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  2. Name: Kari Koi Rank: Lieutenant Roles: Pilot, Ground Command Character Sheet:
  3. For the purpose of planning and figuring out what roles might need to be fulfilled in the Galactic Alliance, I'd like everyone involved in the faction to state the name of their character, rank in the faction, and the specializations that their character focuses on (in combat and any non-combat roles they might be able to fulfill). Also link your character sheet, please. Name: Bruce Slaughter Rank: Admiral Roles: Fleet Command, Ground Combat, "Diplomacy" Character sheet: http://jedirp.net/topic/2192-bruce-slaughters-character-sheet/?tab=comments#comment-209058
  4. With the RP changing settings to one in which the Sith Empire is the dominant power in the galaxy, I feel that it is appropriate to reboot the public topic for the Galactic Alliance detailing its new role in the RP for the foreseeable future. The old topic can be found here. In this post, I’ll be going over the following topics: The story thus far for the Galactic Alliance Overall mechanics concerning the political and military mechanics of the faction. Introduce Bruce Slaughter for new members of the faction The TL;DR is that the Galactic Alliance is going to operate primarily as a resistance faction on the main board. With few exceptions, the Galactic Alliance will not be able to maintain the overt military presence that it enjoyed in previous years. Covert actions, such as clandestine recruitment, sabotage, and small-scale player vs. player battles will be the primary focus of the main board, whereas fleet combat will be limited to the campaign subforum. Because the GA is going to be a somewhat ragtag operation, members of the faction are encouraged to engage in worldbuilding the units and ships that they command. The story thus far: This is a time of considerable uncertainty for the future of the republic. The advance of the Sith Empire and its minions has penetrated deep into the Galactic Core. Worse, the ravaging of Coruscant by Vladimir Faust and predation by the resurgent Mandalorian Crusaders has destroyed the Galactic Alliance's most productive shipyards, rendering its position in the core untenable. This and the murder of a sizeable portion of the Galactic Senate has driven most of the Alliance's member systems to secede and seek their futures elsewhere, either in trusting the mercy of the Sith Empire or as independent states. With the Galactic Alliance in shambles, desperate times are ahead for the survival of the republic. Nonetheless, all is not lost. A small number of the Alliance's core members have refused to bend the knee to the Sith Empire (though whether out of stubbornness, patriotic fervor, or ambition has yet to be demonstrated). Memories are long amongst the nonhuman species of the galaxy, and nothing--nothing--can erase the memory of decades of discrimination and predation by the Sith Order and its Imperial proxies. Even in worlds nominally aligned with the Sith Empire, Alliance agents are bound to find enclaves of support amongst the nonhuman populations of the Sith Order and veterans of the civil war. The reach of the Sith Empire may have extended far indeed, but its armies and spies cannot be present everywhere. Alliance agents should be able to mix freely with the population of its worlds as long as they keep a low bearing. And despite the loss of Coruscant and the bulk of its industrial base, the cream of the Galactic Alliance's military has survived. What remains of its fleet is arguably the most elite fighting force in the galaxy--very few forces can boast to have endured as much battle as the fleet of the Galactic Alliance. However, its elements are deliberately scattered across the galaxy, as they lack a permanent base and a logistical foundation to lick its wounds and return to full effectiveness. Until these objectives can be achieved, Admiral Bruce Slaughter has proposed that they operate as a "ghost fleet": always on the move and able to exert influence on the galaxy just by virtue of the fact that its composition, location, and mission are not known. Its primary objectives will be to gather resources for a return to open warfare against the Sith and to secure a permanent base of operations. The former can be achieved through developing diplomatic contacts with disparate resistance factions in the galaxy and potential member systems with grudges against the Sith. Close cooperation with the Imperial Remnant and even hiring mercenaries is not out of the question. In addition, while the Bothan government has been hesitant to openly support the remnants of the Galactic Alliance, the characteristically underhanded Bothans have been known to occasionally “misplace” a cache of supplies or accidentally permit the theft of valuable intelligence. The Bothan Spynet has located an uninhabited star system in the uncharted depths of the Outer Rim and allowed its data to slip into the hands of the Galactic Alliance. Flush with unexploited resources and obscured by a radiation storm that renders remote probing nearly impossible, this represents the perfect opportunity for the Galactic Alliance to jump-start its war machine. As for securing a permanent base of operations… at the moment, few systems are willing to tolerate even the presence of the Alliance fleet for short periods of time. This may change as the Galactic Alliance re-establishes itself as a potent fighting force that can openly challenge the Sith Empire. Mechanics: Politics: The Galactic Alliance is in a state of disintegration. Its planets in the Galactic Core should be considered to be untenable for overt fleet activity, as they are within close striking distance of Onderon and the military of the Sith Empire. Planets in the Outer Rim, especially those that have primarily nonhuman species (Sullust, Mon Calamari, and Ryloth come to mind) should be considered ripe areas for recruitment and overt operations. Fleet Operations: The Galactic Alliance fleet will deliberately be kept scattered and will not engage in overt combat on the main board. While it may occasionally appear above planets in the Outer Rim that are sympathetic to the Alliance, the bulk of its operations will be limited to the Crucible in the Campaign sub-forum. Because of the multi-species, somewhat ragtag organization of the Galactic Alliance, ships in its service will range in origins and age; from converted passenger liners to renovated hulks to fully modern ships of the line. The Galactic Alliance is not going to be picky in terms of the weapons and technology that it deploys--it needs all the help it can get. In OOC terms, this means that I am entirely in favor of developing homebrew ships to fit the unusual demands of the faction. Please PM me or contact me on Discord if you have any ideas you would like to develop. Ground Operations: Although the Sith Empire is in a dominant position in the galaxy, its forces are stretched thin within the Galactic Core and the Rim has always been difficult to police. In addition, numerous planets have always been on friendly terms with enemies of the Sith due to long memories of persecution and exploitation by the Sith Order. Alliance agents should be able to move freely as long as they conceal the identities of their vehicles and their personnel. Outright conquest of occupied planets should not be a goal of Alliance units, but raids on supply dumps and sabotage of garrisons and other installations will be pursued. Because of the multi-species, covert nature of the Galactic Alliance's resistance to the Sith Empire, this area is ripe for customization in terms of the specialties and the equipment used by PC-led units. The Galactic Alliance has recently adopted the AC-18m “Borcatu” Modular Weapons Platform, a blaster carbine that is simple to maintain and build, but Alliance units should use any weapons that they are able to get their hands on. Some units may be fully-equipped veterans of the Galactic Alliance with military-spec equipment, but many resistance cells are just going to be using any weapons that are available. In OOC terms, this means that I encourage members of the faction to provide some worldbuilding to the units that they command, including any unusual weapons they might use, specialties in combat, and species that may be especially prominent in their ranks. Who is Bruce Slaughter? Slaughter’s a bit of a young-ish character in terms of post count so I think it would probably be a good idea to introduce him and some of what he has done in the RP. Bruce Slaughter hails from Coruscant and joined the Rebellion some time after his home planet fell back into the hands of the Empire. His background is rather ignominious: he will proudly admit that he was essentially street trash, a stupid kid with no education, no money, and no future before he joined the Rebellion. Bruce’s father died when he was still young, and his mother was mostly absent from his childhood. As such, the story of his life probably would have been a very short one if his sister hadn’t kept him from falling into the pointless violence of the street gangs of the Lower Levels. He is of the opinion that the Republic gave him everything that he has today: purpose, education, respectability, and a future. It’s only right that he gives it back everything he can. Admiral Slaughter is a no-nonsense, professional soldier, known for placing a high importance on drilling his command to a high degree of combat readiness. He served at a number of the largest battles in the RP: he was at Centerpoint Station during the conclusion of the Arach’tar War, and was also at the battle of the third Death Star at the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War. However, his reputation is darkened by a number of incidents in the Galactic Civil War for which he was never investigated. During the retaking of Sullust, the Imperial garrison attempted to stall the liberation of the planet by threatening hostages. Not only was Slaughter not deterred, he personally executed several officers who had taken the Sullustans as sapient shields. The second incident was during the attempt at retaking Coruscant. During this battle, Slaughter seized an unexpected opportunity to cripple the Imperial flagship while it was maneuvering at the edge of Coruscanti airspace, causing it to drop out of orbit and crash. The civilian death toll in the planet-wide city was enormous. The latter incident is regarded as a freak accident caused by an incompetent Imperial commander; the former is not well-known and only spoken of in unconfirmable rumors. The Admiral is known to have something of a prejudice against Force Users, a mild disdain of Jedi and an almost pathological hatred of Sith. That said, this prejudice contributed significantly to misjudgments that he made just prior to the fall of Coruscant, which may have been prevented if he had only just gotten the Jedi Order involved more quickly. With the Galactic Alliance in a state of disintegration and the future of the republic in doubt, however, he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to see it restored--it doesn’t matter who he needs to ally with, or what he needs to sacrifice, or who he needs to kill, he will see the republic reborn or die trying.

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