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  1. Genesis smiled, sincere and not a worried thought creeping across his serene mind as Armiena spoke of the amassing Forces on both sides. In truth, it was the reason he came to find her, what led him back to the Order and his mission to witness Katarr. Even Scorpio and the Luka Sene knew what laid ahead not just for a few planets and populaces, but for millions, if not more. It would require ever Jedi to play their part, no matter how little and insignificant. Even him. "You need not ask Grandmaster. Just tell me my assignment and where you need me." Calling her Grandmaster rather than Master or Armiena felt weird coming from his tongue, but he was a full fledged Knight now and formalities were a must. Still, his gaze stayed upon her after he spoke like a child's to it's parents when both served, as if saying what couldn't be spoken. For him, becoming a Knight could be played off as a small achievement, but now that he knew the true horrors of what laid in the wake of the Darkside, he knew the weight he would inevitably have to carry and knew he had to be strong enough. The truth of a Jedi wasn't in their stance against evil, it was in the evil they witnessed and carried. "Don't worry. You've trained me well." He spoke amidst the silence, attempting to settle her fears and ease her mind. "So where exactly am I headed? Bothawui?"
  2. Silence was the one response of Armiena's that bothered Genesis the most, the awkward atmosphere of unknowing thought and emotion. She had always been a vocal and brash Master, fearless in the most admiral context no matter which receiving end you found yourself upon. But silence left one in wonderment of the unexpected consequences and chill one to the bones. In this moment, it left Genesis withdrawn and yet attentive at the same time, unsure of what move to make. So instead, he slowly followed her into the belly of the Prism and stood atop the ramp in anticipation. Her words did not offer any solace, but did react a smirk at the notion that he couldn't have stopped her. It seemed that he wasn't the only one who had changed in the last two years, a more understanding and mildly mannered Master taking seat before him. In truth, Armiena and Misal were more alike than the two would ever admit, especially to each other. And if it hadn't been Misal to follow him, it would have been Armiena. But her duties as Grandmaster had required her, and so Misal took her place. Deep down, Genesis' had always known this to be true. But there was a solemn distinctive difference between them, and one that Genesis' had rarely seen. Where Misal duty laid more toward her family, Armiena's duty laid more toward her life as a Jedi. It wasn't a bad thing, and only recently, an understanding that Genesis had come to possess. Even as the two Draygo matriarchs conversed, it was evident in their tones. There was love evident within their subtle words, unspoken and yet spoken at the same time, but at the same time, their duty came first and foremost. It was almost as if Misal had once led a similar life as Armiena and pushed the younger Draygo toward a better unspoken understanding, a similar exchange that he had once witnessed between Armiena and her son, Aiden. But that was a story that Genesis held no true knowledge of, their history unspoken and interactions few. Perhaps that's why Armiena clung to her pupils and why Misal pushed Armiena toward others. So when the conversation ended and Armiena's hysterical laughing fit progressed, Genesis simply sat there with a gentle smile on his face, finding relief in Misal's improved condition and knowingly understanding Armiena's own. However, Genesis was unprepared for what Armiena spoke next after regaining her composure and letting her relief settle in. Completely taking aback by her settling words left the young Jedi speechless and stunned as he stammered to find his words in response. "I... You... Wait, what?" He studdered out as his mind buckled and words began to form out of thin air. He paused briefly with a forced sigh as he collected his thoughts and focused them into coherent sentences. "If I made an impression, it's only because of you, Master. You took in a troubled orphan and made him into a man, something I thought impossible before I was brought to the Order. To be frank, you and the Order saved me." Genesis could feel the emotional build up of the moment and of the past three years flooding his mind and his heart, an once orphaned child who fought to survive each day finding not only a home, but a purpose to live for outside his own survival. He honestly never believed he would live to see this age, let alone see this day where he became a Jedi Knight, something he could have never fathomed. It was overwhelming to the point that he choked on his own reluctance to cry and inevitably gave into it. After a few moments of joyous tears and sniffles, Genesis wiped his eye and smiled. "I accept Master... I mean Grandmaster." He said with a chuckle that fought against the lump that built up in his throat as he got down to a singular knee. "If you truly believe that I am ready."
  3. Genesis' jovial face turned to a frown when Armiena asked about her mother, his thoughts wandering back to the Elder Draygo after the intial shock of being reunited with Armiena after so long and her welcoming him back into the Order with little thought. His gaze shot down briefly, as if shying away, before it settled briefly on McShipface and then returned to her own, a certain sadness in his eyes. "Actually, we met up on Dantooine at first." Genesis corrected her, his tone slightly somber, but not misleading. "But yes, she followed me to Katarr along with the Luka Sene." Armiena could likely tell Genesis' reluctance to tell, his unease of distracting her with horrific but minor news of her Mother and her last known condition when he left Nar Shadaa lingering in his presence. But whatever the mission here was for her, they were on the verge of it's completion and Genesis' felt no real harm in telling her now. "She fell into cardiac arrest during her venture there, and I was able to keep her alive until we reached Nar Shadaa." Genesis spoke, some regret that she had followed him blindly out onto the dead planet's surface evident in his eyes. "She's in the hospital, stable last I checked, just before I came to find you." Genesis stiffened up, half expecting a slap across his face for getting Misal hurt, while the other half expected a stern cursing. Either way, his guilt knew he deserved it. If he had only listened to Scorpio, to his own gut, perhaps she wouldn't have been placed in such danger.
  4. Genesis glowed with a smirk as Armiena mentioned her maternal feelings, the young Padawan fully understanding and knowing what she attempted to describe. After all, his feelings were one and the same for her. He spent most of his life without a family, and since his indoctrination into the Order under her tutelage, he had come to view her and Misal much like a mother and grandmother, a bond much stronger than what a Master and Pupil should develope. And he was alright with it. It was a nice feeling to have that again, to know someone cared enough to worry. "I understand Master. " He spoke, the smirk still evident on his face as he tossed the small satchel over his shoulders and offered her the lead. "I feel very much the same, but opposite, like a son views his mother." The realization that he had just confused himself with his words were quickly overshadowed by the approaching sounds of protest, spiking his level of alertness hesitantly as he gazed in its direction. Peaceful protests were one thing, but the mob rule dictation could easily turn it into a frenzy and that worried him as the two began walking away from the sounds. Dark hearts and desperation had a tendency to turn any protest into chaos and rioting, and Genesis felt the heat of such a thing could easily backfire on whatever mission Armiena was tasking herself with. As Armiena spoke of the war, it was just as he had suspected. The Darkside could not simply exist in contentment. It was hunger, the very same hunger he felt at Katarr, and it was absolute in its cravings. These Sith would be no more than imitations of all that had come before them no matter the differences they claimed. His thoughts briefly turned to Mordecai's words of seduction at Corellia. Each side had their justification, but only one was blind to their cause. If the Jedi didn't persist in this war, the Galaxy could become like Katarr, Corellia, or even Chandrila. They were the only defense for life. Genesis' gaze shot up at Armiena's sudden stop, his gaze catching that of the Officer's own before shooting toward Armiena's. He had come to know his Master well, and although she could easily disable this man before his weapon could make contact, Genesis' simply smiled at the Officer. He knew a sense of welcoming would defuse any confrontation and no one can resist a smile. As they passed, his reward was accurate. Turning back to Armiena, Genesis chuckled under his breath. "Intimidating even in that outfit. We really need to find you a man." "To be honest, my path still remains the same, if only altered slightly. " Genesis replied after his attempt at humor was overlooked. "Katarr still bares the scars of Darth Nihilus, and the Darkside wound he left behind still festers, leaving the rest of the world unable to breath life back into its self, unable to heal and move forward. If the lesson of Katarr is any indication of what the Darkside is, then it needs us to stand against it. I may not be able to take a life, but I can certainly stand to prevent more lives from being lost. The Order needs all it can muster." Genesis looks to his Master as they continue their walk. "If the Order will still have me." After all, the decision was left up to it's current Grandmaster: Her.
  5. The rush of the moment mixed with the realization that the response wasn't what he had expected, Genesis caught completely off guard by her reaction. Yet, he embraced the welcome, soaking up the moment like a sponge as he was lifted from his footing if only briefly. As she sat him down, Genesis regained his footing and smiled at his Master, his hands softly grasping her biceps as she spoke. It may have been nearly two years since his departure at Chandrila, but this moment made it seem as if it had only felt that way. "I am good Master. Thanks. And your mother kinda told me you were here." He spoke with a semi worried look crossing his face as he briefly scratched at his head. "We kinda bumped into each other on Dantooine. He felt bad about leaving details out, but given that she was currently on a mission, he felt it best that their reunion not hinder the overall objective. Especially considering that Misal would likely make a full recovery. Maybe once they got back to her ship, but not now. Hands still in contact, Genesis smirked as he opened himself to the Force and let it's current travel through him, a subtle brush and stroke occasionally redirecting it to her ailing back as it flowed into her. Once Genesis was certain it had done it's job, he lowered his hands back to his side. "I'm sorry I worried you. It was never my intent. I needed to find my path, and Chandrila simply showed me how much." Genesis fell silent, the awkwardness of his desire to abruptly explain only hindered by his self control. The boy he was when he left was riddled with self doubt, unable to truly understand his place. But the man standing before her was confident and strong, no longer timid and confused. The serenity in his stance and the calmly gaze that fell upon spoke volumes of what he had learnt in his time away. And though his journey was only truly beginning here and now, his presence stood ready to meet it. "But enough about me." He spoke as he reached down to grab her pouch and sling it over his shoulder. "How have you been?"
  6. One thing that Armiena had passed down to her latest student was the uneasiness of being among other Jedi or even the Order its self. It wasn't to say that he didn't enjoy the social aspect of it not the company, but rather that he simply didn't need it. To walk alone among the masses of everyday life, unknown as the next, seemed to be his walk in life. It had always been that way, but since his tutelage under the recurring Jedi Grandmaster, he had come to enjoy it. Just another face in the crowd, another presence among the flow of the Force, nearly extinguishable from the next. That was how he preferred it. He was a Jedi, however, and he knew his duty. Occasionally he would pass by refugees here and there, inconspicuously dropping a credit in the hand in passing or some medicines if they seemed sick, but nothing seemingly obvious to his true nature. And he did stop once to grab a bite to eat, a cylindrical slab of disguarded processed meat in a warm bun with his choices of condiments. But aside from that, he was just another form shuffling along the bi-ways of Sihnon and held little outward notification. And with his lightsaber lost at Corellia nearly two years ago, he held no Jedi-esque appearence whatsoever. Sihnon, like Hanna City on Chandrila, reminded him of a small compact version of Coruscant. Whereas the latter was a worldwide network of life, Sihnon and Hanna City held a tighter connection with not only the lives that lived within it, but those that lived outside and across the open landscapes. It felt more in tune with it's natural self and less mechanical. Which was why after a few hours of walking, the familiar presence he sought began to flow through him. He smiled briefly beneath his hooded veil. Misal was right. Armiena was here. And he could feel her preoccupied, bringing a soft chuckle with a sigh. She was, after all, mission orientated to say the least. Despite his growth both physical and emotional, he felt anxiety overcome him and he briefly stopped amidst the flow of traffic, forms bumping into him with little regard or notice. Here he was, a few inches taller, a year and a half older, longer hair and more muscular, and he still felt like her child, youthful and displeasing. The thought had been in his subconscious for awhile now, the likelihood of her anger at his sight for leaving and displeasure of seeing him. And only Misal had been the reason he even came to look for her aside from his own guilt. He could feel his fear overcoming his rightousness. And in that solemn moment, he wanted to turn and run. And yet, he knew that would defeat everything he had overcome. And so he pushed on. *******A few moments later********* When Armiena would leave her destination, a figure leaned upon a nearby building would cautiously make his approach with open arms. Though his presence would give immediate knowledge of who he was, Genesis' looks will have changed drastically. He was over Twenty Years old now, a little bit taller and more masculine built. His hair would be longer, reaching his shoulders and tucked beneath his headband. His lightsaber won't be on him, and his armor resembling Miralukian cloth and lined with Armorweave. And his smirk wouldn't have changed one bit. "So is that standard issue robes now? He would speak jokingly, an aura of caution mixed with maturity and serenity emanating from him as he attempted to hug Armiena. "I gotta say, it kinda fits you."
  7. As the transport exited hyperspace above Borleias, Genesis shifted in his seat. Last time he had come as an Padawan in league with the Jedi Order. This time he came as a passenger, another faceless name in endless manifestos. Change and time were constants, for both he and the world below, and he was unrecognizable even for his Master. His hair was longer. His form bore scars from his fights. And his demeanor was enlightened, a graceful smile upon his face ever present. He was at peace, both with his future, and his past. Only Armiena remained a question. And it was that very answer that he sought. As his passport was stamped and he entered Sihnon, the Miraluka Hybrid gazed out into the city's proper with both of his sights, honing it's gaze across it's landscape. Armiena would surely feel it's familiar and yet changed presence ever so brief like a gentle breeze across the plains of Dantooine before it disappeared abruptly, a beacon for her to sense should she be here as Misal spoke. And this world was his only clue. He only hoped she recognized the core of his presence beyond the changes he had undergone since his departure nearly two years ago. Stepping outside the Spaceport, his long hair falling across his shoulders and tucked away beneath his headband, he draped his face with his cloak and disappeared into the masses. His gaze within the Force would still linger on the backdrop of the Force, a subtle beacon to his position as he searched for her own. But to most who could feel it, it would resemble the essence of his race, a constant for any Luka Sene to suppress themselves.
  8. "Remember.... When in doubt, remember your meditations." Scorpio's departing words echoed in Genesis' mind as he left the Jedi Temple here upon Nar Shadaa, the news of Armiena no longer being here not sitting right upon his heart as he blended in among the masses. Part of the Padawan was glad that their encounter had yet to happen and the consequences of his actions didn't play out. But he couldn't help but feel plagued by his misdeeds and his leaving. And yet, walking among the many sentients had a sense of calming over his mind that he couldn't find in solidarity. And so he took the time, meditating on the move, letting his mind free to wander across the spectrum and through the currents. "We're sorry Master Stormhelm, but Grandmaster Darkfire is tasked with a mission at the moment and cannot be disturbed." The Jedi's words played over and over in his mind as his gut fiddled with knots and churning. Perhaps it was his guilt, or his own impatience, but even though he found relief in the delayed reunion, it didn't quite sit right with him. His mind wandered back to reality, finding himself back where he began, the Alliance Hospital where Misal had been delivered. He stood there, looking inward, half expecting the Miraluka to come barging out after him. But he also felt a pull to go in and check on her, and so he approached the reception desk. "She is stable Master Jedi." The receptionist spoke with some disbelief. "A bit bruised and well aged, but stable." Genesis chuckled at her comment and made his exit when Misal's words played back across his memory. "Borleias" It didn't make sense to him at first, but with Armiena's mission having the classification that it did and the Elder Miraluka making sure her words were spoken before his departure, it seemed to come together. Misal, albiet a tad on the secretive side herself, always knew where her daughter was. And for her to push the information into his hands despite the Medics dislike, he didn't know why it hadn't clicked sooner. But how would he get to Borleias? Last time he was there, it was on Jedi transportation. Now he was alone. There was only one alternative... "One ticket to Borleias please."
  9. A little while later, the Helix Class Interceptor exited hyperspace above the Alliance world of Nar Shadaa. Coming in quick, Scorpio commed ahead for Alliance Medical Personnel to be on standby for the Jedi Grandmaster's mother. Genesis, winded, kept his healing hands upon Misal until she could be turned over to proper providers. Once that was done, he went in search of his Master, Grandmaster Armiena Draygo Darkfire.
  10. The moments that followed were a blinding haze for Genesis as Misal was loaded aboard the Helix Class Interceptor and Katarr was left behind. Misal had became like a Grandmother to him, a concept he could never fathom in his wildest imagination until she and Armiena had came into his life. And to be powerless on the surface and surrounding space of Katarr only made the passing moments that much more dire for him to bare witness to. To see someone he cared about struggle for survival, to see them frail and fragile, to see the mortality of them, it didn't make for a welcoming step back into the Jedi Order. Once Katarr's void had been left behind, Scorpio turned to Genesis with a nod as he headed toward the cockpit. The two remaining Luka Sene stayed stationary as vitals were watched and medicine were intravenously injected. But Genesis shook loose the moment and focused himself in the Force as it returned like fresh air. Placing her hands in his as she grasped for his name, he simply smiles, letting the Force flow through him and into her, it's warm and gentle embrace caressing at the focul of her heart. "Yes ma'am. I did." He spoke with a humble chuckle, a new tone beginning to form in his voice with humility and understanding, a Jedi's tone. "But you need to rest and let the Force guide you. We will be able to discuss things more once we get to Nar Shadaa and you can recover." The Force flowing through him and into her amplified its self, current after current gently stroking her heart and settling it's rythm, the essence of life stroking a gentle stroke. Soon it would spread, the light within him and the intent to save her guiding it's hand toward rejuvenation within the Draygo Elder. And all Genesis could do was sit there and watch, letting both the mystism and science of their world work their magic together. With a subtle rumble, the Helix Class Interceptor entered hyperspace.
  11. Genesis rose to his feet behind Scorpio and began the trek back to the ship, the journey taking hours upon the desolate and dead world. There was a new demeanor in his gaze and in his step, a sense of understanding and purpose resonating within that projected without the aid of the Force, a new found calmness in his soul, a silence in his contemplation. As the two disappeared beyond the horizon from the focal point of Nihilus' wound, Genesis turned back one last time to understand the gravity of its truth in a moment of remembrance. "So that is a wound in the Force?" Genesis questioned amidst the roaring silence of Katarr, his voice echoing across the rise, as he turned to Scorpio. "Explains alot." "Very few beings have existed to create such as that one, but essentially, yes." Scorpio spoke without gaze, his own firmly on the horizon. "They are creations of the darkness in one's soul, moments where a being no longer lives in the Force, remnants of their death from it's will. The Darkside corrupts absolutely, but only when the will of the sentient overcomes the will of the Force, can a wound occur. Such is the path that a Jedi fights to protect." "I see this now." Genesis speaks as he turns back to Scorpio and the journey ahead, his mind wondering one last time to what he saw within the vortex of darkness, the black hole that was the wound, it's hunger feeding upon the everlasting flow that was life and the Force. "It matters little how I fight, only that I fight, otherwise, the Darkness will win." As panic drew within him, and in return, his urge to survive drew him near the focus, Genesis trekked onward behind the spector as it led him to it's core. His thoughts jumbled and erratic, he fought to cling to his sanity. His skin felt aflame with pain and his soul felt as if it threatened to leave his body. And yet, he knew he could not falter. He knew he was close to what Scorpio had foretold, he knew this spector existed as guidance. He could feel it. It pulled at his very heart, it's fastened pace matching the moments of it's drum. This had to be the epicenter. "Members of the Council, Jedi, Luka Sene... We have gathered here for the threat lurking outside the Outer Regions, hidden in the shadows of the wars passed..." Genesis vision blurred, his stomach in knots as he felt the darkness around him grow cold with malice. He felt as if he could not take another step, the Force present here, but corrupt and wicked. It felt of hunger and gluttony, ominous and unnatural. He fell to his knees, his heart threatening to explode as he gasped for air in between heaves, his muscles tense and his limbs shaking with strain. Through the tears of his eye, he looked upward. "This threat is of the Darkside, primal and ancient. It hungers, consuming life and the Force wherever it walks, leaving wounds in its wake, an empty void. Never have we seen such power...." Feeling the Force once again, Genesis pulls upon it's flow in an attempt to substain and focus himself, but it is tainted and foul. The more he pulls upon it, the more he craved it, clouding his mind and his sight until darkness threatens to blind him. His stomach growls hellishly, and he feels his heart begin to grow numb with coldness in its wake before he begins to feel it encompass his all. Emotion, touch, sight, all begins to feel empty. Closing his eye and focusing inward, he attempts to correct it's flow, using everything Armiena taught him, finding it only pointless in his effort. Anger boils within. "These Sith are unlike any other we have faced, their power immense and ability to remain hidden dreadful. We know of no defense..." The Force begins to empower him. Memories of his childhood, his mother, his father, all begin to empower him and substain him as they slowly fade away from his mind like pages ripped from a book. He begins to forget even the smallest memory of himself as his hunger begins to grow. He can feel the power around him and can taste it's current upon his tongue, the taste of metal and warmth of breath. It's exhilarating and consuming. It's temptation is hard to free himself from as he realizes what is beginning to take hold in his heart and mind, his will beginning to loosen it's grip upon caring. Suddenly he feels something within the Force stir, causing him to open his eye as a figure rushes him form like a mist, blade activated.... "You!" Genesis falls back choking, gasping for air as his mind returns, the euphoria draining from his form and the strain upon his form returning. He gathers to his knees and hands as his frantic mind darts about in disbelief. The form he followed had just became his saving grace, breaking the hold that this wound had so easily grasped within him. Who was she? And why had she intervened? Was she one of those who perished here? His mind flooded with questions that would provide no answers. And yet, he strangely felt at peace, a new found understanding beginning to fall upon his mind as the effects of this place began to fade as he began to suppress his presence. "Even in the darkest crevasses, the light can still shine vibrantly." Genesis responds to Scorpio, his mind returning to the present and away from the focus of Nihilus. "One just has to use the proper equipment and know when to use it." Scorpio chuckles with a smile and goes to turn when rounds of blaster fire fill the air in the distance. With a quick glance to each other, Genesis and Scorpio take off in its direction just a few kilometers away. When they arrive at Misal's location, Scorpio is quick to begin treatment as Genesis shuffles through his bag for his comm. Within minutes, the ship is enroute. It was about time they left Katarr behind and put Nar Shadaa in their crosshairs. It was time for Genesis to face Armiena. Silently he wondered how mad she was truly going to be despite what Misal had said. Would she slap him? Or would she truly hug him?
  12. What was it to be Jedi? What separates Light and Dark? Why was the Force a part of both? Was intent the key? And if it was, why did so many easily fall to it's corruption? What was the lesson of Katarr? The Lesson of the Miraluka and the Luka Sene? The lesson he was meant to learn as a Jedi? So many questions plagued not only his mind, but his heart as well as the moments turned to hours. He seemed more confused now than he was ever before. At least then he knew his convictions. Now he wasn't so sure if they were so easily shaken. Those beings from before, spirits or remnants of Katarr upon it's demise, showed him something within himself that stirred. He saw their deaths, heard their last moments before, witnessed their perishing moments. They were Miraluka, serene and calm even as they discussed what he knew to be Nihilus. They were unafraid, and yet they weren't Jedi. They were Miraluka, beings potential of both light and dark, dependant upon their minds and heart. And even as death took them, their features remained unhindered except by the hunger that consumed the Force within them, content. This puzzled Genesis even more. Were they not scared? Miraluka were known for their Foresight. Surely they saw this coming or knew of its impact. Sensory deprivation had begun to kick in for Genesis. Despite his ability to see and hear amidst the deafened world, his thoughts began to jumble and his sight began to become hazy. There were times he often caught himself beginning to panic slightly and at other times staring into nothingness, as if he had lost time. And the sickness in the pit of his stomach was beginning to get worse. He looked around outside, trying to gather his bearing and where the ship was, but could not gather himself. Only in the distance could he make out something, a figure ahead that lingered upon the horizon. Panicked, he set forth after them, hoping it was Scorpio or one of the others. It had been hours since Genesis had departed. Scorpio was beginning to worry and decided it best to search out Misal and the young Padawan. Even without his touch upon the Force, he could feel the uneasiness of the Forceless world. Unlike Myrkr, it was unnatural, dead to everything around it. And he knew the effects of walking upon such a world too long. He had seen too many fall to it's sickness, it's dark festering wound. Placing the rebreather on his face, he turned to the others and let them know of his departure. Stepping out into the stale world, he hastened his step. It wasn't hard to locate the center of the wound, the place where Nihilus once walked the world in his consumption. His presence and footsteps had festered this world in its death and you could easily feel it's pull whether you felt the Force or not. It was fueled by anger, hate, hunger, and vengeance. And yet, it was void of emotion. It was Nihilus, fueled by his hunger and hatred alone, with only a sole focus. Closer you got to the focus, closer you grew to it's center, to it's focul. Such was the nature of such wounds. And it drew in life just as it once consumed, beckoning all. Like he had before, Scorpio followed to it's center, and there he found Genesis deep in meditation. Stepping beside the boy cautiously, he found him centered and his breathing firm. He could tell the boy had found his center within the wound and found the truth of his path as a Jedi. He spoke, his voice firm with understanding. "So you saw the truth then and took it? Good. Let it be your guidance. It is the truth of us all." With that, Scorpio turned and began the trek back to the ship, his gaze upon the horizon for Misal.
  13. Anger plagued at his mind as he stood amidst the barren world, the crunch of the flora beneath his feet leaving little sound in the emptied void that Katarr had became. He could feel the darkened remnants of the wound, subtle, but ever present and ever aching for life. And with each step he took, gazing upon the lifeless world, it seemed to ripple vibrantly outward from him. It was indeed a graveyard, but it felt alive in the same sentience. Back aboard the ship, Scorpio sat alone and in silence. Misal had complicated things by joining the boy outside to face this world even more blindly than Genesis. But even without the Force to call upon like he once had, he still trusted in its wisdom. He knew bringing her along could agitate the situation, but the Force's will was law even in the unnatural. Perhaps she was meant to come along all along and help guide the boy toward the true understanding he was meant to come to. Standing up to look outside, he stared into the abyss. Genesis continued his trek onward, studying the complex he had happened across and found the mummified corpses still as they perished, a sight very few had ever gazed upon in such depth. But he knew that this was meant to be seen and understood, and as he did, he felt a surge of sadness creep into his heart. It was just as he had long suspected. War was wrong, without justification or tolerance. There simply was no excuse for any casualty, especially en mass like Katarr. Such paths were of the Darkside, even for a Jedi. It was intolerable. He held no doubt. Scorpio gazed into the abyss with remembrance, his own stroll across the surface of Katarr still plaguing him to this day like a fresh memory. He could still see his footprints frozen upon the soil, untouched by time and each time he had been here, he always gazed upon them. He remembered his own findings, his own justification here upon this world, within this wound. That in light or in dark, the Force was life. And to snuff it as Nihilus had done here so long ago was an afront to every following and credence. Life cannot exist without it, and it cannot exist without life. To be absent of one causes the other to seek out and feed upon the other, imbalancing it and creating destruction. But there is a lesson to learn from this wound, or any wound, and with each sentient, it differs. Some gain its wisdom while others succumb to it, and each differs from the other no matter which is received. With Genesis, Scorpio wondered the outcome impatiently with as much patience as he could muster. For he had grown attached to the boy, seeing much of himself before Yue and Damon at Manaan nearly two decades ago. He only hoped the boy would find his own wisdom in this final lesson, the lesson of the Miraluka. Like all ripples, once the edge has been reached, it flows back toward it's origin in waves. The ripples of Katarr's destruction were no different. To this day, remnants of it's final moments still haunted his surface not only in visual evidence that Genesis saw before him, but in the Force its self. And as he gazed upon it with conviction and unbridled prejudice, moments of it's destruction flickered to life as a flare of energy rolled across it's surface as he looked on in disbelief. "The Jedi have come seeking answers......." "Enemies in the dark..... Outer Regions...." "Life ceasing to exist....Malachor...." "Remnants of Revan....War...." True Darkness..... Force.... Help us.... As Genesis witness the moments flashing in and out, sadness and anger consumed his heart. He couldn't explain the emotions he felt nor could he explain what he saw before him, only that for the briefest of moments he witnessed and felt the Force return to Katarr similar to a solar flare crashing upon a planet. And as quick as it came, it ended, the spirits of Katarr once again hidden from the rest of the Galaxy as the screams of millions washed across the landscape behind the whispers of a few. What was truly a mystery as much as it was mesmerizing, was what he saw before the screams became too unbearable to handle. For a brief moment, his convictions were shaken.
  14. As the Helix Class Interceptor exited hyperspace around Katarr, the voided atmosphere of the planet was almost instantaneous. Even Scorpio, having lost his touch to the Force at Onderon, felt the uneasy pit in his gut wrench. His two companions of the Luka Sene simply stood there, fighting to hold the unphased posture that had been so instilled within them. Genesis, on the other hand, quickly felt the sickness erupt from within him as the Force flushed from his senses and the blood flushed from his face, leaving him pale in comparison. Scorpio flipped the ship to autopilot and left the Helix Class to handle re-entry as he went to check upon his passengers. "We've arrived. Genesis, focus on your breathing." He spoke as he patted the boy on the back, helping to open his airway in between heaves as his gaze shifted to Misal to see how she was reacting. "We'll be setting down shortly. Genesis will be making this stroll alone. Life here is doesn't exist, so thankfully, we have no worries about predators." He gave Misal a worried look despite knowing that she was as likely as blind as his two Luka Sene companions. Then again, sight wasn't everything. Moments later, dust lifted as the Helix Class landed upon the once lush now barren soil of the dead world, it's voided echo stretching across it's mass much like Malachor V once did. Genesis had settled down quite a bit, and despite his vertigo, was able to stand. Scorpio gazed at the boy and questioned his ready before placing the rebreather upon his face and sending him in the unknowing. As the pressure within the airlock set to release Genesis, the two Luka Sene moved into place against the innerlock to stand guard and Scorpio settled in for the long wait. Hands sweaty and interlocked, he spoke to Misal. "Have faith in the boy and in the Force. If he falls, we have only lost another to Nihilus. But if he rides to meet his darkness, then we have gained a Jedi." ***************************************** Genesis could feel the emptiness before they had ever exited hyperspace. But the surrealism of the wound quickly had taken its toll and left him wrecked with pain. Even the steaming pressure of the air within the airlock sent his skin aflame. It was a strange feeling to say the least, the area silent and dead both to the sight as much as the feel, but also harsh and unchanged, as if time had simply chose to stand still. For Katarr, barren as it was, was frozen in its last moments as if it was instantly vacuum sealed, a snow globe lost to an unknown shelf. Trembling as he first set foot upon it's surface, it seemed like a lukewarm space walk, the only noise he heard was that of his weight and his breath and only increasing the vertigo he felt from the loss of the Force. It felt as if his ears had been deafened, his senses cut off to a near crippling degree. And yet, he was able to step forward into this unknown and see it's horrid sight. "So this is the death of the Force?" He questioned to himself as he gazed upon the flash frozen world. "This is what waits beyond the darkness?" He knew of Katarr's story long before landing here, often reading the datapads he had on it from the Felucia Archives as a means of understanding his Mother's heritage. His Father's was simple as a human and Mandalorian. But her's was unknown, only what was known of her race, his bi-race. He had only ever thought of her's because of his path as a Jedi and his partial blindness, especially because of his newly found connection to Armiena. Both of them were Hybrids. Then came war. And with war, came his Father's lineage. His father's craft. And as much as he loved the man, he shunned that side of him. He wanted no part of understanding it. Perhaps it was his mother within, but he didn't like the idea of taking a life to save a life, only seeing it as justification to take a life. This was why he ran. This was why he hid. Just like on Dantooine until the anger within boiled over and he lost himself in the darkness, forever scarred by the lives he took, beastial or not. Gazing out across the ruined city of the Miralukian architecture, its name lost upon the whispers of time and never carried by the Force since Katarr was drained of life, Genesis felt a strange sensation begin to take hold. It felt almost as if the planet pulled at him, or rather, his connection. And within him, he felt the urge to suddenly be with the others, his mind setting in panic at the feeling of being without the Force. It was almost instinctual, primal, and wrathful, and his gaze adverted toward the distant ship he had arrived upon. And in that brief moment, he craved war.
  15. Scorpio nodded his head in agreement, and upon turning around, took the helm and began a quick preflight checklist. Hidden away from prying eyes and blocked out by concentrated memories, there was a hesitant look upon the Hybrid's face concerning the boy. But this was something that needed to be done. Moments later, the Helix Class Interceptor lifted off and took to the skies above Dantooine, the ship and it's passengers briefly enjoying a fly along some of Dantooine's Brith natives, and once the stars came into view, entered hyperspace.
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