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Found 1 result

  1. The Eternal Vigilance Astrographical Information Giant colony ship, currently in the Maw Grid Coordinates: T-10 Physical Information The Eternal Vigilance was built long ago by ancient Force-users. Spanning at over five kilometers, the vessel was capable of travelling down to the very deepest parts of the ocean, or through the vastness of space. Despite being ancient, the systems are more than a match for anything present in today's world. The interior, unlike many subwater vessels, is open and roomy, full of artistic rooms made for training, living, and being. Each room is decorated so that it seems to tell its own story of the past. Among other things there are quarters, training rooms, and the council chambers. More than just a vessel, the very Force flowed through its veins. Made of traditional circular design, the council chambers lay at the top of the long ship. Its windows open to the oceans or starfields, and the chamber is a marvel to behold. The last wonder of the Vigilance is its computer system. Tied in to 7 holocrons, the system holds the knowledge of many force users. As with a holocron, the information is presented through the avatars of several Jedi masters through the use of holoprojectors. For defense, the ship carried multiple shield generators, and 34 multi-purpose torpedo tubes. Societal Information Faction Affiliation: Jedi JediRP Canon History: For many years, the Eternal Vigilance floated deep in the oceans of Manaan, a hidden Jedi temple and place of rest and peace. Vladimir Faust attempted to destroy it several times. Once, he was repulsed by Jedi Masters Nom Anor and Armiena Draygo. Another time, he and Hou-Jo Poleb attacked Manaan and attempted to freeze the water world using a vast nightcloak system of satellites. That failed due to Dagon, Onderin Starlisk, and Armiena Draygo. Later, he tried to use the nightcloak another time, but was thwarted by Jedi Master Darex Trevelian. The Sith Master Haphaestus has also attempted to attack the vessel but failed. The vessel was also the site of the private wedding ceremony of Jedi Masters Aryian Darkfire and Armiena Draygo. After many years in Manaan’s oceans, the ship now traverses the ocean of deep space. Last seen, it was operating on low power, with 4 of the holocrons missing. ((Summary compiled by Amidala Skywalker. Thank you!)) AS OF 5/18/2020 THE ETERNAL VIGILANCE HAS BEEN LABELED DESTROYED
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