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  1. The Director said he took inspiration from the Vietnam War and it shows. I enjoyed the frenetic pace of the film, as it brought urgency to each piece of the plot. Every character had not only a desire, but a need to move the story forward. Imperial or Rebel they all had motivation and those were clear from the start of the film and jumping between worlds allowed that to be shown on a grander scale than just an isolated conflict like the majority of Star Wars we have seen to date. Due to the need to move the story forward we were unable to stay in these places for long, but given the nature of the plot, it wouldn't have made sense to. The development of characters is fast but also natural. Each stays true to their genuine character all the way till the end, and it makes for a fantastic ensemble performance that made each death hit an appropriate emotional chord. The CGI use of younger or now deceased actors was uncanny valley for me. There were genuine moments where I felt like Peter Cushing was back on the screen. But some of the movements didn't seem entirely natural, but a better effort than 2010s TRON: Legacy. Princess Leia at the end seemed far more convincing, though the makeup and smooth skin would be easier to do than the aged face of Peter Cushing. The battle sequence in the final act was incredible. My favorite Star Wars moment to date is the Battle above Endor in Return of the Jedi. Sure the story of Luke Skywalker is cool and all, but the actual War is what seemed to be the human element of that film, that people from all species and walks of life come together to fight a great evil was fantastic. To see that again, and to have a film grounded around characters who sacrifice everything for that cause, made it hit home so much better than any other Star Wars film before it has. Some people thought Gareth Edwards was an odd choice, his last film being the great in moments Godzilla from 2014, but he pulled it off in a way no director out there could have accomplished. Not even the man who kills all our beloved characters, Joss Whedon, could have done a film this dark and grounded while also providing a great ensemble cast.
  2. Luckily my job was not super busy, people don't really buy cars on black friday haha.
  3. This is such a good idea. Why didn't I think of that? It's also a good way to get these 8 million pictures of my phone. Curse you and your limited storage space, Apple! Make sure it doesn't auto-archive and also log in every 30 ish days to keep it active.
  4. This is what happens when you pander and cater to the worst of society and win. Now it is socially acceptable to be a POS.
  5. Yeah I'm moving out of Oregon pronto. I can't make a difference here, and I want to change the outcome of these things. How this happened is beyond me. Deeply ashamed of my country to comply with fascism like this.
  6. Maybe. I've been up since the same time today. Just couldn't sleep.
  7. It's pretty sad to say the least for both parties. The Democrats showed how corrupt their internal system is and how Party favors go a long way in deciding who is eligible to be a candidate for President for their party. With Clinton on the ticket it shows how well their machine is run now with President Obama's idealist tenure coming to an end as head of the Party. Then there is the GOP. The poor old GOP. I used to give Romney crap for flipping his ideas within 4 years and expecting us to believe in someone who just is changing his words to appeal to a more radicalized base from 2008. The jump to 2016 in the radicalization started by the Tea Party is more than apparent than ever and it scares me how regressive conservatives have allowed themselves to become. It has created rabid zealots out of normal everyday Americans. A Republican running on a fascist and ego driven platform is destroying everything we stand for by enabling the worst of american culture. Win or Lose, the Republican Party is dead. You have too many people with a brain who won't participate in this madness, and too many people radicalized and ready to shoot democrats should Trump lose, to be able to keep both sides as one party. I don't want to vote Hillary, as I don't trust her. But, she is the only candidate left who could actually be a President and run the damn country.
  8. That would be a pretty amazing season if they had to cover this. Though, them showing how harsh they were on the 2012 Election should give us some insight to how absolutley bonkers they would take this one.
  9. The story is pretty bland until you get to The Taken King, which picks up the pace, lore, and interest in the universe quite a bit. The new expansion does as well. But I mostly just do raids and multiplayer these days.
  10. Given what happened to the crew of the Tantive IV, I don't think they will be so lucky as to get away.
  11. A few months ago I got to see BABYMETAL in Seattle. It was an amazing show at the Sodo Showbox. Easily one of the more intimate concerts I had been to given the smaller venue but an amazing one all the same.
  12. Knights of the Old Republic is one of the finest western RPGs ever made. The story is finely crafted, each character feels alive and each motivation worth exploring. It is a game I have played once every single summer since release and will do so for many more. Might even do a series on it where I use a Die to decide how I should proceed through the story, just to see how things end up.
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