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Astrographical Information

Stationary or Mobile: Mobile

Current Location: Colonies

Grid Coordinates: N/A


Physical Information

Hyperdrive Capabilities: Class 4

Size: 610 Meters

Physical Description | Exterior: Standard

Physical Description | Interior: Standard

Physical Description | Other: N/A

Hangars: Standard with addition of Private Hangars


Tactical Information

Faction Affiliation: Black Sun

Crew Complement: 135

Fighter Complement: N/A

Shields: Standard

Armaments: Twin Blaster Cannons(8)

Defense Protocol: Civilian Patrons


JediRP Canon History

A new design by Chandrilla, made specifically for Black Sun, the Chandrilan Class II starship is the top of its class when it comes to luxury liners. The cruise liner features top line staterooms for costumers to stay in along with a personal service droid in each stateroom. The liner offers up unique places for any guest to feel welcomed, all of which includes 12 different dining options, including 4 main dining halls, 8 cantinas, five grand floors of casino options and 3 theaters for entertainment pleasure. There are also 3 unique spas onboard along with 2 game centers and 3 libraries of holodramas. There is also a meeting room for anyone looking to combine work and pleasure. It is also equipped with 5 Sienar-Chall Utilipede transports for guests to travel to planet side for an excursion on their trip.  


 The ship also has special accommodations for Black Sun, which includes a private hangar that can house up to 4 freighter size ships and private staterooms for up to 7 Vigos to stay onboard the ship at any given time. There is also a personal meeting room for them alone, and a personal office space/stateroom for Zalis.



(Written by @Roleplayer X, first post goes to him.)





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Eternal elegance would be a word that many would describe the sheer beauty of the design and interior of the Titan. Even now as many of its maiden voyage first guest began to arrive, the sheer awe and wonder of everyone taking it in and making comments about the ship was causing a stir. Freshly waiting to leave the dock, as passengers were coming onboard, media crews were outside pegging people for interviews. Senator Hiirsa Pliokannelb was currently being interviewed with her family on how they planned to spend their week on the luxury cruise liner. One of the media outlets was making a report on the Velmor royal family and how they have already snuck on board privately through paying for Czerka’s private experience, which was privately offered to those of higher-ranking status to avoid having to do such interviews. One reporter was talking with a few families of those who have lost loved ones on Dark Sun station, to which got to participate on the cruise’s maiden voyage for free through the generosity of Zalis Krales. 


Before guests could even get on, they were screened for weapons, which were prohibited due to travel restrictions of the ships design to enter many different territories throughout its voyage. Only security guards were allowed weapons, and even then, they were not allowed within the main dining halls. 

Within the actual main grand entry lounge, a single reporter and crew were given special access to tour the whole ship, including the private Black Sun quarters, to which Zalis had already gone on report of saying that such things are important for the galaxy to know that their own suites are less than the royal and penthouse suites of the ship. One of the penthouse suite buyers, Fyrrik, the president of BlasTech was talking up how the quest relations so far have been beyond what he was expecting, and exceeded all expectations. Soft music was playing in the background and there were plenty of servers walking around offering up complimentary drinks to everyone, they even had a special drink for kids. All of the servers and workers were dressed in outfits of the two shades of green, with the orange and white and logo on the left chest. 


The whole grand entry hall was a soft orangish yellow stone with soft lights built within them giving a soft warm glow against the black marble floor. Standing at the main point where guests could take stairs up or down two floors on each side or walk around to the turbo lifts stood Zalis Krales. She was dressed in a dress of white and silver with a black outline. The outfit alone made her red hair pop and stand out. The media outlets marveled at her sight, but none were able to connect with her, as she made herself the main host, greeting and shaking hands with every guest that came in. She made it a point to spend more time with the guests who lost loved one from Dark Sun Station. There was one patient reporter who decided to wait until all guests were onboard to stake out the sacred interview with the one and only Zalis, so they hung back and awaited their opportunity. 


“So Zalis, what inspired this grand cruise line and do you fear that this is the wrong time to make the giant push?” With a soft bat of the eyes and using a hand to push some of her hair back behind her ears to keep it out of her face, she simply smiled. “The cruise liner has always been a dream of Czerka, and one that as Black Sun began its merge was something that fit directly into our new model of business. We’ve always wanted to provide safe entertainment for the galaxy. Being a part of wars was something that has long been dying out, and even some of our old Vigo’s struggled to let the past die-“”You mean Delta””Yes, Delta was one of those who struggled to transition. But with our new direction, as evidence through creating safe places of business and moving to provide better experiences for the galaxy like Dark Sun bank, we feel like this is the perfect time to launch this project. The galaxy needs to know that we are not who we used to be. And let’s be honest, the galaxy also needs some fun and relaxation. Hopefully Titan can be that place for everyone. And I’ve already said it once and I’ll say it again, I would love to have the Jedi and Sith join us for a time away. This place will always be a safe place for anyone to come and relax at.”


***** 1 HOUR LATER *****


“600,000 credits! You wasted 600,000 credits on slave trade?!?!” “umm-well..I..” The young Mon Calamari stammered as he searched for the right words to say to his employer. “It’s… still a productive field and one where many… buyers still pay good amounts for good slaves.” Zalis was clearly fuming and she paced the meeting room that was reserved alone for Black Sun. The doors were locked and no one was inside outside of the young Mon Calamari, a Human male by the name of Vaynar, and 2 Twi’leks, one male and one female by the name of Ghorza. She was still within her dress for the opening ceremony to greet passengers. She took a moment to look in the eyes of the male Twi’Lek, Akor’ketez, who had been her main assistant for over a year now. He gave her a look that suggested he already knew the outcome of this meeting before she did. 


“Slave trading is an outdated business. It should have died out.” “No Ma’am, the market in the outer rim highly suggests that it’s what they want more than anything else we could offer.” She rolled her eyes in sheer annoyance of his words. “No. That market has indeed dried up. It’s not profitable to anyone anymore. If your buyers truly want that, they are blinded by their own outdated desires.” Zalis leaned forward as if to slap the young Mal Calamarian, but she stopped to instead tower over him. “You have 6 standard months to make a profit out of this, or else the funds are coming out of your paycheck. Leave.” The young aspiring Vigo made no hesitation and quickly left the room. Akor’ketez locked the door behind him. Zalis quickly put herself to stand in front of both the male human and the female Twi’lek. 


“You’re both co-Governor Vigos of that area… who authorized that and thought it was a good idea?” The female began to speak but was interrupted by the male. “It was a joint decision ma’am. We both felt like it was a good ide-“”Oh bullshit- that was a single person’s decision. Whose?!” The last word was made louder and stronger to get her point across. There was hesitation on both parties before the male spoke again. ”I am again going to stand by my answer that it was a joint decision…” Zalis got more annoyed and turned to have her side to both of them, only to quickly draw out a vibrodager and stab it into the heart the Vaynar. The loud gasp and clear sound of air being forced out on impact made the female Twi’lek flinch. “Let that be a lesson to you Ghorza- when you’re in charge, everything is your fault.” Zalis now turned to face her and narrowed her eyes. “Go and make sure that everyone now knows that sector 7 is back to a single governor Vigo status.” 


Zalis watched as Ghorza quickly left the room in partial gratitude and the other part sheer fear. As the door shut, she turned back towards Akor’ketez with a sigh. “They’re continuing to follow after a path that holds no future. Slave trading… what a joke.” She began to walk to a refresher that was in the room and started to clean herself up from the mess. “Clearly you mean the clientele. We all know the Vigos are running scared of what it could mean to bring in less. They also know you’ve fully wiped out Delta’s assets and removed him from all databases within our systems for not following the new direction.” Turning her head to look at the pale blue Twi’lek, she shook her hands dry and walked away from the refresher and back towards the table. “They don’t understand that what they want is no longer profitable. It’s a dying culture that’s breeding ignorance and self-centeredness and it needs to be burned out…” She quickly picked up a datapad and began to quickly type something in. Upon her finishing, she handed it to Akor’ketez. It was a bounty to be published. 


“Ma’am… one of these belongs to us…” She just simply nodded her head. “The only way to fix this is the let it all die. We need to kill it. Including our own. Post it, but don’t let it have any ties back to Black Sun. Once you’re done with that, I could use you in the main dining hall for tonight. We need to be on fully to gain investments from some of our… high profiled guests…”


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The small ship containing R3-M0 and Z-3PX landed aboard the newly launched Titan within one of his luxurious hangars designated for the Black Sun. As he waited for the ramp to lower, Remo looked toward Zepex, having the droid relay to its former Master that it had agreed to the compensation of thirty percent on the condition that Zepex became a permanent liaison between the Intergalactic Banking Clan and the Black Sun. With that said, the small R3 droid rolled down the ramp and headed toward @Zalis Krales, Zepex quickly in tow once the message had been relayed.


When Remo arrived at Zalis's location, he was excited to see the remains of a bloodbath being cleaned, including a form being dragged away to a nearby disposal chute and Zalis stepping out from a nearby refresher, his constant beeping and blooming echoing his chilling laughter as the fond memories of his filleting the Imperial Empress coming to mind.


"Master Remo says hello." Zepex translated for R3-M0 as the droid's binary words became lost in its usual translation. "And that Project Alimony has been completed with the Intergalactic Banking Clan on Scipio, with I, Z-3PX, being a permanent placement as Liaison to him a bonus, making translation him an easier feat."


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