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Black Sun Agent(s)

Dark Phoenix (Modified Hyperspace Transmission Relay

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Dark Phoenix


Dark Phoenix is a modified hyperspace transmission relay commissioned by R3-M0 during his rise to leadership over the Black Sun, modified to contain his AI, and connected to real space via receiver mainframes based at each of his Vigo headquarters. A decommissioned R3 unit is stationed at each of these mainframes, preserved to serve as temporary hosts to his AI in the event of his actual presence being needed in real space.


Uploading and downloading the AI of R3-M0, like any computer, takes time to properly decompress and unload the vast amount of files that make up its memory, and as such takes sole priority during its transmission and is incapable of transmitting anything outside the AI its self. For this purpose, R3-M0 had black boxes installed into each R3 unit, operating separately from the unit with it's own backup power cell beneath a nearly indestructible casing as to ensure that his AI can properly stream its memory to Dark Phoenix without interference when the unit is destroyed or falls inactive.


As described above, due the sheer amount of time and functionality it takes to collect and process the data during uploading and downloading of the AI, R3-M0 rarely transmits himself, instead choosing to transmit his motives to his Vigos and work through them as the mind behind the scenes, remaining within Dark Phoenix.

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