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  1. Force Blast AKA: Infinite Hatred Force Blast is one of the purest manifestations of the Dark Side a Sith has available to them. Commonly mistaken to be exclusive to sorcerers, this technique can be used by any Sith, though it bears risk when used by amateurs or the careless. The technique of Force Blast itself is deceptively simple. By distilling their intense hatred directly into the Force and out of their hands, the user creates a surge of visible, corrosive energy appx. 6 ft in diameter that burns through inanimate matter and flesh alike. This can either be released in a single, powerful burst or a sustained stream, usually extending 10 - 15 feet. While not usually lethal in quick bursts, the caustic power begins to break down any material subjected to it, leaving flesh painfully burned, armor deteriorated, and the mind assaulted by screams of pure hate. Wielders of this power are known to use it to burn through walls and even blast doors given enough time. However, despite being relatively simple to conjure, the power proves difficult to wield. An apprentice or amateur Force-user trying to wield this technique will almost certainly fail to contain the power and severely burn their hand(s) for a single, brief blast. A sustained surge can leave their arms black and useless, and if used for too long or too often can result in their flesh and bone crumbling to ash. A Sith Lord skilled in the technique would have better control, but sustained use would still see their hands and arms damaged more and more with each second. Only true masters of the Dark Side, cultivated vessels of hatred, have little to fear from using this ability. Since the ability requires the user to be deep within the Dark Side and overwhelmed by their own emotions, most don't feel this damage right away. Many who prefer lightsaber combat don’t see the handicap of damaged hands worth the inexorable destruction of the technique, and the power has a reputation among Sith duelists as being inferior to the more commonly used Force Lightning. Bolt of Hatred AKA: Sutta Chwituskak, Flung Spears Sorcerers, unsatisfied with the potential backlash of a Force Blast, developed this spell as a solution. By refining the destructive energy of their hatred with Sith magic, a sorcerer gathers the power into a small sphere which they can then fling at their enemies without fear of self injury. This also greatly extends the range. On the battlefield, sorcerers have been recorded projecting the deadly magic over 500 ft. into clusters of their enemies. The tradeoff to this control is that the energy, while just as corrosive and hateful, isn't nearly as widespread, each orb usually only the size of a fist. To make a comparison, if a Force Blast is a flamethrower, a Bolt of Hatred is a blaster. Focused, but limited. The spell itself is relatively straightforward for those with a gift for Dark Side magic, able to be cast with a hand gesture and an arcane word.
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