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Tarrian Skywalker

The Eternal Vigilance (The Maw)

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“Hello! Hello, is anyone out there... please!?” The captain begged, banging impotently on his cabin door.


“This isn't right, you can't keep us in here like this, I have a contract!” the Twilek crewman cried out, sitting with arms folded around his knees, screaming into the void. The only answer echoes from his hermetically sealed tomb.


“Can anyone hear me! Hello!” Yava implored, her eyes filled with desperate tears as she tried to unlock her quarters.




Two days had passed quickly in blackness of space that was only punctuated with brief hyperspace jumps from point to point. Finally however, the last jump had taken them to the last known coordinates of the massive city sized ship that once housed an entire garrison of Jedi forces, including an array of deadly weapons, and the most prized artifacts in a full quarter of the known galaxy. The freighter now hung nearby, growing slowly closer as it's gravitational pull interacted with the large vessel. 


The various black holes of the Maw strained and threatened the ship. For the moment at least, the large freighter was in no immediate danger. The sensor logs had found the Eternal Vigilance while it's captain had made an unscheduled pick up of spice, under the prying eyes of the local patrols. The run he'd made had been a remarkable stroke of luck for Kern, but he preferred to think of it as destiny guiding him ever onwards. 


The voices of the trapped crew echoed through the empty halls of the cramped quarters. The pleas of the increasingly agitated crew fell on deaf ears. There was no escape, no rescue, only his merciless whims separated them a pitiful and meaningless death.


Kern sat with his legs crossed stretching his feelings into the force, the various trendrils of the darkside that reached everywhere, especially where the light couldn't reach or even fathom. Bottomless pools of power lay within his reach, and day by day, minute by minute, Kern felt his strength increasing and his abilities fed by the darkside felt more within reach.


The desperation of those captured like animals continued to mount. To Kern it was like an energizing meal. The fear, that which now drove the lives of the beings on the ship gave his senses focus, heightening his powers, and deepenED his connection to the darkside. It was then that he could feel something else shift, someone had gained freedom, something was coming, drawing closer. They were filled with righteous anger, a desire to avenge there imprisonment. They were gathering allies, doors were being opened.


Kern felt all of this, his powers in the force allowed him to see it as if he was among the would be usurpers. There were always the rebels, the resisters, the rally of the cries of freedom. Liars, idiots, incessant gnats to the true order of things... much as he was were he to confront Exodus in such a low state. His role on Kesh as Arbiter of the Will of Furion had helped him develop the abilities to end such risings, but now he let it play out, curious as to the extent his powers had returned. Furion had not been seen for long time, but Kern's will had kept him going, his desire for power driving him to survive. With the treasures on the ship before him, his powers would grow to unknown heights, but that was a future not yet written.


The bridge controls were locked out, as the captain had finally managed to use a secret command code known only to him and another at a terminal that he must have left off the official diagrams of the vessel. Clever, all too clever, Kern thought.


The door to the bridge slid open, and three beings entered quickly brandishing blasters. The three rushed forward.


"Fynn, or whatever your name is, put your hands where I can see them!" The captain ordered his bluster clear and foolish.

Kern didn't move, he simply tilted his head as if he was only moderately disturbed by what unfolded behind him.


“You!” The captain raised his weapon to blast Kern into atoms. But suddenly he stopped. Frozen in place. Yava turned to see the captain, a look of horror on her face. The man stood his face locked in a look of wrenching pain.


“Captain?” Yava asked desperately.


“I'm truly concerned about your captain Yava. He appears to have a weak heart. Pity.” Kern said he turned his head slowly.


“Let him go!” the twilek screamed in anger and raised his blaster to fire. One bolt loosed and landed harmlessly behind Kern in the back of one of the front facing seats. The man had wasted his one chance.


Kern raised a hand, and the weapon flew from the twilek's hands and clattered and broke on the floor away from the enraged crew member. Another motion sent the twilwek flying backwards and into the hall behind him. The sickening thud left little doubt as to the man's broken and at least concussed state. The force had little mercy on those without the ability to shield themselves. The door to the bridge slammed shut, and now only a Yava and and her immobilized captain remained with cloaked and unmoving Kern who now spoke to little Yava with deep conviction.


“Yava, I need you to act quickly now, the Eternal Vigilance is nearby, but I'll need the ships controls to take us closer, navigate this Maw, and ultimately dock. I can't do that with your captains interference. You'll need to get him to tell you-”


“I'll... never...ta-” the captain croaked, his breath choked again.


I don't remember asking you a damned thing! I'm speaking to Yava now.” Kern said, angered by the interruption, the darkside crackling through his rage. Yava looked to Kern, and slowly raised the blaster, clearly confused.


“You aren't a Jedi, you're one of them...” Yava said afraid to say what she knew he was.


“Yava, don't be foolish, I don't need to harm you or your captain, I only need this ship to complete my task” Kern said finally rising to his feet, in a voice that was almost seductive. His black and grey tunic was cleaned now, a little service a droid had performed for him when he'd been taken aboard. His face ashen but bolder and more vibrant, His form seemed larger now, as if he'd physically grown to be an imposing figure from the frail husk that had been taken aboard. He approached her, his now deeply crimson and fiery eyes burrowing deeply into hers.


“I-, I can't, you have to st-, stop.” Yava looked at him nervously, her voice growing in confused panic. As her captain struggled to even breathe. 


Help... me... please....


give me what I want, ... give in... tell me what you know... 


There it is... you have it, let it go little one... give in... 


Kern had found it, He had seen into Her mind, He no longer needed the captain...He had something better.


“... remember when I said lives were at stake? I didn't lie to you about that. Your actions here will have a pivotal role in the lives of your shipmates. There are still others below who would suffer greatly if I am stopped from my purpose by your captain. But you can save them, all of them. You have the code, I know you do, your attention to detail tells me that you've watched him use it many times, so simple, five little numbers between me and my goal.” Kern said circling her, using the darkside to cloud everything accept his voice, the command counsel, and his face.


“But... I-, please... I can't-” Yava begged.


“If you don't help me then he will die, and so will all your crew, screaming, howling amongst the maw, their blood on your hands. They need your help, you can save them. Now enter the numbers into the control panel. Help them... help them or they will die. It's that simple.” Kern said plainly, as put his hand on the blaster and began to push it slowly away from him.


“I-” Yava's hands shook, she readied herself to pull the trigger. Kern redoubled his efforts, feeding on her frustration and fear, using them to pull even more of her deep seated doubts to the surface. She was more capable then the captain, smarter and more cunning, she had potential, but Kern filled her with confusion and pain, the same feelings that fed him. Each moment, Kern pulled her deeper into a conflicted purgatory, her thoughts and will no longer completely her own. He could see her mind clearly now, the yearnings the desires, the secrets and fears that even she was repressing.


“Yava, I've had days here, I could have killed you at anytime. I know you can be more then the third mate on a second rate runner of spice. You want for more, I am your one chance, Do it for yourself, none of these insects need you... but I do, you can serve me, and be rid of all doubt...give yourself to what you know to be right,. Now stop struggling and enter the codes...” , The gun was taken from her hand, and quickly disabled by removing it's clip.


Yava found herself at the controls of the ship, she entered the sequence, and then as she completed the last one Kern relaxed his grip on the captain, dropping him to the floor. Yava's face showed an instant of relief as she too fell to her knees.


“Thank you.” Kern said kindly as he reached out and gently caressed her face with his one human hand.


...The other reached out to form a closed fist, and a surge of the force snapped the thick neck of the captain. The sickening crack caused Yava's mind to cry out in emotional pain. Kern picked up the dropped blaster from the being who'd threatened him and looked at it disgustingly.


“Little worm, you would think to threaten me? I am as death to you!” Kern said loudly to the captains' soon to be lifeless corpse. He dismantled the man's weapon and it's remnants clattered to the floor. A second motion saw the captain convulse, as Kern reached into his chest again, and broke his heart, the crush bringing him immeasurable pain, and Kern a sickening smile of satisfaction.


“Worry not little Yava, I will have further need for you. Go aid your other friend, he needs some healing I should think.” Kern directed, he sounded almost gentile, and stately, as if the man whose heart he'd crushed was not still convulsing in pain before her. Only a single tear rolled down her face, but her mouth had a small satisfied smile.


Kern stood behind, shaking his head, exerting his will over her simple mind. 


“Now, go see to your shipmate, and be ready to deploy the docking mechanism.” He commanded, using the force to impel her to obey. Yava got up and slowly left the bridge her spirit mostly broken. His control over her would still take time, but he was confident that eventually her will would be completely overcome. A willing servant was not made in a day.


Kern sat down in the captains chair, and made sure no other part of the ship could send a signal, or countermand him, this time with the captains personal prefix code, as the last moments of the mans' life exited his body. Kern reveled in the wanton loss of life, brief as the moment was. The Darkside had brought him here, to obtain what so many others desired, He had but to take it, as he had this ship. Nothing would stand between him and his prize.

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"Some things... are worse then death, being forgotten for example..."

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The light of a hundred holocrons flickered as the Archivist listened to the tune of the force. The chittering of the Subjects rose and fell like a dismal chanting tune. The force moved heavily through them as the sound of distinct footfalls approached where the old man sat stooped over the large pyramid of an ancient holocron. 


Master. The force stirs us. A dark one approaches.


A laugh returned to their wavering voices.


The first of many come to take my prize.


Guarding the Eternal Vigilance Since 2019

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The Ryloth's Spite kept itself in a stationary position a short distance from the heart of the Maw. Here the violent gaseous clouds crackled with electrical disturbances that occasionally rocked the ship.

The red lightsaber in Kern's hands crackled forth, as he swung it with deadly accuracy toward a bolt that was flung at him from the twileks' blaster. Deflecting it back, and impacting the mans chest. It knocked him from his feet, and he collapsed to the floor with a thud. The dark room forced Kern to look around carefully, stretching with the force to find his prey. The twilek however was in pain, and was easily located.

Kern, shirtless, watched him dispassionately for a moment, disappointed in his lack of effort. He found his body was slowly but surely returning to his command. The Maw itself was energizing, the pure chaos and destruction feeding him. 

"Again," Kern commanded sternly. 


"I can't I'm-" the young man was clearly tiring, hours of the cat and mouse game clearly getting to him.


"I don't care. Again." Kern deactivated the crimson blade, and placed at his side.


"Listen, just because the blaster is on a low setting doesn't mean it won't kill me." the young twilek spat at him. 


"Well, do the math, do you want a blast that might kill you, or a crushed windpipe... that will certainly kill you?" Kern said as he prepared himself for the next assault. The bay of the cargo vessel made an excellent training area, large crates, dark cavarans of supplies, places to hide and confront. 


"I... I hate you." the Twilek said painfully as he came to his feet. 


"Good, then you truly are learning... again." Kern said, pleasantly surprised by the young man's feelings. 

The twilek fired several bolts, and then found cover as Kern blocked each blast with ease. The Twilek was no great fighter, or soldier, but Kern needed to reawaken skills that were in need on the ship awaiting them. His stagnation had given him cobwebs, made him dusty. If he was not in fighting shape, the defensive systems of the ship would end him, even if they were not at peak capacity. 


Several more blasts from a hidden spot, Kern lept through the air diving out of the way of the stray shots, deciding at the last moment to at an elevated position on a large cargo container. The door behind him opened, and the form of Yava Sternhylde came forth. She was a little different from the docent third mate she had been when Kern came aboard. 


"Captain, I hope your interruption is an important one." Kern said not taking his attention from his prey.


"I'm still preparing the nav computer to calculate a trajectory to take us through the Maw." Yava said plainly, her voice slightly devoid of emotion. 


"How much longer, I'm quite eager to get moving."


"Another day at least," Yava announced. "The ship has been placed in a very precarious position. If we are not precise, the ship will be ripped apart.  


"But that's not the reason you're concerned." Kern responded, her motivations clear to him.


"When this is done, what happens to me? Your promises are all well and good. But...Sith aren't known for there giving nature." Yava said plainly. 


"How wrong the galaxy is about us. Sith destroy that which does not submit. The order we bring will assure peace to all. You need not need fear me, as long as you remain useful and efficient. I have need of effective crew, and so far you have been quite useful." Kern said as he continued looking for his prey. Finding a human crewman hiding behind a nearby crate, Kern grabbed the mans' leg using the force to fling him into a far off corner. The threat dispatched, he turned back to Yava. He dropped from the elevated crate, dropping several meters and landing with ease next to her. 


"When I have reached my goal, your service will be rewarded.", Kern said smiling, and put his hand reassuringly on her shoulder. Yava didn't respond, BUT 
"Continue the calculations...we need to move as soon as possible. That ship is a prize the Jedi will not ignore forever, let alone others of my breed. I will not miss this opportunity." Kern said, as she spun around to follow him. "-and get me two more sparring partners, these are useless." Kern barked.

"Some things... are worse then death, being forgotten for example..."

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Kern entered the bridge, and took his station in the captains chair.


"You signaled?" He asked as leaned back in the chair to look over at the woman at the navigation station.


"Yes...my- what am I to call you anyways? Lord? Master? Baron?" Yava asked, genuinely confused.


"If we survive, I'll let you know. Simply serve me well and this ship will only be the first of your rewards. For now let's dispense with the formalities...are we ready?" Kern said folding his arms impatiently.


Kern watched as Yava entered the final sequence.


“Here goes nothing…” Yava said as she took a breath and leaned back. A R4 droid bleeped in response, it’s grey and white paint scheme blending well with the slot it had entered a moment earlier.


“R4-5T, enter the sequence.” she barked at the droid, and it chirped in response as the ship came alive with movement.


“Are you certain this will this work?” Kern asked dispassionately as he tried to focus his mind on the task ahead. So much relied upon a series of improbabilities… all of which had led him here. Would he truly be denied at the cusp of such a glorious achievement by a miscalculation? He'd known failure too many times in his past life, a bitter pill that never ceased to enrage his mind. He thought of his former deceivers, his so called friends. Mistress Skye chief among them. His acceptance into the elite circle of the Sith would further prove his greatness, and acceptance to ever higher levels of power and status. Who would then doubt that he was the perfect weapon to dispatch the enemies of the Sith? Who then would deny him anything he wished? The force itself would be at his feet. But that path was still obstructed by vast and unsympathetic forces that lay ahead.


“Well.. let’s see, there’s six singularities all interacting and each desirous of pulling us into an intractable position of infinite death… then we have to dock with a city sized ship at one of only two ports that won’t spell certain doom, Oh and remain there for whatever period of time it will take for you to extract whatever is you’ve come after and then leave the way we came-“

Kern raised his hand to stop her babbling.


“A simple yes would sufficed. No need for the impudence. He shot back. "Secure all crew doors, I want no more heroes attempting to disrupt my mission.” He said as he keyed in the new command codes that only he was in possession of. 


“All hands, brace yourselves, this may get a bit bumpy.” Yava said into the intercom.


The large freighter lurched forwards, threading the balance between the gravitational fields, it’s powerful engine strained at 120% of maximum, pushing the ship to the limits of it’s integrity. Kern sat uncomfortably as he heard the bulkheads and metal of the outer hull creek and strain audibly keeping them intact as the Eternal Vigilance grew closer.


“1000 Kilometers…” Kern said reading the captains monitor on the spacious bridge.


The ship grew ever closer, and began to rock violently as it hit a particularly tough spot.


“800 kilometers…” Kern said, but he suddenly turned his head, as if something came through that he’d missed at a distance.


The ship bucked harder this time, and the R4 unit screeched as a warning beacon sounded.


“What’s happening!?” Kern demanded realizing that there was something more then just gravity at work. Something was there, he could feel it, just beyond him. 


“I’m losing engine 4, damn. Hold on, compensating”, Yava said as she worked the controls.


As Yava went to work, Kern stretched out, and sensed something ahead of them, a presence, a powerful taste of darkness just at the fringes of his perception. It didn’t want them there, it was malevolent, and it probed them for weakness.


“No…there’s something reaching out-“ Kern announced cryptically, he stood up from his place and tried to get a bearing on the presence.


“400 Kilometers, there isn't anything on sensors, could it be rogue gravity well?” Yava asked, trying her best conceal her worry.


“… it’s more than gravity. Damn all the saints in all the hells! There is something out there, and it doesn't want us here.” Kern said angrily and then began to push back, using his anger at being opposed, to form the same protective field around the vessel as he would in combat against a force user. It took more than his normal expenditure, but he managed to hold the field together, to resist whatever was assailing them. The power that came at them didn’t like being pushed back, and renewed it’s assault. Kern channeled his will into keeping whatever it was at bay, it was strong, but he could tell that it wasn’t prepared to stop them at this distance.


"200- If it pushes us to far off course, we'll be-"


"Keep going! I can hold it!" Kern barked out, as he continued to manage to hold things together with his every thought. 


“I won’t be able to compensate much-“ Yava stopped as she saw the strain on Kern’s face. Kern’s face was strained, the large stitches that held some of his skin together being stretched slightly unnaturally. Kern’s entire body was framed by the partial Sith armor and Kesh blood red tribal markings that highlighted his face. He was now dressed for war, his vital areas protected by simple blaster armor, and other flex points padded with blast resistant joints. He was every bit the Sith apprentice she'd agreed to follow. She could not conceive of the carnage he had inflicted to gain such honors, of the violence he was capable of dispensing in order to achieve his aims. 


Yava she looked back at the red indicators, suddenly everything went green. “Ok.. I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep doing it.” She announced as she continued to pilot the vessel.


“Don’t give me orders, just get to the docking... port.” Kern said grimacing. Ignoring temporarily the flagrant disrespect. 


Whoever you are, you will not stop me, my will…my will is…my will is stronger!


Perspiration had begun running down his pale forehead, mixing with the red paint that marked his brow leading to a blood like stain running down the side of his face. He reached out with his hidden and black gloved mechanized hand, firmly gripping the arm rest with all the power it possessed to keep himself steady. It was another scar from his old master that would need be repaid in full; the power that lay before him would be used for just such revenge. 


“50 Kilometers!”


The ship finally got within range, and then began a pre-programmed snap turn, the final few meters closed, and the engines of the large freighter strained to stop just short. Kern felt the ship hurdle sideways, and his regal half cape, a sign of his royal lineage, flapped in the same direction as the shifting gravity. 


“Hang on!” Yava yelled out, she tapped the control for the final sequence and the engines strained to slow their approach, and stop them from colliding too fast.


“Contact in five... four... three... two-!” Yava announced as Kern concentrated as hard as he could to defy whatever being wished to deny him harbor.

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"Some things... are worse then death, being forgotten for example..."

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The ship rocked as it connected with the massive vessel forcefully. A moment passed, Kern opened his eyes and smiled broadly. They had succeeded.


“Excellent.” Kern said pleased with the effort of his new convert.


“Thank whatever god’s you pray to... we made it.”  Yava said as she looked over the counsel and let out a sigh of relief.


“I never doubted you for a moment. Save your prayers for my enemies.” Kern said with an air of confidence, as he wiped the drying trail of blood red ink from his eye and cheek.


Kern stood from his place, and took in the situation. The ship had successfully docked, but there was damage, as a few red indicators showed stress fractures In the hull. The R4 droid chirped and registered the problems, it began rattling off the worst of it. Yava began to scan the Vigilance in earnest.


"The ship seems dead, the power is on-line but most of the systems are off, life support is just barely functioning." She reported. the astromech unit finally completed it's assessment, Yava quickly analyzed the results.


“Issues?” He asked after a time.


“Nothing too bad, but it’ll take some time to fix. Maybe two or three hours? Hyper-drive will be a little longer.” Yava said quickly assessing the reports.


“Are you-” She looked at Kern to take her que. Kern admired her spirit, only days earlier she’d allowed the murder of her stubborn captain on his urging. Now he could feel her competence, and was more assured of her competence than ever. He’d learned how to motivate his followers on Kesh, and use the darkside to coordinate their efforts in battle and enmasse. The technique was much easier on microscale.


“Quite alright. The pain is quite helpful, the bolts in my flesh were driven into my skull as perfect reminders of why I’m here. This ship was the ultimate jedi and republic weapon forged to hammer the Sith into irrelevance. IT's fitting that I should take it's treasures back to the Sith, and end it's wretched existence. It will be a reminder to all of the superiority of the Sith, and bring me a measure of prestige I might add.”


The bolts were reminders of his past failures, a painful and angry signal that he had once allowed himself to be moved by compassion and love, only to be rewarded with failure and regret. It was the end of the road for all Jedi, one of the many reasons he hated them so. 


“Now, best move quickly, my success is your success... and I have a sense that we won’t have this place to ourselves for long. It likely has internal alarms that will alert others to our presence.” Kern said as he began to exit the bridge.


“What are you going to do?” Yava asked as she turned around.


“Prepare myself to deal with whatever it is that has inhabited this vessel, and anything else that stands between me and my prize.” Kern said sternly with a determined tone as he moved off the bridge.

Kern entered the engineering compartment, and began his preparation. His armor was in fine shape, but he knew that he would need more then competent armor to deal with whatever tricks the Jedi infested vessel might have. He inspected his two lightsabers preparing them for the fights to come. First he examined the sickly pale yellow blade that had been gifted him on Kesh, with a handle made from durasteel and shards of Keshiri bone. It was light and nimble, the perfect blade to accompany his efforts against multiple threats. Offhand, or hidden until the right moment Light-ender was a nasty suprise. He had to replace both weapons since being defeated by Skye in his last encounter, but the supplies on Kesh made it a simple task. The other Usrpers' Bane was now fistuned with the teeth of Morrigal. The Blade with a vibrant blood red blade sparked to life with little effort. It was slightly longer than the average saber, with a crystal that was synthetic and it’s hilt had been reinforced with several layers of Keshiri smelted iron. Not as strong as Durasteel, but layered for maximum affect. Attaching both to an obscured utility belt by his hip, Kern turned his attention elsewhere.


Kern then looked to his forearm and hand that hid the bionic and incredibly well-crafted replacement. The fake flesh was almost perfect, and hidden behind black gloves and mesh, were several hidden compartments had been fashioned to store various lethal and non-lethal weapons. First there were the poison darts soaked in Krayt venom, and a version of Sith poison brewed carefully on Kesh by his acolytes. The poison would slowly incapacitate, shutting down one system at a time in moments, until the target was reduced to a drooling mess on the ground. He’d taken his cues from Faust, the Sith lord who’d he’d allied with for a time. He had to admit, the man had a flair for poison, and Kern had adopted its use to powerful affect.


He had to thank his old master for one thing… as Skye’s knowledge was extremely helpful, and the memories of how the force affected the various parts of the body made Kerns’ brew especially potent. He knew exactly how most Jedi efforts worked in order to cleanse their system, but these efforts would only force the poison to become even more toxic, as the darkside would only spread further into the bloodstream. He thought it a perfect irony, the same techniques used to heal and bring about dazzling transformations would now bring such darkness. He loaded dozens of the tiny darts into a hidden cartridge that would be guided by a stealthy system of force projection. They could be shot almost silently, it’s trajectory disguised by his own will.


Finally he prepared the plain lacquered red and black mask that covered his head and contained a hidden breathing and filter apparatus with several hours of breathable oxygen in a small tank, and in another something more sinister. At first glance it was a traditional warrior’s mask from the Keshiri, made from the metal of his enemies' weapons. The Keshiri steel facade was perfect for keeping enemies guessing as to what and who they faced.


IT didn’t look Sith in origin, but rather exotic, tribal, and unsettling with a large gaping jaw and red eyes covered with a flash proof material, ideal for blocking stun grenades, and other bright flares. The second minuscule tank would issue forth a green acidic knock-out gas from it’s exaggerated maw with one application of the force to specific button hidden in the right spot. It would cause the lungs of whoever was close enough to react by constricting and contracting. Breath enough, and you’d be unconscious inside a minute, without aide, and the anti-venom, you’d die within hours. It would be effective against those who had not mastered jedi breathing, and distracting even for those that had. It was from Kesh that most of his weapons originated, foreign and alien to most of the galaxy, giving him a needed edge. 


Kern had fashioned Kesh to be a Sith stronghold, but without further support from the Sith he had to make do with lower grade weaponry and armors. With his rise, it too would become important in the Sith empire, no longer a simple backwater to retreat to. For someone with his power and will the title of Baron was not enough, to be a fully-fledged Darth, to be more than a forgotten afterthought, drew him to push ever onwards, surviving where others had fallen and faded. He had heard the reports of the new Sith King, and together with the other Sith Lords who were officially part of his provenance the new empire was stronger than ever before. The jedi he had no awareness of. He figured they had to be licking their wounds on some backwater moon, but sooner or later he would face them, and he couldn't wait to share some of his new arsenal with them. 


Kern was separate however, a thirteenth Sith on his own, not truly accepted within the Hierarchy. He could muster no real fleet accept the handful of light frigates and fighters he’d managed to procure through back channels. Still his legions of faithful fanatics he’d prepared on Kesh were useless in an interstellar war. That would change however. The darkside told him as such years before, and now the pieces were coming together. He would bend the knee to this new king, present him with gifts unmatched by the others. His acquisition of the relics on the Eternal Vigilance, from the once proud flagship of his brothers and sisters greatest foe would elevate him beyond his current irrelevance.


The darkside was his ally though, it fueled his thoughts, motivated his anger and hate, and propelled him forwards towards victory. Power would wait for him, it would be his eventually... he simply had to be ready to grab it when it came.  


His personal armament ready, Kern now got acquired several other items for the trip, a series of stun mines, and lighting flares. Lastly some hastily assembled explosives, made from several benign chemicals in the freighters hold. His time as an Alliance special forces soldier was invaluable, as explosives and bombs were still second nature to him. He found himself actually enjoying the creation of such devices, considering the rampant carnage and chaos they could cause.


Kern's methods were an amalgam if techniques, from efficient assasinations, to brutal combat. But he was most proud of a Sith's most potent weapon... his mind.


Finally complete after a day of preparation, Kern left the engineering bay to rest, and ready himself for the task ahead. Something aboard the Eternal Vigilance resisted their approach, and Kern was determined to overcome it, by any means necessary.

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"Some things... are worse then death, being forgotten for example..."

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Darkness, the natural state of all things... then all at once, a deep glow began to permeate the docking port... it was imperceptible at first, but slowly the light source grew, and the then sparks showered through as a red blade cut through the darkness illuminating the entryway and the hallway beyond. This process repeated half a dozen times, each time the heavy armor of the blast door that locked out the entryport to any who would seek to enter the hallowed ground of the jedi. Finally, the heavy door was compromised, and an application of the force saw a round segment of the heavy door sent flying into the cavernous hallway beyond.  The round chunk edges glowed a fiery red, as it began to cool, shedding an eerie darkness. 


On the other side of the door, a small number of crew members from the freighter stood ready in oxygen helmets and suits. Kern stood behind them in the dimly lit portal. Deactivating his primary saber, he folded his arms and turned to pacing back and forth, impatiently. 


Yava spoke up after taking readings for a moment, her sedate and calm voice piercing through the comm system between suits and to Kern. "Still nothing, but I am getting movement, about 100 meters in that direction, could be someone, or it could be a wamprat." Yava said confirming it once more.


"So what now, we just stand here?" The young twilek crewmen said angrily. 


"Now we wait." Kern said as he took a breath from the work he'd labored at for what seemed like hours. The Eternal vigilance was now open to him, and he was about to enter as an unwanted guest. He imagined this scenario so many times... he had imagined the faces of everyone of his former folly, the looks on thier faces as he invaded with dozens of trained soldiers, and struck them down one by-


"How long?" the twilek piped up. 


"Have you ever heard the story of the Dreadbeast of Baklor?",Kern said after sighing and looking off into space.


"What...? No." The young man said at once.


"The Dreadbeast of Baklor was known as the most dangerous creature on Baklor... the beast ate anything it wanted, animals and men alike. IT killed anything it wished, until one day a group of warriors from a local kingdom came to slay it."


"Oh my gods a story... now?" Yava wondered aloud.


"The beast growled and thundered from it's cave but it would not come out."


"I don't-"


"The leader of the warriors Can'on decided that he didn't want to go first into the cave, and so he sent in his brother. Fod the foolish. Fod entered the cave and was immediately eaten. So then the warrior sent his sister, Der the First. Der entered the cave next, stealthily but no matter, for she too was eaten. This pattern continued until eventually Can'on himself entered. But the beast was so full at this point, that it was sluggish and tired, and Can'on slew the beast. He returned him victorious, and was given a castle and power beyond measure."


"What a terrible story, are all Sith this bad at telling stories." Anthyn grumbled, the young Twilek not amused by his story. 


"Do you know the moral of the story?" Kern said as he stopped in his tracks to stare at the young man. 


"I have no-" 


The twilek was swept off his feet and in one swift motion was sent hurdling through the void into the darkness of the room beyond. 


Yava burst out laughing, and continued to chuckle as the man dropped into barrel of old hazmat suits. 


"Never be too hasty." Kern finished as he motioned for the rest to enter as well. Then after a moment he entered as well. 


"The internal defenses appear to be off, for now" Yava said as she was careful to enter after Kern, keeping him within arm's reach. 


The room was still dark, but was now being lit by the illuminators of the various crew. The twilek got up helped by his other crew members. 


"The items I seek will be in the sanctum of the vessel, likely near the quarters of the old Masters, possibly the jedi council room itself." 


"Should we follow-?" Yava asked.


"No, best continue the repairs, I will continue alone. Keep the comm line open, I may need to leave quickly. If anyone else shows, just say you're salvaging a part to repair the ship." Kern ordered and then continued alone. 


"And see that young Anthyn is looked after, his anger amuses me." Kern said with a smile, that only he could see. 




Skye has given me mentoring in the ways of Healing...But shes more of a companion than a teacher to me. What's on your mind...


I'm guessing you've alot of questions...


You see, the Jedi are afraid. They're afraid of the Dark Side because it is so powerful ...because it is the eventuality of all things. 


The Dark Path is the truth, the path for those with sight of reality. Eventually you will understand.


The words played in his mind as he carefully made his way to the first major junction on the ship. It enraged him to be taunted by unwanted memories, but he supposed being on the vessel of the jedi was sure to elicit strong emotions. 


The ship was a muddle. The darkside and the light were in conflict here, it felt like a battlefield with no casualties. Kern concentrated, looking for the presence he'd felt earlier.


"Show yourself..." He said aloud, sensing a fleeting presence that seemed elusive. 

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"Some things... are worse then death, being forgotten for example..."

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The Maw was oppressive to the outside galaxy, and the Eternal Vigilance sat in the middle of a slew of black holes.


"Show yourself..."

To the erstwhile Dark Jedi, there came only the distant shuffle of feet towards him. The ship was silent, only vague emergency power reaching the edges of the ship where the docking ports were. 


Suddenly the force stirred and a voice could be heard, as if carried on the wind to the fallen Jedi Knight. Sounding guttural and echoed from a dozen individual voices whose vocal chords had not been used for a decade. 


“Ah the first….” 


More feet dragged their way towards him. The dark side reaching out like tendrils from the center of the ship and inhabiting shambling forms of the dead that walked. 


“Come my servants will guide you to the Library. I await you there…”


The dark side surged again, heavy and oppressive.



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"Ahh... so you can speak." Kern said as the voice manifested. The strong and unmistakable presence of the darkside filled his lungs, pushed passed muscles and into his sinews, but the darkness here was different. It was like a dark chasm, with endlessness, the maw itself seemed to fuel it. and it seemed to peer into his very depth of his being. It was unending fathomless pain... and It was exhilarating.


"I was wondering how long you would hide yourself, I admire your stealth. It's not many who can hide from me so effectively." He continued, as the voice guided him to follow the pathetic shambling shells of the once living. Their original forms were long since twisted into shapes that no natural process could create, and Kern found himself marveling at their hideousness. Whatever animated them, clearly had tremendous power. The thing were not alive, yet they were not truly dead either. 


"Fascinating, you used the darkside to accomplish this? Truly ingenious." Kern said genuinely jealous of the beings abilities. This was a power that was not within his grasp... yet. He desired to learn it, to create the same monstrosities. The idea of them was intriguing. To control the living was relatively simple, a string pulled here a manipulation of the mind there, but controlling the dead or un-living? This was a power that Kern had witnessed only once before. He was almost in admiration for...




The being used a jedi name, a name foreign and alien to him. Kern felt a supreme urge to murder it with the utterance. It was a supreme disrespect, to mention such a weak and feeble thing that once inhabited his form.


"You mistake me for...a pathetic jedi? Most insulting. Your 'records' are out of date, whoever or whatever you are. That person no longer exists, he was burnt away in the depths of Coruscant by the Dark Lord Furion. My name is Baron Kern, subjugator of the unknown regions... I come to claim this ship and all it's contents for the Eternal Kingdom of the Sith." Kern said sternly, only subjugating his rage to continue speaking. Kern remained ready, but considering that the being had so far treated him cordially, he kept his weapons at bay. 


As Kern moved along to where the beings guided him, he recognized the bodies of former republic soldiers, and even some former jedi robes of minor assistants and attendants to the order. Whatever the being was had managed to overcome them all, and installed itself at the heart of the vessel.


"What are you? No jedi certainly, but not Sith... speak to me, have you claimed this vessel?"

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"Some things... are worse then death, being forgotten for example..."

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The voice was rambling, slow, distracted, as the shambling hordes escorted the fallen jedi to the centre of the ship. 


“Are you truly not Fynn Relmis? A miscreant shadow of him perhaps, but the kernel remains. Hidden by this terrible rage. Come now Baron, rage is for children and primitive peoples!” 


Laughter cackled from a thousand throats. 


“You see this vessel was built upon the heart of another Jedi vessel, stolen from its burial in the outer rim. It’s very bulkheads reek with death. Generational Death. It is only right that I should bring the living dead here to enjoy their temple. I serve other masters than the Sith or the Jedi. They are nothing compared to the power of the true force.” 


Upon entry to the great library he could see a wizened old man sitting upon a simple wooden chair, surrounded by holocrons, and a shimmering discharge of the force. The dark side was heavy in the room, and the unrecognizable man was very obviously ancient beyond his years. The nexus in the maw was feeding the terrible power that filled the room and bid the dead to walk. Behind the man stood three in very old armour. Unmoving.


“This ship is not something to be claimed. You are one against a Legion. The engines cannot be powered by the force alone, they miss their key which is being brought to us by the Jedi.” The man’s pure white eyes seemed to stare off into nothing, as if seeing through different eyes. "Some which you may have known in your past life." A deep wracking cough shuddered through the old man. “Though if you wish to serve a Dark Lord, there are treasures enough here that you may have.”


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Sandy looked back at Aidan with an embarrassed expression on her face, a blush slowly and silently filling her freckled cheeks. He was totally right of course, the Jedi training vessel was a floating safe space for the Jedi Order. Was she really just ignoring every little bit of her training in the effort to be too safe for her Apprentice and Aidan? It was ok to spin down once and a while and not be so high strung right? Of course it was, and now her paranoia was very apparent to everyone aboard the the ship. She sighed loudly and shook her head. 


“I am sorry Aidan you are perfectly right, there is little there that should threaten us, but with what happened at Gala and Frond I think I am just on edge.” She fingered the lightsabre on her belt and looked back at the control panel. “But I think I will feel better if we prepare just in case. Who knows, the ship might have a lot of rabid Mynocks or something.” She smiled to ease the tension. But the shadow of doubt was still in the back of her head.


What were they getting into? 


The vessel triggered its hyperspace countdown and dropped them out of hyperspace on the edges of the expansive Maw. A field of black holes and hawking radiation that stretched out for lightyears in either direction. Tucked in the safe space between three of the clustered behemoths, the grey hulk of the Eternal Vigilance sat. Once a great underwater vessel, now looking oddly out of place against the pale light rings of a distant event horizon. There was no danger from the black holes themselves of course, but the darkside was present here. Not as oppressive as the Wound back on Gala, but it permeated the entire cluster. She looked up at Aidan, her brow furrowed in concentration as the distant feeling of darkness splashed over the ship. 


“Have you been to the Maw before? I can't say if it is the system itself or the EV.”


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This was something Aidan had never thought he'd ever see before. The view was terrifying in an existential sense, representing guaranteed death if something went wrong. But it also had an absolute sense of beauty to it, the accretion discs of the several black holes all twisting and tangled and feeding into each other.

"How...how is something like this even stable?"

Aidan's stomach dropped as he stared, not exactly answering Sandy's question, but answering enough for her to understand that no, he'd never seen the Maw before, and he was already lost in it. Absentmindedly, he fiddled with the hilt of his staff saber, both nervous and entranced. This was not something he had expected when they set out for their mission from Nar Shaddaa. Aidan had wanted to escape authority and see the galaxy for a long time, but he was completely unprepared for it.


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The sight was truly breathtaking, and Sandy could feel a strange longning in the back of her mind as she watched the swirling existence that was the Maw. Ionized gas from a long dead nebulae gave the entire field a blue tinge that misted into the pine dark points of the black holes themselves. There was something incredibly awe inspiring and dreadful about the entire field that pulled at her subconscious, this was certainly not a stable system, nor could it ever have naturally formed. She looked back at Aidan and then back at the control panel. 


“It’s so beautiful…” 


That tinge was there again, a faint feeling of shadow in the back of her mind, creeping across her subconscious. 


“But it’s so dangerous…”


She grimaced and looked at the reading from the initial pass the ship made on the system. Very dangerous indeed. She looked back at Kel and motioned to the shield relay system on the control panel.


"Ok watch and learn, work on preparing the ships shields to resist Hawking radiation and ionized gases something tells me we will be hitting a lot of it. Draw on the force and let it guide you."


She hit the deep scanner controls and the ship began to search for the frequencies of the Eternal Vigilance. But it was doubtful that it would return anything of value at all, not with all the interference. She reached her hand out to Aidan. 


“I think we may need the force to guide us to the EV. What do you think, should we try?”


Such an attempt would require a lot of trust, a mind meld of the type that was required for navigation was something that she had not tried since she was an apprentice. 


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As Kel gazed at the maw, Kel couldn't help but be reminded of his home world of Dorin. much like that dry dust bowl he once called home, their objective was precariously placed between a set of black holes. His astromech companion R5, sounded off a set of beeps and trills.


"No R5, I think navigating this will be a tad trickier than the Dorin run."


before beginning our approach master sandy instructed Kel to operate the shields to protect us from the maw's high levels of radiation. "Yes, master."


Kel turned to his station and began operating the levers and dials of the shield generator "R5, divert power from non essential systems to the shields." the astromech then moved to a nearby terminal and began operating the ship's power grid via scomp link. several of the ship's lights turned off leaving only low power led lights for certain areas.


"Whatever you're about to do, do it fast. our shields won't last forever."

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Aidan admittedly didn't know an exceptional amount about space travel, but his gut told him the answer.

"I don't think we have a choice."

Slowly, he allowed himself to relax from the view he had transfixed on, going through some of the calming and meditative techniques he'd been taught. It was a little more difficult than at other times, but Aidan still managed through. He began to reach his senses out, feeling the eddies and pulls of the Force that mirrored the space in front of them. In the Force, the black holes themselves weren't voids or absences, but rather highly concentrated spots of energy representing enormous mass compressed past its Schwarzchild radius. 

Aidan opened his mind, allowing his companions to make use of what he could sense, letting them enhance themselves by using him as an extension of their limits. It was only something he'd done a handful of times before, but at the least he was familiar with what was required of him.


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Posted (edited)

“There's something out there.” Yava, said coolly, as she studied the sensors on the bridge.


“What? No chance, who would be stupid enough to-” the Twilek responded


“We shoud just leave, I mean what's he going to-” the mechanically inclined Trandoshan chimed in. Kajun had been hesitant to resist Kern, but the situation had clearly changed.


“We leave him and we'll be running from the Sith for the rest of our lives. I don't know about you but I like not being tortured to painful slow death. You weren't there when they invaded Coruscant, trust me serving them is far better then not.” Yava said, remembering the awful image of the murderous rampages from years before.


“Now shut up, both of you.” Yava said to two crew as they went about repairs. She hit the comm button on the command chair to send the signal as she'd been instructed.


“We picked our side already. There's a ship out there alright, and it's probably jedi. Shut off all power except shields and life support, that will give us time-” She instructed quickly.


“But what good will-” Twilek barked back.


“Well it might... It'll lower our power signature. With any luck the radiation of the cluster will blind them to our presence. And if they do scan us she wants them to see a barely functioning ship with no weapons and little defenses, no threat to them.”  Kajun said as Yava began making adjustments.


“Fine, remember a few days ago when we were just running illegal spice.” The Twilek said as he left the bridge.


“If they think were in league with Kern the jedi will kill us, just a little faster.” the old Trendoshan said worriedly.


“Just do your job. Kern has a few surprises for them, and he's promised me this whole damn ship when we're done, I'm not about to screw this up.” Yava said feelingly slightly sorry for the fools that would dare cross Kern.




Baron Kern listened intently standing in his simple Keshiri armor and mask that covered his face save his eyes which remained temporarily exposed. He heard the old man prattle on about his minions and his dominion over the vessel. It took him a moment to consider the words, and take in the breadth of his abilities. The control of corpses was a neat trick, but it wasn't the grand mastery that it appeared to be. The tendrils of the darkside that animated the forms was a simple mimicry.


Though if you wish to serve a Dark Lord, there are treasures enough here that you may have.


Kern was silent for a moment as the old man stopped speaking. Then he let out a small chuckle, it slowly turned into a boisterous hearty belly laugh, that finally became a roaring torrent of amusement.


“I'm... sorry, are you finished?” Kern said after a moment. “I just didn't expect-” He said trying to compose himself. He casually dropped the satchel he carried on the ground, and turned away from the old man to look at his 'servants'.


“You are entertaining... truly, but you don't frighten me. You are but a toothless old sage roaring at the volcano as it rumbles in the distance. You don't know what is coming for you.” Kern said as he tapped a button on his sleeve, activating a trap that he'd set in the landing bay area remembering mention of the arrival of others.


Kern shook his head slowly as he folded his arms in disgust. After a moment, the closest servant of the archivist suddenly ceased up, it's body contorting in different unnatural ways, powered by Kern's own manipulations... until finally the darkside ripped the body apart as it screeched, scattering it's bits to the far corners of the massive room as pieces dark red and black viscera now the only signs of it's former existence. The display of power was a simple warning. The darkness here had amplified his power, making it far easier to call upon the force to do his bidding.


“Your 'legion' is pathetic. Send them...send ten times there number, and I could still cleave that bulbous block you call a head from your shoulders before you can mouth the word 'mercy'. You've captured a vessel? How quaint. Truly a triumph. I have bathed in the blood of myriad upon myriad who thought to resist me. I have broken more beings then you have dreamt of. I need no vast array of mindless undead minions to do my bidding.” Kern announced. His will was focused, his goal in sight, his entire being ready to accomplish his task.


He turned back to the man with eyes as red as the molten core of Kesh itself. It was a flash at the raw power at his beckon call, a deep seething cauldron of hatred that emanated from a place darker then any black hole, Kern himself. He walked past the zombified beings with sullen confidence. He heard a small beep in his helmet, finally, he had expected guests.


“Now, as for the jedi? I have felt there coming since before I arrived here, my entire voyage has been foreordained. Do you imagine that you are the only one with vision and means? You think you know Darkness? Pure arrogance. The Sith ARE darkness. Powers vast, unknowable, and unsympathetic have brought me here, and you dare stand in MY way? In the way of the Sith? Pure Folly.” Kern said with a clear promise. His anger rising as he spoke. Threats were for lesser beings, Kern did not threaten.


“The holocrons' are mine, and when the Jedi arrive, I will deal with them in my own inimitable way. If you assist in handing this vessel to the Sith, you will be accommodated, possibly rewarded. Resist... or attempt to intervene and you will be punished.” Kern said as he walked towards the holocrons that loomed before him, fascinated by their appearance. He could almost hear the recordings held deep within, ancient knowledge of Sith ways and methods that would pave his way to power beyond measure. 

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"Some things... are worse then death, being forgotten for example..."

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The deep range scans brought up Kerns vessels for the split second it took for either ship to acknowledge each other, a single unidentified blip against the background static of massive amounts of radiation. It was not that however, that brought Sandy’s attention, it was the very sudden and very real spike of the presence of the darkside. It had moved, it had focused into a blink of rage enough to tighten her grip on Aidan’s hand and for her presence to give warning to both he and Kel. 


It was enough to know that there was a Sith here, likely on the Eternal Vigilance. She let the stress and fear escape with an exhale of breath. Then, concentrating on the force, she hit the accelerators. Riding the edge of dangersense and the pull of the force, she pulled the starship in a long loop, bouncing between eddies of ionized gasses, trusting in the force and in her friends. 


The grey blip of the Eternal Vigilance slowly grew in the viewing pane mounted in the cockpit, still safe, still silent, but the force raged there. She could feel its pull from kilometers out as she plotted the approach. 


But there was the other ship, tucked there in the safety of one of the boarding tunnels that the Eternal vigilance used. She looked at both of her friends. She was doubtful, but the darkside was definitely present aboard the EV, and that meant the Sith had gotten there before.


“Should we attack it on the approach?” 


It was only a few minutes away at the rate of approach, and it was a simple question, but a necessary one. Take the risk and send a half dozen torpedoes into what could be innocents? Trust that somehow not attacking a Dark Jedi’s vessel couldn't possibly bite them in the ass? She wanted to for sure, but this was not her decision alone.


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The question jarred at Aidan's concentration, pulling his focus away briefly and causing a slight disruption to their connection. The ship slowly veered slightly off of its safe heading, but as he snapped his attention back to the task at hand he was able to help fix it.

"I'm...not sure...valuable ship...probably shouldn't..."

It was all he could manage to mutter as he rededicated himself to feeling out the strong gravimetric currents, finding a path of safety among the turbulent cosmic waves. Maybe Kel would have something to say on the matter, but Aidan couldn't afford more than that, lest he risk their entire mission again.

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The laughter echoed again in a raucous cacophony of rotted throats. Two voices were not heard, for the Archivist was looking at his dismembered thrall with what almost appeared to be pity. His expression softened as he turned back to Kern, portraying a world of sadness in a single look. His Legion began to converge around Kern, their voices echoing a thousand different words, some hands empty, some holding blasters, or other implements they may have died with. The Pure white eyes of their master blinked and the sorrow was gone, replaced instead with a look of disgust. 


“Listen to yourself, you are no Sith Lord. You act like a child who only wants his dessert, throwing a tantrum with little restraint or consideration. You are nothing more than a Dark Jedi.” 


He shook his white head and stood, leaning on a long staff of black metal. 


“You know nothing of the Sith. Those Lords who once carved their galaxy out of a million worlds. They did this.-” he extended a frail hand. “-With restraint, with patience. It was only when they gave into the base instinct of greed and power that they fell from their grace. Until you learn those lessons you will never succeed.” 


His voice became solemn. And the force moved heavily. Rooting Kern’s feet to the decking. 


“So will you fight and die, or will you learn your lesson?”


Guarding the Eternal Vigilance Since 2019

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Sandy simply nodded in return and settled back down into the arms of the force, letting it guide her every movement. The slight touch of her right foot on the pedal that controlled the starboard thrusters, that, mixed with the twist of the control yoke that slewed the ailerons brought the craft into a sharp banking turn that snapped them up over the large expanse of the Eternal Vigilance, to the exterior docking tunnels on the other side of the ship away from the other docked vessel. She pulled back swiftly on the throttle, ceasing the starships motion and just edging it under one of the long wings that jutted out of the EV’s side. She matched the speed of the drifting starship and initiated the docking sequence. With a double ‘clunk’ the two ships were magnetized together, the two docking tunnels connected but not yet sealed. 


She looked up as her concentration waned. 


“Very well done you two.” She kept her voice soft, as if the Sith inside could hear them. She picked her lightsabre off her belt and took two deep, steadying breaths. 


The boarding tunnel was right behind their cockpit, and it was now or never. 


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Aidan appreciated Sandy's praise, but there were much larger things to worry about right now. He moved with the rest, speaking up as they entered the ancient spaceship.

"Hey, by the way...I know you both probably feel the Dark Side's influence here, and I just want to say I'm not entirely sure it's just from the region. On approach...well, I thought I noticed another small ship docked on the far side of this thing. I could be imagining things, but...well, I think we all know I'm not. Keep on your toes."

Aidan looked around the hallway they had docked to, lit by nothing more than low powered lighting. Much of the ship would have been in an energy-conserving mode, awaiting full reactivation. That was the logical explanation of course, but it didn't make seeing it any less spooky. After seeing literal zombies on Gala, Aidan wasn't sure what to expect from the Force anymore.

"Well...I've never been on this thing. If I was, it was as an infant, but at the least I don't remember it. Do either one of you two have any idea which way we should head first?"


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Kel simply nodded at his master's praise. As the three of them walked through the boarding tunnel, Kel felt a dark presence distinct from the chaos of the maw. Aidan's warning went without saying. We were not alone on this ship.


When the 3 jedi and R5 entered the landing bay they took a moment to discuss their plan. Aidan started off by asking where we would go first. "I think the we should start with the helm. If we can restore power to the bridge, we should be able to get a better idea of where to find what we're looking for."


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