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  1. Today is my ten year JNET anniversary. Ten years ago, sitting at the computer in my parent's bedroom, a random Google search led me to Jedi.net. Ten years later I find myself back once again. When I joined this site I was a day shy of 13. I had an incredibly narrow view of the world and I believed that I was always right. This site changed that. You guys changed that. In a slightly corny and weird way, I think that this site helped me grow up. We have so many different people from so many different walks of life here that it forced me to understand that I'm not always right and that there are so many other views of the world that hold just as much validity as my own. And that that's okay. Tomorrow I turn 23 and in a few weeks I will start my sixth, and hopefully final, year of undergrad work. It's been a long road but this has always been a great place to come relax and forget about the real world for a few precious hours. So I wanted to take a few minutes to thank the community here for being so welcoming and making this site feel like a home away from home. I am genuinely happy to have gotten to know you all over the past ten years. I'm glad that I get to see those of you that have connected with me through social media succeed in your real lives. So thanks for all the memories guys! Thanks for being the place where I came for the Star Wars, but I stayed for the community! Cheers to a few more years!
  2. A medical shuttle sporting the Black Sun emblem landed as it had many times before in the docking bay of the base at Artus Prime. This time was different though. Debris lay strewn about, evidence of the fighting and bloodshed that had occurred there. As the shuttle touched down its ramp began to lower and out rushed four armed security personnel, escorting a med-evac chamber. They all wore the same emblem as the ship. They moved efficiently through the building, clearing each room that they came to until at long last they reached the comm center. There they found a man, obviously in distress, leaning on what appeared to be old and very much destroyed comm equipment. "Sir, are you hurt?"
  3. "Sir, you'll want to see this. Silas looked up from his computer monitor to see a young comm officer standing before him holding a print-out. He took time to light a smoke before motioning the man forward. He took the piece of paper from his outstretched hand and scanned it briefly. "The communication was picked up coming out of the Kwymar Sector, the old base on Artus Prime to be specific, sir." Silas puffed silently on his cigarette while considering this news. He wasn't quite sure why the young comm officer had been set a-twitter about the intercepted message until he reached the bottom of the report. The officer had run a voice recognition analysis and had been rewarded with a match. No, that's impossible. He's been dead for years. There's no way...That facility would have been destroyed years ago. But...maybe. He looked back at the young man before him. "Dispatch a team. They are to bring this man back to me...alive."
  4. I'm more of a tequila man myself, but my roommate drink Highland Mist Scotch like no one's business. She'll got through 3 or 4 liters a week, but she picks it up for $12.99 a liter which makes her habits manageable. The stuff goes down pretty smoothly all things considered.
  5. I'll definitely be purchasing this as well. I read most, if not all (can't remember if I ever finished) of what you posted on the site and absolutely loved it. I look forward to seeing the completed project.
  6. Ryan Lochte only added to the US swimming coverage. He even got a TV show out of it...somehow. And Phelps deserved the coverage he got. Finishing as the most decorated Olympian in history is a pretty big deal. I'm pretty excited for the Winter Olympics, but I'm gonna have to figure out some way to watch them. Cable is a rare commodity for me these days.
  7. That stupid storm destroyed the barn that my bus was parked under and my pipes (read as: garden hoses) were frozen for like 2 weeks. I couldn't move my car to go to work for six days.
  8. Silas


    I steal wifi from the apartment complex that I used to live in a couple of years ago. I'll take my laptop and go sit in their parking lot, and since my computer still remembers the password to the network I can get free internet. Considering it would cost me $2000+ to have the only internet company that will service the area I live in run the cable to my bus, this is the best alternative.
  9. The Hunter's message was happily received on Cloud City. Silas took the Sith's advice to heart and began selling of the various securities and commodities that he had acquired over the years. If Faust was to be believed then he would be turning quite the profit on them in just a few days. At the same time shipments of rage began flowing out of the Black Sun hangars. Their destinations were numerous, encompassing the entirety of the Core Worlds and much of the Inner- and Mid-Rim worlds, reaching as far as Naboo. Before long, the entire galaxy would be boiling with RAGE.
  10. A response message was left waiting for Faust on the Black Sun network. --Comm-- I'm very pleased with your work thus far, Lord Faust. I'm anxious to hear about your plans for the future. You know where to find me and my door, as always, is open. I expect I'll be hearing from you soon. --End Message-- After the message was sent, Silas alerted his secretary that he was prepared to play host to Mr. Menethil should he still be around.
  11. "Only one hundred?" he said with the raise of an eyebrow. "I'm not a man easily impressed, Faust. Such a figure seems...insignificant when one considers the destruction that Ar-Pharazon and Zar wrought on that soil." He let the taunt hang in the air for a moment, like so much smoke that was already drifting lazily about. He knew the Sith Lord wouldn't be so easily enraged. He was not like his colleagues. Slow to anger, quick to think. It was what made him truly terrifying, and truly dangerous. "It shall be as you have said. One hundred respectably healthy slaves shall await your arrival on Dantooine. I will await this demonstration from here, per your suggestion, though I must admit my disappointment. It is always an honor to watch an artist such as yourself at work."
  12. The Clone Wars also had lightsaber-wielding good guys to fight the lightsaber-wielding baddies. I think it will be a little more interesting to see how the protagonists deal with their lack of Force capabilities. HoT made a good point and it doesn't sound like we'll be seeing too much of the Light Side of the Force in this show.
  13. -2 Leia, +1 Wedge Han Solo: 11 Princess Leia: 8 Chewbacca: 20 C-3PO: 1 R2-D2: 22 General Rieekan: 14 Wedge Antilles: 18 Derek "Hobbie" Klivian: 18 Wes Janson: 17 Lando Calrissian: 22 Lobot: 16 Yoda: 26 Darth Vader: 26 Admiral Piett: 17 Admiral Ozzel: 8 Captain Needa: 15 General Veers: 20 Boba Fett: 26
  14. "I appreciate your transparency with me, especially considering the sensitive nature of the information. You remain as maniacal as ever, to be sure." Silas finished his drink and set the empty tumbler on his desk. "You also seem very sure of yourself for someone with such a...bold plan. I won't pretend to understand the intricacies of the Force and you are certainly not the first person, within this organization even, to attempt to eradicate the Force from this universe. I care little for the fate of your kind, for the fate of the galaxy. Hell, I'm not particularly concerned with my own fate. I am alive and well today, Lord Faust. If there is a credit to be made then you damn well better believe that I will be there to collect it." A quick puff of the cigar. "I've seen enough of this galaxy to know that good doesn't always conquer evil, that love doesn't always win. On the other hand I have yet to find a being in this realm that is truly infallible. Do as you will, Lord Faust. I await the results of your undertaking with avid curiosity."
  15. A slow, almost thoughtful, drag on the cigar. "You may have been able to intimidate me in the past, Lord Faust, but no more. I've been to Hell and back, and lived to tell the tale. I've been humiliated, watched my own corporation be stolen out from under me while I was helpless to stop it. I've lost more friends and comrades to the tides of war than I could possibly dream of naming. I've held the fates of entire star systems in the palm of my hand." Another, similar drag. "And yet still I am here, resilient as always. Content to bring the Black Sun up from the depths of the pit of despair. I'm afraid your ways do not frighten me. On the contrary, they excite me almost beyond the reaches of my imagination." The tip of his cigar burned brighter than anything else in the already brilliantly-lit room. "I would enjoy nothing more than being privy to that answer."
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