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  1. “You know my father? I mean, I knew that he was involved in the Imperial Science Division, but I didn’t think that he would have crossed paths with you. Even after he retired he was a workaholic, so I imagine that it must have been rather difficult to pry him away from his work back in the day. Regardless, sometimes failing brings the world into clearer focus. I think that my brief stint with mortality opened my eyes to certain truths while also quieting inner doubts. There was a brief moment where I thought that the Light might hold some measure of peace for me, but all I found in the end was apathy and false platitudes. Choices matter, people matter, you matter. I was angry when we had our falling out because it made me feel like I wasn’t enough to save you from your doubts, but now that I’m older and arguably wiser I think that what’s important is that you are important. You may be a clone, but there are no men like you. Trust me, I know from dating half the galaxy. So now I want you to know that if I lost you, it truly would be a loss, not just another soldier fading away into casualty reports and data ledgers.” This wasn’t the time or place, but Nyrys wanted to accentuate her words with a physical connection. She settled on the illusionary sense of her hand on his shoulder, followed by an ethereal slap on his rear, because inappropriate behavior was just part of who she was. She wasn’t thrilled with her lack of tools to enact change at the given moment, but she was too stubborn to back out now. She wove her fear and her longing into tendrils of ambiguous darkness, her own path still too uncertain to call upon specific spells. For the moment she was wrapped in oil and smoke like a bound devil, the profane energies quivering in anticipation and whispering from the void that she was pulling from.
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