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  1. With one of the jamming birds coming apart in a burst of yellow light and black soot, followed quickly by the explosion of its twin ion engines, Beth let out a whoop of joy. Even if it hadn’t been her target exactly… And just like that she overshot the Sith starfighter she had been engaging and let a curse fly. Instinctively she knew that the starfighter would be on her tail and jammed her control yoke to the side flipping her over on her wing. Dropping her nose she bled her speed away with another roll as a hail of laserbolts cut through her starfighter. There were no shields to bleed away the edge of the emerald blasts, and they cut through the thin durasteel of her starighters fuselage with ease. The world went white for a moment, as a blast blew through the bottom of her cockpit and transited out through the transparisteel dome above her head. She screamed and blinked away the stars in her eyes as she pulled another evasive maneuver, wincing as her EV systems came online, as she jammed the air filter mask firmly in place with one hand. Her cockpit became very cold very quickly, but she would live. “Dimitri?” A whistle informed her that the droid was at least still alive as she jammed down her rudder pedals and pushed forward her throttle to give her enough evasive velocity to clear the next strafing pass. She flipped the starfighter on its wing and spun the fighter around again, glimpsing the Sith Starfigher for a moment and squeezing her trigger. An emerald torpedo lanced out and detonated at the rear of the interceptor. Blowing its twin ion engines in different directions as the enemy starfighter came apart. It was survivable if the other pilot had immediate medical attention, but for now Beth needed to get to the carrier. A glance at her display told her that the fight was narrowly going for the alliance. And the fighterbombers were getting their payback on the Sith cruisers.
  2. “Oh spast.” Beth whispered as a sudden stream of laser bolts played across her forward shield. It held for the moment as she began a roll to get her out of the gunsights of the enemy starfighter. There was no time for an answering snapshot, and the sudden screech from her astromech told her a missile was about to cut her day very short. She punched the throttle forward to pull out of the spin just as her shield capacitor overheated with a crash. Next came another chaff rocket, and the enemy fighter passed her in a flash of durasteel and gaudy paint. The missile detonated in the chaff cloud, and Beth was thrown forward against her crashwebbing from the impact of the blast. Dimitri piped up a wicked howl of danger and she cut her engines and pulled back on the control yoke. Her third engine was on fire, but otherwise she was still alive, as was Dimitiri. Which was all the good news she could handle at that moment. The reduction in thrust allowed her to flip the X-wing back around and she punched the throttle to full again, following the tail of the Interceptor as fast as her three remaining Incom engines could push her. It was hardly as fast as she wanted, but it would be give her enough time to pour withering fire into the Interceptor before it pulled out of effective range. She briefly took in the destruction of a few of the Templars and Fighterbombers, but she only had enough time to center the reticle on the close and fully burning drives of the Sith Interceptor. There would be time to mourn for the brave Rebel pilots later. For now, the other pilot had let herself become distracted by another engagement. It was time for the Sith to pay for that arrogance. Once, Twice her black gloved finger pressed the trigger and emerald torpedoes leapt out of their launchers, their computers locked in on the drive data of the enemy interceptor. She shifted the reticle up to lead the interceptor by a healthy margin and then held down the trigger again. The linked heavy laser cannons on the tip of each of her S-Foils thundered away, spewing their death towards the distracted Sith Starfighter. ((3)) ((Great duel as always. It was a pleasure.))
  3. Beth narrowed her eyes as a warning light blared a bright red in the threat receiver. This was joined by a howl of alarm from Dimitri as he screamed about enemy missile launch. Radar guided. And enemy ECM was blasting her own scopes to the pure white static of concentrated jamming. “Vampire, Vampire. Enemy missile launch detected.” This was from the cruiser carriers early warning control center. Unnecessary information for now, but the man was doing his job, and that at least she appreciated. She waited a split second longer then her thumb depressed her yokes’ second defensive option. Another split second later, a little behind the astromech mount a small rocket fired, its solid fuel expending almost as soon as it launched. Then the small rocket's internal explosive went off, shattering the rocket and spreading six thousand small mylar metallic shreds in a small expanding blast behind the X-Wing. Highly radar reflective, the shreds of fluttering mylar, also known as chaff, would seem like a huge and very delicious target to any radar guided missiles. Around her the rest of the templars and My’tils, went after the ECM ships. “Templar One defending!” Beth muttered into her mic, as she pressed her control yoke down to force the X-wing into a dive that would clear her from the coming blast of the Sith missile. That missile did its job, detonating in the cloud of mylar in a blast of concussive force, rocking, but not damaging the X-wing. Her dive however, intersected with a single of the enemy laser blasts, and the cockpit hazed over with white for a split second as the shields ate the impact. “Shields at 62 percent.” "Spast it, set next torpedos to short fuse. Hold onto the drive signature data." She ignored the response from her astromech and flipped the fighter back into an oblique angle towards the now very close interceptor. It was in a roll and loosing momentum, so she fired a triple blast from her quad-linked laser cannons at the fighter as it whipped by, then she pulled the X-wing into an upward climb to bring her back around in a sharp angle towards the enemy starfighter. They were in a dogfight now and she had never felt so alive. ((2))
  4. The controls shuddered under her hands as the X-wing experienced the turbulence of the planet's distant gravity well. She glanced down to the readout display and saw that everything was green. Six proton torpedoes, whose variable warhead had been switched to a medium yield indicated that she was fairly ready to go toe to toe with any pilot in the Sith Armada. She spared another glance off her right wing and saw the X-wing of her wingmate gliding along beside. She waved and Beth gave a laugh. Kailia gave a mock salute then looked back towards the looming Sith strikeforce. It was nearly go time. “Templar one-one, fighters, designated Supremacy-class interceptors.” An intercept order, finally. Her mind raced for a moment to find the information about the Supremacy class interceptor, given in a briefing not too long after the fall of Kuat. Fast. Incredibly fast compared to her X-wing by a factor of one point five. Likely extremely dangerous to the fighterbombers who were about to make their pass on the Sith Cruisers. Then the control officer inside the carrier’s Early Warning and Control center continued his transmission. “Intercept orders. Engage.” A flurry of red dots, slightly larger than normal emerged at the edges of her starfighter’s sensor screen. Dimitri, in his safe socket behind her chirped as the floating reticle from her HUD aligned with the distant squadron of Fury’s. She gently pressed the pedal at her right foot and brought the reticle fully on the enemy squadron. She thumbed her shields to double front in case the enemy had the first opportunity to launch missiles her way. She squinted at her display then activated her internal net link to her Astromech. “The Supremacy-class have large drive signatures, focus lock onto that.” There was a chirp of acknowledgement, then a low whine as he found lock on the distant leader. As soon as the whine became a constant, she depressed the trigger on her control yoke. Once, twice. And two emerald torpedoes blinked away towards the Interceptors. All around her the X-wings and My’tils were following their own orders, and dozens of torpedoes and concussion missiles streaked towards the distant squadrons. ((1))
  5. The commander of the Cruiser Carrier, a Tapani Baron by the name of Admiral Ambrose d'Artois, was quick to dial in his comm pod to reply. “Did your mother’s call you that? Or did you pick the names from your favourite YA Novel? We do not fear the Sith Lords. You will taste our steel, unless of course you wish to turn yourselves in and swear allegiance to our dear Empress?" Beth laughed as she began her sharp turn towards where the map on her console told her a stream of red marked fighters were being deployed.
  6. The old model Quasar class cruiser carrier dropped out of hyperspace a moment before the rest of its escort. Its heavy engines fired into a pulse of evasive maneuvers in case the Sith Fleet was waiting for them. Next the heavy sensor package came online, pulsing its wave of energy across the near face of the system, taking its return and spitting it back out to the fighter pilots. “Templars.” Beth glanced down to the comm display to make sure she was not transmitting on anything other than their squadron frequency. “Prepare to engage. This will get dicy fast. Lock S-Foils into attack position.” A chorus of affirmatives sounded off in her ears and then Dimitri gave a warning and automatically switched her comm receiving channel to TAC 1 command as well as the squadron tactical frequency. “Angle to grid four Templar One.” Orders were flying over the comm and encrypted nets. The flight controllers aboard the Quasar were issuing terse and simple commands to the flight officers, as they looked at the emerging battlefield expanding in their maps.
  7. Beth spared a glance to her datapad. Trualis was getting hit by a small Sith strike force. What was there? What could possibly be worth the time and hyperdrive fuel for the Sith Order to even try to go there? There were artisans yes, but she could not think of anything other than a few ballerinas that she had ever even seen from Trualis. But they were calling for help and they were listed under Tripwire. So the Rebel Alliance would send a small team to slow them down, maybe evacuate some innocents. Maybe frag some Sith Lords. She sighed and looked back to the Mon Cal. “Well if you were not opposed to a fight, it looks like one of the worlds in the outer rim is screaming on all channels that the Sith are attacking them. We were about to head on a counterstrike mission against their asset storage on Geonosis but this takes priority.” She pulled up her flight manifesto and then pointed to the flight commanders that were starting to run into the room. “Leena, join us aboard the carrier Orchomenos. There are ten Lambda shuttles aboard, if it comes to it, you may accompany some of the commandos down to surface and maybe bag a few Sith. I don’t envy you that at all though.” She turned to the rest of the fighter command teams. They were the same that had come to Kessel not six months before. With a few additions. “Tau and Epsilon.” She addressed the black fatigued Javelin fighterbomber team leads. “Your two squadrons will engage medium vessels and support craft. If they have anything bigger than a bulk cruiser we are not engaging it. Slash and run if so.” She turned her eyes to the light blue uniforms of the Tapani Pilots, their angular helmets making them as E-Wing fighter jockeys. And the gold lining on some of their uniforms indicated that at least one or two of them were minor royalty from the Princedoms. “Aérien and Fosh you will be supporting Tau and Epsilon. Keep anything off of them you can.” She looked at the white stirling uniforms of the dour Hapans. Whose My’til fighters would join her own in antifighter role. “Sukhoi and Tula, you will be with us.” She looked back at Leena. “And may the force be with us.”
  8. Where in the seven hells was that spasted song coming from? Where had she heard it before? One of those old repetitive GA recruit ads they spammed all over the ‘net as their spasted republic fell to another internecine war? She couldn’t decide, but let her eyes drift up until she found the source of the song. A Mon Cal, thin and willowy, in the garb of the newest generation of Jedi Knights. Beth grinned and stood, adjusting her orange flightsuit as she walked towards the singing Mon Cal. There was a life filling the room from her, and though Beth suspected it was some kind of Jedi mind meld, she was not offended. “So you bring us hope and life.” Beth extended a hand in the traditional human greeting. “Beth Andromina. I am always glad to see a Jedi Knight.” And she was, though her accent betrayed her as one of the Imperial holdouts in the rebel alliance, she did like the look of the girl. So she lowered her voice conspiratorially. “Been a bit tired only seeing Imperial Knights. They kinda creep me out.” Her datapad vibrated in the triple ring of an action order. And she grimaced.
  9. “We simply cannot guarantee any good outcomes outside of two hours. Though this is isolated from the Sith Main fleet detachments, we need you to get to or get as close as you can to the ground based shipyards. Cause a little chaos as needed and then our marines land and relieve you.” She let her gaze flitter up to the ceiling where far overhead the Rebel Fleet was emerging from hyperspace. “Or you can insert alongside the rest of the army as needed. I don’t want you taking extemporaneous risks with your lives. The decision is yours.”
  10. Beth wrinkled her nose at the Large wolf like man when he spoke of unifying the galactic alliance. Like the Imperial Remnant needed the cancer that had been the GA military. But those decisions came from far up the chain of command, and now the Imperial Remnant had been renamed and reformed and she was now forced to deal with the ‘cream of the crop’ of the galactic alliance on the daily. Well at least they had slime good commanders such as Slaughter and d’Outremer. But she would have much preferred to keep wearing the black instead of this spasted orange. But her thoughts did not matter. There was a galaxy to save, then after they restored the Imperial Throne, they could deal with the consequences. Hopefully they had all seen the failings of Democracy as well as she had. “Glad we could have you Howlster. Hopefully you weren’t too put out by the horrifying defeat of the New Republic and Galactic Alliance. We need every grizzled veteran we can get for this fight.” She winked, then motioned for the both of them to follow her. She addressed the Jensaarai’s concerns next. “We have the manpower for the event, though you will be the forward vanguard of the attack. The rest of the fleet is coming from Nar Shaddaa as we speak. Troop ships will be coming into the gravity well two hours after infiltrators. You Will be inserted by civilian means to scout the area and assess weaknesses. Starliner Ghesesset will be your in transport. We have a scouting vessel on the outlier of the system. If you run into trouble or wish to call it off…” She pointed to a series of Comm packs. “Those are your communication packages. It is certainly dangerous. Are you willing?”
  11. “Dimitri....” The now fourth of her droids to be called by that name whistled away imperviously behind her cockpit. Feeding lines of data into the small holo display that burned in dull orange luminescence above her right hand. “Okay D. Watch for more behind that asteroid.” She flipped comm channels with a click of her right thumb. Forcing the mic that hovered an inch away from her face to broadcast over Alliance Sig 2. “Templar One making approach.” “Templar two in formation.” The two X-Wings began their run from behind the dorsal engine of their carrier towards the sith fighter screen- “Andromina.” A voice cut throug the simulation as the holo display froze. She caught a moment of nausea from the sudden lurch of the sim pod settling back down. “Guests in service hall two. Waiting.” She sighed and pulled off the helmet and pushed up the sim’s cockpit and helped Dimitri out of his socket. Then together they made their way to where the newest assignees had been sent. She grinned and extended her hand to each of them in turn. Her accent betrayed her Imperial Training. “I am Lieutenant Andromina of Templar Squadron. We have been assigned to recon and prepare for the invasion of Mon Calamari. If you will walk with me, we can hit the briefing room. I will need to know your names and abilities so I can best assign you however.”
  12. The small force of rebel alliance marines, escorted by the remaining starfighters and CAS began their cleanup of downed pilots, dead mandalorians, dead black sun, and dead Sith. THe bodies of the rebel allied mandalorians were collected and loaded into the transports, being given a place of honour due to their status of “Heroes of the Rebellion.” The Iron Knights would ride no longer. But their crypt would be a monolith to the sacrifices of the enfants perdus. Those few Crusaders who turned from their once dark path and forged the light of a new rebellion. Beth and the Templars escorted them back to Nar Shaddaa as the Rebel Marines secured the planet.
  13. Beth slapped at her thigh, willing feeling to return, then immediately regretting it as it did so. The feeling of needles pricking all around the wound site made her gasp against her mouthpiece. Felling was coming back and she could put weight on the leg, but she wasn't much in for sprinting around in a firefight. Her eyes traced the starfighter battle in the open skies as best as she could as the flare burned down to nothing in her hand but she let out a gasp as one of the Sith shuttles veered towards her position. She dropped the sputtering bright red flare and duckedi n against the dying fire of the crashed X-wing. It was hot, but the lack of proper oxygenation had left the fire a sputtering mess. Enough to confuse scanners, but not much more. She slapped the ejection button on the side of her rifle and brought another energy magazine up from her belt to replace it. As the shuttle touched down she thumbed her comm link to her squadron encryption. “Templars, Templar one.” Static then a mic click. “Getting a ground team on my position, if available, break for CAS.” “Copy, routing to Sukoi. Stay safe Beth!” Came the scared voice of her old wingmate, who was no doubt thinking desperately of a way to rescue Beth. But for now, Bethany would need to fend for herself. She centered the sights of the E-22 on the opening shuttle doors of the Sith craft and depressed the trigger at the distant sith soldiers. Sending a wave of crimson death from the reciprocating barrels of the old imperial blaster rifle.
  14. Beth let out a yelp of pain as the molten metal from the interior of the drone she was holding splattered across her face. Micro capacitors melted to slag burned furrows in the soft flash under her chin and across her left cheek. Yet again bringing a sting of tears to her eyes and she let out a stream of soft curses as she threw the useless drone away from her. She put a black gloved hand against the burning wounds and let out a sharp cry of pain that did not help in the slightest other than to give her something to distract her with. It was after that cry that the ejection seat finally made landfall. She let it fully settle on the rocky terrain before she slapped the release on her buckled straps and struggled to her feet. She instantly was brought down by the stunned leg and landed in a kneeling position, swiveling her head to look for any other actionable threat. There was none and so she slowly limped her way to the ruined Xwing and the pile of destroyed droid that was Xar and Dimitri. A glance told her that something had dragged itself off into the rocky hillside from the impact site, but there was little she could do about that. Most of its remains were still in the destroyed pile of astromech and security droid. The threat was handled, and Dimitri had done his duty. She saluted the rubble and limped back to her ejection seat. So she lit a flare and awaited evac.
  15. As her trusty astromech was blown to pieces in the distance, Beth kept her blaster carbine tucked firmly into the crook of her shoulder. But the extreme turbulence from the little rocket motors in the ejection seat giving their last push against the gravity of Kessel kept her sight picture jumping about. The small drone kept getting eclipsed by the front sight post and then jumping back up. She cursed softly, and blinked furiously against the stinging tears in her eyes that kept forming from the mix of rushing ice cold air and the residual effects of the grazing stun blast. The drone disappeared behind the sight again and when she had readjusted her aim again it was much bigger. It was coming straight for her. A suicide attack? She glanced down at the rocky surface and then back up. They were still at a distance that she would surely break her legs and pelvis from a jump so she had little choice of what to do next. It would hurt, and maybe even kill her. But what else could she do. She let the air escape her lungs in a long hiss and grimaced as the drone smacked into her chest. It impacted harshly and she could feel the plastoid armour on her chest give a resentful ‘crack’ that reverberated through her chest and drove the last of the wind out of her lungs. She shifted against the ejection seat and the rocket engines below her strained to keep the seat upright. The pain was immense and she couldn’t tell if her ribs were broken, it was possible of course, but she couldn’t let the pain register for long. She needed to react before the drone could do it again. And so she hooked her left arm around the head sized drone and held on fast, feeling the heat of the micro-repulsor engines burn against her armoured flightsuit. She gasped desperately for air against her life support systems and placed the muzzle of the carbine against the drones midsection. She was not a superior being, she was just a human praying to the force that she didn't die today. And while her opponent rode her astromechs desecrated corpse to the surface, she held down the trigger. ((3))
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