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  1. I hadn't even checked the date of the post, and you really had me--up to the point where Adi-wan went nuts and Taren joined in and everyone died. Which was awesome. (Btw--fire to the face for the win.) I caught the clue reference. I sensed it was a joke because it got over the top and I remember well the crazy things you had AP do in RP. (Although the sudden death would have been an awesome plot hook--however, I like Lei and her memory too much to see her go this early.) Keep up the good work!
  2. This is really great so far! sorry I haven't commented sooner, but I was trying to catch up. Again, I love the way you work the relationship between Krissi and AP. Tho the one comment about 'her face nearly split with a smile' seems... ominous. And I love the sudden appearance and disappearance of the hutt by assassins. Black Sun perchance?
  3. This is really a great story AP, and a fascinating idea. I love the way the characters have been transported from the RP world to the universe. I think you're doing a great job. I have to admit, seeing Krissi call him honey sturck me as almost odd, but not out of place. That scene was very down to earth and real in terms of being realistic as a relationship and true to the character. It's interesting to see them on the same side and at such peace (whereas in the RP they almost always have a strained relationship due to their opposing views). It was domestic and private. Like a snapshot. I loved it. You did a great job capturing Krissi and her interactions with AP. Keep it up!
  4. Dain beeped and whistled, complying with orders. He really couldn't do anything to refuse. He followed the dark lord and his mistress, securing himself for passage. He took watch beside her in the chamber where she was laid to rest, vigilant until she woke again. Krissi remained deep in slumber, unaware of the world around her. (OOC: Ok, thanks AP.)
  5. Krissi smiled, I..." She gave a loud gasp and her eyes widened. * * * Suddenly Krissi found herself jerked back abruptly to the real world. She felt ill and weak, completely drained. She was leaning heavily on the bacta bath, hands still on Ar-Pharazon's shoulders. She blinked, still struggling to comprehen the reason for her return. Dain beeped and whistled, rushing to his mistress aid. She groaned and said weakly, "Ar-Pharazon.... awake...." Then she collasped.
  6. Krissi was caught off guard by the kiss but found that it was a pleasant surprise. As he held her close and promised to let nothing come between them she felt her resistance fading, though her heart warned her that their differences would always create a rift between them. She pushed reason aside and listened instead to that frail hope--false as it might be--that there would be a way for them to be together. It was a risk, and a great one--but--if only for a moment more they could be like this... Perhaps this desire also came from her weakened physical state, somewhere in the Last Call. Now 90% healed, it was only a matter hours before she could wake him. But the exhaustion was growing and she wasn't sure how long she could continue this before breaking both contacts and resting. Days must have passed while they were in this world where time stood still. She leaned against him, feeling the strain, "All right..." She conceeded. "If that is how we might always be together...."
  7. Krissi rubbed her temples, fighting the intense emotions which were all craving her attention. "He did not." She looked askance at her husband. "Didn't you ever wonder why Vader--so handsome and daring a youth--needed that suit?" Her eyes clouded over. "My father told me the whole story once. HE and Anakin had a great duel on that planet of fire. One he nearly lost--he had trained his padawan well. Almost too well. But the Force ruled my father should live and so he was the victor." Her eyes fall wholey on Ar-Pharazon. "You may find it ironic that it was not mercy or the last vestiages of friendship that spared my father's hand that day--he could have ended it all then, by taking Vader's life. By right he could have. But he was not feeling merciful that day." Her voice falters, "He watched his padawan and friend--the man he loved as a brother--burn alive and scream the most hurtful things. HE left him for dead--where Palpatine found him. Then my father returned to Padme. She was alive, but her time was near and the twins were ready to come. It is legend she died of a broken heart--and do not be so swift to scorn the idea. Women are creatures of the heart primarily. And the strain on her heart--the loss of Anakin as a husband and father to her children--and as a Jedi Knight--coupled with the rigours of chidl bearing was too much for her. She lost the Will to go on. It was too much and she died. My father was there--as was Master Yoda and the Senator Organa." She sighed, "I'm sorry Ar-Pharazon I just--I've--/We've/ both been hurt before. And--I'm so afraid..."
  8. Krissi watched the holograms with fascination mingled with horror. To see the events which lead to so much sufferings and the twisted reasoning behind it--it was quiet a shock. She frowned as she listened to Ar-Pharazon speak, especially of his language concerning Master Mace Windu. But this was not the time or place to quarrel over it. As she listened she shifted, feeling somewhat ill at ease. A quesy feeling overtook her stomach as she learned of the fate of the young Jedi and a look of disgust passed over her face. She stood and paced about as he concluded, feeling sick. Her body was weary and her mind was strained by the combined effort of keeping him alive, healing him, and maintaining this contact. She glanced over her shoulder and said coolly, "I /know/ Anakin did not kill Padme that fateful day." Her voice becomes quiet, "My father saw her safely away where she--she delivered the son and daughter of the man that became Vader. Shall I remind you that in the end, it was not Luke Skywalker but the heroic effort of his father, returned to the light, that ultimately chose the fate of the galaxy by destroying Palaptine? All for his son." She looked out over the horizon, troubled. "Why do you offer me such information? Do you think I care to feel your fulfillment of lust and drunkeness? To constantly be aware of every time that you betray me? Do not lie to me Ar-Pharazon. I know the kind of man you are." She shook her head. "I do not know why I endure this. I never should have come." She looked at him, "What do you want of me?"
  9. Krissi listened quietly and allowed herself to draw near him. In the back of her mind she was using the force to knit the fibers of Ar-Pharazon's physical form back together. It was slow going, but time passed faster here than it did there--it always did in the mental sphere. But so far she has completelt restored twenty percent to normal. Keeping her head on his shoulder, knowing such close quarters wasn't wise, she threw caution to the wind and allowed herself to enjoy this simple pleasure. He was a strong man, and despite all that had occured between them--the good and the bad--it was somewhat of a comfort. Her voice was low and soothing, "More than anything I would wish that we could leave this all behind and just be us--together-=and have our family. I want it more than anything in the worlds. I shall do all I can to help you--and keep you--if only you promise not to break my heart. I do not understand how we came to be, but everytime I lose you aI feel as though a small part of me dies. If there is a way, I want to take it."
  10. Krissi let him hold her hand, privately reveling in the gentle nature of the touch. It was such a rare thing indeed, that so cruel a man could also have this side to him. It never ceased to amaze her. She listened and chose her words carefully. "You were not the only thing I was running from. What we are--is a contradiction to our orders and almost to the Force itself, though surely it must have some inclination or toleration of it or our paths would not be so joined." She lowered her gaze, "I would have welcomed you if I thought you would have come and been ready to sacrifice all you had, but--" She paused, then admitted, "But power is a strong draw and you have always craved it. It would not be like you to hide in the smallest, purest corner of the galaxy to quietly raise a family. You were never one for such simple pleasures. So I took our daughter and left." She looked at him sadly, "It was no life to have here--the constant feud between the Jedi and Sith--the endless dangers lurking from the war between the Imperials and other factions. And if the Jedi questioned /her/ heritage what could I say? It was better to disappear and to give her a life as she's had."
  11. Krissi lifted her gaze to the sky and a faint smile passed over her lips at the sight of the impromtu fireworks. She had always loved them. Like so many things in life, they were brilliant and beautiful--and faded all too soon--but a constant reminder of the joys found in the simple things. She listened quietly and finally gave a small nod. Her voice was quiet as a whisper, "Though I do not know the reason, I was brought to you." She looked at him, "And it is why I return now. Once again our lives are twined together, like precious threads in a tapestry. I do not know what the future holds, but my concern is not for the future. It is for here--it is for now." She hesitated, then slowly reached out to take his hand. "And now, here we are--together." A particularly brillaint flame illuminated the night, sending a golden shower raining down.
  12. Krissi gave a soft sigh. "I'm afraid to get too close Ar-Pharazon. Everytime we come together, our nature--what we are--draws us apart again. I never thought--" She paused, "No. I knew I could not avoid you forever. I knew one day I would once again pay for those choices I made in my youth.... It's just...not like how I thought it'd be." She turned to him, "Though you can hardly ever have expectactions for such a meeting." She fell silent again.
  13. Krissi listened, hands folded in front of her, with a nuetral expression. She hated how different he could be with her. It made her decisions more difficult. She spoke calmly in an even voice, "It is the duty of a Jedi to save lives. It does not matter which. Perhaps you should consider what todo with the life you've been granted..." She paused, "At least...when you get well." She moved to stand across from him, so she didn't have to look at him. Still too many emotions to deal with. She needed to keep her head clear and his smile--oh when he truly smiled--she could see the man that she'd known all along. A deep regret ran through her. If only the man she saw in those quiet, rare moments could be the same man all the time.... She spoke softly, "You shall live..." Her voice faltered as she felt him near her. "Your body is badly damaged and will require great attention. But you shall live and in time be whole again."
  14. I am going to break the rules. Krissi frowned as the thought came across loud and clear. Oh well--that wasn't a real surprise. She felt him lash out and willfully disobey her. /And he wonders why I address him as I do?/ She thought dryly. She placed her fingers on either side of his temple and forced herself not to recoil at the rotting flesh. It was like flaking wax under her fingers and it took every ounce of self control not to pull away. It was a loathsome task, but even a leper was a person. And with a small miracle from the force he might be made whole again. A soft pale aura of white began to eminate from her, flowing down to her fingers and then to the man unconscious in the bacta. It dimmed and nearly extinguished but the woman held her concentration, forcing the light to grow--the aura illuminating the room as it did so. Slowly--ever so slowly as though it were paint drying on a cool humid, dank day--the skin began to grow warm and malleable. Her brow furrowed and her focused deepened. The flesh began to turn from the sickly white to a dull peach, then a brighter peach--its vitality returning. The rot melted away and after what seemed like an eternity the forehead and temples looked new, as though they had never been touched by the terrible disease. That was when she felt his call. She opened her eyes and sighed, already tired from the effort. She didn't want to go. Dain had just returned with the supplies. But he wanted her. And he seemed willing to listen. "Dain, reattach his arm. And do what you can. I need a break." The faithful droid whistled and beep, ready to go about his work. She closed her eyes and began to envision the scape where she had left him. As the bloody mess came intoview she frowned, her displeasure echoed in a loud peal of thunder overhead. Her voice reverberated in the peal, taking on an ethereal quality like one at their judgement, "Ar Pharazon I am here. Why do you call for me?"
  15. In the mind scape Krissi approached the dark mass and light sabre igniting. It seemed to be just over ten feet and resemble some sort of hairless wolf creature. It was digging at the ground and would occassionally pull up something to feed. As she approached she forced all emotion from her and concentrated on her objective. Destroy this thing. It looked up and howled as it detected her. Krissi charged forward and leapt, arcing her sabre down. It sliced through the creature's arm but didn't take it off. She landed and took a defensice stance, frowning. In the old days the shoulder would have taken it clean off. She was out of practice. Something she'd have to remedy. The creature snarled and attempted to claw at her. Krissi leapt back and slashed, this time removing the arm. It bellowed and charged, reaching a clawed hand at her. Krissi sprang forward to meet it, changing course the last moment to lope off its other hand at the wrist. Not particularly liking this creature or knowing what it was capable of, she preffered not to have contact with it. As she landed she felt her legs disappeare as it swept outa leg catching her at the knees. Krissi rolled, arcing her sabre up as it attempted to batter her with the remaining arm. She stumbled back as she regained footing to avoid the discharge coming from the creature's side. She wrinkled her nose. Did everything involving Ar-Pharazon have to be messy? She made a few more rounds, hacking and slashing, looking for a good opening. It kept swinging its stump and kicking at her. She ducked and dived and leapt, her rusty skills slowly returning to become more fluid. It had truly been too long since she'd done this. It almost felt good to make use of her skills again. She used a force push to knock it onto its back and then somersaulted over it using force jump. She whirled and arced the sabre down, removing its head from its body. The creature turned to dust and discintigrated, blowing away in the wind. She was covered in sweat and shaking from the exertion, but felt wonderful. Returning her focus she closed her eyes and opened them, to find herself in the rooms above the Last Call again. She reached out with the force, probing the now stable Ar-Pharazon. It was gone. Whatever affliction he had was gone--but the healing had yet to begin. She looked down wearily at the visible portions of his visage and sighed heavily. This would require time--lots of it--and skills she hadn't used in years--and above all other things, it'd take a nice sized miracle to get him properly repaired. "Dain?" She looked around. Her faithful R2 unit rolled forward. "I'll need more bacta--and other supplies..." Dain whistled. She hesitated. "And a medical droid. I'm not sure I can dothis on my own." Dain whistled, beeped and 'ooohed' before rolling off to get the necessary items. Krissi closed her eyes. Ar-Pharazon--this is important. I need you to rest. And to avoid--as many acts of violence as you can. It will slow down your healing process. You're stablized but a far cry from being out of the woods. You won't be able to come to for some time. But the more you fight and destroy, the harder /my/ work becomes. If you value your LIFE listen to me and just... TRY--I know this is difficult for you--but TRY to refrain from your destructive impulses. She didn't mean to be short, but her battle with the force creature had put her in a lousy mood. The energy she expended for it was twice the amount she should have had to. She was definately out of practice. It was all coming back to her, but not as fast as she'd like it to. The irony of the Jedi being the impatient one was not lost. She closed her eyes to rest and gather her strength for the coming job and waited for him to reply.
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