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  1. Tros simply held out his hand to shake Vrax's, but found himself staring blankly at the man's face who held no such expression. After a long moment passed between the two of them, Vrax broke eye contact and looked at the doorway and allowed for a small smile to come to his face. "You are my al’verde. That means I will follow you, as I am sure that others will as well." He looked down at the floor to consider exactly what Vrax had just told him before looking back up. There was no need for more words. It was understood what was about to happen, so the two then put their buy'ce upon their head and walked back up to the bridge. Things didn't take very long for the word to spread that al’verde was resigning his position. Some had quickly shown their own disdain for the move, but there were some, a select few besides for Vrax who wanted to stay pledged to Tros, and so then also followed suit and resigned their own positions. Tros had given them instructions to meet him in the hangar bay at his personal ship, Swift Justice. Then him and Vrax took a moment to make sure that the security and safety of the Crusaders were set with a solid commander to the rest of the crew to follow. Once everything was settled, Tros and Vrax headed off the bridge towards the hangar bay themselves. It was then that they had come across a Mandalorain who wore very old armor. It made Tros eye the warrior before him and come to a complete stop. He looked him over for a long second-which forced Vrax to speak up rather bluntly. "Tro’solus- you have but a single spot available on your ship. This one seems a little too damaged to fill that seat." "Vrax-never call me Tro’solus again. And if you don't have a memory... I'm more damaged than anyone else that's already on that ship. What's your name?"
  2. Tros closed his eyes as ships from the surface began to return back to the fleet. He could feel something stir deep within him. It was something small, yet so very familiar to him that it was almost impossible to ignore. He had felt it before, many times before. His own eyes opened to observe the planet before him behind his buy’ce. The fire from the planet below was evident even from space. He let out a very loud sigh, which must have caught the attention of Vrax. “Is everything alright al’verde?” The million-credit question was asked. To answer simply, no. But how could he even begin to phrase that to the man next to him. To the man who was older and had seen so much more. The man whom Terra had personally recruited on Dxun. There was nothing he could say to him that would convey what he felt stirring deep below. With a slight head turn towards the man, his voice became softer than what it had been since they were paired up upon the ship. “It could be nothing… It’s not worth bringing up at the moment. We can talk later. For now, prep the ships for departure from this this system.” Tros held his stance at the viewport for a few seconds before he turned abruptly on his heels and left the bridge, leaving Vrax to stand there alone. He for now he had to get himself alone to think. So the best place for him to that was the commander’s quarters. He quickly walked in and shut the door behind, tossing very casually his buy’ce to the side. It bounced off the wall and landed upon the bed where it rested. But he ended up sitting at the table that was offered up for the quarters. He sat and stared out of the viewport within the room and allowed for his mind to run wild. He reached for a drink that was on the other side of the table, which was bottle of Whyren’s Reserve, to which he quickly poured himself a full glass of it to drink as he was left alone to his own thoughts. But his time alone was rather short, as only after his third swig of the drink did he hear a knock at the door. Tros shifted himself slightly and shouted come in, which was followed by Vrax entering the room and shutting the door behind him, which was a clear sign that the man wanted to talk privately. Of everything that Vrax was, subtle wasn’t one of them. Perhaps a trait almost too common with all Mandalorians. His own comfort with Tros went on display as he walked right up to the table and sitting down while pouring a glass of whiskey himself all within a shift motion. “Al’verde, you can be as dangerous as a Trill beast and twice as cunning as the next man. But something that you are not is subtle.” Tros let out a very quick laugh, followed by him taking another swig before responding. “Yeah, I just had the same thought about you. I guess being subtle isn’t a trait amongst us.” The comment drew a soft laugh from Vrax before he took a swig himself. There was about three seconds that passed before either of them spoke. “I know your face very well al’verde, as I have been in shoes before when I was much younger. You’re beginning to doubt Kad Ha'rangir.” Tros turned and looked the older man in the face. His own eyes searching for the right words to say, but all that could come out was something that sounded like an attempt to find more air to inhale. Vrax could feel some sympathy for him and placed his left hand upon Tros’ shoulder. “There’s no need to defend yourself. Doubt is natural. Even more so from someone in your shoes.” Vrax then took his own eyes off of Tros along with his hand and stared out of the viewport before continuing. “You’ve been betrayed by your dar'buir, raised by no one. Went to war with a Mand'alor who wasn’t prepared for it. And now, served with one who is the complete opposite. Life hasn’t given you the best hand.” Vrax took a large and hard swig and then almost slammed the glass on the table. He then turned to directly look at him. “But you’re stronger because of it. And trust me, your gut is the best thing to follow, more so than any god that has ever existed within our culture.” Tros slowly nodded his head and took a much smaller swig this time to finish off his own drink. He then pushed himself up from the table and offered up an arm to help Vrax stand. Upon the older man accepting the offer, Tros pulled him up and locked eyes with him. “I must resign my position then and return to my roots.”
  3. Tros lowered his head after he watched the defending fleets and remaining ships pull out of the space area around Chandrila. There was a great amount of disappointment that arose within him. He could feel the eyes of Vrax upon him before he heard him speak the words. “We will follow your command al’verde.” Tros adjusted himself and looked directly into Vrax’s eyes. His own eyes revealing what he was really thinking. The exchanged look provided enough of what was needed, as Vrax suddenly lifted within his hand Tros’ buy’ce. He wasn’t sure where Vrax got the time to pick it up, but he didn’t question it. He instead extended his own hand and retrieved it from the man. He put his buy’ce on and then turned to see that Vrax had also put his on. He understood what his purpose was now, at least for this battle. “In the name of Kad Ha'rangir… burn Chandrila to the ground. All turbolasers may fire at will. Glass the planet.” Tros walked side by side with Vrax towards the front of the bridge of the medusa-class Star Dreadnaught to watch the destruction of the planet.
  4. There was a slight exhale as Tros surveyed the battlefield. His eyes were heavy with thought, and almost anyone could see it from just looking at him. It was also made easier by the fact that his own buy’ce was not with him, but rather sitting on an unused table. As his face continued to look around, he allowed for the right side of his own mouth to tighten and pull in, creating a look that was unmistakable. He closed his eyes for only a moment before he heard the sharp voice interrupt his own thoughts. “Kad Ha'rangir sure likes to pick the spots, huh.” Tros opened his eyes and looked to his right. Vrax Saxon with his own rugged face marked with scars of prior wars and battles was offering up an apologetic look. The scar upon his front chin made him stand out in a crowd, even amongst Mandalorians. Every part of the man seemed harden, rough and warn, even his blue eyes. Tros in turned offered up a shrug before turning his head back to observe the fire and smoke rising from the beach town front before them. He again allowed for the weight of everything sit upon him. “Don’t do that to yourself al’verde. We follow you. We accept you. You are our al’verde.” Tros looked down for a single moment before looking up at the sight before him again. The smoke rising from the city. He stood onboard the bridge looking below at Chandrila, and the smoke clearly coming from Hanna. He knew that Vrax was right. These men and woman did indeed follow him. But somehow deep down he doubted that it was out of anything other than the word of Manda'lor. Taking a quick inhale followed by a loud exhale of breath, Tros turned towards Vrax to face the man directly. “Inform Thae to lead the squads down. Burn and destroy everything that isn’t Hanna.” Tros looked out the viewport and within his mind that Kad Ha'rangir has saved the capital for Manda'lor alone.
  5. Like a silent dart thrown at it target, the 3 patrol crafts shot out of hyperspace. They were silently re-routed to the Hapes Cluster instead of their target from a priority override by Terra. Standing instead of sitting, Tros kept his hands upon the seat of the pilots chair as he watched to movement from space of the planet below. His own buy'ce kept his eyes from the sight of his vod, but he knew that they could just as easily feel him through the air. Everyone's presence seemed heightened through the sheer volume of them being on yet again another siege of sorts. Although their orders were pretty clear... Silence was to objective. Looking at the copilot, Tros gave a slight nod. "Land outside the perimeter of any potential scanners of our target. This assignment is for us to be like shadow warriors. No one should see us." Tros only then let go of holding onto the chair of the pilot's chair and walked back to address the crew who was with him onboard the patrol craft. In the loading area, Thae stood with the five men from Clan Sharratt. He turned around and looked at Tros, giving him a slight nod before putting on his own buy'ce. With that, Tros made sure to check his own weapons before the craft began to shake from it going through the atmosphere. It didn't take too long before the shuttle had landed, allowing for its nine occupants to disembark the craft. Likewise, the other two patrol ships also did the same. Each were quick to pull up their HUD's, and Tros gave out marching orders from there. Then, silently and quickly, the 27 Mandalorians began to move towards the target location. They all had standing orders to slit the throats of anyone who could potentially be a problem on their way towards the warehouse. This would be the quietest his warriors would be on this mission. Silent and hidden.
  6. And then just like that, Tros had his attention turned away from the small skirmish with the Cathar, as Terra spoke. Her words were simple and straight forward, and he understood what exactly he was supposed to do. Kad Ha'rangir had given out orders, and he would follow them. Looking over the gathering crowd who had now also become torn between Terra and the skirmish, he spoke with whatever authority he had. “Vrax, Dork, Thae, and Clan Sharratt and Farr. Backup your gear, we’re going hunting.” Leaning down, Tros picked up his buy’ce, placed it back upon his head and gave a slight nod to Mand'alor. After that, he began to walk away from the crowd and towards the docks. He didn’t bother to see if Canderous was following. In fact, he didn’t even bother to see if any of those of whom he had called out were following. Instead, he was purely focused upon carrying out the orders of Kad Ha'rangir. That was enough for him. To replace his lost blaster pistol, he leaned down upon entering the docks and picked off a few dock security officers their DE-10 blaster pistols and took them for himself. Looking up, the dock had 3 intact IPV-1 system patrol crafts. Slowly nodding his head, he knew that they would be perfect for taking the small crews over to Myrkr.
  7. Tros allowed for his buy'ce to drop to the floor as this new stranger approached the group. Cat-like in appearance, the veteran beroya immediately swung his A280 blaster to the ready, but held back due to Terra stepping forward challenging the Cathar herself. This beast would be one of the first to ever see the stare he gave enemies before their death. The fact that the Cathar was even present and challenging told him that there was a jaro. As Terra finished up her challenge, Tros lifted his blaster to a more ready position. If the Cathar would not back down- Tros would put it down like the animal it was... He couldn't quite tell, but he felt as if Kad Ha'rangir himself had now placed his hand upon his shoulder. It was the approval from his god, and that was good enough for him to be fully ready. The only thing that held him back was to see if Terra would want him to kill the beast or not...
  8. Keeping his own eyes glued upon Terra, Tros felt emotions stir deep within him. It was the first time he had felt such emotions since when he had met Terra on Dxun after the battle of Mandalore and he felt the touch of Kad Ha'rangir stir him away from his old beliefs. He had followed Fett out of respect for the title that he carried, yet somehow that title lost meaning to him upon how the battle turned out. Terra had taken away something that was precious to him on that battlefield, although he does not hate her for the action. If anything, he felt like Kad Ha'rangir had used her to show him the need for change. Even now, the crowds around her cheered as Kad Ha'rangir helped her achieve victory over Coruscant. Behind his buy’ce, he locked eyes with her and felt something that he had never felt for anyone in a long time. Admiration. He admired her and her strength. Somehow, he knew that she had carried a great weight, a weight that he would never know. He didn’t know her past or what she had been through, but she openly let her scars be shown to anyone who looked upon her. She was a leader-but not just any leader. She was Mand'alor. Even now, prisoners were being brought forward towards Terra. Tros didn’t feel any emotions as their purpose was obvious. The bloodlust and desire for the wars of change to fully begin filled the air, and he could smell it clearly. For him though, the longing for bloodlust was not as strong. He understood what Kad Ha'rangir wanted for him to do. He could feel the urge from the god himself. His purpose was not to fuel the bloodlust. It was to become the front of the war of change. The galaxy needed to be changed- made stronger than what it has been. War was the way to change the galaxy into a stronger place. He could feel Kad Ha'rangir giving him the keys to drive the war forward. With such an understanding, Tros removed his buy’ce and placed it under his left arm. His eyes locked back on Terra, for the first time in a long-time looking eye to eye. He gave her a slow nod. It was all that he needed to do. Somehow he knew that she understood, as she was also connected to Kad Ha'rangir and he had revealed such a revelation to the both of them.
  9. Tros quickly thought through what his next best move should be with the Jetii being able to fend off the majority of his attacks. A quick glance to his right showed him that the entire planet was about to burn to the ground regardless. He could stay and fight and both him and the Jetii would die where they fought. But even he knew that such a move would bring no honor to Kad Ha'rangir. No, he needed to leave the area. Quickly, he used his H.U.D. to call his Bes'uliik back to the area. His mind had been made up. He would flee the area and allow for himself to fight another day. In doing so, he would leave the Jetii to his death. As he finished calling his Bes'uliik back, he fired his thrusters on his jetpack to pull away from the falling debris of the Temple and other parts of the city. As he began to pull away, he kept his A280 blaster rifle going steady with blaster fire towards the Jetii to help keep the man pinned back. After getting a good hundred meters away, he was able to rejoin his Bes'uliik and head back towards the rest of his vod. **************** Coming up upon the smoke, ruins and other scorched metals, Tros had his Bes'uliik land with a loud thud a few meters away from the gathering brethren of those who carried out Kad Ha'rangir’s will today. Landing on the floor with a thud himself as his dismounted the droid, he walked up the group. He offered no words and kept his buy’ce on, which had minor new blaster scoring and a few drops of blood upon it.
  10. Tros had half expected for the Jetii to charge him as he did. As the man charged, he was trying to be direct in his fire, but it was to no avail, as the lightsaber was able to deflect and cast aside every single bolt unleashed in the man’s direction. Suddenly, he saw the Jetii roll quickly, and that caused for him to hesitate, only slightly, but it was enough to cost him his DL-44. As soon as it was slashed in two, instincts kicked in and Tros blasted into the air with his jetpack. Upon getting into the air, he quickly pulled his hand over to his ZX miniature flame projector and began to pour fire towards the Jetii. He knew that it wouldn’t do much, but the fact that it would give more separation between the two would greatly help. After gaining a good twenty feet of distance, Tros switched off his jetpack for a second as he disengaged the flame thrower to allow for himself to bend backwards in a flipping motion. As he finished his flip, landing upon what remained of a pillar that would have held a statue of a Jetii of old, now only the base of their feet remained. It became the platform for Tros to begin his next around of assault upon the lone Jetii here. With a quick motion, he swung his A280 blaster rifle back up to his shooting position and began to pour steady, direct and calculated fire at the Jetii. But even as he did, Tros understood the fact that he would not be able to hold the distance for much longer. He needed a new plan fast, as his current one would end up with him being killed.
  11. There was some slight shock on Tros' face that was hidden by his own buy'ce. The ion grenade wasn't something he was expecting a jetii to wield or even use in combat, so the element of one threw him off for a second or two. Long enough for it to impact the Bes'uliik war droid. The blast had the war droid rock backwards hard enough to cause some panic in Tros, at least enough for him to quickly find a way to dismount from it. "Osi'kyr!" It was the only single word he could let out as he jumped from the Bes'uliik to the ground. The loud thud from his beskar'gam clad feet and shins hitting the surface caused for him to remember what he had just done, so he quickly stood up and jumped backwards to avoid what could be a charging jetii or the Bes'uliik falling on top of him. To his own surprise, neither was happening. The Bes'uliik had stumbled and quickly made a what looked like a limping retreat. Clearly it was damaged enough from the blast to want to stay, and since its rider had left it, it felt no need to stay in the fight. And since Tros was not under immediate threat from the jetii, he pulled his DL-44 heavy blaster pistol out of it's holster and swung his riffle to his back in a quick sift motion and began to pull off small calculated blasts directed in the direction of the jetii. All the meanwhile, Tros knew that distance was his friend at the moment, so he was prepared to blast off using his jetpack if needed. This is going to be a challenge worth having.
  12. Roaring through the burning skyline of Coruscant, Tros narrowed his eyes behind his buy’ce as his Bes'uliik moved him slowly towards the Jedi Temple. The building itself was already slowly beginning to have the effects of the moon hitting the planet take hold. For this purpose alone, Tros would be nothing more than a messenger on behalf of Kad Ha’rangir as he would allow for the Bes'uliik to fire the last of its Shatter-missiles at the base of the Temple. Here, is where he would have the droid land for him and aid him in the final stroke of removing the last of the plague of corruption that aided the weakening of the galaxy. As he watched as the fire of destruction left his Bes'uliik war droid, he could see a single person standing at the base of the Temple. With a lightsaber ignited, Tros knew exactly what he was looking at. Jetii. There was a surge of excitement that ran deep within his veins. With that very excitement, he surged his Bes'uliik war droid forward to come to a hard landing before the Jetii. Upon landing, Tros shouted from his droid, “Ash'amur Jetii.” Without a hesitation, Tros had his blaster riffle up and began to fire upon the poor Jetii.
  13. With each blast that erupted from his Bes'uliik, the more damage and chaos he caused across the planet’s surface. To Tros, this was his best way of using his skills for Kad Ha’rangir. It was a close as he could get to his skill set at the very least. Sniper/bounty hunter. For now, he would make quick work of the Imperial spire. Tros used his HUD to give out orders to his vod to help him make a passing run at the base of the Imperial Spire, which had stood in the city for far too long. Today was the day that it would be no longer. The vibrations that shook his Bes'uliik as he let his own fire join the concentrated fire at the base filled him with great anticipation of what he was about to see. He was not disappointed by the results. The explosions quickly gave way to the base of the spire itself imploding from the violence that was pounding it down until it was no longer able to hold up. The Spire fell in such a way that looked like a giant loosing muscle control in its knees and falling to the side. As the Spire struck the ground, landing upon many who tried to avoid it, but were completely unable. It brought a sense of accomplishment to his bones. He turned towards the Jedi Temple next, allowing for a single thought to enter his mind… And now for the fall of a long dead Order of cancer...
  14. Tros swung his Bes'uliik around to head to the surface of the planet. He acknowledged the command of Terra within his buy’ce, but gave nothing else to hint that he had done such a thing. For now, was the time of Kad Ha’rangir, to carry out his will and burn the galaxy down to make a new future. A new tomorrow. Today would be a day that he would soak his enemies in the blood of their own ignorance and lack of strength to fight back. For that was the way things worked. The strong made the weaker stronger or purged them. Because of the will of Kad Ha’rangir, today they would weed out the weak of Coruscant. Him and the remaining team of Bes'uliiks riders raced past the ships that tried to stop them from breaking through to the surface. A few here and there were picked off in balls of heat that left a display for those who may have been watching the sky line during the turmoil. The flash of heat and flames that overtook the Bes'uliiks as they pushed through the atmosphere was quick and rather painless, seeing as the moon colliding slowly was causing such a vacuum between the two worlds. It almost was like Onderon and Dxun for the moment at the heart of the galaxy. Within Tros’ own mind he thought of the many parallels between the two, including the bloodshed that the two would soon share. Breaking through was almost instant, followed by the slow and steady stream of blaster fire that him and his vod began to create as they struck out at buildings, creating fires and explosions with every blast that struck and found a mark. They even began to make less care-free aiming, hitting bridges and streets that held mass populations of people trying to avoid the carnage of the incoming moon, only to be hit by the carnage of the Mandalorians present to strike them down, ending their lives. The smoke and carbon scoring began to quickly sweep the air, giving way to a more panicked feeling to those who were defenseless against the oncoming onslaughts. Tros moved his own Bes'uliik towards the old Imperial Spire, Jedi Temple and senate building looking to begin a demolishing of old buildings that had long supported the weakening of the galaxy. They would be the first buildings to suffer the wrath of Kad Ha’rangir and his anger towards the galaxy of becoming stagnant.
  15. Tros began to swing his Bes'uliik around with the rest of his traat'aliit as they would come hard and fast at the Saeculorum. As he could now see the backside of the ship, he could see better the damage they had dealt upon it. Scaring upon it’s outer hull as the shields only held up against half of the focused attack upon it. If they struck it again with the same amount of concentrated power, they may be able to split the entire ship into two. It would leave the crew in a position to abandon ship and seek help elsewhere. He knew it wouldn’t come from him or his fellow Crusaders. They were not here to provide anything other than the will of Kad Ha’rangir The rest of the Bes'uliiks formed up on him as they began to make their dive towards the ship. Using his HUD within his buy’ce, he issued orders to the rest of the Crusaders on him to fire. He wanted to see this ship fall and break before his eyes, with Coruscant being hit by the moon as the perfect backdrop. It was something worth seeing, and Tros was certain that even Mand’alor would want to see such a sight. As the fire from the war droids began to erupt the sky, which was something between a darken sky mixed with nonstop flares and flashes from the chaos ensuing around the planet, Tros watched as the ship formerly known as Saeculorum was ripped into two. The shields tried to hold on, but it was pointless against such a targeted onslaught from the Crusaders upon their Bes'uliiks. Upon the fiery sight, the panic in the air seemed to be raised even more with the destruction of yet another ship. The planet below was covered in fear and dread that one didn’t need to be a jetiise to feel it. With an overall sense of satisfaction, Tros called up Mand’alor on his HUD. “Mand’alor, the Imperial Remnant ships have been cleared. We are turning our attention towards planet side unless you have other targets for us to end.”
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