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  1. Hey all! How have things been going? Since the last time I posted I became a father again. My son is almost 3 and I have a little girl now who is 5 months. Her name is Jaina. Life with 2 kids is so much fun! I'm still teaching but finally locked down a permanent contract with my school board. My wife and i actually teach at the same school. I teach grade 7 math and science and she does the same in gr 8.
  2. Seems like new books always draws me back to this site! Super excited that a Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan novel was announced at SDCC yesterday. I remember posting here years ago that I would love to see a novel about QGJ and OB1
  3. I never finished the first Battlefront novel. I've been meaning to pick it up again but haven't had the desire. I'm a little more excited about this because it directly ties into Battlefront 2. I found the first novel didn't have the connection to the game because there was no story mode.
  4. I went the tower route. I considered all in one but I found for my price range, the towers packed more of a punch than the all in ones
  5. I am firmly on the Desktop side of things now. I never used my laptop as a portable computer, it always stayed on my desk, so a desktop made sense to me.
  6. Interesting... I didn't know that was the difference between a democracy and a republic. That does change the perspective.
  7. Yes that is true. I did stop at Cal omas. I'm reading invincible right now but if remember correctly she was chosen, not elected by the oeople. More of a this is the only person we will all agree on type of thing.
  8. Lately I've been listening to Audiobooks on my drive to work of older Star Wars Novels (2+ hours in a car everyday), and rereading everything from the NJO on (currently starting Invincible). I've been listening to Specter of the Past and got to thinking about the New Republic Government. For a 'democracy' they really didn't have an elected leader throughout the 24 years it was the Galactic Government and the years of the Galactic Alliance only had one leader in 13 years (Cal Omas) 1. Mon Mothma (4ABY-11ABY): Leader of the Rebellion, when the New Republic was formed she wasn't so much elected as claimed the title. 2. Leia (11ABY- 18ABY): After leading the New Republic for 7 years or so Mothma was stuck by an illness and asked Leia to take over at Chief of State. Leia was not elected but served for 7 years. 3. Ponc Gavrisom (18ABY-21ABY) Took over after the Events of "The New Rebellion" replacing Leia 'for the rest of her term' (but I read on Wookieepedia that the Chief of State had no defined term) May have been the first Chief of State actually elected but not as a leader in his own right but as a replacement. 4. Leia (21-23ABY): When Leia was ready to come back Gavirsom handed the title back to her with no election. 5. Borsk Fey'lya (23-27ABY): No information on how he was elected so I would assume this is truly the first elected Chief of State. 6. Cal Omas (27-40ABY): It's been a while since I read Destiny's Way but if I recall correctly there was some fishiness to the election, with Lando and the Jedi working to ensure Omas was elected as he was pro-Jedi. Omas reformed the New Republic into the Galactic Alliance in 28ABY and served as the leader until Jacen overthrew him in 40ABY. So in the 30+ years of the New Republic/Galactic Alliance there were only 5 leaders and only 1 we can say with complete confidence was truly elected into the position. Just a few random thoughts that I had while rereading/listening to the Star Wars Legends novels. Just some random thoughts, wanted to see if anyone else had an insight to offer or comments.
  9. The Star Wars Books Twitter account posted the following tweet That was 15 minutes ago and as it stands right now here are a list of authors who have hinted at involvement with the project -John Jackson Miller -Paul S Kemp -Claudia Grey -Chuck Wendig -Alexander Freed -Cavan Scott -Adam Christopher -Nnedi Okorafor -Madeleine Roux I'm guessing it's a new collection of short stories, maybe the start of a new Tales of... series. Was hoping that it would be a new-post ROTJ book, or a new trilogy. Interesting list of author though. Link
  10. What are your thoughts regarding "The Chosen One"
  11. New novel announced today. Star Wars Inferno Squad, by Christine Golden, the author of the Fate of the Jedi series and the excellent novel Dark Disciple. Inferno Squad looks to fall either during A New Hope or directly after A New Hope. The book is scheduled for a July 25 release. Link
  12. Hard to believe that those are the only 2 novels announced for 2017 so far. I'm really hoping that we get some news about new novels soon.
  13. -2 Finn +1 Hux Finn 7 Poe Dameron 21 Kylo Ren 25 Luke Skywalker 23 Chewbacca 21 Admiral Ackbar 17 Maz Kanata 28 General Hux 25
  14. -2 Finn +1 Kylo Finn 11 Poe Dameron 21 Kylo Ren 24 Luke Skywalker 22 Chewbacca 21 Admiral Ackbar 17 Maz Kanata 30 General Hux 24
  15. -2 Leia +1 Kylo Finn 15 Poe Dameron 21 Kylo Ren 22 Luke Skywalker 22 Princess Leia 0 Chewbacca 21 Admiral Ackbar 19 Maz Kanata 30 General Hux 24
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