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Sgt. Slaughter

[Capital Ship] Senth-class Picket Ship

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Model: Senth-class Picket Ship

Class: Corvette

Manufacturer: Naboo Royal Engineers

Length: 34 meters

Width: 120 meters (flying wing)

Height: 8 meters

Appearance:  The ship is based on the J-class diplomatic barge, favored by Naboo politicians in the final days of the Republic.


Quad Laser Turrets: 14

Turbolaser Cannons: 4

Concussion Missile Tubes: 4



During the constant skirmishing and pitched battles that followed the fall of Coruscant, planets previously fortified by the Galactic Alliance in the Mid Rim and outer reaches of the galaxy became neglected as virtually the entire fleet was dispatched to flashpoints in multiple sectors. Piracy loomed perilously close to major shipping lanes, and worlds already off these routes were soon preyed upon and forced to fend for themselves, sometimes cobbling together fighter squadrons from spare parts and refitting civilian yachts and freighters to serve as patrol vessels.


Out of this unfortunate state of affairs was born the Senth-class Picket Ship of Naboo, an attempt by the Naboo Royal Engineers to refit a passenger yacht into an antistarfighter platform. Originally crude, the design was revised over multiple iterations to include additional shielding, more weaponry, and more engines at the cost of crew comforts and armor. Resembling a chrome-plated flying wing, the Senth-class is studded with quadlaser turrets on the dorsal and ventral surfaces of its wings, under its bridge, and immediately above its engine cluster. Turbolaser emplacements are situated at the center of the hull and tips of the wings. The high gun depression of the turrets allows it to bring a surprising amount of firepower to bear on individual targets.


Though designed for antipiracy duties, the Senth-class fares well as an antistarfighter screen in a larger fleet. Experienced crews of the corvettes have remarked that the handling of the vessel resembles that of an extremely heavy starfighter rather than a capital ship, and are prone to guiding their ship directly into the fray of a dogfight to support allied starfighter squadrons with its heavy array of quad laser turrets. In this task the Senth-class functions with aplomb, though its anemic turbolaser complement and poor armor prevent it from taking on larger ships or even some corvettes without support.


An interesting side effect of its flying-wing design is that the Senth-class has a remarkably low sensor profile. Its heavy armaments preclude it from use as an infiltration vessel, but designs are in draft to strip it of much of its firepower to fulfill this role.


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