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Tarrian Skywalker

I Officially feel Old...

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You know, I was in my mid 20's when I first joined here. My two daughters were three and two respectively. I was in the early stages of a messy divorce which resulted in my getting custody. Thinking back, a fair percentage of the members of the JNet era were younger than me, though a few like Filthy Jawa and Tarrian were older.


Flash forward to today. I'm 40, my kids are 17 and 16, the woman I divorced wound up figuring out her life and we fell in love all over again in our 30's and remarried. She passed away earlier this year due to cancer. A few of the older members here were instrumental in helping me through the divorce and becoming a single parent.


Seeing how much has changed since 2003 has been astonishing and also sobering. My daughters are older than some of you all when I first signed up!


What else has changed? At 40 I'm now a software developer and technology professional which is a far cry from my humble beginnings in Customer Service and Finance.


2003-2005 were great times. One of my regrets was losing touch and not being active here again, even though there were a few attempts here and there to jump back in. Who knows ... maybe this time I'll stick around.

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