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  1. Primary: Fynn Relmis Discord: Fynn-Kern Name: Baron Kern Active Characters: Baron Kern
  2. Kern entered the bridge, and took his station in the captains chair. "You signaled?" He asked as leaned back in the chair to look over at the woman at the navigation station. "Yes...my- what am I to call you anyways? Lord? Master? Baron?" Yava asked, genuinely confused. "If we survive, I'll let you know. Simply serve me well and this ship will only be the first of your rewards. For now let's dispense with the formalities...are we ready?" Kern said folding his arms impatiently. Kern watched as Yava entered the final sequence. “Here goes nothing…” Yava said as she took a breath and leaned back. A R4 droid bleeped in response, it’s grey and white paint scheme blending well with the slot it had entered a moment earlier. “R4-5T, enter the sequence.” she barked at the droid, and it chirped in response as the ship came alive with movement. “Are you certain this will this work?” Kern asked dispassionately as he tried to focus his mind on the task ahead. So much relied upon a series of improbabilities… all of which had led him here. Would he truly be denied at the cusp of such a glorious achievement by a miscalculation? He'd known failure too many times in his past life, a bitter pill that never ceased to enrage his mind. He thought of his former deceivers, his so called friends. Mistress Skye chief among them. His acceptance into the elite circle of the Sith would further prove his greatness, and acceptance to ever higher levels of power and status. Who would then doubt that he was the perfect weapon to dispatch the enemies of the Sith? Who then would deny him anything he wished? The force itself would be at his feet. But that path was still obstructed by vast and unsympathetic forces that lay ahead. “Well.. let’s see, there’s six singularities all interacting and each desirous of pulling us into an intractable position of infinite death… then we have to dock with a city sized ship at one of only two ports that won’t spell certain doom, Oh and remain there for whatever period of time it will take for you to extract whatever is you’ve come after and then leave the way we came-“ Kern raised his hand to stop her babbling. “A simple yes would sufficed. No need for the impudence. He shot back. "Secure all crew doors, I want no more heroes attempting to disrupt my mission.” He said as he keyed in the new command codes that only he was in possession of. “All hands, brace yourselves, this may get a bit bumpy.” Yava said into the intercom. The large freighter lurched forwards, threading the balance between the gravitational fields, it’s powerful engine strained at 120% of maximum, pushing the ship to the limits of it’s integrity. Kern sat uncomfortably as he heard the bulkheads and metal of the outer hull creek and strain audibly keeping them intact as the Eternal Vigilance grew closer. “1000 Kilometers…” Kern said reading the captains monitor on the spacious bridge. The ship grew ever closer, and began to rock violently as it hit a particularly tough spot. “800 kilometers…” Kern said, but he suddenly turned his head, as if something came through that he’d missed at a distance. The ship bucked harder this time, and the R4 unit screeched as a warning beacon sounded. “What’s happening!?” Kern demanded realizing that there was something more then just gravity at work. Something was there, he could feel it, just beyond him. “I’m losing engine 4, damn. Hold on, compensating”, Yava said as she worked the controls. As Yava went to work, Kern stretched out, and sensed something ahead of them, a presence, a powerful taste of darkness just at the fringes of his perception. It didn’t want them there, it was malevolent, and it probed them for weakness. “No…there’s something reaching out-“ Kern announced cryptically, he stood up from his place and tried to get a bearing on the presence. “400 Kilometers, there isn't anything on sensors, could it be rogue gravity well?” Yava asked, trying her best conceal her worry. “… it’s more than gravity. Damn all the saints in all the hells! There is something out there, and it doesn't want us here.” Kern said angrily and then began to push back, using his anger at being opposed, to form the same protective field around the vessel as he would in combat against a force user. It took more than his normal expenditure, but he managed to hold the field together, to resist whatever was assailing them. The power that came at them didn’t like being pushed back, and renewed it’s assault. Kern channeled his will into keeping whatever it was at bay, it was strong, but he could tell that it wasn’t prepared to stop them at this distance. "200- If it pushes us to far off course, we'll be-" "Keep going! I can hold it!" Kern barked out, as he continued to manage to hold things together with his every thought. “I won’t be able to compensate much-“ Yava stopped as she saw the strain on Kern’s face. Kern’s face was strained, the large stitches that held some of his skin together being stretched slightly unnaturally. Kern’s entire body was framed by the partial Sith armor and Kesh blood red tribal markings that highlighted his face. He was now dressed for war, his vital areas protected by simple blaster armor, and other flex points padded with blast resistant joints. He was every bit the Sith apprentice she'd agreed to follow. She could not conceive of the carnage he had inflicted to gain such honors, of the violence he was capable of dispensing in order to achieve his aims. Yava she looked back at the red indicators, suddenly everything went green. “Ok.. I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep doing it.” She announced as she continued to pilot the vessel. “Don’t give me orders, just get to the docking... port.” Kern said grimacing. Ignoring temporarily the flagrant disrespect. Whoever you are, you will not stop me, my will…my will is…my will is stronger! Perspiration had begun running down his pale forehead, mixing with the red paint that marked his brow leading to a blood like stain running down the side of his face. He reached out with his hidden and black gloved mechanized hand, firmly gripping the arm rest with all the power it possessed to keep himself steady. It was another scar from his old master that would need be repaid in full; the power that lay before him would be used for just such revenge. “50 Kilometers!” The ship finally got within range, and then began a pre-programmed snap turn, the final few meters closed, and the engines of the large freighter strained to stop just short. Kern felt the ship hurdle sideways, and his regal half cape, a sign of his royal lineage, flapped in the same direction as the shifting gravity. “Hang on!” Yava yelled out, she tapped the control for the final sequence and the engines strained to slow their approach, and stop them from colliding too fast. “Contact in five... four... three... two-!” Yava announced as Kern concentrated as hard as he could to defy whatever being wished to deny him harbor.
  3. The Ryloth's Spite kept itself in a stationary position a short distance from the heart of the Maw. Here the violent gaseous clouds crackled with electrical disturbances that occasionally rocked the ship. The red lightsaber in Kern's hands crackled forth, as he swung it with deadly accuracy toward a bolt that was flung at him from the twileks' blaster. Deflecting it back, and impacting the mans chest. It knocked him from his feet, and he collapsed to the floor with a thud. The dark room forced Kern to look around carefully, stretching with the force to find his prey. The twilek however was in pain, and was easily located. Kern, shirtless, watched him dispassionately for a moment, disappointed in his lack of effort. He found his body was slowly but surely returning to his command. The Maw itself was energizing, the pure chaos and destruction feeding him. "Again," Kern commanded sternly. "I can't I'm-" the young man was clearly tiring, hours of the cat and mouse game clearly getting to him. "I don't care. Again." Kern deactivated the crimson blade, and placed at his side. "Listen, just because the blaster is on a low setting doesn't mean it won't kill me." the young twilek spat at him. "Well, do the math, do you want a blast that might kill you, or a crushed windpipe... that will certainly kill you?" Kern said as he prepared himself for the next assault. The bay of the cargo vessel made an excellent training area, large crates, dark cavarans of supplies, places to hide and confront. "I... I hate you." the Twilek said painfully as he came to his feet. "Good, then you truly are learning... again." Kern said, pleasantly surprised by the young man's feelings. The twilek fired several bolts, and then found cover as Kern blocked each blast with ease. The Twilek was no great fighter, or soldier, but Kern needed to reawaken skills that were in need on the ship awaiting them. His stagnation had given him cobwebs, made him dusty. If he was not in fighting shape, the defensive systems of the ship would end him, even if they were not at peak capacity. Several more blasts from a hidden spot, Kern lept through the air diving out of the way of the stray shots, deciding at the last moment to at an elevated position on a large cargo container. The door behind him opened, and the form of Yava Sternhylde came forth. She was a little different from the docent third mate she had been when Kern came aboard. "Captain, I hope your interruption is an important one." Kern said not taking his attention from his prey. "I'm still preparing the nav computer to calculate a trajectory to take us through the Maw." Yava said plainly, her voice slightly devoid of emotion. "How much longer, I'm quite eager to get moving." "Another day at least," Yava announced. "The ship has been placed in a very precarious position. If we are not precise, the ship will be ripped apart. "But that's not the reason you're concerned." Kern responded, her motivations clear to him. "When this is done, what happens to me? Your promises are all well and good. But...Sith aren't known for there giving nature." Yava said plainly. "How wrong the galaxy is about us. Sith destroy that which does not submit. The order we bring will assure peace to all. You need not need fear me, as long as you remain useful and efficient. I have need of effective crew, and so far you have been quite useful." Kern said as he continued looking for his prey. Finding a human crewman hiding behind a nearby crate, Kern grabbed the mans' leg using the force to fling him into a far off corner. The threat dispatched, he turned back to Yava. He dropped from the elevated crate, dropping several meters and landing with ease next to her. "When I have reached my goal, your service will be rewarded.", Kern said smiling, and put his hand reassuringly on her shoulder. Yava didn't respond, BUT "Continue the calculations...we need to move as soon as possible. That ship is a prize the Jedi will not ignore forever, let alone others of my breed. I will not miss this opportunity." Kern said, as she spun around to follow him. "-and get me two more sparring partners, these are useless." Kern barked.
  4. “Hello! Hello, is anyone out there... please!?” The captain begged, banging impotently on his cabin door. “This isn't right, you can't keep us in here like this, I have a contract!” the Twilek crewman cried out, sitting with arms folded around his knees, screaming into the void. The only answer echoes from his hermetically sealed tomb. “Can anyone hear me! Hello!” Yava implored, her eyes filled with desperate tears as she tried to unlock her quarters. ... Two days had passed quickly in blackness of space that was only punctuated with brief hyperspace jumps from point to point. Finally however, the last jump had taken them to the last known coordinates of the massive city sized ship that once housed an entire garrison of Jedi forces, including an array of deadly weapons, and the most prized artifacts in a full quarter of the known galaxy. The freighter now hung nearby, growing slowly closer as it's gravitational pull interacted with the large vessel. The various black holes of the Maw strained and threatened the ship. For the moment at least, the large freighter was in no immediate danger. The sensor logs had found the Eternal Vigilance while it's captain had made an unscheduled pick up of spice, under the prying eyes of the local patrols. The run he'd made had been a remarkable stroke of luck for Kern, but he preferred to think of it as destiny guiding him ever onwards. The voices of the trapped crew echoed through the empty halls of the cramped quarters. The pleas of the increasingly agitated crew fell on deaf ears. There was no escape, no rescue, only his merciless whims separated them a pitiful and meaningless death. Kern sat with his legs crossed stretching his feelings into the force, the various trendrils of the darkside that reached everywhere, especially where the light couldn't reach or even fathom. Bottomless pools of power lay within his reach, and day by day, minute by minute, Kern felt his strength increasing and his abilities fed by the darkside felt more within reach. The desperation of those captured like animals continued to mount. To Kern it was like an energizing meal. The fear, that which now drove the lives of the beings on the ship gave his senses focus, heightening his powers, and deepenED his connection to the darkside. It was then that he could feel something else shift, someone had gained freedom, something was coming, drawing closer. They were filled with righteous anger, a desire to avenge there imprisonment. They were gathering allies, doors were being opened. Kern felt all of this, his powers in the force allowed him to see it as if he was among the would be usurpers. There were always the rebels, the resisters, the rally of the cries of freedom. Liars, idiots, incessant gnats to the true order of things... much as he was were he to confront Exodus in such a low state. His role on Kesh as Arbiter of the Will of Furion had helped him develop the abilities to end such risings, but now he let it play out, curious as to the extent his powers had returned. Furion had not been seen for long time, but Kern's will had kept him going, his desire for power driving him to survive. With the treasures on the ship before him, his powers would grow to unknown heights, but that was a future not yet written. The bridge controls were locked out, as the captain had finally managed to use a secret command code known only to him and another at a terminal that he must have left off the official diagrams of the vessel. Clever, all too clever, Kern thought. The door to the bridge slid open, and three beings entered quickly brandishing blasters. The three rushed forward. "Fynn, or whatever your name is, put your hands where I can see them!" The captain ordered his bluster clear and foolish. Kern didn't move, he simply tilted his head as if he was only moderately disturbed by what unfolded behind him. “You!” The captain raised his weapon to blast Kern into atoms. But suddenly he stopped. Frozen in place. Yava turned to see the captain, a look of horror on her face. The man stood his face locked in a look of wrenching pain. “Captain?” Yava asked desperately. “I'm truly concerned about your captain Yava. He appears to have a weak heart. Pity.” Kern said he turned his head slowly. “Let him go!” the twilek screamed in anger and raised his blaster to fire. One bolt loosed and landed harmlessly behind Kern in the back of one of the front facing seats. The man had wasted his one chance. Kern raised a hand, and the weapon flew from the twilek's hands and clattered and broke on the floor away from the enraged crew member. Another motion sent the twilwek flying backwards and into the hall behind him. The sickening thud left little doubt as to the man's broken and at least concussed state. The force had little mercy on those without the ability to shield themselves. The door to the bridge slammed shut, and now only a Yava and and her immobilized captain remained with cloaked and unmoving Kern who now spoke to little Yava with deep conviction. “Yava, I need you to act quickly now, the Eternal Vigilance is nearby, but I'll need the ships controls to take us closer, navigate this Maw, and ultimately dock. I can't do that with your captains interference. You'll need to get him to tell you-” “I'll... never...ta-” the captain croaked, his breath choked again. “I don't remember asking you a damned thing! I'm speaking to Yava now.” Kern said, angered by the interruption, the darkside crackling through his rage. Yava looked to Kern, and slowly raised the blaster, clearly confused. “You aren't a Jedi, you're one of them...” Yava said afraid to say what she knew he was. “Yava, don't be foolish, I don't need to harm you or your captain, I only need this ship to complete my task” Kern said finally rising to his feet, in a voice that was almost seductive. His black and grey tunic was cleaned now, a little service a droid had performed for him when he'd been taken aboard. His face ashen but bolder and more vibrant, His form seemed larger now, as if he'd physically grown to be an imposing figure from the frail husk that had been taken aboard. He approached her, his now deeply crimson and fiery eyes burrowing deeply into hers. “I-, I can't, you have to st-, stop.” Yava looked at him nervously, her voice growing in confused panic. As her captain struggled to even breathe. Help... me... please.... give me what I want, ... give in... tell me what you know... There it is... you have it, let it go little one... give in... Kern had found it, He had seen into Her mind, He no longer needed the captain...He had something better. “... remember when I said lives were at stake? I didn't lie to you about that. Your actions here will have a pivotal role in the lives of your shipmates. There are still others below who would suffer greatly if I am stopped from my purpose by your captain. But you can save them, all of them. You have the code, I know you do, your attention to detail tells me that you've watched him use it many times, so simple, five little numbers between me and my goal.” Kern said circling her, using the darkside to cloud everything accept his voice, the command counsel, and his face. “But... I-, please... I can't-” Yava begged. “If you don't help me then he will die, and so will all your crew, screaming, howling amongst the maw, their blood on your hands. They need your help, you can save them. Now enter the numbers into the control panel. Help them... help them or they will die. It's that simple.” Kern said plainly, as put his hand on the blaster and began to push it slowly away from him. “I-” Yava's hands shook, she readied herself to pull the trigger. Kern redoubled his efforts, feeding on her frustration and fear, using them to pull even more of her deep seated doubts to the surface. She was more capable then the captain, smarter and more cunning, she had potential, but Kern filled her with confusion and pain, the same feelings that fed him. Each moment, Kern pulled her deeper into a conflicted purgatory, her thoughts and will no longer completely her own. He could see her mind clearly now, the yearnings the desires, the secrets and fears that even she was repressing. “Yava, I've had days here, I could have killed you at anytime. I know you can be more then the third mate on a second rate runner of spice. You want for more, I am your one chance, Do it for yourself, none of these insects need you... but I do, you can serve me, and be rid of all doubt...give yourself to what you know to be right,. Now stop struggling and enter the codes...” , The gun was taken from her hand, and quickly disabled by removing it's clip. Yava found herself at the controls of the ship, she entered the sequence, and then as she completed the last one Kern relaxed his grip on the captain, dropping him to the floor. Yava's face showed an instant of relief as she too fell to her knees. “Thank you.” Kern said kindly as he reached out and gently caressed her face with his one human hand. ...The other reached out to form a closed fist, and a surge of the force snapped the thick neck of the captain. The sickening crack caused Yava's mind to cry out in emotional pain. Kern picked up the dropped blaster from the being who'd threatened him and looked at it disgustingly. “Little worm, you would think to threaten me? I am as death to you!” Kern said loudly to the captains' soon to be lifeless corpse. He dismantled the man's weapon and it's remnants clattered to the floor. A second motion saw the captain convulse, as Kern reached into his chest again, and broke his heart, the crush bringing him immeasurable pain, and Kern a sickening smile of satisfaction. “Worry not little Yava, I will have further need for you. Go aid your other friend, he needs some healing I should think.” Kern directed, he sounded almost gentile, and stately, as if the man whose heart he'd crushed was not still convulsing in pain before her. Only a single tear rolled down her face, but her mouth had a small satisfied smile. Kern stood behind, shaking his head, exerting his will over her simple mind. “Now, go see to your shipmate, and be ready to deploy the docking mechanism.” He commanded, using the force to impel her to obey. Yava got up and slowly left the bridge her spirit mostly broken. His control over her would still take time, but he was confident that eventually her will would be completely overcome. A willing servant was not made in a day. Kern sat down in the captains chair, and made sure no other part of the ship could send a signal, or countermand him, this time with the captains personal prefix code, as the last moments of the mans' life exited his body. Kern reveled in the wanton loss of life, brief as the moment was. The Darkside had brought him here, to obtain what so many others desired, He had but to take it, as he had this ship. Nothing would stand between him and his prize.
  5. He needed more power. It was on his mind even as he slept. There was no rest for him, not when he could feel so much more connected with the galaxy now that he had returned to it's core. But in order to gain power he needed the knowledge of the sith, and the only place to find a sith holocron was deep in the fortress of those who would deny him access. There had to be another source, another way, another- He searched the memories of the one called Fynn, careful to avoid the nagging images of former friends and sickening relations of the pitiful weakling. Faces and feelings were pushed aside, he sat up concentrating on the past, images, conversations, fragments from the broken mind of the disgusting former jedi he'd been. “What are you doing Fynn?” the face of Darex Travelian came to him unwanted. The apparition floated there, a projection of his former memory. “Be quiet! You are a phantom, a pest, nothing more, I don't need you.” Kern grumbled. “You were once a good friend, I know you can't have forgotten all that we- "Get out of my head you eternal-!" He stopped mid-sentence, his rage subsiding as he realized he had most of the answer in that one word. “What?” Darex seemed puzzled, as Kern got up from his bed triumphantly. “Eternal what? Fynn... what are you saying?” Darex inquired. “Eternal...that's it, that's what you were hiding. All these years, all of that power at my grasp. I've been such a fool. Turns out I did need you Darex. When I'm murdering your brethren, I'll be sure to give you your due. Oh... and give Darla my love in hell.” Kern said to the face of Darex that twisted into a mangled howl and was silenced. Finally after what seemed an eternity, he found it. A reference to the Sith Holocrons stolen by various jedi, and kept under lock and key in... in... the full name eluded him. Eternal... eternal- ...--... “Knock-knock” Kern loomed at the entrance to Yava's quarters. He smiled gently at the woman as she got up from the table where'd she'd been reading. “Are you ok Fynn? Did you need something?”, his unsuspecting comforter asked worriedly. “Me, no... well. There was something. I have this memory in mind of where I came from.” He said as if coming to a stunning revelation. She was such a fragile thing. He could her vibrance through the force, it would so easy to break- “It's coming back? Thank goodness, it means you're getting better.” she stood and came to his side, “Yes, I can feel it too.” He forced a smile, while swallowing an urge to remove her head from it's shoulders to stop her incessant chattering. “Have you heard of a ship called the eternal... the eternal...?” he repeated himself in a wounded way. “The Eternal Vigilance? The jedi supership?” “Yes! That's the one. The Eternal Vigilance... I need to get back there.” Kern announced urgently. “Oh wow... are...are you a jedi then?” She asked this as she looked over his odd garb. “No, but I think I was working for them, secretly? Maybe It'll come back to me when we get there.” “We passed the ship a month or so back, but I don't think we can get there anytime soon,” Yava said shaking her head. “I know I need to get there, Yava, you have to help me, lives could be at stake.” Kern said earnestly, he was readying to slaughter them all, he could feel his anger rising. He preffered to keep them as cover, but he was too close now to his goal to be turned aside. "We can ask the captain, maybe work something out." Yava said after a moments hesitation. “I certainly hope so, I feel that if I were to fail, many people could be lost.” He said urgently. Picturing just how quickly he could end the life on board if he desired too. ...--... “I wish we could help Mr. Relmis, but it's impossible. Even if we had the fuel, which I don't think we do, our clients on Corellia would never agree to the delay.” “I understand captain.” Kern said, happy that the cover of his former self was holding. “But I could forward a message to joint Jedi Imperial command, let them know the situation.” “No, I think whatever it was classified, very hush hush. You'd better stay in comm silence about it, the last thing I'd want to do is bring Sith or something worse down on you” “Worse then Sith? Is that possible?” Yava said worriedly. “You have no idea.” Kern said seriously. ...--... Kern waited patiently for the crew to fall asleep. He needed cover for what he was doing, and a good and honest freighter wouldn't be as quickly suspected as one with unknown registry. He approached the bridge after disabling the internal sensors, and in short order locked them all in their cabins, so as to not be interrupted. The bridge was full of monitors and sensors, and most importantly logs. It took an hour to review them, but soon enough he came upon it, the sensor log of a large dormant vessel. One that the ships sensors identified as the Eternal Vigilance. He'd expected to find it humming with life, but when the ship had passed the vessel so months earlier, it read almost no activity. To think that for years a source of more power lay within his memory, it was almost to perfect. He had but to reach out and take it. Punching in the coordinates to the Nav computer, Kern turned the lumbering Action V Corellian freighter to a new heading and made the jump to light speed a moment later. <<exit to Eternal Vigilance>>
  6. Welcome to one of the oldest continuous Star Wars Rp forum's! As far as your question, I don't think most alien species even humans consider themselves to have "races" as there is not a lot of division "intraspecielly" speaking. There are light and dark skin colored humans, and various colors of the spectrum within certain species. The closest to races are various clans on planets like the Mandalorians for example. Variations in physical appearance can happen, like a very short horned Zabrak, or a very short human... As far as what your permitted to play, check with the moderators if you aren't sure.
  7. The large freighter Ryloth's Spite hummed along to it's programmed route. The simple ship was not remarkable, certainly not that different from other vessels of it's type running the space lanes with regular efficiency. This day was to be a little different. The Ryloth's Spite lumbered on as it had for years, it's captain unaware of the suprise in store. Anthyn sat alone near the rear docking hatch, using his free time to read his latest purchase from the junk seller on Corellia. The blue colored twilek turned the page of "The Adventures of Lycus Thorpe: Rise and Fall of a Economic Genius." He had just wrapped a large and boring chapter when- "Anthyn?" the captains' gruff voice came over the comm, "Here sir," the response from this the youngest crewman was fast, the Twilek paused only to throw the book on to a nearby shelf and then stand at attention to receive his orders. "Captain FusRo? Everything all right?" "Were getting a weird signal from a pod up ahead, it's right in our path, I'm pulling it into our bay, get your rear to the hangar deck, and prepare for salvage. - --- - The pod was odd alright. It seemed to have been ejected from a ship that had simply dumped it. There was no record of a ship having passed by, at least not one that was running legally and still the pod was here. Anthyn looked at the gun metal grey container, rounded with small engines that had burnt out clearly quite recently. IT bore a few odd markings, but nothing to say where it came from. The blackened blast windows made impossible to see the contents. It lay now on it's side, propped up near one of the cargo handling areas. "What do you make of it captain.?" The twilek asked, looking over to the folded arms of his Quarren captain. The man shook his head. "I don't like it, could be a pirate trap...we should tell someone." Another crewman said, the human female with black hair and white pupils' named Yava approached the pod with a blaster in hand. "Or it could be spice dropped from a smuggler." Anthyn said, fantasizing about the riches inside. The crew looked at each other and then back to the captain. "Just one way to find out." The Quarren captain tapped the open sequence, and the hartch slid off. Inside a lone figure lay exposed, a man with pale skin, a large scar across his face, and sunken eyes that seemed to indicate someone in the late stages of some sickness. He was old, or at least he seemed to be. "IT's just...some guy-" The Yava said, curious as to the state of the man. His body was covered with a black and gray cloak that had seen better days, his dress was like that of a nobleman but seemed almost tattered. He was tall, and built as if had once been imposing. Yet, he seemed frail, as if he'd been worn out by something imperceptible. Kern stirred slowly, moving as if glacially at first. He could feel his mouth was dry, days of being locked in a pod alone in the vacuum of space had left him dizzy, even disoriented. "Fine... never... better." Kern said sarcastically in a voice that sounded faint and distant. His eyes landing on the three people present. "Sir, are you... ok." The captain FusRo approached, "Fetch me a medkit, quickly." The captain asked Anthyn who hurried to obey. "IT looks like he's been through something traumatic." Yava said as Kern quickly discerned that his face still bore a seemingly fresh scar, a convienent misunderstanding. "Kindness, you will be rewarded for such... charity." Kern said weakly, sitting up and still attempting to shake the cobwebs from his mind. "You must have ejected from somewhere? What happened to your ship?" Yava asked as Anthyn returned handed the pack to his captain. The quarren went about examining Kern. He stood now..."Lost, or exploded... can't seem to recall. I just know I had to get out of there..." He managed to say calmly. "Easy... how long were you in there?" He looked at the man and blinked. "Days... I think. Hard to remember. Is this a cruiser?" He asked plainly. He pulled the half cape from the pod, and a small cargo container, that clearly had his belongings. "Far from it, were just a trade ship on route to Corellia. Was anyone else on your ship?" Anthyn responded. "Yes.... they must have all-" Kern uttered then feigned concern for his former shipmates, the lie was effortless. He couldn't tell them that Kesh was off the usual trade routes, and that any link to it had to be kept secret. Ejecting from the small transport and sending into the heart of a nearby star was simple enough to accomplish. "Can we get your name for reporting purposes? So we can alert any family that your alive?" Yava inquired. "Fynn... Fynn Relmis." He uttered quietly. The words seemed true as he said them, and it was easier to believe every moment that passed after the came forth. "You can alert the authorities when arrive at Corellia in a few days. For now let's get you settled." The captain said nodding. - --- - "It will do... thank you." Kern said with gratitude as he was shown a small quarters that was unoccupied. "It's the least we can do..." Yava said, helping him to lay down on the bed. "Tell me... what has been happening in the galaxy... I feel like I've been at that pod for longer then a few days." "Well, it's all rather complicated.... but the news vid's seem pretty grim." she said as she pulled a blanket from a nearby storage unit. "Indeed? Tell me, I prefer to hear it from a pleasant face." He said attempting a smile. He could feel his face wrench in pain, but he kept the pretense. The young woman barely responded, clearly not sure what to make of him, still she began to tell him the events of the last few months, at least that any lay person would know. As she began to speak, Kern laid back, concentrating on her voice, using it as a tether to reach out into the force, the tendrils reaching within and without, pulling the ones that seemed most relevant to his search. Eventually, landing on a direction that seemed sensible. The urge to murder every single being on the ship was a powerful one, but he restrained himself, Fynn would never do such a thing he laughed to himself. "Is... is something funny?" Yava stopped mid sentence, wondering why the man was laughing. "What? No... go on, you were saying about the treaty between the imperial remnant and the republic?" Kern caught himself. "Well most people think it's all just a farce, I mean the Sith have pretty much won, and were all just waiting for the inevitable. IT's all really crazy..." "Never count out the jedi... they always do seem to survive... even in the most ridiculous of spots." "I'm sorry, I must be boring you." Yava said as she got up to leave. "Not at all. It's been a long time since I've just... chatted with someone." He said calmly. IT was true, usually, conversations Kern had ended with someone screaming in pain, the thought of the last meaningful contact with someone not from Kesh he'd only served to darken his mood. "If you don't mind, I have duties... we can chat later, you should rest, you've been through a lot." Yava said out of nowhere. More kindness... it was sickening- "Of course." Kern smiled as he watched the woman go, and then lay back to go to sleep. The galaxy had changed so much, he felt apart from it, the forces within him screamed in his mind, there was conflict and violence that he was not a part of. It took the better part of an hour to find sleep with the images burning in his mind.
  8. Kern sat still, his mind wandering on the small planet, searching it's smallest crevices, and it's remotest regions with his senses. He had lied to M'ruka, remaining in the shadows, keeping himself near as she went about the business of ruling, keeping himself close enough to ensure her reign continued, but never exposing his presence. He felt the darkness that surrounded him a comfort, allowing him the freedom to peer into the dark as often as he liked, The darkside was vast and it's depths without limit. The altar he had constructed allowed him to wander the past and the present, and occasionally flashes of the future. All that was required was a small sacrifice, a bit of life, a sapping of the energies that stirred the darkness within. The pain from his wounds helped, but deeper and more effective was dwelling on the rage he felt for the Jedi, but the anger was becoming harder to reach. This was no great crisis, but he could feel a slow ebb, a gentle sapping of his strength. Something, in the vastness of the galaxy was pulling him, taking from him without permission, demand a fragment of his power. He could not see the source, try as he might, he couldn't see the source. He slumped back in the small stone throne in the temple, flanked by the statues of former greats. There silent stone faces, trapped in the moment of their greatest victories. Kern stood, shaking off his slumber, moving towards the table of Sith artifacts, none of them had helped his search. He caught his image in a small crystal at the edge of the table. His face had grown paler, his skin sallow, his hair was now a dark shade of gray, his eyes bloodshot and tired. He raised his hand, the artificial limb that began at the stump of his elbow clicked and whirred, it's mechanism needing repair. The stark metal reminded him of the source his last failure. Where was the vital man of power that had stroke fear in the hearts of his enemies, that had crushed resistance on Kesh... that in his height could feel the fire of the darkside fueling his every move? "I must regain what I have lost, I must-." Kern said, his mind dwelling on his failure. The statues stared at hims, their frozen stares piercing his thoughts.. He could hear them laugh in his mind, "Still you taunt me." Kern raged. "Will I never be free of you!?" He used the force to break one of the statues in half, causing it to shatter as it crumbled. He screamed in triumph at the visages broken face. Faces flashed through his mind, Sith lords, and Jedi alike. So many had passed into legend and myth. He pondered too why he remained, when so many others had vanished. "I will not perish... I will persist. There must be a way!" There was a reason to it, he was sure, a plan that he could not divine... but all the same it was there. It was then a thought flashed through his mind... the truth was blocked to him. He would need younger eyes, eyes not clouded by the passage of time, But whose eyes, and what would it take to help them see? The greatness of the Sith, the power of the darkness, he would prove it's superiority. His time would come. He sat back down and examined the face of the broken statue... he saw his own face, cracked and broken, staring back at him in the void. "The answer isn't here." He pronounced, angry at the visage.
  9. It's all very high tech these days... (wait, am I old?)
  10. "Your presence is requested on the Imperial Balcony..." the sith guard said curtly. The masked figures' voice was familiar to M'ruka, and there was something odd in the humans' presence. Still M'ruka regarded him as just another of Morrigal's thugs. "We shall remain here." "I'm ordered to see you there, by any means. Resistance will bring pain for you and the child." The guard said without empathy. M'ruka looked over to the young half-Keshiri half human girl. The servants in the palace had taken to calling the girl 'halfling' and 'Dark princess'. Some revered her as a child of the gods'. Other were clear that she was to be feared as Kern was. As the man beckoned, M'ruka reluctantly gathered her up, and followed the command. Two other Sith guards flanked them as they exited the posh quarters reserved for her. "What is happening?" M'ruka asked the child cried in her arms. "Just keep moving." The lead Sith guard said, his shiny armor glittering in the light of the morning sun that poured through the palaces now open windows. Down every corridor, servants and slaves tended to the place, moving aside as they came by. Finally they exited to a large palatial balcony, where Morrigal stood flanked by soldiers and Keshiri servants in the morning sun. In the courtyard below hundreds of Keshiri were assembled. All of them stood at attention. Morrigal was dressed in an immaculate red and black gown, her face covered in a traditional Sith witch pattern, and upon her head, a small black crown... a new addition. Morrigal was speaking to them... and M'ruka could only hear the last few words. "-a new order in which only the strong survive. There is no room for the weak, or the compromised. Today we throw of the vestiges of the past, and begin a new world." "Morrigal... you witch, what are you doing?" M'ruka spit as she was shoved nearer to her. "Oh, you don't know? I was made ruler this morning. The people have decided that Kern has abandoned them, the major chieftains' have thrown their support to me, as the natural successor. There were a few votes for Aldra, you should know." Morrigal said sounding almost surprised. "I heard several months ago. But I'd hoped they were rumors. It was you who killed our first child...wasn't it." M'ruka said baring her teeth. "Kern will have your head for this." She looked down seeing the assembled crowds were the prominent chieftains and families that Kern had spared on his march to conquer the planet. Many had sworn to follow him, others we defeated and hidden away for the right moment. They all cried out for blood as Morrigal raised her voice addressing them all. "Your bastard children were a menace to his rule, I did what was needed, wether he sanctioned it or not. Now, Kern is dead. He died trying to kill his old master. The fool attacked Coruscant, and left you and your child to the wolves." Morrigal said succinctly. "What happens today was destined since he first arrived here. If you wish to pray to him now... I will understand." Morrigal said almost admiringly. A moment past, and M'ruka closed her eyes as she felt a pang of distress and anguish. "Take the girl." Morrigal barked without sympathy. The Sith guard snatched the child from M'ruka, who screamed as she was restrained by two other guards. Morrigal gave the order. "I take little pleasure in this. But Kesh cannot have two leaders...Do it." The guard placed the young child on a marble altar, and it began to cry out of the reach of it's mother. The guard looked at the child, pausing just a moment to take in her tender features. She had green hair and pale green eyes like her mother, but her skin was lighter, her lips and cheeks spoke to Kern and human lineage. It was then that a cry was heard from the wall behind the assembled crowd. "Open the gate!" rang out from a sentry on top the stone Palisade. Below him the streets of the capital of Kesh were filled with Keshiri all struggling to get a view of the procession. Hundreds of Keshiri footmen, with a their tribal war paint, and newly minted armor from the local factories parted the crowd as they came forward. Immediately their purpose was clear... to end the rebellion. The first blows were struck as the chieftain's saw their demise was near. Morrigal turned, looking down upon the approaching crowd. "No... it's not possible-" Morrigal said as she looked about in a panic. "Then you are even more the fool." Kern said loudly, as he removed the shiny Sith helmet to reveal himself next to the small child. His scared and battered face was instantly recognized. The Sith guards didn't raise their weapons, in a moment Kern had pulled them from their grasp, a moment later two Keshiri loyal to Morrigal charged him from Morrigal's position were lifted from their feet, twisting in agony as Kern held them. "There have always been those who doubted me-" Kern said as he snapped the necks of the Keshiri brutes and dropped them. He moved towards Morrigal methodically. She pulled a blaster from another Keshiri who was frozen in fear. "Kill them!" she ordered, firing a single bolt at Kern. The blast missed, as Kern withdrew a long metal blade with a jagged edge and a solid black squarish hilt. The pummel was that of a Keshiri symbol for death. The blade itself sung as he slid it gracefully through the air and it dispatched two other Keshiri guards by slicing thier sword arms clean off. The final pair of Sith guards, saw the blade, and immediately surrendered. It was clear that the Sith guards knew exactly who was now in charge. "Most of them are dust, and others soon will be. When I forge a new weapon from your bones... I shall call it Usurper's Bane. Made especially for all like you... who plot and scheme in foul corners to take what is rightfully mine. I must thank you Morrigal, gathering all those who are disloyal in one place for disposal was helpful." The throng below began to panic, as they could not retreat, and there was no clear way out. "Kern... You were dead... I saw the reports. Kesh was-" Morrigal sputtered. "-Never yours to rule. I conquered this planet for the Sith Empire years ago... not for you to create a petty queendom." The red blade swung wildly, and another guards head was cleaved from a neck and shoulders, and went flying into the crowd below. M'ruka retrieved her child as Kern dispatched the last disloyal Keshiri guard with haste. In the courtyard below, the gate opened, and a slaughter commenced, the rebellious and treasonous chieftan's were caught off-guard, and Kern loyalists began to dispatch them in haste. The fervor of his troops was unmatched, and blood and viscera poured out as the purge continued. Morrigal refused to beg, quickly falling to her knees. Do what you must-" The woman spat in his face, as she was restrained by Kern's outstretched hand, the force removing any agency for her escape. "I'm not killing you," Kern said as he approached with M'ruka flanking him. The large red blade humming along to the violence and death and blood curdling screams. "Death is too easy, instead you will serve-" Kern continued, but his words were cut short, He had not anticipated the agency of M'ruka, whose rage and anger he felt radiating outward. M'ruka rushed forward, small knife in one hand, and child in the other, Morrigal had just enough time to see the blade flash in the sun and dive into her stomach. M'ruka looked into her eyes as the light faded, and struck a second and third blow, finishing the devestation to the witches body as Kern stood sternly over them both. Morrigal's last words were muffled by the sound of choking on her own blood. "Kern... I-" M'ruka turned back to him, withdrawing the knife from the dead woman. Kern grabbed the small knife and too her in his arms. He had meant to torture the woman for days, but as death took Morrigal, still he enjoyed the shock of it. M'ruka sobbed, happy to be reunited with him. "You wanted vengeance, and you took it. Do not show weakness and ask for forgiveness. Embrace the life you took, there is power in it." Kern said with a gentle nod. He motioned for the loyal sith guards to escort her and the child to safety. Below the blood letting continued, as Kern looked on. "Leave me, I will join you when this is over." Kern said eagerly taking in the massacre below. "No... I wish to watch." M'ruka said brutally, clearing a tear as the carnage below continued. Kern nodded and allowed it, realizing that this was a moment she had longed for, more than him even. --- The day had been eventful, as the bodies of dead Keshiri were carted away, and Kern swept the last vestiges of Morrigal from the palace. New chieftains were chosen, and whole tribes were ended by his orders. The reigns of power so long from his grasp felt good and whole again in his possession. His child was exactly as he pictured... her future yet to be written. Immediately he could sense that she too would be strong in the force, and that meant she would one day be a threat. He reveled in that day. To be challenged by ones own blood... nothing could be more important. For now he would see to it that she was schooled in the Darkside, to be raised to be a proper ally and possible successor if that was to be her destiny. His dictates to his daughters education were clear and unwavering. He looked upon the mirror on the wall, made from a shimmering alloy mined from deep within the nearby mountains. His face was more ashen and pale then in times past, his face still bore a long thin scar that refused to heal. His greying hair was nearly gone, and the wrinkles of stress and rage were prominent. With his shirt off for treatement, he could see the scars leading to his stump on his missing limb. the spider like veins that approached the edges bore dark burnt blood, frozen in veins from the shock of injury. He shook his head as thought of what he would do to Skye and others in the battles yet to come. He would repay his old master, eventually. Now in his inner sanctum, a room deep within the palace, he tinkered with a new saber with his good arm, while a replacement for his missing limb was fashioned by medical droids. The new blade would be more stable then the Krayt blade, and more precise then his original saber. He paused a moment to muse about who might possess the weapon now. Perhaps some random junk trader, or some foolish young Jedi hopeful. It didn't matter, sabers didn't make one strong, they did not win battles. M'ruka lay in the large fur-lined bed having been thoroughly loyal even unto death if need be. His soldiers too had remembered him. While some of the civilians were worthless, his soldiers remembered their commander, their general, their god, even in his absence. It was disloyalty that threatened his power, it was treachery that nearly robbed him of his rightful place. He realized that rushing off to Coruscant was a mistake, a mistake he nearly paid for with his life. His strength came from the will of armies, not the simple power of his own making. He twisted the last few pieces into position, placing his hate, his will, his passion for war and death squarely in the small fragment of synthetic crystal that he'd kept in his personal vault for safekeeping. He'd had trouble concentrating at first with a single arm, but concentration on his goal, on his raging hate had made the task simpler. The feelings of rage were like a fine scalpel, giving him endless endurance to continue on for hour upon hour, and now the final piece slid into place. He snapped the blade to life with simple gesture, and then felt it's balance to be sure of it's effectiveness. The droids concluded their work, attaching the new limb of blackened de-polarized durasteel and synthetic nerve endings. Standing he took several swings, pushing himself to strike through a nearby table that fell apart in a shower of sparks. He smiled, even though it caused him slight pain, "Excellent... most excellent." He said to himself. "You're leaving again... aren't you?" M'ruka said now standing and watching him. "Yes. My destiny-" "-I know. I'm just so tired of destiny... it just means I cannot hope for you to remain with me." M'ruka said her eyes falling to the blade. "I will return, this is my home. It is where I found true power, and where you and my child live. I won't forget you, I vow this you." Kern said clearly, approaching her and draping her form with the robe he'd worn to bed. "But when you are gone-" M'ruka turned to the side, her eye falling on the child who was sleeping in a separate room with a clear glass wall partition. "She needs her father." "She needs food, shelter, knowledge, If I remain she will resent me, and it will stunt her development. If she is to be strong, merciless, powerful... then she must be robbed of me... as you have been. Pain, Loss, absence these things are what move us to be more then we are. I will not coddle my offspring to be a mewling babe." Kern said looking at the child that was close and yet so far. "She will grow far stronger in my absence, and when she is grown, I will be waiting." Kern turned aside and placed the weapon on a nearby stable. "In the meantime, good news. You will rule Kesh... as my regent. Your will will be law." Kern turned back to her as she approached incredulously. "I don't want to rule, I just want you to remain-" M'ruka said mournfully. Realizing that her begging was meeting a wall. "Do not mistake me for your fool or puppet M'ruka. That was Morrigal's undoing. I must fulfill my path, and it does not lie here. My ambitions are more then this mere speck." Kern said sternly, turning cold and hard as quickly as the blade cut off in his hands. "When I found you, you were seen as nothing, you were destined to die of starvation, but you proved yourself many times over to be loyal and true, and now you rule a planet, but you were always strong...it is a funny universe, for now you will rule the Keshiri." Kern said as she dropped to her knees as she accepted the honor. "Where- where will you go?" M'ruka asked meekly, her voice breaking slightly on seeing him prepare himself. "Onderon, to join my brothers. Then who knows? War is a unpredictable." Kern said slyly and without concern. He laid a kiss on her forhead along with a gentle hug from his good arm, then turned to leave the room. "All hail the Queen Regent." He said over his shoulder to the two sith guards at the entrance, then cackled to himself at the irony as he continued down the hall.
  11. Shadows... voices... screams... pain. She had the dream again. Her master was not well. He screamed over and over in rage. His eyes issued forth fire and flame. He seethed on his throne in front of her, restrained in the darkness by something that couldn't be seen. Some bright chain that held him from her... he strained to rise, but always was he pulled back. "Liars... traitors... thieves!" Came his voice, dark and horrible and enraged. "Took what was mine and defile it with your hands... the blade was mine... always mine! You are unworthy! I will remove you from this world. I will crush your hope... I will burn you to ash and dance in the remains!" M'ruka heard him cry. "Kern... who... please tell me who?" M'ruka begged, unable to approach lest she be consumed. Kern did not reply... he simply continued to scream and rage. --- She awoke to hear the guards in the palace running to a disturbance at the front gate of the massive palace built to honor her long absent master. Outside, a storm raged, it was not an uncommon occurrence in this the small capital city of a world pulled from "the dirt" as Kern had put it. Her master had arrived on a world that was a backwater, a ball of dust and blood, where the locals had no technology, nothing but crude weapons and brutal tribal warfare. In short order he had abolished their old world, and ushered in his order. As a God, he did what he wished, striding the planet to pacify it. No resistance was tolerated, no rebellion unanswered with crushing force. Kern put down any who opposed him with brutal efficacy. Those who served him, and did his will prospered, those who opposed were vanquished... slowly and painfully. Sith god's were prayed too as well, Exodus, Faust, Ryu, names that were beaten into the minds of the younger generations as befitting veneration. Kern was a member of this grand order, M'ruka loved him desperately and still found herself wishing that he could have remained forever, but dreams do not last forever. Then, at the height of his power. He vanished. His power was still held in check by his acolytes. His high priestess Morrigal kept his name in the rituals, his soldiers still held sway over the planet. But rumors had started, the talk of his demise was not unheard. One or two pretenders had tried unsuccessfully to reclaim the planet, but Kern's influence was felt from afar. Had he been killed by his lust for vengeance some felt, others that he had other planets to tame and conquer. Some even questioned his godhood. What would happen to the planet if he remained away much longer? Morrigal had seen fit to keep her as a symbol of Kern's power. In truth however, she was paramount in her position. M'ruka felt she was more prisoner then ever before, and the child....Her child Aldra had been born a few months after he had left. The girl was small, but every bit the image of her father. The childs' bed across the grand residence was quiet, as the child slept in the comfort of many furs. M'ruka approached the small bed, and smiled lovingly at the child. "He will return, I know he will. Your father will return. Those who seek to thwart him will fail. I know it." --- "This is the freighter Halcyon II, on descent to Kesh. Respond Station 1?" The captain of the large freighter running illegal frieght to the small Sith outpost, asked calmly. On his screen a storm flashed in a vibrant display. The large Corellian blockade runner swooped low over the mountain ranges that ringed the capital city, surrounded now by industrial farms and factories, where the populace had only been living in thatched huts, large metal buildings and modern streets had emerged from the muck. Still the planet was not remarkable, no one came to Kesh that didn't know of it from the Sith archives, it was not a vacation spot. "Halcyon II acknowledged, stick to established landing route. Enter passcode." "Confirmed. Pass Code Kern-sigma-one-Faust." The co-pilot nodded to the captain, "I better go check the straps, that storm looks nasty." "Hurry, I don't want to be here long, this place gives me the creeps." The captain said back. The hold was full of containers from various underground suppliers to Sith forces across the uncharted regions. Careful to cover their tracks with blind jumps and jumbled transponders, freighters and smugglers made a pretty penny by supplying dormant places with the supplies they needed. This run was routine, save for the odd passenger from time to time. "Got a storm, might want to strap in." the co-pilot advised to the three passengers. Two of them obeyed immediately. The third was covered in a dark robe, only his heavy boots, and thick armored gloves remained without shroud. The figure in a dark robe said nothing at first, then moved to strap himself in as advised. Only one hand moved to obey the request, the other remained un-moved. "You uh... never mentioned payment." The co-pilot continued. "You will receive payment in full on arrival. Your assistance has been vital. Your pay will be considerable, trust me, I repay my debts." The man said with a simple quick statement. "Hey, you're the boss chief, why would you want to go to Kesh anyhow? Place is a mess if you ask me. Looks like some long gone Sith conquered it years ago. Ain't much here except a couple of training bases and some factories. Couple of nice statues...but otherwise unremarkable." The man said checking a random gauge at a nearby panel. "I have... unfinished business. Besides, aren't most places worthless balls of blood and dust?" The pilot nodded, and headed back to the small bridge. Looks are often deceiving... whole empires rise from the dust, as will I. He said to himself. He had almost nothing. Kesh was no longer truly his. It would have to be reclaimed. RelmCorp had folded, it's assets frozen. His estate on Corellia had been seized, his legacy further tarnished. No fortune, no weapons, no power save for the force that still animated him. The challenge was daunting, but his will was equal to the task. One thing he had learned in his time away was patience, cold calculating patience. Kern said sternly as he reached out with his gloved hand to adjust his cowl, as the ship hurdled towards his old home. So much had happened here... so much was about to.
  12. They just revealed the new title! http://io9.gizmodo.com/star-wars-episode-viii-is-star-wars-the-last-jedi-1791512987 Ok, I'm excited now.
  13. L’thara slammed her fist into the large slab of muscle known as U’mbaro. The man groaned as the strike shoved him backwards several feet crashing him into a nearby column. The man raged, in pain, but refused to relent, realizing he was nearly out matched by the statuesque and powerful Keshiri woman. “Your dropping your guard to much U’mbaro, if you are going to have a chance against L’thara your going to have to-“ The man charged as he usually did, ignoring his advice. “Nevermind,” Kern said his attention elsewhere. Kern sat above his dueling guard, hunched over a laboratory table, deep at work. There were many things he had learned in his time on Kesh, the application of medicinal poisons was one of them. The Kesh had many plants that caused all sorts of pain. One plant the J’sin Flower, had an extreme effect on the central nervous system. Kern had learned from Morrigal how to extract it’s essence. He sat flanked by various fauna in his work. Venbraan approached his eyes fixed on the match below. His eyes however wandered occasionally to the table. “An interest in Botany sir? I never realized you were the greenery type” Venbraan said amused. “You would be surprised what things I’ve learned on Kesh. I’ve quite the red thumb.” Kern said eagerly. As he continued to mash the various collected ingredients. What he could accomplish with his new found resources was boundless. There were so many applications for Kesh’s flora and fauna, and he had only just begun to unlock them. "The traditional Keshiri shaman’s had a thousand years to find ways to extract vengeance on their enemies. It’s quite fortuitous being sent to that remote planet. We can learn so much from primitives.” Kern said as he held a vile of clear liquid up to the light. “Perfect.” He said satisfied with the nearly finished product. He took a small syringe and stabbed into his own side. “Sir?” Venbraan questioned, concerned with his master well-being. “No progress is made without a little pain my old friend. Worry not, the amount I need is minuscule. The experiments on Kesh were most fruitful. Now I just need the right test subject to finish my observations.” He removed a small amount of blood, and added it to the mix. Shaking the vile, it turned a sickly pale yellow. Using the force on a microscale, Kern separated the plasma and goaded the toxins into highly potent mix. Finally Kern added it to one of four small darts on a rack in front of the small table. “Interesting. Do you have anyone in mind to use it on?” Venbraan inquired. “Of course. You came on business?” Kern said pausing his work only momentarily. “An attack sir, on Coruscant. It devastated the Corsec Headquarters. Multiple civilian casualties, many injuries.” “Well finally some good news.” Kern said thinking aloud. “It couldn’t have happened at a better-“ Kern stopped in mid-sentence, a thought occurring to him. “Also, L’thara has been hunting the help. It wouldn’t be an issue except-” The man was troubled. His job was to keep order, and Kern was certain that L’thara was anything but when out of his control. “Yes, she does have trouble cleaning up after herself. Hmm… Injuries severe?” He queried, his mind going back to something he remembered a long time before. “Nothing a local doctor can’t treat, still-“ “No, no, on Coruscant?” Kern inquired, as he doused the last dart and placed them in a pouch on his belt. “Why, I do believe so… is that of interest to you?” His servant replied. Could it be that simple? “Not to me, but there is a chance-, with Corsec in shambles, the Jedi spread far and wide… there would be need for a healer. Wouldn’t there be? Someone to show how much the Jedi value Corsec and their allegiance. Show the flag as it were.“ Kern stopped again. “I suppose sir, but surely-“ “Venbraan, make ready my shuttle. I think I have some hunting of my own to do.” He said with an eager smile. --- “Listen, all of you. I’ve spent years giving you the benefit of my training and discipline”, Kern said aboard the shuttle Agamemnon. “I’ve come to think of you as my children. Dangerous, murderous, and severely dangerous children with a thirst for blood, but all mine.” Kern said proudly and ironically. The ship rose of the ground swiftly, making for high orbit in moments. “Make me proud. Or death will not be swift… I promise you.” Kern said as the ship rocketed into hyperspace.
  14. Chaos... entropy... lawlessness... He could feel it in the air... although a lot of that air was the vacuum of space. Still something was changing, although Kern wasn't sure what it was. The holonet, as usual, was completely unhelpful. The manufactured propaganda of the imperial remnant and the various fawning reporters of the Jedi and their exploits were all deplorable. The galaxy had a complete lack of leadership, from all sides. It enraged Kern. He'd spent the better part of two years re-shaping Kesh into a planet worthy of the Sith. Long needed reforms in fiscal policy, transitioning their agrarian/hunter-gatherer economy into early industrial slave state. Yet the galaxy still was without the same strong hand on larger scale. Someone needed to rise above the petty squabbling, bring the same discipline and structure to the unruly and wayward. However without a fleet, and several billion worth of soldiers and a nexus of force power. Still the galaxy was forever in flux, and eventually, he was certain that the wheels of power would end up where they belonged, in his strong, capable, yet blood soaked hands. --- He sat in a tall dark leather chair, looking out from an elevated platform in the cool night air watching as several of his guards paired off, sparking with each other in the light of several bonfires lit just for such an occasion. Around them, guests from the upper crust of Corellia and several other worlds swarmed, watching in awe as the warriors battled for their approval. Kern was bored however, he enjoyed the blood, and a sparring match was decidedly without it. The search programs were doing their work, but he couldn't help but feel restless in the meanwhile. L'thara put on a particularly good show, having to be stopped several times before decapitating a fellow fighter. "Baron Kern, I must say what a spectacular ball." Said an older woman from Coronet city. Her vast fortune showed in her dress and grooming. Kern had almost forgotten that actual people were in attendance, so vapid was his interest in them to any degree. "Never let it be said that the House of Relmis doesn't know how to entertain." He replied genteelly, stifling a vision of severing her neck from the rest of her hideous form. The party was customary, a needed cover for any activities Kern wished to do going forward. There wasn't any chance of conducting his activities with people talking. However a lavish party would do well to keep any interested parties at arm’s length. "I have heard a rumor... that you intend to announce for the presidency of Corellia." Said an older man who reminded Kern a little of his father, except fatter, and without the years of hatred he felt emanating from the dark pit where his heart used to be. "Wherever from?" He inquired. The idea of the Sith running for anything seemed preposterous at first. Power was taken in this universe, power given, was not power worth having. Power taken however... "Things come my way." The older man sad. It was Jan Corvis, his resplendence was usual for one of the richest industrialists on the planet. "The Relmis name maybe a bit old fashioned for some. But there is still a lot of old family friends in high places. With the money, and your name, you could be quite the political powerhouse." Corvis said holding his glass to his lips. "Not interested in such political victories at the moment, but if I feel the need to enter a special level of hell with backstabbing, conniving, corruption, and blood sucking demons... I'll let you know." Kern said with a wry smile. --- The evening ended as his guests wandered home drunken and entertained. Kern sat in the highest room in the house, the search algorithm's running silently on the screens behind him. One location popped up again and again. "Carida...", He said under his breath. Skye must be there... The logical answer to where he could find Jedi was clear. They were invited publicly, and it was the closest thing to an answer his search program could determine. Given the offer absolution, and fellowship, Kern decided that going there wasn't the wisest move. One did not simply arrive at an imperial facility, let alone one with multiple Jedi at peak alert. He held the goblet in one hand, and the large crystal a certain Fynn Relmis recovered on Hoth. The force relic was powerful, that much was sure. But what was it's purpose? Furion might know, or perhaps... who knew more about ancient artifacts. "Resume search for Lallu, sub-subject Furion, cross reference...Skywalker." He said aloud. Taking another sip of blood tinged wine from the goblet in his hands. Chaos... chaos was never so far from his mind. "Cancel that. Cancel all searches dammit." Kern said as he slammed the screen off. He concentrated his mind, reaching out with darkness that continued to fuel him. There had to be an answer. The force refused to guide him, there had to be a way to push through the barriers in front of him. The word came... clear in his mind. Korriban... That was it... that's where he needed to go. He felt it. The crystal in his hand seemed to attune his thoughts, giving a focus he hadn't previously known. But Korriban's coordinates were not known to him. Raging at his inadequate knowledge wasn't enough... he needed answers.
  15. The angular shuttle called the Agemmenon exited hyperspace after a series of unregistered jumps. It's log showed that it was out of Coruscant, but little else about it's true origin. Still as a registered transport of RelmCorp, the shuttle had the correct registration for simple transport of passengers. Kern could feel the difference immediately. The confines of Kesh had isolated him from the larger galaxy. The planet so far from the well worn areas of the core. Here he could feel so much more. There was life in abudance here, the immense tangled web was intricate. But light prevailed here. Kern new that he would have to keep his powers at a low ebb for the duration, lest some curious inteloper would disturb him and his plans. They were out there, the weak ones, the jedi, the sith. All the universe was busy with their individual lives. So few had the potential to know just what he planned, or the potential to stop him. He couldn't wait to see one of them try. Lallu... The other student of Furion. The favored one, the one who had defeated him. She must be out there as well. He would find her, or she would find him in time. One way or another, Kern sensed that a reckoning with her would occur sooner or later. Whether or not it would be violent, was beyond his knowledge. Despite their commonality, they both sought to prove themselves worthy of their master. Two children of the same Father... different dreams. Unless there was a change, the two of them would be locked in deadly struggle for as long as the other existed. There might be others that Furion favored as well, powers and abilities as vast as what Furion commanded were not meant for soul inheritors. The ship descended after receiving permission, and entered a landing pattern headed for The Relmis Estate. Hundreds of kilometers from Corellia’s capital city of Coronet, the Estate of Relmis stood in stark relief from the undeveloped countryside. It’s stood on the edge of a The large compound, consisting of the main house, the outer courtyard, and various guests villas sprawled for almost half a kilometer, hailing from the period before the rise of the constitutional democracy. It’s main slate gray building cast a long a shadow that fell onto the surrounding landscape. It’s various gardens and hedgerows hid it’s underground facilities and storage areas. Underground however, an ancient network of tunnels and caverns carved by an subterranean river served as a refuge from the prying eyes of those on the surface. Here the House of Relmis stored it’s treasures and it’s long history, along with jedi and sith relics of a bygone age, collected by Garm Relmis. One of them was a small jedi artifact which gave visions of possible futures. The veracity of such tales were unknown, but Kern intended to find out. Objects that Fynn had taken from the outpost on Ilum before his turn were enshrined there as well. Half a dozen lightsabers and weapons from across the universe were there as well, collected from the long military careers of various Relmis ancestors. The vast gardens held various statues of hero’s and characters, but none so grand as a statue of Halin Relmis, the first Relmis and the founder of the house. It had long since turned a reddish orange color, as it’s metal’s degraded in the morning mists. He had preformed some great deed, and in so doing ensured that his family name remained on honored lists long since his demise, and unlike others whose lands were seized at the end of the monarchy, he had maintained his property, leading to wild speculation as to what means he used to keep his precious lands. Kern's shuttle landed at a small landing pad near the large estate, where several figures waited patiently. The tall and thin form of Venbraan awaited the master of the house. The long ramp of the Agememnon extended, and Kern and his entourage exited shortly after. Venbraan gently bowed to the master of the house. He was dressed in the garb of the chief butler. A position he'd risen to after 40 years of service. Along with a Bronze colored protocol droid, and the chief of the grounds security. Venbraan was closest thing Kern had to family. Yet, Kern valued him, for always keeping his distance, of not allowing the weakness of love to enter the bond between servant and his master. "Master Kern, welcome home." the older man said sharply. "Venbraan, you're looking well. I trust all is well with the Estate." Kern said returning the pleasantry. His Keshiri guard flanked him on either side, taking in thier surroundings with a mixture of awe and interest. "Indeed sir, you'll find everything just as you left it. I took the liberty of preparing quarters for your... guests." Venbraan motioned for the chief security officer to escort them away. The Keshiri guards were hesitant. Some turned towards Kern. L'shara especially looked concerned. "Excellent." Kern turned to the guards, and spoke quickly in Keshiri. "Go with him. Follow his commands as though they were my own." As they complied and left with the chief. Venbraan approached Kern's side. "You look well sir." Venbraan said as he came near. "The cosmetic aspects aside, the wound is still there. Fortunately the pain is no longer an issue for me" Kern said with a smile. It was true that he looked almost normal. Only close inspection would reveal the long scar along the left side of his face. For now, he looked much like and older and wiser version of the once compassionate weakling who called himself Fynn. Kern however reveled in the continued pain of his wound, each pang giving him strength and deepening his connection with the force. The two men walked slowly down the dusty path towards the estates grounds. Kern saw that it was as Venbraan reported. The grounds were immaculate, perfectly preserved. Kern remembered running the grounds as a child, in the time before he was brutally pushed aside for that other son of Relmis. "So much happened here." Venbraan said as they approached the main gate. He stopped looking up at the Relmis crest. "So much is about to happen." Kern finished, smiling as he looked to the majestic house in front of him.
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