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Many of us were young, naive, stupid, irresponsible teens when we joined JNet way back in the day. How are you going now as an adult? Are you doing what you wanted to be doing? Or not? Happy with where life has led you? Or have you led your life to where you are?


For me, my wife and I will celebrate our 8 year wedding anniversary in a few weeks, our 3.5yr old daughter is a firecracker with a great vocab and a brilliant mix of princess and tomboy. Our 3month old is developing some personality and the smiles are cute, but we're DONE on that front. Career wise, I was doing the part time McDonalds gig in high school, i worked for a few other companies in my hometown before moving to the city when i was about 21. I worked in FMCG for several years with Coke, then left and did a degree at uni to become a primary school teacher. Taught for a few years and then was head hunted into an Edtech company where I now provide training to teachers who use our product, an educational video platform. 


I was heavily into refereeing football (soccer) until kids turned up and it became too hard to manage time and travel for work, and now I run, having completed a half marathon back in November and I'm registered for my first full marathon which is on 5th April. I'm loving doing that as I can just walk out the door and go, no equipment needed beyond a watch to record the session.

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I joined when I was thirteen, a naive and embarrassing homeschooler who LAP took under his wing to the RP. 


Am I where I want to be in life? No. I am very far away from what I thought I would be some 15 years later. Some of it good, I am loving being in IT at a police department, But with no Girlfriend or Wife its a bit lonely. So its so so haha. I am so glad you are doing well Brendo. Miss you my friend. 


Blood Prince

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