actions in the moment. This was his pilgrimage, his journey to enlightenment. And it was filled with both sorrow and contentment. And before Genesis stood his destination, a humbled home that was filled with haunting memories of happiness and delight, plagued by ghosts that could not find release until he was able to let them go. And he stood there in silence gazing forward as these memories and ghosts ran throughout his mind, from beginning to end, until a sigh escaped his lips and tears streamed his face behind veiled eyes. He let the moment sink in and settle, struggling against his very nature and accepting what it meant for him. He had to let go, and in doing so, would free himself to truly walk the path he wished to walk. Standing amidst the memories, the young man removed the thermal detonator from his satchel, placing it center of his former home and set the timer. With one last glance around, he took off to a safe distance as the explosion shook the area. Watching his childhood erupt so violently, Genesis couldn't help but be torn not only by his actions, but by the decision to do it. But it had to be done. He knew it the moment he decided to return. A Jedi could not have attachments, nor a past. Only the here and now and what lead to the future for those he swore to protect. "Goodbye." He mumbled as he adverted his gaze and headed back toward the starport. "And good luck." He mumbled as if responding to his own.
  8. Anger....Doubt...Pity....Darkness. it consumed my dreams and turned them into nightmares, a constant recollection of Corellia, and now, Chandrila. Their eyes, their conviction, their pride. As I floated in the bacta tank and later in the comforts of the bed, they plagued my unconscious mind like a disease, contorting my very will with their own. I could feel the outside world, see it within my very mind, but it was like the dream I ached to have. Untouchable, unattainable, it came close to my grasp before they plummeted me back into their realm, the realm of war. And it was never ending, repeating over and over until I felt I would go mad. I woke with a gasp that night, the monitor connected with my form alarming to the rate of my heart beat. I stood with weakened legs as I made for the refresher to wash my sweaty face, anything to rid my mind of the souls that haunted me. It was one thing to lose, but to lose to such arrogance and show them correct was another. I could feel the anger within my grasping at my heart, and I knew that this person wasn't me. I didn't like who I was becoming, almost as if somwhere between Dantooine and now, I had lost a part of me. My failings were beginning to define me. Droids soon filled my room as I splashed the cool water upon my face after removing the leads connected to my chest and ripped the IV from my arm, the mechanical nurses attempting to gather me and place me back in the bed, vocals of waking from a coma edging their artificial voices. But they only angered me more, my hands quick to grab one and slam it against the wall across from me. Mordecai, the Mandalorian, the Force. It was beginning to bridge a connection between my past in the present that I did not care to remember. I briefly gazed down at my belongings, my gaze catching the Beskar Knucklers. Darkness and War would never be a part of me, even if it's blood ran through me. Returning to my bed, I ordered the droids to leave me be. And after a few moments of arguing, they eventually did, giving me a moment to think on Armiena, Master Kirlocca, and Leena. Was I truly worthy of being a Jedi? Even for a moment, I recollected a moment of the furred Jedi Master standing over me with a mumbled voice, his words lost upon a waking dream. And Armiena, the mother I never got to know, reborn. I felt like her teachings were lost upon my worthlessness. A part of me couldn't stand my own convictions. And it sickened me. Chandrila had been my moment of healing, and yet, even I screwed that up by simply falling asleep at the wrong time. Had the Force cursed me? Or was I cursed for following it's path? I needed to get out and clear my head. And so I did. Gathering my things, I snuck out of my room and on to the streets of Nar Shadaa. It wasn't hard given my upbringing after the loss of my parents. And once I was outside, an almost cleansing rain poured from the heavens as I walked it's streets, as if washing away all that plagued me. So I kept walking. I walked for what felt like hours, from the Alliance's Base clear across to the Refugee Sector and beyond, until I stood upon a precipice of my life in question. Before me stood a Freighter, contents being unloaded and loaded at the Docks, a conversation being had about workers being needed. And it was that moment I made a choice to walk away, sending a brief message to my Master in passing before ditching my comm unit and the armor I adorn. Tossing the comm aside, I made an approach to the Foreman. "I hear you're looking for workers. I'd like to sign on." There was a deafening silence as he looked my scruffy exterior over and the five o'clock shadow that adorned what little beard I could produce at the age of nineteen before he finally spoke. "You look sickly little man. You sure you're up for the task?" I simply nodded. "Name? "Stormhelm."
  9. Identity Real Name: Genesis Stormhelm A.K.A: Stormhelm Homeworld: Dantooine Species: Miraluka Hybrid Physical Description Age: 20 Height: 5'10 Weight: 178lbs Hair: Auburn Eyes: Hazel Sex: Male Distinctive Features/Scars: Miraluka Eye covered by patch. Burn scars located on both shoulders as well as chest and thigh from Lightsaber. Stab wound located on chest from Vibrodagger. Personality/Traits: Pre Katarr: Due to the harsh life that Genesis has lived, he is overly compassionate, timid at times, and deals with bi-polar tendencies. He also tends to hold himself back out of fear of losing himself to his own inner darkness, and tends to loathe himself for his own failings. Hides behind a false smile or smirk. Post Katarr: After the events of Katarr, Genesis has come to terms with himself. Is quite cheerful with life and the ongoings of everyday. Still is compassionate, but knows that being dealt a bad hand is but a stepping stone. Accepts life as it is, and rolls with the ebb and flow of the Force's will. No longer blames himself for his failures. Equipment Clothing or Armor: Custom Robes with Armorweave Lining. Weapon: Beskar Vibro-knucklers Common Inventory: Credits, Change of Clothes Faction Information Force User Alignment: Lawful Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi Current Faction Rank: Padawan History Force Side: Light Trained by: Armiena Draygo-Darkfire Trained who: N/A Known Skills: Force Powers Force Sight(Hereditary), Force Focus, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Force Healing Lightsaber Forms Forms I & II Miscellaneous Hand to Hand Combat Pre-Faction Background: Orphaned at the age of nine, Genesis lived as a Scavenger/Salvager for most of childhood and into his adulthood. Was brought to the Jedi Temple at Felucia where he began his training under Master Draygo-Darkfire after being caught scavenging the Dantooine Conclave. Faction Background: Genesis training was unorthodox, dealing first with the destruction of Coruscant and the chaos that ensued and continued to follow him beyond Borleias. After returning to Dantooine where he met former Dark Lord Kakuto Ryu and attempted to aid his redemption, he fought and lost at Corellia. Believing to have failed the Jedi at the hands of Darth Mavenger, most notably his Master, recently appointed Jedi Grandmaster Draygo-Darkfire Genesis attempted to recover during his mission to Chandrila, but was subsequently kidnapped by the Deathwatch Mandalorians that remained after their defeat. After returning to Nar Shadaa, Genesis disappeared in order to find himself amongst the Galaxy. Luka Sene: During his wanderings, Genesis came across other Miraluka and inevitably stayed with them in order to find out who he truly was. Lost in doubts of his life as a Jedi, he figured that his time spent with others like him would guide him to self discovery. These were the Luka Sene, and through them, learnt to hone and focus his gift of Force Sight. But even as time passed with those of his mother's heritage, he still could not find the peace he sought. And so he left, once again, upon his pilgrimage. Return: From his travels with the Luka Sene, Genesis managed to learn more about his Mother's people and their ways of life. And yet, he knew in heart that the Jedi was where he truly belonged. So, after a year having disappeared from the Order he cherished, he returns, one final act in mind.
  10. As the bleeding stopped, I gazed at my opponent and saw her injuries as I felt mine. This was the price of war, the essence of battle. It was a place of darkness, an ending only leading to guide more upon it's path. I remembered it just as I remembered Corellia and the face of Mordecai, and why it tore my soul in two. Violence begets violence, hate begets hate, and scar begets scar. It was an never ending cycle of vengeance. Just as I saw and heard at Corellia. Just as Mordecai blamed the Jedi for oppression, the girl before me claimed sloth and unpreparedness. But we weren't soldiers. We weren't Gods. We were monks, Adepts in the will of the Force. Long has the rank of Knight implied Warrior, taking away our identity as Philosophers and Idealogists. So much so that I had viewed myself as such until I was broken at Corellia and my core belief shattered when I stood as a defender of light endowed with the task of cutting away the cancerous dark. But here at Chandrilla, I regained some of what was lost, rebuilding myself as I helped rebuild Hannah City and my understanding became clearer. I was not just a Defender of the weak and helpless. I was a Jedi, Protectorate of peace and tranquility, meant to guide the lost and broken back into the logistics of Progress and Peace. That was my core duty. And as I gazed into her hate filled eyes and felt the war within herself, I felt pity and sorrow for her. She was a lost soul defiled by the Darkness of her own heart, hiding behind the guise of war to fill the emptiness of her soul. And it was my job to help her see the truth. "We defend so that evolution can occur without the seed of hate." I spoke, my face soft and welcoming as I tried to reach her soul. "War breeds only death, destruction, and emptiness, a never ending stagnant of loss and vengeance in place of progression and growth." I felt a weakness within me grasp at my form, forcing me to catch myself from toppling over. In that moment, she took her chance. I had taken too much of my energy to protect myself and her, and she must have saw her opportunity. More sorrow filled my heart. This mission had grown all wrong, from isolation and solitude for my soul to war once again gracing Chandrila's surface even in the cavern littered cove of its sea. But my purpose had grown even more clear, and like Corellia, my vision became stronger. Like before, time felt as if it slowed down to a near stand still. The steadied pulse of my heart beat echoing in my mind as I saw her actions and intent intertwine with fate and I knew that she had made her choice. It broke my heart that she would remain lost to her inner darkness and never see the light of truth. And even as I yelled toward her form, only fate would prevent the outcome of this day. "Stop!" I shouted, the echoing of my voice intertwining with my wish for this moment to be adverted. But it would not be so, the Force encircling my form flowing outward tenfold with my wish as it raced toward her and the others to end our confrontation peacefully and without death, and a tear streaming down my face. Combat action: Force Repulse. ((3 - Choose our mod. Fun duel brother.))
  11. "The March of Manda'lor can be as driving as it can be of focusing...." These words echoed in my head as memories of my distant past flooded through my mind, the rythmn of my pulse matching the rythmn of war. I could feel the darkness flowing from the intent, feel the sweeping of the mood flowing in the Force as it flowed naturally about our forms, edged on my the darkened hearts that sought combat. And I could feel myself being swept up in it within the moment as the percussion of the drummings. And then pain. I had to focus my mind against the ache of the blade as it sliced ligaments and flesh, my own inner darkness attempting to flare in this moment of battle after I caught sight of the glimmering blade just seconds before it gouged through the crease of my arm. Some say that man's nature was of war and it was easily to give in, but as a Jedi and as an orphan, I had long fought against my natural urges to remain the memory of myself before that fateful day on Dantooine. It wasn't an easy task, but one I employed with accepted consequences. And as the pain tore at my nature, I focused my thoughts to remain myself. The barrier that had encased my form expanded as I focused, pushing outward with heavy prejudice as I broke away from her form and lunged myself backwards, placing a few feet of distance between us. Taking the brief reprisal, I redirected the Force to my wounds, letting my natural healing ability to increase exponentially. "You say that weakness should be purged, but what is weakness? Is it age? Is it the opposition of luck? Or is it what you decide it is? I spoke, my intent to buy myself some time to heal myself, or at least clot the wounds. "Everything has weaknesses, even you. But weaknesses can be honed into strength, if nurtured properly and given time." Combat Action: Took glancing blow from vibroblade; expanded Force Barrier to push myself and Rose part while I incorporated Force Healing using idealogy as a distraction ((2))
  12. “Jedi have always preserved that weakness, and are knights of Arasuum. You embody His weakness. His Sloth, His mercy. And that is why this war has raged for millennia. For you lack the strength to finally finish it.” I heard her words with attentive ears, taking the moment as she drew herself ready to activate the Vibro-knucklers and singe away my bindings, freeing my hands as the circle began to form around the two of us, Gren looking on with anticipation as his Orders needed no words. We two would duel in single combat, interference prohibited. An uholy aura of darkness immeniated from the woman before me, the darkness within her soul and her palm stale and stagnant from over reliance. She had long lost her way. “So then give us the taste of your preservation Arasuum.” As her form took flight, I found myself distracted by the blade she swung my way, the essence of the darkness within momentarily misguiding my thoughts. Was it Sith? Or was it hatred and hurt? Was it her pain? Or another? So many questions filled my mind that I barely held a moment to react and mostly on instinct, the blade of the hatchet slicing into my shoulder as I pivoted on my right heel and drove my form away. As the blade touched my blood within my flesh, I saw a flicker of its history and my focus grew stronger. Grasping forward with my right arm toward her weak hand in an attempt to disarm her and break her balance with a follow through lunge, the barrier of the Force still swirling around my form with intensity, I growled. "You speak of Kad Ha'rangir and Arasuum, and yet, you know nothing. Clinging to the old ways, afraid of change, and prowling upon the weak is Arasuum's path of Stagnation. It is the very thing the Jedi fight against and the Sith hold dear. If you are truly a Warrior of Kad Ha'rangir, then fight against the strong and defend the weak just as the Jedi do. Only through change will the stagnation be cleansed." ((Combat Action: Took Glancing Blade in Left Shoulder while trying to pivot backwards. Grasped at vibroblade in other hand and lunged at Rose trying to disarm and unbalanced her.)) ((1))
  13. The burning sensation of pain, the searing of flesh and bone, my eyes lit with mixed emotions. On one hand, I could fight, out numbered and likely outmatched. But on the other, if I did nothing, I could die and my life would return from wince it came; back to the Force. As I fell upon the ground, tasting the dirt of Chandrila once again, I could feel the tornado of choices in my mind. "Typical. You claim yourselves to be Warriors of Kad Ha'rangir, yet you prey upon the meek." I spoke, my words spitting upon the ground as it's grit intertwined with my own saliva. "I've seen your kind many times on Dantooine, and it's always the same. Forever the coward, never the brave." With that said, I felt the pull of the Force tug at my soul, it's will bound to me like our fates balanced one another. I knew in that moment what I must do. Like a torrent, the Force came to my form and swirled about me, first pushing against the blade and protecting my form before extending outwards into a shell of protection. It wasn't my time. The Force had not willed it. It's purpose for me had not been fulfilled. And with a smirk, an explosion of the Force lept outward, pushing away everything and everyone near my form. Standing, the Force swirling around my form, I spoke but a humbled sentence. "I said that you had nothing to fear from me, that I would not fight. I never said that I would not preserve myself."
  14. I felt the pull of my form to my knees, knelt before the group like a pleasant glaring at invading Knights, each stare grim and unpleasant. My gaze shifted against the sun beaming through a hole in the cavern's ceiling as I saw the small one and heard her voice, flinching in pain as her blade cut against my ear. I hung my head in silence, opening myself to the Force with a deep sigh, hoping someone could feel my presence amongst it's flow. "You have nothing to fear from me Mandalorians. I do not seek combat." I spoke, feeling a glimmer of hope in the presences flowing back to me upon the Force. I did not fear, nor did I doubt. I felt accepting and unwaivering in whatever outcome would present. Shifting my face toward it's leader and the little one, the patch covering my Miraluka eye hiding my heritage, I spoke a single promise. "But I cannot speak for those who come seeking me. After what your kind have done to this world and others like Coruscant, they may not be so forgiving." Pressing my chest against the blade held against it, blood dripping from the shallow slice, my gaze shifted alone to the azura eyes of her. "My failure in battle is my own. Can you claim the same?"
  15. I had some days that were good, and I had some days that were bad. But as my time here at Chandrila dragged on, I could feel the peace in my heart returning as the City began to revive. Most of the rubble had been cleared by now, the utilities were restored to nearly eighty percent, and almost all the dead or missing had been accounted for. I overheard that reconstruction was going to begin in a week or so once the displaced had found adaquate shelter or lodging. This brought joy to my heart most often than not. Every now and again, I would venture outside the city to the plains where I could overlook the city and see the growth and how much cleaning was left. Most of the time when I was out, I would enjoy a brew of tea and maybe a lunch, or I would wander the battlefields leading up and remember the fallen in silence, scorched scars upon the planer's beautiful surface that would disappear in time while the ghosts remained. Sometimes I would even talk to them, beg them to accept their dates and become one with the Force, if only to help my mind as much as their own if they truly did remain. But who was I to know the truth of the afterlife. Until I joined the Order, I found it to be nothingness, just life and then death, nothing more or less. But after Corellia, and my training under Armiena, I had come to see the many possibilities that were there, and the hardships ever life faced leading up to their ends. There had to be something after. There had to be. It just couldn't end like that after so much pain and agony. I remember one particular day, I grew so lost in such thoughts that I did not realize that I had dreamt off. The reality of that day blended in with memories of Corellia and before I knew it, I saw his face before me, my hands dangling me over a cliff with waves crashing upon the shore beneath me. His smug face as he beaconed me to die here, upon the shores of my people as my mother's veiled gaze looked upon us with horror. And with a single swipe of his blade, I fell below into the gapping maw of the dark abyss. Sweat beading down my face, I awoke with a jump, feeling the restraints that encircled my hands and body, voices whispering in the darkened distance. "I'm telling you. He's one of them Jedi. We should cut him loose. It's not worth it." A voice echoed throughout the cavern as drops of water followed. "But think of the credits they would pay for his return. Perhaps enough to get us off this lost planet." Another chimed in. "I say we kill him. Kad Ha'rangir demands it." Another spoke, this one feminine. "Silence. Jedi or not, he'll make someone a useful slave along with the rest." A fourth spoke above the others through his Mask, clearly their leader. Feeling a jerk upon my back, I was hoisted up to see a fire lighting up a hidden cavern, a group of maybe ten masked assailants standing around with another behind me. Being shoved forward, I tasted dirt and spit as I landed before the last one to speak, another voice echoing behind me. "Someone's awake, Gren."
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