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  1. Kashi switched to the rear as they reached the internal servers, allowing Dengo as much room as he needed to do his job, eyeing carefully his surroundings. As much as he would like to have thought he hadn't made a mistake, the more they had traversed, the more he knew better, not a single guard nor any opposition in sight. And the air, it didn't feel right, the Force swirling around them thick with malicious intent. Even the card he had swiped still worked. "We're in." Dengo voiced as he sliced away, his eyes focused across the numerical formats scrolling across the screens, an unease in his voice. "Either the Imperials are lazy at their job...." Just as Dengo managed to get the words out of his mouth, Kashi had to steady himself against the rocking of the floor beneath him, the structure rattling with the explosion at the Vaults. If one was to look at Kashi, they could see the unease in his own eyes, not just due to an act of thievery, but also at the fact that despite his mishap, everything was seeming to go off without a hitch. It felt almost as if it was too inviting. "Let us hope...." Kashi spoke into the room, still standing at the door with two of the three guards as Aidan came into view. Cracking a forced smile, he yelled. "We're just about done here. If they didn't know we were here, surely that explosion did."
  2. When the briefing was over, Kashi adorned his gear and refitting his weapons, preparing himself for what may come. He didn't like the idea of stealing, or rather from civilians who only did their jobs, but he understood the overall necessity even if he didn't agree. His things together, he moved out with the unit and it began. Before moving to the server room, Kashi moved to Aidan's side. "It seems you were right. I did compromise us. It's too quiet. The Force is restless, almost chaotic. Be careful." Kashi whispered, before turning to Dengo with a nod. "May the Force be with us." With that said, Kashi moved to the forefront of the group he was tasked with and slowly began making their way toward their destination.
  3. Kashi nodded his head to Aidan in appreciation, taking the Imperial's words to heart as he exited the briefing and prepared himself for their landing. He had never been to Serenno before, even in his time. But as they grew close and exited hyperspace, the majestic world loomed with an uneased sense of darkness. Kashi could feel it deep down in the pit of his stomach. After landing, Kashi watched and studied Aidan's handling of the Customs Agent, focusing more upon his actions rather than his aura. After the Agent departed, Kashi walked up briefly, grabbing a bottle of the Chateau. "I'm taking one myself for our next round of Pazaak." Kashi spoke, some of the men lowly whooping in favor of the idea as he placed it in his satchel and back aboard the ship. But now it was his time to do his part, a simple nod to Rush as both grabbed their bags and walked through customs with the wares, briefly presenting their falsified IDs at inspection before continuing on and out of the spaceport. Their target was sophisticated, the First Imperial Bank of Serenno, rumored to have been nearly on par with the Scipio Vaults of the Banking Clan of old. It wouldn't be an easy task even with proper blueprints. But it was a chance they were going to have to take. Once outside the spaceport, Kashi and Rush both took public transports toward their destination, briefly changing into their uniforms before arriving. Departing the public transport a few sectors from the Bank, they continued the rest of the way on foot. "Identification and purpose." Came a grizzly voice as Kashi and Rush made their entrance. "Ko'shur and Brush, New Dawn Research and Development..." Kashi spoke with authority as he and Rush flashed their IDs quickly, remembering Aidan's advice. "We're here with the software upgrade for the ZaiPeg Relay system." "Isn't that done remotely from headquarters?" The Imperial Treasury Agent questioned inquisitively as he barely had a chance to eye the IDs before they were placed back. "And leave it open to malware and backdoor viruses via the hyperspace relays?" Kashi snapped back, his gaze sturdy and firm. "I think not my good man. The Imperial Treasury would never allow for such weaknesses in their security protocols. Now if you'll excuse us." Kashi grabbed his comm, acting as if he was contacting his higher ups, giving the Agent a look that could only perceive someone's job was on the line just as the Agent stepped aside allowing their passing. But now that they were in, Kashi nor Rush held no real clues as to where to go. The intel was old and outdated, and Kashi improvised to get them this far. Returning with a grimace on his face, Kashi questioned the Agent. "Where's your mainframe interface? It seems our maps are out dated." Just as he questioned, the guard pointed toward a sign saying Security Interface with an arrow point down the hall, to which Kashi thanked him as he slipped a hand in the Agent's pocket without notice, and he and Rush departed. Thirty minutes later, Kashi and Rush departed the bank, complete with an security override installed in the mainframe's interface, updated blueprints of the bank, and a key card to gain access after business hours. With that, they rendezvous with Aidan and the others.
  4. Kashi and the others were roughly in the middle of a wealthy game of Pazaak when the all hands on deck sounded, the Jedi raking in his winnings as the others did and placing them in his satchel. With a grin, he looked to the others. "Guess it'll have to wait until the missions over boys." Kashi chuckled. "Then I'll have to clean house." He winked as the others laughed, and almost in unison, they departed for the briefing. Kashi eyed Aidan alot during the briefing, the Imperial Knight alien to him, and yet at the same time, vaguely familiar. Despite his distrust in these Jedi of an Empire, he felt a kindred similarity with the man. He couldn't quite explain it, but he felt better having this one lead it, with a nod of his head when he heard his part to play. It was a simple plan, despite the many parts to play. But it wasn't Kashi's first time infiltrating, albeit, perhaps dealing with the Sith Empire. Force suppression would come in handy here, but Kashi had only used it a few times in the past. His biggest worry were the Sith. As the briefing concluded, Kashi approached Aidan. "Excuse me, Aidan." Kashi spoke as he approached, his usual smile adorning his face despite the uneasiness on his mind. "You have experience with these Sith, yes? What should I do if encounter one during our initial sweep?" He knew it sounded dumb, as Aidan didn't know his full backstory. But in case of such an event, he needed to be prepared.
  5. MSA


    Kashi stood at the entrance of the transports cockpit, gazing into the swirling brilliance that was hyperspace. For the Knight, it was always a splendid experience, its origins truly unknown and the mechanics of it lost upon his mind. And yet the serene nature of the Force flowed just as elequantly here as it did just about anywhere, as if it reached beyond time and space. He couldn't help but feel a sense of calm in the thought. Turning away from the cockpit, he wandered back to the rest of the strike force, most of which was beginning preparations for the oncoming battle at Serenno while others simply sat in silence. It was almost unbearable. Walking in with a grin, Kashi slapped his hands together and briefly rubbed them before reaching into his pocket for a deck of cards. "Who's up for a game of Pazaak?"
  6. Kashi listened to the Grandmaster's words, taking to heart her advice and praise. And when the Imperial spoke, he did the same with him. It felt like a lifetime ago when he stood before the Order and recieved the rank of Jedi Knight. And yet, here and now, it felt like only yesterday. It was an odd feeling, but a humbling one. So much had changed in his time away. But perhaps this was the Force's Will. He had to believe it with all his heart. "I thank you both for the words of wisdom." Kashi stood as he spoke, the Imperial Knight Aidan removing himself. Turning to the Grandmaster, Kashi bowed his head and finished. "I will do my very best to aid the Order that has graciously taken me in. I will go prepare myself as well, as I'm sure the Grandmaster has much to do as well before we depart. May the Force be with us." With that, Kashi smiled and made his own departure. Heading straight back to his quarters, Kashi geared up and prepared himself, and shortly made his way toward the Meditation Chambers. Opening himself up, he let the Force flow through his form. He closed his mind and let the life around him echo in his mind rather than remember a life that no longer existed for him, even that which he left behind on Iego. He settled his mind on the here and now, absorbing the life that was beginning for him and took it in to remind him that life is what you make of it. When the hour was up, Kashi was at the transport, awaiting Aidan and Grandmaster Alluyen, a more focused atmosphere surrounding him.
  7. Kashi, who had remained admittedly quiet through most of the discussion, reeling from the subtle settling truth that not only had the Sith returned, but also held such a vast Empire, sat forward and cleared his parched throat. "First off..." Kashi let his words roll out casually, quickly turning to a quite coyful finish as he smiled. "Please, call me Kashi. Makashi was my father." "Secondly..." Kashi's voice turned to a more ominous and serious tone as his gaze shifted down toward the table after first glancing shamefully at the Imperial Knight that sat across from him. "As you know Grandmaster Alluyen, beings like the ones you are describing so casually, I have never faced before. Cultists, Darksiders dabbling in the forbidden teachings, fallen Jedi... sure. But not the Sith. Not full fledged Disciples of the Dark." Kashi's hesitation was evident in his voice, the self doubt apparent in his gaze. But his determination came out in his composure, his posture, and even the occasional shifting of his Commander Armor not seen since Eras of long ago. It wasn't out of fear that he spoke, but inexperience. And as he finished, his gaze shifted once more to Aidan. "As such, lastly...." Kashi spoke with a half hearted grin, softly hiding his reluctance to work under an Imperial Knight and vaguely showing his realization of knowing his better. "I believe... Aidan Darkfire was it... should be in command and I'll follow his lead. It only seems right that those with more in depth experience lead the charge."
  8. It had been months since Brazen had arrived at Nar Shadaa and the Jedi Knight was still in utter disbelief with all the change. Walking the streets outside the Jedi Outpost, he looked around in quiet contemplation, the memories of Coruscant fresh upon his mind. So much had changed since he disappeared, the Galaxy all the darker for it. But here, on the once infamous Smuggler's Moon, a beacon of hope was lit anew. Yet, for Brazen, there was still alot of darkness to fight through. He was filled with anger and vengeance, wanting to seek retribution for Coruscant and the Jedi Order. And so, he had spent most of the time since his return balancing his spirit, delving deep into his meditations, as he sought to curb his resentment and angst. Even going as far as seeking the Masters of the Order for their wisdom and guidance. But despite the tempering of his mind and the balancing of his spirit in the Force, despite the best intentions of the Masters, he still felt alone in this Galaxy, and unable to turn the page he found himself stuck upon. Kicking a small loose stone with his boot, he recited the Order's age old Tenents in silence to himself, closing his eyes and opening his mind as his breathing steadied. "There is no Emotion; There is Peace, There is no Ignorance; There is Knowledge, There is no Passion, There is Serenity, There is no Death; There is the Force." With a relaxed sigh, Brazen turned the corner and back into the Outpost, and perhaps today would finally be the turning of the page. For today was the day he was to meet with Jedi GrandMaster @Adenna Alluyen for the first time since his arrival at Nar Shadaa and his realization of how much the Galaxy has changed since his disappearance almost two centuries ago. It was her who suggested that he take the time he needed to get familiarized with this new era and center himself, and so he did. But Brazen had never been one to sit around for too long. When he reached the waiting area outside her office, he noticed one of these Imperial Knights @Aidan Darkfire he'd heard about sitting across the way. In all honesty, he thought them to be heretics, tempting themselves with the darkside to defeat it. But after gazing upon the man briefly, he seemed no different than Braze did, albeit Brazen was sure his armor was better looking. While he awaited the Grandmaster's summons, Brazen approached the man and offered a hand. "Brazen Makashi, but you can call me Kashi, Imperial."
  9. Identity Real Name: Brazen Makashi A.K.A: Kashi Homeworld: Bestine IV Species: Human Physical Description Age: 35 Height: 5'10 Weight: 185lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Sex: Male Distinctive Features/Scars: Prosthetic Arm(Left), Scar(Bridge of Nose) Personality/Traits: Serene and Calm, Kashi is generally joyful, perhaps even child like. Rarely is serious. Kind and thoughtful. But if forced into a fight, he holds nothing back. Equipment Clothing or Armor: Jedi Commander Armor Weapon: 2x Lightsaber Shotos(Blue), 1x Double Bladed Lightsaber(Blue) Common Inventory: Armor, Weapons, Training Lightsaber, Credits. Faction Information Force User Alignment: Lawfully Good Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi Current Faction Rank: Knight Current Faction Class: Guardian History Force Side: Light Trained by: Roshin Dar'kel Trained who: N/A Known Skills: Force Powers Force Speed Force Sight Telepathy Telekinesis Lightsaber Forms Form VI Telekinetic Lightsaber Fighting Miscellaneous N/A Pre-Faction Background: Born on Bestine IV before the Clone Wars, he was taken into the Jedi Order like all Younglings and trained as a Padawan under Jedi Weapons Master Roshin Dar'kel. Faction Background: After nearly two centuries on Iego, he was able to leave the planet and rejoin the Jedi Order.
  10. MSA

    Mon Calamari

    Mjan's eyes fluttered open, his golden gaze staring into a darkened abyss before him, the cold of the water he laid floating in tingling his skin as he stared back into nothingness. Was he alive? Was he dead? So many questions fluttered to his mind, but he only smiled, knowing that wherever he was, he had given himself to its damnation willingly in the service of others, saving lives that did not need be taken. It swelled him with a blissful bittersweetness, saddening him that he would never see Rose, Nia, or any of the others again, but pleasing him that such a damnation had had such an effect. Or so he thought. But now came the looking glass, the ever present darkness incarnate within one's self that was always looming in the background, coming to the forefront with a menacing snicker as the two halves of the whole gazed at one another. Mjan adverted his gaze, remembering his darkened visage from their previous encounter where they fought against each other in the depths of Ilum, remembering Its plight like a bad taste of a distant memory. But it could only grimace in pleasure as it gazed at Mjan, the darkened one gleefully enjoying himself. "What?" Mjan poised, shifting his gaze back toward the Adas blood that ran through him. "Why do you smile knowing that I have won, defeated and suppressed your attempts?" "But have you?" It questioned, waving his hand through it's own trickled water to show the outside world, of Sara, Nok, and Xar. Of Rose, the Cathar, of the Mon Cal Leena and another light filled presence. Mjan briefly perked up, but it faded as he realized that it wasn't Nia. "You have only stopped the inevitable, pushing pause on a scenario that will resume without you." Mjan watched on, his conviction wavering as he saw the ongoings, his faith in himself and the Force quivering as the events played out. "It matters little." He finally responded. "It is the will of the Force." The reflection chuckled hard, grasping at its ribs in hilarity. But then gazed back at Mjan with a serious one. "Are you daft? It is the will of life, of the strong and powerful, not the entity you Jedi claim to guide us. It is the will of those who make it so." Mjan laid in the darkened water in silence, the bitter coldness aching his muscles and causing his skin to shiver with bumps and raised hair. His doubts, his fears, his rage.... this is the being that were them incarcerate. This much he knew. But is this truly what he thought? Did Mjan truly doubt so deeply? Was he so lost? His memories flooded his mind, flowing from a distant past and a recent action, the memories of the life that led him from the Sorcerer's of Tund to the Jedi he had become, and he could see the dark moments of his life where doubt clouded his judgement and pierced his heart, the rage he felt and buried within him, cutting himself from the Force to deaden his emotions, and in the end, opening his wounds to accept what was lost and what could be gained. That was what led to his decision. And Mjan smiled. There was a sudden burst of pain echoing across his form as Mjan awoke to feel the bayonets driven into his form, intense and scrutinious. He cried out in the moment his gaze shifting around in the panic as he felt another blow and he wept. Coldness swept around him, only adding insult to injury as the metallic pierced bone ached with it. And Mjan's gaze focused upon the Imperial before him as the final pierced his stomach, the tearing of flesh and organ sent the aching for death reeling through his mind, blood being coughed up through his cries. Anger clawed for release. Hatred begged to be held. But Mjan's heart only ached for those that kicked him. And he smiled, the echoing voice calling for his allies. "There... is no... need." Mjan managed to get out between coughs of dark blood and the taste of metallic upon his tongue. Swallowing a mouthful of it between breaths, he sat there amidst the pain as he felt his life slipping away slowly. "I thank you for your mercy, Imperial." A few coughs could be heard as Mjan gazed into the darkening unknown, the rattling sounds of his filling lungs, and after a few jerking attempts to breath, his golden gaze turned silver and his eyes slowly closed in bliss as a smile eternally creased his lips.
  11. MSA

    Mon Calamari

    They say that before battle, there comes a calming moment, a moment where truths are realized and decisions made, and a moment where instinct overcomes thought and at the right moment, action overtakes instinct. For Mjan, this was that moment, his golden gaze staring into a blinding light from dozens of Imperial Troopers standing before him, and in that moment, he understood defeat at it's very core. And in this moment, Mjan found a semblance of clarity in the calm. His grief had blinded him, Rose and Nia both having disappeared from sight and touch, and he had cut himself off from it, pushing back his attachments to the two in an attempt to prolong the feeling of such pain. But now, here, in this moment, he let it grasp his mind in remembrance, as he readied for whatever decision this Commander chose to be his finale. And taking a deep breath, he let the mental block he held go. If he was destined to die here this day, then he had so much to look forward in the afterlife. But if not, and they chose to capture him instead, at least he would have lived up to the Jedi that Nia believed the Jedi to be. And in that, he smiled. But as that smile graced his lips, a shiver twisted up his spin as the Force flowed back into him, a breath of fresh air flowing into an unconscious soul with Aira's wise words of the Force echoing in his mind as he went to react, knowing their intent of the former and that Sara had been included. "The Force is whatever you make it, it can be anything you wish it to be." As the sounds of fire lit up the narrow tunnels, Mjan swirled his hands circularly as he called the Force to his aid briefly at the front, the first few waves of the sonics and stun bolts deflecting off of the Force and crashing into the stone around them as he stepped into a turn hearing the stone begin to crack and crumble, using what energy he held left to push Sara out of the way and to safety as the tunnel behind him collapsed. Knowing that Sara was safe, the others were safe, the smile still graced his lips as the barrier around him seceded against the Troopers fire and he fell into oblivion. No matter what they did to him, he no longer cared. Death would give him Rose and Nia. And capture would give them nothing save the seemingly last Adas. But as his form hit against the floor in unconsciousness, the flex mask that covered his Tsis lineage drooped against the floor, the tears revealing the red skin and barbed tendrils that were hidden beneath, a prize worthy of any well machined Commander. <<Capture Shot Resist Assist on Sara Corion, Capture Shot Successful on Mjan Sadow iv-Adas>>
  12. MSA

    Mon Calamari

    Mjan listened inquisitively as the voice spanned the entirety of the expanse, the Tsis troubled by the intent he heard in its tone. His gaze shifted toward the others, his existence placing them in peril because of whom he was. He didn't care for the idea no more than he cared for facing his darkness, but even as he followed away, it didn't quite sit right upon his conscious. And yet, he knew if he was caught, a Tsis Jedi wouldn't likely bold well for those who knew. He sighed, lowering his head. As Leena dropped back from the group, he turned in an attempt to persuade her not to. But he went unnoticed as she passed, the others turning down a tight and narrow passage to the side. Looking back one last time, he followed quickly and caught back up to the group as they entered another expansive room, this one littered with soot, corpses, innards. And the stench, it recoiled Mjan even through the rebreather. And yet, his mind was elsewhere, the echoing march of the Imperial War Machine, an inevitability that had always haunted even the best of his dreams. Shaking his mind loose from the fear, he gazed over the edge of the ravine, looking down the caves in shaft to find a hidden area, the emerald green glow coming from below illuminating his reddened skin and golden gaze. Mjan couldn't do it. He had to face the greatest of his fears. He had to go back, no matter the outcome, whether he faced death or imprisonment as the last of the Adas bloodline. He wouldn't let a youngling face the darkness alone, even if he was susceptible to it. Just as he turned the acute passage to follow behind Leena, he found Sara standing there, her hand shakingly gripping tightly a slugthrower, the echoing march growing ever closer and he heard her words resound of her conviction, it outweighing his own moments before. Reaching up, he placed his hand upon the slide, his gaze meeting hers as a humble smile crossed it. "You might need those later. Go and rejoin the others. This is my fight. I'll protect Leena." He spoke in a soft but subtle tone, almost as if he expected to never see her again. With that, he nodded, and moved in front of her between her and the Imperial Troopers. Standing there, in the darkness between Sara and the Darkhand, Mjan had readorned the flex sleeve that gave him his human appearance and hid the Sith lineage that ran through him. If she wanted to get to the Sith, she would have to put the slug through him, the same going for the Darkhand members before him. Grabbing his stave, he firmly planted it in the cortosis rich soil and stood firm, presenting his hands for capture. He knew that without the Force, he was no match for them. But just perhaps, he could buy the others their freedom. "You wanted the Jedi? Well here I am. I will not resist, but only if you let the others go."
  13. MSA

    Mon Calamari

    Her words were cheerful, but fell upon worried ears. Despite the smile he presented, deep in his psyche, Mjan had begun to wonder why he felt the Force slowly wandering away from him. Even as he attempted to stretch out his mind, search for dangers ahead and behind, above and below, he felt nothing. Not even the push and pull of the ever flowing stream that was life in the Force. So instead he stayed quiet, lingering in the back, even as the chasm presented its self. Mjan chuckled briefly as Leena presented herself in an attempt to humble the egotistical droid at the head of them. And even Sara's explicit finger waving only added to the fact that he was disliked. But for Mjan, he simply followed the group, unsure of what good he could be without the Force's touch. When it came his turn to cross, Mjan stepped forward, using his stave to stabilize his footing with each step until he, and the others, were fully across. Hearing Leena, Mjan replied. "We've no choice but to keep going forward." Mjan slammed his stave into a crevasse near their junction, and with a twist, the bridge broke apart and fell deep into the ravine. "Better to face what's in front of us than what could lay behind us." The gaze Mjan gave wasn't one of hostility nor was it one of knowledge. With the death of Rose and possibly Nia, whatever took them could be what she heard and he didn't want to face what could very well bring about his fall to the darkness within. With that, Mjan pointed to Xar. "You want to lead, lead."
  14. MSA

    Mon Calamari

    Leena's powers of persuasion were lost upon Mjan, his presence within the force growing voided and empty, like a black hole in the depths of space, replaced by a hunger to fill its emptiness. But he smiled in return, nonetheless, and began to follow, using his cylindrical stave as a means to move about in the dark. It wasn't his first time fumbling around in the dark, but unlike last time, he had grown smarter, relying on his other senses to atone for what he lacked in sight within the pitch black. With each step he took, he waved the metallic tip back and forth a few centimeters above the floor in his path, moving around anything it touched with a subtle clink until he drew close enough to see with his own sight what the droid illuminated. Shifting his gaze about, he felt an uneasy settle upon him, especially after his gaze fell upon the deceased Quarren. Stepping closer to get a better view, or as best as one could get in the dimly lit room, a voice whispered from below. Like the spirits of old tales, the annunciation of death foretold, it started afar as a whisper before it rushed forth to a booming overtone, causing the loose rocks and tunnel behind them to rumble. Out of instinct, Mjan settled in a defensive form, waiting for an attack. And yet nothing came, only the chanting of an unknown tongue lost to the ages of Dac and beyond. Relaxing, but remaining alert, Mjan continued his look around, even inspecting the Quarren's corpse. "Something dark happened here, and not recently." Mjan spoke for the first time in awhile, his finger tracing a considerable amount of dust from the overturned furniture. "If I was a betting man, given this dyslexic chanting and the poor sod there..." Mjan pointed toward the Quarren corpse. "I'd say whatever lies below has something to do with above." Of course, Mjan couldn't prove it, nor could he see any signs of evidence to back his theory. But he knew darkness. He knew the consequences of it. And he knew what his people had done with it for thousands of millennia. His gaze shifted to Nox briefly. "Nothing good ever comes from Darkness." With that being said, his gaze continues to shift briefly to the droid. "And Darkness consumes all who walk willingly into it, so yeah, I've got your six." As Nox and Xar began the trek farther in, Mjan looked to Leena and briefly to Sara. The deeper they got, the more he felt the pull of the hunger below. But he wasn't sure why. In truth, it worried him, especially considering that he was beginning to notice that it was all he was able to feel, the Force almost completely untouchable by him. And within him, a separate hunger was beginning to grow, a hunger to fill the void and pain he felt. Whatever laid below was powerful, and it was feeding on misery. And in return, something within Mjan was beginning to change. And because of this, there was fear evident in his gaze at the two.
  15. MSA

    Mon Calamari

    The stench that surrounded Mjan would have been almost unable to bear had this not been his first sewer or given that he was nearly dead to the world around him, unaffected even by the globs of fecal matter and cortorsis run off that managed to splat themselves upon his flight suit as he stood there nearly chest deep in the muck with each adventurer that chose to follow. Instead he just stood there, like the living dead laying in wait within the caverns darkness, his gaze fixated on nothingness and yet everything. The thing about staring into the darkness of no light was that eventually things had a way of staring back. Shapes and shadows moved, his hearing heightened by the lack of his sight adjusting to the noise around him that fell upon his absent hearing. Instead his mind drifted upon the currents of his past, remembering memories of his interactions with both Nia and Rose. He chuckled in silence to some, and others nearly sent his soul into the hereafter with pain, but through it all, in wept in silence, his heart shattered and broken. And as the moments past until the droid sent a wave of the gunk into his opened mouth, it only ached worse. It was a pain he had never known before, and it felt like his entire form wanted to fall to pieces from the pressure of being pulled down. Spitting out the sewage and cortosis run off out, the taste of it setting his tongue afire with something worse than smell and his gagging reflex reacting despite his inability to react at all, his mind came back to reality, the pull of something present yanking at his mind even in despair, like a slap that simply added insult to injury. Shifting his vision toward the droid's own gaze, watching the others dredge themselves toward what Sara described as a fissure in the cavern walls, Mjan obliged, and followed suite. In his hour of own darkness, Mjan could feel another feeding upon his own. It felt ancient, demonic, almost as if it enjoy his misery and fed upon his grief, and in that moment, Mjan's own darkness began to boil. As he lifted himself over the fissure's ledge, the last to climb atop, the combination of the gases were almost incapacitating. With each breath, it felt like his throat and lungs were going to boil away, causing the young Tsis to reach into the rear of his flight suit after unzipping it and pull out its rebreather, latching it into place. Grabbing Nia and Rose's own from his satchel, both covered in the gunk they had been submerged in, he looked toward Leena and Sara as he offered them. Despite the pain he felt, despite the anger swelling within him, he knew they needed them more than their owners. Turning to follow the group, there was one minor problem that Mjan had begun to slowly notice since he began to feel the presence feed upon his misery... his grasp upon the Force was beginning to linger and lose touch.
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