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Before the Great Schism, not much is known about this unknown humanoid species outside of speculation and hearsay. Said to hail from a long destroyed planet in the Deep Core, a world known in basic as Armegedia, this species take on and derive their last name from it in remembrance. A near humanoid species in appearance, their only tell-tale differences are glowing eyes and silver to white hair atop their bronzed skin and strong sensitivity to the Force, traits that dominate genetics no matter what species they interbreed with. Outside of this, their history and truths are lost to the ages of time.


The Great Schism


The first recorded appearance of House Armegedon took place during the Great Schism where two brothers, Ojin and Tor Armegedon, were mentioned to have been a part of the Jedi Order until Tor Armegedon followed Xendor and Arden Lyn away from Ossus to Lettow. It is recorded that Ojin was forced to slay Tor at the Battle of Columus before he disappeared without a trace from recorded history.


The Second Great Schism


The next recorded appearance found in the Jedi Archives of House Armegedon takes place during the Hundred Year Darkness where a Jedi Master by the name of Scorpius Armegedon is noted as a highly decorated War Hero and Jedi High Council Member, as is his nephew, Sune Armegedon, a Jedi Knight who was present at the Battle of Corbos where the Dark Jedi were finally defeated. Another Armegedon, presumably Sune's sister or perhaps a cousin, was recorded amongst the defeated Exiles before their shipment to Korriban.


Great Hyperspace War


Two other Armegedons are recorded during the Great Hyperspace War. One is Lunus Armegedon, a Jedi Knight whom fell during the first Battle of Korriban and another is an unknown Armegedon overheard to be called Yan, a Sith reported to have been spotted during the second Battle of Korriban - however, it's unknown as to whether or not this variant of the Armegedon Bloodline actually existed or if it was speculation that was recorded.


Other Known Armegedons


Krell Armegedon - Republic Officer during Gank Massacres


Yan Armegedon - Actual recording of the Sith Armegedon as a Naddist during the Beast Wars of Onderon.


Shun Armegedon - Jedi Knight; Third Great Schism


Leonis Armegedon - Jedi Knight, Revanchist; Krath Holy Crusade, Mandalorian Wars, Jedi Civil War, First Jedi Purge


Lunari Armegedon - Republic Officer, Jedi Knight; Great Galactic War, Cold War, Galactic War, Revolt against the Eternal Empire, earlier parts of the Third Galactic War


Septus Armegedon - Jedi Master; New Sith Wars


Odin Armegedon - Republic Officer; New Sith Wars


Cyrus Armegedon - Jedi Knight; New Sith Wars


Jinn Armegedon - Jedi Knight/Master; Huk War, Clone Wars, Great Jedi Purge


Rin Armegedon - Sith Inquisitor; Great Jedi Purge, Galactic Civil War


Sun Armegedon - Alliance Officer; Jedi Knight; End of Galactic Civil War, Second Imperium Crisis, Yuuzhan Vong War, Dark Nest Crisis, Swarm War, Second Galactic Civil War, Lost Tribe of the Sith Emergence


Ra'kel Armegedon - Jedi Knight; Sith-Imperial War, Second Imperial Civil War, Third Jedi Purge


Ragnar Armegedon - Brother to Ra'kel Armegedon said to have settled down on Dantooine after the loss of his sister and his family's long history with the Force, also known as the last surviving member of the Armegedon lineage.


Phantorius Armegedon - Self Exiled Jedi Master whom married the ex Sith Lord Marie Baldor and fathered Jedi Knight Scorpio Armegedon, New Republic Lt. Luna Armegedon and The Pirate Odin Armegedon.

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