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Ary the Grey

Site Changes

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We have had a LOT of changes lately. Some of you were expecting to see my name in red for the past day or so, others are probably pretty dumbstruck at the monumental changes that have struck the site lately.


Ian (handofthrawn), Ashley (Mirdala Ad'Goran), and Brian (Raynuk Montar) all stepped down for various reasons. I'd like to take a short moment to thank them for all the work they've given to the site, and for laying the groundwork to get us where we are today. Your contributions will be memorialized as long as this site is active. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You guys have given more than I think you know, and the positions are largely thankless.


But with these staff members retiring, it left a lot of holes in the staff positions, especially for the Roleplay. Chris (Sheog the Mad) and Tim (Delta73) approached several people to help plug the holes, and decided that I was a good fit to help replace Ian's loss, and I agreed to come on and help fix things that I thought needed work. Some of these changes are already apparent, many inactive forums have been consolidated, some categories are gone, and many people are now Mods. Which brings me to my next point...


Your new Roleplay Mod Team is a five-person team: two mods primarily in charge of approvals, balancing, and maintaining the rules, two mods for disputes, and one group leader for tie-breaking purposes and to help direct workflow. All mods will still have the same permissions, and all will be able to (and will take rotating turns) ruling on duels and killshots, so in the event that one of us has a RL emergency, the other mods will be able to fill in easily. ObliviousKnight and Ailbasí Zirtani will be the two balancing mods, with Jaina Jade Skywalker and Exodus as the disputes mods. Please take your issues to the appropriate Mod, but they will gently remind you should you forget.


Next is something we have been waiting for a long time now, the site migration to invisionboards. That should be complete sometime in the next few days, and with it will come a lot of new features and options for the board. Stay tuned!


Lastly, we have an official site instant messaging chat, located on discord. Discord has a lot of awesome features and will be integrated into the new site. One of the features is a transparent boardroom where the staff will discuss upcoming changes to the site, to include the Roleplay! If you'd like to join us and see how things are progressing, please click here.


Exciting things are coming, guys. Change is a difficult thing, but it can often lead to prosperity. Thanks for sticking with us, and please excuse the dust!

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