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  1. Welcome Sammy great to have you! If you have any questions on where to begin or how to begin please don't hesitate to ask. Have fun!
  2. Awesome! I'll definitely get into the discord. My character's last affiliation was with the Empire and the Sith. Where would you reccomend i jump back into things? You're character is leading the sith correct?
  3. It's comforting to know some of you guys stayed running the site. I joined back in 2005....when Kakuto was leading the Sith. Good times......is the RP pretty active these days?
  4. Looks like my original character sheet from 2005 is gone =( Makes it difficult for me to reference back considering I don't remember a lot of my characters history. Thank you for the updated synopsis though. I suppose I should be getting with Exodus and getting involved.
  5. Is there a thread to check the current story line? Factions.....it's leaders....etc...? Trying to jump back into things but would like to get caught up.
  6. I'd love to jump back into the RP but not sure where to begin with my character. It's been such a long time I'm not entirely sure where I left and whats transpired in between. How exciting though!
  7. Awesome! I actually found my character sheet earlier today.
  8. Wow.... I woke up this morning and while I was at work I remembered this site and how many memories I had. Decided to see if it was still active. It's been over 10 years since I've logged on. I almost had a heart attack when I put my username and password in and it worked! Lol Crazy...anyway...really happy to see that some people kept it going. What a trip!
  9. A compact star cruiser enters Coruscant space. Expecting heavy resistance since his ship was an unknown aircraft, Revan slows the ship down in order to comply easier with the defense system of the Sith temple. Two imperial tie fighters shot up into space and were on both sides of his ship. "Hm...not bad..." Revan thought to himself. "Standby as we scan your ship" A few moments went by as they searched his ship in the database. Its been so long since Revan visited Coruscant that his ship immediatly showed up as an unknown aircraft. "Alright, your clear to land in hangar bay 227" The two ships spiraled downwards and Revan moved his ship down into hangar 227. The sith temple was a magnificent site. Still to this day it rose to the top, peaking over most structures in the city. The ship landed gently onto the platform and an array of various droids began to refuel, wash, and fix any minor malfunctions with the ship. Revan hopped out, landing the ground. Usually multiple storm troopers would be greeting him promptly by now, however Revan felt this was going to somewhat different then normal circumstances...
  10. Haphaestus had some balls, had to give him that. Yet the eager in his eyes was dangerous. Revan rubbed his chin and stared into the ground. The helix station was surely a valuable target, yet it held no current imperial profit. Bilbringi on the contrary, held imperial profit but no military advantage when it came to the enemy. There isnt enough republic and Jedi on Bilbringi to successfully hurt their numbers. Attacking both would be bold, but extremely risky. "If you wish to attack both my lord, it's going to take more then what we have. Our numbers dwindle at the moment according to my recent calculations. If we are to carry out a divided attack, were going to need the Sith at our side"
  11. Revan was displeased with the way his new imperial ally welcomed him for the first time. Being as though Haphaestus was obviously a Sith Master, Revan could sense such power, he wouldn't hold it against him. However, hopefully in the future tensions would ease. He wouldn't want him to pull rank now. Revan let the Sith Master completely disregard the fact that Revan was talking with the Emperor first, and decided to listen to what he had to say over his conversation. "My lord, if I may interupt...attacking the Jedi after our loss at Bilbringi wouldn't be wise. As far as I know, bilbringi held not only a space station but a shipyard as well. I think a counterattack would be more of value then one of their hidden bases at this point."
  12. Revan smirked at the robotic being and his unrelenting attitude. Surely Revan would have to gain his respect around here with the rest of the Imperials, which wasn't a problem. They'll soon realize how much of an asset Revan will become. Yet despite the fact that Revan was new to the Empire, he wasn't going to let another down talk him, especially in his newly appointed position as Grand General. "I think I was talking to the Emperor first, so I think I should be asking YOU. Is there something YOU want?"
  13. As the newly appointed Grand General was about to conclude the conversation and begin working, a powerful entity hit Revan. He turned to the side and watched what looked to be a man walk into the room without any warning. It was as though the dark side was pouring from his very skin. His aura was so strong and dense that any force user could feel it from miles away. Of course, despite the figure's black and hidden appearance, Revan had a good idea who it was. "You must be Haphaestus....Ive heard alot about you...just by simple talk around the galaxy..."
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