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Darth Nyrys

Xian'tii Warships

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((I have included basic 3d mock ups of the ships since they are not canon and I couldn't find anything comparable online through image search. Please pardon my terrible 3d art skills.


Xian’tii Ships


Xian’tii vessels are notorious for using designs that incorporate tendrils to allow for more elegant implementations of systems like shields and propulsion. This is primarily expressed in two different configurations, the defensive forward configuration that creates a shifting series of layered shields allowing for the crew to distribute incoming fire and blunt focused enemy attacks, and the evasive rear configuration that allows for superb maneuverability in ways that most other current ships simply aren’t capable of. The configurations are referred to as siren and lurker, respectively. No ship has both, due to power and budget constraints. 


Xian’tii ships have a very organic appearance, similar to the Mon Calamari designs, but with  cephalopoidal traits and more predatory lines. Siren format ships tend to favor indirect fire weapons, or high power low fire rate weapons that can be set up to fire in coordination with the shield tendril movements. Lurker format ships are currently evaluating the pros and cons of aggressive forward firing arcs, evenly distributed firing arcs, and indirect fire weapons.


Siren Vessels (Battleships/capital ships)


Reprisal class battleship (Queen of Air and Darkness): Reprisal class ships are powerful defensive brawlers, built to escort high value ships and punish enemies that try to close in. Several armored shield tendrils protrude from the front of the ship, creating an ever changing pattern of interwoven energy shield plates. The main hull slants up and tapers off in the rear, making the ship one of the most squidlike in overall appearance, and while it uses standard laser cannons for point defense, its heavier ordnance is largely composed of indirect fire missiles and minecasters located on its “wings”.   




Lurker Vessels (Corvettes/Frigates/Cruisers)


Insidiator class Cruiser (Whispered Truth): Insidiators are agile destroyers, largely resembling a more organic and sleeker take on the arrowhead design of star destroyers. The Insidiator is not a ship built for head to head attrition combat, instead relying on constant repositioning and precision missile fire to destroy enemies through speed and guile. Insidiators have a sophisticated forward sensor hub that is often mistaken for the main bridge, which in fact is located on the ship’s ventral side.



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