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Mordecai's Sheet

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Real Name: Mordecai


Homeworld: Carida

Species: Human


Physical Description


Age: 22

Height: 5'11

Weight: 170 lbs

Hair: Straight, black, shoulder length

Eyes: Blue

Sex: Male




Clothing or Armor: A black robe with a long kilt covering his feet.

Weapon: A vibrosword and a blaster pistol

Common Inventory: A first aid kit, commlink, a picture of his father.


Faction Information


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force Sensitive

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Current Faction Affiliation: Sith

Current Faction Rank: Hopeful




Force Side: Dark Side

Trained by: N/A

Trained who: N/A

Known Skills: A passable defensive swordsman, though nothing compared to a trained person (yet). Rather proficient at applying first aid, however.


Background: Mordecai was born on Carida as the third son of a military family with a long line of history. His mother was a corpsman in the Republic navy, and his father was a low ranking officer in the Imperial Army. After many imperial officers resigned, his father followed suit, retiring to his family home on Carida, where his parents met, and the rest is history. They had three sons. The oldest went through the academy on Carida to continue the family legacy. The second child joined CoreSec as a medic, inspired by their mother. Mordecai, the youngest, knew of his sensitivity of the force from a young age due to his father's insistence on testing the children.


His father gave him a vibrosword and instructed him to practice in secret. While Mordecai obeyed, his chances were few and far between, and he was mostly self taught. When he turned 18, his father spoke to him of his past in the military. He recounted his tales of the war, how the Sith and the Jedi were some of the finest warriors that he'd every known or seen. He explained that while no legacy remained on Carida for him, Mordecai would be sent to either Korriban or Coruscant for training. It would be his choice, and his parents would remain blissfully uninformed of his choice.


After four years of experience, and inspired by the tales of the Sith Empire's power, he made his decision. He climbed aboard his family's shuttle, and set his destination for Korriban.


Ship Registration


Name: N/A

Class: Shuttle

Model: Lambda-Class Imperial Shuttle

Manufacturer: Seinar Fleet Systems


Length: 20 Meters


Armaments: N/A

Armor: Light

Anti-Personnel Defenses: Security crew aboard the shuttle


Appearance: Standard Lambda Shuttle

Modifications: Disarmed and refitted for luxury rather than combat.


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1x Victory II

2x Lancer Frigate

2x Vigilance

Asset Denial Force (Cruiser with frigate and/or corvette support): Surgical Strike

Green: A heavy ion cannon barrage disables one unshielded ship for a turn. Disabled ships cannot use abilities, provide support or escort, or issue additional star-fighter commands.


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