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Karys Narat iv-Adas

Darth Lucifer vs. Terra [Judge: Xae-Lin Ardel]

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Setting: Mustafar, Abandoned Industrial Complex (The same complex as used in ROTS)






The lone Sith Lord walked competently about the complex. The force had called him here for a reason and he would find out why, he knew of the complexes history...it was here that the CIS council were exterminated by the young Darth Vader, indeed he could faintly still hear their screams of so he thought calling from, the empty walls. The place was a derelict dumb, completely decrepit and vacant of life he saw no tactical purpose for the place...the only use he saw of of a commercial venture if someone could get it working again. It was a relic of the last days of a ancient war from a era long gone.


Stalking through the metal husk and ancient rust, Lord Lucifer stalked through looking for what he was searching for. His robotic eye scanned for any sign of life or anything untoward in the immediate landscape but found nothing so far that was until he turned his head and zoomed in using the thermo-vision, it seemed he was not alone...the force confirmed it.


Deciding discretion was the better point of valor the sith lord focused within himself and the force, enclosing it around him he rendered himself invisible to the naked eye and waited to see who this person was and what they wanted before he decided on how to proceed.


If they were an ally fair enough but if they were the enemy...they would wish they were never born by the time he was through with them. Carefully he observed this newcomer as he kept his cover in the force, physically he was never here.

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Darth Lucifer vs. Blackwraith (Terra) to be judged by Xae-Lin Ardel




Below, a world burns... A world in the process of tearing itself apart, grinding ever forwards into oblivion...


Greyjoy turned slowly from the viewscreen, and activating The Darkened Fear’s scanners, before resting her armored hands upon the shuttle’s controls. The planet was an unwelcoming pile of smoldering slag, but beneath its surface, valuable ore lay ready to be smelted. Gravity worked wonders upon planets, and Mustafar was no different, torn asunder by the strenuous pull of gas giants that surrounded it, Jestefad and Lefrani. Something was odd about the volcanic cesspit below; an ominous sensation seemed to flow about it like a current, making her skin crawl.


A small beeping on the ship’s computer, alerted her to the location of the facility below, the target given to her by both Smash Diasaku, and Hadrian. Kilometers below, surrounded by lava-flows and volcanoes, lay her target. With a small sigh, Greyjoy slipped her buy'ce into place, which was a modified Force-mask, in the shape of a Kyr'tsad Night Owl Helmet, with comprehensive HUD. Standing slowly, she activated the ship’s Auto-Pilot, and set it to take them in close to the surface, within a proper distance for a jump. With a blink of an eye, Blackwraith brought up the status of her favorite pet, the Ysalamiri secured on her armoured back. It’s vitals were at the top of their levels, and from what she could tell, it was content to chirp away and cancel out The Living Force about her in a good radius.


Glancing back at her vode, she threw them a quick salute, slamming her fist against her beskar'gam with a fierce cry. In response, the similarly armoured Kyr’tsad of clan Greyjoy saluted in kind, and the sound reverberated across the decking of The Darkened Fear like rolling thunder upon the plains of Manda'yaim. The sound brought a smile to Blackwraith’s face as her men surrounded her and helped her adjust her weaponry and armour for war. Once they were finished with their encouragement, her hands rested upon the weapons she had carried since her time with Ason Antilles.


Upon her belt were holstered her matching flechette pistols, Sanguis Exhaurire & Certamen Animae, filled with armour-piercing slugs, and across her chest was her slugthrowing rifle secured by a strap, locked and loaded. Upon her back, beside the Ysalamiri, was her vibrosword, enweaved with cortosis, and below it a fully charged disrupter rifle, with a hair-trigger. A small alarm triggered as the shuttle approached the destination, and she made her way carefully to the landing-ramp, feeling the durasteel beneath her boots shift slightly as the ship began to hover above the facility. Behind her, her vode walked carefully. As she reached the end of the ramp, she turned to her brothers, and spoke softly in Mando’a,


Hukaat'kama, ner vode. Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amur...


With that, she leapt to the burning earth, and her ship lifted off into the upper atmosphere, awaiting further contact. She hit the rusting metal platform lightly, and rolled to a halt, before jumping to her feet and scanning the corroding complex with a careful eye. It was in bad shape, but could still be serviceable if money was put into it. Black Sun had such money.


Taking a few cautious steps, another uneasy feeling passed over her, and she paused, listening to the howling wind. Nothing. Her black armour glinted softly in the light of the surrounding lava, even though she had dulled its reflective capabilities. She was a target out in the open. With a small sigh, she pulled her pistols from their holsters and began to move up the open-air landing platform, towards the facility, ready for combat, or any sign of movement. There was evil here, both old and new, and the lingering sensations of it sent chills down her spine.


((Your post, good sir. Good luck, mate.))

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Immediately Lucifer's Force senses flared up and his sabre(s) were quick to hand when he noticed this newcomer, after some study he figured he would strike, this being was a intruder upon his domain and required retaliatory action in kind as was just for such trespassers...at least to his eyes. He spoke out completely invisible still, indeed he felt the void in the force coming from this intruder, he was no fool and had dealt with the negating affect of a Ysalamiri before---irritating little creatures but not full proof there were ways to destroy them or get around their negating affect if one could find it. voice was there, there had to be...of course. Staying a good decent Lucifer knew they were effective up to 10 meters beyond that the game was to his advantage.


''You should not have come here. Death has found you today, for this is my domain...as is right for those who intrude where they do not belong, you shall meet your doom. My sabre will taste your flesh.''


Lucifer chuckled to himself briefly, it was a strange irony that whoever this was had no idea just who they were facing, death itself would soon come for them. At first he sensed a few and look up to see the ship depart...it beared the mark of Black Sun, strange last he knew they were allies. however it seemed whenever money came between the Sith and Black Sun that alliance counted for nothing and thus he was forced to act regardless of who they were he was not here for money nor the ore but to locate a lost temple yet it seemed Black Sun were interfering with his plans and so he struck. Several thoughts formed into his mind as a strategy formed, calculating his odds the kiffar zoomed his robotic eye to look upon his foe and lock in the weakest areas upon the armor they wore and upon the nutrient cage upon their back, marking them as viable targets he prepared.


His thoughts spun rapidly, combat instincts kicking in as years of training were recalled with supercomputer accuracy to the forefront of his mind. He didn't have time to deal with this, especially if it was trap. Of course, it would probably be made clear shortly that he didn't have much of a choice in the matter. In that case, combat was the eventuality that would befall him. He couldn't see or sense his foe up close, which meant they had an Ysalamir as he suspected, it was more than likely wasn't someone trained in the Force, rather someone trained to hunt him down or be prepared for the eventuality. They had given away their general location by creaking along the rusty metal at him, but he would still need to draw them into the open.


Opening himself to the Force, allowing it to flow through his body he shaped it, harnessing the energies he had become so accustomed to over the years like he had done before. Although he might not have been able to attack directly just yet he still had several tricks to bring to the playing field, one such trick was Telekinesis. Crouching behind nearby cover upon seeing upon closer inspection what seemed to be a young wielding fletchette pistols, nasty guns with slugthrower rounds for bullets. Ripping several chunks of metal free from the structure Lucifer began as he heard metal and bolts contested each other as the pieces were pried free from their holdings making a gut wrenching noise upon being released a metal worked against metal fighting for control. By now the kiffar Sith Lord had little doubt his presence was noted by his adversary and as such reacted in kind. Sacrificing his cover of invisibility as he applied this new technique Lucifer flung the twisted metal towards his target, specifically aiming for both the nutrient cage upon her back and the pistols in her hand as he swung his arm around in a motion that was akin to swinging a invisible bat working the metal towards their target destination. Even without the force once inside the bubble the metal's velocity would keep them going regardless for as soon as the metal was directed and flung the kiffar unleashed a 'Push' that he intended would add a extra layer of speed behind the thrown objects and thus ensure the velocity he wished for was reached. It was a useful trick applying one and then another technique straight after the other, not simultaneous but rather syncronised one after the other in perfect tandem while he prepared his next gambit.


With any luck the element of surprise was still his but he doubted it. With a sprint in his step the kiffar pounced from his position, zigzagging and side-winding, trying to keep his movements sporadic and unpredictable as he closed the distance but not before unleashing 3 razor sharp discs towards his target behind the metal wall he had thrown previously intended to rip armor, flesh and bone and bleed out or fatally injure his opponent. His sabre(s) ignited on both ends he locked in his new targets as he weaved and worked his way ever forward, eyes firmly fixed with one objective in mind, the death of the female before him....Black Sun or not they were going to die, even if it meant he too would die.


Lucifer was not afraid of that fact, he had died before and did not fear it but embraced it, the question however was what of his opponent were they just as fearless in the face of adversity, each were about to test each other's mettle of that there was no doubt.


((1 Good luck to you too ))

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The twisted, rusting, burning metal beneath Blackwraith’s booted feet groaned under her footsteps, even though she was light, especially in duraplast. She slowed her pacing, and began to move all the more carefully, testing each footstep to ensure the platform would not collapse beneath her, and send her plummeting into the scorching lava below. The heat was immense, and even within her climate-controlled suit, she could feel beads of sweat beginning to condense upon the skin of her neck and back. It was beginning to grow uncomfortably warmer as she continued forward, towards an immense staircase.


Blackwraith paused, and gulped in a breath of air, before taking another step forward. The floor shook slightly, and grew immensely hot beneath her boots. Glancing downwards, she could see the metal was red from the heat, indicating a lava-flow close at hand. Tracing it with her HUD, she located the stressed joints within the floor’s superstructure, and moved quickly around them, towards the staircase that loomed before her. It took a few moments, but she had avoided the deathtrap for the time-being. The reptile within her armour had not been harmed by the heat, but seemed to enjoy it.


With a smile, Blackwraith began to trudge slowly up the weathered steps, avoiding large cracks and puddles of molten metal. Her HUD displayed several large clouds of toxic gasses clustering below several of the outhangings, indicating where lava had carved out the facility into a catacomb of dangerous tunnels, making the whole base upon unstable ground. The facility would need to be very thoroughly reconstructed to be of much use to anyone.


The squealing of grinding, tearing metal caused her to glance up quickly, her HUD tracing the sound to the staircase above her, where she could see a piece of rusted metal hurtling towards her, with incredible velocity. Her mind began to work quickly, issuing orders to her body, relying on oft-trained instinct to protect her from this surprise attack. Since she was in light beskar’gam, made from duraplast, her body moved with great speed and agility, compared to those in heavier armour. Blackwraith’s eyes found places upon the staircase that would hold her as she scrambled to get out of the way of the advancing metal, but it was too little, too late.


A corner of the twisted metal slammed into her shoulder, taking much of the impact upon the armour, but it sent her spinning off of the staircase, towards the metal platform a few meters below her. Her HUD picked up movement as she fell, and marked the item as a target. The ground was scorching hot where she landed, on one knee, which caused her to quickly leap up, and backwards, away from the flaming metal. The chunk of metal, which had been thrown at her skipped off the ground behind her and off into a pool of lava below. A smile strained across her face, the pain in her shoulder subsiding slightly with the rush of adrenaline. Flipping up her pistols, she began to track the target, only to see yet another attack flying her way; the disks from a Lanvarok, streaking her way.


...This bugger doesn’t even give me a chance to respond... Typical Sith...


Once again, her only choice was to retreat once more, working the ground to her advantage, as she had done dozens of times before fighting both Sith and Jedi. She had assisted in the deaths of the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, Kitt Fitt, Sith master Slicer, and many others. This Sith Lord was no different. The three lanvarok disks sped towards her, and in response, she twisted once again, since she was easily outside the ten metre range of the weapon, which could only be activated with The Force, and once that range was closed, the Sith would be within the range of her Ysalamiri. Without the guidance of the Force, and at a long range, all but one of the metal disks passed easily past. The last of the disks, however, came all to close, and dug into her side, about an inch, causing incredible pain.


She recognized the Sith from her days with Black Sun, as the kiffar Sith Agent Kayal had slain during the Sith-Black Sun war a little over a year before. He certainly was well armoured, she could see he wore beskar, along with a great deal more. How he was able to even walk within the armour was a mystery. Shouting out, her voice slightly pained, she spoke in Mando'a, taunting the Sith.


"Verd ori'shya beskar'gam!"


The pain was incredible for such a small weapon, but she had little time to dwell upon it, as the Sith continued his zig-zagging run towards her, igniting twin crimson blades. With a small smile, Terra felt the bloodlust of the Kyr’tsad begin to run through her veins, and she squeezed the triggers of Sanguis Exhaurire & Certamen Animae, placing him right within the range of twenty meters. His manoeuvres wouldn’t help him, since the pellets would home in on their target. Her HUD had him locked as a target, and from that information, the homing rounds of armour-piercing flechettes, would trace to their target, and detonate in a fashion that would cut through armour and flesh alike. Two pellets, packed with their armour-piercing load streaked forth from each barrel, homing in on their target, the highly armoured Sith running towards her, with lightsabers raised. A beautiful target. A beautiful kill.



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Lucifer reacted quickly, his years of combat and natural instinct telling him to move the moment he saw the flash of the twin barrels.


Twirling his sabre the kiffar hoped to at least melt some of the sharp-edged metal blades coming towards him as he dived towards the nearest available cover knowing it would at least offer partial protection from the incoming onslaught. His left leg caught four blades embedded into his heel and his shoulder before he got to safety as his sabre melted a few but not all the blades, he was just lucky his reactions were honed for war or he would be a hulking mess on the metal by now.


He knew he was in bad shape but he used the pain as his fuel as he was taught, it simply empowered him more making Terra's attempt practically futile in that instead of killing him it simply made him more enraged. With that he knew he had no ability to use the force and his odds were slim at best however he also saw a opportunity where most would not think. Scanning around briefly with his robotic eye he took a chance placing his sabre back on his belt knowing it was useless against such weapons he decided to wait a moment letting his opponent move closer and relying on the thought his opponent thought him dead.


If anything he was patient. Unsheathing one scimitar of the two he had on him the Sith Lord also unsheathed his blaster pistol from his boot using it in the other hand, he was ready, he still had the weak points of his target locked in. Moving quickly while he could the kiffar ran across and up the stairs to the next level as he unloaded strafing fire in rapid succession towards Terra using the modified DC-17 blaster.


Moving along the sith ran into the maze of metal forcing his target to locate him and play cat and mouse. It was when he thought he heard footsteps that he struck firing the pistol again this time at his targets knee's aiming to bring her to them so he could move in closer or if that failed take a shot at that little beast on her back.



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((OOC: No need for posting my actions...))


Kriffing Sith... Always a pain in the shebs...


Blackwraith’s lower back and side were on fire with pain and her nerves felt as though each one had been stabbed with a knife of flame. Her wounds were not grave, in any manner, but the pain was enough to diminish her concentration. The rusted metal beneath her radiated heat through her armoured boots, making even walking uncomfortable for her. Her shots had produced little to no effect, which was surprising, even to a hardened combat veteran who had killed more than her share of both Jedi and Sith.


The Sith was moving quickly for a man so laden by armour, and was incredibly nimble. The Sith Lord sheathed his crimson-bladed lightsaber, and withdrew a whole new set of weapons, and the readings from her buyce’s HUD showed the Kiffar had loads more weapons up his sleeve, and quite literally too. Her eyes narrowed as the Kiffar Sith raced back up the stairway, towards the platform across from her, holding a pistol.


Blackwraith jumped backwards, thankful for her lightweight durplast armour, but one of the Sith’s bolts, hastily and clumsily fired as they were whilst running, shot through the steaming, smoke-laden air and slammed into her chestplate. Most of the energy dissipated on the duraplast, but it still carried enough force to send her careening off the platform, and onto a rocky out-cropping half a dozen meters below. She landed on her feet, thankfully enough, but the jarring landing sent rockets of pain shooting up from her lower back and side. Picking up her fallen flechette pistols, she reholstered them carefully, and took up her overcharged disrupter pistol from its sheath un her back, beneath her vibroswords and the Ysalamiri, which still monitored as healthy, but perhaps a bit startled with the increase in temperature and the raucous movement of battle.


...Kriffing son of a Hutt... Blasted... By all the fates...


Blackwraith gingerly placed her free hand against her injured side, and when she took it away, the blackened glove was soaked, with the crimson stain blood. The world about her turned hazy as her head swam for but a moment. The shadows loomed around her, increased by the orange glow of the volcanic flows below, and the deep red of the heated steel struts jutting from the shaky stone beside her. The terrain was troublesome, and a challenge, but was passable if she moved quickly.


She took a small moment to catch her breath, and let her head settle for the next stage of battle. The first steps were treacherous, but within half a minute, she had regained her footing, and was fast approaching the platform where the Sith, in his cowardice had retreated. With a grunt, she hauled herself over the lip of the platform, and to her feet. She was at the side of a maze, made from twisted chunks of desh metal. Stooping to a knee, she pulled up a pipe from one of the piles of garbage. It was a good-sized piece of durasteel piping, about three hand-spans in length, pitted with carbon-scoring. With a small smile, she tossed the piece of steel underhand down the maze length, and withdrew a thermal detonator from her belt and set it to a two-second timer and a blast radius of five-meters, with a flick of her finger. With a large grin, she threw it after the pipe, where both of them clattered upon the platform, just within the Ysalamiri’s bubble, at the edge of the maze, before the next turn.


A haze of blaster-fire sprayed towards Blackwrath, glancing off her armour, but one of the bolts charred a line through her underarmour upon her left shoulder, sending her backwards. With a curse, she brought up her disrupter pistol, preparing for whether or not the Sith survived her attack. The thermal detonator, with its reduced blast radius would go undetected due to the Ysalamiri’s influence, until it was to detonate, which would leave Blackwraith unharmed but take the Sith Lord to the hell itself.



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((OOC: Sorry about that got carried way.))


Smart for one not in touch with the force....but reckless all the same.


Lucifer moved the moment his robotic eye scanned and locked two loose flying objects in the air travelling towards the Sith Lord at speed, one appeared round in shape albeit small, the kiffar instantly recognized the shape familiar with that of a thermo detonator...he had seen many during his lifetime.


The other object appeared to be a pipe of some kind but Lucifer didn't waste time finding out with the emergence of the detonator, where they were concerned time was not a luxury to be considered. He rushed forward the moment the two, pipe and grenade were flung towards him.


Firing the blaster he held when the object closed in the kiffar let the grenade pass and rattle next to the edge of the platform. He batted the pipe with his sword in his other hand towards his adversary hoping for a diversion or momentary break as the gun lay down suppressing fire. Doing as he was taught by the imperials, he started shooting, not letting up for a second sending fire after fire up the tight hallway towards his target knowing some might hit and some might not...it was all a game of chance and clever guesses.


His adversary had made a terrible error. They mistook him for a fool...when he was none, even without the force Lucifer had his own advantages born of a life before the Sith...his art of Teras Kasi, a martial art that gathered inspiration from the way animals moved, that allowed him to anticipate strikes..now made all the more potent by years of martial combat, it was this which would save him from death.


Continuing the fire at his Black Sun adversary she appeared to be sat on her knees aiming another gun at him this time a blaster pistol. Lucifer tried to pin her down and get her to commit to melee where he knew he would be in his element as he ran forward hoping to outrun the explosion of the thermo grenade behind him as the last second approached.


Letting the pain of both his heel and left shoulder continue, the rush of adrenaline keeping him going and moving. He closed the distance hoping albeit it may not happen...Terra would do as he expected, either to run backwards or duck for cover and open herself up for a more personal touch as he dived near the end of the hallway lifting the sword he held and moved with the fury of a snake or a dragon...lethal and created to kill with pure predatory instinct.


If he was successful he was ready to deliver more. For within him the build up had begun, his charging forward was only one part to his plan.


He had calculated the risks and the result when he begun...it was all a part of his design or so he thought it. There was a 50/50 chance. If successful with the initial combination of the suppressing fire of the blaster and him running forwards to avoid the grenade, the result would be to hit her in the jaw with his sword, followed by a simultaneous hit of the sword to both parts of her neck...a twist on a devastating strike known to some as the Charging Wampa of Teras Kasi, common to the practitioners of the martial art.


His would be the combination of martial arts and swordplay.


He hoped his luck would hold out and it would all come to fruition laying it down on if his opponent would take the bait and do as expected, with or without the force Lucifer would do as he will.



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...Usen'ye, Sith osik...


Blaster bolts came swarming from the Kiffar Sith’s hiding place, dancing off her armour like a hail of crimson ice. With a sigh, she took a step back, and waited for the grenade to detonate, as it should have right after she had thrown it. Oddly enough, the Sith sprang from cover and charged forward, unaffected.


...Vaping Moffs! How have two seconds not gone by? Kriffing, blasted, son of Jedi. Kark, I could have sworn I set that timer to two seconds. I certainly didn’t set it to parsecs... Or is that a distance measurement...


Surprisingly, Blackwraith did not do as Lucifer had expected, and take a knee, as she was no puppet of the Sith. The Ysalamiri’s bubble of influence seemed to have no effect upon the Kiffar’s vigour and speed, which was unsteadying. A small, sad smile formed on her lips as the mad leapt forward, with his swords striking forward, towards her neck. Steadying her stance, she simply squeezed the trigger, aiming for the Sith’s heart, where the disrupter’s bolt would melt him at his very core. The target would be easy to hit on the Sith’s chest, as he hadn’t done anything to protect himself, and without The Force, he would have little chance to do so.


In the off chance the momentum would carry his strike onward, she flipped backwards, relying upon her dexterity, lighter armour, smaller frame, and speed to avoid the strike. Blackwraith landed a few meters away, upon her knees, the pain of her injuries beginning to wear her body down.



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...You'll have to do better than that...


Lucifer imagined cutting off the girl’s fingers one by one, using whatever was at his disposal at the time, a stainless steel set

of gardening shears would do...all he wanted to do was kill her. This thought drove Lucifer to new depths of depravity and new ways of thinking how to kill his adversary.


He wanted to see her terror as he continually moved towards her, yet before long he saw the distinct flash of yet another gun. What was it with non force-users and guns? was it that they couldn't win in a fair fight so they had to resort to such primitive weapons. The kiffar looked at his target with his large eyes, pure unrelenting rage behind them which had a desire to tear her limb from limb. His smile grew wide, and his unrepentant hatred continued as he shook his head slightly and rolled backwards quickly with the reflexes liken to a cat despite his armor, to stand adjacent letting the bolt whiz by as he began the movement that would save his life.


Clever girl. But useless all the same.


He delivered his next salvo―the pace of his actions, the methodical deliberateness with which he was doing them was evidence of his training as he took another shot, this time he made a point to aim for the little critter on her back...or more specifically the nutrient tubes that supplied it to increase his gain accurately he took aim and let loose, the marksmen of his past coming to the front with the deadly venom of a scorpion ready to sting his target with all the strength he could muster. This would be a memorable moment, when two clashed together...opposed yet entwined. He noted how his opponent seemed to slow as if the pain of her injuries were slowly getting to her, a fact he could use against her should she wish to continue on. For unlike a seasoned sith as he was she was not trained to deal with pain for such a duration, had not suffered at the hands of other men or woman who enjoyed nothing more than to inflict such sensations on a whim or so he thought, her effort in the end would be a futile act.


When she landed on her knee, Lucifer struck. First shooting at the Ysalamiri and then producing a flash-bang from his belt, setting the timer for two seconds he returned the favor she had dealt him earlier in her grenade, he noted how she now stood on her knee. Yet he was not taking this lightly, this time he struck with vigor and quick reflexes despite his lack of force, there was no room for error...never was for a sith. Survival was his way of life, only the strong survived while the weak either died or continued walking around lost and aimless. In the end it all came down to these last moments.


In the end either his opponent would die or he would, however he would be damned sure to make her remember his face if his time was up and ensure she remember true fear before the end. She may have fought him to the point of near exhaustion but that was no excuse to be complacent now, Lucifer knew it. Life, death it no longer mattered all that did matter was that another corpse was laid to rest and thrown into the violent heat below be it him or her...the ancient gods would be appeased.


Increasing his pace the Sith Lord ducked behind cover allowing the flash to do it's work before he would move and cut her from limb to limb. He was taking no chances.


((4 and Final. Good Fight ))

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...Huh. Why has that grenade still not exploded? Odd...


Pain was of little consequence. She had felt far worse before, from depraved and bloodthirsty masters. It had not been more than a month since her rebirth from Ason’s creation, sweet release from more pain and agony then she had thought possible to bear. The memories of the atrocities committed against her were still raw within her brain, tingeing it with madness, insanity, and even wickedness. In one day alone, she had had the very flesh ripped from her body, whilst awake, and replaced with what her Sith master had wished. Her left arm and right leg had been severed and replaced with Sith metal and cybernetics, whilst she lay screaming against a gag upon a rusted table on Mechis.


Her ice-blue eyes narrowed as she saw yet another one of her attacks go flying harmlessly past the seemingly unhurt Sith. She was done playing games with the arrogant, seemingly unstoppable, and agile hunk of armour that called himself a Sith. Neither would she stick to a knee the entire time he was shooting at her. He compared in no way to the Sith she had witnessed in action in her days as one of their criers and assassins. She let her hands fall to her old master’s gifts, Sanguis Exhaurire & Certamen Animae, the twin flechette pistols on her hips. The pain in her side, and back flared in protest as she stood, but with the help of adrenaline and her will, she was able to force herself to continue the fight. She had much more experience in not dying than her Sith enemy, and she had fought for and against his kind before. She was much more seasoned than he would ever be.


The crimson flame of blaster bolts exploded about Blackwraith, causing her to jump backwards, letting the raining fire fall before her, keeping the Sith in the sight of her HUD. Another flurry of blaster bolts caught her in the chest-plate, and spattered across her stomach, burning a large patch of skin beneath the armour plating, and the area in the gaps. Beneath her helmet, she cried out in pain, amplifying it into a roar of rage through the helmet’s audio transmitter as she witnessed the Sith withdraw a grenade from his belt. As he tossed it towards her, she ran to meet it head on, letting it pass overhead as she fell to her knees, and letting herself slide upon the metallic plating. Her HUD continued to trace the Sith as he dove for cover, transmitting the targeting information to her pistols. She pulled the triggers, letting fly two homing canisters full of armour-piercing flechette rounds, where they would follow the trace and knock the Sith to the ground.


She could feel the heat scorch her back as the grenade detonated just past her shoulder, sending her pitching forward, and from her readings, knocking the Ysalamiri out cold. The helmet protected her ears from the deafening bang, as well as the flash of dazzling light. At the same moment as she began to move forward, she depressed the triggers a second time, letting another pair of flechette pellets exit the pistols, to home in on their target, if he was still alive, behind his flimsy barricade of iron. She turned the fall into a roll, and leapt to her feat, her pistols ready to blast the Sith into an early grave, and straight to hell.


((4. Good show, mate.))

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First off, allow me to apologize for the delay in getting this out to you both.


Now to the ruling:





  • Good use of the environment. Lots of description to set the stage of your posts.
  • Acknowledgment and answer to each attack.
  • Appropriate damage taken and effects role-played out.



  • Good use of the structure as a weapon in your first post! Your environment can play a crucial role to success or failure.
  • You have a lot of really good description in your posts, but it sometimes gets lost among the grammatical errors.
  • Keep up your descriptive work, but remember to re-read your posts (especially those that came before if it's been a while), or have a friend read through (I'd be willing to help with this if you'd like). It might be a little extra work to do a few drafts of the post, but it pays off in the end.


Improvement Points:



  • Better sense of time in regards to actions - How much do you think can honestly happen in two seconds?
    Try to think of a posting round as though it were about 6 seconds long. What could you feasibly get done in 6 seconds? Keep it to one or two actions. You went 4 actions in your first round alone: (ripping the metal, (which would have taken time and energy) throwing the metal, takes energy, running (time and energy), and disk-throwing).
    Try one offensive/defensive attack, a small movement (if you must), and possibly a offensive move, but only if your first move was defensive. You have to give your opponent a chance to react to any offense that you present in your post before bringing the next. If you're in the flow of things, write down any of these extra attacks, you might be able to draw from them in your next post. This way you can still get them outside your head without overloading your post.

  • Pay attention to how your opponent shapes the arena through reasonable detail. If they can shape it to their advantage, you can as well (provided you still keep in mind their additions). Like attacks these changes shouldn't be disregarded.

  • Don't post your opponents moves or that they "would do as he expected". Without agreement from the other party beforehand it's godmodding to borderline godmodding, period.

  • When acknowledging damage, role-play realistic effects. In your second post you took damage to your heel, leg and shoulder, yet continued to maneuver about ("ran into a maze") as though the blades had no effect and continue to move unhindered.
    Anatomically speaking, the heel is a small area to hit and even if it missed the Achilles tendon, running would eventually cause further damage to the heel making it very difficult to run or walk, yet you stay fairly mobile through out the rest of the fight (which is body mechanics, nothing to do with how much pain you can absorb). Using pain to focus the force doesn't negate the natural restrictions such injuries place on the body's movement.

  • Each opponents attack must be clearly acknowledged and countered. Be explicit in this so that there's no room for the reader to make assumptions about what just happened.

  • Please Proofread Posts - I can't stress this enough. It makes it easier to read (run-on sentences, incomplete thoughts, improper grammar) and can sometimes be distracting. In a lot of cases it would have been a "re-read" your post. I would suggest write the post, go do something else, then come back and read it. I find this helps me in catching my own mistakes. Case in point:

    Crouching behind nearby cover upon seeing upon closer inspection what seemed to be a young wielding fletchette pistols, nasty guns with slugthrower rounds for bullets.
    The above is not a sentence, and it's missing words.

  • Avoid being a walking armory and weapon ADD. In practically each post you changed weapons, only occasionally posting the switch-out, which does take time from your actions. How many weapons does he have on him at once in addition to his armor? I count at least 7 (including the flash bang grenades as 1, the rest noted below)
    1. Saber(s) - is it one or two? - Specify, even if they're detachable from one another. Was it being used as a double-bladed saber or as twin sabers? Counting as two since there was an added "s" (2)
    2. Lanvarok
    3. Twin scimitars (2)
    4. Blaster Pistol
    5. Flash-bang grenades



  • Make sure that you're as explicit with your actions as possible, especially in a dueling situation, on every post. If you put yourself and the ysalamiri within range of your opponent, tell the reader (you didn't do this in your first post). Guesses and assumptions of intent can lead to your downfall because your opponent can use that vagueness against you.
  • Re-read your posts too, there were some places that the wrong word was uses ('mad' instead of 'man' in your third post).
  • Trust the mod to catch things like timing, chance for reaction, etc. They don't necessarily need to be sign-posted within the post itself. It can also become distracting to your post as well.
  • I understand that, especially in dueling situations, things can get frustrating. You tend to also lash out with the commentary part of your post. This can be an aspect of the character, but in certain instances and places (like your last post) it just seemed to go beyond characterization.




I am ruling in Blackwraith's favor because of the realism in her posts - the heat from the environment, appropriate damage taken and maintained through role-play. Lucifer's main downfalls were not clearly acknowledging all attacks in a realistic manner in regards to timing, posting too many actions in a single post with no chance for Blackwraith to respond between offensive measures, and overall realism in the role-play.

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