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  1. The round blew through the AT-PTs canopy with little care for the driver who had just celebrated the arrival of a new kid. Well at least the little brat wouldn’t be an orphan. Then the scout walker was picked up and hurled into the distant building where its fuel reserves and ammunition storage exploded in a burst of fire and white phosphorus. Not enough to take down the building of course, but they had other objectives. “Push forward to the palace. Leave these snipers to the Navy. Lieutenant Jisara?” He looked at the Sith Lord and shrugged. “Lieutenant Sembree grab the second laser des and follow this Lord.” She nodded and bounded after Akheron while the other lieutenant brought up the monocular like device and played its laser across the base of the huge apartment complex. She found a good spot with direct reflection to the sky and then hit her comm link. “Echo three one, to Hellkite actual. Requesting fire support mission. Designation in place.” The static that echoed back in her ears told her that the Star destroyer above was at least listening to the transmission, then the sound of fire control’s voice echoed through her helmet. He had a thick outer rim drawl, but he was fast. “Understood Echo Three One. Adjusting perimeters, fire coming in.” It only took five or so seconds, then the word through her designator turned an eerie white. The blast wave hit them all next, sending a mass of dust up as three turbolaser blasts hit the top of the apartment complex and split it open like a muja fruit. Fire jutted for a moment from every window, then the building cracked apart, its interior turned to duracrete slag. Delta grinned under his helmet and watched as another trio of turbolaser blasts lit up the sky where the Sith Lord was making his moves. He looked sideways to the great Hutt and shrugged. “You may have the force, but we have the Imperial Navy.”
  2. Delta snapped another quick and efficient salute towards the Sith Lord. “If you so desire, then let's begin the push.” He adjusted the quick detach sling on his rifle and gestured to his unit. “Advance alongside the AT-PTs. We have a short jog ahead of us, expect enemy contact as soon as we get close to Objective. Lord of Madness, as soon as we hit stiff resistance if you may grant us your powers of battle meditiation I would be much obliged.” He gestured again and the units began to move. Five squads per AT-PT and one of the efficient scout walkers per street towards the palace. With additional squads and heavy weapons held back in reserve for when they needed the heavy firepower.
  3. “Get those AT-PTs unloaded as fast as you can, we need a perimeter at the vizier’s palace. First and se-” “Commander, locals coming in fast. Possible partizans?” Nara Sembree held up the high focus binoculars and Delta pressed the eyecup against his ‘T’ visor. He broke into an unrestrained grin under his helmet and passed the binoculars back to the lieutenant. “No need to worry, these are reinforcements...” He let his voice trail off. “...of a kind.” He snapped a stiff salute at the mighty Hutt as his oddly decorated chariot LAV came to a screeching halt beside the Sith drop ship. The rest of his command team instantly knelt. “Lord Sheogorath, did you tire of eating Jedi Knights and wanted to join in the chaos and ugliness of world conquest?” He gestured towards the distant palace whose four spires stood out like some hagia sophia of the Yellow District. Distant puffs or white smoke told the story of the heavy artillery that was beginning their ugly work. “There are princes and princesses that have to be killed, captured, or ransomed. Or something like that.” An artillery shell exploded a Sith Shuttle above them, raining bodies and equipment like a summer rain. “Spast it all. Company form up, we are going to extract that kriffing prince dead or alive.”
  4. The Sith armada slipped out of hyperspace with all the grace of a nek battle dog in heat. Or like a holonet forum poster resurrecting a thread that had been archived for the better part of two decades. Swarms of starfighters unlimbered from their carriers and flashed towards the green gem of a planet. This planet, this society, had not seen war in a generation. Having been relatively spared during the great war of generations past, the Falleen had kept mostly to themselves. For what was there to gain from the planet of biological abnormalities? Slaves they had and sold in plenty. Women, especially those with pheromones like the Falleen’s were in high demand, from Hutt’s palaces on Tatooine to the strip poles on old Ryssk. So What was there to gain when everything they had could be bought? Undying control could never be bought, it had to be taken with force. And the Sith would bring their chain and their fist. Simply put, the princedoms would bow low before the banner of the black spider, or they would die. And if there was ever a sign of stirring to freedom, The Sith Navy would ensure that it would die in a nuclear holocaust. Falleen Space Command was issued a strict warning over Guard frequencies. No ships would escape from the gravity well that was now billowing from the four projectors in the Abides thick hull. And the Princes would all join the Sith Leadership aboard the Star Destroyer Hellens. Or they would die. As for the Darkhand commandos? Their drop ships were already streaking towards the surface.
  5. Delta looked sideways at the Sith Lord known simply as Akheron, then snapped his attention to the Sith in overall command of the campaign. “Will all due respect to Lord Akheron, Imperial troops and commandos are issued helmets with built in filtration of up to a hundredth of a micron. Add to that a Decree that anyone caught attempting to use biological weapons to influence soldiers results in the death of not only them but their entire communities and those that shelter them, and we won’t have much of a problem. In my opinion sir.” He let his gaze return to the holomap. “Other than that it should not be too hard to maintain control of a species with a strict hierarchy. Take their leadership, and they fall.”
  6. The Anaxes wargroup arrived, heralded by the old model Victory class Star Destroyer Hellkite. Which slipped out of hyperspace over the dusty planet, maneuvering below the horizon line and dropping into orbit outside the rest of the fleet. The commander of the fleet element transmitted orders to his attache and the three special operations companies making up Darkhand received preliminary orders for stand down and their commanders were dispatched to the Fleet Command vessel. Delta, his lieutenants, and the two other captains made their way by shuttle. This was objectively the largest joint command group he had seen since Dark Sun and when he was ushered into the briefing room, he was in the company of many sith lords. But he was the leader of the SOG, and a well respected commander. He saluted the commanding officer and stayed silent. He was a soldier and had no sith magic at his disposal. Just decades of experience, which he hoped would even the odds.
  7. Sergeant Luiam nodded briskly as he settled himself into the crash webbing, the drop shuttle was thickly packed with troops, but that was the reality of the Imperial Army. If they dropped straight into fire then there would be hell to pay, and he had seen the Army pay far more hell for far smaller objectives. It would be a cold day in the coriellian hells before a recruit as cocky and self sure as this one made it three steps outside of a landing craft before a laser or mass driver blew itself through his empty eyesockets. The galaxy had its way of bringing everyone low. And he looked forward to showing this recruit the failings of Kad Ha’rangir. “Now we deploy to the destroyer. We have an access hatch to a break room if needed, but its essentially only a refresher. Use it if you feel like you want to vomit. Everyone does during their time in real combat.” He grinned under his ‘T’ visor and left the conversation there. But one of the corporals near the rear of the craft spoke up. “You worked for Black Sun? Did you know Captain Delta?’ ___________________________ A alarm sounded deep in the halls of the Darkhand commando unit, they had already been divided in half by the earlier deployment, but now a new Sith Lord had called for their assistance. They lived to serve and so did their commander. He had been bred for it. He glanced to his datapad the and then gestured to the two now very tired Lieutenants. He gave Nyrys a loving embrace and a soft kiss. “Don’t change too much. I kinda like this body.” He winked then took off at a jog with his compatriots. Geonosis He shook his head. Far too many memories there.
  8. The two Sith soldiers shared a side eye glance before slowly nodding. They both could feel the apprehension in the air, but knew they had to do their duty. Though how far their bonds of loyalty to Delta could be stretched to appease his newest toy they themselves did not know. But he had not steered them wrong thus far, so they would weather this storm. Or at least that's what they believed. Delta was not so sure, and apprehensively leaned against he wall, his pale blue eyes flicking from his two officers to Nyrys and back. Silently praying that they would not hate him too much for this. - Gerald Frostwin - The rush. Gods what a rush. He could almost feel the relaxing loss of control that came with the glitterstim. It wasn’t so much a stimulant now, it hadn’t been for a very long time. How old had he been when he first felt the rush? Eight? Nine? Mum had been in a good mood and had shared a little dab from the fingernail to rub on his gums. What had happened to her anyway? But his memory of her was as fleeting as the rush itself. Her memories had been trodden down like grass under the boots of a battalion. Rush after rush, and little by little her face had been swept away. Trampled under the glitterstim, pulled beneath the rushing blood in his veins. That faceless face still smiled though, its form a liquid instead of a pure and unadulterated face. Perhaps he imagined a smile, like people could see Tuk'ata in the clouds. But I gave that all up right? It didn’t matter, the rush was there, he could feel it. Or was it there? The feelings certainly were. The familiar friends of broken promises and shattered dreams were there. He could almost feel their embrace, their sorrowful nudging that he deserved this. He just needed the Rush to get through. He could always give it up another day. But I did give it up and you can’t even see the needle marks any more. I can taste the food I eat. In fact I can still taste the stimcafe from this morning. He blinked, and gasped, pushing the rush out of his mind. She was good. Damn her she was good. He forced a smile. “Almost got me there. Took me way back.” Back to better times. Where the only thing he had to worry about was where to get the next score.... - Sigrid Hensi - Spasted spiders. They even got here to the bloody new construction? Sigrid wrinkled the bridge of her nose and crushed the thing with the toe of her boot. She could feel the pop of its carcass, the rupturing of its abdomen as she pressed down, and the satisfactory splatter of blood that arced its way a few inches from the well shined toe of her issued boot. How had she gotten here, how had she become so attached to this captain? She knew that she had no romantic call, she was no beautiful Tares, or funny Haylee, and she still stood here, Alive. Through it all at least she had lived, even as everything she loved died while she screamed in useless denial. Love. Was she broken? Tares and Haylee had gone through what she had, they had all been fighting since their early teens, first in black sun then into the Sith Empire. How many years had they served together and how many of those young smiling faces were now rotting in graves on a dozen planets? How many friends had died? And how many… Loves? She had certainly loved Haylee. And So did the Captain. But she owed him more than anyone she had ever known. Memories came fast from her childhood. Remember when mom overdosed in the new home we had been given? A knife and blood on the flood of the pantry. A screaming and premature infant. A new sister. A new mouth to feed. Another child born addicted. But she had been pulled out of all that. Rescued at the end of a blaster rifle. She scratched at an itch and felt something other than her own flesh. Another spider. And in fact there were dozens of them. She flicked away another, then froze. It had been so subtle! She let the fear deescalate and then cocked a grin at the red woman. If spiders were all that she had thrown at her, she couldn't really be all that bad right? She had to get to know her. Somehow. __________________ “Get to the shuttles, line by line. Your equipment will be on the racks above your jumpseats. Get dressed into your armour, we are getting more than flighttime, prepare for close orbital insert. Solid copy?” Liam took his chalks of men and made sure they were well situated. He glanced at the newest recruit who was now seated in front of him. “Have you ever orbital inserted Twenty-Three?”
  9. Sergeant Laim leaned forward from where he was standing and brought his hand straight into the back of the Mandalorians head. Enough to make the man see stars, if his empty eyesockets could see such a thing. But it was not a challenge of some kind of honour duel; it was a cuff of reproach, fitting of a backtalking private to his sergeant. “Get in line Twenty-Three. Whoever you were before has no relevance now.” He raised his voice so that the entire Fifty-Fifth special operations could hear him. “Company, Fall In!” The first battalion began their run, a light 20 kilometer run, before they wheeled back into the Sith Barracks. It left none of them winded, but when orders finally came in the Special Operations Group would answer. “Company gather your equipment, we are going on a fast deployment, Twenty Three your equipment will be in your locker. Looks like we will be giving the Rebel Alliance a treat. Report back to the drop shuttles, ASAP.”
  10. Frostwin scowled as he jogged through the dense jungle forest outside Iziz. He could feel the familiar burn of his heavy breathing against the cool morning air, as his lungs struggled to keep up with the now nearing 20 kilometer run. His scowl was more concerning their situation of course, not his aqt his companion, the much younger Lieutenant of the Darkhand commando’s, Sigrid Hensi. “Captains fouled up again you think?” He said this at barely above a whisper, almost as if the long dead spirits of the Sith that haunted this planet would tattletail on him. Sigrid grimaced and slowed their jog into a walk as they wound their way through a stand of trees. “His love life is none of our concern, but…” But it was their concern, and it always had been. So she left the question unanswered, because it was fairly obvious to everyone in Darkhand that had been with the captain since Black Sun. The captain had fallen for another sithari sorcerer, and whenever he did that, death and destruction usually followed. Long before it had been Dathomir, then Dark Sun, and now this. And the two most loyal of Lieutenants could not but feel dread when they had received the summons to the newly built base on the outskirts of Iziz. What darkness awaited them? But they spoke nothing more and walked into the new Sith construction in their class B uniforms, slightly soaked with sweat. An odd pair, an old man and a young woman. Both representing their captain’s past and the old wounds he carried. One had been a child soldier, the other a spice ridden thug from Al-Kerra. They were reflections of their captain, more than he knew. They saluted Delta and the Sith Lord. And reported for duty. “Welcome.” Delta said, his clear blue eyes taking in their barely concealed worry. "This is Lord Nyrys, who will be conducting a brief and stimulating experiment. We have to be ready to face the Jedi and this will help prepare you."
  11. At a certain point Lieutenant Hensi realized that the Mandalorian had taken her very literally. She had more meant him to strip down to his undergarments, but she did not blame him for his interpretation. When She saw where it was going, she pointed to the barracks and Aeth ran back to her rooms. She was not a young girl, but even a girl in her late teens did not need to be exposed to every bit of a mandalorian. The rest of the soldiers looked on with little emotion, the few ex mandalorians, those that had survived the ruin of Coruscant, kept their eyes on him. There was honour here, even in the humiliation. They had all gone through it themselves. He had made the first step on a very long journey into the heart of the Sith Lords. The Lieutenant beckoned to one of the subalterns, a corporal in the grey on grey livery of the Logistics corps who stepped forward with a bundle of clothes and armour. He handed it to the naked mandalorian and stepped away. “Dress, then you will join us for the afternoon run.” She handed him a datapad. “Soldier 23-55SA. You are assigned to First Battalion, under Sergeant Liam here. Fall in when you are dressed.” And the with a ring of a bell, the battalion fell in, the special operations group soldiers making long crisp lines in their pale red class b’s. ________________________________ Delta considered a moment while he held the Sithari woman in a close hug, his clear blue eyes sliding from her new gauntlets to her beautiful face. His mind flew back to the end of the last great war, those few soldiers of the Black Sun he had chosen to elevate above their stations to be his knights errant. Those brief glimpses of smiling faces, fierce set jaws, blaster fire, and the smell of death that came to the surface of his mind caused the smile to stale on his face. Frozen in the mimicry of happiness, until the memories of those friends who now lay in their burned bones in the burned forests of dathomir, faded. To be replaced by the faces of his new soldiers, his battalion. Now bearing little resemblance to the black sunners they had once been. Many had died, too many, but their replacements had been of stronger stuff. “I have some selections, mostly my current command staff but they have survived much worse.” He kissed her firmly on her crimson forehead then took a step back to summon his command team. Lieutenants Hensi and Frostwin were called for and they would come at the run. He looked back to the Sith Lord and cocked a smile across his face. This was not a mocking smile, but one of actual pleasure. He reached for his helmet. “But perhaps you could test me as well? I would love to see what you are capable of…”
  12. Liam let a soft smile creep across his face. A face that had been beaten into a ruin and repaired far before its time. The smile caught the long line of scar tissue that traced from one corner of his mouth as his eyes looked at the back of his Lieutenants neck. He knew her smile was matching his, though her face had not seen the doom of coruscant in quite the same way his had. She had been there with their commanding officer, hunting Liam and his mandalorians in the deep tunnels of that destroyed cityscape. He had seen the wroth of the spider first hand. And he had personally burned his effigy of Kad Ha’Rangir in the weeks after. For he had no need of such a weak god. Not when gods walked among them. “I think brother that you did not experience our ruin.” Liam’s voice crackled in his throat as his lieutenant let him speak again. “You were not there when the crusade died its death. We thought that Chandrila was our true doom, where Manda’lor fell. But the heart was cut from us at Coruscant. I speak with authority that the Spider lay the crusade beneath the earth. Kad Ha’Rangir, if he ever existed, was merely a shadow of the Spider. A forerunner.” The lieutenant cut back in with a raised hand. “You speak of failed battles, and the fall of spiders as if you have some shred of experience. Tell me, what great Lords of the Sith have you faced and destroyed in battle? What great Jedi? You may be filled with words, but I have given you the terms of service. Strip yourself of everything, past and future dreams, only then will you be able to serve the Spider. For if you want to see power and glory in war that is the only way.” She gestured and the red haired teenager turned her head back towards the Mandalorian. Her cybernetic unit flashing a long logarithm. She stepped forward when the lieutenant spoke again. “This is Æthe 43391, the daughter of our commanding officer. She will help you if you need assistance in taking off your armour. But you have your decision. Now take it.” In the background more soldiers began to appear. Though not in class A uniforms, these were heavily armoured and outfitted.
  13. Liam’s eyes narrowed a fraction of a millimeter, then he gave a sidelong glance to his lieutenant whose smile gave him a momentary shiver. They had been at Coruscant, Liam had served and nearly died for the warrior god, and the long scar that bisected his torso told its own tale. The blood on his hands told another albeit shorter tale. He opened his mouth to rebut the mandalorians request but his smiling lieutenant interjected before he could. “Will we accept you? Why should we take the scattered remnants of a failed crusade? Who forges a chain with links already broken? Your god decided you were the chaff that fed the fire. There is only one god, and that is the Spider. The Lord of Shadows. We burned ten thousand of your crusaders alive in the ruins of Hesperidium. Those that survived we remade in our own fire.” She gave a meaningful look to his beskar, and his broken eyes. “We will not take you as you are. Strip yourself bare. Leave everything behind, every bit of armour, every scrap of pride. Every part of you must belong to the Spider. Only then will we accept you into the Emperor’s army. Into the fire you will step again, and you will be remade into a warrior worthy of the title.” She looked back to the redhaired girl, and nodded. She looked away, the blinking on her cybernetic unit dulling to a faded red. “Well?” _________________ As she began to work on her kit Delta stepped away, walking a brisk path back to his shuttle, where he napped open the high bandwidth antenna and plugged it into his datapad. He waited until the light blinked then turned a solid green, then he pressed the database uplink on the datapad, connecting him through the SCI interface to the central computer of his military attache on the Hellkite. It took a few moments for her to response. “Delta, access code 43002. Research Darkwatch. Send everything you pull to my datapad.” “Copy commander. Files are marked with red tags.” He disconnected the SCI and waited until his datapad had populated with hundreds of files sent down from the Hellkite. He read the attached report and operational status which read that the Darkwatch had been labelled defunct some ten years before. During the late days of the Deton Empire. Back when Delta had been a part of the great golden black sun. He grimaced and snapped the datapad shut. There was much to think about. Several hours later he pushed open the door to her forge. He knocked softly on the door and waited until she had turned around. “I would love a partner.” and his gaze took in the dead slave, then refocused on the beautiful Sith. His face did not change. “Not just a lover, or dark ritual partner, As fun as those things are.” His gaze drifted back to her forge before refocusing again on her. “Worth a try I think.” But could such a thing last?
  14. “You see Æthe?” Lieutenant Hensi painted a gloved hand towards the target, which was now sporting a good sized burn on its upper torso. The black circle now even darker, the edges still glowing a bit from the energy discharge. The young girl beside her, let a sly smile creep across her heavily freckled face as she set the blaster pistol down on the bench in front of her. Hensi drew the silent girl into a quick hug, which left the girl even more speechless. “I knew you could do it. You just needed to press through the frustration.” The girl hesitated then buried her head into the shoulder of the other woman, basking in the hug and letting the feel of it wash through her. She committed the feeling to her frost-storage memory bank. Undeleteable but still accessible. Alongside the other compliments her dad and friends had given her. Little nuggets of humanity, and something she would access before bed. It was not as good as being tucked into bed, the nanny droid tried that, and Æthe did not care for it. But still the memories gave her much comfort as she drifted into a recharge cycle. Her clear blue eyes glanced up from Hensi’s shoulder at the meteor descending towards their landing area. Hensi heard the sonic boom and also felt Æthe stiffen so she let go of her and turned towards the platform as a metallic beast descended from the sky and settled down on the rocky formation that comprised Darkhand’s makeshift platform. She narrowed her eyes against the blinding swarm of rockdust that was kicked up by the microengines on the Basilisk. “Corporal Liam, Hensi, landing pad. Now!” She called into the mic that was attached to the lapel of her class B uniform. She did not wait for the newest member of the SOG to respond, but pushed Æthe behind her and strode to the edge of the primitive landing pad as Corporal Liam came running to join them, his stern face showing what he thought of this Mandalorian. He spared a glance at his lieutenant then turned his stoic face back towards the landing pad. He had served beside many of these kinds of mandalorians. And many of their corpses still lay unburied in the ruins of Coruscant. He stepped forward and joined Æthe and Hensi, his blonde hair blowing about his face as the engines shut down. He raised a hand in greeting. “Vode’an brother. Tell me what is your purpose? You come here to join the military?”
  15. “Captain don’t you think we have had enough of the religious Zealots?” The captain shook his head, a smile brimming on his pale lips. “Now now Corporal, our entire Empire is based off religious zealotry. Don’t you forget it and curse the force or something foolish like that. In fact…” He pulled up his datapad. “There was a unit that took in a large amount of ex mandalorian kad’harangir bullshittists back on Coruscant.” He thumbed through the display. “Yes there we have it. Darkhand. Assigned to base 42. Send him there. And if he doesn’t go, well let the citizens see a micrometeor shower of beskar pieces eh?” “Yes Captain.” The comms corporal clicked over the transceiver to address the mandalorian. “Yes you are free to descend to platform 42. Its a stone pad so don’t come in too hard. Copy?”
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