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  1. The grey black mist of the presence of Lord Valinor seeped into the edges of the arena ring, the tendrils of aether consolidating into they formed into the form of the Sith Lord. The mouth beneath the mask smiled, its voice harsh and full of glee, the orange eyes fixed upon Mordecai. “So you come back to me with the smell of victory.” She strode towards her apprentice and placed her hand upon his shoulder. “You have but few tasks left. Find the Dathomiri Qaela Darksong and offer your services in my name. She will find you a task worthy of the dominion of the Sith. Obey her and demonstrate your worth for the time is fast approaching that you will no longer need me.” The Sith Lord turned and strode silently from the ring.
  2. Orders The Admiral and grand general of the Felix Legions considered her padawan’s request with something akin to a mix of eagerness and bloodlust. Death was all around them now, every millisecond she could feel a life snuffed out in its prime. The Hunger was all consuming. It made her mouth water with every death. “There are Jedi trying to rescue their toy empress on board the glorified bank called Dark Sun. We will make a channel for you and yours. Follow the bloodlust and take some troops with you. Find a Jedi and kill him or her for me. Bring the head and you will find reward.” She put a hand gingerly on his shoulder. Do the Dark Lord proud and he will not forget you. And nor will I.” What next she said was only to him. Take what provisions you need and leave with the troops, some five thousand will be leaving from the hanger in a few minutes. You have my trust. May the force be with you.
  3. A wry smile snaked across sallow cheeks covered in shadows. “The Dark Lord of course. Can you not feel his eminence? His shadow permeates even this far from the bridge.” Valinor laughed. And placed her hand on the shoulders of her apprentice. “I would expect the Jedi to come at us very soon, so I would be wary, follow the lead of those around you. Feel their anticipation. Their anger, their worry.” The hand tightened its grip, as the other swept wide, encompassing all the troopers and pilots who sat or stood in the hanger. “Consume it like a meal. Let their emotions fuel you.” The decking beneath their feet shuddered as the turbolasers began their steady churn.
  4. The Sith combined force from Korriban joined the black Scarab at the described location. The massive troop ships falling in beside the frigates and cruisers, before one by one docking at the Scarab. Valinor motioned her apprentice to follow her before she began the hike to the bride of the SSD ((Describe how you feel seeing a super star destroyer, then us arriving at the bridge))
  5. The Sith combined force of troops and special forces departed Korriban to their rendezvous with their Dark Lord. ((To Space!))
  6. The subaltern had tried to be quiet in his approach to where the high ranking Sith Lord was teaching her apprentice, an effort to not disturb the mighty lord perhaps. But it was ineffective and the twinkle of laughter left Valinor’s eyes in a second as she felt the nervous man’s approach. Her voice was soft as she whispered to the apprentice as she stood up and placed a small hand over her beautiful face. “We are disturbed. Can you not sense his apprehension? It is...delicious.” The hand covering her face went dark and in an instant the smiling face of Katarra Corun now deemed Lord Valinor was gone. Swallowed in shadows. “There must be something of great calamity to disturb me as such.” Two sharp knocks echoed in the room from the subaltern, who swiftly opened the door and stepped inside. His face downcast. But his apprehension had piqued to a ferocious anticipation. And he announced himself, the eagerness dripping off his voice like a thick film. “The Dark Lord has called all forces to action My Lord.” He saluted and held out a slip of parchment like flimsiplast. “We are called to war lord.” Beneath the masquerade of shadows a smile crept from ear to ear. Her voice was harsh and victorious. “Assemble the armies.” Korriban had been called. And the old Ark of the Sith would answer. “Stay in my shadow little one. By weeks end you and I may dine on the flesh of mighty warriors.” ________________________ Great shuttles descended from the grey cloudless sky to land among the old statues. They would be loaded with Lords and Ladies of the sith and their retinue before departing for space and the summons of their liege lord. Some many thousands of force users left the Temple of Unholy Dormition in this matter. ________________________ |The Felix legions| marcet sine adversario virtus One by one they appeared, black helmets dull in the Korribani sun, eyes dark behind the veil of the force. Blasters they carried, cradled in brutish arms, with sabres of darksteel slung on dark leather belts. Creatures of the darkside, unholy in intention and spirit, prepared to fight the enemies of their Lord commander. The dark four thousand and one. ((You may post us leaving to space. Have fun with it.))
  7. “Well naturally we make you a Sith Assassin, like the Spider.” A bright blue eye winked. “But really we teach you how to become invisible and strike where it hurts most.” She let go of his hand and pointed to a large expanse of shifting sand that was gathered at the feet of several statues. “Go sit, meditate, and figure out how to disguise yourself in the sands.”
  8. Ahh so you have made the choice to follow us despite the warnings of every one before you The voice was now strangely soft and its pitched changed to a tired tone, as a black hand reached up to tug the mask from Valinor’s face. Bright blue eyes stared back at Mordecai, as the black mist surrounding the commander of the Felix legions disintegrated into the air. The eyes were the striking feature of the commander’s face, and when the darkness surrounding had disappeared, the commander was revealed to be a woman. Mid twenties, face covered by red tattoos. She extended a black gloved hand to the young man. “Then join me, and tell me of what you wish to be within the Sith.” Her hand swept wide. “What draws you, a warriors spirit? A tricksters?”
  9. Aye. Well said young one, merely seeking death and destruction is not a legacy that lasts. If you wish to be hated by millions of mothers and children and believe that is some kind of legacy that will last beyond a single generation it is foolishness. For who even remembers Ar-Pharazon the Golden? Terrian the cruel? Lord Achzet? His sweeping hand took in the statues dismissively. They are nothing, because they built nothing. That is our crucial flaw Mordecai. We do not look to the generations in front of us to leave a legacy to. His hand became an fist. We consolidate power out of greed and that power dies with us. We have built nothing but crypts and tombs, halls to our eternal power that show little but decay. The mask's eyes flared red gold. Do what I do little one. Build order, build stability, build the next generation. And do not fall to the trap that is power for powers self. The eyes turned to the apprentice. Do you understand?
  10. Ahhh well done then boy Came the voice that thundered throughout the training area. The figure clapped his hands slowly and gestured for the apprentice to follow him. He turned and strode through the tunnels of the dark lords. Their statues looming overhead, staring with stone eyes. The only memory the galaxy had of them. He gestured to a towering stone figure. What lesson is taught to us from these statues of sith lords young Mordecai?
  11. Valinor, the admiral and commander of the Felix Legions let his silence hang over the room like a black acrid cloud. There was no disappointment in the silence, just calm judgement, studying the young man in silence as he gripped his crystal like a trophy won at an awards gala. His voice finally echoed in the silence, breaking it like a fragile plate. “It was indeed easy. Now replace the crystal in your lightsabre with the one you hold, let it bind to the darkness in your spirit. Meditate on it. And when you are done…” The Turrets that had before been part of the challenge loomed overhead. But where the crystal had been, now lay tied up the thrall that he had spared from death. Her pain and fear radiating in the force like a storm. Her voice muffled in its tears as she strained against her bonds and tried to spit the gag out. “Rescue her. But for now feed upon her despair while you meditate.” ((Meditate, then try to actually physically get up there while under fire. You thrall wont die. Fail as well, so that your character can learn from that))
  12. ((You have gained an NPC thrall/retinue which in a few posts we will decide what to do with)) Will is only a temporary thing young one. The voice of the commander of the Felix Legions emanated from behind his mask as he evaluated the young apprentice’s deeds. He was strong, and learning, learning the desires that made a man great. He strode forward and placed his hand upon the young woman’s head, his fingers clawlike and where the armour touched, blood seeped from the pores until her face was matted with bright blood. She tried to scream but it came out a gurgle of pain as her bright eyes rolled back into her head and she collapsed. She has the force and it is strong. In time you may mould her to your will, and I will send her to your chambers. Keep her as a thrall, but do not fall to the weakness of lust with this thing. A Sith deserves better. Now follow me. Valinor strode from the room until they arrived at a large room, its floors covered by a few short walls and ramps. In its center, some ten meters high suspended in the air there was a crystal, blue in colour and radiating energy in the force. Bring me that, and then we may continue one. You have ten seconds. Turrets, three of them, descended from the ceiling, their low powered blasters scanning for a target, and when those seconds were up, they would knock the apprentice back down to size. ((Try and fail, learn how to overcome these obstacles, Distance, blaster bolts, and frustration))
  13. Eyes glowed crimson under a helm of charcoal black. The eyes observed silently, judging the abilities of the acolyte and were only obscured by the vaporous darkness that every so often crested over the crimson. It was that darkness which Valinor scattered about himself which hindered the eyes of foes and allies alike. But for now the eyes watched the young man work on his sabre. When the acolyte looked up he was now deemed an apprentice, he had passed the first test. The building of a weapon of war. Valinor pushed against the wall at his side and the wall slid open to show three individuals, beaten and bloody. All three were in their teens, both males in their late teens and the girl, whose cheeks reflected the red blade from the tears that traced down to her chin was in her early teens. Imperials all, and taken from Kuat during its fall. All of them had been in the junior flight academy there and the tattered remains of their uniforms still still showed the white imperial crest against the crimson fabric. You have built a sabre and with that comes the power of apprinticeship. Now you decide their fate. ((You don’t have to be graphic, but this would be a good time to reflect on any old friends from childhood or sisters/brothers your character might have. Then kill or free these ‘innocents’ ))
  14. As the midnight sky was alight with falling space debris that scarred the heavens with omber grey trails of ash and brief gouts of yellow fire, the disciples of darkness hunted. The bright falling chunks of Mon Calamari ship design cast harsh shadows from the tall trees of Onderon to briefly hide those who sought refuge in their darkness. War had rules, rules for prisoners of war, rules for treatment, for warcrimes, all of which were ignored by the Acolytes of the Spider as they surrendered to their lust for blood. Led by the Felix Legions shuttled down from the Super Star Destroyer, the packs of near feral warriors of the Sith rushed through the underbrush, tripping and falling over each other in the attempt to get to downed Galactic Alliance or Jedi escape craft. The Felix Legions running beside those that had surrendered to their base instincts, their long handled lightsabres casting bright red light from the long blades as they crashed through the jungles. Valinor, lord Admiral and commander of the Legions of Felix glided through the underbrush, his feet making not a sound as he headed a pack of hunters towards a Jedi Escape craft. He could feel the cold fear emanating from the small craft and the ten or so occupants who were trapped under a bough of a jungle tree that the shuttle had smashed into. He held up a black gloved hand and the wave of Sith and Black Sun skidded to a halt behind him, panting, their eyes bloodshot and weapons held in loose grips of men that had long ago lost their minds to the lust of the Sith Mind Meld. It would not surprise Valinor if they would cannibalize their victims. He gestured to an Onderonian Defense Forces leader, or Brigadeführer in their local tongue and the white haired man stepped forward, his breaths slowing and some clarity returning to his eyes. “We shall rescue them and bring them the hospitality of the Sith. Accompany me. Felix!” The snap of a hundred boot heels crashing together in attention brought a warm smile beneath Valinor’s masquerade as he walked towards the trapped shuttle. The members of his legion stepping out of the crowd of hunters, their dark armour and long black Chlamys inlaid with silver with the crimson spider upon their chests marking them as being of the Felix, the long handled lightsabers held in two hands beside their heads, blades perfectly vertical in the aggressive Vom Tag stance. Fifty crimson blades that formed a circle around the downed shuttle and provided light for their Lord. The hunters behind them, waiting, lusting for the chance to strike. Valinor and the Onderonian leader stepped beside the shuttle, and with a quick slash of the blade, the tree that trapped it fell, cracking in the wind that whipped through its branches. With a hiss and a rush of air that stirred his dark cloak, the Jedi shuttle opened. Its occupants laid bare, all with hands in the air, and frightened expressions on their faces. Two jedi and eight crew members, perhaps of the reformed Antarian Rangers. The Jedi stood to her full height, a tall Arkanian, with long white hair that fell past her shoulders, to lay like snow upon her cloak’s hood. Her apprentice was a young twi'lek girl of middle teenage years with bright green skin which shone a ghastly yellow in the light of the red sabres and she stared with wide scared eyes at the ring of sabres and the fearsome Lord before them. Valinor extended his hand to the pair, his voice echoing through the clearing. “Come children there is nothing to fear.” His lie was amplified by their own hopes, like nerfs into the kill chute the tredded out of the relative safety of the shuttle, surrendering their weapons and keeping their hands raised above their heads. 8 Antarian Rangers and their two Jedi. Whome Valinor knew they would defend to their lives end. A cult of personality. mēs atzinīgi vērtējam viņu nāves gadījumus tev, zirneklis The chanting was soft and was barely audible at first as the captives were marched into the centre of the clearing with Valinor beside them. He reached a tender hand out and lay it upon the Twi’leks head. Her headtails twitched in fear, and her voice stammered when she replied. “Leena Kemma sir.” “Do you wish to leave the life of the Jedi behind you?” Her voice took on the edge of a teenager who was willing to do anything for her morals in an attempt to please her masters. Disgusting. In response Valinor’s hand drifted down to her lekku, caressing them with durasteel manacles. Her Master started forward, her Arkanian eyes wide in alarm. “If you leave the Jedi behind I will let your friends and master go free…” Her eyes widened at this moral quandary, trying to find her master’s eyes to find an answer. “Aren’t you supposed to protect the innocent little one?” “I can’t…” The manacle clamped down on a lekku ceasing all struggles from the girl as he wrenched her head around to watch as the Antarian rangers were kicked to their knees by the Legion. Their protests were sad and pitiful, begging for families, of parents, or the Jedi themselves to save them. The captain though was stoic, his hard eyes looking mournfully at the red sabres. He would be first then. “Look then child at the results of your selfish choices.” A legionnaire extinguished his sabre and withdrew a long needle-like bayonet from his belt and drew it skillfully across the man’s face. The icecold blade carved to the bone in swirls of sith like tattoos. Finally eliciting a scream and shouts of protest from the other nine captives. With an additional skillful cut, the legionnaire removed the skin from his skull, peeling it back like the skin of a fruit and keeping him very much alive, eyes staring unblinking as pitiful sobs coursed out of his blood flecked lips. He would die in time. Several days maybe. “We demand that you treat us according to the proto-” The protest of the Jedi master was cut short with a quick backhand that snapped her jaw and left it hanging loose and unhinged, blood dribbling lazily down to mat her white hair. “I’ll do it!” Screamed the young girl. “I'll do whatever you want, just don’t hurt her. Please. Please, please…” Tears were now running in rivers down the Twi’leks face. “Oh sweet child...”
  15. The crimson eyes of the Admiral slid from one student to the next until they settled on the Cathar. Power is not freedom His hand lifted slightly, and the room went dark, eliciting a yelp from one of the students. The orange blade of the admiral jumped forward and the student was left without an ear. Then the orange glow too disappeared with a snap hiss, leaving only total darkness. Even the eyes of the Admiral were gone. Show me then your power that you so lust for A wind picked up in the darkness, picking small stones and slivers of debris and tossing them with force around the room, the wind was powerful enough, and the force of the projectiles such that if a student was hit they would likely be injured. At the top of this chamber there is a cave, in it you will find crystals, there are four of them. Work together or as single entities to get to the top without dying. The large stones that were scattered about the room were the only thing to withstand the wind. Though first you may wish to reach out with your senses and tell me what you see. Only then can you even attempt to make it. Use the stones as cover. ((Do not try to do this in one go, first try to get to cover in darkness, stretching out with your feelings to find the rock, then tell me what the rock feels like, what its history is.))
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