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    Satvaskalez Akmuo

    SERPENTSCALE STONE Satvaskalez Akmuo ² "Speak softly now And choose your next thoughts Carefully, For the eel of black has called My soul to dance Reckless, unmitigated Abandonment Of mind, body, and soul." A mantled set of armor stylized and reminiscent of ancient Sith armor, with an extremely distinct and technological flair. This consisted of a segmented torso armor shaped like a humanoid rib cage. Ornamental, demon-looking pauldrons covered the shoulders, the armpits and part of the back. The head was protected by a war helmet that transitioned between half-mask and full wear that was jaw-lined with fangs. A protective warskirt of blade-shaped strips was worn around the waist, that fell over hauntingly chiseled greaves. The body-suit was made of black-scaled armorweave and shelled spider silk, with organic wyrmsteel plates that fleshed out the torso, shoulders, arms and greaves. The plates themselves oozed in an inimitable eel-black ink. Emblazoned on the centerpiece was the raised insignia of the Spider, stretched rib-to-rib in a dripping obsidian. Authored by the carvers of the Stormcloaks, the blend of ancient design and tastes of modern technologies commissioned what would be the first model of a medium war-suit. Flexible wyrmsteel plates overlaid an MR-Fluid (magnetorheological) armor layer, incorporating the latest in Umbaran technology. The bodysuit consists of an outer and inner layer made from the aforementioned dipped tri-weave fiber mesh, and sandwiched in between is the MR-fluid based liquid armor system. The visceral MR-fluid hardens in response to impacts, specifically designed to provide superior shock absorption, as well as enabling greater force delivery behind counterattacks. The liquid body armor layer is also more flexible than ceramic or fiber-based alternatives tested in previous designs, allowing for greater maneuverability and faster elimination of multiple targets in quick succession. The left gauntlet possessed retractable vibro-blades, while the right was left out in place of prior equipment. The left gauntlet has embedded sensors that work in conjunction to analyze foreign samples and upload data to remote sites. The inclusion of a holographic screen projector in the left gauntlet also allowed him encrypted communications with familiar intelligence. While this model held an edge in technological nature and offered the wearer their full mobility, it was only moderately effective against munitions. While the wyrmsteel plates maintained their augmented resistances to close quarter combat, in between those plates was where one could find purchase. The alternative Sith Steel and the liquid armor layer was highly effective against impact, but only offered moderate protection from munitions, especially at point blank range.
  2. KILOMONGERONE The Dark Lord lifts his razor-hilt to his lips. He closes his eyes and kisses the sacred metal. Then his eyes open, and the spirit behind them surrenders any inkling of humanity, empty above the slit of his half-mask. When Exodus moves, they begin to die. He skims diagonally across the front rank of the Mon Calamari Forces with such possession of his body that it would seem he was another species entirely, one made of wind and wrath. Quarren blocked his path holding what appeared to be fishing spears, yet knowing them to be far deadlier than what image implied. He sidesteps two of their thrusts and removes the heads of three militiamen, exchanges two parries with a heavy-set mercenary woman, before pulling a second shorter blade from his belt and skewering her stomach, ripping sideways through half her rib-cage. Bodies hit stone with a miserable thump while she stood there helplessly trying to stuff intestines back into her abdomen. She collapses to her knees, gobbling screams from her mouth. The iconic lightsaber spun in his hand several times, deflecting sporadic laser-fire that aimed to bring him down, before heaving the dripping heat of the blade through the mouth responsible for the incessant wailing. The sound of her was unnerving, it distracted him from the dark voice that seemed to bellow through the force nearby. Exodus moved towards it. He continued in demoniac hyper-combat, demonstrating a brutal fluidity across the increasing number of resistances. They were dropping like weeds to a steady mowing. Imperial Legionnaires did their best to keep pace with blade and dance, while team Sentinel and the Dark Troopers entrenched themselves into chokepoints littered across the rural divide. They maintained precision cover-fire to match the march of death, flooding battlefield Intel to and from the SCI. It was easy for the units here to leech supreme confidence when in the presence of their King, even if he said nothing, the language he showed them was battle. It was a surreal invigoration whenever they were in his presence, multiplying their efficiencies across the board with a dangerous hunger. The boon was passive, none of them understanding the power with which they drew on, and how effectively it encompassed their armies when he was with them. This was reflected in the urgency of communications that spread throughout the armies, a flux of vital intelligence that was now mitigated with helpings of static for those below. "Break, break, break! Kilo Monger One. Emergency message for Kilo Monger One. Do you copy? Over." "..Go ahead." "Darkhand has uncovered tertiary objective. Anomalies are especially evident, exacting coordinates now, over." "Copy, already inbound. Over and out." He separated himself from the battle quickly, dexterously clean even as conqueror in the theater of war. He eased into the darkness now, swimming through narrow streets toward the beacon of black that ignorantly reached out through the force. The hunt was the pride and joy of the Anzati people. His boots were coupled with the swiftness of air, while he mind cinched the harrowing voice from the deep, trying to decipher it's meaning. He was near. Surface level would only surrender so much lee-way on his trailing of the tertiary objective, but once he completed his rendezvous with the entry point, he would disappear beneath a checkpoint maintenance drain-cover. It was quieter here, and as the King descended, his fingers curiously ran along the concrete underpass. The waters were soil, ordure and wild excrement. Hunting beneath Maggot's Cantina on Anzat, far below the uninviting slums, was doubly worse than this. Yet, the assassin reached outwards, feeling the loneliness of the cement infrastructure and allowing the echoes of the force to track his foothpath. A binding force sheathed the hide of his gloves and boots; a touch of the Kiin'Dray now carrying his weight above the wastewater. His limbs spread wide, gripping the ungraspable, and then not another sound from him could be heard, vanishing as if he was never there. "BEWARE OF THE SHADOW THAT ESCAPES FROM THE BODY LIKE AN ANIMAL STARVED."
  3. The sound of it was expressively deafening. The full tilt of force that the vessel had crashed with, completely broadsided the patrolmen in their attempt at vehicular escape. The steep impact sucked the wind from their throats, and froze their faces in a shock that paralyzed them with fear. It was a sudden violence so unbridled, that it ravaged the metal framework of the hover-bus, irreparably buckling the transport and layering it in the blood and bones of those that rode within. There were sickly screams; this was not for the faint of heart. The long screech of broken and brassy steel, twisting against the road, was far worse than dragging nails across a dry chalk-board. Those that heard it, screwed their faces in displeasure, covering their ears from the horrifying sound. A monster of a creature heaved himself from the braised innards of the drop shell, shoving thick electrical cables aside and rising to meet the carnal smell of petrichor in the air. Morjanssik and its earth would be washed before dusk, a telling omen that meant more than just rainwater. Of note was how his jawline was sheathed in a chilling metal, bearing the keen measure of white fangs engrafted into its side. These were teeth torn from the mandibular bone of the White Wolf, skillfully handcrafted into a demon half-mask, or some would say. The natural exuberance of his dark skin played contrast to how it remained untainted by time and rot, covered by a wild wolfish black mane. He emerged slowly, wearing the kit of an ancient Sith God, accentuated by a lamellar warskirt flinching like thick blades of shadows in the wind. Gloomy, narrow eyes brooded within an imperiously beardless face, bearing vestiges of beauty underneath a depository of brutality. Masked lips, long eyelashes, and eyes somehow without a trace of color stared outwardly. They were tempestuous by nature, eyes painted in blind albinism. The rest of the detailings were soft scars and scowls lined with regal bone structure. He wore plates of armor so dark, that the natural light around him seemed only to serve and feed the oily obsidian wyrmsteel. His all whites, now darkened with a clouded grey mixture at the sight of the rallying opposition. The force of him was so raw and so inevitably uncalculating, that he seemed as pure as natural lightning. Undimmed by compromise and untamed by society, even the best of them felt here would feel trapped, so small when they suddenly realized the lunacy in that creatures like him truly existed. The gathering crowd slowed before him as if facing down a thunderhead, small currents of electricity swimming in and out of naked sight across his forearms. The primal half-mask suited to his face, looked chiseled from runic images of a wild beast cloaked in symbolisms of spiders, fangs and magnetism. The demon mask clicked autonomously before a second plate shot up to cover the unfamiliar face of the Dark Lord, forming into a completed helm. “Status?” “...Execution diameter confirmed, these people are disease-stricken. We approximate a safe distance of 1.8 meters from all sentient life. Reconcile ground formations. Quarantine our wounded, advised to eradicate all hostiles." A low voice rumbled through his communications unit. The Mon Cal Defense Forces were a little more equipped than initial intelligence suggested with almost a hundred foot soldiers armed with a variety of military-grade blasters and anti-armor weapons slowly advancing on their positions. Three emplacement weapon crews installed themselves into a cover-fire position, readying to hose down the Imperial positions. Three archaic T2-B tanks churned around the battlefield on repulsorlifts, hoping to make use of their shields and light cannons to ensure that their small infantry could cross open patches of terrain safely. Their hope was dwindling fast as they watched what had crawled from that drop-shell. More of the Sith Empire arrived by the second, hoarding the skies and occupying the land. Additionally, several T4-B tanks and old walkers with worn rebel insignia painted onto its hull, were reported as pinned down by superior armor and firepower with the Imperial Offense slowly closing in on them with their advanced treads and armored feet. Exodus absorbed the atmosphere once more before the rain, this time with his mind far-reaching. And to his surprise, there was a voice, whispering a language unfamiliar.
  4. Mon Cal Authorities frantically flooded High Command with red-tape legislation, desperate chatter that did little more than breathe undertones of just how fearful these people had become under the guidance of the galactic alliance. Independance, boundaries and trespassings were the moaning of the Quarren people, of a system that had been rattled by the rumblings of war in the past. High Command remained stoical in their speech patterns, unmoved by incessant pleas, hardened in their resolve and empowered by the massive armada that swarmed to their call. A dreadful and swallowing eclipse mourned over the diminutive blue planet, monstrous vessels casting a shadow as black as eel ink across the raging waters. High Command was cold and matter-of-fact in how they addressed the Quarren, unbothered by the dressings of their law. This was Sith-Imperial space now, and with the rumors of a rebel alliance, the sanctioning of this world would be immediate and heavy-handed. The Sentinels prepared for drop as the count measured zero. Sentinel Lead resisted the bile that built up in his throat at the sound of it, the nausea that he could never escape at the head of each drop. The old man relaxed himself within the confines of his armor, praying to whichever God would hear him, knowing that the coming turbulence would be anything but forgiving. Drops never were. But, any measure of the scurrying resistance at this point, warranted such a response. As it were when the presence of the Sith and the Empire of old were under collapse, command almost unilaterally preferred small engagements or hit-and-run tactics, charging in like this was definitely something new. DROP COMMENCING. FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE… The pod shuddered as sub-light engines kicked on, an almost unnoticeable shift in gravity hinting at the tremendous acceleration the drop shells underwent as it jettisoned from the cavernous hangar bays of the Goliath. Inertial dampeners burned at peak efficiency, graciously. Adrenaline filled them. Everything appeared to be in functioning order, the armored pods beginning to rattle and shake as they abruptly entered the atmosphere, nothing but the sound of slightly elevated breathing coming in over the comms. Hard seconds passed, ambient heat leaking through the shielding of the drop pods and the heaviness of their environmental exo-suits chafing against skin. They would shed these once landed. The metal became too jarring, tremoring loudly before boiling to a climax. With a final starving whine, the worst was over. Sensors cleared now that their atmospheric breaching maneuver was complete, and showing the pods of Sentinel team all roughly where they should be, no more than a few hundred meters out of position which was quickly corrected by bursts of the built-in maneuvering repulsor-lifts. Impressively however, the skies were filled with more than just their brilliant metal. It was an iron rain, a storm of Imperial life and vast machines falling fearlessly from the skies as hundreds and hundreds were making land and sea-fall. A swift scan of their target arrival area, and connection to the local Imperial tac net painted a rather bleak representation of the situation on the ground than had initially been suspected, actual numbers and vehicle designations being provided in a rush of information. The warehouses were in disarray, a fallen complex more rubble than it was intact, and a platoon of Imperial Legion first-responders that began to dig in amongst the wreckage. Secondly, a pair of AT-ST walkers mobilized into transportable sentries, monitoring their coordinates while additional carriers fixed positions. Lastly, Sentinel-Lead turned to see another drop-pod unfastening, his eyes were strangely fixated for reasons he could not naturally explain. Ignoring the tactical displays shooting across his visor, he knew that this pod was not enlisted within their drop composition, and that this one must've blown way off course. But when the devilish burnish of black boots clamored from the armored shell, thick incenses crawling from it in sheets of steam, Sentinel-Lead knew that a Sith had arrived.
  5. S I T H L O R E ORIGIN LINKS: • Chaining of Onderon • Chaining of Onderon II Name: Hjertet av Raseri (Heart of Rage) Classification: Flower; Dark Side Nexus Lethality: Extreme Average Height: Varies Average Width: Varies C A U T I O N The Heart is the result of a moulded cast of Sith Steel being infused with necromantic energy either deliberately, or as the result of a traumatic event, with nourishment from a Seed of Rage.This type of amalgam breeds an infectious Dark Nexus that begins inorganically, and spreads as swift as wildfire once the roots set in. This type of embryonic flora is experimental, and has been produced only once prior. However, it is said that a sampling of this specimen has the ability to produce powerful crystals under the correct circumstances. It is worth noting, that to economically harvest or mine such artifacts from the grove is far too dangerous for ordinary folk. The Heart experiences rapid successions in expansive growth, as well as visual representation; Stems, roots, leaves and vascular tissue enlarges swellingly throughout the first few months of seeding and the developmental stages transition almost daily. As time progresses, the Heart will transcend into an entire ecosystem, evolving natural defences and hardening like bark around the blossomed seed and metal. As the natural complex magnifies it’s reach, the rate of maturation and spread will crawl to a slower pace and acclimatize to a specific territory. The Heart itself is autonomous and is an embodiment of raw Dark Side power, feeding profusely without reservations, yet offering an abundance of serviceability for those that can withstand and exploit such an alignment of force. With such an immense harnessing of energies, the flower inherits the aptitude to manipulate and influence biological matter on a cellular level. It dynamically perverts everything in its domain, predominates the nervous systems of wildlife, and also boasts the tendency to produce entirely new Sithspawn by means of a rather unique incubation system. These utilities act as a medium for manipulators of Sith Alchemy on a creatively grand scale; Necromancy, Sith Spawn Creation, Dark Immersion, Rehabilitative Incubation, Poison Creation to name a few. Hjertat av Raseri is cradle of pestilence, with roots and stems covered in poisonous thorns. The umbrage from the crowning ecosystem tunnels and burrows, opening pockets and cavities for mutated critters to breed, and for the undead to reign. A typical Seed of Rage infused with necromantic energies will hastily germinate in the midsts of rotting corpses and wastes of biological proportions. As time progresses the expansive roots will cover deceased corpses in a weblike manner and seemingly assimilate them into itself. Due to the shamanistic influences of the Force that drive this aberrant vegetation in its life cycle, there are cases in off-world projects that lay evidence to reanimation of the dead in both humanoids and creatures alike. The power of the Dark Side runs infinite within this type of habitation, rhythmical in how the pulsing red of the seed beats just as a heart does, and can be heard hypnotically for miles. The primal and non-sentient volition of the Heart maddens with time and pushes to consume all that surrounds it. As it stands, self preservation is the true purpose of this phenomenon. The reason for caution is death and the seductive mesmerism of the flower that professes a bevy of alarming traits; horrid hallucinations and self-harming thoughts flood the mind when in the vicinity of the flower. It is advised to not linger in the presence of it for any amount of time. H I S T O R Y • -- U N L O C K S • [sITH HIGH-RANKING NPC] • [sITH SPAWN #1] • [sITH SPAWN #2] • [sITH SPAWN #3] • [PERSONAL ARTIFACT] • [MORE TO COME]
  6. W A R C H E S T x Command of Emperor King Exodus, and the Sith Empire. LOCATIONS Arachnakorr Bastion of Pelko Dragon Gate SPECIES Xian'tii The Ashoriath SITHSPAWN Dragul / Dragnoc / Dracsha HOUSES House of Exiles House Vhassaar House Zibeti LORE Hjertet av Raseri, Heart of Rage Pyramid of Sith Philosophy Sith Pyramid of Production and Logistics WEAPONS Slipblade TECHNOLOGY / ARTIFACTS Skullclamp Sith Command Interface Wyrmsteel ORGANIZATIONS Knights of the Blooded Drexl Imperial Stormcloaks Howlers NPCs Sith Troopers OMEGA Squadron Garik Doma, Devilfish Darth Infidus Darth Sensara Gethin'pugh, Darth Gw'rchod The Prime Agent VEHICLES WARSHIPS The Bleeding Kyber Xian'tii Warships Valhalla, Centurion-Class Battlecruiser ---
  7. I see you in her. It is never more than a twinkling: a glance, a breath, a dismissive gesture. The way she narrowed her eyes to stare defiantly into fear, easily, naturally; the way her clenched hands would find supreme conviction. Are you there, Malachi? The way the waves of whole planets shifted as she dreamed loudly, the lines of sorrow chasing one another deeply across the paleness of her sweet face as you fell in love with something so terrifying. They return me to the moments that she would stand above you when you slept alone, watching your ruthless slumber, hating the way you slept knowing that one-eye was forever watching. You are so distrusting of others, she knew you could see her, standing there above you. Watching her, blade in hand, knowing that she did not have the fire to threaten your life, to stay your hand from those that you assassinated mercilessly. If only you would fall asleep, she could end it for you. She would stand there for hours, and wondered if she called on all training you had given her, if she moved just quickly enough, maybe her knife could find your heart before yours found another, if she could quench the burning in her chest with your feverish blood and earn your attention for but a moment, maybe just one word, even if it were words that sealed her life then and there. You were much quieter then. It would have been worth it, to break your bond with the killings and rob them of the heart that they had turned so cold. It would have been so worth it. How did it get like this? When did it all begin, she wondered. The many moons and the distant stars betrayed her pleading, withholding their secrets in fear that you would tear them from the skies. Nature itself trembled before the black power coming from you. She knew your birth-mother was the key, and that when you had lost her, you had lost your humanity. She was losing hers now, over the years of trying to stitch you back together every night. Your wounds were grave and were many, but many did not become more as you grew older. You became untouchable. Your mouth had forgotten how to widen to a smile, as each encounter left you with less and less to show for it. You smile now though, have you noticed? You were more efficient, arrogantly so, avoiding the mess of your butchering if only to exact an air of cleanliness in your fieldwork. She could no longer bandage what was not there, you became as fierce as wildfire, and that too robbed her of purpose. She had nothing to fix, and the warmth from your body had left, colder than the wintry coals of Ziost. Did you notice when she parted ways? Did you even blink twice? Do you think of her now? What of your mother, Malachi? Can you see them, as clear as I see you? "I do." Silence enveloped his personal stateroom, the keepsakes of his past tried their hands at heart-strings that no longer dangled loosely, from a heart that no longer beat as it once did. Yes, he could see that which the dark wished of him, with an indifference that boldly challenged the constant harping of challenging spirits. He sat cross-legged on a raised platform, his body and mind as hardened as the monstrous plates that shielded the skeleton of the Goliath itself, meditating on all that had come to past, internal turmoil, and the task laid ahead of him. Only when the industrial klaxons blared, signaling the end of his hyperspace journey, did his eyes truly open. Rings of magma burning inside of those eyes, saying what his words would not. The face of the King was flawlessly imperious by all regal meaning, unscathed by the black of the dark side and the rot of war. This storied conqueror had just begun. The dreadful skulk of the Flagship Goliath rumbled through the tumultuous dissonance of hyperspace, extraterrestrial streaks of lambent light dispersed wildly as it settled before the azurean planet. Yawning spaces of black played welcome to a spread of warships that blinked into horrifying formation, assimilating with another division of their naval force that had arrived earlier. The Goliath was chief among them, ghoulishly vast in his dimensions, daunting in comparison to the many others that now fleshed out this grand flotilla. In wicked efficiency, the dispositions of the Sith naval power aligned itself dangerously towards the Rebel planet of Mon Calamari. Reaver-Lead operation is a go. Drop in T-minus ten. "Copy that, Goliath. Reavers stations." Reaver-3, check. Reaver-5, ready. Reaver-2, 4, 6 are operational with no errors detected, Reaver-Lead. "Good. Let's run the operation through before jump, I know you lot are itching for green." "Fives been doing a lot of itching, Reaver-Lead. Said medical wouldn't een' give it a look!" Comms filled with laughter Reaver-Lead, a grizzled and towering veteran that passed as more machine than man, brought up the holographic display in his helmet's display and fed the image into his squad's optical sensors. "The city of Morjanssik is under quarantine by what we imagine is a sizable Rebel force, intel suggests that we drop in with no less than eight platoons with three mechanized infantry columns, fifteen vehicles total. The local garrison have marshaled their forces in the event of several terrorist operations, the rest have already laid assault to these buildings here-" At his command a sprawling industrial complex was expanded upon, appearing as a cluster of warehouses to the Dark Troopers dissecting the images. "Oh and Reavers, Looks like we've found some Jedi." ______________________________________ Fleet Command (Flagship) Taskforce Experience (I) Commander: Dark King Exodus, Captain Rosa Orsaa Augmentation: Axial Weapon Xhendora-Class Dreadnought Goliath |20/20| The Xhendora-Class Dreadnought is one of the largest vessels in the Sith-Imperial Armada. So far only two vessels of the class, The Goliath, and another under construction. These two advanced warships are designated as Fleet command ships, and form the core of a line of battleships and dreadnoughts intended to counter any direct assault in Sith-Imperial Space by a large scale fleet formation. Dense, cutting edge armor, heavy shielding, reinforced hulls, and numerous other internal and external modifications make the hull one of the most rugged ever constructed to serve under the Imperial Machine. The heavy-set firepower, and thick armor make the Goliath one of the most formidable forces in known hyperspace. Direct and deliberate frontal assaults easily overpower lesser opponents. Under the Goliath's relentless assault most targets break and run, or surrender if retreat is impossible. Sith Covert Strike Force Taskforce Experience Green (I) - Assigned Callsign - Reaver Vornskr-Class Stealth Cruiser |9/9| Huntress Raider II-Class Corvette Tracer |2/1| Raider II-Class Corvette Pandora |2/1| Raider II-Class Corvette Spectrum |2/1| Scythe Raider-Class Corvette Carver |2/1| Raider-Class Corvette Blade |2/1| Raider-Class Corvette Haunting |2/1| Heavy Brawler Escort (Hammer and Anvil) Taskforce Experience Green - Assigned Callsign - Shield Harrower-Class Battle Cruiser Monarch|20/20|
  8. ROUND TWO Qaela / Mordecai vs Godfrey / Lok Round Two [Q&M] Task Force Herløv targets Task Force Hammer with (Focus Fire) - Novarch Ackbar takes 6 damage, 3 to the remaining shields and 3 to the Hull Starfighter action; INTERCEPTION on both available Task Forces - Nulls damage from all enemy bombers. Round Two [G&L] Taskforce Hammer prepares retreat, takes full round. - (Starfighter Action) Free Fleet Commander "Bombers Inbound" On the Herløv - Damage is nullified by opposing Bombers (Interception) Rebel Alliance Precision Strike Carrier Group prepares for retreat, takes full round. -
  9. Command centers bloomed with a funnel of new and vital information. Planetary management became of immediate importance once a suitable station nestled into the bedrock of a dismantled Coruscant. District creation, building constructions and design, assigning grand workforces for resource production and to maintain peace or enforce order. Officials spent the better half of the night managing the impossibly high disparities in the numbers regarding population decline, all while setting up additional garrisons for planetary defense. The world was a tangle of webs, but these were the right people for the untangling of them. Piracy was shot to a crawling halt once the presence of entire armadas poured into the system. The Sith Empire spared no expenses in the roll out of their might. With the rings of Kuat under new directives, their ship production soared to an unmatchable efficiency. Sword fleets, patrol behemoths, and creations unseen by any man or woman in recent wars, had nonchalantly dominated the trade routes. The presence of fleets automatically halted the rampant piracy for the systems in which they threw their collective weight. Various sentinel armadas were given orders to patrol between systems, coordinating with joint task forces to increase visibility, for their borders now expanded dangerously fast. To aid in the spread, monolithic outposts were deployed from regions in proximity to give nearby systems further trade protection, also campaigning heavily escorted convoys to assist the operations. Empire-wide laws of behavior outlining the governing precepts for how they have and will guide themselves further in the expansion through the stars, as well as their stance on various other tedious subjects would begin to trickle into the political houses once they were windswept, and the dominion of the Spider would soon capture the galactic jewel whole. Exodus ran his fingers across the SCI built into the vambrace slung to his forearm. The drill of information that flooded unmarked channels was more than enough to break the failing Dark Lords that preceded his reign, the intangibles chipping away at inflated ego. At a checkpoint such as this, most crumbled in their rule, bouncing from planet to planet aimlessly. They were bright flames to a solemn candle, flickering out as time and space ate at their resources. Those that followed Exodus now, would carve a legacy worthy of forever. "Ca'Aran," the Dark King announced through encrypted voice messaging, a voice so easily pitched in an eerie carving of sound. "Do you see them? The pieces are coming together for you. They shift when you speak, they follow when you lead. They will fight, and die for you, but how.. is entirely in your hands." He let the moment breath for but a second, knowing he already understood such things from the past he had carved for himself. What he really wished to say would dig far deeper. ".. Have you been made aware? Those that left you for dead have shown their faces at last. They have resurfaced unbothered by your disappearance, many believe it is relief as whispers go. They have flaunted their luxury in a system not too far from our reach. Let me remind you, Ca'aran. You are home now, and nothing is out of our reach. Keep me apprised of Salliche." The message cut immediately after, with the Dark King hungrily searching the stars as he departed the broken surface of Coruscant.
  10. ROUND ONE Qaela / Mordecai vs Godfrey / Lok Round One [Q&M] Task Force Herløv targets Task Force Hammer with (Focus Fire) - A ship in Task Force Hammer takes 6 damage to their shields Starfighter action; bombers inbound on Task Force Hammer - The same ship in the same task force takes 2 damage to their hull Round One [G&L] Taskforce Hammer engages Star Destroyer Herløv with its removal action “Focus Fire” - Herløv takes 8 damage to their shields (Starfighter Action) Free Fleet Commander "Bombers Inbound" On the Herløv - Herløv takes 3 damage to their hull Rebel Alliance Precision Strike Carrier Group - Bombers Inbound on Herløv - Herløv takes 3 damage to their hull (Starfighter Action) Fleet Commander - Bombers Inbound on Herløv * Only 1 Starfighter Action per side; The other task forces do have starfighters, but the starfighter commands represent a side using an overwhelming number of starfighters to push through a certain action. So narratively speaking, you both have starfighters available, it's just on the lead PC to direct their actions as a unit. (First round up, reminder to both parties. Be as specific as you can with who you attack with, and who you are targeting. Thanks! Enjoy writing out the results!)
  11. I M P E R I A L STORMCLOAKS SO WHO ARE THE STORMCLOAKS? A monastic order of displaced Anzati crossbred with the clans of Kro Var. Extraordinarily impressive with age, and obsessed with a kind of mythic genealogy, made inimitable by their monotheism and their craze with the elements. Theirs is mostly the study of reverse-ancestry as a means to combat spiritual and material degradation, and an over-ambition to feast on highborn sentient life bone-by-bone. The world of Anzat would only be the beginning for the small troupe of travelers, once they had wet their feet in the rivers of Kro Var, their appetite would change forever. It is interesting to note that their original views were very unorthodox from the uncommon societies attributed to Kro Var, consuming an incredible wealth of knowledge and culture by force for decades with unparalleled combat prowess, and thus their practices would eventually garner interest from the Halls within Arachnakorr. These views were cemented with the introduction of the Dark King, purveyor of the Shadow, and their ideals metamorphosed in reaction to the influence of the Great Sith. “When the storm breathes, no ocean can sleep.” Introduction Early in Anzat history, a group of their own called the Mteyr rebelled against the changing beliefs of the homeland and left their coveted isles. Calling Kro Var their new home, the Mteyr (Dragons) were able to continue the Old Ways of Anzat through knowledge of what the Shapers had become. In addition, it is believed that the views of the Mteyr also included the suggestion that a chosen son of their species, one who was immune to their biologically driven hunger, was formed in reaction to their direct influence and self-exile. In effect, there would be a champion among them that would mold and shape the galaxy in the way of their beliefs, and by the blood of their kin, ending the rampant atrocities that rotted the core of Anzat. This creature would become an unstoppable force, giving rise to a common cause among them, manifesting a rallying point for their species. The Mteyr of Kro Var, born of Anzat, was named after their stars aligned behind a singular prospect and the order took the name he was known by Ihinukhadtimi (Exodus). This is believed to be one of the oldest monastic groups hailing from Anzat. Society and Beliefs Although the name Ihinukhadtimi was designed to be unpronounceable by the common tongue, the identity of the Dark King's influence within the Order was tremendous, christening them as the Stormcloaks for their ferocious talents with the elements, veiled behind their prominent regalia. Their silken-set cloaks are covertly organized to divine the mystery of change, change being one of the most sacred of their undying tenets. A complete list of these core tenets worshiped by the Mteyr is not known outside of their ruling hierarchy. On Anzat, and even Kro Var, conflict and disparity are what bring change, and change is the most sacred of their tenets. Change is the force without focus or origin. It is the duty of the disciplined to dilute change where it brings greed, gluttony, sloth, ignorance, and stagnation. It is the duty of the disciplined to encourage change where it brings power, excellence, evolution, fulfillment and enlightenment. As such, the faithful counsel has but one master: His mind. If the creature that these Mteyr choose to counsel, falls to their vices and brings nustia jirai (bad change) and will otherwise not be counselled, it is the duty of the Mteyr to counterbalance this by any means necessary. As such, this can certainly be viewed as a mission statement for the Mteyr, but their truest beliefs delve much deeper than that. The Mteyr chooses its members by a complex, ritualized method not understood by the common people, the mode and method of which are undisclosed to this day. These few are extremely reclusive. In the era prior, members of the order can be recognized by the stone-white cloaks they chose to wear, yet this distinctive garment has improved and has become synonymous with the symbolization of the Mteyr. Currently, the presentation of a Mteyr is a dangerous flare rare color, warning foes of the storm to come. In the simplest of terms, the religion of the Mteyr can be described as ancestral worship. Just as Ihinukhadtimi is considered divine, so are the ancestor spirits. Dating back to the time of the Forgotten Ones, it is believed that superior individuals have been granted significant power upon their deaths. Unseen by many, these ancestor spirits from the astral world command great influence over their worlds. According to the Mteyr, the plethora of deities that the common people worship are nothing more than the spirits of their ancestors. The Mteyr call their beliefs and customs the Old Ways. Remaining steadfast to the Old Ways is of paramount importance to the Mteyr. They believe that the spiritual world is always watching the mortal plane, and a loyal Mteyr will perform the Rites of Tīrīšana (Cleansing) by way of the primordial almanac in order to empower the vulcanizing spirits and debilitate unclean spirits. The Mteyr believe that it is their duty is to study the elements for the betterment of all and to serve as guides to the rulers of foreign lands. They believe that they are tasked of bringing power to creatures of life and aligning those creatures with the tools to cultivate healthy or evolutionary change. Knowing this, they have developed patience in dealings with all manner of alignments. Crippling, humiliating, impoverishing, or imprisoning those with blind ambition slowly, or regally cultivating those that ignite vision. In distributing, redistributing or curating this power, it is unclear whether the Mteyr wish to become more than what they are or simply endow others with their gifts. Certainly, they do counsel great men and women on matters of importance and perhaps even lead them to becoming powerful in the planes that they walk, but unfortunately, a complete description of the endeavors and motives of the Mteyr remains a mystery to this day. “Our ancestors did not separate the nature of the hunt from their daily lives. The hunt was more than just a practice, it was a way of life, not a means to a bloodbath. A way of looking at the physical and spiritual as a collaborative source of manifestation, arcane and astral in one, a necessity through survival. In this way, the old way honors the all-encompassing lifestyle of the Anzati people. We are in tune with nature, in tune with ourselves and in alignment with our all-knowing inner spirits.” The Old Way The Mteyr have a different term for what the Force is. It is believed that the Old Way was taught to the Mteyr by the original inhabitants or teachings of Anzat, augmented by the relics of the Shapers on Kro Var. It is a philosophy of mediation and study said to bind the forces of nature to the individual will, and to use that enforce natural selection. It is believed to differ from the Force in origin, but unbeknownst to them, it is one and the same. They who know the Old Ways are well aware of the existence of a spiritual world invisible to those that lack the seeing eyes, they use this to temper their hunger for the temptation of the soup. What, after all, is the origin of these spiritual forces that move the invisible strings behind the universe and those that inhabit it? These are the strengths of spirits, of our ancestors. And that, while living, they too were bewildered by the spirits of their ancestors. The deities and gods to whom the common people turn are no more than the spirits of superior men and women whose power and passion granted them great influence in this lifetime and the one that came after. Primarily, it is easy to grasp the necessity both of endowing great creatures with great power and aligning powerful creatures to inflict evolutionary change. However, they must remain diligent to the Old Ways. It is essential always to remember the spiritual world while keeping their eyes open in the physical one. A student of the Old Ways may indeed ally himself to a lord, but it is a risky relationship. It cannot be stressed enough that the choice be wisely made. Should the lord refuse wise counsel and order the Mteyr to perform an act contrary to the teachings of the Old Ways, there are few available options. The Mteyr (or modernly spoken as Stormcloaks) may obey, albeit unwillingly, and fall prey to the dark forces against which he has devoted his life. The Mteyr may abandon his lord, which will bring shame on him and the Isle hidden in the Unknown Regions, and so may never be allowed home again. Or the Mteyr may simply, kill themselves. Thoughts; Honor Guard, Alignment, Religion, Force Users, Magic, Elements, Meditation, Study, Melee, Rare, Unique, Exceptional, Elegance, Power, Might, Tenet, Willpower, Counsel, Regalia, Knights, Kro Var, Shapers, Anzat, Soup, Temptations, Undying allegiance, sacrifice, betrayal, Exodus, Sith. THE SHAPERS OF KRO VAR AND THEIR ORIGINS, & WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THE STORMCLOAKS -From Wookieepedia "The Shapers of Kro Var are few in number, but they profess to be shamans of a similar tradition to our own. I do not doubt they have gained a small glimpse into the spirit realm, but they are not native to Dathomir. They cannot have heard the call of the spirits as clearly as we have." ―The Nightsister Mother Talzin, on the Shapers of Kro Var The Shapers of Kro Var were an order of dark-side-wielding Force-users indigenous to the planet Kro Var. They originated circa 1000 BBY when a damaged cruiser fleeing the devastation of the New Sith Wars crashed on Kro Var. The survivors of the crash then eked out an existence on the inhospitable world. Eventually, the population split into clans and underwent technological regression as infighting between clans occurred. Force-sensitive individuals became leaders within the clans and were referred to as Shapers. Eventually, the Republic and the Jedi Order made contact with Kro Var and, after some initial hostility initiated by the Shapers of Kro Var toward the Jedi, were able to establish peaceful relations. This allowed the Shapers to travel offworld and explore the galaxy, which they continued to do into the Clone Wars. The Shapers were considered superstitious and proud of their powers. They distrusted Force-users who used invisible manifestations such as telekinesis or mind tricks, and individuals with those talents on Kro Var were persecuted. Instead, most of the Shapers' abilities were focused around warfare and the harnessing of the elements of earth, fire, water, and air. As such, their particular uses of the Force centered on utilizing and manipulating the powers of nature to suit their needs. HISTORY During the New Sith Wars, a group of refugees fled from the planet Ruusan following the Ruusan campaign. However, their ship emerged out of hyperspace at the wrong coordinates, crashing on Kro Var, an inhospitable planet located in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. The survivors of the crash formed into various clans and, over generations, fought among themselves for control of resources. The result of this infighting was technological regression to the point where the weapons of choice on Kro Var were simple melee weapons. Eventually, some of the survivors demonstrated sensitivity to the Force and became known as "Shapers". The clan conflicts became more aggressive, and the Shapers played an important part in them, using their powers to shape the elements and lead their clans. Eventually, a Galactic Republic trading vessel discovered Kro Var. The planet's power structure was thrown into chaos as a result of the sudden contact with the galaxy, and a group of Jedi were sent to Kro Var to regain order and bring the people there back into galactic society. However, the Shapers were suspicious of the Jedi, resulting in a brief conflict between them. Peace was eventually restored, and the Jedi decided that the Shapers were not users of the dark side of the Force. The Jedi Order later sent envoys to monitor the Shapers and learn their Force techniques. Some Shapers also took the opportunity to leave Kro Var and spread throughout the galaxy during this time, though they were considered primitive. Shapers tended to remain on Kro Var, but small numbers of them did leave their homeworld and travel elsewhere. At one point near the end of the Republic's regime, some of their membership came into conflict with the Confederacy of Independent Systems and fought against their battle droids during the Clone Wars.[1] At some point during the conflict, the Nightsister Mother Talzin wrote about the Shapers of Kro Var in her treatise Wild Power, in a section of the document that detailed Force traditions that Talzin considered to be in competition with the Nightsisters. During this period, the Shapers made their services available to clients in the Marzoon sector. PHILOS "Misguided they may be, but the Shapers of Kro Var gain their powers from the spirits." ―The Nightsister Mother Talzin, on the Shapers of Kro Var The Shapers occupied the roles of "battle shamans" for their clans. They were considered superstitious, as well as brash and bold when demonstrating their power to others. Another characteristic of the Shapers was their distrust of both technology, and also Force power that were unseen, such as telepathy. Individuals demonstrating aptitude for such talents on Kro Var were persecuted as witches and warlocks. They remained largely suspicious of outsiders, particularly Force users with those unseen powers, though those attitudes did slowly change. They also were not prone to diplomacy, and in general preferred direct confrontation. Some Shapers were less superstitious, though, and traveled the galaxy in search of the Jedi in order to learn different views of the Force. The powers wielded by the Shapers of Kro Var were largely focused into warfare. In battle, they utilized elemental powers that harnessed elements of nature such as earth, air, water, and fire against their enemies. They were considered aggressive and suspicious, which led to their initial hostilities with the Jedi. Shapers often specialized in a particular element, such as fire, but Master Shapers could wield many or all of them. Shapers tended to take the philosophy involved with their element of study and apply it to the battlefield; for example, a Shaper specializing in air was expected to be mobile in combat. Shaper training began at an early age, as younglings were sent to study with a Shaper cabal to determine in which area of elemental control they possessed the most potential. The youngling was subjected to numerous tests and then sent to an appropriate temple to study their particular element and develop their powers. The training was intense and, in addition to harnessing the Force, included lessons in warfare and weaponry. The Shapers claimed to be a similar tradition to the Nightsisters, a group of Force-wielding witches from the planet Dathomir. The Nightsisters contended that their Force powers were derived from two spirits known as the Fanged God and the Winged Goddess, and the Nightsister Mother Talzin believed that the Shapers of Kro Var also gained their abilities from the spirits. However, Talzin claimed that the Shapers were misguided and had not heard the spirits' call as clearly as the Nightsisters had. But they were wrong. ABILITIES "The Shapers of Kro Var use dark magick to manipulate the elements of air, earth, water and fire." ―The Nightsister Mother Talzin, on the Shapers of Kro Var The Shapers of Kro Var wielded the dark side of the Force, and were regarded as being deeply connected to the elements of earth, fire, air, and water. Their abilities included buckling stone, creating walls of wind, and generating spouts of flame. They could ignite targets using fire, or make their motion more fluid in battle. Their manifestations of the Force depended on their element of study, but were also influenced by the location of their habitat. Shapers native to the Ungoth Valley were more apt at wielding fire due to the presence of lava flows there. Shapers were also skilled in the use of simple melee weapons such as clubs and swords.
  12. Coruscant, the bright jewel of life and far-reaching rule throughout the course of history. An ecumenopolis that had worked to pull apart all evidence that told of powerful Sith who had once ruled with heavy hands here. The enemies of the brotherhood moved tirelessly in this, similar to their efforts on Carida, to destroy the daunting sky-rise temples devoted to the sacred teachings of the Sith. They were fervent in these endeavors, religiously erasing any mere mention of them, commanding that a planet so vast, would be one without the presence of the Dark Side. And now, this was the result of their blasphemy. The Galactic Alliance was an assembly of half-wits thinking they could ever suppress the infinite dark, dressing themselves as a grand protectorate while they hid behind the flood of warships. They announced themselves as judge, jury and executioner. Those warships folded like wet sheets of paper, and their sentencing to exterminate the truest lineage of power had gone against their favor. For too long Coruscant had served as an affront to the Sith, harboring enemies of what was now the Imperial State and serving as an untouchable redoubt for pro-Republican influence, to stifle new Imperial trade convoys moving between the territorial worlds. But that would come to an end. The ebb and flow of the galaxy had begun to shift, spies embedded themselves like ticks into the skin of the crumbling Alliance, speaking enthusiastically of opportunity, far before Faust was sent to upset the scales. Stagnation, coupled with complacency. The Galactic Alliance fanatically spread themselves thin to the rumors of a rising, sacrificing their impoverished people against all warning, neglecting military stratagem in favor of obsession. Their wholeness; mind, body, and soul split from the foundation as they abandoned the people they were sworn to protect, from the horrors of simple and extremely primitive raiders. To have risen so far, only just to crumble to the machinations of few. The Dark Lord dangled threads of web around the theater of war before it even began, predefining the fall of the Galactic Alliance. The Great Sith Empire was here now, its military was centralized and vast. The Emperor-King and his unofficial war council now drew plans to cripple the remains of the ailing bodies of governance that opposed their iron rule. A tripartite offensive now stirred the amassing power of fleets under the rule of the Spider. Border planets that outlined the territorial expanse of the Sith Empire, now caught the attention of his might. A cyclopean shadow emerged over Coruscant, succeeded by a horde of smaller-scaled shadows that quickly changed pattern into an uncompromising darkness intent on swallowing the broken planet whole. An eclipse of battlecruisers, destroyers, warships of all shapes and sizes orbiting the heart of a dreadful assault force; the Black Scarab. Personal flagship to the Emperor-King, reigning miles from prow to stern, the Black Scarab was the largest warship ever constructed in the modern era. It was the summit of nearly thirty years of hidden construction and concealed research by way of Umbara, it was the kiss of death that the Spider intended to wash away the aging fleets of his enemies. Wherever the obsidian carapace of the immortal Scarab crawled, death and destruction would be yielded from its path. And now that same doom would be delivered to the enemies of Coruscant, unfurling as the rest of the Sith Empire unhinged from the black of space. An uproar of fighter-craft vomited from the the ventral hangars of monstrous vessels like swarms of hungry locusts, the rain of assault transport continued down from the skies but heavier now like the downpour of a relentless storm. The decree of the Emperor-King was final, and Coruscant would become the belonging of the Sith Empire. Their preliminary arrival was short-changed in the event that pressure was placed onto another of their worlds, but now the deployment became heavy-handed and assets of all kinds fell in overwhelming numbers, eager to terra-form the sickened state of the jewel. Victims of Coruscant would bear witness to this blitzkrieg as the skies became filled with the a mind-blowing upheaval of landing craft skewering the clouds as they breached the atmosphere. The sprawling planet-wide city was too hazardous for any particular landing zone, and only the boldest and most elite of the Empire’s warriors would be given the honor of risking their lives in other dark traces of the disheartened city. The walkers and tanks would have to be assembled beyond the range of any remote defenses that lingered, but the brutality of the Dark-King broadcasted over local holo-screens had forced the hand of many that still held out. * * * Palms were open, trying to find something that just wasn't there. Answers to the frailty of his foes, largely elusive. Their breaking was as easy as the bones of the smallest of avian species, impishly vulnerable to the crushing weight of the carnivorous. Arkaab Skon broke apart in this way, his brittle body coming undone by the hands of the conqueror. These were the hands responsible for the breaking, and they have done so for as long as he has drawn breath. Exodus sighed deeply and stared up into the emptiness of space, his features looked as if he half-expected a voice to call out from it.. Silence.
  13. THE RED CAMPAIGN Succession: Darth Heretic, Bishop of Battle, Darth Abaddon, Barohm Zar, Ar-Pharazon, J. Geki, Kakuto Ryu, Lord Dagon, Darth MacLeod, Hephaestus, Lord Exodus, Darth Furion, Darth Sheog, Darth Quietus, King Exodus GOLDEN RULE OF THE FIFTEENTH X V R E A W A K E N I N G S H A D O W / [Zero Epoch] Destruction of Carida Base HUNGER [ZE 200] The Spider returns to the fray, born from the hollows of Umbara, seeking vengeance for his kin against the traitorous Empire. Conflict unravels at the academy, and the unleashing of a devastating Sith Wyrm, rattling from hibernation wreaks havoc. Conscription of Imperial AI Kain Hail, Kain. [ZE 205] Rumor spreads of a reemerging Dark Lord, one from the Golden Era. This draws interest from those still patriotic to the old Empire, despising the Galactic Alliance set forth by Raven and the Jedi. Imperial AI Kain joins with the Spider; and with their alliance, an inflamed migration of power comes together as one. Roots in Nar Shaddaa ROOTS & WEBS [ZE 210] In the shadows, the alliance of imperial artificial intelligence and the dark power of the allfather assassin, enroot their influences. Military recruitment of loyalists and new blood, strong-arming pirates and raiders, illegal requisitions of necessary resources, favors beholden to the pair, arresting of shipyard blueprints and fleet conceptions. Black-mailing, assassinations, and a rising power curve to rival any galactic force. An irrepressible hoarding of control and might under dangerous discretion Control of Korriban RED PLANET [ZE 220] The Spider storms the ceremonial halls of Dark Kings, arranging a summons for all Sith to return home. They do, and in eye-opening numbers. The skies of the old Red planet seethe with the forces that the subtle alliance had forged, blotting out the skies with metal and black fire. Sith Apprentices, Sith Lords, Masters and even Sith legendary by way of their exploits and name, all answering the call. Declaration as King / Reunification of the Sith ROYAL BLOOD [ZE 225] It was none other than Lord Exodus, unique to his name and all of the histories written in power. He declared himself the Dark King of the Sith before them all, leaving the air empty for a challenge to his rule. None did. Each of them had drawn on a respect for the last vestige of the infamous Sith Triumvirate, an esteem that the young Anzati warlord had carved for himself. Dark Lord Quietus before him was supplanted with this decree, bowing in compliance as the rest did. The Sith had reunited at last, structuring themselves immediately in a way that they had not seen for a decade. And it was here, that the galactic criminal Faust revealed himself, bowing before a new King just in time for the two to sow new seeds of conquest. Faust would not align himself to just anybody, but with the Spider, he found purpose. Arrival at Iziz, Hunt and Destroy Faust, Defense of Iziz THREE FACES [ZE 235] The Galactic Alliance had taken the bait. Lord Faust terrorized the familiar grounds of Iziz Palace, earning the attention of the supreme power of the galaxy. They gathered to him in droves, cornering the criminal Sith, but not before he could signal a new ally. Dark King Exodus arrived brandishing the first Super Star Destroyer seen in decades, halting the entire advance of the Galactic Alliance fleet while publicly disposing of the criminal Faust (decoy), defending Iziz City from terror. The Jedi and the Galactic Alliance failed in their endeavors, and were dismissed from Onderonion space. Force the Jedi Fleet to flee and Take Onderon SCARAB [ZE 235] The Jedi Fleet under Jedi Master Vos decided against their presence on Onderon, and absolved ties while fleeing before the armies of the Sith could lay waste to them. This was their warning. Stagnancy and inaction was a rot that he would burn away. The Sith claimed political governance through their monarchical empire, rebuilt the overall strength of Onderon, and unveiled themselves as a new Sith Empire. Rebuilding Onderon ASSIMILATION [ZE 240] Hjertet av Raseri (Heart of Rage), Place for Black Sun Protecting the Weak BASTION [ZE 245] Defending Onderon, Telperion, Propaganda Victory --- [ZE 250] First fleet win, Spoils of War --- [ZE 250] Captured Jedi, Punishment, Information on traitors, Tracking a Wolf --- [ZE 250] --- --- --- [ZE 250] --- --- --- [ZE 250] --- --- --- [ZE 250] --- --- --- [ZE 250] --- --- --- [ZE 250] --- --- --- [ZE 250] --- --- --- [ZE 250] --- UNFINISHED NEED TO FINISH THE REST, AND UPDATE FUTURE CHAPTERS IN THE CAMPAIGN Despoil Kashyyyk [SHEOG] Takes Kuat Salvage the Black Sun Take Coruscant [Ca’Aran moves for Salliche] [Master Qaela moves for ???] __________________________________________________________________________________________ CONQUEST MARKER Dantooine [Farmlands, Major Export: Food] Yehveshi Minor (Border) Bogden [Outpost] Anaxes (Border) [Fortress World, Major Export: High Technology] Chandrila (Border) [Lush, Political / Major Export: Food] Coruscant (Border) [Galactic Throne, High Population / Major Export [Food & Medicine] Kuat (Border) [Orbital Ship Array / Access to high-level production] Onderon (Border) [Military, Culture, Jewel, Sithspawn] Umbara (Border) [Greater Dark Nexus, Military, R&D / Major Exports: High Tech, Exotic Goods, Creatures] Arachnakorr (Border) [Artificial Planet; Mass Production] The Maw (Border) [R&D, Unknown] Kessel (Border) [Spices] Ruins of Ziost (Border) Rafa V [Outpost] Raxus Prime [Industrial World / Recycled Metals, Textiles, Chemicals, Starships, Starship Components, Industrial Machinery] Mon Calamari [Seafood, High Tech, Starships, Weapons] Felucia [Slaves, Biotoxins, Exotic botanicals, Medicine, Nysillin spice, Greater Dark Side Nexus] Nespis VIII [Research] Ossus [Outpost] Rhen Var [Outpost] Oovo IV [Prison] Kashyyyk [Electric Components, Natural Resources] Gromas [Mining, Phrik] Gala [Outpost] Vjun [Greater Dark Side Nexus] Korriban [Holy Sith Planet] Krayiss II [Obelisk, Dark Energies, Outpost] Artus Prime [Mining Outpost] Yavin [Corusca Gems] Serenno [Great Houses, Outpost] Thalassia [Outpost] Altyr V [Outpost] Dathomir [Labor] Taris [Luxury items, Tarisian ale, Technology] Mandalore [Outpost Only / Starships, Mercenaries, Beskar Iron, Technology] Concord Dawn [Outpost / Agri-World] Wayland [Sithspawn Breeding Ground] Myrkr [Outpost / Ysalamiri] Carida [Military] Hapes [Food, High technology, Luxury Goods] _______ Outlier _______ Dagobah [Dark Side Planet / Outpost] Bespin [Tibanna] Roon [Flame Jewels, Spice, Roonstones] Fondor [Tech / Shipyards] ___ Outside of Border Prospects Talus [Agri-World] Manaan [Kolto, Food] Nar Shaddaa [---] Corellia
  14. From the sunken caves beneath the cold bedrock of Umbara, Exodus was returned to realities of this era, with little from his kin that he could take pride in. The brotherhood of the Sith had rotted into delinquency, dishonorably broken apart and hunted into three parts of a sniveling extinction. Black Sun was dead, sitting with idle hands and too few in numbers that it was laughable. Operations stalled entirely with no one to champion their progression. There was no evolution, in fact, it looked as if every step was taken to ensure that the infamous factions of power became painfully inept. They all shared the blame, they were all guilty and caught red-handed in his eyes. It was Exodus that took the reins of the dark and saddled them into an Empire that would sweep the galaxy, and it was Exodus that bargained with the fading flames of the Black Sun, fanning them to life once more and sheltering them into an alliance that would return them to power. Only a fool would believe they stood a chance without the Sith, no more than a couple whippings from embarrassment. The divide between the Blood Prince and Zalis was glaring, beyond ailing. Public opinion traded in these truths, hear-say and propaganda that illustrated each and every turn that the Spider made to push these forces through, sanctioning the safety of his allies and those that followed him into the fray. Not just one victory, but one after the other and another. Yet, there were many that were sightless and ignorant to these truths, just as Raven was before she fell. He had neither the time, nor patience to educate the apparent children of this galaxy. All he could do was offer wisdom when he could, and yank the weeds from his garden when they reared their pitiful heads. He was a testament to the survival of not one, but two of the galaxy's most powerful empires. Failures would be a part of the journey, and for those, he would be as prepared as he could be. There were fewer and fewer men and women that were in his likeness, or of his mind, and this was what slowly made the young King colder. "Do not patronize me, Delta." There were others that had committed themselves in totality to the Spider, others that moved even now, to capture worlds on a Red Campaign in the name of the Sith Empire. Ca'Aran would eventually decide which side of the coin he would land on. Whether he ranked amidst fools who could not contribute or value the vision, or he rose higher than the achievements of an archetypal criminal, forging a legacy beyond those that had betrayed him. Ingratitude had a price, and it would be paid in full one way or another. The Dark King sized the trooper as he paced the lengths of his temporary abode, passing the dry armories and weaponry splayed across tables. He weighed the importance of such a creature, wondering if he could endure all of which he had asked for, and more. "Colonel Ca'Aran. The responsibility is yours." Exodus had moved further from him now, sinking deeper into the shadows. His voice crawled from the darkness, rummaging through small treasuries that the Vipera had been instructed to deliver prior to this meeting. A small-scale case floated towards the clone, suspending before him and opening to reveal a commemoration inside. The medallion had a black ribbon with purple linings, as well as three silver dots on each side near the medal. In addition, the medal itself possessed a tower-like design at the top, which ended with three prongs, and the circular emblem that featured an engraving that resembled the iconic TIE fighter. The Medal of the Emperor's Fist was an Imperial medallion awarded for distinguished services to the Emperor in strengthening and maintaining galactic peace. Each of the surviving lieutenants would have by now, received Medals of Valor for their efforts. "Lima Company will assist you while you levy a personal Brigade by way of your Imperial advancement. Make for Salliche, Colonel. Bring the planet to a kneel and wash Dark Sun from your hands." Brigade: ranged from 5,000 to 7,500 soldiers, led by a Colonel.
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