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Mandalorian Protectors

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I would like to formally found the Mandalorian Protectors as a faction.


The Mandalorian Protectors are a group of mercenaries that usually report to Mand'alor. They do not encompass the entire race, but are rather a faction-sized operational group of them. They can serve a number of purposes, but are usually formed in times of war to either protect the Sector or hire out to warring factions.



- Provide a faction for modern Legends-canon Mandalorians to join.

- Obtain faction assets for the defense of the Mandalore Sector (currently Mandalore, Concord Dawn, and the Mandalore Sector (Minor Worlds) thread).

- Create some opportunities for Mandalorians to work as mercenaries in groups as the board transitions into faction warfare in the future.



- At first, I don't see the faction taking many formal actions. As faction warfare becomes a thing, through politics and credits other factions should be able to obtain Mandalorian soldiers to aid their cause.

- Formally, the faction is answerable to Mand'alor, currently ShadowFett. In practice, I may delegate day-to-day faction leadership as circumstances permit.

- Note that while Fett is good-aligned, the Protectors will not necessarily reflect his disposition, and may be willing to take jobs for traditionally criminal organizations. Which jobs are taken will depend on the willingness of faction PCs as well as politics.


Members -- Feel free to post in this thread if you want to join. I believe we will start with at least five (Fett, Mirdala, Tresha, Mellanie, Kalyani), but I will need confirmation. All non-Deathwatch Mandalorians are welcome to apply.

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Still contracts available to you lovely Mandalorians.


Get some of that sweet merc moneh

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So what ever did happen to the Protectors? Did they join the Crusaders and merge... or did they simply fall into stagnation and ruin? 😕

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