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  1. As the bleeding stopped, I gazed at my opponent and saw her injuries as I felt mine. This was the price of war, the essence of battle. It was a place of darkness, an ending only leading to guide more upon it's path. I remembered it just as I remembered Corellia and the face of Mordecai, and why it tore my soul in two. Violence begets violence, hate begets hate, and scar begets scar. It was an never ending cycle of vengeance. Just as I saw and heard at Corellia. Just as Mordecai blamed the Jedi for oppression, the girl before me claimed sloth and unpreparedness. But we weren't soldiers. We weren't Gods. We were monks, Adepts in the will of the Force. Long has the rank of Knight implied Warrior, taking away our identity as Philosophers and Idealogists. So much so that I had viewed myself as such until I was broken at Corellia and my core belief shattered when I stood as a defender of light endowed with the task of cutting away the cancerous dark. But here at Chandrilla, I regained some of what was lost, rebuilding myself as I helped rebuild Hannah City and my understanding became clearer. I was not just a Defender of the weak and helpless. I was a Jedi, Protectorate of peace and tranquility, meant to guide the lost and broken back into the logistics of Progress and Peace. That was my core duty. And as I gazed into her hate filled eyes and felt the war within herself, I felt pity and sorrow for her. She was a lost soul defiled by the Darkness of her own heart, hiding behind the guise of war to fill the emptiness of her soul. And it was my job to help her see the truth. "We defend so that evolution can occur without the seed of hate." I spoke, my face soft and welcoming as I tried to reach her soul. "War breeds only death, destruction, and emptiness, a never ending stagnant of loss and vengeance in place of progression and growth." I felt a weakness within me grasp at my form, forcing me to catch myself from toppling over. In that moment, she took her chance. I had taken too much of my energy to protect myself and her, and she must have saw her opportunity. More sorrow filled my heart. This mission had grown all wrong, from isolation and solitude for my soul to war once again gracing Chandrila's surface even in the cavern littered cove of its sea. But my purpose had grown even more clear, and like Corellia, my vision became stronger. Like before, time felt as if it slowed down to a near stand still. The steadied pulse of my heart beat echoing in my mind as I saw her actions and intent intertwine with fate and I knew that she had made her choice. It broke my heart that she would remain lost to her inner darkness and never see the light of truth. And even as I yelled toward her form, only fate would prevent the outcome of this day. "Stop!" I shouted, the echoing of my voice intertwining with my wish for this moment to be adverted. But it would not be so, the Force encircling my form flowing outward tenfold with my wish as it raced toward her and the others to end our confrontation peacefully and without death, and a tear streaming down my face. Combat action: Force Repulse. ((3 - Choose our mod. Fun duel brother.))
  2. "The March of Manda'lor can be as driving as it can be of focusing...." These words echoed in my head as memories of my distant past flooded through my mind, the rythmn of my pulse matching the rythmn of war. I could feel the darkness flowing from the intent, feel the sweeping of the mood flowing in the Force as it flowed naturally about our forms, edged on my the darkened hearts that sought combat. And I could feel myself being swept up in it within the moment as the percussion of the drummings. And then pain. I had to focus my mind against the ache of the blade as it sliced ligaments and flesh, my own inner darkness attempting to flare in this moment of battle after I caught sight of the glimmering blade just seconds before it gouged through the crease of my arm. Some say that man's nature was of war and it was easily to give in, but as a Jedi and as an orphan, I had long fought against my natural urges to remain the memory of myself before that fateful day on Dantooine. It wasn't an easy task, but one I employed with accepted consequences. And as the pain tore at my nature, I focused my thoughts to remain myself. The barrier that had encased my form expanded as I focused, pushing outward with heavy prejudice as I broke away from her form and lunged myself backwards, placing a few feet of distance between us. Taking the brief reprisal, I redirected the Force to my wounds, letting my natural healing ability to increase exponentially. "You say that weakness should be purged, but what is weakness? Is it age? Is it the opposition of luck? Or is it what you decide it is? I spoke, my intent to buy myself some time to heal myself, or at least clot the wounds. "Everything has weaknesses, even you. But weaknesses can be honed into strength, if nurtured properly and given time." Combat Action: Took glancing blow from vibroblade; expanded Force Barrier to push myself and Rose part while I incorporated Force Healing using idealogy as a distraction ((2))
  3. “Jedi have always preserved that weakness, and are knights of Arasuum. You embody His weakness. His Sloth, His mercy. And that is why this war has raged for millennia. For you lack the strength to finally finish it.” I heard her words with attentive ears, taking the moment as she drew herself ready to activate the Vibro-knucklers and singe away my bindings, freeing my hands as the circle began to form around the two of us, Gren looking on with anticipation as his Orders needed no words. We two would duel in single combat, interference prohibited. An uholy aura of darkness immeniated from the woman before me, the darkness within her soul and her palm stale and stagnant from over reliance. She had long lost her way. “So then give us the taste of your preservation Arasuum.” As her form took flight, I found myself distracted by the blade she swung my way, the essence of the darkness within momentarily misguiding my thoughts. Was it Sith? Or was it hatred and hurt? Was it her pain? Or another? So many questions filled my mind that I barely held a moment to react and mostly on instinct, the blade of the hatchet slicing into my shoulder as I pivoted on my right heel and drove my form away. As the blade touched my blood within my flesh, I saw a flicker of its history and my focus grew stronger. Grasping forward with my right arm toward her weak hand in an attempt to disarm her and break her balance with a follow through lunge, the barrier of the Force still swirling around my form with intensity, I growled. "You speak of Kad Ha'rangir and Arasuum, and yet, you know nothing. Clinging to the old ways, afraid of change, and prowling upon the weak is Arasuum's path of Stagnation. It is the very thing the Jedi fight against and the Sith hold dear. If you are truly a Warrior of Kad Ha'rangir, then fight against the strong and defend the weak just as the Jedi do. Only through change will the stagnation be cleansed." ((Combat Action: Took Glancing Blade in Left Shoulder while trying to pivot backwards. Grasped at vibroblade in other hand and lunged at Rose trying to disarm and unbalanced her.)) ((1))
  4. The burning sensation of pain, the searing of flesh and bone, my eyes lit with mixed emotions. On one hand, I could fight, out numbered and likely outmatched. But on the other, if I did nothing, I could die and my life would return from wince it came; back to the Force. As I fell upon the ground, tasting the dirt of Chandrila once again, I could feel the tornado of choices in my mind. "Typical. You claim yourselves to be Warriors of Kad Ha'rangir, yet you prey upon the meek." I spoke, my words spitting upon the ground as it's grit intertwined with my own saliva. "I've seen your kind many times on Dantooine, and it's always the same. Forever the coward, never the brave." With that said, I felt the pull of the Force tug at my soul, it's will bound to me like our fates balanced one another. I knew in that moment what I must do. Like a torrent, the Force came to my form and swirled about me, first pushing against the blade and protecting my form before extending outwards into a shell of protection. It wasn't my time. The Force had not willed it. It's purpose for me had not been fulfilled. And with a smirk, an explosion of the Force lept outward, pushing away everything and everyone near my form. Standing, the Force swirling around my form, I spoke but a humbled sentence. "I said that you had nothing to fear from me, that I would not fight. I never said that I would not preserve myself."
  5. I felt the pull of my form to my knees, knelt before the group like a pleasant glaring at invading Knights, each stare grim and unpleasant. My gaze shifted against the sun beaming through a hole in the cavern's ceiling as I saw the small one and heard her voice, flinching in pain as her blade cut against my ear. I hung my head in silence, opening myself to the Force with a deep sigh, hoping someone could feel my presence amongst it's flow. "You have nothing to fear from me Mandalorians. I do not seek combat." I spoke, feeling a glimmer of hope in the presences flowing back to me upon the Force. I did not fear, nor did I doubt. I felt accepting and unwaivering in whatever outcome would present. Shifting my face toward it's leader and the little one, the patch covering my Miraluka eye hiding my heritage, I spoke a single promise. "But I cannot speak for those who come seeking me. After what your kind have done to this world and others like Coruscant, they may not be so forgiving." Pressing my chest against the blade held against it, blood dripping from the shallow slice, my gaze shifted alone to the azura eyes of her. "My failure in battle is my own. Can you claim the same?"
  6. I had some days that were good, and I had some days that were bad. But as my time here at Chandrila dragged on, I could feel the peace in my heart returning as the City began to revive. Most of the rubble had been cleared by now, the utilities were restored to nearly eighty percent, and almost all the dead or missing had been accounted for. I overheard that reconstruction was going to begin in a week or so once the displaced had found adaquate shelter or lodging. This brought joy to my heart most often than not. Every now and again, I would venture outside the city to the plains where I could overlook the city and see the growth and how much cleaning was left. Most of the time when I was out, I would enjoy a brew of tea and maybe a lunch, or I would wander the battlefields leading up and remember the fallen in silence, scorched scars upon the planer's beautiful surface that would disappear in time while the ghosts remained. Sometimes I would even talk to them, beg them to accept their dates and become one with the Force, if only to help my mind as much as their own if they truly did remain. But who was I to know the truth of the afterlife. Until I joined the Order, I found it to be nothingness, just life and then death, nothing more or less. But after Corellia, and my training under Armiena, I had come to see the many possibilities that were there, and the hardships ever life faced leading up to their ends. There had to be something after. There had to be. It just couldn't end like that after so much pain and agony. I remember one particular day, I grew so lost in such thoughts that I did not realize that I had dreamt off. The reality of that day blended in with memories of Corellia and before I knew it, I saw his face before me, my hands dangling me over a cliff with waves crashing upon the shore beneath me. His smug face as he beaconed me to die here, upon the shores of my people as my mother's veiled gaze looked upon us with horror. And with a single swipe of his blade, I fell below into the gapping maw of the dark abyss. Sweat beading down my face, I awoke with a jump, feeling the restraints that encircled my hands and body, voices whispering in the darkened distance. "I'm telling you. He's one of them Jedi. We should cut him loose. It's not worth it." A voice echoed throughout the cavern as drops of water followed. "But think of the credits they would pay for his return. Perhaps enough to get us off this lost planet." Another chimed in. "I say we kill him. Kad Ha'rangir demands it." Another spoke, this one feminine. "Silence. Jedi or not, he'll make someone a useful slave along with the rest." A fourth spoke above the others through his Mask, clearly their leader. Feeling a jerk upon my back, I was hoisted up to see a fire lighting up a hidden cavern, a group of maybe ten masked assailants standing around with another behind me. Being shoved forward, I tasted dirt and spit as I landed before the last one to speak, another voice echoing behind me. "Someone's awake, Gren."
  7. As the days of the recovery began to roll on, so did my personal position, a transition from one person to another within myself as I gave myself to the rebuilding of this world completely oblivious to my conscious. The first few days, I wandered around in the bliss of self doubt and insecurity, giving the occasional hand of labor in passing or lending my abilities when I came across the injured. But now I had found myself completely delved into my work as I grew to know a handful of the natives. Many of them were not unlike my own fellow Dantooinians, hard workers with little worry for the outside Galaxy until now. Neighbors helping neighbors, a community coming together in the darkest of hours. And slowly, a smile began to return to my face and my heart felt less burdened. This was what I felt the life of a Jedi should be and feel like. So why did we have to fight the wars as well? This questioned plagued me constantly and served as a reminder to what broke me in the first place. But rather than dwell upon it, I pushed my focus on this world and the destruction that had befell it. When I wasn't helping out in the medical tents and the nearby makeshift ward unit, I was out in the streets on Hanna City helping with the rubble that had became this former warzone. Usually it was a chuckle and a laugh that would erupt between our strains and our grunts, jokes aiding to lift our spirits. But every now and again, the streets of Hanna City would fall silent and eeriely still as a new body was found to be counted among the dead as the clean up continued. The Rebel Alliance had managed to evacuate as much of the populace as the could during their retaking of Chandrila, but as I stopped down to close the gapping eyes of the fallen, I couldn't help but know that not everyone was as lucky as the next. Moving away from the crowd that gathered to help in aiding the removal of the body and help to identify the young girl, I walked over to the worker's tent to get me something to drink. I could feel my strength returning, but my heart still lingered upon the precipice of indecision, the face of that Sith still haunting me to this day. How smug he looked as he twisted his ideology to fit his outlook. How he painted the darkness as the greater good. How he believed his path the rightous. It sickened me to the core. And yet, as I gazed across the horizon I saw, I couldn't help but seen some truth in his words. War was ugly, and the innocent suffered the most. Finishing my drink, I continued back to work. Our time here may have only begun, but I was slowly getting better because of it. Perhaps Master Armiena knew more about myself than even I did, and in her wisdom, knew I needed to see the better side after so much bad. Now if I could only get Corellia out of my mind, I would be even better still. But that's a story for another day.
  8. After I had gotten myself settled in, I felt the shift to hyperspace sway beneath my feet, my gaze turning toward the departing Mon Calamari. Once again, I was left to my own devices and my own mind. It was a bittersweet moment, the tranquility of being in solitude versus the absence of inner peace. I often wondered how Jedi were capable of dealing with such issues on a regular basis, but my own inexperience was unable to fathom any possibilities. I just kept telling myself that it would come in time. With the subtle whirling of the engines, I departed my room for the mess hall, wandering about a bit until I finally located it, giving myself time to think and ponder on the mission ahead. It felt like a simple task, one that would fit me perfectly after the constant harassment of facing the darkness of the Universe, and I needed to see the healing after the battles to truly understand what it meant to be a Jedi. Only then could I truly face Master Armiena as one. Or at least, in this moment, I felt it so. I needed to see the light amidst the darkness, not simply be it. After forcing a meal into my malnutritioned form, feeling the bloating of a slightly overstuffed stomach and the queeziness that followed, I began to walk around and familiarize myself with the ship, learning the aft and port sections, learning my room's location and the bridge, and just casually strolling. Before I knew it, I felt the shift of hyperspace into real space and watched the hustle of our arrival begin. I took in the moment of order, watching every being rush to their stations, some having gazed like my very own while others were firm and clear. It really placed a perspective for me to follow and learn, placing their own burdens aside for those of others. And so I continued on. Chandrila was unlike anything I had seen, the destruction not like Coruscant, but almost as devastating. The entire world seemed to weep, and I could feel it's cry even before I stepped foot upon it's surface. It ached so deeply in my heart that I hid the tears that my own eye shed. But even now as I stood upon it's surface, saw the devastation, saw the plight of it's people, I wept freely. It was as if I could feel their pain, anger, and sorrow washing over me in waves. Standing atop a peak overlooking Hanna City, I wiped away my tears. It would be a long road of healing for both of us, but I was here for it as much as it was for me.
  9. I briefly chuckled before I blushed akwardly. "My apologies. I don't mean to laugh, but your energy is quite refreshing." I spoke, realizing that my laughing hadn't been well times, except maybe in my own head, where depression still laid. Looking across the hall, I saw an open quarters with a unclaimed cot. Both rooms were small, but I preferred it that way. Less of a mess when it came to my usual self. But then again, I had been living out of my satchel for quite some time now and never really had a bed to call my own. I looked back at Leena. "Sure. Why not? It'll be more comfortable to have someone I know nearby to help me around this starship until I get my bearings." My face blushed again, but this time realizing that most of my stories were of war since joining the Order. Changing my thoughts, I finished. "I was actually a thief before joining the Order a few months ago. But I did help out the healers at Borleias."
  10. "Likewise." I spoke in return as I shook the girl's webbed hand, an akward smile still upon my face. I was never any good with introductions and meeting new members of the Order. It always felt more of a formality than anything. Still, Leena seemed nice. "I know what you mean. After Corellia...." My mind wandered a bit back to my duel with the Sith and what followed, briefly turning my smile to a frown before I had to force the smile back into place as she rambled on. "Sure I would love to join you. It'll do me some good." With that said, she left, leaving me alone in my thoughts once again, my mind turning to what tomorrow would bring just as Chandrila loomed on the horizon and why I would encounter as much as what I hoped not to. Turning around, I headed back to the medical ward to get my discharge papers before heading back to my quarters on the base. I wouldn't get much sleep that night, but that wasn't new. But this time the background of my dreams felt different somehow, the place unrecognizable where I fought Mordecai. Waking up in a cold sweat, I felt dazed and confused. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next morning was nothing out of the ordinary. I woke up and hit the refresher, got dressed, and gathered what little I had into my satchel before I walked to the door. Looking back on my bed, I gazed at the armor I had wore on Corellia, letting the scars I had obtained burn back into my memory before I departed. With that, I set out toward the shuttle headed for the command ship. A little while later, I stood aboard it within the hangar, confused about my direction. I had spent too much time on McShippy to even know anything about a ship this large. And I soon began a trek to absolutely nowhere. Well, I say nowhere, but in truth, I went somewhere. For hours, I wandered around in obliviousness, lost in the maze that became this ship. I had no idea where I was going, but I hoped someone would eventually tell me. They didn't. And eventually, I left the life of the ship behind and stepped into it's deserted areas where few treaded. That was when I accidentally stumbled upon @Leena Kilagain, the girl settling herself in away from most of the crew. In truth, I almost past her up until I felt her familiar presence and looked in the open door. With a weak knock, I spoke. "You wouldn't happen to know where I'm bunking, do you? Never been aboard a ship this big."
  11. Her words lingering in the air as she departed, a sense of kinship having bonded between us long before this date. But to hear her words echoing in my ears as I watched her walk away, I couldn't help but smile and lipsync a return response of the same as she disappeared. She may have not been my biological mother, but she had grown to be such a figure, and that seemed to settle my nerves quite a bit. With a smile, I turned to @Leena Kil. "Hi. I'm Genesis." I spoke with a nervous scratch atop my spiked hair and forced smile. I had never been too aquainted with sole introductions, especially new ones. But it's seems that she and I would be spending quite an amount of time together. "I suppose introductions are in order?" I still wasn't over my fight and what aftermath was left within me in it's wake, but Master Armiena's words left me with a sense of purpose, even if I was to face it one foot in front of the other. My only hope now was that I could make her proud when I return. I just prayed that we didn't have to deal with Sith in our upcoming mission, a need for my own spiritual healing a necessity. Waiting for Leena's reply, I smiled akwardly continuously.
  12. As Master Armiena began speaking to the last three of us, my gaze briefly shifted between the two that stood with me. Both were powerful, both firm in their stance, and both seemed to know themselves well as was evident in their stature. But for me, standing there quietly, weak and fragile from my battle with the Sith, I could only wish to have the confidence and steadfast they held within themselves. And the larger of the two, a Wookiee, seemed far beyond even my years of life in his knowledge. I couldn't help but wonder what wisdom he held as I gazed at him. As Master Armiena finished speaking and asked for questions, I waited for the others to speak before I grabbed at her to drag her to the side. "Master, are you sure I'm capable of providing such aid? I'm still weak from my duel with the Sith at Corellia." There was panic evident in my voice despite trying to hide it, trailed by a sense of fear that I would become a liability if we were to truly face another Sith Armada. But the truth of the matter was what question I asked next as the truth escaped my lips. "Will I ever be able to get past this?"
  13. Her words, they cut like blades as she degraded herself before me. Which, in turn, only made the pit in my stomach deeper at the pain I had unknowingly placed upon her. If she was the fool, then I had been the Jester that paved the way for her foolishness. And that tore at me so. As the courier droid entered, my gaze shifted away from her, darting my sorrow filled eye into obliviousness. "I see. My words hung in the air, filled with partial sadness and partial relief, knowing that if she truly wanted to lead such an Order as the Jedi, then my place was far from beside her. With the dreams plaguing my sleepless nights and my weakened state of health, I would do her no good to remain her Padawan. And yet still, a part of me wishes that it was not so, that I could still remain beside her. "And this mission... What does it pertain-" I had barely gotten my words out as we walked when a feeling of disorientation swept over me, my face flushing pale as a weird sensation unknown to me causing me to nearly topple until an attendant manage to catch me and escort me out of the Ysalamir's range where what little strength I had left returned to me. Confused, I gazed at the attendant briefly before catching up with Armiena and my gaze briefly met that of the woman from before that was present when Armiena met with her son among a few others. Weakened by lack of sleep and malnutrition, I stayed silent as I watched the ordeal progress. I was but a Padawan, little say so in the affairs of those higher ranked than me, even if I had wanted to say anything. What I was watching was but a rare sight to behold, the politics of the Order I had grown to call home. But in my current state of mind, I felt unworthy to witness. And yet I was here, watching the rise of a Grandmaster, my own Master, even if I was not far from leaving her tutelage, wherever that path would take me.
  14. I was taken aback by Master Armiena's words as she described her own defeat, but I held my suspicions for days now. Still didn't make the sting any less unbearable. I placed my hand on her shoulder, a forced smile even though I felt most of it had been my fault to begin with, my suggestions having lead to Ryu even being present at the boarding. "You are no more guilty than I am Master. I pushed for Ryu to be with us and even suggested his joining us." I spoke, the echoing of my hurt resounding in every word. "You placed your faith in my push and because of my decision, you were harmed. I am sorry Master." As I spoke, it seemed like I wanted to say that we were both dooped and it was a harmless accident. But I could tell that I was beginning to judge my every decision and doubt myself, almost as if I wanted to carry everything on my shoulders alone. Perhaps it was my nature, I could not say. But after my fight with Mordecai, I had lost all faith in myself. I was just thankful that Master Armiena was here in front of me, better than before. It gave me a semblance of hope that not all my choices were poor ones. Even the disheartened notification that Master Alluyen had been injured felt partly to me despite having no connection. But with Armiena taking her place, perhaps the Force had not abandoned the Order completely. I did not know where I truly stood as a Padawan within it now, but my trust in Armiena would never falter. So, despite my doubt, I poised a question. "And if you are made Grandmaster, where do we go from here? Will I continue under your tutelage or will my responsibility grow?"
  15. To see her was a true sight for a sore eye as I entered and she stood upright with a new strength in her stature. It was almost overwhelming when she brought me into her embrace, but nevertheless, I returned it with what little strength I possessed. To be honest, I did not want to let go, but when I felt her pull away, I released, her words of encouragement falling upon a beaten heart. "Thank you for the kind words Master." I spoke genuinely with a disheartened tone, the echoes of my defeat playing freshly upon my mind as if they happened a mere few days ago rather than the week and a half that had passed. "But to be honest, I'm lucky to be here before you right now. I feel like crap knowing I left you and Ryu behind like that." My mind played back to my thoughts as I departed the Goliath that day, unable to get to her and Ryu and forced to flee against saturated numbers of Forces. If I had stayed, I would surely have perished and the thought still haunted me even as I gazed upon her and nearly brought me to tears. But that wasn't the most devastating and lingering ghost from that day and my gaze upon her echoed within my iris. "But between my escape from the Sith Lord and his Apprentice, my injuries, and incoming Forces, I was forced to flee the Goliath entirely." As I spoke, my voice cracked a few times, holding back the choking of my despair as I debriefed her. And yet, as I spoke of the Sith Lord I faced that day, a hint of anger flared in my mind unknowingly. "I was unable to defeat the darkness I faced. He was too strong. I failed Master. I failed the Force. And it forsook me." In my moment of debriefing, I had failed to grasp her own circumstances that day, and as I glanced around the room, I did not see the one she swore to protect. Stopping my own debriefing as I gazed around, I questioned her. "Where's Ryu?"
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