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Coruscant - Galactic Throne

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“Tally-ho! Commander! Come look at this!” 


The overly cheerful voice of the petite redheaded executive officer of Darkhand Brigade piped up over the din of cleaning droids and general chatter. Delta glanced up with a smile as he looked for her short form above the cluster of other officers. He saw her waving her freckled hand, the long distinctive scar of replacement synthflesh near the elbow clearly visible, and jogged over. The group of the senior officers, of which Tares was a part, were in their red and black off duty jumpsuits, and gathered around the holonews station in the officer’s mess. Their eyes were locked on the screen, their jaws set in a mixture of astonishment and rage. 


“I don’t get it ser….” Said the red faced Zeltronian male. A recent transfer up ranks to the rank of sergeant major from Lion company. His scuffed nameplate established him as Jansen Trefey, someone that Delta trusted from his reputation, but could not have picked out of a crowd. “...Why would the Jedi attack Mon Calamari? Aren’t they at least friends?”” 


“Sergeant.” Delta answered, low enough to not attract attention but it brought every head swiveling his way. “We do not know the Jedi or their ways. There may be something very valuable there, or they could be kidnapping children to train at their temples.” This was an easy lie, and one that brought a score of grins from the NCOs who knew better. But it had its effect, the tension was gone, as were the questions, but Delta Answered them anyway. “I assume a team will be sent, and seeing that we have not moved from orbit, it may be us. See to your men, I will call a briefing if we get anything this side of Yaga Minor.” 


Below their feet the deck began to tremble in earnest, this conjoined with the red alert comm on Delta’s wrist told him all he needed to know. It was a message through the sci from Intelligence.


Terminus was deploying and the Darkhand with it


He looked at the message in its coded message and searched his memory for the cipher before keying it through the interface on his wrist.


Mpp Feqgtias




Mon Calamari


And Delta’s grim smile became a solid grin of teeth and malice.

Out of the pan and into the fire


Sith Naval Taskforce - Fleet Command

Taskforce Experience Green

- Assigned Callsign - 


Imperial Kyber Class Star Destroyer Terminus |20/20|

Commanded by Lord Girk Doma the "Devilfish" of Sith Naval Intelligence

Assigned Upgrade: Axial Weapon


Sith Naval Destroyer Group [Turbolasers]

Taskforce Experience Green

- Assigned Callsign - 


Sith Victory II Star Destroyer Brimstone|9/9|

Sith Victory II Star Destroyer Hellkite |9/9|


Sith Naval Precision Strike Carrier Group

Taskforce Experience Green

- Assigned Callsign - 


Raider-class Corvette Cretan |2/1|

Raider-class Corvette Greetham |2/1|

Raider-class Corvette Heliotrope |2/1|


Raider-class Corvette Crusader |2/1|

Raider-class Corvette Somerset |2/1|

Raider-class Corvette Theodocia|2/1|


Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer Acheron |9/9|


Commander - Darkhand Brigade - Sith Empire

Blood Prince

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