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This is a placeholder post for the rules of the forum. Ailbasi will likely delete this in the future and add his own rules post, but for now know that this is the official Crucible forum! It is designed to afford instant access to PvP scenarios that you can drop in on whenever you want, and then make PvP progress in the bigger RP forum as a result. Most of the PvP will happen here from now on as I understand it, at least the larger battles, so people will no longer have to worry about a huge fight breaking out on their current location. But where and what is the Crucible?

That's a good question! It's supposed to be a newly discovered region of space hotly contested over due to an abundance of rare and valuable resources, but may at times also incorporate planets already in the RP! Until we finalize a rules post, bear with us, we guarantee we have everyone's best interests in mind over all this.

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