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Lendron Neldis

Lendron Neldis

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Real Name: Lendron Neldis


Homeworld: Almania

Species: Human


Physical Description

Age: 52

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 175lbs

Hair: black

Eyes: brown

Sex: male



Clothing or Armor: Jedi Armed Forces uniform

Weapon: blaster sidearm

Common Inventory: commlink


Faction Information

Non-Force Sensitive

Alignment: Lawful Good

Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi Order (Armed Forces)

Current Faction Rank: Admiral


Task Force


Destroyer Group: Feet Command

One Capital Ship

Experience: Green, 1XP


Mon Calamari MC95B Stalwart Guidance

Captain Saeog Moorth

Tours of Duty:

Fleet Command: organize a task force over Nar Shaddaa to liberate Chandrilla

Description: The task force consists of a single, newly designed and deployed MC95B heavy destroyer. The Stalwart Guidance is primarily designed to be a fleet command and control ship as the head of the Jedi Order's affiliated Armed Forces. Admiral Neldis operates primarily from this ship when not on Nar Shaddaa.



((This character is played by Travis as a way to split duties between the Jedi Order (Adenna) and the military forces aligned to it (Neldis). All PMs should go to Travis.))

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