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Solus' Character Sheet

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Real Name:  Solus


Homeworld: Ishvara

Species: Shard*


Physical Description


Without Robot Chassis

Height: 9”

Weight: 11 lbs

Eyes: None


With Robot Chassis

Height: 8’7”

Weight: 935 lbs

Eyes: Red


Age:  346 years old

Hair: None 

Sex: Male




Clothing or Armor: Incomplete Hutt Security Droid

Weapon: None

Common Inventory: Scomp Link, Motion Sensors.


Faction Information


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User Force Sensitive

Alignment: Evil

Current Faction Affiliation: Sith

Current Faction Rank: Hopeful




Force Side: Dark Side

Trained by: N/a

Trained who: N/a

Known Skills: None



Many years ago near the end of the New Sith Wars, an Umbaran sith known only as Darth Shuburoth created a hidden lab and vault for her own uses at Ishvara. The lab itself was hidden away for the sole fact that she was paranoid of betrayal from the other sith. She became obsessed with creating and having perfect minions and followers, ones who could never betray her and would keep her alive all the time. She used sith alchemy on numerous species, creating monsters of all kinds, but never getting what she wanted. From mutating monsters to trying to reanimate the dead, Darth Shuburoth failed in creating a perfect, sentient minion. 


However, she eventually discovered the Shards. Originally she took pieces of them to try to craft them into a different type of lightsaber crystals, but was shocked to discover that these small rocks were alive. Excited for this discovery, she began to design and build droids that could allow these new, potentially perfect minions, to control their own bodies. She even began to experiment with draining the life out of some crystals, and theorized she could do the same with droid bodyguards outfitted with the shards. A minion who, with possibly a restraining bolt, would give their life to save hers and unable to resist working for her. However, between fighting in the New Sith Wars and experimenting on her other creatures, she was unable to complete the droid chassis before dying by the blade of Lord Hoth. 


Over time, the shards began to reproduce and make more of themselves in this strange home. The droid servants, hutt security droids that were gifts, continued their commands and made sure that the shards were well cared for, protected and hidden away.  They also attempted to complete the droid chassis Darth Shuburoth had started, but without her guidance, the chassis lay incomplete. 


One of the shards, Solus, began to act differently compared to his brethren. Solus, at a very early age, saw “a world beyond ours. A world that has senses beyond ours. One more than just jolts of electricity and touch”. However, his ravings fell on deaf ears, and his family ignored him and continued to dream up philosophies and thoughts beyond what organics knew. 


Solus however became obsessed and continued to rave and rant about this world he had seen only once. With his ravings, he eventually earned the other shard’s disapproval, who in turned cut Solus off from all communication. Shocked at this deed, Solus became enraged and attempted and failed to forcefully reconnect with the other shards. 

Like Darth Shuburoth who had brought his kind there, Solus began to obsess with life. Though where the sith wanted a minion, Solus wanted a perfect family. One that would not turn on him. However, he lacked the ability and knowledge to reproduce. Still, he tried over and over, and with each failure, he grew more angry and screamed into the void around him.


*A note on this shard character. Its only mode of movement and interacting with other beings is through a specially designed droid chassis that was specific to integrating shard. If Solus' chassis is suddenly destroyed but his crystal is still intact, it would be the same as killing him. The combination of the sudden loss of all his senses, the pain of the entire body being destroyed and the loss of all interaction skills would be traumatic to say the least, and Solus would be in mental pain for a long time. Even if a new body was created (which would take a large amount of time to say the least), Solus would still need to mentally calm down before he could even use the body. Effectively, losing the body or all function of the body (losing a head, being disabled by a ionization blast, anything that would normally destroy a droid character) is a character death.  

If the crystal is destroyed, that would be the equivalent of destroying a person's brain. The droid chassis has no memory or sentience of its own. Without Solus, it is an empty shell. If someone wanted to bring him back to life, Solus would still follow the rules for bring back characters, and even then, cloning isn't an option, being non-organic. 

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