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The Jensaarai

(NPC Playable Faction) The Jensaarai

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Organization Name:

The Jensaarai



Yes, Force Users


Appearance / Uniforms:

Jensaarai of the Defender rank and above all wear personally crafted cortosis based armor formed to resemble a creature that personifies their desires or goals of service to the Jensaarai community. Gray cloaks and robes are also worn; however this does not hinder the members from wearing anything else should the need arise. Apprentices wear a smattering of light armor provided to them by the order, until they are able to craft their own Jensaarai armor as their final test before undertaking the Rite of Ascension.


Jensaarai primarily fight with lightsabers, but many members are also skilled with other weapons and combat styles. They do not look down on any type of weaponry provided the use of the weapon serves the purpose and goals of the Jensaarai. Most members craft their own sabers, much like the Jedi. This is not, however, a requirement and some members carry sabers they acquired via other means.



Saarai-Kaar: the master of the order. There is only ever one Saarai-Kaar at a time.


Defenders: these are full fledged members of the order akin to both the ranks of Jedi Knight and Master. All Defenders are equal to one another and willingly place themselves under the charge of one another for the betterment of their community. To attain this rank, an apprentice must have completed their armor, constructed or attained a lightsaber, learned the ability to hide one’s self in the force, and studied under the tutelage of a Defender in good standing. Apprentices being promoted to the rank of Defender will have the title granted to them, if possible, by the Saarai-Kaar after undergoing the Rite of Ascension.


Apprentices: Apprentices are newfound initiates to the community and devoted students of the Jensaarai ways that have not yet undergone the Rite of Ascension. 


Ideals / Alignment:

The Jensaarai as a whole are a neutral good organization, although individual members of the group span the spectrum. They are all bound together by a deeper set of ideals than good or bad and swear to uphold these ideals and the preservation of their order. These Ideals, amongst others listed below, include a fierce dedication to honor and discipline, respecting the same wherever it may be found.


The Jensaarai are dedicated to the preservation of peace and justice; first amongst their own ranks and surrounding community, then the world around them where they have taken up residence, and then the galaxy at large. Jensaarai were expected to never betray their order or sacrifice the communities that embraced them. The only exception being when the community turned on their order.

The Jensaarai have an aggressive streak in their outlook on life and believe in maintaining their ideals by force: Peace by the blade.


Emotions are not frowned upon, but accepted as part of being alive. One cannot allow them to control them however. Each Jensaarai is a master of his or her body, mind, and emotions.

Jensaarai are not above the use of deception, so long as honor is not compromised. This includes the use of stealth and deceit to protect their community and to gain an upper hand against a foe with no honor. Sleight-of-hand, trickery, and deception are not in and of themselves dishonorable; in fact when given the choice, the Jensaarai would rather fade from sight to protect others than risk open combat if it is not required.



The Jensaarai are an openly-secretive isolationist monastic group of force users dedicated to protecting one another, the worlds that allow them to take up residency and the galaxy at large. Members of the order are dedicated to their own with an unmatched zeal. Family is allowed, even if spouses and children do not ascribe to the ideals of the order. The order resides on a repurposed Ithorian Herd ship crafted to provide for their needs. The ship is parked on a planet that is willing to allow the Jensaarai to take up residency. They only leave when the people in the area request they leave or their presence creates a threat deemed too great to the world about them.


The Jensaarai’s prized possession is an ancient Sith holocron from which they drew their initial beliefs and dedicated their order to following. This holocron was stolen by their founder, the first Saarai-kaar, a rogue Anzat Jedi. Amongst the numerous Sith teachings and techniques contained within the holocron is a history of the ancient Sith and Jedi orders, including the teachings that the Jedi stole everything they knew from the Jedi. The Jensaarai sought to distance themselves from the false pretenses of the Jedi and to purify the light side of the force; unknowingly falling to the dark side. Over time, the original founders were killed by the Jedi. The remnants of the order struggled to reform themselves and over time came to dedicate themselves to the light side. They did not fear the dark, but knew that such power demanded caution and respect. Through this strict adhesion of respect towards the dangers  of the darkside and the dishonor that they knew they would bring upon themselves and their order, the Jensaarai could study the teachings and knowledge contained in the Sith holocron; even if they could not use the powers contained within for refusal to given themselves over to the call of darkness. The concept of Jiaasjen, was created by the Jensaarai. Jiaasjen, literally “integrating the shadow”, was how the Jensaarai were able to tread so close to the dark side without being consumed, provided the practitioners power of will was strong enough. The entirety of a Jensaarai’s dark side association, although individual Jensaarai may walk a darker path, came in walking the edge of darker emotions to increase their aggression and combat skills. This, however, was held in check by the focus on the greater good of the community over the individual. It did not mean that letting themselves so freely walk the line bordering darkness did not take its toll. After prolonged combat, when the Jensaarai warrior perceived no more threats and returned from the brink of darkness, he would find himself wholly exhausted, mentally, physically, emotionally and in practically every way. It took time and focus for the warrior to recover. There are stories of Jensaarai Defenders who could go on fighting for days before this happened, so long as they remained on the brink of darkness, prepared for anything. a Jensaarai warrior can pull himself from this force exhaustion, but at great personal cost upon their physical being. The longer a Jensaarai warrior remains on the brink, the more danger to falling to the darkness their is; this is why Every Jensaarai warrior swears an oath to protect his fellow Jensaarai and to redeem them or, if they could not, destroy them.  


Any Jensaarai who falls entirely to the dark side or treads too far into the darkness will be brutally reeducated or destroyed. The Jensaarai know from their history that a devotion to the darkness would lead members to forgo their dedication to their order and threaten the existence of them all. 

Membership in the order is open to anyone who is found to fit the ideals of the order or willing to conform to them. Often these beings are found by Jensaarai Defenders and invited in or recruited from the communities that surround the Jensaarai. Many beings trained in the ways of the Jedi or Sith find it difficult to reconcile what they have learned with the truths espoused by the Jensaarai. Apprentices train under the tutelage of Defenders on their herdship. They are not taught via classroom learning or instruction. Instead, the ways of the Jensaarai are taught by living the life of a a member and a strict adhesion to the Jensaarai way. They train in a myriad of forms of combat with a focus on personal hand-to-hand combat, as that is the most honorable; in moving stealthily and masking their personal appearance and even the appearance of their entire order and ship both physically and in the force; caring for their order; self-preservation / survival; protecting their communities; discipline; self-control; meditation; history and many other individual skills and knowledges that help to preserve their way of life.


Apprentices give up all of their outer trappings when they join the Jensaarai, dedicating themselves entirely to the order. They are not encouraged to forget their past, they are just required to cut themselves away from their old ways. They maintain their first names though , or another chosen name by which they are known within the order during their tenure as an apprentice


Possessions given up upon joining the order are liquidated or given to the furtherance of the order or the communities and worlds upon which the Jensaarai find themselves taking up residency.


Upon being deemed worthy by the Saarai-kaar to ascend to the rank of Defender, apprentices undergo the week long Rite of Ascension which culminates in a night of fasting and contemplation followed by the Conference of Title and multi-day feast enjoyed by the entire order. During this time, apprentices give up their name, adopting a name or sign associated with the creature their recently crafted armor is modeled after. For example, Kier, upon undergoing the Rite of Ascension gives up the right to her name and is from then on known as The Malia, the beast her armor is formed in the image of.


Jensaarai means “hidden follower of the truth” in the ancient Sith language. Likewise, Saarai-kaar, the leader of the order, means ”keeper of the truth” and is the only publicly known member of the order, having exchanged his or her armor for a newly crafted set of armor that instead of resembling a creature resembles the Saarai-kaar; the helmet a protective copy of the leader’s face. The Saarai-kaar is known by their title and not by their name or callsign and represents the order to the galaxy. While other members of the order may be known to certain people or groups the Saarai-kaar is known to the galaxy at large.


The Jensaarai freely associate with any people who value honor and peace. At times this has included organizations such as the Jedi and the Mandalorians. They will train with and live beside such people without reservation. On rare occasions, this means the Jensaarai will even stand shoulder to shoulder with a Sith!

The key difference between the Jensaarai and the Jedi are a dedication first to their own community and not a sworn animosity to any one group, order or ideal. The Jensaarai value peace and will strike with powerful violence that mirrors the ferocity of a Sithspawn warrior to ensure peace and justice for those they stand beside. Emotions are seen as a part of existence and the dark side to be respected, but not feared. The Jensaarai adhere to the light side of the force as the Jedi do, but focus their force using abilities on protection, combat, and preservation.


The Jensaarai and Sith differ in that the Jensaarai refuse to succumb to the call of the dark side, resisting it by force of will. This means the Jensaarai cannot perform  Sith rituals and dark side abilities. The Jensaarai only flirt with the dark side in combat where they allow their emotions to feed their already lethal combat abilities, pressing them to the edge of physical ability. The Jensaarai desire to live in peace and do not nurture desires to suppress others; nor do they look down on others of differing force traditions, provided they are not possessed and controlled by the dark side towards war and discord and dishonor.


Even though they are dedicated to peace, Jensaarai recognize the concept of Just War and believe that they have a duty to establish peace wherever they go, by almost any cost. If given the choice, the Jensaarai would like to exist in peaceful conformity, living amongst their own and the accepting communities they partnered with.


If playable, is this faction appropriate for those new to the site or RP?:


*once a sufficient Defender-ranked PC or NPC account is available


Topics to be covered in subsequent development:

-Mobile monastery (Ithorian herdship) -Narzen

-Saarai-Kaar NPC -Pheristroch

-Other NPCs

-Rite of Ascension/Conference of Title - Ben

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A note on lightsaber creation:


The Jensaarai, like the Jedi and the Sith craft their own lightsabers, mostly. Some Jensaarai carry sabers claimed in combat, bought on the black market, or passed down through familial generations.


Unlike other force groups, the Jensaarai see the crafting of a lightsaber as something utilitarian. There is nothing mystic or holy about it. That being said, Jensaarai still use the same lightsaber crafting techniques as the Jedi. Crystals used by Jensaarai are purchased from offworld sources and are often precious gems such as carefully force crafted rubies, emeralds, and diamonds amongst others.


Jensaarai members often craft their sabers as one of their first acts as an apprentice as soon as their grasp of the force usages needed for crafting are understood. The Jensaarai have reported that members as young as 4 years of age have crafted lightsabers.


Lightsaber color is nothing more than a side effect of the crafting of the weapon. Members have been known to carry sabers spanning the colors of the spectrum, including red.

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