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The Last Armagedon

The Last Armegedon

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Real Name: Shiro Armegedon

A.K.A: Shiro 7

Homeworld: Odik II

Species: Humanoid


Physical Description





Age: 19

Height: 5'7

Weight: 150lbs

Hair: White

Eyes: Glowing Red

Skin Tone: Bronze

Sex: Male




Clothing or Armor: Black Leather Duster, Black Yarn Scarf, White Cloth Tee, Cargo Pants, Black Leathered Steel Toe Boots, Handmade Bone Necklace

Weapon: Vibro-Knucklers

Common Inventory: Clothes, Weapons, Assortment of Fruit, Herbs, and Vegetables, Water Canteen


Faction Information


Force Sensitive

Alignment: Unknown

Current Faction Affiliation: N/A

Current Faction Rank: N/A




Force Side: Unknown

Trained by: N/A

Trained who: N/A

Known Skills: N/A


Personality: Shoto is a bit rebellious, filled with hatred for others due to his family being casted out by the other Dissenters that have remained on Odik II, as well as toward his own family in the same breath. Curious by nature, he tends to search for truths, especially when it comes to why he and his family were mistreated so. But due to this, he doesn't trust very many beings either, causing him to be a loner and have a bit of a brooding attitude toward life.


Distinctive Markings: Due to his life on Odik II, like everyone who has remained carrying on the tradition of tattooing their ancestor's original penal number upon their bodies, Shiro carries the penal number of his great grandfather upon his right cheek.


Scars: Living the life that he has, Shiro carries many scars upon his form. Most are subtle cuts from a rough childhood, but two stand out above the rest. One is seen upon his left arm where he attempted to block a vibro-blade during a fight. But the other set rests upon his back where he once defended his family name to the Dissent Elders and was disciplined in public view.


Background: Shiro is a fourth generation member of Odik II's long forgotten dissent wards left behind by the Galactic Empire of old. Like his father before him, and his father's father before he, the only life he has ever known is that of servitude and disgrace. The natural residents of Odik II resent those of the dissident wards, but even worse for him is the resentment of even of the original dissidents toward his own family. Because of this, Shiro shares a resentment not only toward outsiders, but toward his own family.


Shiro spent most of his child as a loner, visiting the local spaceport and listening to the adventures shared among the many travelers in secret, whether hiding beneath the local tavern or walking about the many alleys and paths that crisscrossed the small port, hiding the Penal Number of his great grandfather upon his right cheek beneath bandages or cloth as to not alert the local natives. It's most likely that this was the happiest moments of his childhood and the only time that Shiro felt as if he belonged.


When Shiro was around fifteen, he lost his family in a fire to their residence. There was no investigation by the local authorities, nor by the Elders. Enraged, Shiro approached them, demanding the reasoning why the fire that killed his family wasn't being investigated, claiming the Elders likely had something to do with it. This led to a brief imprisonment and public lashing, followed by his being cast out from the Wards forever.


Orphaned and abandoned, Shiro would spend his remaining days on Odik II wondering around the local spaceport. On occasion a spacer would see him sleeping in the dirt and offer a meal, but few rarely did. Most of the time however, Shiro had to fight for survival, stealing whatever wasn't nailed down. And when he was caught, he never spoke in his defense or resisted. Onlookers would speak of him as a caged beast, broken and needing to be locked away forever. Emotionless in silence, Shiro would do his time under the local authorities until he would be thrown back out into the streets again.


And so his life would go on like this until he saw one of the Elders near the spaceport one day, that same enraged feeling coming over him as the Elder smirked at him and stated that he should have been in the fire that claimed his family. Shiro attacked the man, continuously beating the man until he could not longer lift his arms when the authorities arrived and arrested him. Due to vibroknuckles, Shiro was arrested with assault with the intent to kill and was sent to Coruscant for trial. But as they arrived at Coruscant, so did the Mandalorians and the destruction that ensued. Amidst the chaos, the Last Armegedon in existence disappeared just as his assault charge from Odik II turned to murder.


Ship Registration


Name: N/A

Class: N/A

Model: N/A

Manufacturer: N/A

Length: N/A

Armaments: N/A

Armor: N/A

Anti-Personnel Defenses: N/A

Modifications: N/A

Appearance: N/A

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