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  1. *pokes head in* Anyone wonder who said they "had a bad feeling about this"? hint, it was not a human *disappears*
  2. http://www.memecenter.com/fun/6187965/the-anticipation-is-killing-me the anticipation... is killing me! EDIT: Found a dandy.
  3. That's the issue they run into with loads and loads of characters/actors. Someone has to take a back seat.
  4. A few worth forgetting here... I shouldn't have released that fake mug-shot of mine
  5. Snoke is Luke yeah right!!! Seriously if you're in to WMG'ing, here is one from TV Tropes Total ScientificWildAssGuess Discuss...
  6. If so, wouldn't Kylo Ren and Snoke know who she is?
  7. VIII - 44 IX - 46 For retrospect - I was a mere 4 when ANH was released - too young to understand.
  8. Does the Force act on its own to connect Rey to the saber? I have a feeling that voices were calling to her (Obi-wan, Yoda, Luke). How does she learn all of the tricks (countering Kylo's mind-read and reading his, the Mind Trick, Using the Force to Evade (not evident on screen, but implied) using the Force to enhance her saber fight) - Even Kylo recognized this.
  9. my $.02 1) Who I thought was Force sensitive was a puzzle. In the trailers Finn is weilding the saber - but we find he is not using the Force. He did put up somewhat of a fight against Ren though before he got cut down. 2) Rey's finding of the saber - When she enters the vision, you hear all those voices in the background? Luke's big NO! came in and some Yoda as well as as Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan speaking directly to Rey. Even an Alec Guinness archive voice was put in there. It's all blink and you'll miss it as well. All this before she sees her past and the Knights of Ren. She didn't like or believe it, but non-sensitive Maz did ("It's calling to you!"). Essentially Anakin's saber was a plot point. 3) Snoke: Who the **** are you? Did you essentially take Sidious's spot? 4) Large Ham Hux and his starkiller weapon were tearjerker momenets for sure (not as hard as Han's death). That they saw it coming made it worse. 5) Luke had 5 minutes of air time and no lines (given his air-time was at the end it's understood). On the flip side, he was a plot point and influenced the rest of the characters in some way throughout. Does anyone else believe that he had communicated through the Force to R2 ("wake up little droid, you have a map now"), Leia, even Rey? Who else could have started Rey toward that damn lightsaber? Really!?? I don't think that the Force acts on its own. 6) The fact that Rey owned Kylo Ren not once but twice!. The first was the mind-reading battle. Kylo was trying to pull out the map info from Rey, not only did he get blocked, but she pulled out info from him (that he was striving to be better than Darth Vader and was afraid of failing to do it. Then came the saber battle. 7) Another supporting thought about Luke's communication to Rey - How does she discover reading of Kylo's mind or the Jedi Mind Trick? Bonus points for the stormtrooper being tricked being played by Daniel Craig (hence the quip after the second attempt) Leia did get a pale voice did she not? Also turning to Military leadership as an out for the loss of her son and Han turning back to smuggling for the same reason. The fact that Ren was their sun (Ben) came out of left field for me as well. If anyone thought that Han could convince him, yeah right - Han was doomed right from the start!!! 9) The garbage will do - The Millenium Falcon is garbage? lol 10) Losing George's influence on production did wonders on the performance of the crew and cast and a much better product in the end - there was good dialogue!!! Funny too - no Ewoks or Jar Jar required! It only took me 3 viewings to figure a lot of this out!
  10. Holy... This will not be a see-only-once movie <--- that is an understatement.
  11. You were saying? The Force awakens - seems like a little historic here. Considering I'm just peeking in.
  12. That is a good game - A staple of LAN parties for me.
  13. Ben Affleck as Batman. Matt Damon as Robin!!!
  14. I've only jumped on when I had thought about it lately. It's kind of like the Mask - you can't throw it away.
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