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Tiana Calthye

Jedi Library Rules

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The rules of the Library have been updated as of January 2012. Please read before posting any further stories.


As of 2012, we will be archiving old stories. If your story has not been updated since 2008, it will be moved into the Archive. If you want an old story placed back into the "current" board because you're going to start updating it again, please PM Travis and he will put it back in active circulation.


Completed stories will be moved into the completed story section. Stories will be given a year before they are moved into the Library Stacks for long term storage.


This is a forum for literature and prose and the discussion and comments directly related to them. If you want to talk about writing as a general subject, please do so in the Finer Things in Life forum.



The following header is required for your stories:



Rating: (the age group your story is appropriate for... be it G, PG (over 10), PG-13 (over 13) or M15 (over 15). NC-17 rated stories are not permitted on jedirp.net.)

Rated for: (why you rated your story what it was. Do not feel you need to include spoilers, simply indicate that your story will contain mature language, graphic violence or sexual content here. Details are not required.)


Franchise: (if this is fan fiction, tell what franchise it is from)


If your story is a group story or a round robin welcoming authors to step in, please indicate this on top of your post as well. Feel free to add genre, and any other information as this will assist us moderators in eventually making an index of the Library.



An explanation of RATING:

Rating is the content of your story and the age group it is appropriate for.

  • -Your characters may swear within reason, including censor evasion for necessary characterization. Use strong language as you feel your characters would.
    -You may strongly imply that characters have slept together or are otherwise involved in a close physical relationship. Explicit sex scenes are not permitted. Please be kind and don't imply that particularly weird character pairings are getting it on. jedirp.net is not a place to foster rule 34.
    -Your characters are allowed to be bigoted asshats. (Your story cannot, however, be a bigoted asshat. If your story exists solely to glorify hate or bigotry or offend another poster, refrain from posting it.)
    -You may torture, mutilate, bruise, batter and cannibalize your characters at will, and describe it in painful detail. Your story cannot, however, exist solely to do this to your characters.
    If your story contains none of this sort of content, mark it G and don't worry about it! If you're worried about your story being too over the top, contact a moderator about it first.
    If you are easily offended by mature content, don't read stories rated M15. Please be aware some people may be offended and mark your stories clearly, before the story begins, as mature. Remember that jedirp.net is a PG-13 rated board, and anything you post can be read by young teenagers browsing the internet.


An explanation of CRITIQUE LEVEL:

Critique is suggestions left on how a story can be improved, or how your writing can be improved.


  • -When your story is posted, someone may disagree with your wording, your portrayal of a character, or want to help you improve your story. If you are interested in people leaving comments on how you can improve your story's writing, please select critique encouraged. If you're only writing for fun or would be offended by such comments, please discourage critique.
    -If you disagree with an author or reader's choice or a review, take it to PM. Critiquing when a critique is discouraged without permission from the author may lead to your post being removed. Do not attack an author for encouraging or discouraging critique. Likewise, do not attack a reviewer for leaving a short or long review on a neutral or critique-encouraged story. You are not required to leave constructive criticism on critique-encouraged stories and you will not be flamed for choosing not to.
    -If a story is an old story that does not yet have the critique tag, or a new story posted without one, please ask the author for permission to critique before you comment.



Other potentially IMPORTANT THINGS:

You know... other non-critique related and non-rating related things.


  • -Satire is a valid form of literature. If you disagree, you do not have to post. Satire is defined as using sarcasm to make fun of a person, place, thing or view. Satire based on users is permitted unless it breaks other site rules.
    -You may not derail someone else's story thread with a story of your own unless it's a round robin. Make your own thread, please.
    -Please spellcheck your story! This isn't a requirement, but it really helps your readers if you've tried to fix as many errors as you can before. There's an online spellchecker at
http://www.spellcheck.net. If you have trouble with spelling, grammar, and punctuation, feel free to seek advice from other fanficcers, who will likely be happy to help you fix it.
-Double space! Indents don't show up on forums and it'll make your story a lot easier to read.
-RP crossovers: if you're going to be writing someone else's character for a crossover to a fanfic, please contact them and ask permission before writing their character.
-Non-Star Wars fiction: Jedi.net is a Star Wars site, but the Library is not only pro-Star Wars. Post fanfiction from other fandoms and original fiction and poems and songs and even journals if you'd like.
-Be respectful of other people's work, and be respectful of other authors. If a story or a comment contains content that offends you, please take it to the moderator of the Jedi Library rather than starting an arguement in the thread.


Content related within different ratings:



G: No foul language.

PG: Star Wars degree of language.

PG-13: The f-bomb used as an adjective OCCASIONALLY.

M15: The f-bomb used in relevance to sex. Yes, you may use the almighty f-bomb in the Library if there is a disclaimer.

NC-17: Every other word is a cuss. Not allowed on jedirp.net.



G: No explicit, graphic violence.

PG: Star Wars violence. Arms can come off.

PG-13: Graphic violence described. If you're getting into 'Anakin burning in the fire with skin dropping off' PG-13 it.

M15: Longer segments of graphic violence can be described. Torture, etc.

NC-17: The story focuses on said graphic violence and is not permitted on jedirp.net.


Sexual content:

G: People can kiss.

PG: That kiss can be described in a lot more words. Think AOTC.

PG-13: People can be touchy-feely, fade to black implied.

M15: 'Glossed over' sex scenes permitted, in that there is no description of the actual act but there is no fade to black.

NC-17: Graphic sex scenes depicted. Not permitted on jedirp.net.


Drug and alcohol use (for legal-aged characters):

G: There is no drug or alcohol use.

PG: Star Wars degree. Characters can drink and be drunk. Drugs can be implied, as in 'death sticks' but their uses and effects not shown.

PG-13: Characters can be drunk. See Jack Sparrow.

M15: Characters can be high or drunk.

NC17: People are high or drunk and underage. Not allowed on jedirp.net.


Current Fanfiction moderator: Travis. Contact him if you have any questions, concerns, or need any help.




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