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  1. There have been two this year that have made me sad. Kenny Baker and Carrie Fisher. Life is all about relationships and they were both a significant part of my childhood.
  2. And there's the Canadian's, showing that the stereotypical polite Canadian is true. http://kdvr.com/2016/11/29/video-of-canadians-on-black-friday-confirms-every-stereotype/
  3. I think I spam-added a whole bunch of people. Seems like it worked.
  4. It's great for the grandparents as well. They love it.
  5. Now we're hearing about alt-right rather than white supremacy or neo-fascism as an actual thing. I think I remember seeing salutes to someone's speech there was the same salutes given to the guy as to Hitler. It's crazy times.
  6. Yeah. We might all be adults with varying stages of jobs/family etc but we're all still teenagers. Well, except those who weren't teenagers back then anyway.
  7. It's going well. I'm in my final year. This semester has been rather uneventful. One class is my "practicum"--which was an internship I did two summers ago. We only meet four times this semester. The other course is an online course that didn't start until October. I'm also working on my thesis in the meantime I thought having a light load this semester would be great for my thesis work, but I've found that without the consistent schedule, I've kinda gotten academically lazy.. I remember that. FInished my internship and then....nothing. Then I had a meeting with my Honours supervisor, just a regular scheduled catchup and he's all "we can get you an extension if we need to" and I thought eff that, went home and pumped out the full first draft that afternoon. I kinda surprised myself with that. It was a lot of writing.
  8. I got it for Christmas...can't get into it. I've played about 15 hrs worth and its just not grabbing me.
  9. It will be interesting to see how they wrap up the Wolverine series and hand it over. Also, it will be interesting to see how long they wait to reboot Wolverine considering he is a big moneymaker. I feel like it will be a while though, given that Hugh Jackman was a very good fit and that the scripts were generally pretty good.
  10. I'd love to see what The Newsroom would have done for this whole spectacle and how they treated it.
  11. I've been loving the chat, to be honest. I'm not always involved, and often simply lurk. But it's good to see what people are up to.
  12. It will be interesting to see exactly where it leaves off and how it passes the baton to ANH.
  13. Link? How chilled out does Obama look at the moment? They showed a clip of him in New Carolina on the new the other night talking about exactly that. He's got...what...only a week or something left in office?
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