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Leena Kil

Leena Kil’s Character Sheet

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Real Name: Leena Kil


Homeworld: Dac

Species: Mon Cal


Physical Description


Age: 17

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 180 lbs

Skin: Mottled salmon

Eyes: Yellow

Sex: Female




Clothing or Armor: White healers robes with a mismatched pair of white stormtrooper boots

Weapon: A single silver hilted lightsaber with a teal blade

Common Inventory:

Medi-kit, Datapad complete with sample collections and testing array, first aid kit, bag of small Jedi healing crystals


Faction Information


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User YES

Alignment: Light

Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi

Current Faction Rank: Apprentice -Ready for trials




Force Side: Light

Trained by: Circle of Healers

Trained who: None

Known Skills:

Standard Jedi Training

Vast knowledge of biological information

A strong focus and affinity for force healing

Basic lightsaber combat, Form I - minimal

Emergency Medical Treatment (Paramedic level equivalent)


Sabacc expertise




Leena Kil, a rather unfortunate last name for someone in her standing, is on the verge of being promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight and assigned to the Circle of Jedi Healers. She is anxiously awaiting her first assignment in this war torn galaxy so as to undergo her trials and attain the rank of Knight


Much of Leena’s training took place under a variety of Jedi healers, her affinity to the force being found early in her life and her skills with healing being found not terribly long after that. Sheltered away from the galaxy at large, Leena devoted herself to studying the healing arts on both physical and mental levels, with the force and by hand. Often enough she was called upon to assist the healers as they treated wounded Jedi and outsiders who arrived on their steps. They did not turn anyone away. It was a good way to see the galaxy without seeing much of it all. Leena knee the dangers that lurked out in the wilds beyond the temples’ walls, even though she rarely got to experience any of them first hand - sage for a foray or two to lend aid to some overworked and understaffed aid center on Coruscant or Kashyyk or Corellia under the tutelage of a master healer. 


Leena’s earliest memories were of the Jedi and the temples are her home. The rare Mon Cal that she has seen has been something of a wonder and a testament to biology leading psychology as the girl never passed up a chance to talk to someone that looked like her. She always walked away fascinated by how similar and different their outlooks on life and habits were.


Ship Registration


Name: The Bridge

Class: Fighter/Trainer

Model: RZ-1T Trainer

Manufacturer: Incom Corp.

Length: 9.6 meters

Armaments: 2 laser cannons

Armor: Lightly armored and shielded

Anti-Personnel Defenses: N/A

Modifications: Second seat as it is a training vessel


Appearance: An A-Wing painted with a blue stripe down the middle of an all white frameas opposed to the typical red stripe.


Edited by Leena Kil

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NPC Champion: The Mantis


Jensaarai (rebel) fleet, under the command of The Mantis:


The People’s Hope

Precision Strike Carrier Group: Fighter Command

Supported Cruiser

Experience: GREEN 1XP

-Tapani-class Carrier: Mustafar  9/9 

Complement: Manta Class Assault Starfighters

constructed: Fondor

-Crusader XX-777 protype Droid Frigates:

Right 3/3

Privilege 3/3

Class 3/3

constructed: Corellia

Tours of Duty:



Description: The People’s Hope is a combined force led by a sleek Tapani carrier from the Tapani sector’s Freeworld Territories. With the encroachment of Sith forces, the Tapani dispatched the Mustafar to secure their interests far from home. 
Allied with three angular prototype droid frigates that had slipped their moorings in an effort of self-preservation, the combined force set out to ally themselves with anyone who sought to contain the dark amoebous growth of the Sith. The droidships having ascertained that their assured destruction came from further inaction.



The People’s Voice
Hellriders: Hit and Run Tactics


Experience: Green

-PB-950 Patrol Boat: Hammer 2/1

-PB-950 Patrol Boat: Anvil 2/1
-PB-950 Patrol Boat: Axe 2/1

-PB-950 Patrol Boat: Blade 2/1

-PB-950 Patrol Boat: Shield 2/1

-PB-950 Patrol Boat: Mace 2/1

-PB-950 Patrol Boat: Spear 2/1

-PB-950 Patrol Boat: Lance 2/1

-PB-950 Patrol Boat: Dagger 2/1

-PB-950 Patrol Boat: Sword 2/1

-PB-950 Patrol Boat: Helm 2/1

-PB-950 Patrol Boat: Scythe 2/1

constructed: Corellia


Tours of Duty:



The double hulled dozen aged and batter PB-950 corvettes have long been used by the Independent Spacer & Smuggler Conglomerate to contain the myriad of fantastical and mythical beasts residing in the depths of The Maw Cluster. With the slow addition of more and more refugee space-farers and their ships, the Conglomerate sent the christened People’s Voice, under the command of a Jensaarai spacer who had saved countless lives of theirs to assist in reestablishing bastions of freedom throughout the galaxy.   


The People’s Will

Precision Strike Carrier Group: Fighter Command

Capital Ship

Experience: Green

-Endurance Class Fleet Carrier

Freedom’s Fist 20/20

Complement: variety of B-, X-, A-, Y-, wings , Z-95s, and Scythe and Freefall -class bombers

constructed: Kuat


Tours of Duty:



Description: The Freedom’s Fist 

was an aged warship relegated to Outer Rim patrol and suppression, having lived well beyond her prime during the Clone Wars. When the Senate and Alliance fell most recently, again, large swaths of troopers, sailors, and pilots simply abandoned their posts to return to their homes, others opted to stay and try and eek out a bastion of freedom with whatever resources they had left in the furthest reaches of the Outer Rim, and others sought out the infantile Rebel Alliance.

The Freedom’s Fist was left abandoned in low orbit over a small unidentified moon, her crew returning home or going native. The arrival of the Jensaarai in the system and their interest in the low hanging vessel in the sky drew attention to the otherwise forgotten vessel. Soon the ship was undergoing checks and repairs as old and new crewmen alike were found amongst the rough and tumble anarchist population. A myriad of hodgepodge fighters and bombers were acquired from a variety of sources to supplement the remaining craft aboard. It took over a year of dedicated work and preparation before the aged vessel was ready for deployment. Under the command of a bridge crewed by Jensaarai Defenders, old Alliance hands, and anarchist spacers the vessel set forth to ensure that the freedom of their growing settlement remained free of Sith oppression.

Edited by Leena Kil

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