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[Location] Dromund Kaas

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Dromund Kaas


Astrographical Information

Region: Outer Rim Territories

Sector: Esstran Sector

System: Dromund System

Orbital Position: 3

Moons: 2

Grid Coordinates: R-5


Physical Information

Class: Terrestrial

Atmosphere: Breathable

Primary Terrain: Swamp, Jungles, Ocean

Points of Interest: Dark Force Temple(Ruins), Imperial Citadel(Ruins), Kaas City(Ruins)


Societal Information

Indigenous Fauna: Jurgorgans, Yozusks, Sleens, Vine Cats, Swamp Wampas, Mailocs

Extinct Fauna: Ysalamiri

Immigrated Species: Sith(Tsis), Humans

Primary Language(s): Galactic Basic Standard

Faction Affiliation: Sith 


Defense Rating: 2


History: Originally a colony planet of the Tsis, or Sith Species, Dromund Kaas has been forgotten and refound over most of its existence, and even now is a forgotten planet amidst the collection of Sith controlled worlds, both on purpose during the Clone Wars by secrecy on the behest of Emperor Palpatine as well as on accident after the fall of the Eternal Empire.


However, after the discovery of a Sith Holocron on Necropolis, Sith Master Neo Krell learns of its location and the promises it provides for the Forja Sitmyr and the affiliated Sith Empire under the Dark Lord Exodus, most notably the Darkside Nexus within the Dark Force Temple ruins located within the marshy jungles of the planet. 

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